Showboat Casino Hotel

Atlantic City, NJ

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I came to your casino on a bus ride from the Netcong Senior Citizens on Oct. 22, 2013. At the Buffet, I took a scoop of Olive salad and checked most of them for pits. Seeing they had none, I kept eating. The last one I picked up with my two fingers and put it in my mouth. It had a large pit! I bit down and felt a pain like no other pain I ever had. The pit broke my bottom tooth, and chipped my top tooth. I called the manager over to the table. I explained what had happened and showed him my tooth. I suggested he should put a sign up stating that the salad may have pits in them. He said "That is a good suggestion." He called Security who took my statement and took pictures of my broken teeth. He gave me a number to call for the casino's Loss Prevention Dept.

I could not enjoy myself as my mouth was bleeding. I could not return home as I had to wait for the bus to return us home. Next morning, I had Jury Duty. I explained to the Judge what happened and got excused from Jury Duty. When I called the Loss Prevention Dept., I explained what happened at the Casino. The man named RAY told me to get my teeth fixed and send him the bills. After two visits to the dentist, I called Ray and told him I wanted to send the bills. He said, "I can tell you right now, you are not getting a dime." He said that there was a sign over the salad bar. There may be one now, but there was none the day of the incident.

I told him all I want is for my dentist bill to be paid. He said, "You and your attorney can holler and carry on all you want. You are not getting one dime." I had to take the money out of my savings account to pay the dentist. When I did go to the dentist, it seems that I also cracked my back tooth, and I had to get a crown put on it. I was in misery for two weeks. I think the casino should make good on a promise to pay me for my dental work, and get a Loss Prevention person who is a nicer person. One who does not tell me it was my fault for not being more careful and one who does not lie and says the sign was there when it was not there.

Satisfaction Rating

My family (my mom, husband, son) and I stayed at Showboat from 9/29/13-10/4/13 in one room. We were there all week with about 20 bags, 6 of which had lots of clothes and shoes. On Thursday afternoon, I packed everything up so we could enjoy our last night there and would not be concerned with packing. As soon as I was done, my son saw a bug crawling on the headboard. We caught the bug on a tissue and tried to shake it into the toilet. It would not come off the tissue, so we put it in a plastic bag to be sure it could not get loose. We looked up bed bugs on the internet and it was the same exact bug. At that point, we were totally horrified. We had all these bags and stayed all week. We immediately called the front desk and they sent security to our room. He came and made out a report and while he was there, we saw another one crawling out of the headboard. He took a picture of it and a picture of my son's arm where he had been bitten.

My son thought it was mosquito bites, but we realized it must have been bed bug bites. We were given a new room to move to, some plastic bags and a luggage cart, which we were told to return when we were done. We put all our belongings into plastic bags and in about 4 trips, we moved to the other room. This took us the whole night. I talked to the supervisor and asked if he could put us somewhere for an extra night so we could secure the problem before we went home (putting clothes in dryer, etc.). He said it was out of his hands and if we wanted to stay, it would be $400.00. If we had won a lot of money, they would have had no problem comping us a room. I told him I didn't care what kind of room, we just needed some time. We were told we needed to talk to Risk Management but they were already gone for the day.

So we stayed up all night doing what we could, throwing everything into bags. While in the second room, we needed things out of the bags, so we had to open them to look for medications, underwear, etc. If we would have had the time, we would not have had to reopen the bags. By the time we left the hotel, we didn't know if we were coming or going. We put our things in our van, went home and put everything in the basement. I have been going through bag by bag, putting a few things at a time in the dryer. The problem is, some bags were not sealed because of the frantic state we were in, being in such a rush. Also, we brought the suitcases in and I didn't think of putting them in big black bags until our second night. So anything that was around, could have gotten into the carpet in the car and into our basement. On Friday morning, I spoke to Risk Management and they were so nice. "We're so sorry, let us comp you breakfast before you leave." Well that just made everything better.

When we got home, I had a message from their service that checks the room. The message was left on Friday at 9:30 am, and we were still going in and out of that room so there was no way the room had been checked yet. He did call me back this morning, telling me that there was no evidence of the bugs. I told him that security had taken pictures, but he said there were no "alleged" pictures taken. If he would have been honest about the pictures, I might have believed there was no problem. Believe me, the last thing I need is a problem at home, but because they denied the things we know about, how can I trust him. The hotel will not admit their liability in this but by lying to me, I can have a major problem at home.

I have been up since I got home putting my clothes, bedding, and everything into plastic bags just in case so I don't ruin the stuff I had at home. We probably won't know if there is a problem for a while, and I probably won't sleep for longer than that, but I don't know what to do. Risk management was nice on Friday while we were there, I guess they didn't want us to make a scene, but today, they were nasty and accusing us of lying. They said we should have known what to do about our bags and clothes and it was our responsibility to take care of the problem. She said all good hotels have this problem, and I agreed with that, but a good hotel would help with the situation, not make things worse by denying the problem and treating you with such disrespect that you not only want to cry about the bed bugs, but about the way you are treated. My mom was with us and she has been sick with worry and I haven't stopped worrying or slept in days. I know there is nothing we can do, and I pray with all my heart that I didn't bring the problem home, but for now all I can do is vent.

Satisfaction Rating

I booked a room in Atlantic City at the Showboat from 7/3-7/5/13 to celebrate the July 4th festivities - my favorite holiday of the year. We arrived on 7/3, dropped our bags and went out to have some dinner and drinks. We called it an early night so we can be up early for July 4th to attend a pool party. When I wanted to freshen up before the pool, we realized our shower was not working. We called the front desk and were hung up on a total of three times. Two of the three times, we were told maintenance will be up there, then "click" no time. No one advised us we should be in the room, etc.

So we went about our day. We returned from the pool party, had some quick dinner in hopes we would get ready quickly and make it out to see the fireworks. I really did not want to have to have to worry about this and believed they would address it. How can they not?! Of course, they did not and we were already on a tight schedule. I tried to speak to the front desk. All they could do was comp me $50 (out of the >$600 I paid to be there for the holiday) and put another call out to maintenance, providing no reassurance that maintenance can be there NOW so we can get ready and head out.

So I wanted to speak to a manager, **. At this point, I am irate. In my culture, we use gesturing a lot. I was waving my hands and demanding I get maintenance there NOW. ** did was not very understanding, also providing no assurance that maintenance can be there NOW to help us. Said he'll comp us $100 and put the request for maintenance. He then called security on me, who walked over and was politely smiling at me in understanding. Clearly, management and customer service is not **’s cup of tea as I saw the rage in his eyes when we needed prompt assistance and he could not render it!

By the time maintenance made it to the room, we missed the fireworks and walked around the beautiful Casino Revel, next door. Not only did the Showboat disappoint us in their appearance and cleanliness for the ridiculous amount charged for the holiday weekend, but their customer service is horrendous and it was overall a very disheartening experience. I will never book in that filthy place again, and I hope they address their staff for being slackers and so culturally insensitive and overall rude!

PS: We were never even offered a room change as a possible option. No one was sorry at all. I also spoke to ** the "boss" from customer relations who ultimately was unapologetic. I am a nurse who works in a field in which we tend to people and their concerns all day. Customer service is a huge part of the field. It is disappointing that when I need help (especially for the money I paid), I get the minimal help possible on a really special holiday! Thanks for nothing and I hope people read this as I am SURE it is not their first disappointment!

Satisfaction Rating

Our family had been planning to attend a reunion at Atlantic City on April 28th. We needed to bring our disabled golden retriever dog along so that he can be properly cared for by us. I was checking around for a place that can accommodate him. On 3/26/12, in the late evening, I called to inquire at the Showboat Atlantic City at 800-621-0200 if they accept dogs. The first question that I asked the reservation clerk who answered my call was, "Do you take dogs here?" The clerk replied, "Yes, we do!" No further information was given to me about any Showboat pet policy or restriction at that time by that clerk. I asked to reserve a pet room for two nights (April 27 and 28). That clerk then inquired about my credit card information and was going to charge me one night to book the room in advance, which I supplied and agreed to at that time. I was given confirmation number ** for our reservation.

We arrived at the Showboat on April 27 just after 12:00 noon after traveling 200 miles with our disabled pet. I proceeded to the check-in and supplied our name and confirmation number. That check-in clerk was a little surprised after I informed her our reservation was for a "pet room" and then inquired about the size and breed of our dog. After telling her it was a 70-pound disabled golden retriever, she informed me their pet policy only allows them to accept up to 50-pound dogs. I questioned why I wasn't told this policy when I made this reservation a month ago, and they charged my credit card back then. That desk clerk then said she would check with her male supervisor, who came out himself.

He explained that their insurance policy would not allow dogs over 50 pounds. He neither could explain to me why the original clerk who booked my reservation never told me that at that time of my telephone reservation. He did say that they would credit my credit card account back because we couldn't stay there with our dog. That was real nice of him because I was going to dispute that charge anyway. I don't know what other action that manager was going to take regarding that reservation employee who booked our room, but I do know that either that employee mishandled my reservation, was not properly trained or supervised, or that hotel policy was confusing to everyone.

I called **, the Showboat reservation manager, on April 29 and lodged my complaint with him, despite it being in vain. There is nothing that the Showboat Atlantic City casino can do to compensate us for ruining our family's event that weekend because of their sloppy reservation service. They are fast at charging our credit card, however.


My complaint is I went to Atlantic for a weekend on September 23 through September 26. We stayed at Showboat. We had a nice time until on Saturday morning, I discovered my check book was missing. I had thrown it in my suitcase because I didn't want to carry it with me on the boardwalk. I was going to a resort presentation. When I couldn't find it, I did a thorough search. I called the front desk and they transferred me over to Security. I ended up speaking with Jeff. He was very nice. He asked me a lot of questions. I called back on Monday, I can't remember his name. I didn’t like what he said, things like I was lying. I asked why they didn't have a safe in the room (most casinos do). He was a little smart with an answer and said I should have asked for one. I didn't know I should have asked if the room had one; I thought they didn't provide one.

I think they could have handled this better. Management could have least apologize or something, not just left me out there. I was emotionally upset and drained all day that Saturday. I'm still angry.

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My hotel room/bed was infested with bed bugs. I have pictures and video proof. I received several bites and continuous itching. My first night, I was bitten and killed a bug but didn't pay too much attention to it. This morning, May 6, 2010, around 2:30 am, I was bitten a few times and decided to get up and turn on the lights and noticed several bugs in my bed. I showered and went to report it right away.

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