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      Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Reviews

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      Rated with 1 star
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      Original review: Oct. 1, 2019

      We booked for September 1st but due to hurricane Dorian we bought the insurance so we canceled it within the time. To get a full refund. After three weeks awaiting we never received the refund. After calling and talking to multiple people giving the runaround, was told the refund was put on a future credit which we did not want. Will never sail Royal Caribbean again, we have sailed with them several times before.

      We did end up cruising the September 22nd date which the refund was supposed to be applied to. That cruise notified that that FCC hadn't authorized refund before sailing, was told we had to pay but refund will be credited back to credit card. At the sailing that cruise then calling Royal Caribbean several people it's telling us a different story and told us that we would get a cruise credit and not a refund. Never sailing Royal Caribbean again, just the principle of what we were told and the runaround that we got after spending several thousand dollars very disappointed. Was told while on the cruise at the ship for the September 1st sailing was half empty so I guess they needed to keep the money.

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      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Sept. 27, 2019

      I could write a novel about my complaints on this cruise. The food at the Windjammer was inedible. The dining room was barely average. After the 3rd night they no longer sat us at our table. We were told to go in to our table, and grab a menu on the way. Our waiter got increasingly slower, and on the last night, we were in the dining room for an hour and 45 minutes and still waiting on our dessert before we gave up and left because we wanted to make the show. Our room attendant walked in on us without knocking the first day there. Also our sheets had a stain on them when we got there, and they were not changed the entire week.

      My husband got sick on the 3rd day and when I went to ask the medical staff a question, she very rudely told me that she could not give me any information, and he would have to see the nurse (obviously a nickel and dime tactic so they could charge us a medical fee). We did not see the nurse because he wasn’t that sick.

      This was the worst accounting I’ve ever seen on a ship. We were double charged for massages, charged for towels we didn't take (why would I want to steal the rags they were passing off as towels?) and when we tried to adjust the gratuity (because of the abysmal service we received) instead of adjusting it down to $140, they added $140 on top of the $203 we were originally paying. There were 2 people in front of us in the Guest Relations line that got charged for 75 pool towels which totaled over $3,000. We went to the customer service desk 5 times, 3 of which had to do with gratuity, and were assured that everything was fine and they would adjust the price on the final bill. Of course that didn't happen.

      I was at the front desk at 6am trying to get it corrected because we had a flight at 8:45am, again I was told that everything was fine. At 7am when we were trying to exit the ship, they wouldn't let us disembark because of account issues! We were livid! We ended up running through the airport barely making the flight. Vacations (cruises especially) are supposed to be stress free, but this was more stressful than being at home.

      Why in the world is the default tip more than 21% of the TOTAL COST of the cruise when you get this level of crappy service, and you are even charged for room service now? What in the world am I tipping for when I wasn't even given the bare minimum of service? Everyone I dealt with made it clear they could care less about the customers' experience, and see them as a hassle. Based on this experience, and everyone we've talked to since, I will never cruise Royal again. I turned Emerald on this cruise, but you can guarantee I will not be making it to diamond.

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      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Sept. 26, 2019

      (I wrote all of this to Royal Caribbean, but they didn't care in the slightest, so now this will be posted on every review site I can find.) My Royal Caribbean cruise was a complete disappointment. I have been on cruises with Holland America and Princess and those experiences were wonderful. Each crew member from those teams treated me with kindness and respect. They all seemed genuinely joyful to serve me. My time with Royal Caribbean was a stark contrast to these pleasant experiences. I felt like a burden and an inconvenience to every crew member I interacted with on your cruise. Absolutely no one offered us a pleasant or kind word as we went about our week. No one volunteered any information on activities or provided assistance when we needed it. We had to practically beat information out of your team.

      Often it felt as if we had to force them to serve us. Every interaction was like dealing with a sullen teenager, rolling their eyes and performing any requested task out of absolute obligation with zero sense of happiness. Below I have attempted to divide my complaints into categories for easier review and potential rectification by your team.

      (1) Our stateroom and stateroom attendant, Natalie.

      a. Our room was dirty. This alone is unbelievable so I will elaborate. The most unhygienic feature of our room were the two comforters in a bag under our bed. I do not think these comforters have EVER been washed in the history of Royal Caribbean cruises. When I pulled them from their bag on our first night onboard they smelled RANK and were dirty with stains. It was freezing in the room and there was nothing else other than the thin sheets on the bed. It was late so there was no one to call to bring us replacement comforters but I was cold so I reluctantly put them over our sheets for warmth. The next day the stateroom attendant had made the bed and placed two brown blankets on our bed and removed the comforters. I assumed the comforters had been taken for cleaning and that we’d been given the brown blankets in exchange to hold us over until the comforters were brought back.

      The brown blankets smelled STRONGLY of urine and had stains on them as well. They were so unpleasant that I took them back into the hallway immediately and asked the stateroom attendant to take them away. She said she had not checked the blankets and had just placed them in our room. She must not be able to smell because WOW, I do not understand how you could not notice that stench. It made me feel very dirty. At this point we had no blankets in our room and I checked under the bed on a whim. I saw that there was a bag with comforters under the bed. I thought that was great because these must be new ones, to replace the smelly ones from before. I took them from the bag and was APPALLED to see that they were the SAME SMELLY comforters, wadded up and shoved back inside the bag.

      I felt so uncomfortable with everything in the room at this point. Everything seemed dirty and disgusting. I have no confidence that anything in the room was cleaned at any point during our cruise or before we arrived. It is so beyond unacceptable to have dirty linens on the bed. I felt like I was sleeping in the used sheets of every previous guest to that stateroom. Even if the linens had been clean, the bed was unpleasant with the twin mattresses and frames pulling apart and creating a huge crevice in the middle for the entire cruise. It was impossible for my husband and I to sleep anywhere near each other. Perhaps you could invest in some clips to hold the beds together if your ‘king bed’ offering is really just two twin beds pushed together.

      b. I have never been on a cruise that provided such pitiful amenities in the room. A pump dispenser of 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner is LAUGHABLE. I am honestly surprised that there was not a slot on the pump that required a quarter to dispense every tablespoon of indiscriminate cleansing goop. The only other amenity was a small bar of soap. This was never restocked throughout our cruise. Two drinking glasses were provided in our stateroom. It is my belief that these were never cleaned or replaced throughout the cruise. One had a large chip on the rim – this remained constant for the entire cruise. It seems unlikely that each replacement glass would have the exact same large chip. This is lazy and unhygienic.

      c. Our stateroom attendant was intrusive for the entire cruise, without providing any measurable service or comfort to us. We had a family disagreement at one point that had nothing to do with her or the cruise and she was asking us personal questions and giving her opinion repeatedly despite us not responding and making it clear that she should butt out and leave. She lingered in our stateroom just to hear more of the situation and voice her opinions which were absolutely meaningless to us of course. This is shocking and incredibly inappropriate. How bold she was to act so familiar!

      This was not her place. Nor was it her place to sing religious songs in our room, or even be in our room if we were there or had returned while she was cleaning. I was so sick of her by the time that we left. It was a RELIEF to finally escape her overwhelming presence. It is a JOKE that she felt entitled to leave an envelope in our room for an extra tip. Here’s a tip for her: MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS and stay out of the way of your guests.

      d. On our first day on the cruise, I had not finished unpacking my bag so it was still out in the room. Our stateroom attendant felt that she was entitled to come up to me in the public corridor and tell me that my bag in my room was a problem for her! How ridiculous!!! She demanded I come up with ‘a solution for my bag so that she did not hit her thigh on it’. I was forced to stop doing what I wanted at that point and go unpack my bag. I felt like a chastised grade school child. I paid for my stateroom. I was entitled to every molecule of space in the room throughout my cruise and I was entitled to have my personal items wherever I want within that space. How dare the stateroom attendant voice any opinion on my personal items?

      e. In addition to this, I have also never been on a cruise where I had to keep my empty luggage in my room for the entire voyage. It was definitely in the way and was yet another area where your cruise line failed to provide a basic service for your guests. However, your people most likely would have lost our bags had you been entrusted to hold them. When luggage was first brought to the staterooms, my parent’s bag was delivered to the wrong stateroom. My husband and I happened to recognize the bag in the hallway and dragged it down to their room. So quality control for the luggage was certainly lacking.

      f. I have never been on a cruise that charged for room service. I was shocked to see an $8 fee for room service. We obviously never used this service.

      (2) Soda, water, specialty non-alcoholic drink package.

      a. I would like to know why you even offer this package when every single member of the Royal Caribbean staff acted like we were absurd for asking to use it. There was no clear place to easily get soda or any of the listed specialty drinks in our package. If you went to a bar, they acted like you were a stupid inconvenience for not ordering alcohol. To my knowledge, there was no other place to get sodas except for the main dining room. Certainly no one ever offered to get us anything. We always had to seek out a staff member and ask and it ALWAYS felt like we were bothering them. Of course, no instructions for use were provided along with the package. My grandparents also purchased the soda package (in advance) but never received the plastic soda cups in their room, even after alerting Royal Caribbean staff members to the oversight.

      They eventually cancelled their packages because they couldn’t find a convenient way to get sodas, etc and were never given the plastic cups. How absurd! I also thought it was odd that there was no consistency in how the soda would be given to you. Some places had warm cans, some had open (flat!) two liter bottles of soda, and some used the soda dispenser guns. The whole thing made no sense to me and certainly didn’t feel like any great value. Honestly, it was expensive to purchase and yet I felt like your staff thought I was cheap every time I asked to use the package. That is a horrible way to make a guest feel.

      (3) Food and dining

      a. This cruise had by far the most disappointing food and food presentations I’ve ever experienced on a cruise. On other cruises, food was fun and dining was fun! It was a drudgery to go to meals on your cruise. The Royal Caribbean staff never seemed excited about the food. On other cruises, there were food displays with carved fruits and vegetables and every plate of food was worth taking a picture of – beautiful! This was not the case on Royal Caribbean. We liked the food in the buffet. It was fine, plentiful, and as expected. However, if a guest specifically makes the effort to attend seated breakfast, lunch, and dinner, shouldn’t they be treated to a bit more flair?

      On past cruises with other cruise lines, I always felt like I was in on a grand secret and made to feel special at plated dining! Plated meals on your cruise were without exception uninspired tiny portions of basic food. Every single night someone at our table would grimace at something that was unappetizing or cooked incorrectly. Fish and chicken dishes were always overcooked and dry. Choices made by your staff made no sense. I saw several guests order prime rib and lobster tail on lobster night. In my mind, this means to add a lobster tail to the prime rib dinner. To Royal Caribbean staff, this meant place an order for both a full lobster tail dinner and a full prime rib dinner. The presentation varied at different tables – at ours, both plates were put on the table so that we had a comical amount of entrée plates at the table.

      At other tables, they plopped the lobster tail unceremoniously on top of the prime rib plate tableside and threw the lobster plate sides in the trash. What a waste, in both cases. We only went to seated lunch once and never bothered again. I got a salad that was about a half cup of lettuce and four microscopic strands of pork. It’s literally not worth wasting your time, even when you have nothing else to do on a sea day. Let that critique sink in. Plated breakfast was horrible. Staff members were incredibly rude to my grandparents when they beat us to the dining room one morning and refused to give them a table that would seat our entire family. When we showed up mere minutes later, my grandparents had already been forced to sit at a four top with a complete stranger. So we did not get to sit together for literally no reason. Where is the customer service??? Where is the respect?

      It is also incredibly rude to loudly clean up and put away the dining room around your guests while they are eating. We were MADE TO KNOW that the dining room would soon close each morning, even if we hadn’t even received our breakfast from the kitchen yet. Service was very slow at breakfast and lunch and the tiny, poorly cooked meals were simply not worth feeling yet again like we were bothering the staff and keeping them from cleaning up the dining room. How ridiculous that picking up table settings and chairs was not only done in front of guests, but also was clearly a higher priority than guest comfort and customer service.

      b. The dining room food was simply subpar. How do you make fried chicken unappealing? Why was one of the only fish options described to us as “oily and not very good’? Why was the only steak offered (without a large upcharge) tiny, grisly, and poorly cooked? Why only one sliver of carrot and one piece of broccoli as sides every single night? Why was every sauce or soup a gelatinous, unnaturally colored, flavorless mess? This may be the greatest insult I can give: I lost weight on this cruise.

      c. On our last night, we were forced to sit through a long staff-performed song after they spent several minutes praising themselves. Honestly, I was creeped out to have waiters singing at me to ‘kiss them and smile for them’, while aggressively waving at me. I don’t appreciate self-congratulation and certainly did not feel that I deserved to have to sit through amateur karaoke night during a formal dinner with my family.

      d. “Formal” dinner was anything but formal. How disappointing that people were allowed to wear anything they wanted to formal plated meals. Where’s the glamour and sense of pride? I was insulted to be wearing new formal clothing while sitting next to people in elf costumes and pajamas. Why bother to have formal dinners and seated dining at all?

      (4) Self-praise is no praise.

      a. I mentioned my distaste with the staff congratulating themselves in the previous section but it should be stated again. Please do not make your guests sit through long interludes where you are simply introducing your staff and praising them. If you want to get together and praise yourselves, have a company picnic. If guests want to praise an exemplary employee they will make it known. There is no need to praise yourselves on behalf of the guests in front of the guests. It is stupid and in my case, absolutely was not reflective of the experience I was having.

      So why should I have to listen to what a great job everyone was supposedly doing? It started to feel like every single time an announcement was made, it was just the cruise telling us how great the cruise was. Show some restraint and decorum and let the praise come to you – if you are saying it about yourself, it is no praise at all and is simply conceit. Maybe if you weren’t so busy congratulating yourselves on a job well done, then you would have noticed how many times the service was lacking.

      b. Another side to this coin is how often we were told there would be a survey after the cruise. After providing the bare minimum of assistance, every staff member would launch into a dialogue about the survey we would receive and how they should be rated. Repeatedly I was informed which part of the survey related to the staff member telling me about it (for example: “I work only in the main dining room so if breakfast dining sucked, then don’t rate me poorly because I’m not involved with that”). These dialogues always made me extremely uncomfortable. I get that Royal Caribbean staff must be rated/assessed internally based on the survey results, but again, simply performing customer service at a high level would be a far more effective means of getting high points on the survey than demanding to be given high points on the survey for no particular reason.

      (5) Nickel & Dime

      a. I don’t feel the need to say much about this. Royal Caribbean knows it is cheap and knows that it charges extra for things that should absolutely be provided for free as part of your ticket cost. However, I want to relay that this is NOTICED by your guests. For example: on every cruise I’ve been on previously, a kitchen tour was offered FOR FREE where we were escorted by pleasant staff members, led to stations where team members cheerfully described their duties, and given the opportunity to take a photo with the head chef. It was a fun experience and a good way to spend time on a sea day. This tour didn’t even inherently cost the cruise ship anything. However, on those other cruises, they offered food samples at each station and had intricate food carvings and displays along the way for us to enjoy. They went above and beyond to provide a simple joy for their guests.

      Again in stark contrast, Royal Caribbean interrupted our formal meal time on two different nights to attempt to SELL us this experience. I believe it was $39 per person. It came with brunch, but why would I pay more for the same bland food and disinterested service I’d become accustomed to at every other meal? Royal Caribbean should be embarrassed about charging for a kitchen tour. I felt that I was nickel-and-dimed many times on this cruise. Nothing special or extra was provided at any point in the cruise. If I wanted anything other than the bare basics, I had better be prepared to pull out that Seapass card and get charged for it.

      (6) Boarding & Miscommunication

      a. Boarding the ship was chaos for my family. No one greeted us, no one directed traffic, and no one offered assistance finding the way to our staterooms. My grandmother is in a wheelchair and we had to wait almost FORTY minutes for an elevator to be available for us to take her to her room. Why? Because Royal Caribbean crew members were using the main passenger elevators to move luggage at the same time that everyone was boarding. How foolish! Every elevator that did open on the main floor where we were waiting was crammed full of people so that we could not get the wheelchair on. What a frustrating welcome to the ship!!

      b. You were promoting a free day of internet if we purchased the internet package at the desk by guest services. We went to the desk multiple times and no one was ever at the desk. What a waste of our time. This was especially annoying once we learned that we could purchase this package through our device in our stateroom and did not actually need to go to the desk at all. As a theme of this cruise, your staff was never prepared with accurate information to answer our questions. If we could have easily taken care of it ourselves, I wish the first person we’d asked at guest services had told us that instead of forcing us to continue a wild goose chase of hunting down an internet services desk associate who didn’t actually exist.

      (7) Guest Services

      a. Every staff member at Guest Services was incompetent. None of them were empowered to solve our problems and none of them had the answers we needed to any questions we asked. They would all refer to ‘a colleague in the back’ who had to be checked with about everything and who was never available to speak to us.

      b. It is absurd to have your Guest Services booth located in your packed, noisy atrium where you do musical performances almost every hour of the day. Whenever we went to Guest Services, they couldn’t hear us and we couldn’t hear them over the cacophony of your atrium performances and the crowds they attracted.

      c. The Shore Excursions desk or the Guest Services desk should have been able to tell us how the transfer process works with the tender boats. Again, my grandmother is in a wheelchair and NO ONE at Royal Caribbean before the cruise or at either of these desks once we boarded was able to tell us if she would be able to get on a tender boat. As it turned out, the tender boat was very accessible and it was a great relief to all of us when we were able to go on our scheduled excursion in Grand Cayman. This is a question with a CLEAR ANSWER that anyone at Royal Caribbean should have been able to help us with so we wouldn’t have had to worry. NO ONE had any clue or was willing to take any accountability for helping us prior to the exact second that we boarded the tender boat.

      (8) No Special Touches

      a. My family celebrated a 62nd wedding anniversary and two birthdays while on board our cruise. These events were the primary reasons for us taking the cruise in the first place. We have celebrated these same events on other cruises with other cruise lines and were made to feel special by the crew. For example, on past cruises, Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday signs were put on the corresponding stateroom doors by the crew on the correct days as a surprise to us – it was a super sweet and personal touch that made those days a bit more fun. Again in stark contrast, Royal Caribbean did not care about the special events we were celebrating. How disappointing that nothing special was done for these events apart from two lackluster birthday songs performed at our dinner table – a service given only after we requested it.

      b. No special table decorations, one or two lackluster towel animals randomly in the room (not every day? ), and no decorative presentation to the food. Honestly, the lack of special touches or anyone caring about us as guests was evident in so many areas throughout our cruise. It was just sad.

      c. Your TV channels constantly broadcast footage of how special and fun and grand your bigger cruise boats are. The cruise boat we were on, the Vision of the Seas, was a dated dump in comparison. There wasn’t much to do onboard our boat, the rooms were ugly, and the boring shows were high-school theatre caliber. This is a fact. But this all was fine until compared to what we ‘could have or should have’ booked. Why make the Vision of the Seas seem worse by comparing it to your bigger, better ships? After 7 days of footage of better boats, I started feeling cheated. Maybe have a little decency and don’t showcase your fancy boats to the people trapped on your dumpy ones?

      (In response to my complaint, I received an offer of a $100 voucher off my next cruise (as if I would ever board one of their ships again) and another survey to take. My response to that is below.)

      It's hilarious that there's yet another survey from your company to complete. But since you asked, no I am not satisfied with the resolution of my complaint. It cannot be that all you can provide as compensation for the wrongs committed against my family is a future cruise credit voucher. That is a joke and we both know it. I have a very stressful and demanding job and this cruise was supposed to be a break. I returned to work more stressed out from my cruise than I was before I left. I didn't get any joy from my cruise.

      The completed cruise is likely the last cruise my grandparents will ever be able to take. I am unlikely to ever be able to go on another one with my entire family. This cruise was not the wonderful experience with them that I had envisioned. Your staff should be ashamed. Royal Caribbean stole what could have been a wonderful family memory from us. I would also like to be informed as to how Royal Caribbean will be instructing their staff based on my complaint - would anything actually be different if I sailed again with your company? (Their response was, unsurprisingly, complete silence which says everything you need to know.)

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      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
      Original review: Sept. 26, 2019

      I was supposed to get on a cruise in the 1st week of September and due to Hurricane Dorian I was not able to do it. Since I couldn’t attend they told me that all the products I paid on the cruise planner website were going to be refunded to me. Been waiting +3 weeks. Agents told me my case is process but refund has never been reflected in to my account. Really disappointing and poor customer service cruise line.

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      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Sept. 21, 2019

      I have never dealt with a ruder customer service. I authorized a certain amount to be charged on my credit card and they charged a completely different amount. When I asked to talk to a supervisor he rudely told me that is the only way they could charge it. I am pretty sure it is illegal to charge a different authorized amount. When I asked why they didn't tell me they were running it for a different amount, they had no explanation. Very very unhappy with Royal Caribbean. Definitely staying with Carnival from now on.

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      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Sept. 18, 2019

      My husband and I took a Royal Caribbean cruise and received very rude treatment. The specialty restaurants wouldn't even open the door for us. They were so rude we were in tears several times. There was a fly in our food. Chunks of old food in our silverware twice and a dirty plate. I got food poisoning and was sick all night. When I talked to customer service they just said I couldn't prove it and didn't help me.

      4 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Sept. 14, 2019

      Trip was cut 2 days because of storm. Although not their fault the only choices were to take a 200.00 refund and go for 3 nights or roll the whole amount paid into a future trip. There was no option to get a refund if there was a reason that week was the only week you could go. Since there were such few people on-board, food was overcooked, cold and inedible. Had shrimp cocktail with 4 tiny room temp shrimp. Very sad.

      I've sailed RC before but will not sail again. Even though this is their smallest and oldest ship with cheap prices it was not worth it. Also, they hit you pretty hard every minute to buy something. Lastly, I was travelling with a handicapped person. They offered to get them drinks if they paid but never offered to bring a free drink of even water so they didn't have to get up. Also, Sorrento can only be accessed by stairs so wheelchair customers are not welcomed and no staff will offer to get you pizza. Royal Caribbean needs to be more helpful to handicapped people.

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      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Sept. 14, 2019

      I'm sorry Carnival for sailing with Royal Caribbean on the Liberty of the seas to Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel. I thought the grass was greener on the other side but, it wasn't. :( The (United States) captain with the tattoos all over displayed his character by showing that he has no respect or care for those cruising on his ship. The security staff displayed no regard for the passengers' belongings. And when you call their hotline to complain and see why some items were missing when the bags arrived, you're told there will be a claim email coming that will never arrive.

      Carnival, I didn't show my appreciation for the large selection of “free” food. My eyes have been opened after having to survive on Pizza, sandwiches, and a single buffet that almost always serves hot Indian food. I miss your several buffets with plenty of seating. I now know what it feels like to walk around carrying my food for 30 minutes hoping to find a place to sit. If you'll have me, Carnival, I'd gladly come back and promise never to sail Royal Caribbean ever again.

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      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Sept. 12, 2019

      In July, 2004, - yes, it was a long time ago, I didn’t realize this site existed until today - my husband and I traveled round trip New York to Bermuda. My husband had cancer and died four months later. We used American Express miles, which we had saved for a long time, to buy the trip. It was 750,000 miles, which bought a “superior” room, supposedly, and was booked through AmEx. We told the agent about my husband’s illness and stressed that we needed a room in a quiet location.

      When we arrived, there was a lot of noise coming from above. We were told that food supplies were being loaded into the restaurant above us, but that it would be quiet at night because the restaurant would be closed overnight. But at night the restaurant, which closed late, was cleaned and prepared for the following day. There were constant dragging, banging, vacuuming, etc. noises late into the night, and sleep was impossible.

      My explanations and complaints were met with a stone wall. The only solution offered was to put us into an empty room, but with the caveat that we would have to move back into our original room in Bermuda, as it was reserved for someone else at that point. This dislocation would have been too much. I remember that the manager at the front desk, who was Norwegian, seemed totally unconcerned and uninterested in our circumstances, and his main objective seemed to be just to brush me aside. Which he did. After we returned to NY I wrote to the head of the company and said what our experience had been. His response, basically was to say Sorry, and, "Oh well, these things happen." He sent a voucher for $2000 off on our next Royal Caribbean cruise, which I put in the trash.

      Hell will freeze over before I travel on Royal Caribbean again, or recommend it to anyone I know or care about. I would advise anyone in circumstances similar to ours to beware. In retrospect, we should have insisted on being moved to another room before the ship left NY, but we foolishly believed what we were told. I truly believe that this experience contributed to my husband’s health worsening. I will never forgive the callous attitude shown to us by Royal Caribbean’s manager, particularly since we had informed RC at booking of our situation. A request for a quiet room would seem to be a simple one, and easy to fulfill.

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      Rated with 2 stars
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Sept. 9, 2019

      We have been on many cruises, and Royal was second, in our option, only to Disney. The cruise from this last week changed our minds. RC has really gone down in quality. We were surprised at how impolite and downright rude the staff was. They did have good shows, however, but the food and service was actually quite disappointing.

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