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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 1, 2019

We recently returned from a 5 day cruise aboard the RC Majesty of the Seas. This was not a good cruise experience, to say the least. We have cruised many lines before (Holland America, Norwegian, Carnival, etc.) but Royal Caribbean came highly recommended so we booked with them. What a mistake! The ship is 27 years old and is very worn and tired-looking. The cabin was tiny and had lots of machinery noise from the deck below. But the worst part was the FOOD, especially on the buffet in the Windjammer Cafe. Food was served colder than safe, most was overcooked, all was bland and tasteless. I once found a piece of cheesecake that was perfectly prepared - but when I went back for more, the batch had changed and it was now overcooked and hard.

I also found a foreign object (foil, I think) in the vanilla pudding. When I reported it, they did send six chocolate covered strawberries to our cabin (there was no note, so we assume that is where they came from). Overall, food in the dining room was much better, although the lobster tail was way overcooked, and the shrimp in the shrimp cocktail were so old they smelled. Based on this poor experience, we won't choose Royal Caribbean ever again! Bad cabin, rude customer service staff, spoiled and badly cooked food, the Majesty of the Seas had absolutely NOTHING to recommend it.

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Rated with 2 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 30, 2019

Royal Caribbean Cruise. Cruise in general was ok, but the staff experience on several occasions was terrible. I’m a Gold member and will not recommend or have Royal Caribbean as my preferred cruise line until this is fixed. Examples of our experiences are shown below:

1. I left my glass of Whisky in the room after lunch & the cleaning staff threw it out before I got back from the early evening show.
2. The FlowRider staff refused to allow my son to participate because their systems were down and they would not let me sign an indemnity form because I had a drink in my hand. I had to rejoin the long queue and again got told to come back after 15 min.
3. They refused to honour my gold membership but one get one free drink because I did not inform the staff that I wanted to use it while ordering.
4. There is no app with the schedule of activities & no free wifi to stay in touch.
5. Long queue at Service Desk with several staff just doing their own thing and ignoring the line of waiting customers.

6. No single table seating for our group of 24. Not even one night to celebrate our Aunt's 80th Birthday.

These and other incidents cause unnecessary frustration that you don’t need while on holiday.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 28, 2019

I spent $1734 dollars with Royal Caribbean which includes, the actual cruise at $634 dollars and spending money. I also spent $400 + for a plane ticket to get to Miami to get to the cruise. This is not fair that I get treated in such a way, then they insulted me by offering me a $50 ship credit for the next time I cruise. So insulted.


Cruise – December 16 – 21, 2018. Royal Caribbean – Navigator of the Seas. Reservation #**. As I stated above, I called to book a cruise. Everyone was really nice and helpful. They even granted a complimentary bottle of Red Wine and Rosé Champagne to be in the room upon arrival. For this I was grateful because I don’t really drink alcohol or wine. I requested the Rosé Champagne, specifically saying no Brut because I hate it. The bottle of wine was supposed to be for another cabin mate, Joseph.

I called a few days later to order an excursion. I asked them to confirm my request of the wine, Rosé champagne, and topper for the couch/bed. Confirmed! Great! I call again on Black Friday at the suggestion of the customer service representative because there was possibly a special going on. I ordered my refreshment drink package and an excursion at a discounted price because of Black Friday. Excellent! I also confirmed, yet again of the promises made with the wine, champagne and topper for the couch/bed. Everything is coming along perfectly!! Time is coming closer and I am so very excited as I will not only be going on my first cruise but this being one of my bucket list items, this is huge to me. December 15, 2018 I fly to Miami to prepare for my cruise tomorrow. Everything went great.

Day 1. Sunday December 16, 2018. Arrive to Port of Miami to get aboard The Navigator of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean ship. They let us board early, yay! I was exhausted and my feet were killing me. (Heel spurs and plantar fasciitis). We couldn’t actually go to our rooms until around 1 or 2. Hey, that’s ok, we have a whole ship to explore. Ran across the Spa and decided to book a 50-minute reflexology treatment to help out with my foot/heel pain. They made an appointment for me for 4:30, letting me know that I had a safety meeting for ship emergency procedures at 4pm and I could come right after that. Ok, great!

4pm meeting in the Star Lounge for our briefing on what to do in case of an emergency. Over at 4:15/4:20. I headed to the Spa. Arrived at 4:25 and boy were my feet killing me! I walked in, introduced myself to the receptionist and said that I had a 4:30 appointment. She said ok, and asked me to wait in the waiting area letting me know someone would come get me. She also mentioned I should fill out the form on the clipboards.

As I am finished with the form, I notice other customers coming in and therapist coming to get them to take them for their treatments. After 25 minutes of sitting back there watching this, I thought, why has no one come to get me? I walked up to the receptionist desk asking if they were overbooked and should I make another appointment. I mean, I have other things to do and I’m thinking the treatment is 50 minutes and I have already wasted 25 minutes sitting here. The assistant manager and receptionist both looked confused asking me a few times what my name is and what time was my appointment. Then the assistant manager assured me someone would be right with me and directed me back to the waiting area.

I waited another 5 minutes because by now they are cutting into my other plans. I went back to the receptionist desk, frustrated at the time I’ve wasted, and told them I was leaving and if they would shred my form as it contained my personal medical information. I left. I ended up waiting 30-35 minutes, for nothing. Then leaving because I had other things to do. I went to my cabin, shortly thereafter the phone rang and it was the spa. The woman called to say she was sorry, she didn't know she was going to be assigned to me and could I please come back to the spa. I told her no and that I wouldn’t be using their services because of the time I wasted in there.

She said she's going to give me an extra 15 minutes. I told her that she was insulting me at this point and that I just wasted 30-35 minutes in there. I asked that she not call me back. She insisted I come back repeating the extra 15 minutes, me, at this point, frustrated and yelling NO, and for her to leave me alone. Mind you, I’m tired, my feet hurt, I’m hungry and I just wasted my time in the Spa and now she is harassing me by keep saying to come back after I said no. I hung up the phone. While in the room I noticed my champagne… Oh no! It was Brut and not Rosé! Ok, no biggie. I told the person assigned to keeping my room straight. He said he would call the restaurant or room service or whomever deals with this and get the Rosé. Ok,cool! I leave to go meet my cabin mates for dinner.

Day 2 – Still no Rosé champagne. Midday I came back to the room and noticed I now had a bottle of red wine. Weird. The guy who cleans my room asked if they brought the Rosé. I said no, they brought red wine. He suggested I speak to customer relations on the ship. Since I was going to be talking with them about the Rosé Champagne, I may as well let them know about the horrible experience at the spa.

I met Sarah at the customer service desk and while she was very nice and seemed to be trying to get things resolved for both issues, she doesn’t have control over the other departments. It just seems that people were just dropping the ball. Sarah called the restaurant while I was standing there and they said they would have it delivered by 11am the next day. Ok, that’s fine, but by now I’m pretty frustrated as we are going into day 3. I was trying to celebrate my 1st cruise with my friends by popping a bottle of champagne but obviously things didn’t turn out the way I imagined.

Meanwhile, she also called the Spa. The assistant manager answered and wanted to talk to me. I told Sarah I did not want to talk to her because she was who I dealt with when I was in the Spa. She insisted I give it a try, so I did. The assistant manager said she was sorry to hear of this situation and apologized. I reminded her that unless there were two assistant managers she was who I talked with at the spa desk. She said no because she left at 5p.m. because she was ill. I told her I left at 5/5:05 and it was her because her badge had assistant manager on it. Anyway, the assistant manager said the same thing the therapist said, they would give me an extra 15 minutes. I explained to her that I was not interested in a 15 extra minutes as that meant nothing to me and didn't compare to the 30 minutes that I wasted. I handed the phone back to Sarah.

Between the next couple of days, I had a few missed calls from the Spa. As they keep insisting on frustrating me and harassing me after I told them to just leave me alone. My cabin mates insisted I call so they can stop calling the cabin. At this point I feel like I was being emotionally abused as I have already cried and been upset.

Day 3. At some point during the day, someone placed a business card in my cabin door to contact the customer service desk. Taking several deep breaths, I go to the desk. Thinking they resolved everything but nooooo, they just want to continue to harass me. Sarah wanted to know if I had received my Rosé by 11am as promised and if any resolution came from the Spa. I told her no, I have not received any Rosé, I had not heard from anyone and I have not received anything.

She called that department, yet again, and was assured it would be done and Sarah asked them to also give me some chocolate covered strawberries. Ok, that’s a nice gesture. Assured, this will be done, I knew better. I also let her know I was so frustrated with the way things have gone and that I had not had any resolution from the spa and pretty much just wanted to be left alone at this point. As the first 3 days of my cruise have pretty much been very stressful.

She said the Spa manager was trying to contact me. So she called her while I was there, the manager wanted to, of course speak to me, she then offered me a full body massage for $99. Confused because my feet hurt, not my body. I made an appointment for reflexology not a massage, so I wasn’t even sure where that came from. I told her I wasn't interested and said the spa didn't deserve my $100. I do not like full body massages and I wasn’t interested in giving her any of my money at this point. I handed the phone back to Sarah. Sarah said she would report it to her supervisor. Which the supervisor never contacted me. Room service ended up delivering another bottle of wine no strawberries.

Day 4 – Haiti. I came back to the ship to get money and my credit card because we were misinformed by crew employees that we could use our ship card for purchases when vendors told us we could not. While back at the ship I stopped by customer service to return the 2 bottles of wine I received because again I didn’t request it. At the customer service desk, I explained to a gentleman why I was returning the wine and that it was supposed to be Rosé Champagne, ended up having to explain the whole situation all over again. He called the restaurant/bar/room service and tells me (with them on the phone) they said they delivered it. I assured him they did not, letting him know I JUST left the room. He said, they are saying they did. I said, "So are you calling me a liar? I just left the room and nothing is in there." At this point I am completely insulted and left crying. Very upset all over again because now you are insulting my integrity.

I went to my room just to prove a point, I entered the room, there is no champagne, I called the desk back and confirmed he was who I was just talking to and told him NOTHING IS IN HERE and to not tell me it is, when I KNEW it wasn’t. I was soooo upset. Unfortunately, I had to hurry and get myself together as I didn’t have long before we were going to be leaving Haiti and I still had souvenirs to go get. I leave the ship and thought, I would deal with this later. By the time I came back I was calm and asked for the supervisor. Her attitude was pretty nonchalant and she had her mind already made up as to how she was going to handle me based off the conversation the customer service man and she had about my situation, because she was familiar.

She went on to say they researched it and there was nothing noted that I was getting Rosé Champagne. Which now made me feel like she thought I was lying too, and that's what I told her. I told her she was making me feel just like the other guy was, she said, "No I'm just letting you know there's no word that you were supposed to get it." There had to be some kind of note because I had the Brut. She went on to say that she would ask the restaurant manager if I could have it because it's $100 bottle of champagne and they just don’t give that away.

I explained to her the champagne was supposed to be in my room day 1 as a celebration of my first cruise and here it is day 4 and there's nothing. Frustrated and upset yet again, I told her to keep it. She insinuated I was just making this stuff up. I also told her that why I know Moet Rosé Champagne runs about $100 a bottle I would be surprised if that was the only Rosé Champagne they had on board. As the Brut they had was inexpensive, I know there are inexpensive Rosé Champagne’s.

When I got to my room the strawberries were still not there but the man at Customer Service insisted they delivered them twice. I then called customer service to tell them the strawberries were not there because they were so confident they were, because whomever they spoke to for room service said they were there. I told him they were not there and do not deliver any to my room because I was tired of dealing with it. At which point 10 minutes later someone shows up with the strawberries that I didn't even want.

I told the room service guy to please take them back but he insisted I have in them, I did take them but only because he probably had no idea what was going on and it wasn’t his fault. However, I did not eat them. With all of this going on EVERY DAY of my cruise I never even got a chance to tell anyone how filthy the couch was that I had to sleep on. My thought at this point was when I got home and got situated I would call corporate and deal with it.

January 4th 2018. I got settled in back home and made time to call customer service for a formal complaint. What was I thinking? Upon calling I gave the customer service representative all the information she needed to verify my cruise and then nicely requested a supervisor. I requested a supervisor because I've already dealt with customer service representatives on the ship and I know that calling a customer service representative wasn't going to get me anywhere. I ended up frustrated yet again because for 15 minutes I requested a supervisor and she pretty much refused to transfer me.

She said she would have one call me but wasn't sure when that would be, but we all know how that goes. I said, "Are you refusing to transfer me to a customer service supervisor?" She says, "I'm trying to help you." She wouldn’t directly say she was refusing however, she never made effort to transfer me to a supervisor. Her name was Sophia from the Philippines.

So for 30 more minutes I told from the Philippines the whole story of everything that happened. (Sophia is the customer service representative for Royal Caribbean). When finished she came back with a script saying, "On behalf of Royal Caribbean, we would like to apologize…" (then there was silence). I said to her, "So that's it??" She said, "Well, it appears they all did their best to help you but you refused everything."

I said, "Wait a minute. No one ever fixed the champagne issue. No one ever compensated me for the 30 minutes I wasted in the SPA. While they offered me a full body massage, by this time I was very frustrated and in tears. No one was trying to help me. To help would have looked like this, “hey, I understand things got mixed up and we are sorry for that, how about we do your reflexology for half price? Not 3 or 4 days later but immediately." THAT would have helped the situation by showing empathy and your willingness to earn my business. So how dare you say I refused everything that was offered. How about the offer be relevant to the purchase?"

She said, "Hold on please." (silence) "Ma’am, are you there," I said yes. She said, "I can offer you a $50 ship credit for the next time you cruise with us." I actually started laughing. How dare you insult me, more! A $50 ship credit to a cruise line I will never sail on again. I told her to take the $50 cruise credit and she can use it on her next cruise. I also told her this was the reason I didn’t want to talk with her but a supervisor. Because I know she is only capable of doing so much. Conversation ended. After contacting Consumer Affairs and trying to get some feedback from Royal Caribbean. Consumer Affairs was not able to get any response from Royal Caribbean. No contact has been received. Which shows they do not care about feedback or customer service.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 26, 2019

We traveled with Royal Caribbean on their Jewel of the Seas May 29, 2019 sailing to Italy and Greece. This was a “once-in-a-lifetime” trip for my 50th birthday. While we enjoyed all the ports that we visited and would recommend this trip to anyone, I can never in good conscience recommend Royal Caribbean. We were in stateroom 4008. Upon arriving to the room the first thing I noticed was the strong smell of urine. We were still jetlagged, so my husband decided to rest as soon as we arrived. Within a few minutes of lying on the bed he felt something wet on his bare arm. He jumped up from the bed and noticed that there was a large wet ring on the bed. He smelled it and it was urine. Either the previous guest had an accident and they didn’t change the linens between cruises or there was a disgruntled worker on board who decided to pee in the bed. We’re guessing the latter.

It gets worse, much worse, due to the utter lack of customer service from the RC staff. My husband stayed in the stateroom waiting for housekeeping and I proceeded to the Guest Relations desk where I explained the situation and asked to be switched to a different stateroom. I mean honestly, who wants to stay in a room where it smells of urine and you’ve laid in another persons urine. That’s just plain unsanitary and gross! Yet I got no help from the guest relations representative, and was told that there were no other staterooms available even though I had received an email a few days prior to sailing asking if I wanted to pay to upgrade. This representative (unfortunately I can’t remember his name) was so rude and unhelpful, so I asked to have the situation escalated to the manager.

I met with the manager, Mr. **, who again said that there were currently no other staterooms available, but that after the mandatory evacuation drill something may open up since they’ll know if any guests hadn’t checked in. I found it very hard to believe that no other cabins were available. As I was talking to Mr. ** another guest came up and complained that her room smelled of urine and mold. I told her about our situation. Clearly something is going on with the ship when multiple rooms smell of urine.

I went back to the stateroom to wait it out until after the drill. Housekeeping was there and they changed the linens. We had to fight to get the mattress switched out. As we were waiting for the mattress, I noticed something brown on the bathroom floor, which looked liked feces. I then complained further to housekeeping and they proceeded to wipe down the floors and walls. Still, I would think that they would just move us.

After the drill we went back to see Mr. ** and were told that there was one other ocean stateroom available on a lower floor, but, and I quote, “It’s not a nice room and I honestly wouldn’t recommend moving.” I asked if there were any balcony rooms available and was told “No”. So, since Mr. ** kept telling us that the other room wasn’t as nice, and we were stuck on a ship, we decided to stick it out. To compensate us for our troubles he agreed to give us a bottle of wine and dinner at Chops. Big deal!

Fast forward two days – and this is where we got really upset with the lack of customer service – on the excursion in Mykonos we ran into the woman whose room also smelled of urine. We asked about her situation. They moved her to a balcony room! I won’t go into all the details since this review is long enough, but what I can tell you is that her situation was not near as bad as ours was, she complained after us and yet she was moved, and to a much nicer room than us. Mr. ** basically lied to us when he said there were no other rooms available. We approached him about this because I was pretty upset that she was moved to a balcony room and we were not. It proved our point that other cabins were available all along, but because we were in an ocean room they didn’t want to upgrade us to a balcony room. This other guest was also originally in an ocean room.

Mr ** knew we were upset, but we kept going around in circles. He agreed to give us another bottle of wine (big deal) and 30% off a future cruise. I asked for 30% off this existing cruise because honestly at this point, I never want to cruise on this line again. However I was told they don’t allow for partial refunds on existing cruises. We took the deal and told him we’d contact corporate. The only reason we took the deal is because we were going in circles and getting nowhere.

Once we returned stateside, we called the RC Consumer Relations Department and spoke with Red. She listened to our complaints and said she had to investigate with the ship and would get back to us within 72 hours to let us know if there was something more that they could do for us. It was nice to know that although we did NOT ask for anything in particular; that she would see what she could do for us to compensate us for our poor experience.

She called a 7 days later, not 72 hours as promised. She then proceeded to tell us that because we were compensated with a bottle of wine on board, there was nothing more she could do other than offer us the 30% off of a FUTURE cruise. I was livid. I have never had such terrible customer service. This all could have been resolved, and I would not be writing a negative review, if they had just done right by us in the first place and switched us to the existing balcony room that was available when they told us no others rooms were available, which was a lie. RC definitely makes out on this because we will never cruise with them again, even with a 30% discount.

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Rated with 1 star
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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 19, 2019

Me and my wife took our honeymoon on the Liberty of the Seas in May of 2019. I enjoy poker so I entered the "Royal Poker Tournament", ($100 buy-in) which 1st prize (only 1st won any prizes) a free cruise for 2, or if they do not have enough players $1500. I explained to the staff that I am an active duty service member and will be deployed when the 1st prize cruise would take place, and would like to know if I win, can I be compensated cash or other. They told me and my wife yes, they would work with us and to enjoy the tournament.

I came in 1st, and upon winning was told no I have to take the cruise and to call the casino when we get to shore to be compensated with cash. One month and a dozen phone calls later I was not awarded any prize, told that myself and my wife were lying, and that casino staff were not at fault. I have plenty more to say about the overall cash grab that is a Royal Caribbean cruise, but had I known I would be called a liar on my honeymoon and waste $100 on a poker tournament, I would have taken a different cruise line.

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Rated with 1 star
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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 19, 2019

There was a issue everyday. I spent my trip at guest services. I cruise often, it was my first Royal Caribbean experience. The issues started small, I was in the wrong room. Easy fix and it's the first day of vacation, I was understanding. On the 2nd day I was stuck in a elevator and there were very unconcerned about guest being stuck in a hot elevator. On my 3rd day my WiFi didn't work on their private island so I was away from my group since I had a early morning excursion. They were understanding in fixing it and refunded me that day, no biggie right. Yes big issue. Instead of getting a credit they refunded my whole prepaid internet package and recharged me.

Day 4 I go to guest services about internet charges. The lady said the manager I need will fix it in the morning and again they attempt to double charge me. I get ready to get off the ship and asked again to go to guest services, after being in the long exit line. This is when I find out about the refund and recharge. We are 5 days later, they never even refunded me and as I talk to customer service they attempt to justify a double charge. Now I'm waiting on a real refund. That's not including the fact we had only 1 towel animal the whole cruise and they ran out of lamb chops for dinner, promised it for the next night and nothing but excuses. This cruise line seem to train people to say they will fix it and never do.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 15, 2019

I will never travel with RCCL again, 15 years of loyalty and thousands of pounds means nothing to them. They are nothing but a standard large corporation that has no morals or willingness to help their loyal customers in times of despair.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 10, 2019

On 3/28/19, I called Royal Caribbean and booked my cruise for the 6 NIGHT CANADA & NEW ENGLAND CRUISE on the Adventure of the Seas, departing from Cape Liberty, NJ, on 5/25/19. During the recorded phone call on 3/28, I specifically asked the Royal Caribbean representative if daycare would be available for my 12-month-old child. I was told "yes" and was even given hourly rates and approximate hours of operation. Being guaranteed this daycare arrangement, I paid $2957.06. After boarding the ship on 5/25/19, I found that I had been lied to, as there was NO daycare available for children under the age of 3. I purchased this cruise only because I was told there would be daycare available for my child.

During a phone call on 6/10/19, at approximately 4p CT, with Nel at Royal Caribbean, the company offered me a refund of only $350 and a voucher for 25% off a future cruise, to be used in the next year, as a result of their error. I gave nearly $3,000 to Royal Caribbean for a product that they guarantee me but then did not deliver. I was sold a product under false pretense. I would not have paid the nearly $3,000 for this misrepresented product. The compensation I was offered does not fairly compensate for my loss based on Royal Caribbean's mistake.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 8, 2019

I have had the opportunity to work with this company on several occasions. All, times it has been pretty awful. I am now done. Most recently, I traveled on one of their ships and participated in a onboard slot tournament to win a free cruise for 2. After doing winning, they informed me that it was not transferable and although it interfered with another cruise I had previously booked on one of their ships, oh well, too bad for me, they would not change the date of the free trip. Instead, they suggested I make other arrangements for the cruise I already had booked with them although it would cost me hundreds to do so.

They also issued me a $300 certificate towards any new booking as a casino credit. They would allow me to utilize this credit to upgrade the room on the free trip. After making alternate arrangements at a substantial penalty for the previously booked trip, I went back to book my free cruise and use my offer to upgrade. Guess what, not possible according to them. I could upgrades for HUNDREDS More per person. Far too much time wasted with this company. Go elsewhere for good customer service, you won't find it here.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 1, 2019

October 2018 My husband paid for our trip to the Bahamas for the end of June 2019. He called in to join dining plans with my sister at the end of April. Come May my sister informed me we are no longer joined in the dining plan. He found out that our reservation was cancelled out?!?! We have spent hours on the phone to customer service, providing bank documentation and still no resolution. We are given escalation ticket numbers that seem to be no help to shorten the process. Still having to give basic information 3 to 6 times as well as explaining that our original reservation numbers don't come back to us since they cancelled out our reservation. 5/29 I spoke to a rep named Pablo, he told me that I would have to wait till Friday 5/31 for the escalations department to try and reactivate our reservation or to regenerate a new reservation.

My husband called in and spent 2 hours or arguing with 3 people, which all claimed we didn't have anything escalated and we didn't send in bank statements. Finally he got in contact with a manager after she as well argued with him she found everything. We still have no resolution. Now we are being told payment needs to be credited by accounting on Monday for our new reservation to be processed. MONDAY. I have no guarantee and I know come Monday the call that we were told would be made to us won't come and after my husband gets home and I get my 1 year old to sleep we will be spending another night on the phone with Royal Caribbean's customer services reps repeating this story in sure numerous times. OUR FIRST TIME SAILING AND OUR LAST.

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