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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

We cruised on Harmony of the Seas 7/24/16 from Barcelona, Spain. This was our 11th cruise with RCCL. Many issues arose during this cruise however the most disturbing was no air conditioning in stateroom #8612. Guest services was continuously notified and several attempts were made to fix the issue. We were told that there wasnt much that could be done because all staterooms were booked. We asked for a fan to help circulate the air and were told that was against cruise line policy. The hot, humid air made the trip unbearable and several evening were spent sleeping on the pool cabanas in order to endure the heat.

During our first meal in the dining room, my daughter in law found a hair in her food. The waiter apologized and promised to send her something to her room. Nothing ever arrived. As we were celebrating a major milestone in our life, USAA travel, Our Vacation Center and Explorer Travel had given several gifts to enjoy on the ship: Two soda packages per cabin total of 4, two spa treatments per cabin total of 4, two special dining certificates per cabin total of 4.

Only one certificate per cabin were honored. No explanation given other than RCCL staff was not aware of them. Watch your credit card on file. Charges are automatic and without your knowledge. Excursions were cancelled and no one told us. We are platinum member of RCCL and were very disappointed in the lack of service received.

We booked this last cruise, departing 10 June from Rome whilst on board the Explorer of the Seas the previous year May 2015. Around July 2015 decided we would like to add 2/3 nights pre-cruise stay in Rome so phoned. RC Customers Services. Young gent I spoke with told me that in order to do this I would need to cancel cruise, incur cancellation charges and rebook including Rome pre-cruise stay. This I was not prepared to do and at the third email attempt to Guest Services was informed that of course I could add 2/3 night on and gave me prices for one hotel outside of Rome city centre. Looked at the reviews and enquired if they had any other options of hotels closer to city centre. Was told NO but could make my own hotel arrangements.

We are an older couple 70/73 and the airport pickup and hotel/port transfers were very important to us so contacted them again stating that we would stay with RC option and enquiring again about pickup/transfers. All was well we thought. Contacted hotel enquiring about various tours of Rome etc and was given information with hotel pick up if we wished. Was happy with this as we would have difficulty finding tour meeting point at 9.00am. We were really looking forward to our cruise, celebration for our 50 anniversary and husband's birthday.

Received the Guest Information Schedule and wondered why no hotel was noted but thought this may be due to the fact this was an 'add on' to cruise booking previous year. However, I again enquired how pick up/transfer etc worked and was told would be picked up at 8.00pm Rome airport, taken to our hotel and picked up 3 days later and transferred to the port.

The morning we were due to leave home for the airport received and email from hotel stating that they had not received our booking information from RC. They contacted them unsuccessfully and then emailed me. (They had made the tour bookings for us.) Immediately phoned RC Customer Services, what a joke they are, passed around dept for over an hour but eventually told that - "No Sorry, hotel section now closed and no hotels available." Major panic, what were we to do. Emailed hotel back and asked about availability. Given two options of rooms and also airport pickup at a cost of 65 euros. Just so relieved the hotel, Crowne Plaza St Peter's came to our rescue.

Had visions of standing, waiting at Rome for RC pickup which was never going to happen. Where would we go, who would help us. Can't speak Italian. How would we find suitable hotel and then get to the port. I was ill with worry. When we did get to the hotel it was obvious this was the hotel used by RC and they had representative in the foyer. Enquired if we were on her list to get to the port. Told no but we could travel at a cost of 130 euros. Had no option as we had to get to the ship. Once on board tried hard to relax and enjoy things like we used to.

Half way through decided to check about our transfers back to the airport at the end of the cruise. Surprise, surprise, yes our transfers were included this time at no extra charge. Just so relieved to get home and will never ever cruise with RC again. Wrote lengthy letter to them in UK, sent emails and completed survey but they don't want to know. Got two calls from them, they left a message once but didn't know where I would be calling back too.

Really suspect when we booked original cruise in May 2015 it was termed 'Special Price Offer' and the first gent I spoke with probably was the only one who was truthful, they really don't wish to mess about amending original bookings so not really listening to your request. Our additional expenses was about 195 euros and I really did think (foolishly) that I would be reimbursed by RC for their negligence in handling our booking but having looked at the review on 'Consumer Affairs' realize our small paltry sum is insignificant in comparison. This was our 10 cruise, 5/6 with RC but never again.

My husband and I have just returned from our honeymoon which we spent aboard the Royal Caribbean's Brilliance of the Seas. This was supposed to be a holiday of a lifetime but unfortunately it fell well below our expectations. On our first day on board we were told by bartender that we had no drinks package and would have to upgrade in order to receive any drinks. When we explained that we had in fact prepaid for the Premium Drinks package to our frustration it took over an hour for the staff to establish that we did have the prepaid drinks package and they had made a mistake. Not a good start to our honeymoon. We had to deal with the senior guest services officer Joanne ** who was not very pleasant nor helpful and informed us that she could not help us until we argued that there had been a mistake and in the end we were right.

We then went to the main bar at reception where we ordered two beers and the service here again had a lot to be desired. The staff Josė ** and M ** were abrupt and ignorant and made us feel far from welcome. They insisted on us finishing our drinks completely before they would serve us another. The bar staff Deborah ** in the Casino had the same attitude and was quite rude when it came to service. Our Travel Agent had made special requirements to make Royal Caribbean aware that we were on Honeymoon but this seemed to be ignored as no effort was made to acknowledge this - not even a bottle of Champagne to our room.

Moving on to the food. All that can be said about the food is that it was terrible. The same dishes being served everyday in the Windjammer cafe on the eleventh floor which were of very poor quality and taste. We had My Time Dining in the Minstrel Restaurant which although was slightly better was still well short of what we had been expecting. The food was cold and bland and seemed to be food reheated from the Windjammer cafe earlier that day. My steak had to be sent back three times and when it came back the third time it was still cold and pink even though I had asked three times for it to be well done.

The entertainment was also very poor with the same band playing the same songs repeatedly each night. This was the same in each of the bars. No variety at all and it became quite boring. Having been aboard The Norwegian Epic last year which was outstanding we have to say we were thoroughly disappointed with our experience with Royal Caribbean which is supposedly the benchmark in cruising experience and we most definitely will not be cruising with Royal Caribbean again.

I am a regular cruise taker doing about 2 cruises a year for the past few years. I have not gone in Royal Caribbean in a long time and just recently decided to book a cruise with them. From an old ship (a/c in the room first didn't work then it got "fixed" to freezing temperatures - 50 degrees) to rude service to completely disorganized check out to a boat that is rusty and poorly maintained. Never again will I book a cruise thru Royal Caribbean. Please be aware of this company. Ship was oversold and crowded. Don't use this company.

On June 25, 2016, my family and I left Bayonne, New Jersey to begin what we thought was going to be a wonderful cruise onboard Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas. We have been on several cruises and this ship seemed to offer many unique amenities such as the North Star Observation Capsule, bumper cars, Two 70 aerial shows, trapeze experiences, rock climbing, FlowRider surfing experience and RipCord, the simulated sky diving. There were, of course, the more typical facilities, such as the outdoor pool, adult-only pools and whirlpools, roller skating and basketball.

Once boarded, we proceeded to the Windjammer restaurant, since our rooms were not yet ready. Although overly crowded, we relaxed until our rooms were clean. Once ready, we headed to our rooms to unpack. One of the first things we noticed upon entering our room was that the balcony room we booked to sleep three people had one double bed and a pull out sofa, which when used, prevented access to the balcony. After waiting on a customer service line for 40 minutes to inform them of the problem with our accommodations, we were told to give them some time to find a solution, but they were not sure what they would be able to do since the ship was fully booked.

We were not satisfied with the non-committal response and asked to leave the ship before we sailed. We were assured by Guest Services Manager, Bassem ** that a solution would be found if given enough time. We reluctantly agreed. During our wait, we proceeded to try to make reservations for dinners, and use of the amenities on board. The North Star, RipCord, Flowrider were all already booked! We were told we should have booked them as soon as we arrived on the ship. However, after spending 40 minutes with our initial problem no spaces were left for reservations. We were also informed that the other amenities did not accept reservations and we would have to wait online before each scheduled activity.

Within an hour of the ship sailing, we received a call stating that nothing could be done about our room. Again, we headed to guest services and had a 30 minute wait online. After much arguing, Patrick **, Assistant Front Desk Manager Guest Services, was assigned to help us. He stated again that nothing could be done to compensate us for the balcony room that we could not use, but he could assist with dinner reservations and reserving a place for us on the North Star and RipCord, which he did. We explained that although we appreciated that service, we did indeed pay for use of those amenities and wanted something done about our room. After dinner, we proceeded back to guest services.

By this time, most of day one on this ship had been spent at guest services. At approximately 11:30pm, the solution that was proposed was to offer us another room on the other end of the ship, but, our party would have to be split since there was nothing wrong with our second room. We explained that we wanted our party to stay together and this solution was not acceptable. Feeling miserable on day one of our trip, we retreated to our rooms and were, unfortunately, unable to use the balcony, because the pull-out bed was opened for sleeping.

On Day two, we went to the Windjammer Restaurant for breakfast. The lines for food were incomprehensibly long. We waited on line for an omelet for 20 minutes, only to have to wait in another line afterwards for the remainder of our food. By the time we got our other choices, the omelet was cold and inedible. Later in the day, our lunch experience was equally inconvenient. The remainder of the afternoon was filled trying to find a chair outside to sit upon. When defeated on a beautiful day, we resorted to sitting inside, because the balcony we had paid for was unreachable until the room was cleaned and the bed was closed.

When we went to dinner, we were outraged to find that our dinner reservations were not found. After visiting guest services once more, Patrick came to our rescue, set up our seating, and we were escorted to our meal after much aggravation. Our head waiter, Socoro, was wonderful and helped to make the meal a pleasant one. After dinner, we were able to see the remaining part of the evening show.

Throughout the cruise, food was extremely limited or quickly depleted during the day. At certain times the only food that was available was pizza, which, because of the number of people on the ship, also became unobtainable rapidly. Additionally, we were told that the Pińa Coladas and Smoothies were unavailable, because they ran out of those, as well. This was the response we received each day by 3 pm for Pińa Coladas and/ or Daiquiris. It was as if the guest’s consumption was being rationed each day.

We found this to be significantly disturbing since we had paid for three adult top shelf drink packages and two top level non-alcoholic drink packages so that our children could get smoothies. The smoothies were almost impossible to get each day, because again the bars ran out of supplies. The ice cream machine had a line that was easily a block long, because one machine couldn’t possibly service all 4999 guests (number of guests was told to us by guest services) on board. The adult pools were filled with children.

Day three and four we fought through the breakfast buffet so that we could leave the ship to see the sights of Bermuda. Each day, we returned to find problems with dinner reservations. On the evening of day four, my son even had difficulty simply getting a glass of water from one of the bars and was finally given ice chips and told to let them melt. You can imagine our frustration. Now after this course of events, with several visits to guest services and much stress, my mother began having difficulty breathing and filling with fluids. We obtained a wheelchair for day three and four. At approximately 2am of day five, my mother was wheezing so badly that the infirmary had to be called. She spent the remainder of the trip there.

The doctor stated that she believed it was due to the stress she experienced on the trip. Please remember that all of our reservations on the North Star, trapeze, and sky diving were for the last day, so not only did she not get to participate on any of the activities she would have enjoyed, but she could not even watch. Our trip ended on Day six with the ship finally returning to Bayonne on June 30, 2016. My mother was transported directly from the ship to Bayonne Medical Center, in Bayonne, New Jersey. Although, she was released that day, she has since been seen by several doctors and is still recovering.

My family vacations at least twice per year, and this was, by far, the very worst vacation any of us have ever been on. We booked this cruise because we have active teenagers that were drawn to all of the wonderful activities advertised by Royal Caribbean. Of course, they do not advise that only 250 people can be accommodated by these amenities per day, so less than 10% of the guests will actually be able to use them. This sounds an awful lot like a bait and switch scam where a consumer is promised one thing, they pay for it and then they get an entirely different experience.

Further, when you pay for premium drink packages and are not afforded the opportunity to consume them, simply because the cruise line does not restock at their port-of call, it seems like the company has swindled my family out of hundreds of additional dollars. We would like a refund for this cruise. Not only was there several inconveniences, we actually got much less than what we paid for. Arguably, not only was it less than what we paid for, it is my experience, that cruises generally have an over-abundance of supplies onboard, since no two groups of passengers consume exactly the same items. Royal Caribbean was a huge disappointment.

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My Husband and I booked a cruise with Royal Caribbean for ourselves and our 2 sons. We have never cruised with Royal Caribbean, we have only gone with Carnival so we thought we would try them. We bought the cruise 47 days in advance and were all very excited. We had to drive 600 miles and stay the night to ensure we made it to the terminal on time. The day of the cruise we arrived at the terminal at 10 am. The check in procedure was going fine. They had given us our go sail cards and taken our pictures but the young lady couldn’t understand why the name on my birth certificate and my Driver’s License were different. She called over her supervisor and he explained to her how to change the name on the computer. When the lady picked up my birth certificate the manager saw my husband’s birth certificate and said they could not accept it. They took his set sail card and diverted him to another representative.

The girl checking us in then said to me, “Don’t worry about anything. They will let you on. I have seen worse problems, like where passport names don’t match the Id’s”. They asked my husband to sit in the waiting area until someone from the ship could review his birth certificate. After being forced to wait for 3 hours while they serviced other customers, they finally notified us that he would not be allowed to board the ship because he had a hospital issued birth certificate and not a state issued birth certificate. The certificate has a gold embossed, stamped seal, along with the word “Certified”. We have used this same documentation previously with no problem whatsoever. The Royal Caribbean representatives and crew were extremely rude and showed no sympathy for the loss of money and time we were about to lose or the fact that we had driven over 600 miles to get to the port.

When we asked about getting our luggage back, they acted like we were putting them out. We were forced to wait in the terminal another 2 hours to get our luggage back. At one point during the wait, I went to ask one of the staff “Linn” a question. She became very rude and nasty and said “Well if you would have had the right documentation you would not of had these problems”. As it stands now we are out over $4000 dollars and no one will help us. I have called their emergency-day-of-travel line and they just said "well whatever they are telling you is correct" and passed me back to customer service. I was tossed back and forth until I became frustrated and hung up.

Finally, while we were waiting for our luggage, we had several other people tell us that they had used hospital birth certificates as well and were allowed to board. This shows that they are inconsistent with their policies. We are asking for your help to force Royal Caribbean to treat us with respect and either refund our money back for the cruise or give us a credit for a future cruise. We paid $4000 for a service we did not receive. We have even asked for a future cruise credit which they refused to do. They will not talk with us they continue to pass us person to person. Again we spent $4000. not including what it cost to get there and we are getting nothing in return.

Myself and 10 of her related immediate family members, were scheduled for a five night cruise to Bermuda, leaving from Bayonne, NJ, on the Anthem of the Seas. The cruise dates were June 11, 2016 to June 16, 2016. Moira and her family were looking forward to spending quality time together and enjoying the cruise.

Unfortunately, one week prior to the departure date, Moira ** (sister) was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia and was admitted to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital for a minimum 30-day stay and to immediately begin chemotherapy. The family had to stay in New Jersey to assist with the logistics of dealing with the chemotherapy and additional medical steps, such as getting tested for matching bone marrow in anticipation of a bone marrow transplant. This necessitated missing the cruise. As you can also imagine, Moira and her family were and continue to be extremely upset about the diagnosis.

Moira and her family contacted Royal Caribbean's guest services department to request a refund of their $11,247 they had spent for the cruise. To add insult to injury, they were informed that they would only receive refunds for a travel voucher for $1165.00. The cabin fees, approximately $10,082.00, the majority of the total amount, would not be refunded. Moreover, a friend of the family was also booked on the same cruise and was able to attend. That friend observed that the rooms slated for Moira and her family were in fact used by Royal Caribbean during the cruise.

Moira and her family are going through such a difficult time. We are waiting on a bone marrow match that could possibly save her life. We understand that it will take at least 1 year for Moira to recover. We just want to be able to travel with her when she gets better. With all of her medical bills, our family will not be able to save another $11,000.00 to take our cruise. We recently saw on the news that Royal Caribbean gave a cab driver a 7-day FREE TRIP for him and a guest because he was given a lousy tip. Get a bad tip and get a 7-day free cruise. Get leukemia and get back 1165 of the 11,247 you spent. That does not make much sense to Moira or her family.

Cruise Date 7/10/16. I have cruised on Carnival and Norwegian but decided to do RC for my honeymoon. Comically I am on the cruise right now that is how upset we are. First off they serve very low grade food on purpose to get you to buy theirs. For instance Carnival has Guy Fieri's (sp) burger joint for free. RC has Johnny Rockets but charges $6.95 so they use cheap burger patties to get you to go there and pay. Also, there is a Ben & Jerry's which is extra and there is only one soft serve machine I have seen that has a line of 15 people at all times. Why? To get you to buy. They use premade eggs (customer service told me), and have a horrible breakfast but for $15 a person you can buy a good one at a restaurant. Oh, and soda is not free. I do not drink it but it is on Carnival.

Our first port was Coco Cay and it was a joke. First it is owned by RC and it is super small, un-original and a way to sell cheap shirts and excursions. The dinner is not anywhere as good as Carnival and Norwegian. I actually asked for a refund on the 2nd night and said I would get off and pay my own way back. It was denied. Then my wife (Our honeymoon BTW) gets diarrhea and they do not sell **. You have to go to medical facility for it. So she did and they told her she has to pay minimum $400 or stay in room for 24 hours and not go to our first real port. So I asked what if I just pay the $400. They then said security will force her to stay.

Now that was the straw that broke the camels back. I went to ask for my money back and I will pay to get off next port. Of course that was denied and now we will be sitting in a room for our ports and when she is "Allowed" out it is back to cheap food and shows that are not very good. I own a company and service is paramount. They care more about the $ than service and that is why the stock has been hurting. Carnival is way better. Hopefully this helps with your cruise decisions.

I was the group coordinator for my high school's 20th reunion cruise. Royal Caribbean was the first to have our dates and destination available (I usually sail Carnival. So upset that they didn't offer dates and destinations first) so I made the decision to book with Royal. This was my first time cruising with Royal but as a frequent cruiser, I figured what could be the big deal. I found out how wrong I was.

My first clue that I would have trouble was the horrible customer service that I received most times when I called in to make a booking or change a booking for my classmates. I was always on hold a minimum of 20 minutes with each call and later I found out that things that were promised or should have been taken care of weren't (I.e. rep failing to add insurance or gratuities to bookings when it was stated that they should. I kept a notebook of impeccable notes of whom I spoke with, the date, the time and what was discussed just for reasons such as this). Midway through the bookings, the cruise specialist that was helping me took another position within the company so any issues that I had beyond that, I had to deal with whomever had the availability that day. I found out when I realize that none of my emails were being returned. When I called to complain, then they told me. Really? That should have been disclosed up front.

I then asked to be assigned ONE cruise specialist that only dealt with my booking; as to minimize any misunderstandings but I was told that they couldn't offer that type of service. On the due date of all monies, some of my classmates didn't have gratuities and/or insurance added. I knew specifically that I'd requested this for each classmate so I demanded to speak with a supervisor after arguing with a rep for 30 minutes. The supervisor was supposed to call me back IMMEDIATELY. I did not receive a return phone call for two days. I still have the tired voicemail that he left. I was not going to call my classmates to tell them that they owed more money and I was told that if all monies weren't paid that day, the reservations would become invalid so I ate the cost of that error.

These types of things are a clear indication that this won't go so well; screams bad business. I wanted to request our money back and go with another cruise line but often times the dates and times don't line up. People have purchased airline fares and hotels prior to sailing and once getting back so Royal Carribean had us trapped.

Fast forward to our sail date, June 20, 2016. We were aboard the Enchantment of the Seas going to the Bahamas. Embarking the ship was a breeze, I will give them that credit. However, no too long after that, the dissatisfaction started. First, while being on hold, the automated recordings boasted of an up to date ship. The ship was rusted and still outdated. The only upgrade that I could see was the flat screen TVs placed in the cabins. Being a frequent cruiser, part of my routine is to press all of my clothes once my luggage is delivered to the stateroom. I walked the entire floor looking for the laundry/iron room. I couldn't find it. So, I found the cabin steward to inquire. There was a bit of a language barrier so I assumed that he didn't understand what I was asking so I called down to customer service. Lo and behold, I couldn't find the room because they didn't have one.

Now, again I'm a frequent cruiser. I have never been on a ship that didn't provide an iron or laundry room. They don't allow you to bring a travel iron so exactly how am I to press my clothes? The ship offers laundering and pressing service for a nominal fee; I was told by the guest service desk. Of course no one wants to walk around the ship or go to the captain's ball in wrinkled clothes so I was out of $40 for that service. That was strike one. Strike two was the group photo. There was a $85 fee for a photographer for one hour. The photographer was with our group all of 10 minutes. When we got the pictures back, there were miscellaneous people in our picture trying to get on the elevator. Dude, you see these people behind us. Why wouldn't you snap another picture when the person left? Complained about that and was told that there wasn't anything that could be done.

Strike three: our group excursion. We were told at the time of our group photo to meet at the volleyball nets once we arrived at CoCo Cay. After about 40 minutes we were still standing there. I had run into some island personnel and they told me that they would get in touch with someone for us. About an hour later, the event coordinator shows up stating that he was told to meet us at another location. This was a $135 event so again, money being spent then everyone should be on one accord and professional. The guys were nice but we didn't do the events that I had to pre-select. They had us playing basketball in 100+ degrees. Again, I'm on my 20th year high school reunion. Let's face it, many of us barely get around well walking let alone running around playing freaking basketball!

Strike four was the dining room debacle. As the group coordinator, I was told that I had to submit a seating chart/assignment for the dining room. Prior to submitting the chart, I sent an email regarding the dining room setup (round or square tables, how many to a table, etc), never received a response before the deadline. Once on the ship, we are spread out over three tables across the dining room. Again, this is a reunion and the purpose of us being together at dinner is because we may not see one another most of the day. It is rude to yell across a room speaking to your classmates when they should be near you in the first place. I spoke with the maitre d'. He assured me that the next night the problem would be rectified. Arrive at dinner the next night and the solution? Cram everyone at two tables closer together instead of placing us at a long banquet type table like other groups had.

There were only 18 of us at dinner so I don't think that was too much to ask. I was so irritated when the maitre d' came to ask about the new arrangements. Again, the language barrier being a problem, I told him to put the tables back how they were the previous night. If we wanted to speak to someone at another table then we needed to get up to go to them. The food was horrible too. Very small selection and on one night, I cut open a baked potato to find it black.

Strike five was that they couldn't fix mine or my husband's key card. They would detain us each time we prepared to leave the ship and to reboard. We had visited guest services four times yet continued to have an issue. One night the key wouldn't open our cabin door. Our cabin was at the back of the ship so that was not a quick run to and from guest services. The last time they tried to detain me, I snapped and told them that I was not going to stand there while they humbled around like idiots. They knew my cabin number and can come to my cabin if they'd like. I was hot, tired and nauseated and did not want to be bothered with their shenanigans. They finally had our key cards working by the last day of the cruise.

Strike six: our last stop was Key West, Fl. This is the day that the captain decided to do the customs check for all passengers; taking away 3 hours of our time in Key West. We were detained on the ship until this was over. Some people had early excursions that were probably missed. Myself, well my excursion was four hours so that left me no time to explore key west before I had to be back on the ship. That customs check couldn't have waited until we returned to the ship or been conducted earlier where there wouldn't be a problem? Friday morning, the last day and we're back in Miami, everyone is going over their billing statements. Royal Caribbean promised certain onboard credits to our group. Some of the group received them, others didn't and some just didn't care enough bc they were already aggravated with the ship.

One of my classmates called customer service once she arrived to her hotel to inquire about the credit. The rep shared with her personal information that should have only been shared with me as the group coordinator. That was very unprofessional. Instead of accepting blame, Royal Caribbean deflects or ignores your problems. After reading some of the reviews posted already, I understand that my complaints pale in comparison to others. However, when you are spending thousands of dollars with a company, they should care about what you have to say and rectify those complaints with ease. They made over $20k with just my group alone, so imagine the take on a full capacity ship! I will NEVER sail with Royal Caribbean again. I will stick to Carnival from this day forward.

Customer service and customers are treated badly, there are many problems with the ships, the food has gone down a lot over the past 6 years. All excursions are over priced ridiculously. Having cruised a lot all over the world I would say that the quality cutting has reached a point that I think I'd try another cruise line or stop cruising and just rent a car and really see a country or island.

Cruisers beware!! Client Services is non existent within Royal Caribbean. We booked our cruise on Anthem of the Seas to take our adult children because of the activities offered on this ship over other ships and cruise lines. We were not expecting a bait and switch scenario, but that is exactly what we experienced. As soon as we boarded the ship, we were told that ifly and North Star (2 main reasons we chose this ship at an inflated price) were already booked for the entire cruise. We visited Client Services and they were unhelpful and rude, blaming everything on their corporate offices in Miami.

They stated that they could not help with this problem because there were too many people on the ship who already complained. They also claimed that since we were on a 5 day cruise, the RCI guarantee that each passenger would get to do the ifly once did not count. They told me to call Miami when I got home (how would that help me while I was on the cruise?). We were never able to enjoy the items that we paid a premium for. So, when I returned home, I called Miami. The representative again was rude and said that RCI decided that no credits would be given because too many people were calling.

She did tell me that it was incorrect information, that because it was a 5-day cruise the guarantee didn't count. Okay, so there was still a guarantee, but RCI was not honoring it. This is a clear case of bait & switch and they are getting away with it! This is my main issue because it is not a legal practice. There were other issues that I saw in other people's complaints that I agree with. Bermuda was awesome! Cruise for a Cure is highly recommended!

My situation: my wife and I booked a cruise with Royal Caribbean on March 2016. We were extremely excited to go on the Oasis of the Seas from May 21-28th. Having never been on a cruise before, I was ecstatic to finally experience something like a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. Sometime in April, my wife and I got amazing news that we were expecting our first child. It seemed like this cruise would be our last hoorah before it was time to hamper down and prepare for our first baby. Everything was normal and in the weeks before the cruise departure, we were frantically shopping around and buying new clothes for our cruise. We fully expected to still go on the cruise.

To our dismay, on May 18th (3 days before departure of the cruise), we received an email from Royal Caribbean making us aware of the dangers of going on a cruise in the Caribbean if you are pregnant. This was due to the outbreaks of Zika Virus. Not having much time, we buckled down on May 18th in order to research this matter. My wife called her doctor to ask about safety of going on cruise and I was reading articles online about the safety of the cruise in the Caribbean. After doing research, we decided that we would cancel the cruise only if a FULL refund back to our credit card was issued. We thought that if this was not an option, then we would take our risk of still attending the cruise. We did this in large part due to plans in the future with a baby and not wanting to go on a cruise without our baby.

Being that we booked our cruise through Expedia, policy stated that we needed to contact the booking company prior to departure. I placed a call to Expedia on May 18th at 9:00pm ET with the intent to inquire about the refund policy and to eventually cancel our trip if refund was indeed the policy. I had one of the Expedia reps answer the phone that night and I explained to her the situation. I explained to her that we will be cancelling the cruise on the condition that we are offered a FULL REFUND BACK TO THE DISCOVER CREDIT CARD ON FILE.

The Expedia representative explained that she could not make that judgment or that she could not answer that question until she spoke to a Royal Caribbean guest relations representative who was in charge of processing that refund. It was at this time that the Expedia rep made the call over to Royal Caribbean to inquire about the refund method. It was at this time that on a recorded phone call on May 18th at 9:00pm ET that a "Royal guest relations rep" named Anne told the Expedia rep that it would be a "FULL REFUND BACK TO THE CREDIT CARD FOR 100 PERCENT OF THE CHARGE." It was now that the Expedia rep came back on the phone and gave me the confirmation of the refund method. We had now proceeded with the full cancellation of our trip. We provided the doctor's note the following business day and now it was a matter of waiting a few business days to see our refund.

On June 2, 2016 I placed another call to Expedia in order to inquire about the status of our refund. The Expedia rep kindly placed a call to Royal Caribbean to inquire about the status of our refund. The Royal Caribbean rep stated that a refund will still be given but due to high volumes of cancellations due to Zika Virus, we had to wait a little bit longer. To this point, we had never been given the voucher option nor had it ever been mentioned on any of the recorded phone calls. To our shock, on June 10th, I received an email from Royal Guest Relations with two attached vouchers for future cruise credit. This was something that I had spent hours on confirming that would not happen. I was furious that after all the confirmations and fact checking I had done on recorded phone calls with Expedia and Royal Caribbean, that this had all turned out to be a lie.

My first step was to call Expedia and escalate this and talk to a supervisor. I wanted an answer for why I was lied to and why I did not receive a full refund as I was promised on a recorded phone call. Upon escalating the phone call with Expedia, I had been introduced to Shanna **. Shanna was part of Expedia's Tier 2 Customer Advocacy Resolution Department. Shanna expressed concern over the matter and promised to get an answer for me once she reviews several phone calls. She had stated that the Expedia reps wouldn't have told me I'd be getting a full refund back to credit card without a Royal Caribbean rep stating that.

Shanna ** from Expedia went back to review the phone call from May 18th. Luckily Expedia kept their recorded phone calls as a way of being able to go back and review them for future reference. What Shanna ** had discovered was that a Royal Guest relations rep has confirmed on multiple times on the May 18th 9:00 pm ET phone call was that we would be given a "FULL REFUND BACK TO THE ORIGINAL FORM OF PAYMENT." This was the reason the Expedia rep had given us the misinformation. This is why ended up making our decision to cancel the cruise.

Between June 10th when I first contacted Expedia and Shanna ** to Thursday June 16th, Shanna had multiple encounters with Royal Caribbean (specifically John out of "Corporate Guest relations" out of the Philippines office). It was here where Shanna had provided all the details to the calls that were made on May 18th prior to cancellation.

On June 16th, Shanna had given me a call to explain her frustration in dealing with John from corporate guest relations. She had explained that she spoke with John 3 separate times and that he kept giving her the runaround. He explained to her the he acknowledges the mistake and that this would usually result in a refund. He explained that he needed to partner with Mae ** in order to get her approval first. Shanna had kept waiting for the approval and after multiple excuses she had decided that she had exhausted her options. She contacted me to tell me to contact someone who could continue working on a fix to the problem. She let me know that she would still be here to provide whatever information necessary to finally resolve this and get my refund.

On June 16th, I placed a call to Royal Caribbean guest relations and escalated the call to a supervisor. It was here where I got a hold of Mae **. Ms. ** was the rudest, unapologetic, untrained, and dispassionate rep I have ever talked to in my lifetime. She did not want to listen to my story and explanation. She kept interrupting me on the phone call and blurting out "you will get a voucher." She could not answer questions as to company policy for recorded phone calls.

I pleaded with her to transfer to someone else who had more knowledge of this situation and she refused. She told me that she was the only supervisor on duty and that I could not have to privilege to talk to anyone else that night. Mae kept saying that if one of the reps had made a mistake on May 18th on giving the intent of full refund then Royal Caribbean would have to keep their word and provide a full refund but when I responded with "Expedia is telling you guys about the recorded phone call from May 18th," Mae would immediately combat the statement with, "Well, I don't know about that phone call". It took me pleading with her for over 10 minutes to finally get an opportunity to talk to someone else. She instructed me to wait for John to call me.

On Friday June 17th, John from Corporate Guest Relations called me to respond to my request to speak with someone else. John was just as bad as Mae **. He kept repeating the same information and would not acknowledge what Shanna ** from Expedia had talked to him about. I questioned him why after three conversations with Shanna from Expedia, he never responded or followed up with anything in regards to the refund. John finally admitted that he talked to Shanna about a guest relations rep that misstated information on May 18th but stated that "I don't know who she is."

I questioned him if it was possible that she doesn't work in his location and he said, "yes" but again responded with "I don't know who she is." I pleaded with John to call Shanna ** and obtain the information from the recorded phone call. He left the phone call saying that he would call Shanna ** and that if it was Royal Caribbean's misinformation, then we would be getting a full refund.

On Tuesday June 21st, I decided to contact Shanna ** to see if anyone had called her and she confirmed that either John or anyone with Royal Caribbean had not contacted her since June 16th. I decided to call again and plead with the Royal Caribbean guest relations rep to please get someone else to call me other than John. I pleaded to get someone else who would be able to assist me as John has refused to help Shanna ** on 3 attempts and now has refused to help me since the phone call on June 17th. The rep stated that I would have someone else call me later in the day.

On Tuesday 21st at 12:00pm ET, I received an email from Shanna ** stating that she got off the phone with Mae ** and that she told her that she refuses to call me. Mae ** chose to call the third party Expedia and tell them to tell me that she would not call me. This reached the climax of the unprofessionalism of Mae **. I am scared to death that this woman will share my information with someone else and have someone else "tell me she refuses to call me." My security and identity at this point is at breach. This has to be against some kind of law.

After receiving this email from Shanna, I decided to call back to Royal Caribbean guest relations and get someone who will be willing to talk to me and provide me an answer. I pleaded with the next rep to get me someone other than Mae and John as I am now terrified of speaking to them and having my personal information leaked. The rep from the Florida corporate offices refused to get me to anyone else because her supervisor Beth did not want to take the call. The rep placed me on a 10 minute hold in order to beg with Mae ** to take my call.

Mae ** after 20 minutes on hold finally allowed the rep to transfer me to her. She was extremely rude during this call and questioned what I wanted. I begged with her to please give me my refund being that this was what I was promised on May 18th. Mae ** said she doesn't know what happened on May 18th or what was said but she cannot prove what was said. She flat out stated that what Shanna ** from Expedia is sharing with her holds no merit and that she doesn't care.

I am now on my final resort writing this email. I have been lied to, bullied, and pushed around by Mae ** and John of Royal Caribbean. I am told that I cannot speak with anyone else other than them even though I plead with other reps to get me to other supervisors. I have had my identity leaked and bullied for the last week. I am pleading for someone in Royal Caribbean to step up as a human being and put an end to the assault I have been put through by Mae and John. I am pleading with someone to call me and work with me in resolving this. I have one of the heads of Expedia willing to vow for me because of what she has been witnessing. All I am asking for is what was stated to me on May 18th prior to making the cancellation. I am tired and feel defeated by the bullying I have been put through. This is not ethical, this is not what Royal Caribbean stands for. This is truly fraud.

I have been cruising since 1992 and have never travelled with anyone other than RCCL. I sustained an accident on my latest cruise which has resulted in a serious shoulder injury with tears to front and rear shoulder ligaments and a trapped Ulna Nerve in my elbow which I found out yesterday, requires surgery to release. I contacted RCCL and after 2 months they have simply said "not our fault," "we have hand rails and so have fulfilled our responsibility."

Considering I used the handrail to break my fall it is nonsense to use this excuse. The captain missed a stop in the Bahamas due to bad weather which was acceptable but then to open the pools when they had been closed the day before with poor weather just to appease unhappy cruisers and then allow overcrowding and water flooding the deck from the pools was irresponsible. It didn't surprise me either that there were no staff on hand to manage the situation and the RCCL also stated it was the cruisers responsibility to decide on whether to go in the pool area at the time.

Hogwash... and that's being polite. I had occasion to complain once before about an unrelated problem with Crown and Anchor which received the same simple fob me off response. All good when they are wanting your business but a different story once they have it. Looks like loyalty is one way so we will go somewhere else where we are appreciated.

I have't even started my trip with this cruise line and I disgusted with them about the lies that they tell you. They never book my cruise and left it in the cart so I lost everything and had to start over after finding out that my credit card wasn't charge a month later. So after booking it and getting it corrected, the entertainment on the ship was next and so we start over again - the same thing they told me that they book it and nothing but lies - it was not book. I lost everything so there were a few shows that I wasn't able to book.

Now the only way I found this out was the next time I call for question the excursion or I had a question on something else that had nothing do with the other issue and they told me each time it was't book. These people should be ashamed of themselves. The promise that they make to you. They also told me a about the complimentary restaurant and they told me they were part of the free cruise, which is really not complimentary when you have to pay for them. These people are incompetent and the cruise line doesn't seem to care. Now mind you, this started a month ago with 3 days from sailing - well I feel that I vented enough - so let's hope this cruise gets better.

I was there in January of this year on a cruise on Independence of the sea. Took a bus ride to Dunn River Falls. On our way back to the ship we were hit by a dump truck. One person was killed. Don't ever get on a road in a car. Don't travel the roads in Jamaica. The Killers. My wife and I were badly injured. My wife has a broken arm. I had a bad neck injury and Royal Caribbean has said they take no responsibility for the crash whatsoever. They said to take it up with the tour bus operator. They take no responsibility for the crash and yet it was on their website that we took the tour off their website.

We (me, my wife and son) had booked a "Panoramic Ocean View State Room" for our cruise with the Voyager of the Seas from 7th May to 10th May 2016 departing from Singapore. We had booked the said Stateroom looking at the provided photograph of the same. However the stateroom allotted to us was entirely different from the one shown in the booking page and the confirmed booking mail sent by company to us. The same was asked by us at the Guest services counter on the first day but were told that booking was for the allotted room itself and not the panoramic ocean view stateroom. This is a clear case of misrepresentation of the facts and also tantamount to cheating.

In spite of repeatedly writing to company, nobody is replying. Also similar complaint regarding food as we also had asked for jain food. There were many like us on cruise. We all had same problem. Answer or excuse was they are not aware about veg food or jain food. How can your chef be international if he is not having idea about vegetarian food (we in advance had written in detail what all is jain-veg food).

Twice now I had discovered the night before my cruise that my passport had gone missing. The first time I tried to contact RCCL, but they only maintain a part-time reservations office and when they opened the next day my flight to Houston would have already departed. I looked up their information, and found that for a Mexico cruise I needed only my birth certificate and proof of identity (driver's license). I brought those things, but was refused passage because my birth certificate's name was slightly different from my booking. I couldn't clarify this with the cruise line because they were closed.

I am in Bucharest now, and I was mugged on Saturday night and my wallet and passport were stolen. I tried to contact RCCL again, but their part-time reservations office was closed again. This time, I contacted their London office, but they said they had no access to my records because it was booked in the United States. By the time I contacted RCCL (16:00 EET) to substitute a friend to take my place (he had his passport), RCCL refused to change the name because they'd already sent the passenger manifest to the ship.

In the first cruise, I lost $1,500, the second cruise $2,000, and I believe this could have been corrected if RCCL had an emergency line to contact. Given that they operate cruises all over the world in almost every time zone, requiring that you call the USA during their limited hours is just not acceptable. I have written to RCCL with this complaint and these suggestions, but so far have received no response.

Cruised for pleasure on April 23rd, 2016. Cabin 7423. We were three families. I have cruised 6 times with my wife and daughter. The Oasis of the Seas is a very impressive ship, however, I must write a very negative review due Royal Caribbean International's (RCI) terrible negligence and blatant disregard of concerning our meals. My family and my brother-in-law's family keep Kosher. Traveling during the Passover holiday, we had choices of regular Kosher meals or Kosher for Passover (which they designated as "Passover" meals). We arranged for the Passover meals with more 90+ days advance notice as per RCI requirements. We also confirmed this on numerous occasions including approximately a week before the trip. We confirmed and assured all was set.

Upon our first dining day, arriving at the main dining room, we were shocked to find there were no Kosher for Passover meals. The shocked but amazing wait staff did their best to accommodate but did not know the difference b/w regular Kosher and "Kosher for Passover" meals. They were clearly not instructed (another disgusting oversight of RCI). This is not just a preference but a religious necessity for the holiday. The wait staff (terrific people) unknowingly with Chef's directions tried to assure us that the food came from a larger box saying Kosher for Passover. We however, knew the food coming to our table was improperly marked (not marked for Passover) and had ingredients that made it inedible based keeping Kosher for the Passover holiday.

Long story short, they found one meal (for one person) and only one meal on the second day that was properly marked. For the rest of the cruise, our families had to make due eating fish that was cooked separately in tin foil. We were served the exact same food every evening for the rest of the cruise. This was extremely disappointing and stressful. We would definitely not have cruised had we know this would happen. If this was a different family member who is even more strict (they were unable to come), they would have had to disembark as soon as possible, because they would basically not have been able to eat anything. We called RCI and they simply brushed our call aside, saying they don't reimburse for "this sort of thing." "This sort of the thing" is the religious eating requirements of its guests with whom they entered a contract.

What they were basically saying (in many ways) is that our religious needs were not important to them. We have cruised on Disney, Carnival, and Norwegian, never to have this awful experience. If you are religious and have corresponding meal requirements, I highly suggest you avoid this cruise line, especially based on their unhidden lack of interest in our plight. The look of disappointment on my 9-year old's face as she saw others get choices for meals was heartbreaking. I mentioned this to RCI as well but was met with more cold disregard.

This was mine and my husband's 18th or 19th cruise. We have sailed Carnival, Princess, Royal Caribbean, Holland America and NCL. Embarkation was a breeze. The new terminal in Port Canaveral is very nice. The ship itself is lovely and clean. The cabin steward was excellent and friendly as was the assigned evening dining staff. Most of the food was adequate at best. The best selections were the lamb chops, veal chop and steak in Chops Grille and the escargot. Breakfast and lunch in the main dining was not great. Breakfast in the buffet had a decent selection.

Now to my issues. I have never experienced so many rude, unfriendly, argumentative staff members on a cruise. Some of them actually acted like it was an imposition to acknowledge or help you in some way. Other passengers expressed this as well. The surly look on some of their faces and lack of a greeting was appalling customer service. I have never experienced this on any other cruise.

I had a very unfortunate experience occur that pretty much ruined the cruise for me. Early on my husband and I went to the dining room for breakfast. I wear a hat or a wig due to permanent hair loss from chemo treatments. This particular morning I had on a cap. The hostess told me I would need to remove my hat. I said no. She said I must as that is the policy. I explained that policy is for men and I had had cancer and hair loss and would not take it off. There were a number of guests who heard the conversation and I was quite embarrassed and by this time in tears. I spoke with customer relations who had me speak with someone from the dining room who apologized as the policy is indeed for men. He asked what he could do and I suggested sensitivity training for the staff. I was quite surprised not to receive a written letter of apology. I don't think I will be sailing with Royal Caribbean again.

A friend and I were to sail to Costa Maya and Cozumel April 25-30. On Wednesday night April 20th I just happen to check my email and had an urgent one from RC. My cruise had been cancelled due to a change of plans on remodeling Empress of the Seas. 4 hours and several rude people later I was put on another cruise the same week but it was a day shorter and $600 more. Yes it was an upgrade in rooms but it was also a cruise I never wanted to go on to start with. I had taken this cruise several years ago and never would have chosen to take it again let alone pay $600 more. Flight plans had to be changed which in turn caused my friend and I not to even be sitting together.

Upon arrival at the airport we had paid for transportation to the ship and was told to just tell them that since they couldn't transfer our funds we were to still be transported. Of course things were not that simple. We were given a hard time but thankfully I had enough sense to print off my email from RC. Now we are on The Majesty of the Seas which first of all stinks and is very hot. Our room was fantastic, dirty but fantastic. Had to have stateroom attendant to clean commode and bathtub light. GROSS!! Then comes dinner. Food was not up to par as this was my 4th cruise with RC. Before it had always been wonderful. This time not so much. Food was cold and service was bad. The dining room was very noisy from a table near us.

When I said something about it the head waiter comes over and says he will take care of that and move us. He moved us not just in the dining room but to another floor dining room. They seated us in a corner and now I felt as though we were being punished because I complained. Again service was poor. Very inattentive and so unlike my earlier experiences. Food in The Windjammer was not very good either, cold and tasteless.

Finally this fiasco cruise was over and we were heading home. Yes on the transportation I had previously paid for but the driver was in no hurry to get us to the airport. I kept reminding him our flight was at 11:45 am. He just kept assuring us we had plenty of time. Well we did not. We got to the airport and the last call for boarding was being made. Had the airline people not put us on a cart and ran us to the other end of the airport we would have missed our plane. Needless to say I have complained to RC and have gotten no response. I complained on the ship as well and NO ONE cared. As a lover of cruises I will NOT be cruising with RC for quite sometime if ever. Wake up RC. Your ships and service has gone to hell in a handbasket.

We had taken our first family cruise - Majesty of Seas on April 22-25 from Miami and the experience was a pleasant one. Both my girls and wife had a good time. However, the problems started once the cruise ended. We realized that we have been debited twice and the effort to reach them did not yield any results. The cruise company is an unresponsive company and due to the debits, my funds continued to remain blocked for the rest of my trip. As I write this review, there have been multiple mails and reminders sent, but neither has the amount been reversed nor a reply received.

A week before our trip we got a note from our agent informing us of the cancellation of Empress of The Sea with an offer to cancel with refund or rebook. Since the cruise was in the middle of our 10-day vacation and we already booked hotels and car rental that Royal Caribbean did not take responsibility for their cancellation. So we decided to rebook with the next available cruise. We had to change our flight to extend the trip for one more day. Royal Caribbean offered a refund for our flight change fees but after 6 weeks now they are getting back with excuses asking for more documents to support our claim. Their case handling process is very poor and they don't seem to have skilled people taking care of the matter. I never had such a bad experience with any provider and strongly recommend cruise lovers to stay away from this cruise line.

This was my 1st cruise... It started out with someone breaking the handle off my Gucci luggage and losing the strap and the ship tried to repair it by gluing it not once but twice and then it breaks at the airport on my way home. The staff was rude and unaccommodating. Then I was double billed by the bar staff and then stood in line for 40 mins. to get it removed only to find it there when I received my final bill. My experience would not good. My friends spoke so highly of the cruise line however, it was a big disappointment to us. In addition I purchased a cake and decoration for the room and none of the staff was aware that I purchase it until I complained about its absence. Then when they brought it was used as if for $100 decorations should be reused over and over and looks bent and wrinkled. Not a good experience.

Cruise date April 23, 16 to April 30, 16. Oasis of the Seas: Western Caribbean. Spent 3200 for 2, balcony room, Premium Drink Package. Food selection was Poor at best, was more like school lunchroom food and always had to be first in line for even a bagel as they didn't replace the food quickly. All fast food restaurants on the Boardwalk were at an additional charge, like Johnny rockets. The shows they had scheduled were continuously cancelled or rescheduled. Never mentioned you needed reservations for Comedy shows, was able to see one the last night finally.

Bed was horrible! Pillow just a flat nothing. After spending 800 on the drink package, they charged you extra to drink a soda or a water out of your mini bar! Different somehow. They gave you a thermos of sorts, but you are not able to get the bartender to fill it up for nothing. So you go to one bar, get one drink, and then go the next and get another one. Again we paid 800 dollars for the Premium Drink package, unlimited drinks... Jeez. The TV in the room got one prime time channel and just played old reruns of big bang theory.

Big Big item was the fact that for every little thing you had to go to the Guest services. We put money on the SeaPass card to play in the casino, as we did the carnival one. Well at RCL, you dont do that or that's what they told us at first, so then we went back waited for 45 minutes the second time to take the money off of the card. I asked the women why they didn't have kiosks like carnival where you could go put in the card, add money to it take it off, check account etc. She said, "You can check your account on the tv." I said, "Yes but It wont give me money nor can I put more money on the card." Unreal, she laughed and said that is true. Just very inconvenient altogether. The only saving grace was the dining room staff. The food in the dining room was ok, but the waiter and asst waiter were outstanding so kudos to them. Outside of that, I will NEVER cruise on RCL again, nor do I recommend it or suggest to anyone.

On April 8th 2016 my family and I boarded the Majesty of the Seas cruise ship with anticipation of having fun-filled, and wonderful family vacation. This was our very first cruise experience so a lot of things were very new to us. The first night of the cruise my younger son Keon ** (19 years old) began vomiting and complained of severe headaches. My mother panicked and decided to call for medical help. He was taken to medical facility where they did blood work and provided an IV for an hour. However, unbeknownst to my son and myself he would be charged a huge medical bill for the medical services provided. The medical staff didn't inform us that my son would be incurring a medical bill if they provided services, nor were we ever informed until the day of departure that this bill would prevent my son from leaving the ship.

He was unaware of this bill until receiving it on the night of April 10th 2016. He then called me to question the validity of the $900 (+) bill. I informed him that he needed to speak with someone in guest relations the following morning prior to departure. Unfortunately, this is when the nightmare begins. After speaking with the guest relations department, he was informed that because he had a bill he would not be able to leave the ship until he pay his balance in full. Perplexed about this situation I went down to guest relations in an effort to resolve these issues. After that, guest relations indicated that there was nothing more he could do if we were unable to pay the balance in full and suggested that we should have gotten "cruise care". I proceeded to ask what was cruise care considering this was the 1st time, I ever cruised.

I then asked to speak with the Manager, because we had already been delayed by an hour and a half. The Manager on duty the morning of April 11, 2016 was very rude, disrespectful, unprofessional, and unethical. He kept insisting that my son needed to pay the balance in full prior to his departure. My son instructed him on numerous occasions that he didn't have the funds to pay the balance in its entirety. The Guest Relations Manager then began asking could anyone on the cruise provide him with any financial relief to assist with his balance.

As a courtesy I only agreed to pay $100 as a contribution. I informed the Manager several times that I only had my debit checking card and could only pay $100, because I had pending transactions. Initially, he agreed to accept the payment, however I later discovered that he repeatedly swiped my debit card (11) times for charges that I didn't authorize and he blatantly lied to my face about his actions. My bank informed me that the card had been swiped multiple times.

His actions caused my checking account to be overdrawn, therefore rendering my family and my disabled mother financially strained and creating a heavy burden on us returning to our homes in Georgia. At no point would we ever dispute the validity of the bill, nor were we trying to refuse payment. We were simply trying to come up with a reasonable solution to repay the debt that wouldn't leave my account in the negative, or cause my son to be stuck on the ship. I will NEVER cruise with Royal Caribbean again! Erica ** - DISAPPOINTED GUEST.

Royal Caribbean notified me by email 2 weeks prior to my sailing that the cruise ship I booked was not available as it was still dry docked and would not be available for the 5 day sailing I booked to Mexico from Miami. They offered only 2 forms of compensation: a total refund or rebook on another ship going to another destination. The problem for me was that the cruise was booked in the middle of our 12 day vacation. We had a wedding in Charlotte NC before and a 5 day Miami hotel booked at the end of the cruise. We had no other choice but to rebook another ship as I could not afford a hotel in Miami for another 5 nights in comparison to what I thought I was paying for the cruise. Our original cruise total cost was a approximately 850.00 for (2) adults. My hotel in Miami (The Tides) charged $350.00 per night and I was not going to stay in another hotel that was cheaper just because of Royal Caribbean cancelled my booking.

So, we chose the 4 night cruise of Majesty of the Seas to the Bahamas. They could not put me in a room comparable to what I had booked so they put me in a room on deck 6, one deck lower than my previous reservation (I booked deck 7) but put me in a room with a window. While this seems comparable, they proceeded to charge me an upgrade of $200.00. I was now paying more for cruising on a ship I did not chose, to a destination I did not really want to go to, and it was one less day of cruising and meals and I had to pay them more. Also, I had to add another night to my hotel stay in Miami, another $350.00, and they would not compensate me for anything. Furthermore, the liquor packages are a huge rip-off another $400.00 + expense for 2 people.

Entertainment was lacking considerably. I had to pay $38.00 to play Bingo one afternoon as I was so bored. Saw (2) mediocre shows and some poolside games but nothing to write home about. Additionally, the food was less than desirable. They ignored my request for anytime dining and assigned us to a 6:00 seating. We did not change it as we liked the people with whom we sat. However, the food was the same with few changes or additions from night to night. One night I had shrimp cocktail for my dinner and had to ask my waiter to bring them to me. Another night I had filet mignon which was served well. Best part and only part good about this cruise was the service we Had from our dinner waiter and our room service for whom we gave additional tips when we disembarked. Don't recommend this old, old ship. It looks original and probably is. Sailing dates 4/11-4/15/2016.

The ship was Freedom of the Sea and the cruise date was from 04/17/2016 thru 04/24/2016. The Services provided the main dining area were terrible, and its dinner menu of fish and meat had never been changed for at least four dinners. After talking about the same menu to a service woman, they were sending three different guys to me while we were having a dinner, and the three guys were asking a same question: how they could improve the dinner menu. For the four days in a row for fish, they provided only cod and salmon dishes without any changes. They should know how to improve rather than asking me while we were having dinner, which gave four of us stomach aches. Since then, we did not go to the dinner restaurant anymore.

And, so many stuffs need to be improved: (1) Locking the door of the general dining area on the near top floor (11th floor) from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm and after 9:00 pm. So, it was hard even to get water during locking time. (2) Fake (Cheating) orange and lemonade juices with more ice and water mixed, which were not the original juices. In other words, I had breakfast without the orange juice for the first time for the 7 days. I had many cruises, but this was the first time seeing fake juices out of the many cruises of more than 10 times.

(3) They need more training the service staffs all over the places including dining and the cabin areas. One example, they rejected to filling water into a bottle. The service person can fill the water from their inside area. Strangely, the ship doesn’t have any water taps in the dining area. Basically, they provided far much less polite service to the guests. We also had to ask to provide a cleaning service in the cabin even after 8:00 pm. (4) Don't try to collect Tip by leaving a donation envelope on the bed. They collected the tip already as part of cruise expenses, and you were trying to collect the Tip twice. There were many really good stuffs in the ship, but the service operations themselves destroyed their reputation. That’s why they deserve just one Star grade for Freedom of the Sea.

WOW! Who doesn't love a cruise?! My wife and I just returned from our Royal Caribbean cruise on the Brilliance of the Seas out of Tampa on 4/18-22/2016. Having cruised with Royal Caribbean several times before we were sure this trip would be equally amazing especially since our port of call was Cozumel, Mexico; check that off the bucket list. The revitalization of the ship, Brilliance of the Seas, was stunning and the entire staff was awesome. Unfortunately Royal Caribbean really missed the mark with the food - AWFUL - cafeteria food for fine dining! Room Service: Breakfast - 30min early - YEA... only cold & flavorless. The Danish appeared to have been leftover from the day before. The scrambled eggs were a flavorless ice cream scoop mound of yuk. By the way, no amount of salt and/or pepper can fix cold (powdered?!) eggs... believe me we tried.

Buffet Breakfast: Not bad but nothing special... again the eggs left A LOT to be desired although the eggs from the eggs cooked to order looked good if I felt like waiting and waiting and waiting. Lunch Buffet: Standard lunch fare... probably better than breakfast but nothing memorable except the self-serve ice cream. Park Cafe: Thankful for a go-to spot for a quick snack "after-hours"- oh wait... that was only till 10:30pm. Guess that explained why I saw so many guests squirreling food away to their cabins. Aside from that... snacks, pizza, and sandwiches were adequate.

Minstrel Dining: THIS IS WHERE IT WENT FROM BAD TO WORSE. Ever since I can remember, one of the highlights of cruising was the food; specifically the main event-dinner. I gotta hand it to the wait staff... really on top of their game. It's just a shame they have such a poor product to work with. Many of the entree items featured were simply leftovers from the Windjammer lunch buffet or at best the same food prepared again for dinner with a slight variation and better presentation. Two specific items topped the list of worst of worst for us - the chicken marsala and the seafood medley were complete failures.

Mrs. Paul's, Gorton's & Tyson have better or comparable products. So disappointing. We both felt like the bulk of the dinner entrees were essentially cafeteria food in a fine dining environment - and many of our fellow cruisers relayed the same sentiment even going so far as to advise others ahead of their meal of what NOT to order... sad, just sad. Bartenders: Not the most jovial bunch but who can blame them; so overworked it seemed they could barely look up. Regrettably this cruise was to be the benchmark for a future family cruise in February and it really has left a very poor taste in our mouths. No comps, coupons, or refunds are being solicited, just needed for you to be aware of why you will not be seeing us for repeat business anytime soon.

Just back from a 5-night cruise. Had a great time. My complaint is with service I received from the onboard sky bar. Having given my drinks order and being served without a single word from the bar staff. And handed the slip to sign without a word from the bar staff. This happened each time I made a drinks order. I tried to be as pleasant as possible but no change from bar staff. So I decided to cancel the $25.90 per day gratuity charged to my cabin. And tip the people who were fantastic, individually. I asked at guest services for the gratuities to be removed. They said this would be done immediately. This was day 4. Day five still showing on my account. Contacted guest services again, who told be it would be taken off by midnight.

Day of departure contacted guest services again. Was told it had been removed and the cabin statement I had received was wrong and to ignore it. Checking my credit card statement, I had been charged for the gratuities. Contacted Royal Caribbean customer services. Waited 15 mins to connect, to be told they do not get ship's accounts for 3 days. I will now have to contact my card provider to try to reclaim the $129.50 charged to my card. I was not surprised this charge had been made. Very disappointed.

Literally 30 days before our family was set to cruise, Royal Caribbean canceled the cruise. Although they did refunded the price of the cruise, they refused to give the future cruise credit they promised so I could book our family on another cruise the same week. They offered to put us on the bottom of another cruise boat and split our family in 2 different levels. They provided terrible customer service and did nothing but complain about what a bad headache the whole thing had been for them. They were more concerned about saving a dollar than ruining our entire family vacation than trying to accommodate our family and ensure we were still able to go on our vacation. They were rude and condescending throughout the entire process.

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The Royal Caribbean Cruise Line was founded in 1968 and has since developed two unique destinations, Labadee and CocoCay; it also sails to numerous popular worldwide cruise destinations.

  • Adventure Ocean youth program: Adventure Ocean provides kid-friendly activities for babies, tweens and teens.
  • Flexible dining experience: Dining options range from casual dining venues to sophisticated meals in the dining hall.
  • Onboard casino: Gambling enthusiasts can take a seat at the Roulette table or slot machines while sailing to the next destination.
  • Performances: Movie fans can enjoy watching Tony award-winning performances.
  • Pre-sailing communication: Guests can take advantage of itinerary updates and online check-in; these updates let them know what is available to cut the wait time and when it's time to board the ship.
  • Best for The Royal Caribbean liner is best for active adults and families.

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