Resort Reservation Services

Fort Mill, SC

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We received a letter from Resort Reservation Services demanding yearly dues in the amount of $199 and past due dues of $199 to be paid within 10 days of the letter and that they had contacted a collection agency to help them recover the funds if we did not comply. This is more like extortion under the guise of hurting my credit rating. We do not even have a contract with these people. They are ruthless in their attempt to steal your money. Stay away from them; that is my recommendation.


Beware of the worst scam in travel! I joined VIP Travel and was promised travel discounts, hot weeks and two free condo weeks for $1,800 plus $79 a month for one year then all I had to pay was $199 renewal a year to stay a member. I tried on numerous occasions to book travel and three months later, they had not returned my numerous calls. I tried again to book to a different state and they never returned my calls. I saw on the internet where VIP Travel had gone bankrupt in July 2008 but they were still debiting my credit card. I called them and they said I had signed a one year contract and I was locked in! I then received a letter from Resort Reservations and they said they could offer me the same services and wanted to know if I was interested. I said no and hung up. One month later, they started billing the same credit card I had on file with VIP. I called very upset and told them I would sue and report them. I was not a member with Resort Reservations and they had no right to charge my credit card.

After talking numerous times with my credit card company, they said they would stop the debit to my account. Resort Reservations continued to harass me and bill me and said they would report this to the credit bureau. They finally stopped billing me. Then one day, they called and asked if I wanted to join. Haha, I hung up. Today, four months later, I received an invoice from them for annual service charge. Do not pay this! This is their way of locking you in for a year of charges and no services. I never received any services from them but it cost me $2659 for the experience from hell! Do not get involved in any way with the scam. They gave me a free cruise. When I got ready to go, they sent me the paperwork and said there was a surcharge of $499 per person, a booking fee of $100 per person, plus port fees and taxes. I could go through the cruise line and travel cheaper than that! It was supposed to be free, port taxes only! Beware and run!

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Resort Reservation Services