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Their website reported an error with my booking, but to my amazement I received a email stating I had a confirmation. I called the hotel to validate this, and yet the hotel couldn't locate the reservation. I then called the number and spoke with someone about my issue. After a 2 minute long explanation of my issue he ask me "and what is your problem sir?". So I asked him if he had listen to a word I just said, then he proceeded to say "have a nice day sir" and hung up on me!!! I had to call back in to resolve the issue and I got the same guy!!! He then went on to lecture me as to how I need to conduct myself and that asking him if I he heard what I said was offensive... REALLY??? What a jerkoff!!! Don't use these people, they are a hot mess.

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It is greatly unlike me to post something like this, but one must vent. Went to Vegas with my girlfriend this weekend. Booked us a night at the Luxor through a lovely seeming Reservetravel. After having to add an extra night, I felt the whole procedure was a little odd - as instead of adding on the night to our original booking, they just started a new one, netting them a new set of fees - but as the room sounded great, we went for it.

When we arrived at Vegas - after driving for some 7 hours - we were, therefore, surprised to be charged an extra $60 for our stay, as our original booking hadn't included all costs. Not only this, but our rooms had been charged at almost double the nightly rate, once one included the 'finders fee' taxes (which themselves had been disguised as paying the resort taxes in advance). That's strange, thought we, so we called their 24 hr help number, just to be told they weren't there. Each time we called. Over the whole night. Reluctantly, the extra money was paid.

Fast-forward to today, and I call Reservetravel to find out what's wrong. At first the woman I spoke to - the same woman who had taken my original booking back in December - was really friendly. Until I dared suggest that some kind of refund were in order. Apparently I knew that this was a possibility (I did not) and that I had agreed to pay their 'finder's fee' (I had not). Now, maybe the fault here is indeed on myself: after all, when comparing their price to that of the Luxor (when all fees were included), they did indeed appear to be cheaper. The important word here is appear, as their "includes taxes" and Luxor's "includes taxes" were very different beasts.

After many apologies, they happily informed me that they could refund my $15 deposit as a show of good faith (which wasn't going to cover the extra $60, but it was something at least). After 'calling' management, they sadly informed me that as I hadn't reached out on their 24 hr help number, the deposit would be impossible to reimburse. I explained that we had, in fact, called them many times, to no avail, to which I was told to just leave a voicemail. When I explained that there was, indeed, no voicemail option (which I would know, considering how many times I called them), they just awkwardly repeated that of course there was. When I suggested that repaying $15 would be the one way they could ever keep my custom, they gave a half-hearted apology and hung up.

All this to say, if you are going on holiday, good for you. It's lovely. I hope you have a lovely time. If you're going to Vegas, I'm jealous: despite all this, it was great fun staying in a pyramid. Just don't use Reservetravel to book it. They will make it a more frustrating experience that one could have imagined, and have now made me reverse a life-long policy of never booking directly through the actual hotel. All for $15.

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August 5th - I was searching for Seattle hotels at a discounted booking site. There is a Hampton Inn hotel came up, at Dupont. Since I never came to their area, I checked how far is Dupont from Seattle. It is next to each other. Since the hotel offered a good price, I decided to go book for three night. About $372. AUGUST 6- AUGUST 9 2015. August 6, I loaded with taxi of my luggage. Tell taxi driver that I am heading to Seattle hotel. Till my hotel Vancouver printed the direction for taxi. Hotel front desk told me that "you are not going to Seattle, it is only two third of going to Seattle". That created a whole problem. I had other hotel searched a phone number for me but, I called over a hour not able to find - only one time, at 3 PM. I seems reached them, but heard a message said that was

It already past working hours but it was during the working hours on 3PM. After the first day, I have been trying to find their number to cancel the reservation, but never able to find their number. Meanwhile, I had to take care of how to find my hotel at the last minute. If I ever know that hotel is far away from Seattle, I would never reserve three days. has made my day horrible. The taxi was so unhappy because I had to stop and call for the hotel I suppose to go. So far, I still not able to reach When we finally got to destination, the taxi unloaded my luggage. I do not know where he put my confirmation number. My name is Iu **. Reservation to Dupont Hampton Inn hotel is August 6- August 9. 2015. Cost is about 372 dollars.

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After booking a hotel through Edvantage, I wanted to upgrade my room to a suite. When I looked at the receipt in my email, I realized that I was actually dealing with - affiliated with Expedia, who is affiliated with Edvantage. (Lesson #1: when booking online, you are not necessarily dealing with the company that you think you are dealing with.)

I called the toll-free number, and asked them to upgrade my room. To my dismay, they told me that in order to do so, I would need to cancel my existing reservation and re-book - but, I would lose the entire amount I had already prepaid on the room, i.e., 2 nights at the Fairmount Chateau Laurier! (Lesson # 2: read the fine print when booking, which in this case said no cancellations OR changes to the reservation.)

I was baffled, because I simply wanted to UPGRADE the reservation and was willing to spend MORE money, but was told there was no way I could do this without losing the full amount I had already paid. I asked to speak with a supervisor, and was passed on to a gentleman by the name of "Nathan" who would not share his last name or employee number, and who would not give me any information except to say "this is the policy" repeatedly in a condescending tone, which was frustrating. (Lesson #3 - there is nothing you can do about it once it's booked.)

Eventually, I ended up dealing with the hotel directly, and they were extremely pleasant and helpful. Contrary to "Nathan's" repeated claim that I was stuck with the original reservation, they were able to make arrangements so that I could upgrade to the room of my choice. (Lesson #4 - don't believe the information provided by random people on the phone who won't disclose their identity).

The main lesson that I have learned through all of this is to deal with companies directly, not through these sites that claim to give you a "deal". You think you are dealing with one company through a website, and before you know it you are stuck dealing with some shady operation that has no accountability. My main complaints with this particular company are that a) they gave me misinformation when saying that there was no way I could change my reservation (i.e. it WAS possible, just not through them), b) I couldn't get anybody knowledgeable on the phone, and c) the people I spoke to were rude and unhelpful.

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I feel cheated out of my money. This company knowingly leaves out very important fees that the resort charges, so that their rates perceive to be cheaper than all the rest of the other online hotel booking options. Just so you know, all the other online booking companies (Expedia, Orbits, Kayak and Priceline etc.) did include the extra fees, but this company did not. We ended up spending MORE money because we were duped into buying the perceived cheap price from them, only to get reamed the additional charge from the hotel upon arrival and waited the 3 hours in line to check in.

After the long wait and 14-hour travel day, we reluctantly paid the extra fees we did not intend to spend. We were already in the cancellation period and we were assured via their confirmation email that we would not get our money back. After spending all day driving and then the 3-hour wait just to check in, we felt we were handcuffed into this bad deal.

Reserve Travel is aware that there are extra fees from this particular resort and after I called Reserve Travel to voice my upset, the unhelpful customer service agent told me that somewhere in the fine print while looking at the page online has the fee listed. This maybe true, I can't say because I did not see it anywhere online at the time of the booking and it is not included in the reservation confirmation email Reserve Travel sent to me. When I asked about this or why they did not openly include it in the charge while all the other online companies did, the customer service agent had no good answer. I asked to speak to someone above him - a manager, a supervisor etc. He said there was no one but him there. I seriously doubt it.

I am truly upset and wish that would drop them from their online options. I am putting a formal complaint in with, the Better Business Bureau and will find any other review site to let others know how this company likes to do business.

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I drove 7 hours to reach Santa Monica on my vacation with my daughter, just to find the motel was in the heart of the ghetto and a homeless encampment. I was surrounded by crack heads. There was nowhere to park. I was terrified to leave my corvette or step out, for fear of being mugged or my car being stolen or my child kidnapped or myself raped and killed. It was pure terror! I drove to the nearest bank to withdraw all my money and cancelled my card. I called the front desk of the Cadillac hotel. I told them I was cancelling and I was charged for one night. The website said it goes for $799.00 a night. That is a lie! I shouldn't have paid $131.00 for it although I paid more. I would like to be reimbursed for my fees for both nights, gas money, and my time I wasted. It was totally falsely advertised.


We booked a hotel in Venice (you know Gondolas) through the **** site. Only at the time, we accidentally booked the room for 1 person rather than 2. The price was the same for 2 people as 1 so we called up to make sure that the room was really going to have at least a double bed rather than a single. It was the same price, right? I'm not sure how these sites are related to each other but it turned out our booking was actually made through **** (Expedia) so we were routed to their customer service department. Since we weren't canceling the reservation or anything like that, the original conversation seemed like it went well and we were told our reservation had been updated to reflect two people in the room rather than one and we were told that we were going to receive an email confirmation of the change that had been made.

Several days later we had received no email, so we followed up. Eventually, they found our reservation and sent us the confirmation email. Unfortunately, the email we received was now for a completely different hotel than the one we had booked. We had booked a 4-star hotel but this was a 3-star hotel, with horrible reviews by the way, for the same price as the 4-star. When we called them back, each time speaking to a different person seemingly in a different part of the world, they claimed that they couldn't find our original reservation for the first hotel and said that since the reservation was non-refundable there was nothing they could/would do. We were told to fax the details of all of our correspondence to some number but that proved a complete waste of time. When we called to follow up on the faxed information, the people we could talk to were never where our faxed information was and even after talking to a ‘manager’ who didn't have access to the faxed information and said he'd check into it, we were told that their database reflected only the reservation at the 2nd hotel and nothing about the original hotel so we were out of luck.

Our point was simple. We had a correspondence from them to show that our original reservation was with a different hotel and it was their mistake not ours to change our reservation from the hotel that we had selected to one that they had selected for us. As such, we were not responsible for this 2nd hotel room. Their position was that they had already paid the 2nd hotel and since the 2nd hotel wouldn't refund them their payment, we couldn't change anything and they wouldn't refund us our payment. Eventually we just gave up and just booked the original hotel directly, paying more of course and then disputed the credit card charges with our credit card company that showed up for ****. This dispute is currently ongoing but hopefully we won't have to pay for the hotel we didn't use.

Finally, to add insult to the injury, after we had returned from our trip we received an email from **** offering us a discount on future bookings as result of our stay at the original hotel we had booked in our original reservation. Keep in mind the comments above: they had claimed that they had no record of our original reservation! Please be warned and be wary of these people. $500 is a non-refundable charge for a hotel that we didn't book and ultimately didn't use. Company Profile

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