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We have stayed in the same room twice a year for ten years. This was a Crystal Inn. And by 2014 it was awful. We thought that when it was rebranded a Ramada Inn it would improve. It is yet worse. Dirty room. Old mattresses. Food in the mini frig from a prior guest. Nasty check in clerk. Could not be less welcoming after we drove 11 hours. No way should anyone try the breakfast buffet. The food was prison level (I imagine). Never again!

We stayed at the Ramada Inn in Mitchel SD. Terrible experience. The room looked like it hadn't been remodeled since the 70's. The shower was tiny. The toilet stool was loose and rocked like a rocking horse. The sewer gas smell was terrible. Of course they were booked up and no other rooms available. We were in town to visit friends and were only in the room to shower and sleep. It was a no smoking room which was fine. We simply went outside before we went to bed and when we got up. We were parked outside the room which was nice. After we got home I checked my bank statement and they had charged an additional 267.00 for smoking in the room. Which we did not do. They had supposed pictures of ashes in the stool which was their proof. So on top of our 300.00, 3-night stay. They made 567.00. There is no way to fight the charge. Beware people, it's a rip-off all the way around.

After a long trip from Whidbey Island we arrived at Kent Ramada Inn at past 12 am. We checked in and was inquiring how to get to our rooms and Dan the clerk responded that he has not met people with so many questions. We were the only ones in the lobby so he could be more patient, polite and courteous to us. My husband got upset and raised his voice and said, "We are not stupid. What is your name we will make a complaint." His immediate response was in the same tone and volume, "Here is the card. You can call the manager and say Dan in the graveyard shift". Makes you think he can get away with anything from his manager. What a shame. Upon arriving at rooms we found the toilet dirty and hair on the toilet seat. To top it all when I opened the ice bucket found the lid with dried up food and looks like it has not been washed. Will not come back or recommend this hotel to our friends.

First of all, I booked this hotel through Hotwire and was supposed to be for a 3-star and it's a 2-star so that's another story that also will be told, and will never use them again!!! This hotel was very nasty, needs to be cleaned by people that knows how to clean properly. They were loud and rude!!! The hotel states no smoking but, as soon as you walk down the hallway it smells like smoke/funky stench smell. As I entered the room I knew I wasn't going to be a unhappy camper. They tidy up the rooms not clean the rooms, there's a difference!!! The microwave was nasty, rugs were stained, bed was lumpy, spider webs, pee stains and hair around the toilet, mold around the entire tub and soap dish, tape holding in batteries in the back of remote control to the television, wallpaper peeling off walls in bathroom.

I went back to the front desk and asked for another room. She gave me another room which was bigger but, had the same problems the first bathroom had but worse!!! I just took back the first room and went and bought some bleach with disinfectant in it and clean it the way it should have been cleaned in the first place, so I can take a shower!!! Needless to say, once I was finished, mold and pee stain were gone and I don't even work here, what a shame!! I'm embarrassed for the hotel!!! I wish they had a place to post these video and pictures I took. I will NEVER come back here again!!!

If I didn't go through Hotwire, I would have never booked here. Hotwire has also lost a customer for false advertising. This is not even a 3-star hotel, it more like a motel without any stars. I was so angry about this experience. I didn't even wait to write this review when I left, sadly, I have 2 more nights here. Don't waste your money here and don't use Hotwire when you can't see what you're getting, unless you really know the area and even then, you probably won't get what you paid for, it's all a scam!!! Don't let those good prices fool you!! I didn't even want to give it a 1-star.

We booked our one night's stay through Hotels.com. We were on our way to a 3-week trip to Europe, on a budget. When we arrived at the Ramada Inn in ABQ, (which looked nothing like the photo on the Hotels. com website...) we were told our room had been given to someone else, although we'd confirmed it and told them we'd be in late. The room we were given instead, had a plugged unusable sink and shower, both... So rather than overflow the sink, or the shower, we took sponge baths. The night clerk said the manager could do nothing after hours, but had offered a refund, so we just stayed there. The next morning we confirmed with the desk clerk who confirmed again with the manager, that we'd be sent a refund. It's been 2 months now since we returned, the manager refuses to give any sort of refund. I don't find that acceptable. Hence this review.

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I chose to stay at the Ramada so I can smoke. I like the fact of having a smoking room. However I don't feel safe here. My last two stays here I have had a male maintenance employee open my hotel door and come walking in. I have reported this but it hasn't done me any good. The next issue when trying to sleep I'm hearing slamming of doors constantly so I open my door to see what's up to find another male worker in and out of room. I speak up and say "do you really need to slam the doors" and he said "that just happens." I don't want.

I travel a lot internationally and this is by far the dirtiest worst maintained and with terrible manners at reception. An embarrassment for this hotel's chain. This hotel is not worth the money. This was not cheap! We booked and prepaid in Expedia so we are stuck with it!

There was a group of us who stayed at the Ramada in Prince George while we were attending a baseball tournament. We drove 10 hours to get there to be greeted by rude people at the front desk and go into rooms that have mold in them. I talked to a housekeeper about it and I was told that the management have known about the mold problem for a few months and still have not done anything about it. I would never step foot into that hotel again.

After calling several motels in the area I was able to make reservations on Aug 4, 2016 for Aug 5th & 6th at Ramada Inn Chubbuck/Pocatello, Idaho. I made the reservation with my debit/credit card. I was given a confirmation number and told if I wished to CANCEL I would need to call before 6 PM Aug 5th. We arrived at around 10 PM Aug 5th after a long day of driving. We then stood in line for about 20 to 30 minutes while the desk clerk tried to calm down a tourist who wanted a different room because there was a water drip under the bathroom sink in her room and the hair dryer did not work. The clerk explained several times that there were no other rooms available.

Finally the desk clerk, apparently being the only Ramada Inn employee on duty at this time of night, decided the only way she was going to be able to resolve this problem, get to answer the phone, and assist other guests who were patiently waiting was to leave the front desk and go to the tourists room to resolve the problem her self.

After another 10-15 minutes the desk clerk returned and finally we were next. She brought up our name and confirmation number and regretfully informed us that our "reservation had been canceled at about 6 PM". I reminded her that we had a confirmation number and that we had given our debit/credit card number to hold the reservation and neither my wife or myself had called to cancel. The clerks response was that we needed to call to confirm the reservation before 6 PM. The motel having no other rooms available now and telling us our reservation was cancelled left my wife and myself very irritated as we departed the motel. We tried calling other motels and could not find another place in town or any town close by to stay. ALL locations were full because of a concert and other activities going on that weekend. So we spent the night without a place to stay.

I have never had to call and confirm a reservation for a second time after giving my debit/credit card information so the room could be held for late arrival. The second night there was spent at Towneplace Suites Marriott who luckily had a vacancy for the 6th. Very nice place and staff I might add. The charge for the 2 nights that we did not stay at the Ramada Inn appeared on my bank statement and I am now waiting for the charge to be removed. This is our second bad experience with Ramada Inn in the last 12 months. The first one was in Rawlins, Wy where we had a ground level room, with an unlockable exterior door, no curtains for the exterior window, carpet was very worn and dirty, holes in wall (Bullet?), and the toilet would not flush. We should have learned from that experience. I guess it took twice for us. I have no confidence in Ramada Inn after two back to back BAD experiences.

This was by far the WORST experience I've EVER had trying to book a room. I had a friend book online and by accident she put her name on my room booking. When I went to check in, because my friend was not allowed to rent room from your hotel the lady at desk REFUSED to give me my room. When I told her the mistake, she was rude and unprofessional. I told her it was MY credit card that paid for the room and it was MY room and she told me she could not change the mistake because I booked online and had to call the site I booked with. So I called the customer service line to cancel my payment and was told it would take 5 days to return my money. This is pure crap!!

If the hotel can charge my card immediately then the refund should be immediate. Your company has no right to hold my money and take their sweet ass time refunding my money. This is a type of fraud and theft. Your employees are rude and need to be fired. One would think that a company as huge as yours would want to impress their clients, not steal from them. Also, one would think your company would have more professional people working for you. This is NOT how you do business. I am extremely disappointed in your services and will NOT EVER recommend the Ramada Inn as a upstanding company. You should be ashamed of yourselves for running such a low grade hotel. I had to book a room at another hotel and spend MORE money that should have been refunded right away. Maybe this corporation should upgrade your services to a more satisfactory business. I will be reporting your company to the BBB and my lawyer.

Booked a room at the Ramada Inns in San Luis Obispo Calf. When I went to check in they refused to give me the room for that price. Very rude people, refused to give their names. Told us "you ** ARE ALL THE SAME."

The date was June 16th 2016 our yearly vacation 2 Williamsburg / Busch Gardens. We had just spent three days in Virginia Beach and had an absolutely wonderful time only two are harder to check into the most disgusting vile horrible Hotel I had ever seen in my life. We walked into the lobby and there was no air conditioning in any of the hotel room downstairs or the main lobby.

When we got to the hotel almost every person working there look like they came out of a prison - massive tattoos all over their body, dreadlocks in their hair and basically they look like they were on crack cocaine. We received our keys and went up to the room. It was about 95 degrees in the hallway upstairs - immediately we brought our stuff into that room because it was so hot. When we walked in the room we found blood on the sheets, pee on the floor, broken plaster around the air conditioner on the floor. Rust on the walls by the light fixtures. Grease and dirt on the floor in the bathroom just to mention a few things.

When I call the front desk I told him to give me another room- the best room they had in the hotel. When we walked into the second row it was ten times worse than the first one. I explained to the front desk but there was no air conditioning in the lobby or any air conditioning in the hallways upstairs. Her response was "well at least your air conditioner works in your room - isn't that good enough." We immediately asked for a refund and I told the manager how unhappy I was with the situation. They did nothing to alleviate the problem. They did give us our money back which in turn the manager told me "well you got your money back - aren't you happy."

I've been in touch with Ramada customer service for the past 3 weeks to try to come up with a resolution to this problem. The manager did call me back after 3 weeks and explained to me that the hotel is going through renovations and that I should be understanding of the situation. No hotel and my knowledge goes under renovations looking like that - no hotel in my knowledge has blood on the sheets when you walk in the room. Walk, run, hide, go in any direction you must away from this hotel don't ever stay here at all.

I'm pretty sure that this was a crack cocaine hooker hotel. And Ramada should be ashamed that they even have their name on the outside of the hotel. I will continue to get in touch with customer service until they do something about this. My resolution is to have somebody from Ramada go down there and rip off the name from the front of the building. This place is disgusting a hell hole and doesn't even deserve to be open. I'm not sure how the health department hasn't shut down this place by now - it's unsanitary and unclean in every way.

We were 3 of us and stayed at the Ramada in New Hartford NY to be close to the casino. My suggestion is ~ if Ramada corporate is going to franchise... be ALERT! It was the most disgusting and nasty dirty place I have ever experienced and I have traveled in excess. If you find mold in the bathroom... and I mean nasty mold and they allow you to help yourself to the folding bed in the HALLWAY and offer no assistance!!! RUN!! We arrived much too late to go anywhere else and there were surrounding rooms full of hooting and hollering mid 20's couples partying until the wee hours!

I will NEVER trust another Ramada no matter how desperate! I will sleep in my CLEAN well attended to car first! This was an embarrassment and there was no manager on site to be compensated for this horrendous experience. I am not sure of policies of this company but sporadic unannounced visits and inspections would be something I would expect and is only fair to John Q Public to ensure a comfortable, safe, and clean stay with a corporation such as this! Ramada has seen the last of me (and my guests). Obviously the only concern this company has is for the almighty income from franchise holders and not the facility and the name Ramada!!

Booked a room on ocean front Nags Head. Date was 5-17-16. Had a family emergency and had to cancel. Rebooked for 6-14-16. When I called today to see check in time, I was told it would cost 139.00 more! I was very sick. Dr. said I can go. I cannot afford this $270.00 a night. Was told groupon will not refund my $129.44. Will NEVER use groupon again. I know the rates go up, but cancer prevented me first date. Will send drs note... but they said no. So no vacation and out $129.44. Sad day.

Neighbor could be heard next door, on the other side of "adjoining door"! I was awoken three times by him and once at 7:30 a.m. by the maid, "Are you ready for maid service?" Check out time was 12 noon!

We just went to Wilmington, NC and stayed at the Ramada Inn. It was the worst experience my husband and I had. We will never go back nor go back to any Ramada Inn. I will assure you we were not the only ones to experience such terrible atmosphere. 1st of all when we pulled up there were at least 20 or more construction workers hanging out, drinking beer and smoking cigarettes. Hanging out at the outside entrance door where my husband, my 5-year old granddaughter, and myself had to walk through to get to our room.

This is something that I do not or would not like to have my granddaughter to see on top of that my granddaughter has really bad asthma and she instantly started coughing. When we walked upstairs towards our room, we then also noticed people sitting outside in the hallways hanging out drinking beer. My husband went to the front desk to complain. The staff told him that they would give them 15 min. to clear. If not then they would call the police. Later that evening, about 30 to 45 min later, my husband had to go back down to his truck and had to go through the crowd of people who was still drinking beer and there were beer bottles all over the ground. Nothing was ever done.

We started to leave that night but thought we would give it another night and see what happens. That morning we spoke with another staff member. She told us that the construction workers does it all the time. She was outside picking up all those beer bottles, caps, and cigarette butts. Also when we got to our room we found at least 50 beer bottle caps hidden in a drawer with cigarette butts and ashes all in the drawer, our comforter has cigarette burns all in it, and we had a smoke free room due to my granddaughters asthma.

Our coffee maker didn't work. The microwave, I had to the hold the cord in order for it to work, the hair dryer didn't work, the phone was missing the cord so that didn't work (thank goodness for our cell phones). The list goes on and on. Once again when we left my husband complained and told the staff that is was not a good business to allow that kind of environment. The staff did give us $33.00 credit towards our bill, but to me we should have been offered more. A new room or at least one night free. Trust me, we took pictures of this just in case. We will not be back at all.

Let me first start by saying I am not a complainer by nature. I have worked in customer service for many years and I have never treated any customer the way Michelle (night desk manager) treated myself and my nieces (the brides). We checked in on Friday afternoon June 10th, 2016. Our wedding party left for the Rehearsal and Rehearsal dinner about 5 pm. We had 5 rooms for the immediate family and the two brides on the second floor. We all returned about 9:30 pm-10 pm as we had a long day ahead of us on Saturday. The hotel is under remodeling and have taken up all the carpets in the hallway and replaced with Pergo or similar product (huge mistake). We had to endure grown adults running up and down the hallways screaming, yelling obscenities, slamming doors and banging on other guests' doors until 3 am.

I personally did not call down to the front desk because I heard the gentleman next door call numerous times which nothing was done about by the hotel staff. I had to decorate and oversee a wedding on 3 hours of sleep (Was not happy about that) but we all managed. The wedding on Saturday was beautiful. Everyone had a great time until we turned back to the hotel around 1 am -1:30 am. We had a bus transport to and from the hotel so no one would have to drive. As everyone heading into the hotel, I was paying our bus driver and checking to make sure nothing was left behind.

I ended up being one of the last of our party to enter the hotel to walk into my niece (the bride) getting yelled at by Michelle the front desk manager accusing our parting of being too loud, obnoxious, and disrespectful saying she has had to come up to the second floor three times throughout the evening and threatening to call the police on her. We literally just walked into the building.

At this time I stepped in and tried to figure out what was going on only to have Michelle berate me stating the same thing. She would not listen, she would not hear what I had to say. She kept repeating a room number that none of my party was staying in and unless she ran up and down those stairs 3 times in a matter of 10 minutes I cannot fathom how she could accuse my niece still in her wedding gown and a group of people who were thoroughly exhausted due to lack of sleep the night before. I understand when you get a complaint you have to address the issue, but make sure you are addressing the correct people before making threats and ruining a bride's wedding day!

I tried to call down to the front desk after the whole incident to come to a resolution and I as an adult apologized for raising my voice, but when I picked up the phone in our room it did not work. I had to call from my cell phone. I was physically exhausted and did not want to have another confrontation with Michelle who I felt was completely out of line and was the rude one. She did accept my apology however, she still insisted my guests were in room 252 and that we were the cause of noise disturbance so obviously no resolution was achieved. I went directly to the front desk when we checked out and filed a complaint with the staff that was on at that time and was told I would hear back from Rachel the manager.

It is Tuesday and I have not heard from Rachel. However, as I am writing this review I just received an email with an updated invoice giving me a 25% discount due to Noise Issue. Really??? 25% discount for Noise Issue! What about threatening to call the police on someone who didn't do a damn thing and then not even apologizing for the way she was acting and speaking to me and my niece. Ramada Inn not only have you chosen the worst materials for a renovation, your choice of employees who do not know how to handle themselves in situations is beyond horrible. This hotel does not even deserve a star rating.

Upon arrival at hotel, I was assigned a room that I didn't feel comfortable stay in (bottom floor/outside access). I asked to switch rooms and was told no, there were no empty rooms. However, the parking lot was more than 1/2 empty at 11 pm on a Tuesday night. I entered the room to find an extremely musty odor, as though the carpet had been wet and not allowed to dry.

I also found ants crawling all over the walls near the front window and along the bathroom counter. I found a dead lizard below the front window. I also noticed a ring of mildew around the base of the toilet & also in the shower around the handicapped handle in the shower stall. There was hair on the bathroom door. The bed looked as if it was at least 15 years old and well worn out because of the two permanent indentations where two bodies had laid (even visible after bed completely made). Sheets were stained. The furniture was most definitely dated, stained, and worn out. TV reception was mediocre at best, as well. I have pictures to prove all statements made, as well. BY NO MEANS WAS THIS A 3-STAR hotel as it is described. I asked to move to a different room before even viewing this room - I would have felt safer and cleaner sleeping in my car!

Me and my son thought we would take a small vacation to an indoor water park. We booked the hotel and got there around 4:30 to check in. There was a long line and their systems were down so they couldn't check anyone in. We were told it could be up to an hour, so we decided to go and have dinner down the street. Got back at 5:30 and finally got checked in.

Entering the room the TV wasn't turning on. Come to find out it was unplugged. So we pulled out the stand and plugged it in. We got ready to go down and swim, come to find out if you wanted to rent a locker it was 8 dollars for a small one and 13 for a large. I thought I would have the locker for a while, but next day had to pay another 8 dollars. Anyway water park was OK but for an 11-year-old he got bored quick. It's better for younger ones. Hot tub for adults was real nice and there is a bar also, so not bad. The lifeguards on duty were rude and seemed annoyed by all the kids. Again if you don't like your job don't work there.

Anyway after a few hours of swimming we decided to play in game room. This was fun and they have many choices of games. Later we went back to our room to order room service and their phones were down. Called front desk and they told us they're having phone problems, so I thought I would just call down to the bar Castaways and order a pizza. Well their phones were down also. Luckily there was a Godfather's close, but we didn't want to leave the room. We did anyway.

Then we decided maybe we would order a movie. No movies just a small line of cheesy cable channels. You would think for the 180 a night this hotel would be better. I would never stay there again or recommend anyone else either. Sorry not a good experience. You would think that would offer a discount after all the problems that happened but they did not. I am not happy with the experience.

Hotel was broken down, dirty, and horrible. It should be condemned. Instead I was charged $120 a night and it was so dirty and roach infested I was afraid to touch anything. I chose to eat breakfast at a restaurant instead of the free breakfast at hotel for obvious reasons. Contacted Ramada customer service. Was told I would be contacted by corporate. Of course I never heard from them. I highly recommend sleeping in your car rather than check into a Ramada.

Dec 15, 2015, park my car. And when I had to leave at around 7pm my car was plow in with snow. I have pictures. I ask inside how to get my car out. I was handed a shovel to get myself out. I hurt my knee. My back started to hurt digging in the cold. About half hr or more a little later, a woman who worked there try to help some. I finished digging my car out. Will never go back.

At first glance this seemed like a decent hotel. We were getting in very late, came in with no reservation and they were very accommodating. The gentlemen at the front desk was kind and helpful. We got adjoining rooms. We got up to the room and the room was incredibly hot. The AC did not work in either room. We were able to open the sliding glass doors to cool it down a little. Then I looked in the bathroom and there were two roaches in the tub. My daughter found dirty socks in the bed!!! Plus a hair on the sheets and in the tub.

Overall quality of the rooms were mediocre. Lots of stains on the walls/ceiling. Just did not feel like a clean place to rest our heads. When I told the front desk about it, the lady was very nice and apologetic. She said if we had called they would have switched our rooms, however, we arrived at 2 am and our kids were already asleep. We didn't feel like a new room would be better. The front desk took $10 off our bill and apologized. They were nice and the rooms were big and spacious, but roaches, no AC, and someone's old dirty socks is just too much to handle.

We were going California to visit my aged parents and decided to rent a room so as to not inconvenience them. As can happen in this circumstance, we had to change our plans. When I went to cancel (within the hour of the reservation, all seemed well), I wound up being charged anyways. The reservation was weeks in advance, so there should have been no problem with them losing a room to rent. I am stuck losing money and both Orbitz and Ramada are blaming the other concern.

This is the worse Hotel in the Bronx. The customer service is terrible. I booked reservation. When I arrived my reservation was not able to be found. I stood in their lobby for nearly 2 hrs. I then explained to the receptionist Tyesha. She saw that my card was charged the reservation. People called her and gave her the confirmation number several times and she still wasn't able to find my reservation. There are no manager on site to further assist me. The so-called "manager" Roger ** is the worse manager I have ever dealt with. He's rude and very unprofessional. Don't even know why he's the highest level of authority for the hotel because his customer service stinks. Wouldn't recommend anyone going to this place.

I was charged twice for an overnight stay and still have gotten reimbursed and he still hasn't resolved the issue. It's so bad to the point there was a customer who saw the situation and told the receptionist that her manager need to be aware of the issue and she then tried to flirt with him and he still thought, in my opinion I shouldn't have had to pay twice and still didn't do anything to resolve the issue. Still awaiting a call. I have to call there. There's never any managers on duty to resolve issues as this one. I am livid. They lie to be double charged. He wouldn't even accommodate me with the another stay. His word were, "that's out of the question." Who says that to an upset customer that received terrible poor service? All I want is my money back. I shouldn't of been charged twice. That's it.

Middletown RI - How does this place gets away with no elevator? 3 floors. Booked my 89 year old mom for 3 night. Checked her in around 10 pm on Thursday, September 17. The guy at the counter was the biggest ** I ever had the non-pleasure to meet. If I didn't have my daughter's wedding on Sat and worried to be put in jail I would of punched him out. Ask him if possible to have a room for my mom on the bottom floor, he replied "I do have them but I can't give them out." How am I suppose to get her to the 3rd floor? He replied, "I don't know and that's not my problem."

Since this Ramada Inn doesn't have an elevator, I had to get my mom to the third floor one step at a time. When we opened the door to her room, there was no air conditioner working and the TV wasn't working. I quickly got her out of there and booked her at the Quality Inn. Do yourself a favor and skip this place. Not friendly, not cheap, not good. Never again!!! Where's the ADA?

Merced, California - This hotel has ripped up stairs, old walls and the sink is dirty and the cable and TV is outdated. The breakfast was the worst. Stale bread and only apple juice, orange juice and milk in a JUG in a mini fridge. That is not sanitary and they ran out of milk. I've never seen them just leave jugs in breakfast. And they didn't have waffle stuff. Once we asked they didn't have spray so the waffle burnt and overflowed and got stuck to the cooking thing. The staff was NOT personable or friendly at all. I'm NEVER coming back and would advise anyone I know to not come to any Ramada.

Booked thru Priceline site unseen. Arrived at hotel. First problem was that there was tape across main door to lobby stating "do not enter". Drove around hotel looking for another door. None found. Got out and tried door and it opened! Front desk staff laughed and said we were not the first to drive around. They were busy decorating for Halloween. It was Sept 20.

Booked non-smoking room with free wifi and cable tv. First room reeked of smoke, carpets throughout were worn and stained. Requested another room, tv did not work, only with limited channels and wifi not available. Placed in another upgraded suite, same problem. Was able to cancel reservation after call to Priceline. Went to Comfort Inn around the corner, they stated that the Ramada had a bad reputation. The staff was trying to be helpful and were very pleasant but they didn't have much to work with. Not entirely their fault. Thank God we were able to go elsewhere without being charged. First time with a really bad experience with Ramada. Thought the reputation was better.

Reserved room 6/12/2015. Cancelled more or less same but I threw away both copies. When I checked my charge account I was charged for room as I no show. I was not even in the area on those days as my plans had all changed. I was even good enough to send my friends there for that weekend. Their name were the ** out of PA.

I was recently staying in Ramada inn in El Paso Texas. Had been staying there about a month for work. Switched rooms two weeks ago after sewage backed up in my tub. Few days later was bitten by something in my sleep. Wrote it off as a spider. Few days later my stomach was covered in bites. After work I searched my bed. Didn't have to look very hard as there was a pretty big bed bug under my sheets. I captured it and took it to front desk. The manager asked to see it and I obliged. He then went off on me and said I brought it with me. I said "Ok then I will sue. Give it back." He says no and kicks me out of hotel (wasn't going to stay there anyway). After degrading me and making jokes with the other staff I tried to snatch the bug back. He then calls cops on me. They come and completely agree with me. Worst hotel manager in the country. Probably worst hotel.

We checked in to Ruidoso NM Ramada at 5. We waited no more than 15 minutes to allow housekeeping to finish clean the room. When we got in I went straight for a shower and a green ring lined the shower along with hair. I look at the sink same thing and I'm not talking 1 or 2 hairs - they much have been a hairy person. I look in the toilet and same thing, full off hair and pee stains on the rim of the seat so I start to pull the blankets back bc if they didn't clean the obvious that is seen the bed wouldn't be clean. Floors not vacuum, bed pillow cases inside out, no flat sheet, hadn't been dusted, hair in the front sink, window seals had white stuff. Flat out filthy. I pull the being back and no fitted sheet. I'm looking at the mattress.

The rooms rate I'm certain has been raised due to the horse races and all we were offered was a 75 dollar discount. Not acceptable to pay 300 and staff expect you to stay in someone else's filth. This was the first time staying at this hotel and will be the last. If Ruidoso wasn't sold out I would have checked out. Not to mention when I spoke to the hotel Mgr she talked over me, suggested we check out and get refunded 5 to 7 business days ummm no.

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