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Private jets take the hassle out of flight: you can avoid early arrival for check-in, TSA security checks, layovers, restricted flight times and overnight stays. There are many reasons to choose private charter jets for your company’s flights. Charter jets are more secure, convenient and comfortable than commercial flights.

Private jets fly in and out of over 50,000 airports in the United States, compared to commercial flights that are restricted to about 5,000 airports. It’s no surprise that so many companies have switched from commercial to private jets.

Top 10 Best Rated Private Jet Charter Services

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XOJET offers on-demand charter services, membership programs with locked rates and enterprise plans for businesses. It has its own fleet of midsize jets and also works with partners to provide flights when you need them.

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JetSuite is a private jet charter company that offers both individual seats and whole jets. It was founded in 2006 by one of JetBlue’s founding executives. JetSuite has a Platinum rating from ARG/US.

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Executive Jet Management (EJM) is one of the charter jet industry’s best-known names. It offers charter jet services and aircraft management. EJM was founded in 1977 and is owned by Warren Buffet.

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Magellan Jets is a Massachusetts-based private jet charter broker. It offers customizable memberships with lots of add-ons, and its network of thousands of aircraft must meet stringent safety requirements.

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Luxury Aircraft Solutions is a charter jet broker with access to many types of aircraft. You can purchase a Jet Card to fix your rates, and the funds on the card never expire. It also ships cargo via charter flight.

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Sentient Jet is a charter jet service broker headquartered in Massachusetts. Since 1999 it has been a pioneer in the jet card industry, which has become a major alternative to jet ownership and fractional ownership.

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Status Jet is a Texas-based charter jet service broker. Founded in 2014, it has access to a large fleet of jets to accommodate between five and 19 passengers. You can choose between on-demand pricing or purchase a Status Card.

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Charter Jet One is a New York-based charter jet company. It provides on-demand charter jet services, air ambulance, freight cargo charter and empty-leg and one-way flights. Its fleet is certified by ARG/US, Wyvern and NBAA.

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Blue Star Jets is the largest United States charter jet broker. Founded in 2001 and headquartered in New York, it offers charter, jet share, empty legs and air cargo services and allows you to fly with a four hour lead time.

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Founded in 1963, NetJets was the first private business jet charter company. Today it specializes in fractional ownership for businesses. Your company can purchase shares of a jet, lease a jet or use the jet card program.

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What should you consider before chartering a flight?

Do you need a seat or a whole jet?

Depending on your preferences and needs, you can charter an entire jet of your choice or simply purchase a seat on a jet like a commercial flight.

  • Small personal charter jet: Small charter jets seat up to six passengers and are ideal for people who want to travel alone or with a small group.
  • Midsized personal charter jet: A midsized charter jet can usually hold around 30 people. These are ideal for transporting larger groups like sports teams, musicians and bands or companies.
  • Ticketed seat only: Several private jet charter services allow you to purchase a ticket for a single seat on a midsize jet. The service and cost is similar to a first-class commercial flight but with the convenience of a charter flight.

What kind of payment structure do you prefer?

The type of payment structure you choose will largely depend on how often you’ll need to fly and how much you want to spend.

  • On-demand charter: On-demand charter services are more expensive per trip, but they’re also more flexible. You choose the aircraft and trip details then pay as you go based on current flight rates.
  • Flat-rate charter: If you fly frequently, a flat-rate charter is a better financial investment over time. You will make a one-time deposit that goes toward your future trips, which are priced at a fixed rate.
  • Per-seat charter: If you don’t need to charter often or prefer to avoid the high fees for an entire jet, you can also purchase individual tickets for seats on larger charter jets. The flight schedules are not as flexible, but the tickets are similar in cost to first-class commercial tickets.

How flexible is flight scheduling?

If your business tends to take a lot of last minute flights, you’ll need to work with a charter jet company that’s flexible with scheduling.

  • Lead time for a flight: How much notice will you have to give the charter jet company before your flight will be ready for you? That will depend on how many jets, pilots and other clients a company has. Most companies offer higher-tier plans that guarantee less required lead time. Some ask for just a few hours’ notice.
  • Blackout dates: Some charter companies don’t allow last-minute scheduling on certain busy flight dates, while others have no blackout dates for people with certain tiers of membership.
  • Last-minute getaways: Some charter companies offer last-minute deals on flights that haven’t been booked or return flights between select cities. These are sometimes called “one-ways” or “empty legs.” These can save your company money on last minute tickets.

What safety features does the company offer?

Look for certifications through national organizations, which indicate that a company has met the minimum safety requirements. Additional safety efforts such as security training are also helpful, especially if you have security concerns or don’t have your own security detail.

  • FAA standards: Each charter jet company and pilot must meet Federal Aviation Administration standards and have a Part 135 certificate in order to legally fly for hire. These standards help ensure the company meets minimal standards for safety.
  • ARG/US: This is the best-known aviation safety auditing company. The highest ARG/US rating is Platinum, signifying that a company implements the best safety practices in the industry relative to the size of their operation.
  • Other ratings groups: Wyvern and IS-BAO are additional auditing companies. The Wyvern Wingman and IS-BAO Stage 3 are the highest ratings offered by these companies, and having these credentials often means that a private jet charter company goes above and beyond the legal safety requirements.

What amenities will you enjoy?

Almost all charter jet services offer amenities to make your experience luxurious.

  • Wi-Fi: If you need to get work done while flying, be sure your jet includes free unlimited Wi-Fi. Most do, but some require you to purchase it separately.
  • Complimentary ground transportation: Some companies provide members with free transportation to and from the airport.
  • Catering: Most charter companies offer complimentary catering on flights, and some allow customers to make personal requests for their flights. If there is a certain type of wine or dessert you and your colleagues enjoy, ask ahead of time to see if your wish can be accommodated.

What types of private jet charter services are there?

Private jet brokers

These companies partner with jet companies to find one that fits your needs. They are sort of like a travel agent, so sometimes they can get lower prices through their connections.

Private jet operators

You can purchase individual seats on a large charter jet for around the same price as a first-class ticket on a commercial flight.

Entire jet charter

If you want to travel alone or with just your colleagues, friends or family, charter an entire jet. You can choose between small, mid-size and large jets with passenger seating capacities between two and 30.

Seat charter

You can purchase individual seats on a large charter jet for around the same price as a first-class ticket on a commercial flight.

Fractional ownership companies

Some companies allow you to purchase a share of a jet similar to a timeshare. You’ll share the cost of purchasing and maintaining the aircraft with other owners, and you can coordinate your schedules to fly wherever and whenever you want.

Jet card membership

Most people who use charter jet services purchase a jet card, which works like a gift card to use toward flight miles. Your company can use one card for all of its employees to streamline the process of purchasing flight miles. A jet card requires a substantial down payment but usually locks in the current flight mile price, which can save you money and time in the long run.

Who uses private jet charter services?


Most people who travel by charter jet are business executives who need to be able to travel with little notice on a tight schedule. Charter jets can be ready in just a few hours and you can avoid the hassle of airport security, layovers and overnight stays.


If you’re well-known, traveling commercially can be inconvenient and sometimes unsafe. Charter jets can add a bit of privacy and security to your tour dates or vacation plans and make it easier to get from one place to another.

Athletes and teams

While charter jets are pricey, the cost of one 30-person jet is actually comparable to purchasing 30 first-class commercial tickets. Plus, a charter jet doesn’t run the risk of flight delays or cancellations, which could potentially ruin an important game.

People in a hurry

Charter jets can be a good option for anyone who can afford it and wants to save time. By riding a charter jet, you won’t have to get to the airport early for security checks, you don’t have to change planes or deal with layovers and you can get closer to your destination to avoid more commuting time.

People with health concerns

Some people who have special health concerns may opt to fly by charter jet for safety and convenience. For instance, they may have a compromised immune system that puts them at risk from germs or sensory issues that make airports overwhelming. If you or someone you care for can’t wait in an airport for long periods of time or needs fast, reliable transportation, a charter jet might be a good option.

Private jet charter company reviews


XOJET uses its own fleet plus over 1,000 partner jets to provide on-demand service. It maintains high safety ratings including the IS-BAO Stage 3, ARG/US Platinum and the Wyvern Wingman.

  • On-demand charter: XOJet offers on-demand charter services to over 22,000 destinations. They use their own fleet of Challenger 300 and Citation X jets as well as partner jets to get you where you need to go, fast.
  • XOJET Preferred Access™: This program works like a debit card: set up an account starting at $100,000 and use these funds to fly priority any time. You also earn a 4 percent reward on all your flights.
  • XOJET Elite Access™: If your schedule is not flexible, you can create an Elite account with a $200,000 deposit. You then pay a locked-in hourly rate for on-demand, guaranteed flights.
  • XOJET Enterprise Access™: This program is designed for leading companies to supplement their own fleets or outsource transportation for employees and clients. It offers 365-day guaranteed availability.
  • Personalized planning: XOJET’s Aviation Advisors work with you to help you choose the experience that fits your needs. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Best for: businesspeople, frequent travelers and companies.

JetSuite is a charter jet company that offers individual seats and whole charter jets. JetSuite is a partner of jetBlue and has a Platinum rating from ARG/US.

  • Membership options: Members pay a deposit that goes toward their flight hours and airport fees for future flights. Plans range from $50,000 to $400,000.
  • Jet sizes: You can charter a jet that seats four, six or 30 people.
  • JetSuiteX: This charter service allows you to purchase individual seats on a charter jet that seats 30. The cost is comparable to first class tickets on a commercial flight.
  • Instant online quotes: Many charter jet companies make you jump through hoops to get a quote for their services, but JetSuite provides an instant quote online--and guarantees the price. Just enter your departure and arrival airports.
  • SuiteDeals: JetSuite offers last-minute flights starting at $536 each way for the entire jet. This can save your company money on last minute trips. It’s also a great way to take a spur-of-the-moment trip somewhere fun. Check for available flights online.
  • Best for: those who want a charter jet membership and those who want to purchase individual tickets for charter jet services.
Executive Jet Management

Executive Jet Management is a longstanding name in the private charter jet industry. It was founded in 1977 and offers charter and aircraft management services. EJM is a subsidiary of NetJets Inc., owned by Warren Buffett.

  • Charter options: Choose between on-demand charter or flat-rate charter. A flat-rate membership requires a $100,000 deposit and is best if you fly frequently. On-demand is great if you’d would rather pay-as-you-go and have an unpredictable travel schedule.
  • Aircraft sizes: EJM offers five classes of aircraft based on passenger capacity. Small jets seat up to 6, mid seats up to seven, super-mid seats up to eight, large will hold up to 10 and heavy holds up to 12.
  • Fixed hourly rates: If you join the flat-rate program with EJM, your hourly flight rates will be fixed and will depend on size of the jet you choose. The rates range from $4,400 per flight hour for a small jet on a round trip in the continental U.S., to $12,000 for a heavy jet on a one-way international flight.
  • Safety: EJM’s Director of Safety makes sure the company conforms to the highest safety standards in the industry, exceeding those of the FAA. They also have a full-time Security Department staffed with former law enforcement officials.
  • Aircraft management: If you own your own aircraft, EJM can manage your operations and help you stay on top of regulatory requirements. They will even hire flight crews for you and maintain your aircraft.
  • Best for: those who travel frequently and those who own their own aircraft.
Magellan Jets

Magellan Jets is a private jet charter broker headquartered in Massachusetts. It was founded in 2008 and has a network of thousands of aircraft. It offers customizable membership packages to fit your needs.

  • Jet sizes: Magellan has four classes of jets to choose from. Light jets seat six or seven, midsize jets seat seven or eight, super-mid holds eight or nine and large can seat ten or twelve.
  • Build-a-Card program: This is a good option if you want a custom jet membership. You choose the size of jet and purchase 50 to over 200 flight hours at a fixed rate. You can also add perks and add-on amenities.
  • Online quotes: Fill out Magellan’s online form to receive an instant quote. You just need to provide your departure and arrival airports and the dates and times you want to fly.
  • Air Ambulance flights: Magellan has experience planning flights for critical health emergencies. They offer jets furnished with medical equipment and a staff of nurses and doctors that can fly with you or your loved one. They also work closely with your medical team to plan the logistics of the flight.
  • Safety: Each jet in Magellan’s network is ARG/US- and Wyvern-certified. Each jet must complete a 42-point safety checklist before takeoff.
  • Best for: those who want a customized charter jet experience and those who need an air ambulance.
Luxury Aircraft Solutions

Luxury Aircraft Solutions is a charter jet broker that also sells and manages aircraft. It has access to many types of aircraft like helicopters and jets of all sizes. It also ships cargo via charter flight.

  • Fixed rate Jet Cards: A Jet Card works like a gift card: You can purchase flight hours at a set rate and they never expire. You can also get a refund on any unused hours if you are not satisfied.
  • Cargo charters: If you have freight to move quickly, Luxury Aircraft Solutions will transport it. They can move any volume or weight of cargo and specialize in things that can’t be shipped commercially such as dangerous goods; heavy bulk; and aerospace, automotive and oil and gas equipment.
  • Empty leg flights: You can save up to 75 percent on an empty leg deal. Sign up for notifications of empty legs that meet your search criteria, or visit the company’s website to see current flights.
  • Safety ratings: In addition to meeting FAA requirements, Luxury Aircraft Solutions partners with companies that are certified through ARG/US or Wyvern. This means they have to pass additional safety checks.
  • Quick quotes: You can request a free charter quote on the company’s website or give them a call.
  • Best for: people who need domestic or international charter jet services, want to ship cargo and those who take last minute flights.
Sentient Jet

Sentient Jet is a charter jet service broker founded in 1999. It invented and now specializes in pre-paid jet cards with its 25-Hour Card program.

  • First hourly jet card: More than 20 years ago, Sentient was the first charter service to offer a pre-paid card to make charter flights more convenient.
  • Two classes: Sentient’s 25-Hour Card is available in two classes: Preferred and Select. While they both cover 25 flight hours, Preferred cards give you access to the newest aircraft, and Select cards are less expensive and give you access to jets made in 1999 or before. Preferred cards start at $139,500 for 25 flight hours, while Select cards start at $124,825.
  • Aircraft choices: Most companies make you buy a card for a specific jet size, but with Sentient you can choose between four jet sizes using your 25-Hour Card. Choose from light, mid, super-mid and heavy.
  • Guaranteed availability: Cardholders enjoy guaranteed flight availability with just ten hours’ notice.
  • Book flights on an app: Sentient has stayed on top of technological innovation, and now cardholders can easily book flights with an app for iOS and Android.
  • Best for: frequent fliers who want access to a fixed-rate card program.
Status Jet

Status Jet is a broker service founded in 2014. It provides charter jets on demand and through its Status Card program, and also works with clients to buy and sell jets. Status Jet is headquartered in Addison, Texas with offices in Las Vegas and Houston.

  • Jet sizes: Status Jet’s fleet has several sizes of aircraft for your travel needs. Choose from large-cabin jets that seat 10 to 19 passengers and are ideal for overseas trips, super midsize jets that seat eight to 12, midsize jets that seat eight or nine, light jets ideal for five to 10 and turbo-prop planes that seat between six and nine passengers.
  • Status Card: Status Jet offers the Status Card for people who want to travel frequently in a more convenient way. You purchase flight hours at a set rate and load them onto your card to use like a debit card each time you want to fly. You can purchase a status card in 25, 50 or a custom amount of flight hours.
  • Online quotes: Get a quick quote on your next trip by filling out a brief online form. Include your departure and destination airport, dates, number of passengers and whether you’d like a round-trip, one-way or multi-leg flight.
  • New client offer: New Status Jet clients receive a $1,000 discount on their first charter. Visit their website for details.
  • Sales: If you’re interested in selling your personal jet or want to purchase one, Status Jet offers services to help. You can download an informational guide and view available aircraft on its website.
  • Best for: frequent travelers and those who want to choose their aircraft.
Charter Jet One

Based in New York, Charter Jet One specializes in on-demand charter jet services. It offers flexible scheduling, last-minute booking, empty legs and one-way flights, air cargo charter, air ambulance services and more.

  • Private jet rental: Charter Jet One offers on-demand charter jet rental with as little as four hours’ lead time. You can request a quote online or call the company’s toll free number.
  • Empty legs and one-ways: Charter Jet One offers empty-leg flights to the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean and Europe. You can book the entire jet at a discount and take as many passengers as it will hold. You can see the available empty legs online, and you can also book one-way jets and helicopters.
  • Air cargo freight jet charter: You can transport precious cargo or large, bulky transport using a Charter Jet One cargo jet. The company specializes in oversized and heavy pieces; construction equipment; oil, automotive and gas industry equipment; high-value commodities and dangerous materials.
  • Air ambulance: Charter Jet One provides air ambulance services for patients from many major hospitals and organ donation services. They require 4 hours’ lead time. They employ doctors, nurses and paramedics to fly on the air ambulance and can transport patients and organs to the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Europe, Asia and other global locations.
  • Concierge: Charter Jet One provides security, private catering, entertainment and ground transportation for every client. These services are included in the cost of the charter.
  • Best for: those who need an international charter, cargo transportation or an air ambulance.
Blue Star Jets

Blue Star Jets is a New York based charter jet service broker founded in 2001. As the largest charter broker in the U.S., Blue Star Jets offers on-demand and fixed-rate options as well as aircraft sales and fractional ownership options.

  • Jet sizes: Blue Star Jets has the largest fleet of any broker, with options in seven size classes ranging from very light jets that seat three or four passengers to jumbo jets that seat over 50.
  • SkyCard program: Blue Star’s jet card program, SkyCard, is available in five tiers from $50,000 to $1,000,000. Each tier features unique upgrades and perks, and you can share a card with a colleague or family member for convenience.
  • Empty legs: Watch Blue Star Jets’ website for available empty legs for quick flights to fun destinations. You can also charter a one-way flight if there are no empty legs available when you need them.
  • Cargo flights: Blue Star Jets can transport cargo one-way or round trip, in any volume and weight. You can select the size aircraft you need and Blue Star takes care of all the details, from packaging and pickup to customs clearance and off-loading.
  • Travel agents: Blue Star Jets works with travel agents around the world to help you plan luxury vacations. You can receive discounts by booking vacations through the company’s affiliates.
  • Best for: frequent fliers, international fliers and those who need to transport cargo.

NetJets was founded in 1963 as the first private business jet charter company. Today it specializes in fractional ownership of private business jets. Your company can purchase shares of a jet to use at your convenience. It also offers leasing and a jet card program. NetJets is owned by Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffet’s company.

  • Three programs: You can choose between NetJets Share, NetJets Lease or Marquis Jet Card. The Share option allows you to own an asset, while leasing is similar but does not charge an acquisition fee and does not provide an asset. The Jet Card is a pay-as-you-go charter.
  • Fractional membership options: Your company can choose from a large selection of aircraft. Depending on the size share your company buys, you will have access to 50 to 400 annual hours of airtime.
  • Fee structure: In addition to purchasing hours, your company will be responsible for a monthly service fee and an hourly operating fee. If you participate in the fractional Share program, you’ll also pay an acquisition fee. You may also have to pay an hourly fuel fee, tax surcharge, international fees and ground transportation fees.
  • Safety: NetJets employs an 18-person safety team to make sure it maintains the highest safety standards. It exceeds the FAA’s safety requirements and puts each pilot through simulator training every six months.
  • Flight planner: You can get a quote and plan a flight on NetJet’s website in as little as 90 seconds. Select your departure and arrival airports, whether you need a round or one-way trip and the number of passengers to get started.
  • Best for: businesses looking for fractional ownership.