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Original review: May 21, 2018

My wife and I went on this cruise and brought along my parents and one of our best friends hoping to have a nice 8-day escape to Alaska. We chose this cruise line because they had -- what appeared to be -- a reasonable price for the experience we were seeking and they were also a subsidiary of Carnival (of whom we had previously sailed with many times before and with whom we had enjoyed each and every previous cruise experience). Little did we know that these things would not be worth our rather nightmarish experience aboard the Ruby Princess.

Embarkation: I would actually rate this relatively high. Princess's embarkation process out of Seattle was one of the quickest most painless processes I've ever been through in my many times sailing. I would even go out on a limb to say that this experience was superior to the other cruises I've taken out of other ports with other cruise lines (Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian). This being our first impression of Princess, we were actually pretty excited and expecting our cruise to be better than we thought it would be (after having read many bad reviews about the same ship we were boarding).

Cabin: Our cabin was kind of awful. Laying on the top bunk bed felt worse than laying on a plank of wood. There were blood stains on the sheets the entirety of our stay which leads me to believe that the sheets don't actually get changed or cleaned for the duration of the cruise. The air conditioning didn't work the first night in our cabin and we nearly roasted in our room waiting for someone to come fix it. Shortly after our air conditioning was repaired, the toilet stopped working. Our shower had only one (unfixable) setting and that was scalding hot. The room constantly smelled like sewage. Overall, the rooms sucked. But we tried to remain positive since we knew we wouldn't be spending much time there anyways. And for the most part, Princess would send someone (albeit it was usually someone with a bad attitude) to come fix the problems we were having.

Dining: One of the better parts of this cruise was the service in the main dining room. Our friend has food allergies and the head waiter made sure to cater to her needs and remained easily accessible to us should there be any question of what ingredients a dish may contain. Though there wasn't ever any question because the menu was always clear and concise about what each dish contained. The food was not the best but decent. There were good nights and bad nights with more just okay nights than not. But you could tell that the staff was willing to go out of their way to make sure your experience was pleasurable and enjoyable. The buffet, however, was a different story entirely. The food was always cold and usually everything tasted like fish (even the baked goods like cupcakes and cookies). We usually tried to stay clear of it if we could.

Services: My parents did a few of the spa services on board. And they both said that the spa staff constantly tried to sell them products the entire time. That it's not a very relaxing experience because of how much they are trying to push products on you. Also, my mom had a few issues with scheduling her massage. She scheduled with the manager of the spa for a specific time in the morning and then when she showed up to the spa the day of the scheduled massage the very same manager told her that her appointment wasn't in the system and that it was never scheduled. They ended up rescheduling but I think the entire spa experience definitely stressed my mom out far more than it relaxed her.

Activities: This cruise line is very obviously geared towards an older crowd (60+). My wife and I are in our late 20's/early 30's and found it was very difficult to find activities geared towards our age group. Which didn't really bother us too much since we were mainly there to spend time with our family. But we certainly had to make a lot of our own entertainment on this ship (which we haven't had to do as much on other cruise lines).

Entertainment: One night we went to the princess exclusive Stephen Schwartz show called "Magic To Do." This was, hands down, the worst thing I have ever sat through in my entire life. The show made no sense. It was supposed to be part musical/part magic show. But the singing was dreadfully bad and hard to listen to. The dancing appeared as if a 4th grader choreographed the show. And the magic tricks were the most basic of basic tricks. Not even a little kid would be entertained by it. It was laughably bad. Kind of like the movie "The Room" (by Tommy Wiseau) is to film. "Magic To Do" is the "The Room" of musicals. A complete disaster.

I felt really bad for the cast for being forced into doing it and butchering their potential careers. Towards the end of our cruise we went to a comedy show with Steve Moris as the performer. He started out singing and making a lot of self-deprecating jokes. Then the joking turned darker and he started making homophobic jokes and racist jokes. They were distasteful and certainly not my brand of humor (considering my wife and I are a lesbian couple and don't care much for racism). I didn't think any of them were funny, so I didn't laugh. I didn't heckle him or comment, I simply sat there quietly and waited patiently for the show to end.

He noticed that my wife and I weren't laughing and proceeded to call us out in front of everyone. We continued to sit there quietly (still not laughing) and allowed him to poke a little fun. But then he wouldn't stop and his entire show became centered around insulting and harassing us for not laughing. He continued to make racist and homophobic jokes and then harassed us more for not laughing.

At that point, my wife and I quietly discussed walking out because his constant attention was starting to make us both very uncomfortable. We ultimately decided to stay because we thought walking out might further fuel the fire so we sat there and continued to take his abuse. Eventually, he harassed us to the point of throwing a water bottle at me and by that point I was so mortified and upset at being treated the way I was that I stood up and walked out. He made sure to harass me the entire way out with jokes about me being a "sensitive millennial." He even had quite a few people making rude comments to me as I walked out.

It was one of the most humiliating moments of my life. I love stand up comedy and have been to many live performances from my favorite comics and never have I seen them treat anyone this way (front row or not) -- I've not even seen hecklers get treated this poorly. I feel like any comedian that has to rely solely on bullying audience members (who aren't engaging in the show in any way) for a laugh is not a very good comedian at all and probably won't make it very far in the business.

We spoke to management on the ship after the show and they apologized and said they would write up a report and speak to him and the staff about it. We tried contacting them the day after we got back from the cruise for a status report on the report that was written to see if any action had been taken on this matter and they told us they "don't have access to the reports that get written on the ships." I don't feel as if justice has been or will ever be served for how I was treated as a paying customer on board their ship. And I am extremely disappointed in Princess for how they handled this entire situation.

Ports/Excursions: This was the best part of the cruise. We stopped at the following ports: Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan, and Victoria, B.C. They were all amazing ports. Absolutely breathtaking views of the mountains and glaciers. We did a seaplane over the glaciers in Juneau which was absolutely amazing. We did dog mushing in Skagway and greatly enjoyed getting to hold and cuddle puppies as well as learn more about Iditarod. We did a jeep and canoe excursion in Ketchikan and it was pretty fun and informative. We explored Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria and it was a beautiful building. The only complaint is that we wish we could have spent more time in Ketchikan and Victoria. We were only allotted about 5 hours in Ketchikan and 4 hours in Victoria and it just wasn't enough time to do excursions and explore/shop the towns.

Would we go back to Alaska? Absolutely. It is a beautiful state and the sights were amazingly beautiful. There is so much there to explore and learn. Will we ever go on a cruise again? Of course! We love cruises. They are a great way to explore a number of different locations in one trip and usually are a lot of fun to do.

Would we ever use Princess again? Absolutely not. We will never use this cruise line ever again. They seem more focused on making money than assuring customer satisfaction. And I am more than willing to shell out the money for an awesome experience, but when I'm basically paying for discrimination and to feel like I don't belong and like I'm nothing more than an ATM, it's just not worth it to me.

I'd rather go somewhere else where I'm treated better and there certainly are places like that that exist. If Princess isn't going to change the way they do business they should at the very least put a disclaimer somewhere that warns against the fact that they have poor customer service and if you are a minority or protected class that you will probably run into some issue on board -- if not from the staff and entertainment guests then surely from the other passengers. Vacation isn't really vacation on Princess. Would I recommend Princess to any of my family and friends? Not at all. I love and respect my family and friends. I wouldn't want them to have even the slightest chance of going through what I went through on this cruise.

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Original review: May 8, 2018

We went on a 7-day cruise to the Mexican Rivera. The food was ok, not great. The service was ok not great. One of the stops was Mazatlán Mexico. NOT really worth seeing. When it came time for the ship to leave, we did not leave. The ship stayed past its departure time for close to 1 hour and 30 minutes. The next day was Cabo San Lucas Mexico, we went swimming with dolphins, it was awesome and I highly recommend it. Just do not go there with Princess. Our port time was cut short 30 minutes.

When we were waiting to get back on the boat one of the ships security asked us if we had heard about what happened the previous day in Mazatlán Mexico? We said no, what happened? She then explained to us that the reason we did not leave on time and why our stay in Cabo was being cut short was, that one person decided to get drunk and refused to get back on the ship. The woman continued to say that there was no other reason other than he was drunk, and we ended up leaving him in Mazatlán where he is now an illegal immigrant. She then said, "Yep, we are going to have to Speed back to LA now if we are going to make it there on time."

We did not realize what she was talking about until the next morning, when we woke up to our balcony door opening and slamming shut. The sea conditions were moderate, but the ship was going so fast that it made everything much worse. My wife and I were on this cruise with my brother, his wife, and kids, and my other brother, his wife and their kid. We all ended up getting sick. Everyone I have talked to after the cruise, other passengers have said, they also were sick. While the ship was "speeding" back to LA, the ship was unusable. No one could go swimming, because the pools were shut down due to the water splashing out of them and on to the decks, making everything slippery.

We could not go eat, because we would just get sick. The entire last day at sea was a complete disastrous loss, because the ship's crew had decided to try to talk one drunk guy into getting back on the ship in Mazatlán instead of just leaving him and leaving on time. Princess cruise lines broke their own policy and punished other 1000 plus passengers for their mistake. We had a day at sea, which should have been relaxing and fun stolen from us, because of their decision. Princess has contacted me and said that they do not compensate for these types of situations. They refused to give me any ships credit, or do anything to try to make up for their mistake.

This shows me that they do not care about me, my family as customers, or about any of their customers, nor do they care if we sail with them again! I told the representative who called me, I wanted to escalate this call to a manager, and she refused. Princess Cruises have the worst customer service, they only care until you give them your money and then you are just another number. They really do not value your time, your experience with them or if they will retain you as a customer. I asked for ships credit on a later cruise, a t-shirt, anything from them to show they cared and that they were sorry for my terrible experience! She would not give me anything, but said, "She called me back, so that shows that they care!" No they do not care!

Unless something is done to fix now what has become a more escalated customer service diabolical, I will never sail with them again, I will tell everyone I cannot to sail with them, and make sure I do everything I can to point people to pick their competition. If you want to be another number sale with Princess, they do not give to craps about you, your time, or your experience. Spend your money on a cruise line that will value you as a customer, care about your experience, and do what they can to retain you as a customer. Do not sail with Princess. You will be happy you went with someone else.

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Original review: May 7, 2018

The television in our cabin did not work and it was a serious problem for me who has a bad habit of sleeping to the background noise of a television program. When we complained repeatedly, we were told that someone was working on the problem which should be fixed shortly. It wasn't fixed until two days later and while the TV was not working in our cabin, we were given an inside cabin that had a working TV. Because of the lack of sleep, I was unable to enjoy the vacation for a few days. We were very unhappy with the cabin downgrade. So the staff offered us a coffee card. Unfortunately we both do not drink coffee and did not accept the card. The staff assured us that they would send the complaint to the main office and we would hear from the customer relations.

A year later, we have not heard anything from Princess Cruises. We called and waited almost an hour to talk to a representative. After we explained our situation, the representative said she would try to work out a solution. We waited for another 20 plus minutes and was disconnected. We were surprised that nobody called us back since she had taken down our phone number. When we finally emailed customer service, we heard from Andres a week later. Since we had booked a second cruise and figured that we would receive some sort of credit for being inconvenient. Instead we were told that we should have contacted them within weeks of our first cruise to file a complaint even though we were told that the on-board staff would forward our complaint.

Since we already paid for our second cruise in full, they could not compensate us even though I mentioned that we would accept credit towards gratuity which was not yet paid. The only offer was to issue us $50 credit for booking a new cruise within a year. Lessons learned: customer relations have no interest in helping dissatisfied customers; customers are always at fault; do not pay in full unless you are 100 percent sure that everything will go well because please don't expect any credits issued and your satisfaction would not be guaranteed.

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Original review: April 18, 2018

We booked an Alaskan cruise almost a year in advance with the promise that if we "booked today" we would receive the Premier Beverage package free (over $800.00 value). The sales person did not stipulate that the promotion only applied to certain room types. We booked a regular stateroom. Later when viewing our reservation online I noticed that the drink package did not show up. After speaking to the reservation people again I was told about the room type stipulation. We then received an upsell offer for a mini-suite. When I spoke to the reservation people again they assured me that if I accepted the upsell I would receive the beverage package. We accepted the upsell only because we were told that we would then receive the beverage package. This turned out to be false.

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Original review: April 9, 2018

I have over 30 cruises with Princess and they are always consistent. Food is the best, entertainment is great, friendly and customer service oriented crew, clean cabins, everything about them is the best and is the reason why I return and return. We just returned from a 7 day Mexican Riviera cruise, our 8th one on Princess, on the Ruby Princess, had a blast! We also recently did the Caribbean on the Regal Princess, we loved the ship and everything about the cruise. You will not be disappointed. We are now planning a Japan cruise with them for 2019.

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Original review: March 13, 2018

We embark on a 15 day cruise from Fort Lauderdale via Panama Canal to Los Angeles on January 20th, 2018 on the MS Coral Princess. Our stateroom P603. Since the moment we arrived to the room we were met by the Steward named Edward. This individual either was angry with the ship's company or something. He was intolerant, and he was not gracious. He did his job but to ask for something extra it was chore. Not the typical steward on other cruises. I really do not think he deserved the tip, but I allowed on the hotel bill.

I was watching my hotel bill as it was moving during the cruise when suddenly a charged appear for something we did not use. They charge us $2.30 for one bottle of water that we did not signed for it. We complained to the desk, and she took it off the bill. Then a few days later, another charge for $3.60 for espresso coffee that we did not signed. We returned to the desk and complained. After arguing with the desk clerk, she took it off. Neither of these charges were used while on board. Since I carry a Platinum card, I was entitle to express exiting. This did not happen after the cruise. We were moved to the theater and we waited patiently with the rest of the passengers.

Consumers watch the ship's bill, they would charge you extra and hope that you do not catch it and do not complain. Once, I can see an honest mistake but twice it is not. They are charging people for services that you do not use. I do not think is the ship's company. I think is the hire help that is doing the rip off. Keep a good watch and you would remember what I wrote.

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Original review: March 12, 2018

Received a promo in the mail for reduced cabin and $500 casino free play. Called and booked a cruise - received the reduced cabin fare. I paid in full during the call. Later noticed the casino free play was on my account but not applied to cruise. Called back. Rep said it was too late to redeem it because I paid in full. I told her that was ridiculous. Called back. Another rep said I had already used the credit! LOL. I insisted she check with the casino because her information was wrong. (By the way, she constantly overtalked me and raised her voice. Yes! Yelled at me.) Casino said I would get the free play once onboard. I didn't feel comfortable with that answer.

I called back. Was told that my cruise did not qualify. What? It was booked by required date and will sail before it expires. It is also a 7-day cruise. For heaven's sake, why did the first rep even book it, if it didn't qualify. I insisted on speaking with a manager, which deemed to be useless. She spent the entire time trying to find out how she could uphold the decision that the free play was not eligible (so much for manager of customer relations!). She said she read the notes where I was promised this credit each time I called (it was over a span of 2 weeks - not back to back calling). She offered a $100 onboard credit for my troubles. The only reason I booked this cruise was due to the offer of reduced cabin AND $500 free play. They would not refund my money. Bye Princess - 2018 will be the last you see of me.

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Original review: March 3, 2018

We booked a suite on the Crown Princess in November for a four night cruise to the Caribbean. Because of being in a suite we were told we would have priority embarkation status... NO... We were herded into a large room, where we sat for 20 minutes until I told the employee our situation. We complained about this and were given a food voucher for the one of the specialty restaurants. On the first night, I folded the comforter off the bed, at which time I saw it feces smeared on it. Obviously, it had been just turned over and not replaced after the last quests. I told the cabin person, and it was replaced the next day. Disgusting!!! After that we never saw him again.

Because of the extra monies paid for a suite, we were given priority seating in the restaurant. On the last night, the highlight on the menu was meatloaf!!! What??? Diner food??? Our waitress gave us her name on a note and told us what review to give her... What??? The only saving grace to this getaway was Sabatini's restaurant on the stern of the ship. Our waiter was wonderful... Illia!!! We will NOT book with Princess Cruises again, but will stick to Celebrity.

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Original review: Feb. 28, 2018

The terrific, good, tolerable, needs improvement and terrible. We have voyaged on the Pacific Princess for almost two months. Our first on this vessel was in November and December 2016. I posted an excellent review back then and this ship still remains one of our favorites. However, since then on this ship, there has been a little improvement here and there and some degradation. Which has resulted in my dropping the previous rating. Let me begin with the positives:

Terrific -- We really like the ship and the crew, from the Captain on down. The main dining room (MDR) folks are exceptional. The high point for us is that the main dining room service and cuisine has restored our faith in the MDRs, at least on this vessel. Maitre d'hotel, Oscar **, has to be one of the best if not the best in the business. We originally intended to do a few dinners in the two specialty restaurants but the staff and service was so great in the MDR. The only specialty we bothered to use was a Ultimate Balcony Dinner, which was exquisite.

Our cabin was super just like the other deck eight mini-suite we had one year ago. We really like the size along with the balcony which represents a large picture window facing the sea when you pull the drapes all the way back. The bathroom was typical, not very large and the closets are not walk ins but the closet space was much larger than one realizes at first glance. The bathroom medicine and toiletry cabinets have doors like they used to have in the old days so stuff doesn't spill out in rough seas. The temperature in the cabin can be regulated perfectly, cold outdoors and comfy inside or 95 F outside and cool inside.

This was the third time we have been on a cruise that coincided with the Super Bowl. This was the best bowl coverage yet, excellent, and outstanding too was because it was offered in the Cabaret Lounge, where three huge screens were used to display the action with the crew outdoing themselves by having a huge tasty buffet line of goodies and eats available throughout the entire game.

Good -- We certainly appreciate the loyalty perk(s) for free internet and laundry. The internet speed for me is satisfactory and reliable and wife loves the care, reliability, and quality of the laundry and cleaning service. The two main hot tubes on the pool deck were great and I used them sometimes twice a day. The pool deck on this ship doesn't have chair hogs and I never ran into a time when there wasn't ample fresh towels awaiting at three different locations. The only complaint I had was they got the hot tubs way too hot at times, one time they were at 107 F for two days. The vessel is very well maintained and the crew is constantly scrapping, painting and keeping the ship in tip-top condition. Love the balcony railings as well as the railings around the vessel where three horizontal bars are below a teak top railing allowing for clear views of the ocean instead of solid steel or Plexiglas which is almost always fogged up.

Often I'm not certain what the pre and post cruise hotels cost as we like to use the cruise line transfers and hotel package(s) which are lumped together price wise. Normally I believe the entire package is reasonable--this arrangement has really come in handy in the past when things got confused the day before embarkation due lost airline luggage or other problems. Nothing more comforting than to have an agent at a strange airport with a sign and your name.

The ship's library is the best and largest we have seen. Truly a library designed for exploration cruises. The buffet is very good, food wise, service wise and table wise. They even change things around in part of it in the late afternoon making a more formal section with tablecloths, flowers and wine glasses. This buffet has ample seating which gets constrained only when inclement weather forces everybody off the outdoor seating areas, which has even a larger number of tables than inside. During the entire cruise we never ran out of cantaloupe, not once, first time I recall that ever happening. Cabin T.V.s work great and programming good. Certainly appreciate my favorite news channel MSNBC being available with a good signal all the time. I recall the days when we had no other choice for news but--LOL. Sure wish they could figure a way to place larger TVs in the mini-suites though.

No complaints over embarkations and disembarkations. All handled well and luggage arrived in the cabins timely. Although our segment involved mostly sea days, the shore excursions we did take were good, typically we never go the independent route on shore excursions but use those provided by the cruise line. One in particular illustrates how Princess stands out here--We were confused about meet times one morning, so when we showed up for our muster time they told us our excursion had already left. Anyway, bummer, but then, the shore rep said, "You can get on 'this one' if you want instead," which was leaving just then. We took it.

We were supposed to be on a rainforest type, hike and glow worm cave visit, which we were regretting due to all the rain. As it turned out, the alternative was much better and dryer, plus the one we were to be on they didn't even get into the caves as they flooded and during the rainforest hike portion everybody got soaked. Mistakes sometimes turn out for the better.

The cruise director on this voyage was a gal from Juneau, Sammi **, she managed the Red Dog Saloon in Juneau back in the 1980s and had her own band there "Moondance". She got a job with the Italian cruise line "Sitmar" who merged with Princess in the late 1980s. We never ran across her before in our travels with Princess, she is retiring after this voyage. Too bad, she is well liked.

Needs improvement -- We never personally experienced much of a problem here, however, something is amiss. We did witness the considerable confusion which apparently exists within the cruise line fleet at large, this is over room service liquor order policy and even water bottle orders, as pre-orders prior to initial embarkation get tangled with room service liquor order requests due contradictions emanating from staff and company both orally and written. It might well be that the line is determined to eventually eliminate service to cabins where spirits or wine can be ordered for consumption within. If not, I suggest Princess better start attempting to squelch rumors and altercations that suggest otherwise, bring forth a consistent written policy/procedure, since a practice like that if it materializes, will be a real downer for cruisers like ourselves.

I do miss the enrichment lecturers that Princess used to provide, like naturalists, biologists, area historians and geography experts, I thought they would bring someone on board at Honolulu but didn't. However, at Pago Pago they brought on two New Zealanders who were pretty good, too bad for us though, as this occurred two thirds of the way through the cruise.

I'm not big on the production shows anymore where you got a bunch of young folk jumping around singing, dancing and doing handstands. But on this voyage I guess they should be given credit since I attended most performances and thought they were okay, most guests appeared to really like them. I also don't care much for ventriloquists, comedians or jugglers, what I like is the individual singers, violinists, etc but only if they stay away from attempting to articulate political jokes, most of which are tired and ancient and usually irritate more than amuse.

In fact, on the larger vessels I quit going to the overcrowded theatres with too few aisles all-together, it wasn't until on this ship, a year ago, I became interested again due the comfort and convenience of the Cabaret Lounge. Here is my opinion of the entertainment list: Good -- (1) The Lion’s Den, (2) Dave Klinberg (violinist and enrichment lecture--ancient cultures), (3) The Stevie B. Show, (5) Monty Cotton -- "Johnny Cash", (4) Production Shows, Jennifer Andres and Charlie Vose with the Belinda King Dancers. (5) Diane Cousins, singing and jokes. (6) Russell Harrison. So-So -- Louie Shelton.

Bad -- (1) Bayne Bacon, mediocre piano man and right wing sick joke critic of the Clinton family, (3) Domenick Allen, disorganized music performances, (2) Ventriloquist, Mark Merchant, good ventriloquist but that is where his talent ends; he also should stay away from right wing leaning ignorant jokes. Not so good -- The gym is in an excellent location but too small for the number of guests wanting to use it. Only two ellipticals and five treadmills, that doesn't cut it in the morning. The gym doors open at 7:00 PM and often if you aren't in line at least 20 to 30 minutes before you better plan on waiting at least an hour. I have to admit though, we were on the Prinsendam for almost three months, a larger exploration type vessel than the Pacific Princess carrying 200 more guests, but their gym was almost half the size of that on this ship.

Watch out for the "Man Killer" -- Normally I would go out onto the circular track on deck 10 and walk or jog if the gym equipment was busy on this ship, however, this is a dangerous track early in the morning, as water collects on the track and it is very slick even after they mop it. I almost fell completely down four times and witnessed others crashing down, it is a wonder there hasn't been serious injuries. Apparently they tried to remedy this recently by painting the primary center running and walking area with a red substance which was actually slicker than the old surface which most runners or joggers tried to favor due better traction.

Terrible -- Platinum & Elite Lounge, Princess has changed their format here from what they used to provide. Now they offer a selection of eight different alcohol drinks which they apparently came up with as substitutes for the more traditional drinks they used to offer for $5.00 per. They now charge $6.50 for these new concoctions. We gave them a chance. Went three times and tried three different drinks each, most of the time we didn't finish the drinks due to not liking them. Their hors d'oeuvre offerings were still pretty good but the only way we would want to take time to attend is by purchasing their old traditional drinks for the full price. Thus, we say goodbye to this once great loyalty perk.

This cruise involved one segment of a world cruise, 47 ports, five segments, 111 days. We originally purchased the second and third segments, 49 days. The third ended in Dubai. I had arranged and paid for air transport back home from Dubai when I first booked, about 11 months before embarkation. Our flight left at 9:30 AM in the morning of our second day in port at Dubai. That turned out to be a bad assumption and mistake. Unfortunately, Princess said we couldn't get off the ship that day that early since our flight left before 11:30 AM.

After much discussion, Princess allowed us a "cruise deviation" under which we could get off early. They provided us no help or advice as to how to get off but did offer a lot of worrisome suggestions, like: "You are on your own" and "It is up to you to arrange with immigrations at that country when you get off our ship." Thanks but no thanks, we decided to cancel the entire voyage, both segments. At the last minute we decided to stay with the first segment only. It seems to me that for $34,000 to $37,000, which the second segment alone was going to cost us or in the neighborhood of $57,000 for the entire two segments, they could have given us just a little encouragement and assistance for our disembarkation.

Recommendation -- Since we were on part of a world cruise it gave me an opportunity to evaluate the merits of these since this got me to focusing on the merits and demerits of booking the entire package if we had chosen to do so. We have never booked a "world cruise". Our longest cruise was one just shy of three months, which was 95% Africa ports. Most likely the reason we haven't booked longer voyages is that by now we have visited just about every port offered on those, many, multiple times.

My advice to those just beginning cruising careers, if they can make it work, take a world cruise as soon as you can, that way most ports on the itinerary will involve first visits making the voyage that much more enjoyable. I did note on this voyage over 80% of the guests were taking the entire 111 day world voyage and out of those there were a lot who love to do this time and time again regardless of the number of visits they may have had at the same ports. We met couples that have been on more than five and often they were friends with others that had been on the same voyages. Camaraderie was a big inducement factor. Obviously, cruising is not the same for all, there are many types and variations. However, we see now the world cruise probably isn't for us. We do love sea days and you do get a lot of those on world cruises, which is a plus for us.

But It seems to me that the industry is rather coy in describing "world cruises" or "world voyages" as these are somewhat misnomers. The one we were just involved in was indeed a cruise that went all the way around the globe, beginning and ending in Florida. However, to call this a "world cruise" is rather disingenuous. 20 of the 47 ports are all in the Mediterranean, there is no Africa, no South America, no--Indonesia, Asia, Malaysia, Baltic, British Isles, Holy Land, Antarctica or Arctic or much more, most all of it is confined to traditional tourist haunts within the Northern Hemisphere, with the exception of a jaunt down the Pacific to Australia and then back north. One fellow, on his 5th world cruise, told me he was "bored". My preference now would be to get more bang for my buck by booking separate cruises of four or five week durations each, maybe lumping two together as a back to back (B2B).

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Original review: Feb. 13, 2018

Princess Cruises. I had the misfortune of having an accident on a Mediterranean cruise. Just briefly I opened a door to go inside the ship and the wind caught the door and flung it opened wildly. It hit my toe and ripped the toenail clean off. I have now been sent a medical bill for $757.52 USD for something that was an accident. I have contacted customer service and explained it was an accident not a doctors visit for illness. Not sympathetic at all. They want their money. I also highlighted that they have a duty of care and that there should have been warning signs in place. I have several witnesses to say there was no such sign in place. Their response, "Hang on a minute. I will check." They came back and said that there was a warning sign in place door handle high that night.

My question is how the hell do you check what happened on deck 17 on the 08/08/17 when the security report states their camera did not capture the image. I am a Diabetic and am still having problems as I write this. They have now threatened external debt collectors. They have contacted me on 4 occasions for money but never to see if I was doing O.K. with the injury. I have travel insurance but I stress this was an accident not a Doctors visit, they say, "Bad luck. Just pay up." Princess Cruises or associated lines can now sink as far as I am concerned. To all other travelers do not have an accident because Princess are good at covering their tracks, shirking responsibility and duty of care.

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Original review: Jan. 30, 2018

We were left behind due to the airlines making us miss our cruise and we tried calling their emergency number listed for just that purpose. No ever answered. We had no idea what to do so we were sent home. Trying to get our money back or to simply just be rolled into another cruise has proven to be a thorn in their side. They clearly don't care that we are out almost $6k at no fault of our own, they offer you absolutely nothing. Literally nothing. When asked to speak to a more senior level employee we were told that we were talking to the highest level we were allowed to speak to. What?! I went to their FB page to try and get some answered and just ended up getting trolled by fake profiles that clearly are in the pockets of Princess.

Then to top it all off I meet a woman who has experienced the same thing as me and tells me stories of how these fake profiles have been harassing her to the point she had to change her FB name. She tells me one of them literally wished her to be murdered. She is being cyber bullied on a Princess FB page and they never once stepped in or stopped the conversation. They just allowed these "people" to harass her. They are currently harassing me on my FB posts. This seriously needs to be looked into! If anyone has suggestions on how to best handle this I am listening... I will NEVER cruise on this cruise line or any of its affiliates.

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Original review: Jan. 25, 2018

This review is to warn anyone considering a cruise on the Sea Princess. If you find it unbelievable please feel free to search Cruise Critic, Trip Advisor for similar experiences. Sea Princess New Zealand Cruise 4-18 Jan 2018. CABIN A620 Norovirus. Sea Princess motto should be changed from "Come back new" to "Come back poor and barely alive".

Having had twelve cruises with several cruise lines we are fairly aware of what to expect when cruising. We saw news headlines stating that the Sea Princess had had approximately 200 passengers ill with the Norovirus but measures were being undertaken to disinfect/ sanitise the ship while returning to Brisbane and while in port prior to departure for the cruise we were booked on. Considering how infectious and dangerous this virus is my wife and I boarded the ship with some confidence that the crew had undertaken a rigorous cleaning of the ship. We also disinfected our cabin with Glenn 20 as an added precaution. All went well until late on day four when I came down with the Norovirus. Obviously somebody had not been as rigorous as they should have been when cleaning the ship.

During the next four days I was very ill, visiting ship's doctor on several occasions, had two cannula's inserted for various reasons, high temperature and anti vomiting medication. All of these visits amounted to over $1000 in medical fees and included a $3.88 charge for an adult nappy when I asked for one to protect the new mattress that Princess were boasting about and had just installed as part of the recent refit the ship had undergone. Part of the treatment for norovirus is isolation of the passengers, but during the entire time I had the virus my wife still shared toilet facilities, shower and hand basin, but... she was still allowed to roam the ship, go ashore, eat in all restaurants attend the theatre etc. This to me indicated how little the ship's senior officers understood the word "isolation" and the contempt they showed to fellow passengers on the ship, some of whom were recovering from chemotherapy, aged and young children.

You would think after only a week or so since the first outbreak they would have made wiser decisions. While I could go on about the lack of concern from senior staff who were quick to ignore the illness we had it on good authority that I was not the only case, but when staff were questioned their silence said it all. Once partly recovered with three ports remaining I was well enough to make the following observations on this cruise.

If you are coming for romantic dinners in the more upper class restaurants ie. Traviata, Rigoletto forget it. Tables for two are practically non existent, and your choice is "Shared dining" or "shared dining". Initially shared dining was satisfactory but as the cruise progressed table numbers went from 6 to 12. Very hard to eat when the person next to you has their elbow in your soup. Food very average. If you needed Senior staff (if there were any) were very scarce. I also noted while you are not spending money on excursions you receive notes asking why not but if you are on your death bed with an illness no one comes near, not even a note to ask if you are feeling better. As all norovirus have to be reported ignorance is not an excuse.

Starboard side of ship deck 7 near where smokers hang out, be prepared for foulest sewer smell you can get. Some nights this stench actually made it up to deck 11 and we had to close our door. d. Food served at salmonella bar, oops! Horizon Court Buffet very average except for vegetable soup, which was served under several different names throughout the cruise. We also noted cold meats, cheeses and salads were placed in serving areas at least one to two hours before service began (good luck eating that).

New mattresses, while comfortable, were hot to sleep on. Luckily we had a balcony so opening the door, when the sewer stench was blowing the other way, solved this problem. Those passengers with inside cabins that we talked to were not so lucky complaining about hot mattresses. Pillows smelt of sweat on a few occasions and on two days the sheets had some not pretty stains on them.

Shows on the Sea Princess that I was able to watch were very disappointing except for one. I think there were no shows for the first two nights because cast were rehearsing, surely this should have been done before the cruise started. Last night no show so if my maths are right that is 22% of nights no shows. Theatre very small so unless you arrived 45 minutes before start of show no seats were available. You could go view show on a large screen but this just gave the crew more opportunity to load you up with very expensive drinks.

All in all this is one cruise line that cares little for its paying passengers and is very much overpriced for what you get. The services, food, entertainment are average at best and the ship, while it looks good on the surface is showing its age, rust is not removed it is painted over unlike other cruise ships we have been on where great care to ongoing maintenance is taken. My closing comment is if you choose to cruise with Princess don't say you were not warned. This cruise nearly put us off cruising for life. We will be sailing with more reputable lines that we are familiar with in the future. Recommend this line if you need to lose weight, I lost over 3 kilos when I had the virus.

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Original review: Dec. 9, 2017

Without asking me Princess switched my room to a balcony. I saw nothing about this when I booked. I've attempted to call several times with no answer and was put on hold for 20 minutes. I do not want a balcony. I have kids and don't want to share my view with a bunch of smokers. I have asthma. With no answer I may have to cancel and no refund. I'm extremely upset.

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Original review: Nov. 9, 2017

Have cruised with Princess on Alaska cruise and Mediterranean cruise, both were very worthwhile experiences. Room with balcony was tight but adequate, kept very well. Food quality was varied and generally excellent, available until midnight. Landing trips were predictable and somewhat costly, suggest doing self itineraries, just as good, and mostly workable.

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Original review: Nov. 8, 2017

We would like to express our dissatisfaction with Crown Princess, Room C518, on our Canada and New England Cruise October 4-17, 2017. This is our eleventh cruise with Princess and we have always been happy with our balcony rooms. However, when we went to our cabin we noticed a stained and worn carpet. The balcony was dirty and even had bird "poop" on the sliding glass doors. This room was not to the standard we were accustomed to. On October 6 we had a problem with the toilet water continuing to run after it was flushed. I was able to prevent flooding of the bathroom until a steward was notified who turned off the water valve. Later a plumber "supposedly" repaired the valve.

On October 7 the toilet was flushed and I then took a shower. Upon completion of the shower I noticed that the bathroom floor was flooded. To prevent more flooding I consistently flushed the toilet, dried and got dressed to try and find someone in the hallway to notify which I was unable to do. Still in the process of flushing I telephoned the Customer Service desk and notified them as to the trouble. Another steward showed up and turned the water off. After an hour a plumber showed up and replaced the valve.

On October 10, we awoke to a water-soaked rug. We again contacted Customer Service and an individual came up and immediately went to the balcony window and stated that it had rained the night before and that water was coming in under the door. Blowers were set up and ran all day to dry out the carpet. Consequently, our room was not available to us all day. No attempt was made to fix the leak. So the next person in the cabin will experience the same problem after a rain. I would expect a satisfactory response to these problems, and would expect to be compensated for the sad state of affairs when it comes to your maintenance. These problems should have been fixed the first time around and we should not have had to endure the ineptness in these situations. It is our decision not to go aboard the Crown Princess until it is refurbished and will recommend the same to our friends.

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Original review: Nov. 7, 2017

We were going to take our first cruise with this company in September when my husband became seriously ill just two weeks before we were supposed to go. His dr advised us not to go because he still needed more care so she wrote us an excuse. I contacted the cruise company of this fact and they said because we didn't buy the insurance they will not give us back a full refund. This was an eye-opener because I didn't know what the insurance was for. I don't remember being explained to what it was for. I vaguely remember anything about it.

I know if I had been explained to what it was for I would have gotten this insurance because my husband is sick sometimes because of his disability. He's a 20 yr retired Air Force and 100% disabled veteran. Now I'm sure that they did fill the room because they usually have people on a waiting list. I just want people to be aware of the insurance thing and of their lack of concern for really sick people. It used to be that companies tried to do the right thing. Honesty is the best policy doesn't mean anything to them.

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Original review: Nov. 6, 2017

I am a Coeliac, I was served a contaminated meal on Sapphire Princess. I made four written complaints while onboard until I was able to discuss the matter with the Head Chef, with no resolution. It was only after six months of complaining to the On-shore Customer Service that I finally got a resolution to my problem. Consequently I have not cruised with Princess since.

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Original review: Oct. 19, 2017

I haven't even been on the cruise yet, but I will never use Princess again. I have a problem with their website. They provide two ways to sign in to your account: one requires filling in two lines, the other requires six fill ins. I cannot make the two line version work for me. It always says I have no cruises booked, but if I do the long route, I get in just fine. I called at 7:35 p.m. on 10-16-17. The woman was not courteous. I explained the problem. I have dealt with other cruise lines and other travel arrangements. I could deal with her not saying anything like 'I'm sorry you are having this problem. Let's see if I can get this figured out.' I just noted that her training was lacking. I told her that I'd tried a number of times, then she asks me if I'd filled in the two lines. I'd just told her I had! I got frustrated with her and eventually she said she was just trying to help me and she felt like I was not cooperating.

After I patiently explained to her what the problem was, again, she said she'd have to get into my account if that was OK and asked me to answer a security question. Then she came back on the line and said: “All I can find out is that if you can sign on one way, you should be able to sign on both ways.” She also advised me to call back when I can call before 6:00 p.m. when they have people with specialized training who all get off at 6:00 p.m. I'd been on the phone for 26 minutes. I wasn't able to call until 10-18-17. This time I pushed the number for website help. And, surprise, this woman was rude. According to her I cannot sign in the easy way because I booked through Costco Travel instead of direct with them. She specifically said to me, "They have your email address." I told her my email address was all over my Princess information, when I could get logged in the hard way.

I said then that I was being treated like a second class passenger since I booked through Costco. She replied, "I didn't call you a second class passenger!" with that huff! in her voice. So I got no resolution. Her whole tone of voice was as if to say "This is what you get when you don't book through us." I told her I wanted a confirmation from Princess that I'd paid for our transfers from the airport to the ship. She said I'd get that from Costco. I said I have their confirmation, but nothing from Princess saying they had us down for the transfers. I asked how we were supposed to find the transportation. She said someone from Princess would be at baggage claim with black pants, white shirt and red vest who would have us on a list with our names on it. That was the end of the conversation. Got to thinking later, we are flying into San Francisco.

I'm now concerned about this transportation; will someone really be there at our baggage claim at our terminal. I hope the service on the cruise is better than on the phone because it really sucks. I can't believe no one ever said anything about being sorry I was having a problem. Even if I was the dumbest thing on two legs, they could be courteous. I then called Costco Travel and spoke with a supervisor who was polite and helpful. I told him the problem; he said he had a cruise booked with Princess so he'd see if he could sign in the easy way. Surprise, it worked for him! And he said, obviously he had booked through Costco Travel. So apparently there is some glitch in the system that is impacting my ability to sign on. I go on cruises for relaxation and a break from real life, not to be treated rudely and to deal with incompetence. Never, never again.

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Original review: Oct. 15, 2017

No one answers restaurant reservations - We are told to dial extension 138 for restaurant reviews but after an hour on line with no answer I call ext 5000 and am told that they are busy. I would not cruise with this unprofessional Princess line again.

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Original review: Sept. 25, 2017

My family booked our airline tickets through Princess. Our return flight was not until 10:55 PM. We disembarked the Star Princess in the early morning, rented a hotel room for the day, and took a taxi to the Vancouver airport on our own that night. While on board, I had been assured that we would be refunded the airport transfer fees. I have been trying to get this refund since July, however, Princess insists that they need either the transfer voucher, or a receipt from the taxi, and I have neither. I was not advised that I would need to have proof that we did not take the Princess-arranged transfer to the airport (doesn't Princess have a record of who boards or does not board their buses to the airport?).

I read another review posted here, that the customer complaining to Princess about something was told that there was no one else to speak with. I too, was told by my customer relations rep, "Andreas", that there was no Supervisor, or anyone else with whom I could speak; he was it. I subsequently wrote to the President of Princess Cruises, Jan Swartz. But, guess who called me back? "Andreas". Not even an acknowledgment letter from Ms. Swartz.

I have offered to send Princess proof of the hotel stay and dinner charges from my American Express statement, but this is not "proof" according to Princess. "Andreas" insisted that the travel vouchers or taxi receipt were the only acceptable documentation. Princess is, however, "generously" offering to give each of us a $30 on-board credit voucher! It seems to me that Princess should be able to "lose" $120 to retain customer loyalty. But, I guess not. Oh- - and I agree with someone else who posted a review here, the coffee on board was, indeed, terrible!

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Original review: Aug. 16, 2017

It was a pleasant cruise. My husband is on a special diet and they made sure his meals were exactly as ordered. The head waiter watched closely to be sure all was right. The meals very good. The shows were entertaining.

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Original review: Aug. 7, 2017

We have traveled with many other cruise lines before, and I’m quite disappointed with this first experience with this cruise line and their multiple satisfactory customer relations representatives (Kim ext. ** and Cecilia ext. ** to name a few). When we were booking as a group, I was offered $25 credit per cabin, which is a small amount considering we are spending over $20000 on this trip itself. However, 19 days before the vacation, I was told that I don't qualify for the credit, which was an unethical gesture and a true disappointment to the 13 of us. We also made an effort to book directly through the cruise line as they told us there would be a higher chance of a cabin upgrade and extra credits. However, now as we compare with friends who booked with a third party for the same cruise, the travel agencies seem to treat their customers more loyally than the cruise lines themselves.

Kim was very unprofessional and doesn't care about customer complaints, which is her job to help resolve. When asking to talk to a person in a higher position, she simply stated that "I'm the one, there is nobody else above me". No other cruise line that we've traveled with has given us such horrible experiences, and had always made an effort to satisfy their customers. Overall, we are very frustrated with the way we've been treated and don't know how we will enjoy this expensive trip anymore. We will never travel with Princess Cruises again.

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Original review: Aug. 6, 2017

Purchased airfare through Princess Air 10/12/16 for departure 8/10/17 on American Airlines flight 8414 (operated by Japan Airlines flight 069) from Los Angeles to Osaka. Requested seats from Princess Air, and was assigned aisle and window seat in two seat row. Received schedule change (time of flight) and called Princess Air to confirm seating. Was advised by Princess Air, that seats were changed without notifying us to seats located toward rear of plane, so I asked for original seats and was given two seats, aisle and window in two seat row -- printed off seat assignments from AA website.

Received another notification of a change of flight status, so I again went to AA website and saw that there were NO seats assigned, so I contacted AA and was advised that the problem was with the type of ticket that had been purchased by Princess Air. As AA described the tickets, my understanding was that these are discounted 'bulk tickets', and it meant that I was not going to have a seat assigned for us until we checked in for our flight just prior to departure. AA then advised that they were working with Japan Airlines, and they were able to find two seats for me, in the two middle seats of a 4 seat interior row. I advised I did not want those seats, but AA told me that Japan Airlines was controlling seat assignments and I should contact Japan Airlines.

I found it hard to believe that I could purchase a ticket in October 2016, and that in July 2017 (one month prior to the departure) I would not be able to reserve a good seat -- so I contacted Japan Airlines. Japan Airlines advised they had a seating policy in place for the tickets I had (bulk tickets or discounted tickets), and I would have to wait until at least August 7 to contact AA to get a change in seats.

I then called Princess Cruises to ask if everyone flying from LAX to KIX (LA to Osaka) with Princess Air was having this same issue, or if I was the only one who was having a problem with the seat assignments. I also asked for their help in getting reasonable seats assigned. I also noted that they did not disclose that the tickets they sold to me were the 'bulk or discounted tickets' that would not allow me to have any choice in seat selection until just prior to the flight. My point was that the 'regular ticket' purchasers were being allowed to select their seats, and keep those seats, while my seats were gradually getting worse and worse; and I would end up with having to pick seats at the last minute from the least desirable seats on the entire plane.

On 8/5/17 I was reviewing all the passenger information on all the different websites and I saw that the AA site had blanks in my passport information that I had previously entered. So I logged on and input it again and then called AA to confirm that AA had my passport information AND that I was still in the system to get seats assigned on August 7. AA's website had the message for me to "Choose seats on Japan Airlines" for AA flight 8414, so I asked how I was supposed to choose seats on Japan Airlines since everything I had showed AA 8414 (e.g. I did not have a Japan Airlines Flight number or a Japan Airlines record locator, so Japan Airlines could find my reservation).

I was informed that AA had assigned me two new seats, in the middle of a four seats' row, but in TWO DIFFERENT ROWS, so my wife and I would now be sitting in the middle of the four person row but one would be in row 47 and one would be in row 48. I advised I did NOT want those seats -- but was told those were the only two available. It did not occur to me THIS TIME to ask again how AA could change my seats to seats I did NOT WANT (and did not ask to be changed), but could not ever change them to seats that I was requesting.

I then called Japan Airlines (as AA advised I needed to contact Japan Airlines to get seat assignments and to check in for the flight -- I asked about flight check in, since it appeared that AA was advising Japan Airlines was going to be responsible for both the seats and check in). Japan Airlines advised the same message that they had advised on 7/5 -- they had seats that were being held, the seats would be released on August 7 at 205pm Los Angeles time, and I would have to contact AA to check in for my flights and to get a change in seats -- unless I wanted to wait until I was in Los Angeles, then I could go to the Japan Airlines counter and see if I could get a change in seats.

I then called Princess Cruises and asked for assistance with the Princess Air tickets. I was on the phone over an hour, and eventually was disconnected after more than 30 minutes on hold, with no resolution. I asked Princess Cruises to assist me in getting two reasonable seats (an aisle and window in a two seat row was preferred), and to advise which airline I needed to check in.

I had a previous experience in early 2016 with Princess Air, on a flight from Atlanta to Buenos Aires, where my seat assignment was similarly held up until the last minute and we got two horrible seats. When I called and booked Princess Air this time, I specifically asked if I could get seat assignment early, and was assured I could. There was no disclosure by Princess that the tickets that were being sold to me, virtually guaranteed that I would NOT be able to get a reasonable seat assignment early, and that I WOULD get the least desirable seats.

There also was no disclosure by Princess that it was going to be my problem to figure out which airline to contact for seat assignment (right now AA is advising Japan Airlines, and Japan Airline is advising AA), or to check in for our flight (AA says Japan Airlines, Japan Airlines says AA). It's also really bizarre about the two airlines AA and Japan Airlines being 'world partners', as they do not seem to have this very simple issue worked out--makes me concerned about how well they are handling the big stuff such as passenger safety.

As it stands now, I'm going to try and call AA on August 7 at 205pm Los Angeles time and hope for the best. After these two very dissatisfactory experiences, I would recommend that passengers avoid using Princess Air entirely, as I intend to do so. I had previously used Princess Air (prior to 2016) and had good experiences with them; but my last two experiences have been very bad -- and Princess Air had months to work on resolving the problems and simply did not get it done. If anything, each time I contact them, my seating assignments are downgraded.

I hope you can assist in getting something resolved for our upcoming trip; but at least you may be able to investigate the issue and get some sort of improvement (at least a disclosure) in the Princess Air program. Also, while I hope NO ONE else is having these issues, I'm guessing that I am not alone in having this issue with Princess Air, based on how the process has now worked in two consecutive events.

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Original review: Aug. 2, 2017

I enjoy cruising, they have cut back a lot over the years but still a nice way to meet great people. However they will not hesitate to leave you behind if you get held up. I was left in Rome one night because their shuttles were off schedule. One finely picked me up but I was not allowed to board the ship even though the gangplank was still in place. I was taken back into town before the ship even sailed away that night. I took a train to the next port near Pisa and reboarded the ship where I was grilled like a criminal by the assistant to the captain. I was made to feel like a criminal when I was there on their shuttle and they left me behind.

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Original review: July 31, 2017 On March 28, 2017 while on board and still in port on the Star Princess, while waiting in line for the buffet, a large metal ceiling panel fall from approx 15 and hit me in the head. I went to medical and was advised to self monitor my condition for the duration of the trip and let them know if any problems. No one checked on.

My well being, I stayed in cabin 80% of trip and never left ship until docked in USA. I was refused copies of reports involving the accident. I was charged for medical. They made me feel it was my fault.

I have photos to show improper installation even after accident. My anxiety level was very high, not when returned home my doctors put me under observation for three. months. Princess Cruises claim dept made an offer that barely covered expenses. Nothing for pain and suffering of which I still have issues. Since I didn't die it's no big deal. They are slow to respond claiming they don't receive items I have sent them. Really not. Very concerned about their guests.

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Original review: July 21, 2017

We traveled on the Regal Princess from 7/5-7/16. We had a good time overall, with good service (not always great in the dining room or with different areas of the ship), a nice cabin (bed was not the best) and an aggressive itinerary through the Baltics. Two things I wanted to post: 5 out of 6 of us got sick; it started as a cough and escalated from there. We were told on the ship it was a virus. We've almost all either missed work since returning and/or were pretty miserable on the ship or flight home. If anyone has insights into what this was and how many people got it, that would be great to know. I'm still sick a week later and I encountered many sick people on the cruise.

Also, the Internet situation. SHEER nightmare. I would never, ever claim to have real Internet service available to passengers if I were Princess Cruises. Because I own my own business, and wanted to also be in touch with family back in the states, including my elderly Mom, I had to sign up for their Internet service. I signed up for a large package and soon realized that 400+ minutes would last about one day. This was because it took up to five minutes just to log in or to have a page refresh or to be able to post something. I went down to the Internet cafe to get advice and the manager told me I was the only one on the ship who was reporting any type of problem. That was interesting considering the fact that I had spoken with upwards of a half dozen people who had all experienced serious issues and also witnessed a long line in the Internet cafe the night before when it was filled with people who were having the same problems.

One girl told me she had to beg to get eight minutes back. Almost everyone told me that the log off button was not working, so after you thought you had logged off, the service would continue to eat your minutes, sometimes depleting all of them without you even knowing. I did manage to get 150 minutes back, but I had to file a report with customer service to do it (not my favorite way to spend my vacation) and had to order so many packages to maintain my service that my final bill ended up being a whopping $700! I have heard that they're changing the system sometime in the future away from one satellite, but have no idea what they're changing to. And a crew member disclosed that it's $40 for them to have 600 minutes.

Either way, it's sheer profit, has no technical support, and in the end, none of what they say it truly helps those of us who experienced the promise of good service when in fact the Internet capability was not even able to support a small group of people. I feel terrible for anybody who had to work on a regular basis or had any type of family situation going on and had to fight with their Internet every single day of their trip, let alone have to pay the type of costs that I did. Would love to hear if anyone else experienced either of these situations or has any insights into the "virus" we encountered. We would like to book another cruise, but we want to make sure we know what we're getting into, especially before bringing our kids. The last time we took them on Princess was a 7-day to Bermuda in 2007 and we didn't have any problems like this at all. Many thanks!

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Original review: July 19, 2017

I booked a room online for the Crown Princess Norwegian Cruise on July 22nd online. A week later I received a brochure 3 for free. I chatted online with a representative who said I qualified and would give us the $150 advance, free gratuities and a room upgrade. We got the first 2 but no one ever upgraded us. A few days before the trip I have now called wondering where my upgrade is and they say because I selected a room at the top of the scale no upgrade was available. I was getting my room at the same rate as the lower grade. I beg your pardon! I paid more than the lower B1 room and I never received any changes financially or physically! The ship is sold out, and they refuse COMPENSATION!!! This is ridiculous! My only recourse is to let everyone know that Princess has dropped to a new low. (Their drinks are over priced when other cruised lines have concessions and their coffee is terrible too!!). Don't be sucked in like we were. Think twice and research!!! Next time Norwegian!

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Original review: June 18, 2017

On May 16, 2017 I received a brochure with CAMPAIGN CODE: PT7SA002, from Princess Cruises. The intent of this document is to offer a tour of South America for 60 days, on the Island Princess ship leaving on January 24, 2018. This offer included free gratuities, free round trip airfare, free on board spending money & inclusion of taxes, fees and port expenses in the quoted prices. The Balcony Cat. BF is offered at a total cost of $9,999. This promotion states this offer is valid until June 30, 2017. When I contacted travel agent Zoe **, Tel. 916.456.4256, I was told that the prices on the brochure have been increased, and the taxes, fees and port expenses are now an extra charge. This information was verified with Princess representative by telephone call, (1.800.774.6237) Nancy.

After over 30 minutes of holding, on the telephone, I was advised that my information was correct, BUT, a new brochure was mailed after the one received by me that had increased prices and did not include free taxes, fees, and port expenses. The brochure received by me stated being valid until June 30, 2017. My contact with my travel agent and Princess telephone representative was made on June 17, 2017. I believe the terms of their original brochure should be honored. Due to this lack of integrity, I contacted Zoe **, travel agent, and cancelled my booking of this trip. I am very disappointed in their extreme lack of integrity and false advertisement.

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Original review: June 15, 2017

Princess Cruises does not understand or has any empathy on Asian travelers. We were travelling from the Philippines with the Stockholders, President, family last May 7 on the Majestic Princess cruise ship that can accommodate 3,500 plus passengers. We do this yearly. Prior to this trip, we asked that we be seated together in one dining area at 6 pm seating. The Maitre D' said no to our request and we needed prior reservation which we did 4 months ago. On the second night we asked again nicely and was told it couldn't be done. We are loyal cruisers of the Princess having cruised all over the world 6 times and all we got from customer service was a very CHEAP sorry!

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Original review: June 7, 2017

The cruise felt like we were not important. We were on the last cruise of the Dawn Princess from Fremantle to Singapore. We had invited our family as they had never been on a cruise before. I was embarrassed as it was clear the ship was getting ready for hand over. The Jewellery store was completely empty and they closed the gift shop half way through, it really had a sad atmosphere. The Alcohol ran out and so did the towels. I had told my Sister-in-law about the sales on ship but that didn't really happen. Only one deck party and no big farewell party. The staff were lovely as usual and the food was good but long waits for Tender boats added to the disappointment. My second cruise on Princess but my husband's first. We found ourselves trying to convince our family that cruising is normally a lot better. All in all it was disappointing.

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Princess Cruises expert review by ConsumerAffairs

Princess Cruises is a premier cruise line that began with a single ship sailing to Mexico. The cruise line now has a fleet of ships that transport over one million guests each year.

  • Gourmet cuisine and specialty restaurants: Food on the ship is hand-prepared freshly throughout the day.

  • Nightlife options: Nightlife options range from watching movies and theater productions to dancing, singing karaoke and attending parties.

  • Spa treatments: The on board spa offers guests the chance to relax and be pampered with facials, massages, acupuncture, Botox and full-body therapy.

  • Shopping opportunities: In addition to opportunities to shop at ports of call, cruise guests can shop on board in the boutiques and attend art auctions.

  • Stay in shape: A meditation room, on board gym, jogging track and Zumba classes are available for fitness-inspired guests.

  • Best for: The Princess Cruises are best for couples and adults seeking new adventures in exotic locations.

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Princess Cruises
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