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We just abandoned our cruise on the Princess Star 16 October 16--four days early and flew home rather than enduring severe erratic banging noise all night during a night sailing in a heavy swell and twenty knot winds. I reported the noises at 10:30 approx that evening to inquire if some equipment was shifting. Apparently no action was taken as the girls English seemed stressed in comprehending my request. Finally at 1:30 I personally went to the desk while two girls were chatting and after hearing my complaint concluded that's just the way it is. Don't send anyone to check when you can just ignore Ito guess. The random banging did not always correspond to the impact of the waves so it's not a hull harmonics. It physically something else.

Nevertheless the prospect of spending three more nights like this was very high due to the fact we would sail into the tail end of the huge storm track that just hit Vancouver was not an acceptable risk as the staff had no concerns and no interest in looking into our problem. I don't think I was the only one. We overheard the desk clearing another cabin that was flying home or walking. I'm not certain. I met another couple that night in the piazza that was also upset. It may have been them. So we are short three days and prepaid all our drinks and spa which we paid for plus close to a grand to fly home.

This is just the straw that broke the camels back though. Lineups are endless here. Boarding was long and uncomfortable as 3000 pass funnel through three US customs agents while 11 wickets remained closed. Two days later they want us to line up in the morning at 7:30 to clear customs on the ship!!!! I don't get up that early when I'm working! We just did that in Vancouver apparently? The line up was three quarters the length of the ship and took an hour and they just gave us a slip and only then could we leave the ship. Next day I hear the ship intercom instructing people to line up and get a tender ticket to get on the lifeboat to go to Catalina. I refused also. The weather was suitably sunny enough to sit by the pool two or three days of which zero music was played or entertainment provided. Clearly Summer's over for this crew but I'm a Canadian so if it's 65f or better and sunny I'm all in on the pool.

Overall the entertainment was not there. Sporadic. Apparently this cruise is targeted to entertain people between 70 and 90. On the boring scale I'd rate it a nine. Quite a few bars not even open. The skywalkers bar permanently closed until ten o'clock!!! Not so on the ruby? So one of the best places to watch the ocean and chill out closed all day. So that leaves one row of windows only along the walkway to sit and have a beer and chances of that happening super slim for seating. I swear I was teleported into a retirement home library. Good for those guys. Sucks for us. Bunches of smaller annoyances turned me off this cruise line permanently.

So in summary the Star Princess layout and management for entertainment and seating is terrible. Don't stay in L220 or any cabin in that area. It's like a foundry in high swells. Don't depart from Canada!!!! Leave from the States. The customs and lines are beyond frustrating in Canada. Miss this whole cruise in fact and go on the Norwiegen Epic in the Caribbean, that was excellent!!! Nothing to see anyway, long beach is a mega industrial port!! Catalina's no big deal and neither is Santa Barbra. San Francisco good and Vancouver may be the best scenery of it all. So stay home, save your money, or drive it. It's way better.

BEWARE of airfare COSTS. They do not tell you when you book a cruise with this company. No one advised me to use "flexible air". I just canceled a cruise with them (123 DAYS from EMBARKATION) and was charged $284.76. I was given a phone # to call (I had insured this cruise) but there is NO guaranty my reason for cancellation will refund me that Total Airfare. In fact, I very much doubt I will ever see that money. Also, you are not booking airfare with an AIRLINE, you are booking it THROUGH the cruise line, so they get to KEEP your $284.76 (or whatever it may be) even though they are VERY FAR from having made any actual RESERVATION with any airline. CONSUMER BEWARE. Ask questions FIRST before booking!!!

Very disappointed with the loyalty point system as our friend booked his cruise online and was asked... "have you been on any other cruise before?" Which he answered, "yes a Sitmar cruise." When we booked online we didn't have this option of submitting our previous cruises and weren't credited for them. My husband was on the same Fairstar cruise as our friend, however apparently now you need proof. Who has records of 35 years ago? Our friend didn't even want to go with princess cruises, we talked him into it and because he travels as single supplement every cruise plus the previous Sitmar cruise, that he needed no proof of being on is credited. So 2 Princess cruise have boosted him up to Platinum!!! This is our 4th and we're on Ruby. And, yes we both have been on the Fairstar 1978... who keeps those records?

My wife had an accident on a port bus but when we asked to see the doctor on board the Emerald Princess cruise ship this was denied! When she eventually got treatment she was completely ignored by the ship's staff and for the remainder of the cruise (12 days) not one member of the ships crew asked how she was!! I wrote letters to the main heads of departments on board including the captain and not one reply was received! They have even responded since by saying that a "get well" card was sent to our cabin but we never received it so that is a lie!

We bought jewelry on the Princess Cruise ship and were promised a zero percent credit card if we applied for the Princess Credit card. We were continually charged interest even after we complained to the Barclay Credit Services. They would do nothing about changing this so we cancelled the card and paid it off. We never would have opened the card just to have another credit card. This had really tarnished my impression of Princess Cruise Lines.

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I was not at all please with the services we received on cruise to Hawaii, due to the fact that we paid for specific accommodations for three persons and did not get what we paid for. The toilets did not work and we were forced to use toilets on other floors when you specify not to use only our rooms toilets. I was appalled by the fact that we had to use a bunk bed on the ceiling which is fine for kids but unacceptable for grown women. We paid to be service for accommodations acceptable which is breach of contract. You asked for all kinds of information apparently to meet our needs. For example I am a diabetic and my insulin was kept in the fridge and every time the ship sailed it was turn off. Which is very dangerous when temperatures are being changed constantly for example every day.

One of the passengers Sherry ** had to sleep on the floor on a mattress that look like a canoe because of the limited space in the room. Who by the way developed back pain because it was not only stressful but painful. I believe she had to get medical attention for this. One of the other person Lisa ** had challenges at the beginning because of her the sleep apnea machine that had to be connected and the inconvenience of connecting which made impossible for us to go to the balcony because of the connection wire and our friend Sherry ** was sleeping on the floor.

The internet was also another issue and extremely difficult to do because it took Ms. ** hours to get this service that was not free and also that she is an Executive Director for Mary Kay and was preparing her end of the month report. Because of this delay she was not able to participate in some of the Social Activities that were offered why she even missed the New Year's party.

We also spoke to other passengers who informed us that they too were having issues with the toilets. So we were not the only ones who experience problems with the toilets, and I am sure you got complaints regarding this which was brought to our attention by Costco. Costco informed Ms. ** that it appears they may do business with Princess. I assume they had many complaints from other passengers. Which brings to mind the unpleasant odor that was coming from the bathroom. It was horrible and this type of experience can make it unpleasant to enjoy this vacation and of all things during the Christmas season which is so suppose to be a joyous time to celebrate. Stingy poop is not pleasant and especially and the only course of action is finding a bathroom that is not occupied which can embarrassing if you are having an emergency.

Why have to submit a Doctor's report when you do not take into consideration any pending physical challenges that I Helena ** had? I have fibromyalgia, COPD Anxiety, this and more are conditions listed by my Dr. Magda ** informed you. She felt that this vacation would be excellent for my health conditions. You have the report and I have a copy to verify this.

I would like you to know that I am on Social Security and $2560 is a lot of money to invest for not receiving the services that all of us are deserving. I would never recommend you to my friends or comment on Facebook, which I will be commenting about this trip. Ms. ** already made a comment on your Facebook account and I am going to do this too. Also obtain legal counsel regarding this case and the Better Bureau and my favorite T.V. station channel 2 and 9 and contacting Mr. David ** which is pending, to save other possible passengers the ordeal of going through what we through.

Also you made an offer to MS. ** that was unacceptable which included a credit but we had to put up more money for the trip. The employee said we have never compensated our passengers with any more that we are offering and believe it was only Ms. ** who given this offer and rest of us nothing. I have written this with a clear conscious and truth to the best of my ability. If you would like to reach me to settle this dispute I can be reached at **.

I expect a positive resolution to the above case and dilemma, for myself and the other mention passengers I would like to add the other reason for taking this trip was finding a sense of peace as I have always loved the sea and to forget the tragedy we here in San Bernardino we had by the terrorism that affected us in San Bernardino. I lived very close to where this happen. It will be a day I will never forget we lost loved ones who did not survive. It was a day of great mourning for all of us to think twice before going out because of the bombs that were planted.

On April 19 to April 29, we embarked in Vancouver for Coastal cruise to California - LA, Santa Barbara, Catalina Island, San Francisco. It was a cruise simply to just get a vacation. I think the following are the faults and responsibilities of Princess Cruises and whoever people are in charge should be fired or disciplined.

Embarkation (from Vancouver); it is typical for passengers going to the US to have their passports and security checks done in Canada. Before passengers take planes to the US from Vancouver airport, for example, the US security and immigration clears the passengers. Upon arriving to the US, a passenger cleared to fly to the US can just check out and go. The same thing on ships and cruiser. As a regular cruiser, I've time and time again, checked in by US immigration and security before boarding an American ship or a ship heading to the US. Not so on April 19.

Over 2,700 passengers were allowed to board Star Princess without checking in with American authorities supposed to be stationed in Vancouver port. Upon arrival at our first stop, Los Angeles port, passengers who received instructions to disembark at a certain time were already lined up ready to leave the ship. The line became longer and what was the first disembarkation supposed to be at 6:45 am, lasted till 10 AM. By that time, 2,700 passengers await at the long line up extending to the ship's hallways and stairways. The US immigration came on board and processed people's papers. By 12 noon, we were able to disembark at LA but many more were held up inside the ship.

Star Princess cruise printed a ship newsletter and circulated it the following day inside the ship, apologizing for the fiasco. It said the US immigration did its best. Without blaming the US government literally, they meant to say it was the US immigration's fault. The passengers do not think so. The US immigration will always do their job however they can do their job. We believe it was Princess cruise that screwed up and whoever planned this whole thing did not have the brain, the guts, or the vision to realize that about 3,000 people will enter the LA port that day, held up in an American ship in an American port in LA. Whoever planners were for Star Princess should be fired for such dumb and stupid and inconsiderate planning.

Star Princess had been to the US many times and as it is under Carnival Company, they could have arranged with US immigration in Canada to process papers. By that time too, the Americans who were legitimately able to disembark in any port in the US also lined up. The handicapped, people in wheel chairs, in walkers, and those with canes also had to line up. Star Princess did not have the decency to assist those people to go ahead or make special lines for them.

The LA excursion was a fiasco. Passengers got out of the ship late and the excursions were cut short. The Santa Barbara excursion was a hoax. One of the excursion was the trip to Montecito and the Catholic Missions. This was nothing except a drive around the city, where the driver/guide would point out to the house of this and that celebrity and all you see were tall fences and trees... The bus did not stop and let the passengers get off to take pictures. Now, the Mission... nothing. It was just a drive by-look-and-off-we-go. Ask the excursion staff at Princess and they'd tell you say, it will stop at the Missions, yes, it will show you celebrity homes.

Star Princess passengers are "in your face type"... This is not the fault of Princess. Just part of my review. Many people in that cruise had no manners. They pushed in the elevators and in Princess Theatre. Again not the fault of Princess.

Our cabin was dirty and we had stained bed skirt. Under our bed were some soiled linens left there by our cabin steward or maybe he didn't know but it was disturbing to sleep knowing that there's something lurking under your bed. Arrogant staff and crew. There were crew who appeared more like Secret Service kitchen staff as though they're there to literally secure the safety of pork chops and salad bowls. Ask them a question, one guy would use his lips instead of his arms as he stood akimbo and with his "Aardvark lips" points to the right or left along with the nod up or down of his head. This guy won't use his arm. Star Princess had very few staff at the Horizons Court. It takes time for a table to be cleared of the mess.

Many staff hardly spoke or understood English. We "interviewed" several staff from Eastern Europe and misty they said they had 6 months off. Most were backpackers ready for adventure so they're really not there to provide good customer service. The staff had name tags from the countries where they come from which could promote racial profiling or biases. For example, one passenger said those who come from a certain Asian country does his job better than the other one who came from somewhere else. One thing I need to point out though: 1. Star Princess had tasty food; 2. It had very good entertainment; 3. There are lots of activities to choose from; and 4. It is not a money-pit.

Crown Princess 3/5/16 Mexican Riviera. We decided it was time for a family vacation and we wanted to do something different. I did some research and we decide a cruise might be a great idea. We researched different cruise lines and itineraries and decided the Crown Princess Mexican Riviera Cruise would work for all our needs. I started the process on the Princess website. Then I got a call from a Princess Rep the next day telling me he would personally help us through the process. He helped us find two rooms right across from each other. We got everything figured out and he put it all on hold for a day while we made our final decision. I called him back the next day and moved forward with our family vacation.

We flew into Long Beach and took an Uber to the pier. We arrived at the pier and there were plenty of porters to help with all the baggage. They were helpful. They made sure the luggage tags were correct and they took your bags into the building. Of course they are working for tips and I took care of him. He was then kind enough to walk us down to where we needed to enter. We walked in and waited in line behind maybe 5 groups. Maybe a 5 minute wait. We gave them our boarding passes and passports. They gave them back and gave us our key cards and sent us to the ship. No more than 20 mins from the car to being on the ship and having the first family picture taken.

We were directed to our cabins and we checked them out. My wife did her typical wipe everything down thing with Clorox wipes (TV remote, door handles, drawers everything), and we decided to explore the ship and get something to eat. The kids could not believe how big the ship was. It was their first cruise. It was my wife and mine's 4th cruise, third on Princess. We showed them all over the ship and we checked out the kids clubs for them. They found the basketball court and that was their favorite place to hang out when they weren't in a pool. After exploring we headed back to the cabins to get our life vests for the Muster drill. To our surprise our bags were already delivered. We unpacked pretty quickly while waiting for the muster drill.

I have to say I have read a lot of bad reviews online. I take them for what they are worth. I have to say some people are crazy. I like to get what I pay for. I work hard, and for the few vacation days I can actually take a year, I want to enjoy myself. I am in the service business, and I expect good service when paying for a nicer vacation. I understand my expectations are very high and can't always be met. I really can't come up with one thing that was bad on this vacation that was Princess fault or any of their crew.

The crew were always happy, accommodating, and entertaining. The food was perfectly fine. It's not what it used to be but was perfectly fine. There were always choices so there was always something for everyone. If you don't like something, just tell your waiter (nicely) and they will be happy to get you something else. The one thing that we missed was an abundance of servers by the pool. On past cruises, before tipping was included in the price, we rarely had to leave to go to a bar to get a drink. On this cruise, poolside servers came up to us about 3 times during the week; the rest we had to get ourselves. Not a big deal, but just one of those small differences.

We never once had to wait to get a drink either at a bar or a server. They were always happy to help. We don't typically eat in the buffet much but it was nice to see they made you sanitize your hands before entering the food lines. *Side note* - there are sanitizing units all over the ship. The burgers and hotdogs at the pool grill were always available and hit the spot. We had anytime dining and we waiting 15-20 minutes the first night. No big deal. We were given a pager and we went to get a drink while we waited. Just like going to a restaurant without a reservation.

TIP: We learned you can make reservations by just calling from your room that day. Then you could show up and walk right in. You're welcome. We did eat at the steakhouse twice. The boys enjoyed huge steaks and the little one was turned onto lobster tail for the first time and fell in love. The next night was a formal night and we went to the dining room. They had lobster on the menu and he ordered it. He polished that off in about 3 minutes. The waiter came by and asked how everything was. My little one said "it was delicious, could I have another." The waiter was shocked, then smiled and said, "Anything you would like, sir." That's my boy.

Ok on to the entertainment and activities. There is something for everyone to do if you want to do something. If you don't want to do anything you lay by a pool and sleep. You did have to follow the schedule to know where and when activities were happening. They don't come looking for you. Announcements are difficult to hear on the pool decks. We saw most of the shows. The shows were well done. Don't expect Broadway seriously. This is cruise ship entertainment, and you need to walk into this realizing that these young performers haven't hit it big yet. Some shows were better than others. The dancers were great. The comedian was funny but sort of annoying with his delivery and mannerism. The magician was amazing and very funny too.

The cruise directors crew were great too. They were always around getting people involved. Dan the cruise director wasn't the most outgoing Cruise Director I have experienced. His jokes were canned and we really never saw him walking around the ship and interacting with people. But we have had some great ones in the past so it's hard to live up to them. But there was always something to do so I have to give him and his team credit.

We did book 2 shore excursions through Princess as my wife believes it is safer that way (she worries a lot). We booked a Pirate Ship Adventure in Puerto Vallarta and boy was it an adventure. I won't go into that right now since that part has nothing to do with Princess. All I can say is you may want to rethink that excursion. BUT I will say that Princess DID resolve the problem to my satisfaction as soon as I returned home. We also booked a Swimming with Dolphins excursion in Cabo San Lucas. All I can say is Dolphins are amazing animals. A great family experience. I highly recommend it if you get a chance.

As far as the Ship, it was in fine condition. If you are going to scour the ship looking for things that are wrong, then maybe you should be an inspector instead of a vacationer. I don't understand people who complain about a piece of rust or flaking paint on the wall or corner of your balcony. The ship gets used every day in all kinds of weather with moisture around all the time. This stuff will happen. It really shouldn't affect your trip. The ship was always being cleaned, from the pool decks being sprayed early every morning to staff wiping hand rails all the time. I read so many reviews talking about how they got sick because of the ship. It's not the ship making you sick, people. It is all the other people on the ship that don't have proper hygiene practices.

Nothing has opened my eyes more than being stuck on a ship with 2000+ other people who don't cover their mouths when they sneeze or cough, don't wash their hands after using the restroom, and don't take advantage of the dozens of Purell sanitizers all over the ship. My 9 and 13 year old children have better handwashing practices than many of the 40-somethings on the ship. IF everyone would do this the world would be a better place to travel.

Let me touch on the tipping real quickly. I prepaid all our gratuities prior to our trip. I understand the crew doesn't make a lot of money. I realize that they need the tips to help their families. I don't see it as a problem. It's just part of the cost of a cruise. They work hard and deserve it. I found over the years if you take care of people they will take care of you. We got on the ship, we met our cabin steward, Marcos. He welcomed us, showed us around the rooms and showed us how to reach him if he wasn't in the hall. I gave him a little something and I can say we never needed anything. He was on top of it. He got to know our schedule and worked around it. He would wait until we went to dinner (normally late) to freshen our room. He went above and beyond.

One day we needed a couple extra towels in the afternoon. I saw Marcos and he said very apologetically he didn't have any clean ones at the moment. I said whenever he gets some could he drop some off. He said of course and was going to go get some from the laundry. Less than 5 minutes later there was a knock on the door and it was Marcos with some towels. He borrowed some from one of the suite stewards (Suites get nicer towels and linens). So of course we took care of him before we left. He even let us keep our stuff in one of the rooms while we went to breakfast on debarkation day.

Well, I probably rambled on too much. But I really think we had a great experience and wanted to share that. I have written good reviews when deserved and bad reviews when deserved. It's much easier to write positive ones. It brings back the memories of the vacation like it was yesterday. The Crown Princess is a great ship. The Crew was fantastic. We can't wait for our next cruise. Which will actually be this summer on the Royal Princess. Stay tuned for that review.

I have been on the phone with Princess Cruise Lines for over 2 hrs with their Customer Relations people. I finally got a supposedly supervisor "Jess" that was rude and not at all helpful. I requested to talk with his manager which he states was against policy (shame on you Princess) and is having another supervisor call me... which he could not tell me when or give me their direct phone number. I had Princess Customer Service do a name change on 2 bookings so that they would match the passports. Neither time did they mention anything about airlines tickets would have to be cancelled and repurchased (now at a higher price). I only found this out on my own when trying to contact the airlines to upgrade my seats.

Also 2 different Customer Service Reps relayed different information to me and they didn't know that the airline tickets had a different name on them. Poorly trained staff. I worked in Customer Service in the Aerospace business and was shocked at this lack of training & knowledge. I am very disappointed in Princess and my issues are still not resolved. If we hadn't already paid and planned our 3 families taking this cruise in Japan I would cancel the whole trip.

Can't figure out how to update from 1 star to 3.

Original Review

For the first 3 days of our 5 day cruise had hot water issues and were unable to use our shower. We returned to our room to shower about 10:00 p.m. on our first night but found the shower and the bathroom faucet to have only water that was scalding hot. There was no range of temperature from either the shower or the faucet, just dangerously hot water.

Around 8:00 a.m. on day 2, we reported our water issue to Thawon, our cabin steward, and he arranged for a plumber to correct the issue. (Thawon did a fantastic job during the cruise and was very attentive.) When we returned to our room at midday, the plumber had been there but we still only had scalding hot water and no range of temperature. We reported the issue again to Thawon. A plumber worked on the issue again in the afternoon, but when we arrived back in our room that evening we only had lukewarm water, still no range of temperature, and still unable to use the shower.

Between 8:00 and 9:00 on day 3 I visited the Passenger Services desk to report the issue and our increasing frustration at being unable to use our shower. I was told by Carlos, unbelievably, the rocking of the ship was probably the cause of the problem but he would send someone to look at it. At noon when we arrived in our room the issue had still not been resolved. I again visited the Passenger Services desk and was told a plumber would be there immediately. My wife and I waited in our room for an hour but nobody came to fix the shower. I again visited the Passenger Services desk and was again told a plumber would be there immediately. I responded that I had been told the same thing before and I needed to speak with someone else about the issue.

I spoke with Lee, the Finance Manager, and he assured me it would be corrected immediately. We requested a different room but were told none were available. Lee did offer a bottle of wine for our trouble. My wife and I again waited in our room for a plumber who did not appear. About 3:00 we received a number of phone calls from Passenger Services saying the issue was corrected when in fact, it was not. Violeta, Housekeeping Supervisor, arrived to check the temperature of the water and called Passenger Services from our room to confirm there was still a problem. Thirty minutes later Violeta returned telling us the issue was corrected but when we checked the water, there was no change.

After more phone calls, Lee arrived at our room to tell us the problem was found to be in the engine room and was being worked on. Around 5:00 p.m. we again had hot water, although there was only a very small range of temperature. We decided to live with the situation rather than spend more of our cruise frustrated and angry. Three days folks. We've requested a 3/5 refund for three out of five days. So far = NADA.

My wife purchased a deluxe renewal of vows package, which included the room being decorated with flowers, chocolates, roses, and champagne. It took 2 phone calls and a trip to the customer service desk in person to get them to actually do this. In addition to that 2 out of the 3 ports we were supposed to visit were canceled and/or changed.

We voiced our concerns with guest services, who repeatedly promised us that a manager would contact us. It took 13 hours, 2 phone calls, 2 trips to the guest service counter, and threatening refusal of payment to ever get a manager's attention. The only compensation offered was sending us a letter to contact customer services later on after the cruise was over. The guest services staff were completely incompetent. The only good thing about the cruise was the housekeeping and wait staff, who were all exceptional.

The hot water didn't work for two days and the air conditioner in our cabin didn't work for our entire eight day Christmas cruise on the Emerald Princess. (Many other passengers also experienced problems on this cruise). We're Elite members and the compensation offered was insulting. According to their records, the matter was fixed the first day. According to our recollection, we visited the Purser's Desk every day and every night of the entire cruise to get the issue resolved. The rep told me that if we weren't Elite members, we wouldn't have been offered anything! Princess' motto is "Come Back New." Our motto is ABP- Anyone But Princess. Fortunately, there are plenty of ships on the sea to choose!

After booking a cruise on Princess Cruise Lines several weeks ago through Costco Travel, I visited the Princess Cruise Lines website and noticed the fare for my cruise and room booking had been reduced several hundred dollars. It's bad enough that Princess Cruise Lines punishes single persons by charging double fares, but then they advertise lower fares and because you're a repeat customer, do not honor the lower fares as the lower fares are intended to entice first time customers only (known as flash fares).

The problem with my booking was only multiplied by the fact that I booked through Costco Travel. I tried contacting Costco Travel for a reimbursement or shipboard credit. After being on hold for what seemed like an eternity, had to speak with a representative that was less than helpful and then the most rude and condescending supervisor, who would only identify himself as William. I was told that they could not help me and they were not able to credit or reimburse me any money (something to do about reducing their commissions). So, after nine cruises on Princess Cruise Lines, this will be my last! (Elite membership isn't worth it). Also, I will never book travel through Costco Travel again!!

After having a 10 day cruise in PNG on the Sea Princess everything was great. Good food, excellent entertainment and good staff. I had pre-arranged two SCUBA dives at WW2 shipwreck sites on the web and all was great. On the return to the ship on my last dive at Rabaul, my second day scuba diving the ship, security confiscated my dive knife. The knife blade was under three inches long, smaller than a dining knife. I protested greatly but I was promised its safe return. I never seen my dive knife again. The receipt that I was given was worthless and ship security had lost it.

Now if I was to hold up a cruise ship with a 3 inch knife, if it was possible, why was I allowed to bring it on board twice? Once in Brisbane at the start of the cruise and again in Alotau after my first dive. I am now officially a terrorist because of incompetent stupid people with no common sense. And will never see my property again. I don't recommend Princess Cruises and will never use them again. Thank you.

Took a cruise on the Caribbean Princess in November 2015. Got home on November 23 and realized I had left my camera on board. Contacted Princess customer relations immediately detailing where I thought I had left it and providing pictures of the camera. Asked that they check with lost and found on the ship and the bar where it was left. Received an email back saying be patient... Might take four to six weeks to respond. It's been two months and two email requests to get an update from customer relations. NO RESPONSE in spite of several requests. Absolutely no reason for the lack of communication. Will never cruise on Princess again.

After 43 years of marriage my wife and I settled on the Princess Caribbean Voyager 10 day cruise March 13, 2016 to celebrate our anniversary. My wife has always wanted to go to Saint Kitts and this was part of the itinerary. This seemed like a nice place to have our celebration. After making final payment I decided to check the excursions on December 31. To my amazement I discovered the Saint Kitts destination had been replaced with Dominica. If you a nature lover you go to Dominica, versus fine restaurants and shopping of Saint Kitts.

On January 4, I contacted my travel agent, asked why Saint Kitts was cancelled and asked our cruise get replaced at no charge with the April 2 Cruise (this still has Saint Kitts on the itinerary). We have never been told why Saint Kitts was cancelled, we were told to take April cruise would require that we pay a $250.00 cancellation fee and then an up charge (around $1,000.00 each).

I have called customer service. They offer no satisfaction or apology for cancelling Saint Kitts. I asked for the telephone number to Jan Swartz, CEO of Princess Cruise line, they refused to give me any contact information. Finally I was able to locate Ms. Swartz telephone number and was chastised by the operator for making the call. Jan Swartz stays insulated from her customers and does not respond to my emails or telephone calls. What even is more disheartening I am finding out what happened to my wife and me is common practice from Princess Cruise Lines. We had a bad experience on a Alaska Trip, there are no more second chances for Princess Cruise Lines.

It is two nights prior to embarkation and we have been harassed all night by "Al from Princess Inventory" who is calling everyone in our party to try to negotiate us down to a smaller selection of cabins than the ones we booked 6 MONTHS ago because Princess has overbooked this cruise. He is haggling on the phone, and making everyone in the party feel horrible about their overbooking greed. We cannot accept a smaller set of cabins and put our two teenagers in the same room as their grandparents or us their parents for 10 nights. However, rather than follow protocol and call our agent and have her explain it - he has called everyone in our party multiple times.

NOW the entire trip will be cast in the light of OPPORTUNITY COST of Princess trying to buy back space two nights before the cruise start. I can tell you for sure it will be a cruise long. Well maybe we should have taken the $8500 REBATE and squished everyone into two rooms!!! Princess sucks already and Al in "Inventory" is a manipulative SLEAZE BAG!! Nice start Princess.

In November, 2014 I contacted the Better Business Bureau for assistance in regards to the Casino Staff. Princess Cruises was not able to Resolve the issue; Princess Reservation# **. Today is 11/15/2015 and I am a Guest aboard Princess Cruises, Reservation# **. I am asking for your assistance once again with the same issue that was not clearly answered and addressed accordingly in 2014. Why is MY cruise card still blocked from "Use your Cruise Card-Now; use your Cruise Card to purchase slot credits and table chips up to 3,000 per day - no extra fees apply Casino Deck7, Forward"? This is from Princess Daily Patter.

I was informed to go to the front desk and ask why my card was not working properly. The Front Desk stated that my account was fine. My cruise has unfortunately turned out to a poor and not so fun start and I would like a immediate response in writing as to when I may begin to have fun with my party in the casino like the other guests aboard! Better Business Bureau, please assist by requesting a response from Princess Cruises...

My husband and I went on a cruise from Papeete and all the surrounding islands last December on the Pacific Princess, it was an absolute nightmare. First off, they need to update their cruise contract's rules and regulations, they are not clear at all. The cabin we were put in was dirty, dusty, holes in the pillow cases, dried urine on the bathroom floor etc. Our room steward Carmelo, did not introduce himself and acted like, "Oh god, here comes some more Americans", so unwelcoming and disturbing. The crew staff seemed almost like prisoners being held hostage. They were not happy with each other and it reflected on the customer service. The ship itself, the Pacific Princess smelled of mold and mildew. The Captain ** encouraged gossip and isolated himself and acted like it was above him to mingle with the passengers and HIS crew.

I was so unimpressed. He is not "captain like" by any means, I would hate to see him try to handle any type of terrorist emergency activity. He would be the first to abandon ship. The security team headed by Tony ** was the biggest joke ever. They can do ANYTHING they want to you once you are on this boat, make up their own laws, rules etc. They were not trained properly. So rude, unfriendly, unhelpful and basically very useless. It's like a floating palace of lawlessness. Princess Cruises can do anything they want to you while you are on their boat and you have no recourse. The cruise director was very unapproachable, so was his chain smoking assistant. The purser, Bobs, was horrible to passengers, dismissing passenger complaints in front of EVERYONE, and was slobby, not "officer " like at all. I heard Xavier and Karina, who ran the bingo on the ship, say they just HATE the Americans. I turned around and they started laughing.

I also saw them making fun of the most traveled cruise ship passenger Andy **, making fun of his weight. But one of the most disturbing parts of this cruise was the dirty waste water that was being dumped into the port of Nuku Hiva Marquesas. They were breaking the law dumping their poopy water in PORT. I have pictures, sent them and reported them to the coast guard, friends of the earth and the environmental protection agency. I do believe that this company does not care about their passengers' health, comfort or safety. I will tell everybody I encounter about this experience for the rest of my life.

The customer relations department should be overhauled as well. They were horrible to me. Please don't let yourself get into an unsafe and dangerous situation. These people are not your friends. They don't care about passengers' comfort and safety, and karma is going to catch up with them. Good luck trying to sue them. They will appeal everything forever. No amount of money could ever compensate for the horrible experience I had on this boat. Yes boat, not ship.

I tried 6 times over 3 days to book a cruise & kept getting staff who either hated their job, didn't care to help me, were rude, disrespectful & at the end of the call really did not care either way if I booked a cruise or not - what a HUGE let down. I will go back to cruising with Royal Caribbean - they are professional, nice on the phone and go that extra mile and don't cut you off in mid-sentence and waste your time.

We had a Denali tour that was cancelled by Princess and we were automatically booked into a shorter land tour due to snow. Princess credited us $50. each because of the cost differential of the tour. Over a year later due to their computer glitch they show us as not having paid when in fact we did, and they want us to pay for what has already been paid. This is ongoing. I have referred further contact to our attorney. Anything from them at this point is harassment.

Booking with Princess was a nightmare (employees were not knowledgeable about anything). The food could be described as cold cafeteria food. The one dining room made it so uncomfortable to dine (my granddaughter who is 13 years old felt it and did not want to eat there). The sleeping quarters were not adequate and someone should have told me that at time of planning the trip or at check-in. I was in a wheelchair and they just left me in the middle of the ship on departure? Most staff that should have been assisting passengers were huddled in corners talking, avoiding passengers.

My 14 year old grandson forget his Tag Hauer watch at security. Made complaint and staff instructed to fill out form at guest services. No response from ship’s crew. We disembarked and after 2 hours we learned his watch was found by security who turned it in to ships rep. who signed for it. We remained in Seattle only for this. After four months, several documentation to lost and found, including log sheet and watch description from port security verifying his property, Princess Cruises responded rudely to say they didn't have it and that security may be lying. Of significance, the rep. advised that we take up the matter with security in Seattle, or report it to my insurance company. I live in Florida, the child lives in Ridgefield, CT. It was a present subsequent to Sandy Hook and the pain he endured.

The log sheet clearly revealed Princess Cruises representative signature, on their own stationary. I am not only disturbed by their insult, but sickened by the fact that they have criminals working on their ships who have defrauded and stolen from a child. NEVER again will I want to hear the name Princess Cruises. This was not only an extremely expensive Alaskian voyage, but a sorrowful and unpleasant memory for a child. Shame on you "Ruby Princess" you are a disgrace and unmerciful. The watch was a present to him m a grandmother.

In June I booked a cruise with Princess Cruises online. On confirmation I became aware that I could also book my connecting flights with Virgin Airlines through Princess Cruise online booking site…so I proceeded to make my booking. At the login Princess Cruises went to a great effort to explain privacy policy but at no point in that time of login did it clearly indicate the terms and conditions, with regards to my obligation to booking flights. I logged in and filled out details that were required. I booked a flight that incurred a fee of $782.40. Before I knew it I had accidently pressed the delete button which I did not want to do. So I realised my mistake, I rebooked within ten minutes - another $782.40. I rang Princess Cruises straight away. The chap told me that he could see my double booking and said everything would be fine, just ring back in office hours.

Upon doing that I was told that now my $782.40 would be classed as a non-refundable cancellation fee. I have contacted Princess Cruises on a numbered occasions to be told that my $782.40 is non-refundable. This is not a penalty - this is a financial imposition that any unsuspecting pensioner find themselves responsible by just making an honest mistake. By rebooking within ten minutes I don't feel that I cancelled and I only got confirmation on one booking.

Cruise to Alaska, 8/30-9/6. M/V Ruby Princess. Myself and my mother have taken quite a number of cruises on Princess ships, as well as many other cruise lines. We are platinum members, and we have had positive experiences until this cruise. Upon entering the stateroom b701 there was a noticeable stench of roach/insect spray in the closet and the lavatory had a persistent smell of sewage, passageways have a distinct odor of mildew. After the steward attended the room on the afternoon of 9/2, I had a severe upper respiratory allergic reaction to something that was introduced while we were gone. I asked about it and was told it was Juneau, even though we had NOT left the ship or gone out on the balcony. I was curtly told "go to medical."

This is the typical reaction we received from most of the staff here. Requests have been met with indifference, refusals and arguments. One particularly negative encounter with a cook by the name of Zosimo in the International cafe... I have no idea if it's this ship in particular or if the entire line has gone in this direction but needless to say we will NOT be returning to Princess cruise lines. I saw this happening to many other passengers, not just ourselves. We paid a substantial amount of money for this trip and to treated in such an inhospitable manner is very disappointing.

We recently returned from the 104 day world cruise. And from the time we received our "upgrade" (to a smaller room on a deck we did NOT want to be on) to the time we disembarked (with one suitcase totally destroyed by Princess' staff) we had a 2 page list of things they need to improve on. The Sea Princess needed a total refurbishment about 2 years before our cruise. They were obviously trying to cut costs in every area including food and entertainment especially when we compared to our last 75 day cruise with them.

If not for the wonderful cabin dining bar and casino crew members plus the friends we made on board the entire cruise would have been a disaster. Once we realized that the shore excursions could be done independently at a fraction of the Princess' cost we never booked through them again. I have sent a letter to head office and just received a "blah blah so sad too bad" reply!! Will NEVER use Princess again even though we cruise often and like the fact we can usually leave and return within Australia.

Buffet was mediocre. And by the time you found a table the food was ice cold. You were lucky to get a drink with your meal. High number of respiratory illness. Sounded like a tuberculosis ward during the shows. I'm still sick 5 days after.

I booked an onshore excursion with Crown Princess, and Crown Princess canceled it for no good reason. The worse part is that Crown Princess refused to return the money to the original credit card it charged me with for the excursion, but it sold the debt to a third party. Then allegedly, the third party issued a check to return the money. But I never received it. Also, the worst part is that the staff at Crown Princess claimed that "by law we are required to return the money by check." According to which law of what universe should a mega company lie to its customers like that?

Due to the fact that I was sick in bed... the date of expiration on my reservation came and went by just 1 day on my refundable deposit. I sent a letter to the president of Princess Cruises and they had some flunky call me and say "Too bad. So sad. No refund or credit for you." I guess these folks do not live in the real world. I have made a special mental note to never use Princess Cruise lines the rest of my life and hopefully the lifetime of my children. The best way to make sure that this never happens again is for me to never spend any money with this lousy company again. Burn me once, shame on you. Burn me twice... shame on me!

This was our third cruise, second on Princess. The voyage was great but it was the staff and crew that made this a truly once in a life cruise for us. Travelling with another couple our experience was wonderful and the care and attention given was an eye opener for us. We had small issues with two of our shore excursions that were brought to the attention of the customer service personnel to which we were given 25 dollar credit for each occurrence even though they were NOT the fault of Princess.

One excursion was cancelled completely and even though the tour operator gave us a complimentary tour of Panama for three hours when we informed the service desk of the cancellation a prompt and FULL credit of cost, (it was $300.00) was made along with a letter of apology from Princess. We feel like family when we cruise with Princess and after returning home on March 22 we felt so good that we booked on April for another 14 days for Feb. 2016.

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Princess Cruises is a premier cruise line that began with a single ship sailing to Mexico. The cruise line now has a fleet of ships that transport over one million guests each year.

  • Gourmet cuisine and specialty restaurants: Food on the ship is hand-prepared freshly throughout the day.
  • Nightlife options: Nightlife options range from watching movies and theater productions to dancing, singing karaoke and attending parties.
  • Spa treatments: The on board spa offers guests the chance to relax and be pampered with facials, massages, acupuncture, Botox and full-body therapy.
  • Shopping opportunities: In addition to opportunities to shop at ports of call, cruise guests can shop on board in the boutiques and attend art auctions.
  • Stay in shape: A meditation room, on board gym, jogging track and Zumba classes are available for fitness-inspired guests.
  • Best for The Princess Cruises are best for couples and adults seeking new adventures in exotic locations.

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