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Princess Cruises

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Last updated: Oct. 15, 2017

242 Princess Cruises Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 15, 2017

No one answers restaurant reservations - We are told to dial extension 138 for restaurant reviews but after an hour on line with no answer I call ext 5000 and am told that they are busy. I would not cruise with this unprofessional Princess line again.

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Original review: Sept. 25, 2017

My family booked our airline tickets through Princess. Our return flight was not until 10:55 PM. We disembarked the Star Princess in the early morning, rented a hotel room for the day, and took a taxi to the Vancouver airport on our own that night. While on board, I had been assured that we would be refunded the airport transfer fees. I have been trying to get this refund since July, however, Princess insists that they need either the transfer voucher, or a receipt from the taxi, and I have neither. I was not advised that I would need to have proof that we did not take the Princess-arranged transfer to the airport (doesn't Princess have a record of who boards or does not board their buses to the airport?).

I read another review posted here, that the customer complaining to Princess about something was told that there was no one else to speak with. I too, was told by my customer relations rep, "Andreas", that there was no Supervisor, or anyone else with whom I could speak; he was it. I subsequently wrote to the President of Princess Cruises, Jan Swartz. But, guess who called me back? "Andreas". Not even an acknowledgment letter from Ms. Swartz.

I have offered to send Princess proof of the hotel stay and dinner charges from my American Express statement, but this is not "proof" according to Princess. "Andreas" insisted that the travel vouchers or taxi receipt were the only acceptable documentation. Princess is, however, "generously" offering to give each of us a $30 on-board credit voucher! It seems to me that Princess should be able to "lose" $120 to retain customer loyalty. But, I guess not. Oh- - and I agree with someone else who posted a review here, the coffee on board was, indeed, terrible!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 16, 2017

    It was a pleasant cruise. My husband is on a special diet and they made sure his meals were exactly as ordered. The head waiter watched closely to be sure all was right. The meals very good. The shows were entertaining.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 7, 2017

    We have traveled with many other cruise lines before, and I’m quite disappointed with this first experience with this cruise line and their multiple satisfactory customer relations representatives (Kim ext. ** and Cecilia ext. ** to name a few). When we were booking as a group, I was offered $25 credit per cabin, which is a small amount considering we are spending over $20000 on this trip itself. However, 19 days before the vacation, I was told that I don't qualify for the credit, which was an unethical gesture and a true disappointment to the 13 of us. We also made an effort to book directly through the cruise line as they told us there would be a higher chance of a cabin upgrade and extra credits. However, now as we compare with friends who booked with a third party for the same cruise, the travel agencies seem to treat their customers more loyally than the cruise lines themselves.

    Kim was very unprofessional and doesn't care about customer complaints, which is her job to help resolve. When asking to talk to a person in a higher position, she simply stated that "I'm the one, there is nobody else above me". No other cruise line that we've traveled with has given us such horrible experiences, and had always made an effort to satisfy their customers. Overall, we are very frustrated with the way we've been treated and don't know how we will enjoy this expensive trip anymore. We will never travel with Princess Cruises again.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 6, 2017

    Purchased airfare through Princess Air 10/12/16 for departure 8/10/17 on American Airlines flight 8414 (operated by Japan Airlines flight 069) from Los Angeles to Osaka. Requested seats from Princess Air, and was assigned aisle and window seat in two seat row. Received schedule change (time of flight) and called Princess Air to confirm seating. Was advised by Princess Air, that seats were changed without notifying us to seats located toward rear of plane, so I asked for original seats and was given two seats, aisle and window in two seat row -- printed off seat assignments from AA website.

    Received another notification of a change of flight status, so I again went to AA website and saw that there were NO seats assigned, so I contacted AA and was advised that the problem was with the type of ticket that had been purchased by Princess Air. As AA described the tickets, my understanding was that these are discounted 'bulk tickets', and it meant that I was not going to have a seat assigned for us until we checked in for our flight just prior to departure. AA then advised that they were working with Japan Airlines, and they were able to find two seats for me, in the two middle seats of a 4 seat interior row. I advised I did not want those seats, but AA told me that Japan Airlines was controlling seat assignments and I should contact Japan Airlines.

    I found it hard to believe that I could purchase a ticket in October 2016, and that in July 2017 (one month prior to the departure) I would not be able to reserve a good seat -- so I contacted Japan Airlines. Japan Airlines advised they had a seating policy in place for the tickets I had (bulk tickets or discounted tickets), and I would have to wait until at least August 7 to contact AA to get a change in seats.

    I then called Princess Cruises to ask if everyone flying from LAX to KIX (LA to Osaka) with Princess Air was having this same issue, or if I was the only one who was having a problem with the seat assignments. I also asked for their help in getting reasonable seats assigned. I also noted that they did not disclose that the tickets they sold to me were the 'bulk or discounted tickets' that would not allow me to have any choice in seat selection until just prior to the flight. My point was that the 'regular ticket' purchasers were being allowed to select their seats, and keep those seats, while my seats were gradually getting worse and worse; and I would end up with having to pick seats at the last minute from the least desirable seats on the entire plane.

    On 8/5/17 I was reviewing all the passenger information on all the different websites and I saw that the AA site had blanks in my passport information that I had previously entered. So I logged on and input it again and then called AA to confirm that AA had my passport information AND that I was still in the system to get seats assigned on August 7. AA's website had the message for me to "Choose seats on Japan Airlines" for AA flight 8414, so I asked how I was supposed to choose seats on Japan Airlines since everything I had showed AA 8414 (e.g. I did not have a Japan Airlines Flight number or a Japan Airlines record locator, so Japan Airlines could find my reservation).

    I was informed that AA had assigned me two new seats, in the middle of a four seats' row, but in TWO DIFFERENT ROWS, so my wife and I would now be sitting in the middle of the four person row but one would be in row 47 and one would be in row 48. I advised I did NOT want those seats -- but was told those were the only two available. It did not occur to me THIS TIME to ask again how AA could change my seats to seats I did NOT WANT (and did not ask to be changed), but could not ever change them to seats that I was requesting.

    I then called Japan Airlines (as AA advised I needed to contact Japan Airlines to get seat assignments and to check in for the flight -- I asked about flight check in, since it appeared that AA was advising Japan Airlines was going to be responsible for both the seats and check in). Japan Airlines advised the same message that they had advised on 7/5 -- they had seats that were being held, the seats would be released on August 7 at 205pm Los Angeles time, and I would have to contact AA to check in for my flights and to get a change in seats -- unless I wanted to wait until I was in Los Angeles, then I could go to the Japan Airlines counter and see if I could get a change in seats.

    I then called Princess Cruises and asked for assistance with the Princess Air tickets. I was on the phone over an hour, and eventually was disconnected after more than 30 minutes on hold, with no resolution. I asked Princess Cruises to assist me in getting two reasonable seats (an aisle and window in a two seat row was preferred), and to advise which airline I needed to check in.

    I had a previous experience in early 2016 with Princess Air, on a flight from Atlanta to Buenos Aires, where my seat assignment was similarly held up until the last minute and we got two horrible seats. When I called and booked Princess Air this time, I specifically asked if I could get seat assignment early, and was assured I could. There was no disclosure by Princess that the tickets that were being sold to me, virtually guaranteed that I would NOT be able to get a reasonable seat assignment early, and that I WOULD get the least desirable seats.

    There also was no disclosure by Princess that it was going to be my problem to figure out which airline to contact for seat assignment (right now AA is advising Japan Airlines, and Japan Airline is advising AA), or to check in for our flight (AA says Japan Airlines, Japan Airlines says AA). It's also really bizarre about the two airlines AA and Japan Airlines being 'world partners', as they do not seem to have this very simple issue worked out--makes me concerned about how well they are handling the big stuff such as passenger safety.

    As it stands now, I'm going to try and call AA on August 7 at 205pm Los Angeles time and hope for the best. After these two very dissatisfactory experiences, I would recommend that passengers avoid using Princess Air entirely, as I intend to do so. I had previously used Princess Air (prior to 2016) and had good experiences with them; but my last two experiences have been very bad -- and Princess Air had months to work on resolving the problems and simply did not get it done. If anything, each time I contact them, my seating assignments are downgraded.

    I hope you can assist in getting something resolved for our upcoming trip; but at least you may be able to investigate the issue and get some sort of improvement (at least a disclosure) in the Princess Air program. Also, while I hope NO ONE else is having these issues, I'm guessing that I am not alone in having this issue with Princess Air, based on how the process has now worked in two consecutive events.

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    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 2, 2017

    I enjoy cruising, they have cut back a lot over the years but still a nice way to meet great people. However they will not hesitate to leave you behind if you get held up. I was left in Rome one night because their shuttles were off schedule. One finely picked me up but I was not allowed to board the ship even though the gangplank was still in place. I was taken back into town before the ship even sailed away that night. I took a train to the next port near Pisa and reboarded the ship where I was grilled like a criminal by the assistant to the captain. I was made to feel like a criminal when I was there on their shuttle and they left me behind.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 31, 2017
    On March 28, 2017 while on board and still in port on the Star Princess, while waiting in line for the buffet, a large metal ceiling panel fall from approx 15 and hit me in the head. I went to medical and was advised to self monitor my condition for the duration of the trip and let them know if any problems. No one checked on.

    My well being, I stayed in cabin 80% of trip and never left ship until docked in USA. I was refused copies of reports involving the accident. I was charged for medical. They made me feel it was my fault.

    I have photos to show improper installation even after accident. My anxiety level was very high, not when returned home my doctors put me under observation for three. months. Princess Cruises claim dept made an offer that barely covered expenses. Nothing for pain and suffering of which I still have issues. Since I didn't die it's no big deal. They are slow to respond claiming they don't receive items I have sent them. Really not. Very concerned about their guests.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 21, 2017

    We traveled on the Regal Princess from 7/5-7/16. We had a good time overall, with good service (not always great in the dining room or with different areas of the ship), a nice cabin (bed was not the best) and an aggressive itinerary through the Baltics. Two things I wanted to post: 5 out of 6 of us got sick; it started as a cough and escalated from there. We were told on the ship it was a virus. We've almost all either missed work since returning and/or were pretty miserable on the ship or flight home. If anyone has insights into what this was and how many people got it, that would be great to know. I'm still sick a week later and I encountered many sick people on the cruise.

    Also, the Internet situation. SHEER nightmare. I would never, ever claim to have real Internet service available to passengers if I were Princess Cruises. Because I own my own business, and wanted to also be in touch with family back in the states, including my elderly Mom, I had to sign up for their Internet service. I signed up for a large package and soon realized that 400+ minutes would last about one day. This was because it took up to five minutes just to log in or to have a page refresh or to be able to post something. I went down to the Internet cafe to get advice and the manager told me I was the only one on the ship who was reporting any type of problem. That was interesting considering the fact that I had spoken with upwards of a half dozen people who had all experienced serious issues and also witnessed a long line in the Internet cafe the night before when it was filled with people who were having the same problems.

    One girl told me she had to beg to get eight minutes back. Almost everyone told me that the log off button was not working, so after you thought you had logged off, the service would continue to eat your minutes, sometimes depleting all of them without you even knowing. I did manage to get 150 minutes back, but I had to file a report with customer service to do it (not my favorite way to spend my vacation) and had to order so many packages to maintain my service that my final bill ended up being a whopping $700! I have heard that they're changing the system sometime in the future away from one satellite, but have no idea what they're changing to. And a crew member disclosed that it's $40 for them to have 600 minutes.

    Either way, it's sheer profit, has no technical support, and in the end, none of what they say it truly helps those of us who experienced the promise of good service when in fact the Internet capability was not even able to support a small group of people. I feel terrible for anybody who had to work on a regular basis or had any type of family situation going on and had to fight with their Internet every single day of their trip, let alone have to pay the type of costs that I did. Would love to hear if anyone else experienced either of these situations or has any insights into the "virus" we encountered. We would like to book another cruise, but we want to make sure we know what we're getting into, especially before bringing our kids. The last time we took them on Princess was a 7-day to Bermuda in 2007 and we didn't have any problems like this at all. Many thanks!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 19, 2017

    I booked a room online for the Crown Princess Norwegian Cruise on July 22nd online. A week later I received a brochure 3 for free. I chatted online with a representative who said I qualified and would give us the $150 advance, free gratuities and a room upgrade. We got the first 2 but no one ever upgraded us. A few days before the trip I have now called wondering where my upgrade is and they say because I selected a room at the top of the scale no upgrade was available. I was getting my room at the same rate as the lower grade. I beg your pardon! I paid more than the lower B1 room and I never received any changes financially or physically! The ship is sold out, and they refuse COMPENSATION!!! This is ridiculous! My only recourse is to let everyone know that Princess has dropped to a new low. (Their drinks are over priced when other cruised lines have concessions and their coffee is terrible too!!). Don't be sucked in like we were. Think twice and research!!! Next time Norwegian!

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: June 18, 2017

    On May 16, 2017 I received a brochure with CAMPAIGN CODE: PT7SA002, from Princess Cruises. The intent of this document is to offer a tour of South America for 60 days, on the Island Princess ship leaving on January 24, 2018. This offer included free gratuities, free round trip airfare, free on board spending money & inclusion of taxes, fees and port expenses in the quoted prices. The Balcony Cat. BF is offered at a total cost of $9,999. This promotion states this offer is valid until June 30, 2017. When I contacted travel agent Zoe **, Tel. 916.456.4256, I was told that the prices on the brochure have been increased, and the taxes, fees and port expenses are now an extra charge. This information was verified with Princess representative by telephone call, (1.800.774.6237) Nancy.

    After over 30 minutes of holding, on the telephone, I was advised that my information was correct, BUT, a new brochure was mailed after the one received by me that had increased prices and did not include free taxes, fees, and port expenses. The brochure received by me stated being valid until June 30, 2017. My contact with my travel agent and Princess telephone representative was made on June 17, 2017. I believe the terms of their original brochure should be honored. Due to this lack of integrity, I contacted Zoe **, travel agent, and cancelled my booking of this trip. I am very disappointed in their extreme lack of integrity and false advertisement.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 15, 2017

    Princess Cruises does not understand or has any empathy on Asian travelers. We were travelling from the Philippines with the Stockholders, President, family last May 7 on the Majestic Princess cruise ship that can accommodate 3,500 plus passengers. We do this yearly. Prior to this trip, we asked that we be seated together in one dining area at 6 pm seating. The Maitre D' said no to our request and we needed prior reservation which we did 4 months ago. On the second night we asked again nicely and was told it couldn't be done. We are loyal cruisers of the Princess having cruised all over the world 6 times and all we got from customer service was a very CHEAP sorry!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 7, 2017

    The cruise felt like we were not important. We were on the last cruise of the Dawn Princess from Fremantle to Singapore. We had invited our family as they had never been on a cruise before. I was embarrassed as it was clear the ship was getting ready for hand over. The Jewellery store was completely empty and they closed the gift shop half way through, it really had a sad atmosphere. The Alcohol ran out and so did the towels. I had told my Sister-in-law about the sales on ship but that didn't really happen. Only one deck party and no big farewell party. The staff were lovely as usual and the food was good but long waits for Tender boats added to the disappointment. My second cruise on Princess but my husband's first. We found ourselves trying to convince our family that cruising is normally a lot better. All in all it was disappointing.

    Original review: June 1, 2017

    We have been on more than 20 Princess cruises and used to love them. We will never go on another Princess ship. Here's why: 17 months ago, while on a Princess cruise, we excitedly purchased the MAIDEN VOYAGE of the brand new Majestic Princess for their 21 DAY MEDITERRANEAN ODYSSEY. Yes, we were disappointed that they canceled Turkey because of political unrest, and we were notified they removed Turkey from the ports, but we understood. However, we did not know, nor were we ever informed that we were NOT on the maiden voyage or a 21 day cruise until after we sailed. The Majestic was completed earlier and had already taken its Maiden Voyage! They changed our cruise from a 21 day cruise to 3 7-day cruises, without informing us! Yes, there is a big difference. Sounds like "bait and switch" to us.

    There were NO informative lectures or port talks on the entire cruise. The person who was to give the talks was not there and wouldn't be there 'til a following cruise when we were off the ship. They have the exact same (fair, not good) menu week after week, same entertainment, same champagne waterfall and balloon bust, same jokes from the captain and staff, etc.. If you cruise to shop and gamble, they do have a huge high end shopping area and large casinos. The library/internet room has 2 computers - for 3,500 guests!

    Our balcony room had half-drunk beverages still in the dirty refrigerator, the floor had not been vacuumed, there was long, black hair in both the drawers and shower (our steward had short hair), the balcony had standing and dirty water on about 70% of the entire balcony. We got our steward in, showed him the filth. He apologized profusely, vacuumed and dusted while we sanitized the room with sani wipes we borrowed from the gym. We were extremely disappointed. Customer service, though sympathetic, could do nothing but forward our complaint of what we saw as a Bait and Switch, to Corporation. We spent over $10,000 on the cruise. Originally, after booking through Princess, we turned the booking over to the AAA as we always do. They were unsuccessful in helping us come to a resolution. Obviously, they don't care what AAA has to say, either. This is what we heard from Princess Corp. today:

    They went to "upper management" and were given permission to offer us $250 per person credit on a future cruise! Not only is that an insult, but we could have had a better financial deal if we would have booked a world cruise (which we were planning on doing prior to our cruise), than accepting a $250 slap in our face. Of course we refused and told them to go back to "upper management". So far... nothing. We would have never taken 3 or 4, one-week cruises had we been informed that it was not the Maiden voyage and we were not on a 21 day cruise. If they would have informed us, we would have changed cruises happily and been satisfied Princess customers today. Their marketing and customer service decisions totally "missed the boat" and nobody will take responsibility for their unprofessional and shameful customer service. Says a lot about Princess, doesn't it?

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 20, 2017

    Princess Cruises, The United Airline of cruise ships. We had been on 51 cruises up to 33 days long. One-third of those on lines owned by the same company that owns Princess. Our latest week long cruise on the Ruby Princess showed us how much the service has changed for the worse. When we arrived in our stateroom Suite our steward introduced herself and promptly stated that she had so many cabins she would have trouble giving us the service she would like, and to please have patience with her. We went to the buffet to have lunch but the food was so bad we left most of it. We tried to get some wine but the Bar staff only wanted to sell drink packages for the week for hundreds of dollars. I guess if they don't get their share of these they don't make money on the cruise.

    We tried to meet with the Captain's Circle person because we are high up on the frequent cruise status but every time she was supposed to be there she was missing. The customer service desk was not trained and acted like this was their first cruise. We tried for 2 days to figure out the in room tv and movie schedule. We keep getting different reasons on where to look for this information to no avail. When I finally met with "Edgar", one of the Officers, he left and returned to tell me the IT people had just not gotten around to put the schedule on the TV channel where it belonged.

    Room service has changed also, on all our prior cruises with Princess we were able to have a full breakfast serviced in our suite. On this cruise, the best we could get was a dried out version of an egg McMuffin. When I took a tray upstairs to the buffet the next day to bring some breakfast down to my wife an attendant confronted me and told me I was not allowed to use the tray in the buffet. After making 3 trips to our suite to carry the food downstairs, we decided it was not worth the effort because the hash browns were little patties deep fried, the eggs were dry and the bacon too hard to eat. I have to say the meals we did have in the main dining room were excellent and was the best part of the cruise. We had to leave one of the lounges because the singer in the bar could not seem to find the right keys.

    I wrote a review to Princess and did not get a reply. I wrote a letter to the president of Princess Cruises and it was returned to me. This is an indication that they really are not interested in hearing anything that has gone wrong. The problem is to fix it would cost money and profits. This company like so many other companies today care only about how to increase the profits every quarter. The pride of managing a great company seems to be going away. The executives look only toward retirement and how much they can take with them. I own 3 Corporations and we are happier because we take pride in our work, put our customers and employees first, and guess what the stockholders benefit from this. We spent a lot of money on this cruise, but I won't be able to remember that for long, the poor service will be on my mind forever. We will not return to Princess because a cruise is supposed to be a special event.

    I am sure nothing I say here will make any difference to Princess, but as least I won't have to write another review like this again. I feel sorry for first time cruisers who choose Princess, they will never know what a great cruise would be. We have 2 more cruises booked but not of course on Princess. They make advertise that they are the "Love Boat" but they certainly not the "Fun Boat".

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 17, 2017

    Went on a cruise 8th April 2017. For the first 3 days all ok. It was my wife's birthday on the 7th and our 40th anniversary on the 9th. I started to feel unwell on the 12th April. Went down to the doctors 3 days later feeling really ill. Was given medication for prevention of something. They said I already had went 5 days. Was quarantined to state room. Was taken in wheelchair back down to medical room because I was feeling a lot worse then I was given antibiotics which I took. Got home. Went to doctors. Was given antibiotics again which was feeling better as the days went on.

    It is now 17th May 2017 and was given the all clear with bloods being taken. Put a complaint because didn't go to outside cabin for 6 days. Paid for photos for our 40th anniversary. My wife was looking after me for all this time. They charged me 600 dollars for what I don't know cost me. 249 dollars for a package of photos which we didn't get and 5000 pounds for the holiday and Princess Cruises don't want to know and was told by the cabin people who came into clean our cabin that 9 other people were taken ill as well with same condition. Never again will we sail with Princess Cruises. They just don't care disgusting what a 40th anniversary. We will never forget it. My wife was heartbroken.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 18, 2017

    We went on a cruise for our anniversary. We informed the cruise line in advance. The day of our anniversary, we did not receive any recognition whatsoever although we saw various greetings and balloons on other doors. In addition, we never received the champagne our daughter sent us. We assumed that being Hispanic may have had something to do with this. Informing stewards, complaint desk, purser, and cabin boy had no effect. These people don't care about certain passengers. We cruise regularly but never again with Princess.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 17, 2017

    When I went to book a vacation with my adult daughter and Costco Travel recommended that I go through my flights to Europe with Princess Cruise Lines, that they would have the best deals and would assure that we get onto the ship if any travel mishaps were to happen. I thought this would be a convenient idea. No way would I have known that this was the worse decision that I could have ever made! I fly frequently and out of the country so I do know what I'm doing with overseas travel. Princess Cruise Lines have been nothing but incompetent, sarcastic, not able to listen or respond to any request in addition what these individuals have told me to do, specific instructions followed by me to the letter, have resulted in more people so called "Smarter" than the last and to this time, I still do not have seat assignments on my flight with my daughter that leaves in over 90 days.

    Princess Cruise Lines want me to accept seats apart from my daughter, and in the back of the plane. Completely unacceptable! I have now filled out paperwork that they "just now decided I needed" and will call me back in 2 hours, haha, let's see if this happens. UNACCEPTABLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND CUSTOMER SERVICE TRAINING. I WILL NEVER CRUISE WITH PRINCESS AGAIN, and by the way I have had my entire family cruise with Princess before without any problems in the past. Never again.

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    profile pic of the author
    Verified Buyer
    Original review: March 17, 2017

    We traveled on Emerald Princess on 28th November 2016 to Fiji for 14 days. We were UPGRADED from deck 7 to deck 5. The cabin was dreadful with no room to move a window. You had to climb on the bed to see out of, but that was the least of our problems. The noise in the cabin was that bad we had no sleep for two days. We complained and after a lot of bother we were moved to a cabin on deck 7 a replica of our other cabin but with no window. I would like a refund for 12 days in a inside cabin when we paid for a ocean view. Wrote to them but as yet no reply.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 8, 2017

    Sun Princess cruise: Brisbane QLD to NZ return 2nd - 16th February 2017. I am furious that Princess Cruises did not inform us that Norovirus was onboard the Sun Princess' return journey to Papua New Guinea trip which was immediately before our voyage and resulted in 90 sick passengers. Our outbound trip, sailed only hours after the PNG trip docked and ours resulted in 205 Sun Princess passengers being sick. We were violently vomiting and diarrhea within 36 hours of Sun Princess departing Brisbane and unable to leave the cabin for two days until we had recovered. Fortunately, this occurred before we arrived in New Zealand and so we were able to undertake our pre-booked and paid for shore excursions at every NZ port. Whereas, many passengers could not.

    The Sun Princess staff did not tell us nor a lot of other fellow passengers that norovirus was on board prior to departure, nor during our entire sailing period. If it hadn't been for all the passengers keeping each other informed, we would not have known that this virus was on board and resulting from the obviously from the previous two trips at least. More importantly, we were not informed of the seriousness of this matter. At one NZ port we saw two passengers taken off the liner and put into separate ambulances. On the last day of our journey we heard that at least 205 people had been reported sick during our trip. Surely it does not take much deduction to realise that the onboard passengers on both journeys are from First World countries and new on board, every time - that the culprit must be either the ship or its crew, or both.

    Why didn't Princess Cruises inform us of the presence of the norovirus being on board many hours prior to the cruise and embarkation! Many passengers told us that their travel agent informed them and gave them the choice of delaying their cruise on the 2nd of February, 2017 to another date or, they could go ahead with this cruise. We are most unhappy about this lack of care by Princess Cruises. I have sent emails to Princess Cruises stating the above and have not had the courtesy of any reply. The silence is deafening.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 28, 2017

    I need to express my extreme disappointment in a cruise I took with Princess recently to the Mexican Rivera. It was a 10 day cruise leaving Los Angeles on January 8, 2016. I have never been on a Princess Cruise and was expecting a whole lot more for the enormous amount of money my friend and I paid for this vacation. On arrival, our mini-suite was nice. No complaints there. However, most of the time we were unable to use our balcony due to a really awful smell, which resembled bad seaweed with raw sewage. We could not tell where the stench was coming from, and our friends on the other side of the ship said they couldn't smell anything. I asked someone from Princess, and they said it was just the smell of the sea - well I can tell you, I've never smelled such rotten sea, and it was unbearable.

    Pre-cruise, your telephone staff could not tell me any info on any of the excursions. I'm a very large woman, weighing in at well over 300 pounds, and needed to know some information before booking excursions. I wanted to go on the Cabo Luxury Sale with my friend, but could not get any details on how easy it was to get on and off a sail boat, so my friend had to go alone. I asked about the San Diego Zoo and again, not much info, other than they had scooters we could rent. I booked this trip, and besides going around for 1/2 hour on a bus where we saw basically nothing, we ended up sitting in the restaurant by the gates for almost 5 hours just waiting to come home. No one mentioned the zoo was up and down steep hills which, being mobile challenged, I could not do, and we were unable to rent a scooter, so was total waste of money.

    The PV tour wasn't much better, as I can't walk, so had to sit on the bus for well over an hour while everyone walked the city and this was supposed to be an Easy Tour showing lots of highlight, but the highlights were on the "walking" part of the tour. We didn't see many highlights at all on the bus, not even the waterfront. Loreto was by far the best excursion, and it was exactly how it was printed out in your brochure. However, I phoned, pre-cruise, to ask where the Clambake was going to be located as I have a friend living down in Loreto, and your staff could not give me a location, so I could not meet up with my friend at all, which I had planned to do after the lunch at the clambake location.

    Your food, mainly in your buffet restaurant was unbelievably poor, in quality and in cooking, not to mention the huge line-ups and lack of tables for two. After the first day, I could not eat there again. We spent most of our meals ordering room service, which was ok, but not a lot to choose from. Your "pay" restaurants were good, but we only ate at them twice as we couldn't afford to put out any more money than we already had. For the prices you charge people, I think all your restaurants just have been included.

    Prior to the trip, I was trying to decide if $730 would be worth the price for the all-inclusive beverage package. I called your office and asked if a "double rum & coke" would be considered under $10 and I was told YES it was. That was not the case! We could only get single drinks on this ship, and both my friend and I are very very heavy drinkers and a single drink is a total waste of time, not to mention the waiters in the bars took forever to come back. I had pictured sitting by the pool and feeling great with waiters bringing me drinks. Instead, I had to go up to the bar and ask for a drink each time, and was told many times I could not have a double.

    So this $730 was a total waste of money for me as most days I only had maybe two drinks and a bottle of water, and I'm really not one to sit in a bar and drink. What I would have liked to do was sit on my balcony in my mini-suite and drink there, but that was a huge amount of extra money I would have had to put out over the $730 already paid.

    The pool is another major complaint. I did not anticipate that the two main pools had only a ladder into them, and no shallow end at all. This did not work for me, as I'm too heavy to pull myself up a ladder, and I can't swim. So basically I could not use your pool, which I had been so looking forward to. Your chairs and loungers are not built to accept a large person. They are made of plastic and would not hold my weight. Nowhere in your brochures do you mention this cruise is not meant for heavy people. When I was out at the pool, I was forced to sit in one of your upright chairs.

    In the "Pay For" dining rooms, there were not enough chairs without armrests, and it was very embarrassing for me to have to ask the waiter to get someone to switch a seat with me because I didn't fit between the armrests. This never should have happened. You should have a supply of chairs put away for such circumstances. The same goes for the theatre, which I could not attend as I did not fit in the seats, so missed out on all the shows. The "Sanctuary" seemed like it could hold my weight, but again, being on a fixed limited income, I could not afford to use it.

    Not that I gamble much, but I could not use your casino either due to heavy cigarette smoke. I realize you need to give smokers a place, but I don't think it should be in a casino, where basically the only chairs that held my weight were situated, not to mention having to walk through this smoky area just to get to other areas on the ship. I realize it was only 1/2 of the casino that was smoking, but let me tell you, the smoke travels. I have an allergy to cigarette smoke, and my eyes turned red just from walking through.

    I spent over $5,000 on this cruise, and for this amount of money, I was expecting a whole lot more. By around the 3rd day of the cruise I was basically just staying in my mini-suite as there really was nothing else I could participate in. I must say, I am very disappointed with Princess and can't imagine ever going on another cruise. I had wanted to go to Alaska, but think now I will fly there instead. I did receive a very short phone message from Princess, thanking me for pointing out these things. That was not acceptable. I think I should have received a free cruise or at least some incentive to sail with them again.

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    Original review: Feb. 19, 2017

    My fiancé and I booked our first cruise over a year in advance and we were so excited when the day to board the ship finally arrived. We booked the hotel and shuttle through Princess and even got the insurance to be sure no issues happened. Stayed at a hotel the night prior to be sure we made it from Chicago even if weather wasn't good. We went down to the area where The Princess shuttle was suppose to pick us up and were told to double check our bags where they're to be loaded on the bus. We checked and they were there, we even watched them load them on the bus. We could see the ship from our hotel (probably only a few blocks away... we could have walked if we wanted). On the bus ride over, the Princess attendant on the bus was bragging about how slow of a day it was for them and that we were their only bus load that day.

    We arrived at the ship (with the other 33 people on the bus) and the Princess attendant told us he would drop us off by the front and they would go around and drop our bags off to be loaded on the ship. Fast forward to 6 pm when my fiance and I realize they never delivered our bags to the room. We immediately go to customer service and see others from our hotel's bus in line. They never took any of the bags off the bus! 34 people were without luggage. Customer service was of no help and they just handed us a toothbrush. An onboard credit right away would have been nice to purchase deodorant or another pair of clothes or underwear...

    We all ended up without luggage for 3.5 days! They had to helicopter our luggage into the third port to get it to us. It wasn't until the morning of the day they got us our luggage that they told us how much of a credit we would get to spend onboard. Which didn't cover the extra set of clothes and additional personal items we had to purchase. Got back and tried calling customer service -- except you can't get a hold of a person that accepts complaints! Filled out their survey and asked to be contacted... all they did was add me to their newsletter list when I didn't sign up for one. Worst customer service ever. Spent almost $4400 on a vacation that they ruined. What a waste. Never cruise on Princess! They don't have good customer service or care about their cruisers. All they care about is making money off their guests.

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    Original review: Feb. 8, 2017

    Princess has turned into a money grubbing disaster. We went on a VERY expensive SE Asia cruise to areas we will not be visiting again and we missed so much of what we went there for due to the lying, misrepresentation and outright cheapness of the cruise area. Our guides described the lovely 5 star resorts we were passing and 45 minutes of driving later we wound up at a no star disaster for lunch.

    We sweltered outside while the Princess employee relaxed in the AC inside the restaurant. We paid almost $4000 for an excursion OFF the ship to Siem Reap to see Angkor Wat and four other temples. It was a ridiculous shame as there was way too much to see that we got literally rushed through. The hotel was OK and the food was OK but not at all regional so we may have been eating at home. The second day we were so exhausted we asked to go back to the ship but were told we could not and instead we got stuck on the bus while two people went out to photo the outside of a 1960s temple.

    REALLY??? Our evening was a disaster. We had to eat outdoors in the heat and humidity, with bugs crawling all over the food. We asked to go inside and were told we could NOT. My husband and I had ice cream for dinner and the show we were supposed to watch was the worst dancers anywhere. Add this to the lack of service on the ship and it was a horror. The AC only worked in areas where they were trying to sell you something. Other than that, NONE. They lied to sell the "on your own" packages. We fell for it in Phuket Thailand where most of the time we were being driven to a Robinson's store which was near NOTHING. We could have walked ON OUR OWN to the either of the two gorgeous malls they have there. What is wrong with these people??? Do not, under any circumstances, trust your vacation to Princess Cruises. They used to be a good company and now they are simply money grubbing fraud artists.

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    Original review: Jan. 24, 2017

    I've sailed Royal Caribbean & Princess & we prefer Princess. We've done the Alaskan cruise tour & the Med w/ Princess - all outstanding. Our last cruise was a California Coastal cruise & low-key. We did an LA excursion and that was fun. We thoroughly enjoyed our cruise, but the staff really makes it fabulous. The service and the meals were excellent too. Also, we always get the beverage package so there is no big surprise at the end of the cruise. We're looking at the Panama Canal for the next one w/ Princess.

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    Original review: Jan. 19, 2017

    We've taken three cruises, each with different lines. Royal Caribbean was excellent, Carnival was very disappointing. Our cruise/land tour to Alaska with Princess Cruises was the best trip we've ever taken. It was breathtaking. The ship was excellent, as was the food and company. The inclusions were very good, except for the soda card they wanted us to purchase (not worth it). They had vast choices both in depth and expense for the itinerary. We truly enjoyed our side trip to the Kenai Peninsula, as we saw all the wildlife in that one place, that we saw on the entire trip. Sledding/helicopter tour from Juneau was exhilarating and the Anan Creek trip to see the bears up close was awesome (though very expensive).

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    Original review: Jan. 18, 2017

    We went to Hawaii on second honeymoon and everything was perfect. We had a wonderful time. The food was incredible and there were so many selections as well as special events like fruit and chocolate sculptures. The staff and the service was excellent. The itinerary was wonderful too. There were lots of things to do and very romantic. Every day was an adventure. For the value of the money, it was great.

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    Original review: Jan. 17, 2017

    Previous cruises with Princess have been excellent. 2016 Christmas Cruise was an enormous mistake. 2 Ruby & 1 Gold Member. The first night onboard, we started to itch and assumed it was the air-conditioning. After 2 nights of constant scratching, the welts developed and we could feel crawling on our bodies. We complained about lice in the stateroom to the Hotel Floor Supervisor, who conducted an investigation of the room with a negative result. The sheets, doona cover, and pillow cases were changed and we assumed the room had been treated.

    After another 2 nights, the itching and crawling got worse, and again we complained and demanded another stateroom and were promptly told, there were no spare staterooms on the ship. The sheets, pillow cases and doona covers were changed and we were told the room had not been treated, as no insects were found. This investigation took place with standard torches, no specialized tools and no magnification equipment. We suggested they spend a couple of hours in the beds to generate the heat to start the insect activity, which of course they declined.

    On the 9th night (Final Night) at 10.30pm, we had enough. No prolonged sleep for the previous 8 nights, constantly scratching and itching, our own clothes and belongings now infested and leaving the ship in the morning to take the problem with us. We confronted the night manager at the service desk and threatened to sleep on the counter if nothing was done to rectify the problem. He called the Hotel Night Staff and asked them to get the mattresses, pillows, doonas, etc from the spare stateroom on level 8. We had to leave the room for the staff to service the room and return our infested mattresses, etc to the stateroom on level 8. Why were we not moved to the vacant stateroom, instead of us waiting for our filthy stateroom to be serviced? Why were we not moved to a vacant stateroom earlier?

    Why not fumigate the room at the first complaint, and the problem would have been fixed. We were told to go to the medical officer for an examination, after showing the hotel management our bites but were promptly told this was at our expense, not the cruise lines??? So now we are trying to recover a refund from Princess Cruises, but have been told "You must have brought the lice onboard with you" and Princess Cruises is not responsible for your health or is not liable in any way.

    We are now following up with our solicitor and Queensland Government Departments to continue our pursuit. We own and operate a Motel in Outback Queensland, and take pride in offering our guests a clean and comfortable night's accommodation. Perhaps we could teach Princess Cruises, that problem-solving skills are of greater use and value than public relation skills, which dismiss the guest and the problem. We will take a great deal of pleasure in telling people of our Princess Cruise Christmas Nightmare.

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    Original review: Jan. 17, 2017

    The itinerary is good as the ship tries to please all individuals with various events. They will make every attempt to include you if able to accommodate. Sometimes the first seating Theater entertainment is too full. Elderly go to these shows first and it's hard to attend earlier or just not go. Yearly decrease in service, but increasing overall costs.

    We had a mini-suite and the restroom toilet had a strong septic stench when opened. The porcelain was severely scratched and we had the steward come in several times to clean (indicating it generally isn't that harsh smelling). Moreover, I'm prone to drinking water from the ship's tap (as 2 drinking glasses are provided with coaster tops next to the faucets). That said, after leaving day one, I consumed approximately 3-4 glasses of water from that stateroom suite. Around 3 am I became violently ill with headache, cramping, and severe diarrhea.

    As soon as the Medic station opened my wife took me in to see the Physician's Assistant. This person advised that I should NOT drink the stateroom water, but ONLY bottled water in the room (requiring a fee). I was then confined to my room and the cleaning crew advised of the same. Do NOT drink the water in the room. I lost 3 days as a result and confined to the suite. So... DON'T drink the water in the State rooms, but be prepared to pay for bottled water! They are adding more external restaurants and decreasing the quality options in the main dining room causing one to dine externally; however, for an additional cost!

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    Original review: Jan. 15, 2017

    Excellent service and good quality meals and entertainment. Very relaxed time to recharge the batteries and improve health. A chance to get away from everyday issues and see interesting places and meet interesting people.

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    Original review: Jan. 14, 2017

    Princess was excellent and made you feel like they really cared about you. It was clean, meals great, knowledgeable staff, and very fast boarding and disembarking. However, do not include pop or alcohol and would like to see an all inclusive cruise even if you have to pay more. Otherwise, great value and would highly recommend.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 9, 2017

    This cruise was a great experience. Started in Florida and covered a number of cities. Went to the Azores, Cherbourg, great tour of Normandy beaches, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Berlin, Tallinn, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Oslo, etc. and had a fantastic overview. Fantastic northern Baltic. Tallinn and St. Petersburg were amazing. The cruise had great service and entertainment and everything you needed was included. You got your money's worth and more.

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    • Gourmet cuisine and specialty restaurants: Food on the ship is hand-prepared freshly throughout the day.
    • Nightlife options: Nightlife options range from watching movies and theater productions to dancing, singing karaoke and attending parties.
    • Spa treatments: The on board spa offers guests the chance to relax and be pampered with facials, massages, acupuncture, Botox and full-body therapy.
    • Shopping opportunities: In addition to opportunities to shop at ports of call, cruise guests can shop on board in the boutiques and attend art auctions.
    • Stay in shape: A meditation room, on board gym, jogging track and Zumba classes are available for fitness-inspired guests.
    • Best for: The Princess Cruises are best for couples and adults seeking new adventures in exotic locations.
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