My husband was told that he won a vacation, that he had to go listen to the pitch and he was not going to be pressured to buy anything. Well, they accompany you to the restroom, they even accompany you to the bank. I did not get a chance to discuss it with my husband because we were being watched over by the sales guy. The sales person told us one thing and the contract told us something else, only the person that reads you the contract reads so fast and looks like they are in a bad mood you can't even question them.

We were promised exclusivity, then came to find out anyone can rent the Cancun resort in Las Vegas. We were told by the salesperson that the points we had were enough. When we asked more or less how many points was a night in a resort, the answer differs from the reality. We came to find out we only have enough to get 1 or 2 days in a resort. I think $2,300 a year is a major ripoff for 1-2 nights every two years. The money stated above is besides the payments for maintenance. This should be against the law. I called to cancel it and was told it will be held against me. And I have no paper stating the sales persons name or phone number.

The sales person said that even people who are on welfare are allowed this experience because it prevents stress and depression. It has caused me depression, stress and frustration. This situation has also caused conflict in my marriage. I am disappointed and ashamed that our country would allow a scam like this to go on.