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Last updated: April 10, 2018

527 Norwegian Cruise Lines Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Amber of Winter Haven, FL Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 10, 2018

I was aboard the December 16, 2017 sailing on the NCL Epic. What started out as a promising trip became the worst, not only cruise, but vacation experience I have had. On Thursday night of my sailing, I slipped and fell off of a step near the bowling alley and fell flat (no, alcohol was not involved). The crew member behind the alley desk ran to pick up the cup I dropped, not me - the cup, and the other employees in the vicinity just left. Luckily there were 2 guests there that helped me up and one of the guests ran and got some ice for my ankle and knee. The alley worker just returned to his desk without saying anything to me.

I went to my cabin, laid down with my foot propped and ice on my ankle and stayed the rest of the day there. When I awoke in the morning, my left ankle/foot and right knee were severely swollen, my chest and right elbow were scraped and bruised. I went to the medical center, but it was closed so I went to guest services to see if I could obtain medical attention. I was told that there was no one available until 7 pm. I asked if I could at least get an ace bandage bolster my ankle a bit. I was told that I should check the vending machine near medical (I had, it basically just contained aspirin, motion sickness tablets and prophylactics). Then I was told that they didn't have any type of bandage and was summarily dismissed.

Not being able to walk but a very short distance at a time with my injured foot and knee, I went back to my cabin to prop my foot for the remainder of the cruise. Missing Thursday's activities and the private beach port on Friday were disappointing, but not as much as the way I was treated by the ship's crew. I have never felt such a lack of concern from others. To leave someone lying on the floor and not even attempt to assist them up is not just bad customer service, it reflects a deficit of human decency.

When I arrived home, I wrote a letter to Guest Services and received an email (1/9/18) saying that my letter was sent to the Claims department for review and I would hear from them within 8-10 weeks. 3 months later (3/9/18) I finally received a letter from them stating – “We are certain that had you visited the medical facility, proper care and treatment would have been provided.” So, basically they didn’t even read my complaint, as I had stated that I did visit the medical center and I did ask for medical assistance. Since this type of uncaring is tolerated within NCL, I cannot imagine cruising with them in the future and would recommend others not to, for their own safety and well-being.

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Kingsley of Naples, FL Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 4, 2018

Norwegian Escape Cruise returning to Miami on May 31st. First the ports of call were completely changed after the hurricane to not so desirable ports, no reduction offered. The stop at Grand Stirrup Cay was cancelled supposedly for bad weather however another ship was tendering there. Conversation amongst the passengers was Norwegian. Does this a lot as it saves them money. Again no reduction offered to us. The food was so excessively salted that it was difficult for somebody on low sodium diet to eat. The ship had 4000+ passengers with one adult pool, deck chairs were very difficult to get. Not the greatest of experiences.

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Jerry of Palm Coast, FL Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 3, 2018

March 24th sailing on the Epic was the worst in my 18 sailings. All others were on Royal Caribbean and they were hands down the best. There was not enough deck chairs for the amount of people. Chairs were already reserved at 8am, not one chair didn't have towels, flip flops or some other personal item on them and were a lot of the times reserved for more than 4 hours with no one using the chairs. NCL did not control the maxim 1 hour rule to reserve the chair. Food was terrible in the buffet and not much better in a couple of the specialty restaurants. The buffet was the same old thing every day. Greasy bacon, runny eggs and not many tasty dishes. One was the Brazilian steakhouse. You would think they would know how to cook all kinds of meat to perfection, NO! ALMOST EVERY PIECE OF MEAT WAS DRY AND OVER-COOKED.

The dining room was better but only ate there once. The food was good. The waiters were friendly and aimed to please. The shows were good and top quality. Musical entertainment on the ship at the lounges were almost non-existent except for a guy with his guitar every night. The top deck was very noisy and very over-crowed. Again no deck chairs to be found and people were forced to find a chair to sit in the smoking area of the ship. The bars were overcrowded and at time would take up to 20min to get a drink. All I can say is don't waste your money with NCL. NEVER AGAIN!

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Sean of Jordan, ON Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 27, 2018

It is unfortunate that I am having write a review of this nature. My 14 yr old son and I just returned from our second cruise with NCL. Our first cruise aboard the Getaway was excellent. And to a large degree, so was this last one aboard the Escape. However, we did have a unfortunate accident while on-board. While playing Bocce ball, my son had the ball bounce off the metal bar at the end of the court and rolled into and broke a small window that surrounds the base of the ropes course. Instead of running away as the kids did when it happened, he went and found a crew member to inform them of what had happened. A number of crew came to investigate, both security staff and a supervisor. I came to the scene and completed the required incident report as they would let allow my son, being a minor to do it.

I do not dispute the fact of this incident occurring in any way. My issue however is the manner in which things were handled. On the last evening of our cruise there was a message on the cabin phone asking if I could please attend the Guest Services counter as soon as possible. As requested, I made my way down to very busy desk, as always on the last night. After some confusion as to why I was asked to attend, a very nice young lady from the Finance department came out asking me sign a handwritten receipt, with no details of any kind, to cover the cost of damages caused. I was shocked that I was approached in such a manner. First, no mention was made to me at the time of the incident that we would be expected to cover the cost of the window. Second, no details were provided on this blank invoice/receipt, just a handwritten price of $650.00.

In all fairness, the young lady asked to deal with this was clearly done so by a supervisor, who would not make him/herself available to discuss the issue with me. I refused to sign-off on a blank piece of paper. I did ask that someone contact me to discuss the matter further so we have it resolved. I also asked that copies of all paperwork and photos be please made available to me to which I was told, and I quote "We don't do that". After a second and third visit to Guest Services to try to resolve the issue with nobody appearing to have any interest in it I gave up for the evening figuring someone would contact prior to our arrival back in Miami to get off in the morning but no such call came. After a quick stop by the desk again early in the morning, as we were disembarking early to catch a flight, we left the ship with no further mention by anyone.

Now, 10 days later I find an unauthorized charge against my credit card for the apparent value, in US Dollars. Again after numerous attempts to contact ANYONE at NCL to get this sorted out, no response. It would seem that matter will now find its way to a higher power, as well as public knowledge... Please be forewarned... NCL is clearly looking out for themselves and not the customers best interest.

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Fredlene of Austell, GA Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 26, 2018

I am having a similar experience as someone else who already wrote a review. I have 13 cabins book for a cruise leaving Thanksgiving week 2018. When I booked this cruise I was told that we were booked as a group so we can get the group perks and with 10 cabins I would get a cabin free and with 14 booked cabins I would get 2 but that never happen. The person who book us when I call like 2 days after said we are not a group because the group booking were already closed a year before. He did not tell me that before or I wouldn't have booked the cabins. As everyone has mentioned in their complaints don't expect anyone to contact you back. Well I found an email to Frank ** who is suppose to be some kind of bigwig with Norwegian. He emailed me and said he would look into and have someone from VIP desk call me back.

Some lady called me a couple of day later apologizing and telling me they can give us the group perks or my free room but she will give us $50 per cabin not per person to spend on board. If you've been on a NCL cruise you know $50 can't buy you a decent drink or any souvenir. I was disgusted and upset because this is a lot of money that they are making from my group. Now all of sudden the guy who booked my cruise has a big old attitude. Well so do I. Here is his email I want all of us to flood his email box with complaints so he can realize how bad his cruise line is treating paying customers that's if he cares. His email is **.

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Victoria of Manhattan, NY Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 21, 2018

My 87 year old wheelchair/limited mobility mother booked this trip for our family. A penthouse family suite and a balcony suite for 5 of us. The embarkation in Tampa was a nightmare, even with valet parking, priority status and my mother in an electric wheelchair it was a 2 hour process to get on board. Once on board, my mother, her husband and I went to settle in 12032 supposedly a handicap accessible room. The floor by the fold out couch was soaking wet from leaking windows and we had to have a drying machine placed (huge) placed in our suite every day of cruising.

I noticed the safety rail separating the shower from the toilet was rickety and complained, they fixed it right away by adding 2 more bolts to the loose 2 there. But what could not be fixed was the height of the king bed; 28" so my mother who is a large woman recovering from cancer could not transfer from her wheelchair. They provided us with a step unit (!). This suite is meant to sleep 4 comfortably, but I don't know how that would be possible. I slept on the hard as rock (full size) pleather fold out couch with crate foam on top.

There is also no lamp/light available for whomever sleeps on the couch bed, our lovely butler lent me his personal magnetic flashlight so I could read at night. My mother fell twice off the step unit injuring herself with deep lacerations (luckily did not break anything) and the last 2 nights she and her husband slept on the small hard sofa bed. I would also suggest earplugs, the suite is just off the pool deck and nights that host parties have the booming bass beating in the room till about midnight.

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Kara of Kingston, NY Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 12, 2018

This was my first and last cruise with NCL. (I hate giving bad reviews, but I had to.) My boyfriend and I were really excited about getting some beach time in, but when we arrived to Port Canaveral, there weren't enough shuttles to take the passengers to the beach, having us all wait in long lines. I am a very patient person, but when we had to get back to the boat in a few hours, waiting another hour+ didn't make any sense. Then one of the cruise passengers starts fighting with the bus shuttle guy, to the extreme where it almost turned into fist fight. I just couldn't understand how this massive cruise company didn't coordinate with this bus company. So we bailed, and on the next perfectly sunny day we were supposed to go to this private island in the Bahamas, and when we almost reach it, the Captain says we are cancelling the entire day because it was deemed unsafe.

We were totally bummed at this point, two out of the 3 beach day were ruined. I have to say I enjoyed their shows, and food, but not a ton of options if you're vegan. The boat was very clean, but our toilet wouldn't flush half of the time, making us use the upstairs public bathrooms. I hadn't read reviews before taking this line, but I wish I had, and now that I think of it, one of the dining halls had a residual smell of vomit on the carpeting. We politely expressed our discontent to the front desk staff, but we were rudely dismissed, not one sorry, or "how can we make this a better experience for you?"

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Hannah of Cary, NC Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 9, 2018

I have never been on a cruise before and my friends talked me into going with them along with my boyfriend. The Cruise was hell to say the least. From the very first night the cruise was rocking hard and things in the room were falling and shifting. I began having extreme panic attacks and couldn't sleep the entire night. We were supposed to port on the second and third days (Great Stirrup Cay and Nassau) and we were not able to get off on either day due to strong swells and rough waters. I do not understand why the captain even took us to sea. We spent most of the days in our room lying down from extreme seasickness and the boat was never steady. I hardly got any sleep and had bouts of crying and nausea the entire time.

During the night the boat was shifting so hard it was hard to lay in bed and things were falling. Finally we docked in Nassau Tuesday and all beaches were closed due to high winds. The captain most likely decided to risk docking so they would not have to refund all our money. When we left Nassau the ship was rocking so hard there is actually footage of Hilton Nassau filming the ship leaving. Clearly it was not safe in those waters. I went to the desk and complained and the crew offered no care or sympathy. On top of this, we ordered room service multiple times and the food only showed up once and freezing cold. We felt too dizzy to even walk to the restaurants most of the time.

I could say so many more negative things about this cruise. I basically ran off of the ship when it docked. On top of this, someone fell off the top deck on the final night and the ship had to turn back around to rescue her which in turn caused the ship to arrive back in port Canaveral late. Everyone was angry because people's flights were missed. I am so glad the cruise ship rescued the fallen passenger but this clearly showed how rushed the ship was. They were going 25 nautical miles an hour and top speeds just to get us back from Nassau to port Canaveral on the final night due to having to wait to go to Nassau for the final day. So when the girl fell they did not even have any time to compensate.

The Cruise was literally a mess. This morning I woke up having a major anxiety attack disoriented thinking I was still on this hell cruise. I'm sure I'm not the only one feeling this way. I'm sure it wasn't as bad as the bomb cyclone but once again this shows how bad Norwegian really is. They only care about the money and once they start sailing they will go into bad storms without care for the passengers safety.

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Gloria of Worcester, MA Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 23, 2018

So, I won a cruise at Bingo on my last cruise last year. For starters, it's not free. I am responsible for the taxes, port fees, and service charges. After calling customer service back and forth five times (after the fourth time, I learned of blackout dates), I finally decided on a date, called back, and booked (not the cruise I wanted nor on the date I really wanted). In one of the five phone calls I had with them, one of them said I had 16 days to cancel. With my confirmation, I received the cancellation policy (after I booked!). Here's my issue, three days after booking, I cannot cancel without a hefty penalty fee! I get $100, but $1,100??? For cancelling a FREE CRUISE! It's just NOT right. I'm now waiting on a "manager" to return my call. Seriously! Customer service is horrible! I should have known everything the first time I spoke with someone... not three days and six phone calls later!

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Theresa of New Castle, DE Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 6, 2018

Our cruise started off as a booked cruise to St. Thomas, Tortuga, Great Stirrup Cay, and Nassau. Due to Hurricane Maria we were rerouted to a less desirable destination. Jamaica, Grand Caymans, Great Stirrup Cay, and Nassau. Our cruise was booked 8 months in advance. By the time NCL decided to change the itinerary we were unable to cancel or we would have lost money. So what choice did we have. This was the start with our experience with NCL. We booked an excursion to Dunn's River Falls and Bamboo Beach in Jamaica on our first day off the boat. The cost was expensive. $109.00 per person not including the shoes. Dunn's River was ok considering the 1 hour and 15 minute bus ride was scary.

On the bus we were informed if we didn't have water shoes that we would need to purchase them. The tour guides took our shoe size. The next thing you know we are pulling alongside the road to a car with the trunk open and the tour guides are purchasing shoes for us. We had no say in color or style of the shoes and seems a little shady when you pull off the side of the road to car with the trunk open to purchase water shoes. After Dunn's River we were taken to Bamboo Beach. The beach had no seats. We waited 20 minutes to have a seat on the beach. The group was split up. The water was up to the chairs on the beach. We were at the other end of the beach. Food was very slow to be served and we received one drink. Entertainment you could not see because we were at the other end of the beach. The beach was dirty and not a pretty beach at all.

Then our tour guide came around to collect $10.00 from each person who needed a pair of water shoes. Seriously! We were not on the beach long and we were rushed back to the bus for our 1 hour plus drive back. When we arrived back to the ship we went to guest services who then directed us to excursions. We filled a complaint with excursions. The gentlemen I spoke to informed me if we would have booked the excursion with him he would have advised us not to take it. He informed us there is a lot of complaints about that excursion and he was fully aware of all my concerns. When we asked why does NCL sell the Dunn's Fall excursion all he could say was “he is told to sell the excursion”. Really!!! Way to go NCL putting your customers first.

Port #2 Grand Cayman Island. Well could not see that Island. Per NCL the sea was too rough to tender. THE ONLY ISLAND ON THIS WHOLE VACATION I WANTED TO SEE AND THE WATER AND WIND WAS TOO ROUGH TO TENDER. NCL got a lot of money from me and all I got was nothing. Since we were unable to tender to see the Grand Caymans we were stuck at sea for two plus days. Oh what fun it is stay on a boat with 4,000 other strangers. Lucky we were able to tender to Great Stirrup Cay. Very nice beach which it should be because Norwegian owned it. Another cost cut for NCL…

Last island Nassau. Been there, done that. Had no desire to see it but I needed off the boat and so did 50,000 other people from 3 other cruise lines. I really enjoy walking the street of Nassau and being approached by drug dealers trying to sell us all kinds of drugs. If I want drug dealers to approach me to ask me if I would like ** I will travel to Philly only 30 minute drive from my home. I would not have needed to fly to Miami and take a cruise ship to get drugs and SPEND A FORTUNE TO DO SO!

Departure - we were given options to do excursions in Miami. Seriously! Yeah but no thanks. I had a plane to catch at 2:00 which finding my baggage was another joke. We arrived at the Fort Lauderdale Airport 2 hours before we had to board. When we arrived home my husband picked up the phone on Monday to call NCL to let then know the experience we had was not that great for the money we spent. All customer service had to say was SORRY! And to write a letter. Well here is my letter. Since the service was poor and cheap from the get go, I am not a betting person but I bet we receive no response. BEWARE WHEN BOOKING WITH NCL!

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Deborah of Yorktown, VA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 21, 2018

I had booked a cruise with my daughter. We were going in January and leaving from her home in Baltimore, flying to Orlando to get on the boat. The morning we left it was sleeting, snowing and freezing rain. I thought it was rain and slipped on the steps because they were icy. But I changed clothes and convinced my daughter I was fine. We got on the plane but when we got to Orlando, I couldn't get up from my seat. My knee and leg had swollen so bad and I was in horrible pain. So they got me a wheelchair. We met or transport guy. He said I could either go to the ER and still make the boat later that night or he could get us thru security and get the doctor on board the ship to check me out. We decided to go to the ship and see their doctor. She was wonderful.

Our transport guy zipped us around security. He brought our bags to us later. The physician x-rayed my knee and said I had a break. Suggested I continue with our vacation and stay off of it as best I could. She helped me undress and get into a bed. Got dinner for me and my daughter. From that point on, they took wonderful care of us. Appointed a person to get us to dinner first, off the ship first, back on first. We didn't have to wait for anything. Every morning they checked to see what they could do for us. We had an absolute fantastic time. Everyone was extremely nice. Way over and above what you would expect. The food was to die for. The rooms impeccable. My daughter laughed and said she didn't want me to get hurt but it sure made our trip easier. We plan to take another cruise with Norwegian soon.

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Carole of Glendale, NY Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 18, 2018

My husband and I have been NCL loyal cruisers for many years. We have earned Platinum status but now we don't think we will ever cruise on NCL again. We were on the Breakaway ship to celebrate New Year's Eve. Things went pretty well up to the night of January 3rd, 2018 when the captain decided to steer the ship right into the Bomb Cyclone with 4,000 passengers on the ship. It was the first time in my life that I actually thought I was going to die. The ship was rocking back and forth, banging and cracking. I was so seasick I could hardly walk. The ship tilted and I thought it was going to turn over. People were puking all over the place, water was pouring in from the elevators, stairways and doors. People were crying and walking around with their life jackets on. Our things were falling off the shelves in our room. The captain hardly came on over the speakers to let us know what was going on.

There were 40-foot waves and 100 mile an hour winds. It was just horrible. There was a lot of damage to the ship, but all the captain seemed worried about was getting back to New York to get ready to take out the next cruise which was a two-week cruise. I feel that the captain made a really bad decision to go into that storm, knowing how bad it really was. He put all of our lives in jeopardy and all they are offering us is 25% of what we paid for the cruise to be applied to the next cruise, to use within one year and not transferable and cannot be used with any other offer. Really? I think we should all get a full refund plus compensation for putting us through hell on that ship!!! There are other cruise lines that will honor us and take care of us and would love to get our business. Bye-bye NCL!

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morena of Newark, DE Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 12, 2018

My first cruise ever and it was horrific. The captain made the wrong decision to take our boat into the bomb cyclone storm therefore endangering our lives. There was pure panic on the boat, water rushing in from everywhere, the boat toppled over sideways thus making for items falling all over the place, people throwing up, crying, falling, being thrown out of my bed. No announcements were made in a timely manner. No concern from him or corporate after the fact, they were more interested in getting the boat back tony on time and treated the people waiting at port in NY with more concern and respect than us who almost lost our lives due to his judgment, I want a full refund. I am under a doctor's care now for anxiety, headaches and depression due to this incident.

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Frederick of Marksville, LA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 26, 2017

We just returned from a nine day Caribbean cruise aboard Norwegian Pearl. We have cruised several times before, but this was the first on Norwegian. What a nightmare. We spent most of our time aboard ship at the service desk trying to take care of these problems: The air conditioning doesn't cool the cabins. We had two cabins, both were warm. The wall thermostats seem to be dummies, or they did not work. Found a hair in the Caesar salad in the Indigo main dining room. Spoke to the maître d’ who said he would speak to the chef, but never had any feedback from either.

We ate most dinner meals in Indigo dining room so we didn't have to dress up. We were a party of eight, with three teenagers. We experienced many problems in this restaurant. We ordered appetizers and drinks on two occasions and never got them, only the entrees ordered. Service was very slow, it took 28 minutes to get a refill of a cold drink, after complaining, received three. We finally switched restaurants.

Laundry! They do not supply guests with a coin operated laundry. They charge $20 for a paper bag full of laundry. When I say paper bag, I mean something like the old time paper grocery bags, but thinner. Paper and wet clothes equals a disaster. Needless to say, we had several items missing on return of our laundry, and even received items that did not belong to us. There was also a shirt that was full of spots on return, that were not there when sent out.

This is where the fun began. Like any Christian person, we went to the service desk to return the items that were not ours, and also to inform them of the missing items and ruined shirt. They took the shirt that was damaged with spots and said they would re-clean it. They said they would search for the missing items. This was day four of a nine day cruise. After going to the service desk each morning and evening to ask about the issues with damaged and missing items over the next two days to no avail, the damaged shirt was returned to our cabin. Spots were gone on the locations noted, but now more spots noted in other locations. After it was laundered two more times, it came back faded, and still had spots. We continued to go to the service desk to inquire about the missing clothing with no resolution. Son had to go buy clothes for my grandson to wear.

Customer Service? What a joke. No one knows anything. No one cares. They are talking bobble heads, all trained to keep you from speaking to someone up their chain of command. I was told that if they could not locate our lost clothes, they would provide us with a form to claim the items on our insurance. After speaking to these idiots, I asked to meet with the hotel director on day six. I was told they would schedule an appointment. Day eight came and still no appointment, nor any answers to the lost clothing. By accident, I walked up on the Hotel Director, along with his two assistants, as they awaited an elevator. I asked to speak with him, and did. All three seemed interested in helping, and took notes in nor books. I was assured that it would be taken care of.

At approximately 9 pm on day nine, we returned to the customer service desk. Bobble heads still reflecting our problems. Stating that we had to file a claim on our insurance for Norwegian losing our clothes. Told them we had spoken to the Hotel Director, they replied that they had no record of that. Got very heated, as we were leaving the ship the next morning. My son noticed the Assistant Hotel Director, Frank, walking through the Atrium, and called him over. He asked what was the problem. After hearing the person at the service desk explain that she would provide us with a form to file a claim, he ordered her to reimburse the cost of the clothing. Although I got the cost of the clothing, I spent my free time onboard arguing with people that could care less.

Although Pearl was clean and beautiful, it seems that it is a training ship for staff. No one knew what they were supposed to do. I had no time to relax and enjoy a cruise that I paid good $$$ for, and was not offered a thing for all the misery. I will never book another cruise with Norwegian. I have had great cruises with Carnival, and never had experiences like this.

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Erica of Abingdon, MD Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 26, 2017

I got sick on the ship. I went to the clinic to get something for my stomach. The nurse said, "No. I want the doctor to see you." My stomach was in severe pain. It had to be from something I ate. The doctor gave me antibiotics, fluids and pain medication. It's 3:30 in the morning when I finally went to the clinic. The first doctor was cool. He said, "I'm going to get your pain together and your stomach calm and put you on bed rest. You can come back at noon for another round of fluids." I agreed. Shift changes and a new doctor comes in. He decides to order X-rays, hooked me up to a heart monitor and then had me transferred off the ship to a hospital in Jamaica and wrote surgery on the paperwork.

When I filled my paperwork out I was honest. I said I had a hysterectomy for surgeries and diverticulosis. They did a pregnancy test anyway and the new doctor was convinced I needed to go get a CT scan done and possible surgery. On the paperwork for the hospital he literally wrote surgery on the referral. Mind you I'm on ** and whatever other pain medicine they gave me. I told them it wasn't diverticulitis. It was something I ate. I know what that feels like and it wasn't that. They put me off the ship, packed my cabin up and had me transported to a private hospital in Montego Bay. Before I left the ship they gave me a charge receipt where they charged my card for $6880. I said, "You charged my bank account this much money," and he said yes.

Then I had to pay $500 for the ambulance ride and another $172 for being seen by the doctor at this hospital. Before I got off the ship I was told I would get a refund for all my excursions and spa services that I paid for. (LIES!) They did not refund me my money. When the person packed up my cabin he put everything in my bags except for my excursion receipts.

I get to the hospital in Montego Bay and tell them I've spent over $7,000 and I wasn't getting anything else done. I was going home. The doctor was rude and nasty. She got upset because I wouldn't sign paperwork for them to do anything to me. A CT scan was $1000 plus whatever else they wanted to do to me. I said, "Absolutely not. I'm going home because it was something that I ate." I kept belching and my stomach was bloated. I'm 43. I know my body. She said, "Well if you don't allow us to treat you, I'm not approving for to get on the ship." I said, "Ms. it's 3pm. They leave at 5:30. You just said a CT scan will take about 2 hours tops so I won't be getting back on the ship anyway."

I signed myself out of the hospital, stayed at a hotel, called Southwest and got a flight home the next day. When I arrived home I got a hydrotherapy colonic and foot detox done. I have been fine. One of my friends told me not to go on a Norwegian cruise but I went anyway because the price was very reasonable. That was my first and last cruise. NEVER AGAIN! They never called to see if I was ok but they charged my bank $7500. I filed a claim with my travel insurance and haven't heard anything from them either. The worse experience ever.

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Jennifer of Hamilton, ON Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 22, 2017

I decided to take my Best friend on a Norwegian Cruise as a pre-Christmas gift because she has 4 children and cannot get away often. This was an absolute nightmare from start to finish. We got onto the ship. The room looked nothing like the photos, we were supposed to be upgraded, they were supposed to give us a cake for our event. They never did, the Norwegian Sky is not all inclusive. Just to top it off they gave us an itinerary that I downloaded on my phone saying to be back at 5 pm.

We got back at exactly 5:05 pm. The ship left port at 4:30 pm. We were stranded. Luckily, I happen to have friends in the Bahamas to pick us up. We weren't the only ones stranded. I called customer service countless times. The ship finally called at 7:38 pm and asked where we were, I told them they left us behind. We had to take two taxis and a flight to get to their private island. When we arrived they would let us on, they demanded a $250 fee. We all had credit cards and debit cards that they couldn't process. They finally let us back onboard to meet with management like criminals trying not to pay. I had some USD and then they insisted I come up with the rest. I got charged close to 40% to change cash that was 17% at the current exchange rate. My friend asked for Wifi to contact her children, yet another charge. My 3 day vacation ended up costing $3,500 US dollars.

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Ingeborg of Barcelona, Other Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 18, 2017

I phoned the number in America which I was given for international customers wanting to book a cruise. After being kept on hold for several minutes I was told they couldn't book the cruise and gave me a number in the UK. I rang this and it was either incorrect or engaged permanently. I then rang the Spanish number for the company. The price was almost triple what it was quoting on the American site for a cruise for Barcelona. The American site was offering the same terms so why the big difference? It is a total con. I have travelled with them several times before but now it is just getting ridiculous. They need to remember that there are more cruise ships being built with Customer Service personnel who actually help.

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Shirley of San Francisco, CA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 1, 2017

I am a very low key cruiser. I let the cabin steward know that I did not need service, yet he would still receive tips. He had mental issues and was paranoid-- banging on my door one day, demanding to service the cabin. I obliged and let him do so while I was out dining. When I returned, I saw that he had rifled through my things and left a surprise piss in my toilet without flushing. Some valuables were also missing. NCL feigned concern but did not admit fault, giving me a form to fill out. Nothing was addressed. I attempted to contact corporate after the cruise, but none of my contact attempts were returned or even acknowledged. NCL is the absolute worst cruise line in existence. They're criminal.

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Donna of Lakewood, CO Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 1, 2017

The spa and the spa personnel are made up of very nice sharks! These ladies and Doctor offering services are trained to do one thing, SELL, SELL, SELL. They don't have any moral compass to take into account a person's mental capacity or medical conditions. Our family took a cruise to Alaska. Our 87 year old mother had her own cabin, is very capable at home to live alone, but as most older individuals, when in a completely different surroundings as a cruise is with the confusion of crowds, different levels and so much maneuvering to do just to get from place to place gets a bit overwhelmed.

Our mom visited the spa for a consultation, none of the family was aware of her appointment or we would have accompanied her, during her "CONSULTATION" she was basically talked into an injection procedure on parts of her face... At 87 YEARS OLD!!! None of the family was aware of this until we noticed swelling and redness in her face, with much concern and going through some hoops (after hours) I was able to get the information of what had been done, what to do for her reaction and set up an appointment to meet at the spa the next morning. Here's the kicker... The treatments that she was talked into cost nearly 4,000.00. Talking with mom she really did not understand the enormity of the cost or even what the injections were.

At the appointment the next morning, she arrived early, and they hustled her right in, before I arrived, so when I arrived at appointment time she was in the waiting area. They had done a follow up like we discussed the night before on the phone, but, had the gall to try to sell her more injections!!! Thankfully she refused, based on her reaction the first treatment. The family spent our last final day of the cruise trying to resolve the problem directly with the spa, multiple meeting, filling out forms for them to send to their headquarters etc, to no avail, the spa accepted no responsibility for TAKING ADVANTAGE OF A SENIOR with questionable decision making skills. THIS IS A FORM OF ELDER ABUSE.

Once we were unable to resolve it through the spa, we went directly to the cruise line, jumping through more hoops we were forced to aggressively pursue the ships highest management, (only the captain would be next and we would have go to him too if need be). More upsetting conversation and explanations took place and we were required to meet with spa management, the Doctor, cruise management ourselves and our mom in her cabin as she was continuing to recover. The meeting in cabin was like a gang up on our mom, MORE ELDER ABUSE, she already felt bad enough for not understanding the contract or the cost of the procedure that she received, now they were making her feel almost stupid of the fact and showing her where she signed this and where she initialled that.

She does not remember a number/price being in the area she initialed, I would hope it was not added later, we will never know. I should also mention that on this form/contract they produced one of the questions was if she is under a doctor's care, she answered yes, however the "Doctor" that directly questioned her, then sold her, and did the injections, never followed up any further on what she was being seen for. It is our position that this so called doctor should have been able to recognize, confusion, hearing disabilities and environmental surrounding that would and did affect the ability for our 87 year old mother to make a proper decision.

It would have been better for everyone to end the CONSULTATION as a consultation, give the client time to think about what was discussed and potentially seek advise from those he or she would confided in, but this is not the practice because of the pounce! Get the sale, get it now, later may be too late attitude. In the end and only after the cruise line intervened they offered to spit the cost to 50%, several of our party did not want to settle, wanted to take it further after we all returned home, but we agreed that we already had the last day of our cruise ruined over this grievance. We were busy all that last day on ship making sure our mom was physically & emotionally ok and many of us were consumed with finding a solution, we collectively decided that enough was enough, cut our losses, and be thankful the physical effects weren't more severe.

During our time in the spa waiting are we witnessed many times older persons leaving the spa and being offered receipts upon check out, as with my own mom, I overheard staff just fluffing off what the person was signing, saying odd things, just encouraged signing, never ever discussing the cost of what was being signed for. I "luckily" arrived at the spa one day early on our cruise, and found my mom at the counter discussing appointments, she was very confused, the spa was basically try to set her up with multiple appointments for different services that they offer. Not only were the ladies talking to her often at the same time, many have accents that are hard for many of us to understand, they spoke very fast, there is background noises, so this along with the fact that most elders do have hearing loss, hearing aids all complicate the ability to comprehend fully what is being discussed.

I was able to interject and put a stop to the aggressive selling practices that the spa personnel use. Anytime I would bring up this practice I would just get a "that's the business" type of response, they have become so used to this type of hard sell that it is normal and nothing seems to be outside of the moral compass. Several other members of our group had similar hard sell tactics when getting a massage, only they were able to decline what they did not want. Lesson learned: We should have supervised her more perhaps, but we did not think that she would ever be taken advantage of like this on the cruise line, at home maybe, by scammers yes, etc, and we have had plenty of those conversations with all of our aging parents, we just expected more professionalism in this situation.

I will say that I did have the spa package allowing me to arrive whenever open and use the private spa as often as I choose to, and I found this to be very pleasant and relaxing, many time having the room to myself. So for that I would give a 4-5 star review but for the other practices of the spa the rating would be in the WARNING ELDER ABUSE range, by the way I doubt they would have done any of these practices on a teenager that was not 18 years old due to ability to consent as an adult or ability to pay!

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Anne of Tavernier, FL Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 23, 2017

My wife and I are now Platinum Latitudes members of NCL so, we are very familiar with your company. We have also traveled extensively with other cruise lines. This past week my wife and I had our single most disturbing cruising experience on the Norwegian Escape. We returned to our cabin and went to sleep Tuesday evening November 14th. At approximately 11:30 pm, we were awakened by very loud music. Immediately, we assumed that one of the passengers had turned up their TV a bit too loud.

At 12:15am, when the music actually got louder, I decided to see exactly where the music was coming from. I discovered "The Supper Club" was being used as a venue for NCL employees to have a late night party. All party goers were in full uniform including their name tags. I returned to my cabin and called guest services and spoke with an employee named Henderson; I kindly requested the volume be turned down a bit as not only was the music loud, the pounding of the bass on the ceiling above our heads was quite intense. About 15 minutes later, an employee identifying himself as Jake, arrived at my cabin door. I again explained the situation, he acknowledged he too could clearly hear the loud music. I asked Jake to do something about the situation and he was unresponsive.

By 1:30am, the music and the party was still going strong all the while the volume was never even slightly turned down. I again called down to guest services and spoke with Henderson. I was extremely angry and expressed my dissatisfaction that nothing had been done in over an hour’s time about the volume of the music. I let him know that he was my contact person, I would hold him responsible for his inaction. It is important to know that passengers in the neighboring cabins were also disturbed by the volume of the music as I could hear them knocking on the walls. At exactly 2:00am the music stopped. Again, it is important to reiterate that at no point was the volume ever decreased.

At 9:00 am the next morning, I called guest services and they were not aware of any event taking place at The Supper Club after the last show. I was referred to the Restaurant Manager Tanberg **. I called Tan and confirmed that yes he was in charge of the venue. Tan informed me that I was actually the second call that morning complaining about the music. He told me that I had called the correct person and that he was in charge of that venue but he had no prior knowledge of the event that took place the prior evening in The Supper Club. Later, I spoke directly with a number of the employees who had attended this party. They advised me this is a monthly event held by the ship's Cruise Director for the employees. Each month the party runs from 9:00pm until 2:00am. The music is loud, the liquor is free as the uniformed participants as one employee stated: "...let off some steam."

Reflecting upon the events of those early morning hours, it is unbelievable to me that the corporate culture of NCL is so decentralized, that a 2-year-old, $700 million dollar ship can be commandeered by its employees without the knowledge of those in charge, (as Mr. Tanberg ** stated to me during our phone conversation). But, more importantly, the well-being and sleep of the passengers, the paying customers, is placed behind that of the employees.

Clearly, all involved went to great lengths to cover for fellow employees. Ignoring pleas for peace and quiet in the early hours of the morning so that their fellow employees could party through the evening. We were assigned to cabin number 5445, directly below The Supper Club. There are at least 50 or more cabins in this same area. How sad that we, along with so many others were treated in such an egregious, ingratiating manner. Our view of NCL as a company has clearly changed. Again, the paying guests truly do come second to the crew on the Norwegian Escape.

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Carol of Fords, NJ Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 17, 2017

We have been on 4 NCL cruises and they all have been wonderful. We always book thru a travel agent so they usually take care of payments and we never had a problem. The staff has been very friendly and very helpful. Each time we cruised with different people and no one ever had a problem. I do agree the big boats are very crowded. I prefer the smaller boats. Just think going thru travel agent is the best option.

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Michael of Venice, FL Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 16, 2017

Our cruise group booked and paid for a cruise on the Jade, departing Miami 11.27.2017. The itinerary was changed due to the hurricane damage, and NCL unilaterally substituted a cheaper cruise with a less desirable itinerary. When we requested a refund or at least an adjustment in the substantial difference in cost, they flatly refused. Followup letters have been ignored.

NCL has a bad reputation for its inflexible refund policies, but this recent behavior is blatantly dishonest and unethical. People considering a cruise should be aware that there is financial risk in doing business with NCL. We are experienced cruisers and can tolerate an occasional bad meal or lapse in service, but deliberately cheating people is an entirely different matter.

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Farianne of Jamaica, NY Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 12, 2017

I don’t recommend this cruise line to anyone! Be warned. They take your money and if there is any issues they don’t want to accountable for it. It’s my first time reserving a cruise with them! Totalll nightmare. They charged my account over 1700 dollars and they said they never received it, then I was told that they had a payment processing problem. To make a long story short I had to take matter in my own hands and ask my bank to reverse the payment! So I can make the reservation with them again. I was promised a compensation for all this nonsense and was never reached out and never upgraded to another level. I don’t recommend this cruise line to no one. 0 stars.

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Kitty of Edinburgh, Other Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 11, 2017

We've just come back from the Norwegian Gem. One of the propellers broke so we could not make it back to New York on time. They had to fly us back from Barbados to New York - no information was given and service desk knew nothing. 6 pm on Thursday get a letter through the door to say "leave your suitcase out by 10 pm and you have to do immigration at 2 am"!?! We had flights on Saturday and it did not mention anything about hotel or transportation. Get to guest services and the line is a mile long. An hour later told "You will get a hotel" but couldn't tell me where.

Then spent the next 2 hours frantically packing and trying to dry wet swimwear and filling in immigration forms. Was I able to enjoy my last evening? Most definitely not especially at the prospect of having to get up at 1 am for immigration. 2 am hundreds and hundreds of people herded like cattle in an area with no organisation - nowhere to sit for the elderly. Same at 3.30am disembarkation. Absolute chaos.

At the airport waiting in line for over an hour to check in - it's hot and again even though some of the elderly are not needing walking sticks they were made to stand in line for a long time without so much as a bottle of water. For a 7am flight we did not take off until 9.30am. At Newark airport we waited 3.5 hours for our luggage! No NCL representative to be seen. By this point travel was 16 hours with no sleep. We get herded out to buses. NCL put us on the hotel bus. By the time we got to the Crown's plaza the representative said we were sent to the wrong hotel and had to check each individual that took almost 1.5 hours to get the right hotel. Representatives were rude and gave attitude. By this point 18 hours of travel, no sleep, no food or water provided for 8 hours. NCL do not look after their customers!!! Cruise at your own risk!

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H. U. of Beverly Hills, CA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 9, 2017

This cruise was a dream come true! The staff, my room, the itinerary, the food, the entertainment, and the excursions, all exceeded my wildest expectations. I met lovely people and enjoyed all the activities especially the gym. My itinerary included Russia, Berlin, Estonia, all fascinating! I can't wait to cruise again and highly recommend.

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Angela of San Diego, CA Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 7, 2017

I put together a group of 35 people totally 13 staterooms for a Hawaiian Cruise. We all wanted to spend Thanksgiving together and chose this trip to do it with. I chose NCL because we have had several successful trips with them and felt this would give everyone the most flexibility. Since we haven't taken the cruise yet, I can't comment on that. My complaint is with their Group Sales Department.

We were assigned a salesperson named Dawn, I started my journey with Dawn in October of 2016. I told her my goals and asked what I needed to do as the group coordinator to make all those goals happen. She talks a lot, she talks over you too. We would talk about oranges on the phone, then I would receive an email about apples. Following her was difficult. I brought this up with her and she had a ton of excuses, her computer failed, her emails were deleted. She didn't receive that voicemail, etc... I even told her at one point that I didn't think we were a good fit and I should probably work with someone else. She convinced me that all the electronic issues were repaired and she would make this easy for me.

I finally fired Dawn when I found out she misrepresented things. I spoke with her Supervisor Joelle, who assigned Paula to our group. It was made clear on the phone and in emails that I did not want Dawn working me or my group AT ALL from that point on. I was assured that would not happen. I continued to receive emails from Dawn, where I replied to her to stop communication with me and go speak to her supervisor. Paula assured me AGAIN, that Dawn was overstepping and that she had been instructed CLEARLY she is no longer working with me and my group.

TODAY, Dawn called one of my guests and was discussing arrangements for her stateroom. I LOST MY MIND. I got on the phone and told Dawn AGAIN, that she is not to communicate with my group. She stated that she was working with Paula helping out with my group and she was only answering phone messages left for her. I called Paula who now is upset with me and told me that I just seem to be angry and done with NCL and that they can't make me happy. I wasn't upset since Paula took over, until today. I feel that this department is just paying me lip service until this cruise is over. Either way this department is managed horribly and their employees do what they want.

Either Joelle has told Paula to pretend to be working with my group and Dawn is still in the background doing her 20% job. Which would mean that Joelle and Paula have flat out lied to a customer who brought in 35 paying guests. OR Dawn is an employee that refuses to listen to authority and does as she pleases. Which means that Joelle allows her employees to go against a directive, and again this leads to horrible service and customer disappointment.

THE WORST part of this whole thing is that I have called their guest relations department and they will ONLY escalate my complaint and the call to Joelle, no one above her. They told me I could call corporate, but they will just refer it back to Joelle. So ZERO RECOURSE for an unhappy customer. You have nowhere to go. So if you are trying to book a cruise for a large family, think twice about this company. They don't care how much business you are bringing in, they just do whatever they want.

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helene of Boca Raton, FL Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 1, 2017

Having had the pleasure of cruising 49 times, I should have known better. The food with poor quality, the ship needs an experienced chief housekeeper that knows what and where to look and direct their people, I experienced dirt under the bed that was obviously more than 1 week's accumulation; mold in shower corners, etc.

15 people found this review helpful
Tina of Loomis, CA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 31, 2017

This was our eighteenth cruise, mostly with NCL. We have thoroughly enjoyed our trips. On our last trip we sailed on the Norwegian Sun October 5, 2017. It was a great trip. I wish for you to thank Alexander **, a server in Seven Seas restaurant. He was a kind, hard worker with a great personality, and always had a smile on his face. He did an awesome job getting us through a quick dinner one evening so we could get to the early show in the Stardust Theater. In my opinion, he has the skills necessary to work in a large corporate environment, and I would recommend him for promotion.

There are two folks we dealt with in Guest Services whose personality and efficiency are noteworthy. Natasha ** and Amanda ** both were very competent in answering questions and adept at solving problems. One left with a distinct feeling of being in very good hands after dealing with them. Lastly, I want to comment on the competence of Brian, Hotel Director - not that NCL isn't well aware of his capability! I went to him the last day of the cruise with a question that had stumped some of his subordinates; he provided the information within minutes!

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Maria of Nashua, NH Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 31, 2017

I booked a cruise for 6 back in August 2016 for June 2018. In early September I had to cancel one of the rooms, it was clearly marked if I cancel before 03/20/2018 I will get full refund of the deposit. It's been month and a half and 3-4 very long calls with absolutely no results, no ownership, everyone recites the same thing - they will process the refund and I will get it in 10 business day, and same excuses - they can see it but it's pending and so on. At this point I'm not sure if it's worth my time, but they clearly miss the boat with customer service and customer experience! Too bad the people working on the ships are doing their best for the bureaucrats on the phone to ruin this company's reputation!

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Susan of Brooklyn, NY Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 29, 2017

I liked the fact they were casual and that we didn't have a set time for dinner. The ship was very clean and the food was good. We ran into some terrible storms and had to change course, but the crew was great, very accommodating. There was always something to do and they put on some wonderful shows. I also liked the fact I could get on the ship without having to fly to pick it up. If I could take another cruise it would be with NCL.

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Norwegian Cruise Lines has been in business for over 48 years; it developed the concept of freestyle cruising, which means a relaxed dress code, that lets guests enjoy the cruise at unscheduled, individual paces.

  • Svedka & Inniskillin ice bar: The Svedka & Inniskillin ice bar is a bar set in an arctic chamber; the walls, the bar and everything inside is made from ice.

  • Waterfront: Norwegian's Waterfront is a quarter-mile deck where guests can walk and enjoy oceanfront views.

  • Walk the Plank: Thrill seekers can experience walking the Plank, which is a narrow beam traveling 8 feet out over the water.

  • Great Stirrup Cay: One of Norwegian's unique stops is the company's private island, where guests can explore and play in the shoreline.

  • Broadway at sea: Norwegian Cruise Lines guests can take in exclusive Broadway shows while on board.

  • Best for: The Norwegian Cruise liner is best for budget-conscious families and adults looking for a relaxed, less formal cruise experience.

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