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I am booked with this company - unfortunately - for a 10 days trip in December this year. Had I know that THEIR RATING IS 1 (ONE) STAR IN CONSUMERAFFAIRS, I would have been more careful in my selection of cruise line before giving them my money in full, and not gotten my whole large family to pay for theirs as well. I travel frequently, but only once before with NCL. Their service barely makes the so so mark, but, it was the only one leaving from Miami in the dates the whole family was available, so, we selected it. This cruise line is the worst at customer service. Their dishonesty is blatant. Their reps are apparently trained into deceiving and misleading clients. After paying this January the deposit for an almost $6,000 balcony cabin, my balance was $4,985 with due date September 20, 2016.

An unexpected accident/assault in California, affected a close member of my family on September 16, 2016. I called the cruise line and ask them to accept an immediate partial payment of $4,000 with the request for the $985 balance to be extended for couple weeks as to free some resources for airplane tickets and extra hospital bills. They did not accept it, nor did they offer any other options other than a week due date extension. Comes today, September 27. Curious, I went online to check pricing on their NCL site: To my surprise, I found an alternative cabin, with ocean view window - instead of a balcony- in the 8th floor next to the rest of the family, for $3,321.77 with port taxes, etc. - plenty for the $4,000 I had offered them a week before - I proceeded to book it and while filling my credit card information, my husband suggested I call to check if the original deposit could be applied towards the new booking.

Bottom line: They kept me 56 minutes on the line, making my booked room expire, I have the screenshot pictures, only to let me know in minute 45, that they have 3 calls centers with NO access to the cabins offered in the Internet. They only found me a porthole window in the middle of nowhere in a 5th floor for over $400 more. "Take it or leave it. Your recent booked cabin is now gone. Nothing else with ocean window is available under $4,600."

Mortified, after paying in full, I called again and asked for a supervisor: Why I was kept in ignorance for 45 minutes on the line until my booking expired before being told they do not manage those bookings? Why I was not offered the possibility to downgrade the week before to fit my available balance - without losing my deposit - which at that time, would not have been a penalty? "Oh, sorry, you should specifically need to ask for it. We are instructed to not let you know you can do a downgrade as an option UNLESS you specifically request for it." And this is coming from two supervisors. The mocking tone, the lack of concern for my reaction, the utterly disconnect from the meaning of good customer service. That can only exist by corporate mandate. Unexplainable otherwise.

In addition, you also learn HIDDEN facts afterwards, some even only when you do receive your booking documents: That their "free promotions" are only applicable to the first 2 guests, all others pay extra. Their "room extra daily fee" of $13.50 PER PERSON, PER DAY, only applies to the first 2 guests, that their "free upgrade dining" again, is only good for the first 2 passengers and only for 4 meals out of 20. Deceiving. Unscrupulous. PRINCESS, HOLLAND and several others deserve all your business NCL. They know how to earn it.

My daughter and I took an Alaskan Cruise on Norwegian Cruise line, The Sun, with a elderly friend. The 3 of us spent over $6000.00 for this cruise. I had promised my daughter this cruise since she graduated high school 10 years ago. On day 1 our phone didn't work and our balcony door wouldn't open and close properly, neither of these were fixed. On day two we spent numerous hours trying to get our credit attached to our room, they kept taking it off and saying we were cash only. Then the ship smelled like bowel so strong you couldn't escape it. On day 3 they started painting the ship with what smelled like epoxy paint. The smell was so strong, I couldn't breathe and it came over our balcony into our room. It gave my daughter and I a very bad headache, I was having breathing issues, we both were light headed and nauseated.

Half the walking deck was closed off so you had no use of it due to the smell and only being able to walk halfway around. This went on for 4 days, we made numerous complaints only to be told they heard us and wrote it down (basically too bad, go away). One morning we were awakened by a horrible drilling sound and found out they were repairing doors. Then if all of this wasn't bad enough, by day 3 we were all sick. I have asthma and feel that the paint smell caused part of this illness.

The day after returning home I went to the doctor with a 103 fever and had to miss a week's worth of work. After a month I am still coughing and feel very tired from this nightmare cruise. To add insult to injury I filed a complaint and asked for a refund since my relaxing cruise was a nightmare trapped on ship that is falling apart and we were unable to use the ship after paying over $6000.00 for it. We received a response that they will give us $150.00 in cruise credits. I spend over $6000.00 for a nightmare cruise and they want to give me the equivalent of a drink package. Do they think I will cruise with them again. I wouldn't step foot on another one of their ships if they gave it to me for free.

There should be a class action lawsuit against these crooks who take you out to sea on a ship that is falling apart, put your health and your safety at risk. I would be very careful with this cruise line especially "The Sun", this ship should be taken off the seas if you have to do major maintenance daily while you have a ship full of trapped passengers.

What is going on at NCL? I applied for a refund of service charges. I followed the requirements for applying for said refund. The email was acknowledged automatically - stating that the refund would be processed within 15 working days - that was on August 2nd. 8 requests later I still only have another email saying the same service level commitment. I spent 76 minutes waiting on the phone - to be told that my refund was pulled to the top of the pile and would be processed in 3 days - that was 8 days ago? What is going on - are they going to the wall? Or so tight they don't want to part with money? The reason for the refund was service in the first place - it was poor onboard. However it is even worse on land! I won't give up NCL - I want what you said I was entitled to. Come on pay up.

Their staff doesn't know how to behave and they are very rude. They also charge huge amounts when you are in the ship. Daily they charge $13.50 per person as service fee and for two photos they charge $40. Even if you don't use their mini bar in the cabin, they charge $50 every day. They are daylight robbers. The flush was not working, suddenly we smell smokes on the way, and they apologize etc, not a safe ship. Please don't select Norwegian for your cruise, the worst in the world.

I purchased a cruise by the Baltic Sea for 10 days from August 08th to 18th, however the Captain decided not to stop in Stockholm on August 16, due to a bad meteorological conditions, remaining at sea the all day and arriving to Copenhague on August 17th. I respect the decision for security matters, but others cruiser like Zuiderdam from Holland Line cruise, arrived to Stockholm on the same day that we should arrive where the weather was fine. I really appreciate a refund for the missing day in Sweden for 2000 USD.

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I was previously an avid NCL fan. Every cruise I have been on has been with NCL, I had 3 cruises booked this summer. However, this will be my last. I booked the cruise in conjunction with my sister from the UK who would be celebrating her honeymoon on the cruise. We booked rooms next to each other in DEC and had the beverage and dining package as part of a promo. In AUG I called to try and upgrade both mine and my sister's room to a large balcony (this would be a surprise for my sister). They upgraded both mine and my sister's room (I had her reservation number etc). On August 17th I called to try and get an aft balcony upgrade and noticed my promo (drink and dining package) had been removed from my room but my sister's were still there!

Since then I have been on the phone for about 6 hours mostly on hold, my room is now in a large balcony room but I have only 3 days of the dining package opposed to 7. And my sisters is back on the room she originally booked. I'm currently on hold again trying to get hers changed back to large balcony to which I'm being told I cannot do as im in the US (even though I have changed her room twice!!!). It seems I am being told different things by different people, nobody really knows what is going on, and nobody really cares! I am fed up of being on hold and when I have requested to speak to manager I was put on hold for over an hour and 20 minutes and then cut off! I will update when I finally get some answers.

I am writing this review in an effort to save other families from a bad experience. We first cruised with NCL in 2015. We found dirty underwear in our room, couldn't use the games when we wanted to, etc. We did complain and it took us three months for them to come back and offer us an "onboard credit". I explained that I wanted the credit off my next ticket IF I chose to sail again. So, now, we have booked a cruise for September 2016. Already, they are changing the rules on us. We were allowed to take a case of water on board with us last time and now, a few weeks before our cruise, we are told that we are no longer allowed to carry the water on board with us. That being said, we can purchase it onboard for $100 a case.

This is a $400 additional fee that we were not planning on and our tickets were booked 7 months before the new rules were issued. When I asked for an exception I was told it was a safety issue. I told our consultant we appreciated the safety measures, but why couldn't water be sold/given away for a better, more affordable price as it is a necessity of life. She said nothing and customer service offers nothing.....I hope that other people truly consider using this cruise line in the future. They truly don't care about their customers and don't respond to customer service inquiries.

I am writing this review out of sheer dissatisfaction and disguise with Norwegian Cruise Line. I am an advent cruiser having enjoyed almost 2 dozen different itineraries. My last cruise was on NCL on June 19, 2016, along with 24 other family members, and we received horrible service while on board.

Due to the horrible service I received on board (i.e. dinner lasting 3hrs due to service delay, etc., I opted to not pay gratuity. As per NCL new policy, you are unable to adjust gratuity onboard any longer. You must receive a Gratuity Return Request form from the ship and then email this form to corporate offices. Although onboard cruise staff cannot assist with gratuity, you must retrieve the form from this staff in order to have it process AFTER DISEMBARKING from the ship. This information is not listed in the Contract, Rules and Regulations for cruise passengers.

After disembarking on June 26, 2016 and submitting my form on July 5, 2016, I still have not received my gratuity reimbursement. I contacted NCL office, beginning 7/15/16 and last on 7/29/16, and have been told my gratuity has been processed and will be returned within 15 days from the submission date. Each call required a hold time of a minimum of 45 mins -1hr and office hours are 8 am-5 pm. It is now 8/16/16 (32 business days later) and, after having been on hold for 1 & 1/2 hours, I am told the gratuity will be reimbursed tomorrow. When asked to speak with a supervisor, as this is the same information repeatedly provided to me, I will be transferred to a voicemail system and need to await a call back. NCL cruise line failed to provide appropriate notification of gratuity reimbursement and falsely reports timeframes for reimbursement of such fees.

During the land tour part of our vacation, at Denali we were informed by our fellow passengers that they had received an email from Norwegian advising them that our trip to Skagway had been cancelled due to a water infiltration problem on Norwegian Sun and we were now to visit Sitka. We did not receive an email telling us a change of itinerary. We were only informed of the change when we checked in at the port terminal before embarking Norwegian Sun. Our onboard account was credited with the full refund of our 'White Pass Scenic Railway' trip.

This refund should not have been credited to that account as any credit was not refundable if it was not used. That was totally unfair as this was our money spent in good faith for a trip that we wished to do. Norwegian Cruise seem to encourage their guests to purchase trips beforehand knowing that if a trip is cancelled they will still receive the money because they do not refund to the credit/debit card meaning that we have to spend it onboard whether or not we wish to - that is a sneaky and a very bad policy!

Norwegian Sun should have made sure the maintenance of the ship was in order before and after the different types of routes it takes. Guests should not be made to suffer their problems on their time and have their vacation spoiled! We had no choice but to visit Sitka which, if it had been on the itinerary, we would not have chosen to visit as we were looking forward very much to our trip to Skagway.

Then to top it all, our departure from Sitka to Juneau was delayed as the ship encountered an issue with the anchor's winch that required a replacement of the motor. While these repairs were routine for the crew, they required approximately 5 hours to complete the task and therefore delayed our departure from Sitka. As a result of this delay, we were not able to arrive in Juneau as per the revised schedule. Our new arrival time as 12 noon and our port stay was extended until 8 pm. Because of this change, we did not sail by the Sawyer Glacier (again something else we were looking forward to and disappointed that we couldn't do). $100 onboard credit per stateroom does not compensate for the fact that we did not visit Skagway and did not sail by the Sawyer Glacier.

The food in the dining rooms and buffet was mediocre! The '4 meal specialty dining package' left a lot to be desired. There was nothing 'special' about any of the restaurants' foods. It was a complete waste of money at Le Bistro, Cagneys, Teppanyaki and La Cucina. At La Cucina our lasagnas were salty and even though we told the server she did not offer us a replacement. Also the coffee was dreadful! As soon as we disembarked Norwegian Sun it was chaotic. In the terminal for the buses there was no representative who could give us the correct instructions as to where to go.

When we did find a representative they gave us the incorrect information and we nearly followed a line of people (who had arrived on the Disney Cruise Ship) to their buses! Eventually we did join a Norwegian Cruise Line queue and had to wait in line for over an hour waiting for buses to take us to Vancouver Airport. We were told that no buses had been ordered and obviously passengers were extremely tired and worried they would miss their flights!

It seems to me that as soon we we disembarked, Norwegian Cruise could not be bothered with us anymore - they had received their money and they didn't care - we didn't mean anything to them!! Norwegian Cruise Line should compensate their guests in monetary terms for taking a ruined cruise, the upset and disappointment they incurred whilst onboard ship - it certainly was not an enjoyable time!

Never, never again will we take a cruise with Norwegian. An email four days before we say that an entire day of only THREE days in Alaska has been cut off, and an extra day in Seattle added on the end of the Cruise. We are from Seattle and we could care less. We saved for this and waited for months. No sympathy from customer support. $100 on-ship credit is a complete joke. Never, ever again - we are telling everyone to AVOID.

Anyone planning a cruise on Norwegian anytime soon may want to reconsider. I wouldn't refer anyone to them... Norwegian Cruise Line is a rip off. My family booked a trip last August to Alaska, leaving this Saturday. We received an email today stating that they canceled one day in Alaska for "scheduled maintenance" and now we get to spend the day docked in Seattle for 2 days. We spent a small fortune and they offer us $100. What an insult. I have cruised with Royal Caribbean International 4 times and Disney 2 times in the past 3 years and had an amazing experience every time and paid 1/2 what I am paying for this. I will never again cruise with Norwegian.

If you are considering booking through them look elsewhere. What was supposed to be a once in a lifetime trip with children and elderly aunt & uncle has turned into a disappointment before it even begins. Customer service was horrible and they refuse to do anything else. We even tried to cancel and they won't let us do that either. Their business practices are shady at best. Go check out Royal Caribbean International or Disney Cruise Line. I promise you won't be disappointed. (Now I know why they have their reviews turned off.)

My family and I just returned from Bermuda on July 31st aboard the Breakaway. This was my first and last time I would use Norwegian Cruise Lines. They have been a hard to deal with from the booking until the cruise itself. Food and service was horrible. The staff had a hard time communicating in English which led to extremely frustrating situations. Most complaints to management were brushed off and questioned as if I were at fault. You try to have a special family vacation once a year and to have it ruined like this is heartbreaking. I could have used the money for a different type of vacation but unfortunately they have my money and I have nothing.

We booked 3 rooms for our family reunion and my elderly parents stayed in a room. And on the 5th day morning my mom was blowing dry hair and after she put up the dryer the fire alarm went off without any reason and no one paged their room extension neither did anyone showed up to the room. So my dad (who sold and worked with fire alarm system for 20+ years) dis-alarm while he waited for someone to come so the noise would not went on and on to disturb other neighbors. Finally after 10 mins later someone finally showed up the room and asked him for an incident report so my brother in law helped my dad to write an report since my senior dad doesn't speak English.

First, this was just a false alarm. The crews showed up after 10 mins, what if it’s real, my parents would burned and died inside the room. Secondly, even it’s a false alarm it’s the cruises ship line's job to be standby and put out the fire so how could the captain got unreasonable. Third, don’t tell me there’s a small flyer that access to everyone on the boat that they can read about “do not touch the alarm which will be consider of security breach and you could get kick off the boat if you touch it even it’s false alarm". How many people on the boat aware of the accessibility of the document? Lastly, why the captain didn’t investigate the issue which could be defected alarm system in the room and put all the blames on my dad? Without further investigation, he ordered my dad off boat.

They kicked my non-English speaker dad off the boat in a British Virgin Island w/o even concerning of his safety. Good thing my sister and brother-in-law was with him, so they decided to pack up and leave the boat with my elder parents. And after that they went through whole lot of trouble to get back to the United States. As for me and my husband and kids were separated from rest of the party and stayed on boat till last day. But you have no idea how worry I was and woke up in the middle of nights and concerning of their safety. What if something happen to anyone of them… will Norwegian hold the responsibility of their safety?

Norwegian need to seriously rethink and change any unreasonable policies to ensure safety of the each individual passenger such as looking into the detail of the incident and rather an individual is really attempting to cause trouble or just an innocent accident and be more reasonable. And if you do need to get anyone off boat then at least we check in the boat in US territory then you need to drop off people in the same territory. The cruise line should inform everyone during the safety drill of a list of itemized actions what does passenger do will be breach issues which could cause you to be kick off so everyone knows what not to do. Just like our case, if it's real fire they expected us to stay in room get burned since no one care or attempt to contact the room after 10 mins the alarm went off.

There are many negative of Norwegian such as they promised you a bottle of red wine and chocolate coated strawberry when you book w/ their agent is lies and when you requested to be placed in the middle of ship to minimize ocean sickness and they claim they did which was a lie as well. You will think all the food are free like most of other cruise when you go to their complimentary restaurant, no surf and turf and few items are with cost. Too may people on the boat so you can watch shows or participate with activities because they all booked. Too less amenities for everyone on the boat. Nasty room and smelly toilets... hope anyone will rethink before you book with Norwegian.

I paid $3400.00 dollars for this grand trip. Have 6 other cruises with another company. This ESCAPE Ship has so many hidden fees. Whatever you booked, EVERYTHING IS 18% for just about every purchase on the ship. I have never had so many hidden charges. The free drink package is not free. Every swipe of the card will cost the big 18% even if the server is a complete **. So get ready have an extra $1300 to $1500 dollars extra added to your sail and sign card at the end of the trip. That along pissed me off so badly. The mindset of Norwegian is basically "** you, we got your money. Now leave." Next, the cruise design is the poorest. People will argue and fight for pool chairs on the pool deck. There are only 2 pools and not much room for people or chairs. The buffet was so full of people, most of the time, that you will have some push and shove people to run to a table.

Next, If you see the Tortola cave swim (walk through rocks that collapsed on themselves and have to crawl and climb, slide and twist and walk in some smelly water), I would avoid it unless you like swimming is sewer water. It's disgusting. We Sat waiting to get back to the ship. I knew it was a waste to complain but we went. Explained it to the Norwegian prick and he basically told me that he went on the tour 2 weeks ago and the cave just has a bad smell. The island people are dumping raw sewage in or using it as a toilet. I know the smell. So I stopped myself and quit complaining. I looked at the Norwegian employee (from South Africa) and said, "you swam in the water?" He said "Yes, it is just the smell from ocean water." I was tickled pink and glad to know he swam in **. I was happy when he told me that. You will never rip me off again. Your credit card take warning when Norwegian sail back at morning.

They sent me an email announcing that, if we booked a cruise with them, we could get one of 4 things free (we wanted the free wi-fi) and gave prices for each cabin type (we wanted interior). It very clearly showed a price of $699 and the green sticker with it, confirming the '4 free options' but when I called the help desk the 'helper' said that would be $899 if I wanted to get the free wi-fi. I said then the wi-fi is $200 and she was extremely rude, I surmise maybe because she gets this kind of confusion from callers all the time due to the website or maybe she was just having a bad day but I was shocked having always found when contacting cruise help desks that they have such charming people on the other end.

I asked to make a complaint about the website and spoke with a supervisor who had to talk me through the pages on the website to be able to find, in extremely small print, that the '4 free' was not for some prices of cabins. I have never cruised with NCL but I would not cruise with them even if their cruises were cheaper. I do not have any faith in a company that treats their customers with such disdain.

I took the Greek Isles cruise on July 1, 2016 on the Jade. First night aboard I had to sleep on the hide-a-bed, which was unknown at the time that a 3 or 4 occupant cabin consisted of (2) single beds and a hide-a-bed. The housekeeper gave me a pillow that smelled like vomit and pee spotted sheets to sleep on and did not give the extension that lengthens out the bed. I went down to deck 7 and complained about which the man blew me off.

The next morning I took the smelly stained pillow down and threw it on the customer service desk and raised my voice for all to hear, that time I was listened to. They changed the person that cleaned the room at my request. The original housekeeper was hostile when I passed him in the hallway, so I assumed he had been reprimanded.

People were not made to clean their hands upon entry of the buffet/dining and allowed to touch the utensils. My mother got sick with pneumonia, her dream vacation turned to hell. Freestyle cruising should have restrictions in the dining rooms. It was disgusting to see unattractive bodies in swimwear and sit on oily chairs while eating.

The food was like a hospital, bland and boring, same items served every night. And don't cut your finger, it's $1.00 per cheap band aid that doesn't stick. The overall employees I encountered for the exception of 2 were polite. I've been on other cruises and this was the worst. I should have stayed with my normal cruise line of preference instead of chasing a deal.

This vacation was for my son graduation present from college. First off, they should have a boat just for Asians, mean nasty people. This made me second guess my better judgment. I'm not at all to discriminate ANY race but this trip they were BAD. I did hear on my trip that NCL is making a shop specifically just for them, can't come soon enough. Hidden fees were so terrible such as the 18% gratuities that I had for other people that don't pay. I don't feel I should have been charged this and should have been able to pick what I want to use not set fee 18%. Also $13.50 per person for your room to be cleaned everyday regardless, another hidden fee. And not told you can dispute this and pay what you feel.

I feel this was highway robbery on all the hidden fees on top of what our tickets cost. The drinks are in such.a small cup, charge a ridiculous amount. These NCL people should be ashamed of themselves. First of all, you on an island close to the equator, hot as hell. Don't they know people faint, could pass out no matter whether it was alcoholic or not. They should just be ashamed that they serve such a small glass, two gulps it's all over. And NO soda free. You have ice tea not sweeten lemonade but not all the time and strawberry, kiwi, orange, mango and you had to walk a mile to get the FREE in another small as cup. Upgrade your cups NCL, stop charging 18% gratuities. Let people decide what they choose to tip and stop with hidden fees.

This trip cost me and my family a ton of money for nonsense overpaying highway robbery. Second cruise SUCKED and never again. Now I'm in dispute with NCL for room cleaning everyday, $13.50. Do that times seven people which was in our party and seven days it's like $661 plus shore excursions $50. Each time you get a credit each stop. We went to 3 different places so I should have gotten $150. Untrue, check with your travel agent. Are you kidding me, so only $100 credit per each estate room? I had two so I'm out another $100 the list goes on. Terrible, terrible.

I would recommend to read between the lines. Read reviews, get multiple travel agents to get you different pricing. Very unhappy for a trip that was supposed to be a happy moment to remember not to be pissed the second day back from my week vacation. And there could have been more time on our private island Great Strip Kay and the Bahamas if you could go at night with your family. My kids went to Atlantis which was almost $200 for not even a full day. Crazy money, these people should be ashamed for charging that.

In Atlantis, my kids had from 9am till 5pm before the boat was leaving to go home. But the boat NCL made such good time but good enough time to soak everyone dry before our departure. There was times you could see the boat going slower for them to make there's money. Ridiculous, where you could have spent a few more hours on private island and the Bahamas. So very sad. PEOPLE NEED TO READ THIS.

Having looked forward for many months to the Baltic Capitals cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line on their vessel Norwegian Star, disappointment soon set in on arrival at the port in Copenhagen on 4th July when we found that the ship was nowhere to be seen. We were instructed to pass over our luggage (which eventually arrived some twelve hours later at our cabin) but could only discover that there had been some kind of technical problem causing the ships late arrival. We were herded onto buses and then dumped into the centre of Copenhagen but had no more information offered (so we had to seek out staff for guidance which was, to say the least, limited) and certainly nobody acted proactively by offering guest assistance.

We were eventually returned to the port early evening after much difficulty in achieving space on one of the fleet of buses, only to find that we were required to stand in a queue. Again, no advice, assistance or even a drink were offered while we waited for more than two hours trying to board the ship alongside several hundred of our fellow guests. Of especial interest was the fact that no officer bothered to make an appearance and these same individuals failed at any stage in the following nine days of the cruise to offer even the slightest word of apology.

Five days after boarding, the Hotel Director (Rade **) sent a note to each valued guest advising that a credit of $20 per person would be credited to onboard accounts as a gesture of goodwill. Frankly, this did not compensate for the delays, the inconvenience and, more importantly, the high costs of acquiring refreshment in the rather expensive city centre of Copenhagen. NCL have refused to pay any more so my party and I will be refusing to pay to cruise with them ever again and will discourage others from doing so too!

Service on the ship was patchy, to say the least. People were regularly ignored around the vessel (notably in O'Sheehan's were many guests were apparently wearing their Harry Potter-style invisibility cloaks) with many staff appearing surly and disinterested. Conversely, people like Rowena (most found serving drinks in Gatsby's), Putu (our fabulously smiley stateroom steward) and Rajesh (who waited on us so well in Versailles) were all brilliant and should perhaps train others in interpersonal skills.

On a positive note, the ship itself was always spotlessly clean and has obviously been well maintained over the period that it has been at sea. That said, it is a vessel which is lacking cosiness with most areas being bright, shiny, noisy and generally uncomfortable. Even the beds in the staterooms were rather too much on the firm side - when we were invited on board, we didn't realise that they were referring to the mattresses!

The weather during our trip was not fantastic and using the outside facilities was not something we fancied most of the time. However, it was disappointing that the pool slides were closed for the entire duration of our cruise and, again, nobody could explain why! Food on the Norwegian Star was consistently good to excellent. Eating in the Market Place was usually a challenge due to the sheer volume of people milling around with plates, cups and glasses but the Versailles and Aqua Restaurants were always opportunities for pleasant dining experiences.

Norwegian Cruise Line certainly know how to charge. All drink prices were high and it is recommended that anyone choosing to travel with them should invest in the Ultimate Beverage Package if the terms are right to avoid a shockingly huge bill at the end of the cruise. Similarly, the shore excursions are silly money and other options ought to be investigated before parting with money to NCL: for example, we undertook our St Petersburg two day tour through SPB Tours whose price was US$285 (just over 200) so much cheaper than via NCL (over 100 each!).

The overall itinerary for the Baltic Capitals cruise was excellent and included Warnemunde, Tallinn, St Petersburg, Helsinki, Stockholm and Copenhagen. If there is anything to criticise about the cruise, it must be that more time in port is needed at certain locations, especially Stockholm. In conclusion, the overall experience of sailing with the Norwegian Cruise Line was not good and this company have had the last of my money.

I'm posting this as we are new to cruising and as a forewarning to others who may be thinking of cruising too... don't make our mistake! My husband thought it would be a lovely idea to book a cruise for us while we were on our European tour. So he headed off to the travel agent and was told he had to pay then and there. First mistake... he was rushed into paying by both our travel agent, and the cruise lines.

He said he didn't want the drinks package, thinking that the drinks package was alcohol, and as we only drink very minimally and mostly soda water or bottled water. What he didn't realise was that Norwegian Cruise Lines charges for water. One of the most basic human needs and they are charging for it, and an exorbitant charge. A twelve pack of one litre bottles is $65.95 + an 18% gratuity charge. Also, you aren't allowed to take your own water bottles onboard.

We weren't told this by the travel agent, and after repeated messages back and forth to the cruise company we have only received 'well you should have checked first before paying' types of replies. Given the fact that one of our fundamental human needs are water, how is Norwegian Cruise Lines being allowed to get away with charging for water? We haven't even boarded the boat, we are both SO unhappy with the interactions so far from both our travel agent and the Norwegian Cruise Lines over in Europe. Even the name Norwegian Cruise Lines led us to believe that we were sailing with a Scandinavian ship. I wish we weren't going.

We booked our cruise to Hawaii through Delta Skymiles Cruises in January of 2016. Prior to our flight to SFO (one day ahead of scheduled sailing) we received no indication that the Pride of America was in dry dock to be refurbished. Upon landing SFO, we were contacted by my daughter in Silver Spring MD., that she had received word from NCL that our cruise sailing was delayed by one day. We received no email, voicemail or text from NCL that this was the case. My daughter provided us with an 800 number to call NCL which we did.

We were told that the ship was delayed; NCL would give us a one day refund of cruise cost; NCL would reimburse us for one nights lodging in San Francisco. There would be a 25% reduction on the cost of any future cruise with NCL (later raised to 50%). We arrived pier approximately 1 p.m. and we were told to find a bar or restaurant as boarding would not start until 3 p.m.

Returning to the pier at 3 p.m. we found a line of passengers four abreast and several blocks long waiting to enter terminal. Three hours later, we entered our stateroom. In between time the wait in the terminal was full of misguided statements provided by NCL staff. This ship should never have been permitted to sail. We were not provided the usual training for abandoning ship drills, our luggage was late arriving our stateroom and food during the cruise was terrible. Overall on board ship staff did their best to salvage an otherwise miserable experience.

I am writing this review July 11, 2016 and still have not received our reimbursement of nearly $300 for our extended stay in San Francisco. Many areas of the ship were closed to passengers. Work was not completed prior to sailing and workforce continued working on the ship for the entire 10 days. It was noisy and dusty on many areas of the ship and we were awakened early each morning by work crews who assembled on the deck below our balcony. All in all, a miserable experience. Biggest disappointment is the neglect given to our requests by NCL. Did I mention that our plumbing was not functioning correctly and the internet in cabin that we paid extra for was also lacking.

My husband and I returned from a cruise last Friday. It was on the NCL Dawn sailing from Boston to Bermuda. As we entered our cabin the first day, we found a toilet filled with feces. We called and someone came down to fix it. That was the beginning of what the week was like. The toilet broke every day and many times twice a day. My husband and I are in our 70's and searching around for a bathroom in hour of the day isn't easy. We asked to be moved and they kept saying there were no available cabins. As the days went on, I met many people who had problems and were moved. The only difference between us and them was that they were all younger. Many of the public bathrooms we tried to search out were also broken. The staff we spoke to were extremely rude and really could care less. There were so many problems on this ship that I don't understand how the Boston authorities are allowing this ship to sail from this port.

Please, anyone considering this cruise, DON'T DO IT. Our cabin number was 8558. If you are a senior citizen, it's even worse. They assume you don't have the stamina to argue your rights. They have a policy of no refunds under any conditions. A big sign should be posted on the ship as passengers enter - ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Went on the Breakaway out of New York sail date of 7/1/16. Ports of call were PR, St Thomas, Tortolla and Bermuda. The boat was very nice and the food was excellent. Taste and Savor we found to be the best of the complimentary restaurants with good service. That being said the cruise director was virtually invisible and not really very involved with the passengers. We've been on numerous cruises and Arman was one of the worst directors we have encountered. I should say never encountered. Where's Waldo!!! His assistant Ashley was great and should be the director instead of him.

Entertainment otherwise was pretty good. The pool area is way too small to accommodate 4000 passengers especially on a cruise with so much time at sea. We couldn't even get near the pool. Elbow to elbow and no chairs. I was a loyal only Norwegian customer but I will now look at some other lines for future trips. Would I go Norwegian again? Yes but will not be my first choice.

Just got off the Dawn, 6/24/16. I was sick for 5 days because of the smell of the varnish that got into the ventilation system. It made me nauseous and headache for 5 DAYS. My toilet (and many others) were not working properly and backed up. Thank god they did fix mine on day number 2. Many fixes still needed, many phones and TVs not working. My sis didn't have a TV or phone for 3 days. My mother got stuck in the elevator twice (my mother is 82 years old and in a wheelchair). I tried to reserve dinner for a party of 7 every night on Saturday (second day). They said they would call me back. They NEVER did.

I went down to book dinner reservations the next day for the rest of the cruise and I couldn't do it. I explained that 2 of us in our party are diabetics and cannot eat at 8:30- 9:00 p.m. They told us to show up at the restaurant and wait, maybe we would get lucky! We complained many times and guest services didn't seem to care too much. My sis and I told them we were booked to go again in Oct. and we are thinking about cancelling the cruise and the woman in guest services shrugged her shoulders. Guest services called me and I couldn't make out the phone number they left to call them back (too much interference on the phone) so I went down there that night (I think they called me at 2 p.m. during the last full day, Thurs).

I found out the Captain wanted me and my husband to have dinner, but we missed it so Ana Maria (guest services manager) wanted to give me a bottle of wine. She started to make out this coupon for complimentary wine and I said I thought you called me because I was down here so much complaining. She said no, my sis and I spent about 30-40 minutes with her, telling her what was happening and my sis had some issues on her bill so Ana Maria said "let's go in my office". On our way walking over to her office another couple stopped her and she took them into her office before us and told us to wait for 2 seconds. We waited 10 minutes and left, not that I wanted it but I never even got the bottle of wine. Later I found a business card on my bed for the number of customer relations.

I found guest services to be very rude. I really wish they took more time to fix the Dawn. There were just too many issues. I'm sure as they fix her it will get better, but I am not Happy. After all, I wait a long time to take a vacation and this was just not worth it for us. I will NEVER be the first ones out after a dry dock again, very expensive lesson learned! I never even saw my cabin Steward, EVER. I never had pool towels replaced in my room. I had to get them myself, EVERYDAY! Soozy the cruise director we only saw on the first day, tons of new staff, the pool chairs were not started to be set up until 7 a.m. We had to wait around. When I found a toilet working there usually wasn't any soap in the dispenser. It was just pretty disappointing.

I really wish I wasn't sick. We could even smell the Varnish by the pool. I couldn't get away from it throughout the whole ship even in my room. The casino has many slots not working. My sis had an issue with a slot machine. It didn't give her a $50 ticket when cashed out. We spent an hour and a half with ** in the casino. They investigated and found out the money was still in the machine. He gave her a $50 slot play credit that she HAD to play in the slots. One night we were in the Venetian for dinner, the people in the next table over from us found a FLY in her salad. I couldn't eat my dinner after that, it was disgusting and I was already SICK from the varnish smell.

This just topped it off for me... When I was at the pool, I had to go back to my room to use the bathroom. There were just too many bathrooms not working, many times dialing "00" and no answer... The shows are all repeats. We went on this cruise to celebrate my mother's and my husband's birthdays. My mother turned 82 and one of us in our party was a first-time cruiser. This was just SO disappointing. We would have been better off spending my money on a big Birthday bash for her at home. I plan on leaving reviews of this cruise so everyone will be aware of what goes on after a dry dock and how rude guest services really are.

This ship was just not ready to sail! I'm really not sure what I will do for my October cruise, I planned on taking my son, daughter in law and 4-year-old granddaughter on their first cruise on Oct 7th. Thank god I have until July 9th to pay it off and decide. I really DO NOT want them to experience anything like this and I DO NOT want to go through this again especially paying to get sick for 5 days! It was VERY disappointing and my reviews will reflect that... I also had a $50 dinner credit that I couldn't use because we couldn't get reservations. I've notified Guest relations and I received an auto reply stating it will take up to 28 days to hear anything from them, but I'm VERY skeptical after reading many reviews about Guest relations not getting back to people.

I am just getting to formally submit a complaint after trying to reach someone on the phone that couldn't and wouldn't help me. They told me they have other important callers waiting for her. After working hard all year to take a vacation with Norwegian Dawn to Bermuda (June 17th-June 24th). I found myself to be horrified by the treatment and conditions of this ship. I understand that it was dry docked for 1 month and now realize we were guinea pigs for the weeks to follow.

Upon boarding the ship in Boston, we got to our cabin and found that our TV and telephone didn't work. I let 3 people know and they said they would fix it right away. After 3 days I went back down to Guest Services and they said there was no work order on file, oops, then they found it. My toilet was not working all the time as only a few of the bathrooms were working on the ship at different times. The hand soap dispensers were often found empty (I find this very unsanitary). We had to leave the pool area, go to our room to use the bathroom as well because the toilets on the pool deck and on the 6 and 7th floor deck were not working either. This made it very difficult for my 82-year-old mother who we took with us to celebrate her birthday.

They were still working on this ship as we cruised and using a stain that was coming through the vents into my room making me very nauseous and a headache for 4 days on the cruise and continued for 3 days after the cruise (causing me to miss a weekend planned away the next day). I couldn't get away from this odor as it was coming into the pool area as well. I had to check on my mother constantly afraid she would pass out from the fumes. We had to go OUTSIDE to the sides of the ship to get away from the odors constantly including at night, making us very cold and tired. Upon reaching Bermuda, the service was very inconsistent. There were some employees (crew members) that we heard were sick of the complaints, had quit! I don't know how you can put over 2000 people at risk of sanitation issues as you do.

The casino was the worst experience I have ever seen in a gambling atmosphere. Most of the machines weren't working. I tried cashing out my $50.00 casino voucher from the machine I was playing so that I could use it to play cards with and it wouldn't cash out. A manager named Keegan refused to give me my cash out and made me use a slot play, this is stealing money! He offered me a drink after spending an hour and a half for this investigation as an apology but I had free drinks anyways. We were 7 in our party, my mother celebrating her 82nd birthday and 1 1st time cruiser. My mother and I got stuck in an elevator on deck 6 at the Venetian Restaurant (where we were sitting next to someone who had a FLY in her salad) with no one around (just two of us being the only people on the elevator at this time, went into panic mode). The emergency call button didn't even work.

The consideration for handicap (as my mother is in a wheelchair and a diabetic) is not even a thought with the Dawn. We were unable to get reservations for dinner for the whole week making them the 2nd day we were on board. We went to Guest Services to address our issues and were treated worse than I could ever imagine. We did state that we will most likely cancel our pending cruise in October and the service rep. shrugged her shoulders as if to say so what. Finally, we got to speak with Anna Maria, the Guest Service Manager, also mentioned to her that there were charges on my bill that were already paid for, she asked us to follow her into her office and someone else got her attention. She took them in her office and rudely asked us to wait 2 SECONDS, we waited another 10 minutes after 45 minutes with her already and then left.

I received a phone message in my cabin from Anna Maria telling me she was sorry for all our inconveniences and will try to fix the issues for the Dawn's future cruisers. What does this do for us, our wasted money and thrown away vacation time? We did not take this cruise to spend complaining and awaiting issues to be fixed. Not a very friendly cruise when it comes to the Norwegian crew on this cruise. I returned home and called the complaint line and they told me they couldn't help me. I hope that I will hear from you regarding this waste of money and vacation time. If you can't help me, do you suggest I call the Department of Transportation for Cruise Ship Passengers? I hope to hear from someone as soon as possible.

My poor mother was on the Norwegian Line in the Mediterranean. Very sadly, on May 17th, 2016 my wonderful father passed away whilst on board. He was 83 and my mum was 80. The treatment of the crew was distasteful. Whilst we appreciate they have to clarify the circumstances surrounding the death, it was INTOLERABLE that my mother was surrounded by 3 males and interrogated for an hour. Be aware that ALL THEY ARE INTERESTED IN IS COLLECTING THEIR CASH AND GETTING YOU OFF THEIR SHIP.

Once my dad was taken to the mortuary in Athens and mum returned to her cabin, THE HEARTLESS COWARDS had left a medical bill for 11,000 euros on her bed. They couldn't even have the courtesy to explain that they have to present it and request payment. They JUST WENT INTO HER ACCOUNT AND WITHDREW THE MONEY. There was 1 helpful person who arranged flights to get her home. She was shunted off the ship to a taxi for the airport and had to pay 60 euros for it. From there she was on her own negotiating Athens and then Amsterdam International on her own after having lost her husband of 56 years.

WE AS A FAMILY ARE DISGUSTED. PLEASE TELL EVERYONE HOW CRUEL AND HEARTLESS THIS COMPANY IS. I looked to try to complain but they hide this process very well so I decided to put mum's story out there and hope that people avoid this company.

This was very first cruise ever. I planned this family vacation to celebrate my Husband and I's 20th anniversary, Fathers Day and my sons acceptance to College in the Fall. We were very excited to be on our first cruise together hoping for many more. Much to my disappointment I could not wait to get off the ship from the first day. It started at the baggage check in. They had no manifest to assist with checking in our luggage.

Finally waiting for that we are able to get on board after a long wait inside. We get on the boat 2 1/2 hours in 1 line for parental consent for my son and our room key did not work. Back and forth 3 times for that. I asked for 1 full or queen bed in one room and twin beds in the other room. Nope 2 twin beds! Great way to start off my anniversary trip sleeping apart. This should bring partners closer together, no, just another frustration. 20 minutes in line for 1 drink at a time. Ridicules. Lost our luggage, had to back in line to claim luggage, only 1 bag was found. They had to track down the 8 other bags and bring them to my room by 9pm after I missed a show I wanted to see but missed because of incompetent people.

They never found our suits we planned to wear for our special anniversary. Cried myself to sleep the first night. They allow people to put towels across every chair on the deck to save seats they won't be in for hours. That should not be allowed. If they want them they should be there. I felt like I was at an amusement park waiting in lines all day. Why don't they serve you? Even in some restaurant I watched people walk by me and no one came to service us.

I one time pulled the manager standing around if we could order at least an appetizer he brought it to me. I never saw him again. I never got my room key back and had to go the next day to the desk again, stand in line for another room key because I could not get proper service at the restaurant. For a vacation I spent a lot of money for I thought we would be served better than that? I had to do it all myself and WAIT everywhere we went. Casino ding a bell for 20 minutes at a table! Come on!!! What am I paying for? The weather is out of your control but the rain did not help calm down frustration with the trip. Alan was very nice but at the end of the day I will never Cruise again. I had high expectations to have a nice relaxing vacation but was only more aggravated when I got off the ship than when I got on. I was extremely disappointed. What a wasted money pit.

In July 2015, NCL changed some of their specialty restaurants to a la carte pricing. I booked my cruise prior to this policy change and at the time of booking their "incentive" was the ultimate dining package...basically eat at every specialty restaurant every night. NO CHARGE. Gratuities for specialty dining were paid at the time of the booking. Without ONE word, NCL has now said in no uncertain terms that "we will not go back and make people whole who had the ultimate dining package before we changed to a la carte pricing in some of our specialty restaurants." I've got that both verbally and in writing. So what you thought you had, can be easily taken away by NCL without any notification also under the cover of their T&C.

I just happened to find out about this only days ago, two months prior to boarding and not because they contacted me, but because they had sent an e-mail to my husband's workplace... why, we don't know. And, it was an e-mail saying you could reserve your table/time by logging on, etc. Their website functionality failed, so I called and booked our times. Then it hit. We got their dining confirmation and it went downhill from there. Had I not started to make calls, etc., I guess we would have spent our week in misery at the purser's desk. In the small print in the "terms and conditions" they can make these "deals" and then decide to take them away without notification. It is like dealing with the bully on the playground...his rules, don't like it don't care. I've tried to speak with NCL's President, Andy Stuart, but the "lions at the gate" refuse to let me speak to him although I have his e-mail address but that too got waylaid.

So here's my bottom line... if you cannot trust who you are dealing with to be honest in their advertising, their incentives, etc., you may be better off to seek out other cruise companies and travel with them. For those out there who may think you have an ultimate dining package, better start asking questions now. I think you will be just as frustrated and disappointed in NCL as am I. It is a sad thing when a company thinks more about their ability to price for every lettuce leaf than a healthy customer relationship. One day they may find that the deals they made then took back resulted in empty ships - then who will they blame? Certainly won't be me.

Norwegian once again offers complimentary room amenities and does not stands by them. I enjoy their cruises but certain issues in customer service cannot be overlooked and it affects how we enjoy our vacation. This is why I advise people to go to their state's Attorney General's Office and file an online Consumer Complaint Form. My state agencies aren't perfect but have helped tremendously to stand and protect against fraudulent business practices.

A few days ago I booked a cruise through my credit card company offering a choice of offer with purchase of cruise below. Of course we read the rules and regulations to qualify for the credits and it simply said it was a call-in offer. "Terms and Conditions: 1 Offer of $25-$75 onboard credit per stateroom, or complimentary bottle of wine and chocolate covered strawberries varies by sailing. Please call for details on applicable sailings and amenities. Offer is based on double occupancy, is in U.S. dollars, and will be applied to the 1st and 2nd guest on the reservation." We booked and called and was told by this global credit card company who are leaders in travel that we couldn't get the credits because of the type of fare. Where does it say that in the rules? It even told us on the confirmation page that we should call in to redeem.

Expedia, Priceline and Norwegian themselves state in their rules what room types that are excluding from room credits in their rules prior to purchase. This did not. We chose to book through this website instead of Expedia, which we normally do to acquire well-needed points, because of what we thought was a good offer. The rep for the credit card company said that they get calls all the time about this "misleading" offer set forth by Norwegian and that the rep themselves use to work for the company and they are the ones that didn't want to honor the agreement and apologized. They also said that customers never find out until after it is booked.

We called Norwegian and then said it was the credit card company's problem and nothing to do with them. We called back the card company and asked to speak with supervisor and again was told it was rules Norwegian has set. Back and forth blame. Norwegian blocks the company from honoring it so they can say "it was a third party issue". Nonetheless the card company did their best and gave us a $25 credit/room instead of 1st and 2nd guest/room but it was something Norwegian wasn't willing to do.

The most unhelpful company. All I needed was a simple refund. NCL are absolutely brilliant when they want to collect payment from yourself but if there is a problem, good luck, as no one is interested in answering the phones or speaking to you. You can try their website, Google or whoever to get phone numbers. Don't waste your time, simply a second rate outfit. After hours of phoning, I mean hours, the phone was answered, and the first of three broken promises to refund me broken. If you are due a refund, go directly to your credit card provider as it will be a lot easier and less hassle. It's a real shame as their holidays are excellent, but their office support is a shambles... I suggest you book your cruise elsewhere.

VERY BAD EXPERIENCE WITH NORWEGIAN CRUISELINES. In my omelette there was a foreign object that felt like a piece of glass that broke my bridge and tooth. I had their insurance for $20,000, which by the way, is worthless. I thought this would cover any medical issues. The only time you can use it is on the cruise and since you can't get dental work done your SOL. If you are injured on the cruise and need any follow-up help, you're on your own. I am still trying to get back my $400 for the dentist in Spain which took over half the day I had in port. They also didn't even pay for the cab to get me to the dentist, but in their defense, they did give me a name of a dentist. BIG DEAL!

The reason it taking so long is that I had to prove that my personal insurance wouldn't pay for it first. Seriously!!! Also on top of that I went to the cruise ship's doctor after I had a foreign object in my food the receptionist asked for $200.00 and I told her what happened she said to talk to doctor. I talked to the doctor and he said they would not charge me (for putting glass in my food) and imagine my surprise when I got to the suite they had already charged my room. So on top of doing absolutely nothing, they charge me an additional $20.00 for 10 Tylenol.

Then if you never touch American soil on your cruise an attorney cannot help you. If I would have not been in Europe or at least was at one American port they would have had to fix it. The worst thing they did was to not being up front with me and tell me they have no intentions of helping me. But instead they keep me hanging since 2/18/2016 when I sent them the first email. They sent me an email and told me it would be 15 days until I hear from them. So I waited and then I received a second email from the cruise line that said they would get back to me in 6 to 8 weeks. After 8 weeks and suffering with my tooth broken I called and they said they would get back to me. That same day they sent me a registered letter that offered me $250.00 off another cruise. They were hoping I'd forget that they put glass in my food and go on my way.

I received the registered letter on May 31, 2016 so as a gesture of goodwill I can have $250.00 off another cruise. I can't understand why they couldn't have told me at first so today, June 4th, my whole bridge and teeth fell out of my mouth at work. So now I'll be missing work. And because the teeth completely broke off I'll have to have surgery to get out the broken teeth. I'm sure and I have no idea what I'm up against after that. Norwegian Cruise Lines has no regard for your safety and you as a human being, who would keep someone hanging on with no intentions of helping. I would have went in sooner but I never would've guessed they were leading me on like this and they were NEVER going to help me. Please check out everything before cruising regarding insurance, etc.

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Norwegian Cruise Lines has been in business for over 48 years; it developed the concept of freestyle cruising, which means a relaxed dress code, that lets guests enjoy the cruise at unscheduled, individual paces.

  • Svedka & Inniskillin ice bar: The Svedka & Inniskillin ice bar is a bar set in an arctic chamber; the walls, the bar and everything inside is made from ice.
  • Waterfront: Norwegian's Waterfront is a quarter-mile deck where guests can walk and enjoy oceanfront views.
  • Walk the Plank: Thrill seekers can experience walking the Plank, which is a narrow beam traveling 8 feet out over the water.
  • Great Stirrup Cay: One of Norwegian's unique stops is the company's private island, where guests can explore and play in the shoreline.
  • Broadway at sea: Norwegian Cruise Lines guests can take in exclusive Broadway shows while on board.
  • Best for The Norwegian Cruise liner is best for budget-conscious families and adults looking for a relaxed, less formal cruise experience.

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