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MSC Cruise Lines

MSC Cruise Lines
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Rated with 1 star
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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 3, 2020

I would highly recommend not booking a cruise on MSC. In light of the Coronavirus and MSC being turned away from two ports of call because one of their crew members had the flu, my wife and I decided to cancel our cruise in hopes of trying again the end of this year. Instead of treating us respect and offering to apply some of our fare to a future cruise, I either had to keep the current booking or lose half my fair, period. The customer service agent was rude and treated me like I was an idiot and she was a used car salesman. Even when we booked this cruise we waited on hold for nearly an hour. My guess is they have 2 phone lines. They should stick with their overseas cruises and stay out of the US market as here, we like customer service. And if you're reading this MSC, here is my booking number. **. I will not be back, enjoy half my money. You're a poor excuse for a company.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 21, 2020

MSC DIVINA - Feb 7th to 18th. Additional comments. Certainly do! I will do my best to discourage anyone from taking an MSC cruise!!! The lack of organization was out of this world - disembarking was a joke. 1 1/2 in line to leave ship to go home crazy – blamed on customs – but the real lack of organized at dismemberment the real problem - Disembark at any time a disaster - not enough common area sitting - very poor control of Deck chair - people allowed to place towels on chairs early morning and never return to chairs - unable to get a chair or lounge after 7.30 am.

Lack of community wash rooms - lack of common area sitting - Toiletries in room almost non existing - Hot Breakfast in dining rooms served mostly cold - Juices water down - Buffet a jungle - Dinner dining rooms very crowded - difficult for waiters to serve. Always getting jostled – everywhere on the ship overcrowded. In short - we have taken many cruises with many cruise lines with large passenger list - never experienced anything like the overcrowding and lack of organization.

To reiterate - we will never use msc again - as well I will let everyone know how bad the experience was - that includes the 2 travel agents - cruise critics and anyone else I can think of - msc divina was a joke. We were part of a group of 60 passengers – all shared the same disappointment with the experiences of this cruise – some who had been on MSC Divina before – to a person – they stated they will not cruise with MSC again. I only hope they take the time to fill out your survey. Larry ** email - **

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 17, 2020

Gluten-free Failure! I cruised out of Miami on the MSC Meraviglia Feb. 2, 2020. The last cruise I experienced was on Royal Caribbean, I am a Diabetic Celiac on a Gluten-free diet. The food I experienced with Royal Caribbean was exceptional! A wide variety of Gluten-free baking; varieties of buns, bread, pasta, pizza and amazing desserts! So my expectations for the MSC Meraviglia were high. After my first hour on the ship, I knew this would not be the same dining experience. There was a vast array of pizzas and baked items on the buffet. There was no indication of allergy ingredients on any of the food on this ship.

I asked about the food available for people with dietary restrictions and I was directed to only eat in the dining room. After looking at the wide variety of food I hoped the food in the dining room would make up for the complete fail in the dining room. The menu for gluten-free in the dining room was extremely limited and unfortunately the dessert items for the gluten free menu was mixed fruit or cheese. So looking at my wife’s food in comparison with my food was amazingly substandard! The trick to serving people with a restrictive diet is to allow them to feel as though they are not completely restricted to a base diet. The Maître d of the MSC Meraviglia should investigate whatever ship has the best ratings for gluten free and restricted diets and be a passenger on that ship and eat a restricted diet!

Unfortunately each time I would eat in the MSC Meraviglia dining room I would experience the effects of an allergic reaction to a large amount of Gluten! It would also take me a day to recover. I asked to speak to the Maître d and was directed to my head waiter. The Maître d could see me asking to speak to him, I suppose he had other pressing issues! I decided to try again in the dining room and had a violently brutal night after reacting the second time I noticed my blood sugars were low and would not rise. I required no insulin for several days as my cilia had been stripped due to to major amounts of gluten exposure in the MSC Meraviglia dining room. From that moment on I decided to eat at the buffet only, with much advise and direction from the cooking staff. At this time I met several other celiac passengers who had reacted in the exact same way I had reacted.

At this point I had my suspicions confirmed and asked once again to speak to the Maître d, once again with no luck. I did go to customer service and asked to place a formal complaint in regard to the problems with the dining room. I would also recommend MSC look to totally change the food available to their passengers. If you are aware of Gluten-free baking you're probably away frozen GF buns or bread microwaved in the bag, taste like rubber. Someone should make systemic changes to their gluten free products! MSC should have cereal options, fresh baked deserts, buns, breads, muffins and pizzas available for gluten-free needs. And the buffet should have a corner with only those options.

This would help to make up for the dietary torture MSC inflicted upon multiple passengers from my cruise experience! Hire a staff member who is celiac and get them to test your stuff out! Rather than serving poor quality food prepared to taste terrible! I hope this will encourage a change in the attitude of the dining area management. This is not a cross contamination! This is the wrong ingredient used and served as Gluten Free. I’d appreciate a response from MSC, however after seeing how the ship management dealt with me my expectations are limited! I will post as many posts as possible to warn passengers to avoid MSC! It’s just not worth it!


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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 26, 2020

Cruised with a group of 8. We got 4 rooms with a suite being one of them. 5k for the suite alone. The couple in the suite had to sleep on a pullout couch (that only fit one) or a chair. THREE DAYS LATER they finally got a room change but to a interior room with no balcony. No refund was issued. Staff has no clue what’s going on. If you have a question I suggest asking at least 10 employees and make an educated guess with the information given. Most of staff is rude and clueless. The ones that aren’t are far in between.

The last night on the ship is where I lost it (** you stage). I not proud but I felt it was necessary. Every complaint before this wasn’t taken seriously. I was trying to pay cash to settle my bill. After speak to a couple of the employees I learned I had to stand in line for guest services. Two hours later I’m next to speak with guest services and a manager pulls me out explaining that I should use the kiosk. Well it wasn’t working. Neither was the next one. (Keep in mind I was next to speak to the right people and pay.) When we finally got to a working machine I was told I need my wife’s card and to get back in line when I return. Well pissed I went and got my wife. On our return I was handled with efficiency and told they have no idea why the guest relations “MANAGER” would even tell me this since our cards were in sync with each other’s. Three and half’s hours later I paid for my bill.

This was just the tip of the iceberg. Dinning hall food was absolutely horrible. It’s bad when the buffet food was subpar but delicious compared to the dining hall. Almost no entertainment. One “night club” on the ship. It’s either that, the casino, or a movie by the pool. Talk about depressing. Moral of the story. Don’t use MSC. Not even if they come out with toilet paper, because they not even worth wiping your ** with!!!

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 11, 2020

Our family are seasoned cruise ship travelers, having traveled with 5 other cruise ships all around the world. We missed one day in Argentina and did not even make Uruguay. We feel CHEATED! Adding insult to the injury was the 100 dollar reimbursement per cabin. There were 5 of us occupying 2 separate cabins and we received 200 dollars total after missing half of our excursions and experiences. We missed the country of Uruguay entirely and only spent one day in Argentina. We took a 13 hour flight to Rio de Janeiro in order to catch this cruise thinking that we could be exposed to 3 countries, cultures, and traditions.

In our estimation, the right thing to do would be to refund us half the cost of the cruise since we missed half of our excursions and ports of call. The excuse used was "it was the weather." That's a good excuse and we are glad that they are concerned with our safety. BUT are not cruise ships outfitted with the latest weather detection technology and equipment? And secondly, what are your contingency plans in case of bad weather? Is the plan simply for the customer to absorb the loss of his/her experiences and excursions? It appears so. So, don't expect us to travel with MSC in the future.

Cruise Ship Public Areas: Trash and garbage are often left around the ship/public areas for a period of time; nobody seems to be doing upkeep and maintenance in the public areas; hairdryer shorted out; broken door handles; lack of rule enforcements such as no food taken out of the cafeteria; no equipment readily available for sports or games unless there was an organized event; 18 bars and a huge casino which is great for a party boat but the billing was for a family cruise. What are families to do?

Buffet Areas: There were limited variety with almost the same menu every day. We expected that one going to other countries, the buffet might be influenced by the country visited such food from Uruguay or Argentina, perhaps a separate display for these countries cuisine. Since we did not visit Uruguay, it would have been better if at least we experienced their culture/cuisine on ship.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 8, 2020

MSC Divina experience was a mixed experience over 2020 New Year cruise in Caribbean Sea. Nice itinerary but you have to be aware that you are paying for everything extra. Director was not very professional. Last evening in Bahamas was a failure and the dis-embarkation was a complete disaster. 3 hours to get off the ship. My day in Miami was completely overshadowed by this. The last taste matters. Unfortunately. I don’t think I will consider MSC again. I’m sorry that the end was so... memorable.

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Rated with 2 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 15, 2019

I spoke to an agent in the first instance - extremely good but then the agent went on annual leave so had no contact & had to call customer service. The young lady only word was basically, had never been on a MSC cruise so could not advise about basic Ship information. I only had a small window to travel and so there was only 1 specific cruise I could of sailed on so getting the right accommodation was paramount. I called to a long drawn out conversation with a lady who could not help - kept me on hold - I eventually asked her to call me back at which she assured me due to limited space, no call back - I did call back & still no return call.

I called again the next day - clearly apologetic & after waiting & enduring yet another long call she assured me to she would call me back... She assured me, I clarified & said I need a phone call to finalise this as flights are booked. Lo & behold - no call back, apparently it was their Christmas Party - I had left several messages & still no call back. I had to call back the next day & yes a long drawn out hold, confirmation with a lady saying 'basically' throughout.

I am so disappointed. For me MSC was my preferred Cruise company & had travelled 2 times prior so this would be my 3rd and we had planned to travel again in 2020 in the summer but this initial service has totally put me off. I have booked but not really sure of what I will be getting - so no reassurance. HELP MSC, you have let yourselves down & by reading the rest of these reviews - a lot of work needs to be done. I do hope my cruise will be better than my pre-enquiry.

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Rated with 1 star
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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 8, 2019

Ok we didnt even make the cruise but the customer service I have received is poor. I will never book a cruise with this line. Every time I call there has been a 45 min to 60 min wait to speak to an agent. I've called 4 times and it's been that wait every time. I went on the site and requested a call to avoid holding for so long and I'm still waiting to be called back from July. (And this month) I had to call twice to cancel because the first agent who said it was canceled never canceled it, so now I have to wait another week to hopefully get my refund processed! Never again.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 21, 2019

Let me just say simply that my child is 7 years old and has a disability that caused mobility issues and has to be in a wheel chair. He can walk, but it's evident that he is very slow doing so and needs assistance from braces. There were 3 crew members who saw my child struggling while I was paying for something and instead of helping they laughed directly at him (YES it was not a mistake, they were NOT laughing at something else, they actually laughed when he almost collapsed due to not being able to hold on to his brace),when I rushed over to help him and set him back in his chair after seeing if he was ok I was so angry that I went over to the group and asked what they thought was so funny and they got quiet. It took everything I had to not knock their teeth out on the spot. I told MSC about the situation and they did NOT care, they did nothing and didn't even apologize. This cruise line is garbage and treat guests like garbage.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 1, 2019

MSC Cruise -- Oct. 28 to Nov.10 2019. Embark in NY and Debark in Miami. All cruise lines evidently received a new requirement from Martinique that all passengers have passports. We have cruised at least 5 times using Birth Certificates and Driver's License. Some lines chose to care about their customers and inform them of this change, but MSC did not. We flew from Florida to Newark NJ and then paid a Lyft Service to NY Terminal. THEN we were informed we could not board! We were left to figure out how to get back home on our own.

We are 72 years old, and my husband has some health issues and uses a walker. Needless to say, this was beyond stressful! Between the cruise deposit, air flight, etc. we are out over $1500, for a cruise we are not on. We have contacted Customer Relations and are waiting for a reply, but from the reviews we are seeing, we are not expecting a good response. We feel they should take responsibility for some of our cost, because we could have cancelled the cruise and would not have had return expenses at all. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.

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