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This was supposed to be not only my husband's bday but our belated honeymoon. As soon as we got back to port in Miami, and received our luggage, we noticed the ALL the expensive perfume that I had purchased as well as some of our medications were stolen from our bag not to mention the money that was in our safe and my husband's naturalization Certificate over $300 to replace for my husband to even think of going out of the country as a US citizen now. We were double billed for the Mini Bar and a restaurant we went to that was a pay restaurant. My Original Birth Certificate was also stolen. Thank God only $25 to replace. Well over $100's of US $. The food made myself and my husband ill with Diarrhea the entire trip. MSG? When we got home it appears not just us but many other have had items stolen out of safe.

This is sad and made our entire vacation so sad that others can that have no compassion for others make a trip so nasty and it boils down to not even the monetary value of items stolen, but how do we even know that our ID isn't going to be used for Terrorist activities? We wrote MSC Cruise Lines and had one phone call and ever since even after emailing again and 10 messages no reply. Can you help? We cruised from July 5 2016 til July 9 2016 from Miami to Cozumel Mexico. Thank you again. Our info is as follows: Our stateroom was on the Aurora deck room # 12213. Booking number **. Guest: Paul **.

I went to Miami, Florida on June 11th to get onto the MSC Divina. Boy I should have stood home. Going through Customs was a joke. There was absolutely no organization or 1 person would contradict the other person. So finally we get onto the boat and we wait for the time to get into our rooms, and we get a table at the buffet restaurant. As we wait at this table we are requesting someone to get a drink order in and that took 45 minutes to get someone there. Finally she comes and gets the order and that took another 30 minutes to get our drinks. We get into the room at about 1:30 pm. We get to do the drill and ask where we need to go and not one person that we spoke had no clue or didn't speak any English.

It is 6 pm and we are going to sit for dinner and we have 11 people in our party, never in any time of going on a cruise I had to sit away from my kids. They put us at 2 separate tables and gave us 1 great waiter and the other one waiter was extremely rude. We asked reasons of why we can't all sit together and his answer was to speak to his boss, he does not put the table together. My wife mother in law and aunt went to speak with him and all he DID was ignore them and continued to answer the phone.

Through out the entire time of the ship the customers that didn't speak "English" was very pushy and rude. We tried to get with the customer service line and the lines would be so long that you would have to wait for over an hour just to speak to someone that didn't want to help, didn't speak "English" and didn't want to do his job, his idea for the solution was chocolate-covered strawberries. Not the finest moment and I explained that I didn't want that, I wanted to get real service.

I have been on 16 cruises, 2 with MSC Poesia and this making 3rd time with MSC and the level of service on a fancy ship like this needs to be a lot more for the guest that speak English. I didn't even know what my cabin steward's name was, asked her to fill up my body wash and shampoo and 2 days prior to disembark we got shampoo and body wash.

If you watch the commercials they seem to show everyone smiling and having a great time, not on this ship. Also not very kid-friendly, we took our kids to the camp so they could learn as it states on the brochure different languages and food to cook, and also stated that the kids are going to take part of a end of the cruise celebration, and we didn't receive that. If you choose this boat to go on, be ready for a not so very great experience. Good luck.

Just returned from MSC Cruise Western Mediterranean. Got on in Barcelona and did France, Italy, Spain. Was very enjoyable, just on return home my husband luggage had been tampered with, all his designer pants and 3 Tommy Hilfiger shirts had been taken from his luggage, just left the dirty laundry!!! As instructed we had to leave our luggage outside our cabin night before disembarkation at midnight, got off the ship the following morning at 10am and got our luggage back. It was during this time his luggage was tampered with, I have emailed a complaint and waiting on reply.

We cruised on MSC Divina out of Miami in June 2016. Booking it through MSC was very trying and took about 10 phone calls and emails to get right. They did not ever respond to calls and emails. They didn't tell us that our cabin on deck 13 was under the restaurant that was open until 1:30 AM, then the staff would come in and clean it until 6:00 AM when they opened back up. The floor on the 14th deck in the restaurant is wood along with the chairs. There was squeaking of chairs sliding across the floor and banging all night long. It's impossible to sleep in cabins on the 13th deck. AVOID the 13th deck at all cost. We also noticed that most of the staff seems to be unhappy with their jobs. It was rare to see a smile or upbeat attitudes from them as well as no interaction between staff and guest.

After about 15 trips to the service desk to ask for help with our issues, they decided to send a plate of chocolate covered strawberries to our room. That's nice but they brought them at midnight. After getting out of bed to answer the door at midnight, not really in the mood to eat strawberries. Since the plate didn't fit in the fridge, they went bad. We have cruised with Carnival and Royal Caribbean in the past and had nothing to complain about. MSC has a long way to go to measure up to them. Do yourself a favor and spend the extra money to choose another cruise line other than MSC so you can enjoy yourselves.

My husband and I booked a week on MSC Fantasia for our honeymoon in May this year. First impression was lovely ship, very elegant and clean. Waiting and cleaning staff worked like Trojans but the attitude of reception and senior staff left a lot to be desired. Buffet had ample choice but was either cold or lukewarm and was always hard to find a table. 5 days in my husband became violently ill with sickness and diarrhea with a fever. I phoned the medical centre for advice and a very abrupt Italian doctor asked me what I wanted. I voiced my concerns about my husband but without any concern told me he need to go to the med centre.

I explained he was too ill to get out of bed but again he reiterated he had to go there and pay €100 + medication cost and put the phone down. My husband then phoned reception and explained how ill he felt and also suffers with diabetes and heart problems. Again he was told to either visit med centre or the doctor would charge €160 to come to our cabin. Frustrated my husband said he'd leave it as was disgusted. He lost two days due to the food poisoning as couldn't get out of bed. At no time did anyone come and disinfect our cabin as they do on other ships! What is their protocol I wonder, probably haven't got one.

Sadly the worst was yet to come. The day before disembarking we checked our money as had a hotel booked in Barcelona to finish of our honeymoon. We returned it to the safe as we used our cruise card on board as no cash is exchanged. We left our cabin by 8 am the next morning and went to settle our bill, this was when my husband realized there was money missing. Thinking he'd made a mistake we went for breakfast and counted it again and were horrified to discover £100 cash and €150 had been taken. We both felt sick that someone was able to get in our safe. Not sure why but staff other than cleaners come in your cabin to put an A4 itinerary sheet on your bed, which can be easily placed under the door!

My husband promptly alerted staff and a senior officer accompanied to our cabin, which had now been cleaned. As expected no trace of the money, my husband, the police but was told MSC would investigate and my husband was asked to complete a lost property form. We are in the process of trying to claim from our insurance but have been told our limit is £200 plus an excess so will lose out again.

We have contacted MSC on two occasions and they have the same apathetic attitude as when it happened. No apology, no offer to investigate the staff who entered our room. They just keep saying that the missing money was not found, to which I keep replying it was STOLEN, not lost. This has totally ruined our honeymoon as our guests had kindly given us money for our Barcelona stay. We will NEVER travel with MSC ever again. Advice for anyone who does, take your credit card and keep it with you at all times.

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This was my third time on the MSC Divina and while the reasonable pricing is inviting for such a beautiful ship, it is all downhill from there. Policy changes such as paying a higher cost for room service (fantastica experience) or pay each time you order coffee was a real pain. However, my morning coffee was the only thing they got right for room service. Ask for toast, you get a roll. I never did find a room service menu. They say room service 24/7 but when trying to order a cup of tea after 10:00 pm wanted to charge for it. These small stupid reductions in service provided adds up especially when a gold member.

The customer service desk consistently had a VERY long line. But, only two people available when the ship was full to capacity. This was my fourth trip on MSC and each time was working towards downhill experience. Shops now put out tables with their things on multiple levels and it felt like I was walking through an overpriced, low quality flea market. I hear the shows were just OK but then found out there was near a 90% turnover of staff. Buffet was near inedible so opted to go to dining room instead.

I request low sodium meals and instead I received NO seasoning. On the second day I went back to regular meals. Wait staff was near embarrassed that they had to constantly send back inedible food and we really felt bad for them. Steak was gray on the outside and raw on the inside. Salad ok, soups ok, but main meal was predictably awful. Buffet breakfast was compared to fast food but the dining room breakfast was edible on days we were on the ship during lunch time. Pool area was small which was evident on out to sea days. Pool area staff did not enforce policy of not holding lounge chairs when towels left all day on chaise without a person using them.

New policy, bring orange towel from rooms because none are available at the pool. The "adult" pool was full from screaming kids. Drinks on any cruise are usually overpriced but their mixed drinks had little to no alcohol. Very few activities and never on time. Took till the fourth day to have two schedules left in the room since my roommate and I were part of a group match-up program with the group I was traveling with. No bar soap: only shampoo and body was in dispenser in cabin and when asking about it was given blank stares. Bottom line, you get what you pay for.

Prices for the cruise on a beautiful ship does not mean you will get service or quality promised. From the group I was with most submitted a form to be sent a questionnaire. Only one out of the 25, the travel agent and group leader was the only person to receive one. Going on the MSC website is a waste of time. No place to get comment form and impossible to get a human on the phone pre or post cruise.

This cruise was so much fun, filled with lots of activities. The entertainment crew really encouraged everyone to interact and have a great time. The buffet was delicious and fresh and hot food. Even at midnight their pizza was fresh. They make the best pizza. Entertainment was top notch. Dancers were amazing. The lead singer was fantastic. The last show was a tribute to Michael Jackson. It was so fantastic! There was daily Catholic mass and also on Easter Sunday. I was so happy we were able to celebrate mass on Easter Sunday even though we were on ship. Father Michael gave great homily every mass. He was a blessing. There were so many pools and spas available all over the ship. The ship is so big we never got bored. The gymnasium was big enough to do stretches and weights. There were enough machines to get on for 30 minutes to exercise. We had a very relaxing time.

The ship was clean and we constantly saw people cleaning and vacuuming. When we board from San Juan, they had a guy spraying hand sanitizer before we boarded. There were hand sanitizer all over the ship. It is a new ship, built in 2006, so the technology was great. The public toilets flushed themselves and were always very clean. It didn't seem like anyone got sick on this 7-day cruise. The dinners were delicious and had a great variety. Only one night, the food was warm, not hot, but we were late on seating. If we were still hungry for a midnight snack, there was good food to eat. We had a great time! We appreciated that we were not in a cabin where there were a lot of kids. It was nice and quiet. We had a fantastic vacation! They had a lot of excursions available. Although we did our own excursions, it was nice to see the options of what was available to at each port.

We had GREAT food and nothing but fun! The crew and entertainment were top notch!! Made Carnival look like a Super 8 compared to a Marriot resort!!! Bartenders remembered what you had to drink amongst other things!!! Had nothing to complain about even if you tried!

Our first night on the ship, our luggage arrived pretty late to our room. I went up after dinner and brought it inside the room, unlocked it and left it on the bed for my wife to unpack and hang things if she wanted to, prior to the evening concert. She decided to wait until morning. So after the concert, we returned to the room, to see someone had turned down the beds and left our daily ship news for the next day. We grabbed some sleep wear and went to bed. In the morning while unpacking we discovered two soft case jewelry cases were missing. One that was 10x12 and the other was about 6x4.

We searched everywhere and called down to the desk. They asked me to come down and fill out a report. My wife went for a walk with her sister and I went to the desk. After filing out the report and waiting for security for about 10 minutes, they told me to return to the room and some would meet me there. I returned to find that housekeeping had already been to the room. I waited and 3 security personnel came to the door. They asked if they could look around and miraculously, they found the two jewelry cases in our luggage, which we emptied completely just 45 min earlier and the jewelry cases were in the wrong bag from where they were originally.

After a long stare from the head of security, I said, since everything seemed to be here, I suppose there is nothing more we need to talk about. He smiled, with a nod and a look of relief, and they left the room. The whole rest of the cruise, I couldn't help but look at every staff person wandering the halls, and wonder who knew or was involved. Sad that the cruise line, didn't even send an apology letter.

We paid an extreme amount of money for the Yacht Club Services. It is not worth the money on so many levels! The most frustrating is the service one gets when the cruise is over, they no longer have to deal with us a as passenger. The level of service one gets once the product is bought and used and something goes wrong is the measure of the company!

The yacht club "BUTLER" placed a piece of our luggage into another passenger's waiting taxi leaving that passenger's piece behind at the Genoa PORT. We contacted the passenger ourselves simply because his luggage was left and had identification on it. He was so upset and immediately returned the bag to the Port. However we had to catch a flight for our journey back to CANADA. I filled out the lost bag form. The MSC agent at the port assured us our bag would reach us. It has been 4 months. FOLLOWING 14 calls to receive information about our bag to CUSTOMER SERVICE, I have had no Response. I have logged every time I called and to what agent I have spoken with... which is three pages of notes. Not one call back... just passing the responsibility. It has been 4 months... You be the judge...

We were greeted by exceptionally long queues and frustrated people. We paid for "fast track" as it is impossible to stand in a queue with a 3 year old child for 4 hours. Once inside, the fast track option was available but this just lead to another queue. Tried to explain to the staff that we have "priority boarding" because of our wedding package but they were not interested.

We paid for excess baggage yet two bags per person is "recommended". We had one each and had to pay for hand luggage. Personnel was rude/unprofessional or did not speak English. Lunch served on first day tasted like cat food. Evacuation drill we were sent from one end of the ship to the other. No swim towels and wouldn't give to us after requested. Husband's suitcase was ripped to pieces on embarkation. My locking mechanism on my luggage was broken off on disembarkation. Food on island was disgusting! DJ only catered for African clientele. Nothing accessible on island days. Grease on deck which destroyed my wedding manicured nails. Spa does not do artificial nails. Crèche was closed most of the time. Crèche personnel screaming at children. Ceremony was 10 min long! This was the worst holiday ever!!!

I got injured on MSC Divina 100% their fault. No help, they did not care and made me pay the bill, all my expenses and I stayed in my room for 14 days. I have called and written 4 times or more 40 minutes waiting and then their lines goes dead or you are being transferred and cut off. These should be looked at. DO NOT USE THEM. They had some good points but not compared to the bad one. WORSE CRUISE. It is not just about cost but also you loose your holidays, time, energy and you feel like a nobody in the 14 days in my room. Nobody called ask questions or requested to have my version - I have 3000 Facebook friends, 1000 emails 1500 on Linkedin and friends around the world French-English and Spanish. Will spread message. While writing this message it as been 40 minutes no answer. Suggestions given to maitre d' room ** table **.

For the past 20 years we have sailed Royal Caribbean 21 times, Celebrity 16 times, Carnival 3, Oceanic, Cunard, Queen Elizabeth, Princess Norwegian and now MSC. Great about MSC - clean, beautiful decorations. At ports, indication with flags where to take buses. Pool attendants, coupons for drinks but saw 4 people losing them or forgetting them in rooms. Lecture good, but people cannot ask questions after lecture that did cause some frustrations. Nice of maitre d' to come at tables and greet guests and asking how they were. Most of the time, we only see them at the end of the cruise to get extra tips. Ice cream great, Nutella (never had the chance to taste, never open). Great cards to put in the door to state make room or do not disturb. Buffet great having 20 hours open, coffee 24 hrs. Medical good service.

Great for attendant greeting people but some nights they would talk to each other and disturb people in the back and make these same customers leave the room, not being able to see the show. (Also not too polite for their fellow artists on stage.) Ice in room, not having to ask, great (if this help me with the injury).

Great different people talking different languages.

WHAT SHOULD BE IMPROVED, SUGGESTIONS: Have your staff at the reception to be more friendly, this is major. Having more than 630 French people on board, I had to translate, twice at the reception, 6 times at the medical facilities (they even ask me if I wanted to work with them) and twice at the boutique. Outside the ship, at ports, should have water, wet napkins, chairs to sit for older people, one attendant to great guests and ask them if they need help. Near the inside pool, have some long chairs, not just table and chairs. Have pool attendants change wet towels instead of bringing them back to your room, you sometime forget them and do not want to bring them back (cost $20). Pool attendant could do both, check on people and take care of towels.

Have pool attendant make sure the chairs are not reserved by some customer putting their towels on them and leaving for 2 to 4 hours. Some use 4 chairs depending on the sun. Have live music that could make a huge difference, on your big screen, nice to see, but after 4 or 5 days, gets boring. Clocks on the pool area, who brings their watch to swim. $10 store should be being we can see and shop, not in the back of the ship. Had to tell people you had one. Would not have gone, not having been injured. Great chairs in dining room, black and white table 967, but pool area, not comfortable. Beer glass at the pool is perfect, but should be glass in the dining section or buffet, many complains around the buffet. This is not necessarily thinking green. No milk cream in plastics when you open them, half is spilled and again not green thinking.

Meals were warm or cold, both buffet and dining. Had cold snails in butter twice, salmon boiled not grilled, so cold. Quantity of food in plate, not American style, they will ask for more and then leave some food. Coffee at dinner is mandatory. I drink milk and that was not real milk but the one you serve not refrigerated it was warm. Theater half of the people will want a drink during the show, where will they put their glasses. More than 40% of the people like my time dining at no extra charge (this is what I always do) impossible unless you paid extra or be part of special guest. What a waste. Shows with live musicians, not karaoke. Why pay for birthday cake $15. Make small ones, we will not eat both the night desserts and birthday cakes or put 4 cakes together, like I ask for and this will be great.

Tell us in advance on your website, special evenings events, we will bring what it takes, Halloween, White, Italian. It would be nice if waiters could suggest what to eat, what is the best we all appreciate and less food left in plates. Mandatory, clean hands when entering buffet or restaurant, most ships you will not cross doors without doing so. By greeting people at the door, say "Hello" and "Please use products to wash your hands" and say "Have a good day" when leaving. Americans and Canadians are good drinkers by the pool, so do not hesitate to come and ask them, not just go around waiting for them to call you. Hamburgers by the pool should be hot not cold, like in the buffet. A library with a card room, people had to sit at different places to play card and not comfortable. Also library closed most of the time, went 3 times during crossing where there were no TV.

Outside Cinema, why not every night popcorn. Missing conditioner in bathroom. If I had known I would have brought some, it does not state on your web page. Computer or IT people available, major on long crossing. Missing day activities, long if no TV or anything else to do, depending on weather. Handicap people, have staff help them, they are a good part of your customer, old or other. Bring their tray hold their arms they will come back on your ship. At dinner, do not hesitate to put samples of food on table, we had that privileged from the maitre 'd. Ship brochures how to get around, should be given at the check in not in room. Saw them after 2 days (first timers like me get lost). Great having attendants picking up plates at pool with carriage. Not easy finding staff, some hardly spoke English.

TV during crossing a nightmare and no internet for 6 days. Went twice to register and was told that they could not even print newspaper. Show total expenses on your TV internet, we had to calculate ourselves what the amount we had spent on the ship. Who does that. Unicef at first you had charged us without asking (after my saying you did give us a form to take it off), almost insulting obliging people to pay without asking first not because of the $1.50 but for the principle, this is good for you but not for us. Small flower shop would have been great, birthday, ceremonies, wedding, anniversary. Allow us to bring one bottle of wine on ship like some companies. Did not really see entertainment staff around pool (keep us posted on what is happening). Where is or are YOUR CRUISE DIRECTORS (GHOSTS).

Never heard the captain announcements except the captain's night, it like being on a ship who does not want to disturb people, we are there to be entertained. Emergency drills, why vests, no ships request them anymore, people do fall and cannot see with them. Also, if needed have videos in rooms, and do not make people go from the theater to another place to see where to meet, lost of time. Salads every night tasted same, no choice of dressing, have us choose or have assistant waiter come and see us. If no more soup or other at buffet, do put a NOTE, it would be greatly appreciated. Or tell us "Go to the other side if you want some". Toasts in the morning mandatory in dining room, not just cold bread. Chocolate or candy in rooms always nice. Not standard to take coffee with hot milk.

Sell bottle of alcohol (you could charge twice or 3 times) to bring in rooms, many companies do so. Private professional pictures on the ship (customers could choose to have different shots on their balconies, or special places on the ship). Some ships charge $200 and follow the customers during 2 hours. Have atelier of paintings, or other activities like you do for languages. Charge visit of the galley, sell cookbooks, visit engineer room and give money to UNICEF. Meet with the dancers, behind the scene. Make your own pizza, choose your ingredient or pasta mix (love these). Bingo, you could win a suite, or free restaurant dinner, make announcement everyday on paper or daytime announcements. For kids pirate night, disguise, costumes and have them once during dinner for amusement of all. Singing from your staff at dinner at special events. Small milk containers at breakfast (I only drink milk).

First day at sea, organize quests, let us know of your ship and staff. Ask people what they like best, soup, dessert (and make it a special for 1 day) could be next cruise. Arts, make people guess price and win something. Jewelry, fake or true, guess price while attending. MAD NIGHT QUESTS, you could win a keychain and enjoy a night of fun and entertainment. Most cruises not enough space for everyone it is crazy but fun. Choose what you want in your omelette at buffet, eggs benedicts at buffet in the morning or choose your eggs, I know you can ask but most people did not know. Singers and dancers are the best but after seeing the same ones for 10 days and having 8 days to go, it is like seeing Celine Dion 10 days in a row, love but finally get to hate it.

Karaoke should be every night and have the best ones on a special evening event do a show with your best staff people (I mean your employees not the professionals). Talent performance, give them a chance (could be special show). Have passenger organize a choir, dance group demo, have customers be part of your ship, involve them, they will like it (they do so on Club Med). Include in your fares a gift for everyone (like a neck card holder). We do so at Cavalia, people keep it on other ships, great marketing. Show on TV special events, like yesterday's shows, if we have missed it. Like I miss the first Michael show that gentleman was great. You do so for arts which I did watch several times.

Cruise's ships, big Casino winners, ports what to see, but sometimes we do not have the time to attend. Also, be careful I did attend once, and we had to go down near the stage to get coupons. This is crazy you have older people on board, not comfortable to go downstairs, while ship is moving. No prices on items, do not buy even if it says 75% or what easy to make up a price. Many got out of the stores. Put video music on your pool screen outside. Getting on the ship in Barcelona, was a real nightmare. Ask around, employees were talking to each other instead of helping. It took 3 hours 1000 people. Pool chairs great having indication handicap, but used by everyone.

Have attendants put tags on chairs that have been vacant for more than 30 minutes and take everything out if not back it would really help. Since I was at the pool every morning because of my injury, I could see customers doing so at 6;00 am and coming back at 10;00 am. Food lunch cold in buffet. When you make announcement do tell what time it is and what time will be the activities. So my name is it is 10:00 am and do not forget activity at 15:00. Lemon room, at back or front of the ship on floor. I wanted to buy a picture, but was told to wait and come back at the end of cruise where I could buy more, did not buy any. Special dining restaurants. Reception tells us one thing and then restaurant something else, not easy. Coupons credit 20% depending who you are. Increase possibility of Yacht Club. I met some Australian couples who would have paid extra for this.

When doing cross over, have more free movies, I had seen all of them. There are no music in rooms. Cigar lounge that was great, but people smoke everywhere on pool deck 80% was smoking area. Your cruise director was insulting the customers every night. He was gay and I am ok with that, but do not insult people, Quote: "Well this is a gala night, I guess some forgot to dress up and are sitting in front." Or "I guess some of you do not understand, I wonder where you come from." And that was 10 out of 18 nights. Also, we never saw both directors around pool area, dance floors (I was not there but in all the films that were take did not see them). On every ships really every ships, you see them 20 out 24 hours and there is only one of them.

Nice to talk different languages but every night giving us in 4 languages, if only she had said the same thing in the 4 of them. Go basic English and another one. Reception, out of 100 people and more I have talked to, 90% were not happy. Whether at cruise critic, dining rooms, buffet lunch, around the pool or excursions, these are the ones that make people come back. Dining room, like I said staff nice, but training someone should be done with another person helping out. Our assistant waiter (nice and good looking) never had our meals correctly, not sure he understood what we requested. Tell customers when embarking that they will have to have their credit adjusted by going to the reception and valid their credit card. No other companies does so, it is done at the embarkation desk.

Have different line, depending on your status on embarkation day, in our case different port, Or have a line for handicap people, cannot wait for 1 hour in line. When re-entering the ship after having gone on land, why put these cords, making people go round and round where there is nobody in line, we are tired and you are making us walk again. Handicap people, one gentleman could hardly walk, and there were 2 possible entries to go on the ship, He was told he had to walk another 1000 feet, then man was almost crying, when he finally got to the second entry, they opened the first one. If there had been some chairs, he could have waited. I do understand if your room is at the back of the ship and there is a big crowd, you can suggest people to take either one, but this was really a bad move.

At ports, some time it is a long walk, try to have some transportation, most customers would not mind paying like in some island, we all enjoy that. Tell us in different island, if we have to pay US money or Euro, like the crossing. Or if some island has different money exchange and what the exchange is. In some island, they give you back the change in their currency. I know you offer to buy liquor on the ship, but if we need special brands, where is the best place in the island, I am sure everyone would appreciate, my having done these island more than 10 times each I know where to go. I know that you always have someone talking about jewelry where to buy them but there are other things to buy. And also excursion, have a 2 hours lecture giving on what to do, we would not have to wait in line and do it directly via TV.

I know I did exchange some money at the Casino, not sure could be done at the reception. If so, tell people an exchange rate. Tell guests free seasick pills and plasters if needed. I met some people at the pharmacy. (I had to go because of my injury, buy some, they did not know.) Again client service. I know you had a night where the officers could dance with people, you could state so in your publicity, how many people go alone and would enjoy that. I remember this was done on Cunard.

Have meeting for single people. You have cruise critic meeting, why not offer a room. Same could be done (meeting French room or meeting Spanish speaking people). Work with us, one of your staff could be there, a great way to greet customers and make them come back and if there are any problems solve them. I am sure I could have more but hope this will help. I took another company in December very happy I did next step a lawyer and newspaper.

The problems arose with our 1st late dinner seating in the Bella Rosa dining room where the service was slow and the food was not the best however what happened to us was a different story, one of disrespect and one we felt from our first dinner. As a group of Canadians and Americans of E. Indian descent, we were happy to see our waiter, John was Indian. When we greeted him in Hindi, he asked us to speak English only, which we can appreciate however it was his tone which set us off. We didn't feel special and this feeling is one that is critical, especially in the main dining room, on all cruises.

At the end of meal, we asked to switch tables, as we felt we were in a corner and didn't feel the love of our waiter. We were told the ship was full and there was nothing they could do. We didn't take any lunches in the main dining room but on the 2nd night, we were thrilled to hear we could custom order Indian food if we gave 24-hour service. The Maitre D' was most accommodating in placing our order and told us we'd have delicious Indian food the next night.

The next night which was the Italian Night, we were served but when we asked about our Indian order, the supervisor told us wasn't ordered. When we mentioned we placed the order the night before, they were quick to follow up and the Italian Maitre D' told us it was on its way and if he could be of any further help. He was very friendly. The food came and we all enjoyed but it was the fact that no one seemed to care for us without us having to speak up and stress how this order was placed the night before.

It was my friend Mr. ** 60th Birthday on 23Dec/15 and his daughters purchased a surprise birthday cake prior, paying in cash $21. After dinner we had to ask our waiter 3 times to bring the cake. It took 45-minutes to receive it. Once we get the cake, they didn't even bring a knife to cut it, but we tried not to get too upset with the service. Then the disgusting disrespect happened, the waiter claimed we have not paid for it insisting on Vikram to buy it again, rather than calmly saying there must be a misunderstanding which could be sorted out later.

Tempers then started to flare up. We were told repeatedly that this cake wasn't paid for and we felt like second class people, trying to prove our point. As tempers flared and the ** Family tried to prove their point, five-six staff came and caused a scene. One of the staff angrily told, and I quote "** you!" and that's when everything got nasty. We were deliberately sworn at for getting upset because we refused to pay again for a $20 cake. A whole upheaval was created and the staff burst out yelling and disrespecting us on his birthday. All this over a surprise birthday cake that was already paid for and somehow wasn't showing in the system.

I will stress, although tempers were flaring, no one in our group swore but after hearing this waiter say, "** You," one of the staff members threatened to disembark us (kick us off the cruise). And for what, getting upset because we didn't want to pay for a birthday cake twice. At this point, Vikram ** was furious and it took all of us to calm him down and move out of the dining room. It was right before Christmas and we were all so upset that it was hard not to feel we were being discriminated against.

Although, many crew on this cruise have been outstanding, it's the few we faced in the dining room who have treated us badly. We came on this cruise, spent thousands of dollars for a vacation and time with each other to grow but we have been mistreated and treated unfairly. This matter was reported to Mr. Franco **, F & B Director and Ms. Daniela **, Guest Relations Manager aboard the cruise who listened to the entire story, brought in the dining staff to the meeting and promised us a full report before we disembarked the cruise.

They then moved us to the Black Crab restaurant (which we had requested from day one) at which we must say, we had fantastic service. Unfortunately, we never heard back from them before disembarking the cruise so we're not sure of the action they've taken to avoid this from happening again. Aside from moving us to the other main restaurant, there was no formal apology or no further compensation for this most humiliating incident.

Hi. I recently went on the Sinfonia - 19-25 November. Wow, I am in hospitality industry. I have never experienced such terrible service EVER. First there was 8-hour delay with no explanation just addressed with move, move. Onboard service didn't get better. At bars or main dining area - rude, rude. Very, very disappointed. Seriously revise as customer is king on cruise. They treated you with disgust.

A large bug in my food. We booked an English speaking tour. She spoke almost no English. Customer service is non-existent. This cruise line just does not care. I have cruise most lines, am an experienced traveler, over 60 cruises, and have never had such poor customer service. Will not use them again.

My family and I took a MSC Devina cruise last month. We disembarked out of Barcelona on September 23rd and returned on September 30th back in Barcelona. The ship was absolutely beautiful but it was the worst cruise we have ever taken and we've been on 4 or 5 other cruises. Not only were we incredibly surprised by the poor quality of the food, so much so that we only attended half of the dinners when we usually go every night and befriend our server, but the service by 90% of the staff was either rude, unhappy, slow and in one case, racist.

The woman who worked afternoon/evenings in the cigar/smoking room was pleasant and served us drinks many times over the first 4 days of the cruise. Then on the 5th day, my husband and I went in with my sister's husband who is an African American and she gave us dirty looks and would not wait on us at all. She completely walked around us to serve someone right beside us and ignored us completely. After that evening she would not wait on us at all and would instead just change the ashtrays out the whole time we were sitting there instead of asking if we'd like a drink even though our glasses were empty.

Our dinner server barely talked to us and even when we smiled at him and tried to talk, he would give a one word answer and then walk away. Four out of 5 of the bartenders would seem to be annoyed serving us the entire trip, at every single bar/restaurant. The busboys wouldn't even pick up our plates and trash regularly at the buffet until the dishes were piled high. And gave you attitude if you ordered a drink. This was honestly the worst experience we've ever had on a cruise. We will never go on another MSC cruise again. Just horrible.

Our original cruise was cancelled due to maintenance of the ship. As a result we were left with the option to take the closest available Med cruise in October 2015. I have tried for the last two weeks to get the same cabin arranged we requested for the initial cruise without success... even offered to pay for an upgrade if necessary. Until now I have not received a proper responses and still very dissatisfied with the cabin arrangements. We have not started the cruise and it already feels uncomfortable. Does this company have anyone accountable for Customer Experience? Do the people in this area need training? What can you do to improve the perception of your brand and service? I would love to go into this cruise with the feeling that I will have a great time and that you will deliver on the service promise.

Still not left on cruise and their customer service is unreal. They did not get names correct for flying to debarkation port. They have not returned calls. They transfer you when they do not like your question. If the cruise itself is not a 10 I will rate them a total loss for future. I sure hope this is not shades of what is to be next week when we travel if we ever get our etickets corrected. Their website leaves so much to the imagination. For two weeks it did not work correctly. Totally not satisfied....

I sent my clothing out to be preen only. Not only did they washes everything including my isle shirts they ruined my blue suit spilling something that took the color out of the fabric. After many trips to the guest relations desk the finally acknowledge their carelessness and told me that the matter would be deal with back on shore and someone would contact me. This was the week of December 6 to 13 2015. When I did not hear from them I e-mailed them and received return e-mail that I would be contacted within 28 days. When that did not happen I wrote them on January 18, 2015 and to date February 20, 2015 I have not heard anything. This not poor service. It is fraud and misrepresentation.

One should be careful when travelling with MSC cruise liners as they don't hold themselves responsible at all when your baggage is damaged and goods are missing from your damaged bags when these bags are given to MSC staff in perfectly good condition. Also be careful of the insurance that they offer 'for your best interests'. The insurance company has, in my opinion, in my case, done everything to make it VERY difficult and time consuming for us to try and claim. They also turn 1 event into 2 claims and then want to charge 2 excesses. In my opinion the insurance is CERTAINLY NOT WORTH it. When this is highlighted to MSC they simply quote rules and conditions. They are CLEARLY not interested in the belongings of their passengers.

7-day cruise through the Western Med. Couldn't have had a better time. Price was right, staff was great, room was spotless and everything was in perfect working order. Most of the food was excellent. There was enough variety to suit just about any appetite. Looked to me like everyone aboard was having a wonderful time. We enjoyed the shows. I am sure from time to time like anything else, some folks will have a bad experience. We didn't.

Food was bad!!! Prime rib looked like a thin piece of ham! The shows were bad! No activities on ship! Very boring!!!! All the 119 water fountains on the ship were not working and was said they had been broke for a year!!! Service was bad! Crew was very rude and didn't greet you! No safety program! Water on the floor all the time and seen people slip and fall after telling them to wipe it up! Had a big window in my room that didn't open, and they told me on the phone it DID! The drinks were watered down and weak! I paid $500.00 for excursions that was nothing but a waste everywhere we went with no time to enjoy it!!

The ship put all the excursion people on one, yes I said one boat to go different places and all of us was late getting to where we were going. Had 15 minutes to eat buffet that wasn't good!!! Very little food!!! Had to eat in a unairconditioning hut with the flies! 5 minutes to swim! Don't ever go to Cozumel, it's a nasty place!!! Very trashy! Littered, and old falling down buildings that people want you to eat at! Poor sanitation!!! Won't ever go on msc again!!! Been on a lot of great ships, msc was the only one that was bad! Need to know more, call **.

We disembarked the MSC Magnifica at Buenos Aires on November 28th and were then continuing our holiday with a flight up Iguazu Falls for two nights and then returning to Buenos Aires on 30th November for a further two nights before flying home to Scotland. When we got off the ship to collect our luggage at the holding shed we could only find one of our suitcase. After searching for 2 hrs, latterly with the help of an MSC employee, it became obvious that our second suitcase was not there. We had to abandon any further search in order to catch our flight but received a notification of lost luggage and also informed the company of our hotel address when we returned to Buenos Aires.

We explained that although it would be inconvenient since the case held almost all me husband’s clothes we understood it might take some time to locate and would be happy for them to deliver the missing luggage there. Unfortunately when no luggage or communication was waiting for us on our return so we emailed the company again with full details and informing them that in the meantime we would have to purchase tee shirt and Jumper for the return journey to the UK as all my husband had was two pairs of shorts and a tee shirt.

We finally heard from MSC on 19th December that they thought they had found our suitcase but we would need to confirm the contents and SHOULDER THE FULL COST OF TRANSPORTING SAID LUGGAGE FROM ARGENTINA TO SCOTLAND. Apparently they now deem this to be uncollected luggage but our argument is if it took them 3 weeks to find the luggage how were we supposed to find it in two hours. The saga goes on but the company are being unhelpful in the extreme and have not even apologized for the stress and upset this caused us.

Food was good. Getting on to ship took one and a quarter hours and some people took three hours to board. Very disorganized book in procedure. When we eventually got on board our room had been double booked so we had nowhere to sleep. We spoke to Guest Services who offered us terrible rooms next to lifts. In the end my daughter and I were forced to take a room at the very back of the ship. We had booked a middle cabin. My daughter had no sleep and felt sick all night. Head of Guest Services, Alexandrou, did not even appear to sort out the problem but sent one of his staff.

Eventually we said that we wanted to see him and he then appeared. He was very rude and unhelpful and said that he would get back to us. He did not do so and we had to queue again at Guest Services the following day. He then said that we could have our room but did not apologize in any way or even give us a couple of bottles of wine as some sort of compensation. Drinks very expensive on ship. Very little entertainment. Even had to pay for water with our meals. I have been on many ships, Cunard, Princess etc. and have never experienced anything like this before from Guest Services.

We had a fantastic experience with MSC sailing from Venice to Dubrovnik (7 Day Cruise). After booking and paying for our trip we started reading reviews and mostly BAD ones. Expecting the worst, we arrived in Venice to board the Divina. This process took about 20 minutes (we were expecting 3 or 4 hours - as per reviews). We were informed that our cabins would be ready by 4pm. (We were on board at about 1:30pm) So, we decided to explore the ship and to have a drink. Just after 2pm an announcement informed us that all cabins are ready. The Ship was in GREAT condition - clean. We treated the Staff with respect and friendliness and we were treated like KINGS! Nothing was too much to ask for. Drinks came fast, food was very acceptable, we were greeted by name after day 2.

What I am trying to say is: Yes, I suppose one can have a bad experience - but if you look for fault you will find it. If you scream and shout when something goes wrong, the staff will "close up" and adapt a "whatever" attitude. Think of your own work position - if a customer/client/ buyer/seller, starts treating you with disrespect and rudeness, you'll also adapt the "go to Hell" attitude. Anyway - for those who wants to go Cruise - MSC is not (in my experience) as bad as many makes it out to be. We have even booked another Cruise with MSC in 2015. Chill, get a cocktail, put your feet up and ENJOY!

The ship was at port 16 hr before we were able to board. Our cabins are still not ready. Finally 6 hrs later my luggage arrived completely smashed. Not a little but totally smashed. They don't even resemble luggage. All our things are flattened, dirty, broken or missing. They sent some one to see us 3 days later. He could not speak a word of English. Looked at them and said in a grunt, "yep." And wrote something on a paper and gave us a copy. Completely illegible. Went to the front desk, they said call our travel agent when we get home (in 14 days), what do we do now? The front desk said "it's up to your travel agent." I said "what does our travel agent have to do with you wrecking our luggage and all our stuff," she smiled and said "call your travel agent." At the first port we had to cancel our shore trip (and they charged us for it anyway) and go and replace all our clothes and a laptop, shoes, everything that was in our luggage. They totally wrecked our vacation and I would never go on a MSC cruise again. This was our 23rd cruise and our last on MSC.

No one directed or assisted us with luggage drop-off at Southampton. Check-in was easy after getting thru 80 min queue. 1 out of 4 suitcases arrived eventually after asking about it and being told, "it will arrive soon." It did arrive, but our padlock had been removed. No one could answer the question as to why! Food in buffet restaurant was quite pleasant if you ate as soon as it opened as it didn't keep hot too long, but then you had other problem of finding somewhere to sit with breakfast time being biggest problem here. Overheard quite a few rude staff, more around bar in outside dining area of deck 11. Table service appeared to be a problem to them here. At rear of ship, deck 10, a large amount of vomit was unattended to for at least 2 hours!! Excursions overpriced, 3 very long sea days out of our 10-day Northern Europe itinerary.

Room steward walked into cabin at least 4 times a day, even for daily programme delivery which was unnecessary when some simply slid it under door in evening. Due to travel sickness, we were quite often having a lie down! Room was not cleaned daily even though he was in and out so often. No idea what he found to do as our bathroom bin had not been emptied for four days! Towels were stained. Children ran riot for most of day and night. One 14-yr-old was witnessed by many, going around tables drinking leftover drinks, and on reporting this to bar staff, were told they were aware of what he was doing, but could not do anything about it!! Erm, try tidying tables quicker for one, but surely on requesting to see his cruise card, the parents could have been contacted or was that too much like common sense?! Challenge staff with any kind of query or complaint and they turn on the "I do not understand" card! Won't go MSC again.

This was the MSC Opera Northbound from Durban to Southampton - April 2014. Well, to start with our tickets said that embarkation was at 15:00 and don't bother arriving prior to this because cabins are already allocated. We arrived at 14:15 and were presented with a sign-board that stated that check-in closed at 13:00. They let us in. Baggage is checked in and they state that it will be delivered to your cabin. Alas, only 2 of the 3 baggage items appeared. Went to Reception and reported it. Told that "it will turn up". Come back tomorrow.

Went back the next day and got the same story, but got told that the cleaning staff had been dispatched to search every room, armed with a very distinctive description of the lost bag. Was told not to worry because 90% of the times the items turn up. The next day they put out a flyer to all the cabins about our missing bag - Nothing. The missing bag contained all my shoes, so I had to wear the same takkies for 4 days. On the 4th day we docked in Cape Town so we proceeded off the ship in an attempt to go and buy shoes for the cruise. Lo and behold - WE find my bag in the middle of this huge warehouse where all the disembarking passengers’ luggage had been. It still had our luggage label on it, with my cell number and name and cabin number and NOBODY could find it. Thanks MSC.

On the second night I got a shell in my fish - probably about a centimetre square - really? Complained to the head waiter and was told somebody would contact me. Yeah right! Then 3 days before the end of the cruise, I decided to eventually try the bacon which was crucified, inedible most days, and guess what - it snapped off a molar implant. Gives you some idea. Then, on the last night of the cruise I had the baked Alaska for dessert and, would you believe it, in my ice cream I received a complimentary piece of plastic which stated "Pull Tab here" - YUP - the tab off the ice cream container. We again complained to the same head waiter and got the same story as before. Disgusted.

My last cruise with MSC was 12 years ago and the difference between then and now is like chalk and cheese. That cruise was a wonderful experience and the food was divine and this one, well to say the food was bland is being extremely generous. And don't be fooled by these prepaid beverage packages. I very quickly found out that it is cheaper to buy wine by the glass than to buy the prepaid package bottles.

And, on that cruise we enjoyed the Bingo thoroughly. On this cruise you now get charged $20 to play Bingo (which we never won, in 21 days). My Bingo bill was higher that all other on board expenses put together. I know it was a matter of choice, but what a rip-off. They claim to split the takings between all the players, but there was an instance where I managed to count the players and there were 52 and the 'kitty' was $236. You do the math. The casino was awesome with Roulette chips @ 25c per chip but overall, a very, very disappointing experience.

All I am saying is read the contract terms for MSC below before you book. My baby girl 14 months old had died overnight from Durban to Cape Town. Medical facilities or personnel could not help. Check MSC contract terms states that the medical personnel are not specialists and are not liable for death. How could I leave my babies' life into these incompetent hands and now she is gone. Tragedy happened 26 April from Durban to Cape Town cruise. Please be careful when taking this cruise liner. I do not recommend this to anybody. This is hidden from the media so no articles are found on the net. Note that this news is still fresh and I have just buried my daughter and will now concentrate on letting this news go viral. See below for the terms point 13.

13.1 Limited medical services for minor medical conditions are available on board a Cruise Ship.

13.2 The Passenger acknowledges that the Cruise Ship is not equipped as a hospital and the medical personnel are not specialists MSC and the medical personnel shall not be liable to the Passenger for any loss or damages which the Passenger may suffer because they are unable to treat the Passenger's medical condition.

I went on a Mediterranean cruise from Venice on the MSC Preziosa in April 2014. From the moment we arrive at the port it was total chaos taking us over 3 hours to check. The whole process was totally disorganized with people irritable especially those with young children. The disorganization continues on board in the main buffet/restaurant which was on the 14th floor. Dawn to Dusk dining here was a disaster as the main serving areas continued to run out of food causing lengthy queues and more frustration and anger among people. At one time I had to go to 4 different beverages areas for coffee as all the dispensers were empty. At this stage I just gave up. MSC allows smoking in the casino, in the lounge area above the casino and on all the port side of the pool deck. In fact they have signs stating "MSC welcomes smokers in this area."

Although smoking in the cabin and balcony is not permitted, the fact that they have placed an ashtray in every cabin toilet on board means that they turn a blind eye to this. They also sell cartons of cigarettes on deck at cut price; therefore, you can smoke all day although you cannot take any drink on board or buy any at duty free for cabin consumption. When disembarking on the final day of the cruise I paid my final invoice in cash at the accounts desk and was given a receipt stating paid in full only to find out when I arrived back home the same amount was also debited to my credit card. When contacted MSC stated it could take up to 20 days to rectify the error. This was my 2nd MSC cruise. If it had been my 1st it would be my last.

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