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I am still waiting for being refunded by Mexicana due to double charges for flight ticket that I bought in July 2010. Actually I bought a flight ticket ($1,031,79) through my credit card and Mexicana charged me twice. I followed all instructions given by Mexicana Customer Service in order to have my reimburse, but so far I did not get anything. Now I have not any contact from Mexicana and not even their website works. Please I really appreciate if somebody can help me in giving some advice how I can contact Mexicana representative in USA.


I am writing because I bought four tickets from Mexicana online. They went into bankruptcy and they said that I would receive my refund by December 15, 2010. Today is December 17, 2010 and I still have not received my refund. I called and sent emails but received no response! I bought the ticket in February to fly out in September. I just don't know what to do. I need help! Thank you! This is $518.00 that I need to pay my bills for. I am backed up on my bills and this would get me out of that!


On Saturday August 28, 2010, I was scheduled for my return flight from Cancun Mexico to Los Angeles USA at 4:30 pm. I arrived at the airport in Cancun Mexico at 12:30 pm and was told by a Mexicana employee at the counter that all Mexicana flights after 12 pm noon had been canceled. I was given paper instructions on how to proceed to request for a reimbursement and was advised to seek another airline for transportation as all Mexicana flights had been canceled and I would not be able to fly back through Mexicana. No other information was given except to proceed to a different airline as soon as possible and purchase an airline ticket to return to my destination.

I was basically left stranded at the airport in Cancun without a return flight. I stood in line for over 2 hours at the Aeromexico sales counter to request to purchase a ticket to return back home to Los Angeles. I was told all flights were full due to many Mexicana passengers, whom flights were also canceled and had no choice but to fly through other airlines, including Aeromexico. I was told by the Aeromexico agent there was only one flight with a few available seats scheduled to fly to Los Angeles on that day.

The flight had two stops scheduled, one in Mexico City and the second stop in Guadalajara; then it would proceed to Los Angeles. I was left with no other choice but to purchase a ticket for that flight as it was the only available flight to Los Angeles on Saturday, August 28, 2010.Total out of pocket expense is $650.00. I was left stranded in a foreign country with no flight to return back home. I was not given any other choice but to purchase another ticket through a different airline for $650.00 to return back home.


Company practicing bait and switch scam. I purchased five tickets to fly to Oaxaca, Mexico from Los Angeles, CA. The flight was schedule August 17, 2010, from 11:15pm to 7:15 am ( a 6 1/2 hour trip). However two days after paying, my schedule flight was removed and was given a new 14 hour trip flight. I have 3 children coming for vacation and the switch has become an inconvenience. I spoke to Mexicana Airlines and was given a new flight on August 18, 2010 from 11:15pm to 7:15 am ( a 6 1/2 hour trip). the problem is they don't guaranteed the flight and have my money. I feel the company is practicing intentional fraud by presenting flight they already know is not available, take the money and give you what ever they want. I tried calling but no one answers. I booked flight before news of Mexicana Airlines filing for bankruptcy. If company knew about bankruptcy why still sell tickets.

I want Mexicana to honor flight as schedule, 6 1/2 hour-trip as schedule for August 18, 2010. Booking reservation number: ZHRL5B. Hotel reservation schedule for August 18, 2010 at 12pm. Due to unstable schedule flight from Mexicana hotel could not keep room without charging a fee. My children 3, 6, and 11 first out of country vacation experience is in the hands of Mexicana Airlines. Not knowing if flight will be available to fly on the day schedule has become an issue since i bought return tickets from a different airlines, Aeromexico airlines ($1600 amount). In total I have invested around $3500. If Mexicana doesn't fulfill what it offered then I lose money from both airlines and hotel.


I traveled with this airline on 7/27/2010 and I'm very disappointed with the service. I had a very important family member sick and I wasn't able to make it on time. Due to the delay, I paid about $849.00 and I honestly don't think it's fair to pay so much for a bad service. I paid twice and I would like to have a refund with some of my money back because its not fair that I paid and got bad service. I was told that it was possible for me to fight for my money. It's incredible that another family member paid half the price and got there before me on this same airlines.

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I'm apparently either naive or simply too trusting because I had flown Mexicana Airlines on domestic flights and never had a complaint regarding seat comfort. It seemed logical that seats on an 11-hour flight would at least be as comfortable as those on a two or three-hour flight. But it seems Mexicana now reflects Mexican society in general: the first-class customers are treated like royalty while the peons traveling in Y-class are herded together like cattle headed for the slaughterhouse.

I'm a disabled veteran and sometimes use a cane when back pain and sciatica make walking very difficult. By the time we deplaned on the Mexico City - Madrid flight I was virtually blinded by pain. The cramped, narrow (less than 17") seats did not recline more than two or three inches, and after 30 minutes it was impossible to find a comfortable way to sit.

Furthermore, it was impossible to access customer service via Internet or telephone or at the Madrid Airport. Thanks to Mexicana's deceptive marketing, I spent the majority of our three-week "vacation" virtually immobile. I have been informed by a lawyer in San Antonio that because the flight originated in Mexico I would have to file suit there despite my having purchased the ticket in the United States.

My advice: avoid Mexicana at all costs; check the seating configurations of the aircraft you intend to fly on; discuss the seat width, pitch, and degree it reclines with an airline representative. It's well worth the effort and may save you from a nightmare similar to the one I experienced with a horrible carrier that should be banned from U.S. airspace.

As I write, Mexicana is struggling financially (small wonder) and has just had two aircraft held by creditors. Our long-planned three-week vacation was a disaster. Of the 21 days we managed to salvage four days when I was finally able to walk with minimal discomfort. The loss was not only financial, it was sad to see our plans destroyed because of a greedy and irresponsible company. I've been flying for nearly 60 years and without a doubt this is the worse experience I've encountered.

I strongly urge you to avoid Mexicana Airlines. It's due to deceptive business practices and absolutely unethical behavior that companies like this are in part responsible for Mexico's status as a third-world country. As they say, when in Rome do as Romans do. When in a thoroughly corrupt country expect to deal with corrupt people. And Mexicana is as corrupt as they get.


I flew on Mexicana for the first time on July 25, 2010. Flying on Mexicana was the worst experience ever. When I first arrived at O'Hare airport in Chicago and went to the section for Mexicana airlines, no one that worked there spoke any English. I thought we were in Chicago, the U.S. They changed gates for the flights and everyone was told in Spanish. My boyfriend and I were just sitting there watching everyone getting up and walking away and not knowing why. When I asked the receptionist what she had just said, she started pointing and talking in Spanish. How can an airport in the U.S. hire workers that don't speak a word of English?

When we arrived In Mexico City, the Mexicana workers were just as bad. We were sent to five different gates before we figured out on our own which gate our connecting flight was leaving from. Coming home on Mexicana was even worse than going. We waited in line over an hour to check in and the lines were short. When we finally got to the front of the line, everyone stopped checking people in and looked as though they were panicking and trying to correct something. There were about eight people surrounding two stations and none were checking anyone in.

When we finally got checked in, once again we were directed to several wrong gates before we found the right one. The connecting flight was delayed over an hour and to date I still have no clue why. While boarding the connecting flight, we were one of the last to get on. My boyfriend, who is African American, was the only one boarding to get searched, both body and shoes. Once again, no one spoke a word of English, so I had no clue what they said. Upon arrival back to Chicago, we waited for our luggage only to realize neither bag was there.

As I went to talk to someone, they directed me elsewhere, because once again, they didn't speak English. The two claims workers were already taking claims from people. I was next inline. However, more people walked up and the young Mexican man took all of the Mexican families before helping me. I had to wait over an hour, while he continued to help people before me, even after I stated that I had been next. I couldn't believe I was even witnessing over ten people complaining about lost luggage for a single flight.

While making the claim, he asked for the bar code from the suitcase. It was then that I realized I never received one when checking in the bags. He then told me there was nothing he could do. I refused to walk away, so he agreed to fill out a claim but said I would probably not receive my bags. I was outraged. I would not receive my bags because of all the mistakes the Mexicana airline workers made. The man at check in never gave me the bar code, and someone in the luggage failed to put my bags on my plane and I'm supposed to suffer for their mistakes.

The next day I called the airline several times. After about the tenth time, someone finally answered. I was told they had forty pieces of luggage on the way, to call back in an hour. Forty pieces of luggage, someone misplaced. How do you misplace forty suitcases? I called back in an hour and the same woman said they were now sorting through the forty suitcases, to give them another hour and someone would contact me. Of course, no one did and when I called, no one answered. I arrived Thursday evening and Friday evening I still didn't have my luggage, which contained many of my personal items that I needed. On Saturday morning, I received a phone call that my luggage was found and they would be dropping it off in a few hours.

I opened my suitcase only to discover that all my lotions were everywhere. They were in secure bottles and in a Ziploc bag, which makes me wonder what they did with my suitcase. All of my expensive dress shoes were smashed. They were not smashed going because both times I had packed them in the suitcase in a way that they wouldn't and shouldn't have gotten crushed. My souvenir, which was a glass sand candle, was melted, which of course implies extreme severe heat. The lotions wouldn't have been spilled everywhere if my luggage had been handled with even the slightest of care. The whole experience was horrible and worrying for over a day.

If I would ever see my personal effects, it was extremely stressful. I will never, as long as I live, fly Mexicana Airlines again, nor would I recommend it. In fact, I feel they should close it down all together as all their workers have proved to be incompetent. My expensive suitcases have lotions and face wash all over them. My shoes are crushed and look old though they are new. My souvenir candle is ruined. Not to mention, this caused me mental and physical stress.


When me and my family went to Mexico, we traveled on Mexicana and we lost our bags. When we got them back, we were missing some stuff. When I called the airlines, they said for us to come at their office. I personally don't like the fact that we lost some items that meant a lot to me. I blame the people who handed the bags. I doubt if I can get my stuff, but I really want them back.


We went as a family of 10 on July 6th and Mexicana Airlines landing was the worst! It was never stable, ruined every one's mood and the urge to want to throw up. But the worst of the worst was that while returning back on July 11th, we claimed our luggage and found out that they cut off our locks and broke the ring of the zipper. Like what the crazy!

Never in our entire life has an airline taken off our locks, that's our property. The Mexicana Airlines agents searched through our luggage without our permission and we found out that we got our own personal valuable things stolen! Everything was messed up, and because of their **, our souvenirs were cracked and we weren't able to give them to our friends. The dtuff they had stolen can never be replaced.


Traveled from Cancun, MX to Los Angeles, CA on May 30th. The confirmation number for my itinerary is:X9NTNP. Upon unpacking morning, we became quite startled and upset to learn that our luggage was opened and rummaged through and precious items were stolen from our bags. This occurred while in the possession of Mexicana staff/authorized baggage handlers of Mexicana.

It was quite obvious that there was intentional searching through the luggage of both of our checked bags. Items that were secured within the luggage were no longer secured, items in zipped bags, were opened and removed. The items are irreplaceable. I need something done about this immediately. This shouldn't occur when you buy tickets from an airline, and are forced to place trust in the handling of your bags.


In January this year, I lost my 25 year partner in life. I had bought airline tickets to P.V. Mex. which we have done for over twenty years. Due to this event, I did not want to go on the trip and have sought a refund. But after (5) five months no refund, they keep asking for more paper besides the Death Cert., they asked for all the hospital records and Medical bills. I say, "No, that's over a thousand pages which they have no right to these docs. I had bought their Mexicana Protect Ins. to protect us for what ever event. So because of the extent of the request, I thought I would ask direct to customer service and after five months, they are now asking for more paper to support my claim. Over the last three months, they said the credit was processed but their system had a problem but the credit was on they way. But today by e-mail they are telling me it has not been processed, they need more records from me and can not refund one other person in our group. They have been sent Monika's death certificate. It seems to me this is a stall for another (5) mos. I don't know what else to do. Help!


We pre-paid Mexicana Airlines for round trip tickets from New York to Cancun. On our return trip Saturday, March 13, 2010 (Cancun to New York), our flight was first delayed due to bad weather. We were updated every half hour for five hours. The flight was then cancelled. Here's the good part: we were told to go and pick up our luggage and leave the airport. The airport was closing. And to add insult to injury, they were told that there were no more flights available for the next two days. We were 300 stranded passengers. They made no attempt to rebook us. Any reputable airline would have made arrangements to rebook us on another flight, or have us fly to another destination in the USA. We were treated very badly and told to find a cab and find a hotel. We were forced to stay at some flea-bag motel.

There were many college students with no money that found themselves helpless and stranded. They were told to leave the airport or get arrested. This incompetent airline should not be able to operate. They have a complete disregard for their passengers. We tried booking other airline carriers the next day. Could not get through on our cell phones (only Spanish speaking people answering phones). We had to call friends back home to go on-line and book us a flight back to USA. After paying Mexicana for our round trip that was cancelled, we were forced to book a flight with Jet Blue Airlines for $1,400. Having just read previous complaints on your web site, how is this incompetent airline allowed to remain in business? They are obviously paying someone off. This truly ruined our feelings about going to Mexico again. Consequences are paying an extra $1,400 and all the unnecessary aggravation!


I had a vacation from Feb 12-Feb 15th. Mexicana cancelled my flights due to the eastern winter storm and would not rebook me. I have been trying to get a refund and was emailed today that they will not refund my money.


My family and I were to fly out of Dulles Airport on Thursday, Feb 11th to Cancun. Due to severe winter weather, they cancelled the flight and could not rebook us until three days later. We missed our conference meeting and Mexicana refuses to refund our money even though all other major carriers were refunding money. I completely missed the work conference and are out almost $1800 in the cost of the flight tickets. They said they will give us travel voucher with a $150 "Change Fee" each. The vouchers would be worthless to us.


On December 19, 2009, I was denied boarding on a Mexicana flight from Edmonton to Mexico City. The flight had been oversold. Mexicana rerouted me (as well as two other passengers) through Toronto and onto Mexico City the next morning with promises of hotel accommodation and transfers in Toronto at Mexicana's expense. The agent dealing with us could not tell us the name of a hotel before we flew to Toronto, but said that a Mexicana rep would meet the flight to provide us with hotel vouchers and a transfer. No one met the flight. We searched the airport for almost an hour looking for any Mexicana personnel, and finally had to book and pay for our own hotel rooms for the evening.

I contacted Mexicana through their website. They set up a file and said they would look into the matter before making a final decision. About 3 weeks later, after a reminder email from me, I finally heard back from Luis Antonio ** saying that the airline had done everything required of them. He further went on to say that the staff in Edmonton had told him that a reservation was made for us in a Toronto hotel. I contacted the hotel he mentioned. The manager told me that without a voucher (which we were not given), they would not have been able to accommodate us. Furthermore, without having been given the name of a hotel, how would we even have known if there was indeed a reservation made? I have tried to explain this, again, to Mr. Luis Antonio ** but he insists that the matter is closed.


I think I am a reasonable person. I have spent 35 years in the airline industry and know all about schedule changes. What I cannot understand in this day of instant communication is that after purchasing two separate tickets in July no one contacted either my daughter or myself to let us know our flights had been cancelled. They had been booked separately.

On Oct 23 I was trying to do a web check-in at 4:30 for a 23:59 flight MX 983. Much to my dismay and after doing further checking on YVR airport website I found out our flight did not exist anymore.

I explained my situation to an agent (Alex) he was great he found our original July 3 ticket purchases but kept trying to charge us for our ticket changes. Eventually he spoke with his supervisor and they must have determined it was Mexicanas fault as all charges for re-booking two days later were dropped.

When we bought our original tickets we entered into a contract with you to transport 3 adults, one child (2 years) and one infant (4 months) on a certain date. You broke this contract by not providing that flight or an alternate on the day we had planned to leave, for our holidays, one week for my daughter and two weeks for my husband and I. After waiting on line for an hour with Alex while they re-booked us we asked to re-book Erikas return flight in order for her to have her full week holidaywe were told she would have to pay $490.00 to do this.

We eventually left, two days late, on Sunday night Oct 25th on flight MX 983. Check-in took us 45 min. because the agent then changed Erikas return flight at no extra cost- to Thurs. Nov. 5. But I was surprised, because our return flight had now been re-booked by Mexicana on Fri. night Oct. 23 to leave Zihautanejo on Fri. Nov. 6th staying overnight in Mexico City and then coming home to Vancouver on Nov. 7th. Alex never mentioned anything during our phone call that this had been done. This was unacceptable as our main criteria when booking flights is always a non-stop or one. same-day. connection. YVR-MEX-ZIH-MEX-YVR. Especially when traveling with young children, regardless of cost.

When we went to your office in Zihautanejo we were informed that our only reasonable option for returning home was on the Thurs. Nov.5. and to spend 7 hours layover in the Mexico City airport. We arrived early at the airport to once again change our daughters flight so we could all travel together and make the connecting flight to Vancouver.
As a result of your changes, our seat availability was compromised, our holiday cut short by four days, and four days expenses were incurred (Condo- 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom $200 cdn. per night ) that were unused.

Also, FYI, every sector flight (four flights) was delayed by at least one hour.An early e-mail or phone call to us advising us of your scheduling changes would have saved ourselves and your staff much aggravation.
At no time during this process were we offered an apology or any compensation. Every agent tried to charge us for our changes, making it a very uncomfortable exercise.

I expect an explanation, by Dec. 15. As I and my daughters family are once again making plans to return to Mexico in April and I dont feel I can trust Mexicana to fulfill their part of the contract.

On Oct 16 I took a Mexicana fly # 137 at 11:40 P.M. to Merida, Yucatan with a stop over in Mexico City changing plains there and at 6:30 fly MX7602 to Merida.
My luggage probably was open at the Mexico city airport by customs

When I arrive at the Hyatt Hotel in Merida and I opened my suitcase, what a surprise a diamond tennis bracelet,( wedding gift ) cuflins with a little diamons and zafires, digital camera and a ring and earings with amathist and little diamons a very old set almost 55 years old that belong to my mother and I was bringing to her because she forgot and wanted to wear for the wedding, maybe not to much comercial value but sentimental value.

I do not expect to recuperate anything, also I know the insurance will not pay anything, what I want is to denounce the Mexican authorities and Mexicana Airline of ther corruption and prevent other people to have the same ugly experience.

Thank you

Purchased 2 tickes on 9/15/09 for direct flight on 9/29/09 (flight #MX998) from Mexico City to Las Vegas, NV. Paid $783.37, plus pet travel ticket. Yet when we got to the airport they said tickets where for 9/29/2010 and demanded we pay additional funds in order to board the plane. (electronic tickets don't say 2010) Paid $903.32, plus there was no pet ticket either.

Terrible flight, got sick with the food and was upset the whole time. Felt as though I was set up and they do this all the time in order to get extra money.


My husband and I purchased a travel package from Expedia in February for travel in May. I became very ill and was hospitalized for a week in March. Under the recommendations from my attending physician, I cancelled my trip. Along with the package, I purchased the travel protection plan. I received a refund for the hotel but not for the airline tickets. I provided the airline with two medical certificates detailing my condition and why I cannot travel. The total for the tickets is eleven hundred dollars. I have tried to contact them over the phone and via email and they have given me the run around for the past six months. Their solution was that they would not charge us a re-booking fee but that we must travel by February 2010. This is impossible because I am on a specific medication that I will be on for two years, until June 2011, which prevents me from traveling.


On may 18, 2009 I purchase 3 airline tickets to mexico city for My brother and 2 sons. when i was finishin my transaction on the page froze and then gave a message saying that they page was experincing technical dificulties to try again later. I call custumer service at mexicana I explain what had happen the costumer service rep ask me for the credit card # and after checking she told me that my trasnsaction did not go thru and that I need it to start all over again and purchase the tickets and i did just that. Next day early in the morning when i check my email i notice i had recived two flight confirmation #'s which meant i had purchase the same tickets twice. I was charg $667.00 twice. I call immediately and inform them of the situation and ask that one of the trasaction to be cancel before they charge both chrgs to my credit card. they said they would cancel on of the transactions however they couldn't do anything to stop that charge from being made to the credit card but i would recived a refund from 25 to 30 days. very unhappy and with no other choice for me i accepted i gave them all the info needed for the refund to be done and i then i had to borrow money to my brother out of my pocket for him to go to this emergency trip that he had to make to mexico.

30 days passed and nothing was refunded. I call and they said that the request for the refund was never send to the necessary department and offer to put the request againg which I didn't had much choice but to wait another 25 to 30 days. and againg 30 days passed and no refund was recived. i call againg explain the whole situation and aging they couldn't tell me why but the refund was not completed. I ask to ask to a supervisor and they told me they supervisor was too busy and if i wanted to wait they could try and trasfer me, I agree. I waited on the telephone for a little more than two hours and he never answer i hang up call againg and all they could do is sent and urgent request and asure me that the suppervisor was aware of the situation and that i should expect the refund the next friday. I keep waiting i keep calling always same story and nobody can explain to me what's going on and why they always said they send the refund request and when i call back they don't see any resquest for refund done.

I've also email them the last thing I recived and email responding back to mine saying they recived my request and they are going to sent for processing but to today no refund has been recived. My brother is going thru a very hard situation had to stay in mexico do to some family sircumstances and he hasn't been able to find a job overthere. Kids need supplies for school and every time I tell him that mexicana said that that they would sent him his refund he keeps checking his bank account and keeps getting very upset and frustrated which has make his diatis wrosed. I feel very frustrated as well and i just can do anthing to help him. this has just been a big messed, making mi migranes get worsed, I call mexica every week and everytime is the same story. I just don't know what else to do. I would like to know if there is any legal complaint I can put agaist this company.


I will try to be precise. I had a credit for $557.24 from cancelled flights to Mexico in May (due to the swine flu) that I had to use within 1 year. My husband and I are planning to go there on November 3 through November 9, 2009. I spoke to a customer service rep on August 11, 2009, so he can book our new flights using the credit we have. He could hardly speak any English. I had to repeat my self a million times, so there would be no misunderstanding from both sides. He told me that the price is $454.81 per ticket. So, two tickets would be $909.61. Including my credit $909.61 - $557.24 = $352.38. I asked him a few times what the amount was that I have to pay, and he told me that it is $352.38. I agreed to pay the difference of $352.38 for both tickets.

When he processed the booking, our call got disconnected. I checked my e-mail, and I saw that they charged my credit card $704.76 instead of $352.38. It is twice the amount we agreed on. I called back right away and spoke to Chini (I'm not sure if the spelling is correct.), explaining to him everything. He told me that I was told by the agent that the amount is per ticket and he cannot help me. I asked for a supervisor, and he said that he would not transfer me to them because it is against their policy. When I asked what kind of policy it is and that I definitely have a right to speak to a supervisor, he refused. I also asked him if the call was monitored, and he said that it was. So, I asked him how come he was treating me like that and he was not afraid of the consequences. He did not reply.

The next two days (August 13, 2009 and August 14, 2009), I spoke to customer service a million times. Nobody could help me, and it was stated that I agreed to pay $352.38 for each ticket. One time, Stephanie then Adolfo tried to transfer me, but the phone calls got disconnected. I was outraged. I have never experienced such disrespect and such an awful service in my life. Our financial situation is not that appealing at this point, and we cannot lose $352.38, because somebody made a mistake.

The worst part is that there was nobody in the company who was helpful and who could at least try to investigate and to have a common sense. Because according to what they said, tickets to Mexico should be around $700 (which is ridiculous!). I asked other customer service reps, and they said that it is maximum $500 per ticket.

The next day (August 12, 2009), my husband went to the ticketing location in New York (I found it on the website.), and he spoke to the account manager Omar. My husband explained to Omar what happened, and he agreed that the pricing for tickets was too high. On August 12, 2009, the price for each ticket was $454.81, and he said that there was probably a mistake. He also asked us to e-mail him a credit card statement with charged amount and ticket locator with the amount of credit we received earlier.

When we e-mailed him info, my husband gave him a call to check if he received it. Omar said that the file is probably on its way, and he as well spoke to revenue department and they stated that the credit was applied and prices for tickets at the time of purchase were high (like around $631 high). We could not believe what we were hearing. I requested a billing statement from them, so I could see how they processed it. Omar again was useless. To my mind, there was no need to continue that conversation. We still did not receive that statement.

I am very disappointed and frustrated that we have been treated like that and that we might lose $352.38 because of someone who's unprofessional and insufficient at the services they provide. I also hope that Consumer Affairs could help me solve this issue and help me get a refund for $352.38. I sent the same letter to Mexicana Airlines Customer service and to Aviation Consumer Protection Division. I do not know where else can I refer this issue. Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you soon.


I purchased 3 round trip tickets from O'Hare to Guadalajara at on 7/16/09. On the next day, 7/17 I went on their website to double check my reservation and it turned out to be canceled. I called Mexicana Reservation department and explained to that employee that I had paid for 3 round trip tickets but they were showing as if canceled. I was told by the employee that it must had been a system problem but that the supervisor was aware of the problem and that he was working on getting me a new reservation number. I was told that I was going to receive an email by Monday 7/21 with my new number.

I waited till that evening and decided to call them back. I explained my situation to Yesenia and she told me that I needed to email my credit card statement showing that the tickets were paid. I asked to speak directly to a supervisor and that was denied. She gave me a customer service email address and since I was supposed to fly out that Friday, 7/26, I felt that I needed to do more to make sure that problem was fixed.

So, I called again and spoke to a new person and explained my situation again. After I told him that I was flying out that Friday with my son and nephew, he decided to give me another email address that was supposed to be for the supervisor. I email proof of payment and my reservation print out that stated trip was confirmed and guaranteed to both of those email address. I was told that was all I had to do and it would fix the problem.

I showed up at the airport on Friday, 7/24 around 7:30, and was told that I had no tickets. I showed them my credit card statement showing where Mexicana withdrew a total of $1,302.54. They did not rectify the problem even upon providing documentation proving payment of tickets. I volunteered to pay for the tickets again while they investigated the problem but they wanted me to pay double on the ticket price. I told them that I bought them at a cheaper price and that is the price they should charge. I called my credit card. They stated that Mexicana needed to contact their bank to find out where the funds were.

After spending 4 1/2 hours at the airport trying to solve this problem, I decided to drive to their office in Chicago (downtown). I was turned away and was just given a phone number for customer relations. I called that number and was told that it was going to take up to 10 business days. I told them that I needed to be in Guadalajara by Sunday for my brother's wedding and no one from Mexicana tried to help me. At that time all the other airlines tickets were so expensive that I couldn't afford to buy them. I ended up taking a bus with the 2 kids.

My case was assigned to Antonio **, and every time that I call to speak to him, he's not available. It's been almost 1 month and I have not received a refund. I travel extensively to Mexico since I have quite a few relatives residing there. I sincerely hope this unfortunate incident can be resolved in a timely and equitable manner. I do not want this to deter from my many future trips which I had hoped to take using Mexican Airlines. Consequences: I missed 2 extra days of work because of taking the bus.


When we got to the airport, they told us that there was an over sale, that they sold our tickets. My husband asked to talk to the supervisor. He was so sarcastic and laughingly told my husband that we needed to pay to get a new reservation plus the difference in the airfare which total to $1,272 just to come back to Oakland, California. My husband told him that he needed his heart medicine because he had heart open heart surgery not so long ago, but he did not care. My husband got very angry and he completely ignored us and left. We spent the night at a hotel that we paid for. We paid for the taxi to the hotel, for food and for the taxi back to the airport. All this happened on Monday, August 3, 2009 about 7:00 pm.


The letter of 6/22/09 listed possible fraudulent activities. Then in the next five weeks, Mexicana customer relations delayed responding plus gave me false telephone numbers. Also on 7/27/09, customer relations refused me to speak to a supervisor. This reinforces the possibility of fraudulent activities; they could have occurred. There's nothing in writing, all verbal. So you could say you never say anything, and nothing could be proven. All I am asking is to get a response from customer relations and the legal department of Mexicana Airlines in writing.


Mexicana Airlines has overcharged me by $338.01. From my understanding, it was a clerical error made by an internet agent. During the winter, I purchased a round-trip ticket through Mexicana from LA to Guadalajara using Only a few hours later, I realized that the time on my return ticket was not going to work for my schedule, and so I contacted Orbitz to make the modification. They advised me that I would only be able to cancel the ticket completely and then purchase a new one. (They assured me that I would receive the credit back from my cancelled ticket within 90 days.) I immediately followed their instructions (cancelled the first ticket), then re-booked the flights I wanted. This time, to help avoid confusion, I used (not knowing that they were the same company). The first leg of this trip (from LA to Guadalajara) was the same flight as was on my original ticket. The second leg of the trip was different.

After waiting patiently for 90 days, I still hadn't received the refund for my cancellation, and so I contacted and discussed the situation with them. They explained that it was on oversight, and we joined a 3-way call with my credit card company (Chase) and the refund was made. Several weeks later (having done much more traveling), I finally returned home and saw some mail containing a letter from my credit card company (Chase) explaining Mexicana's dispute about the charge. Because several weeks had passed, I had already missed my window of opportunity to supply Chase with paperwork regarding the transactions. They suggested I contact Orbitz (which I did), but they were no help at all. I finally called CheapTickets, who also could not help - but they advised me that the agent did not properly cancel the ticket back when I requested it, and that Mexicana chose to dispute the charge because it was a courtesy cancellation.

Trying several different phone numbers I found for Mexicana, I finally found one that worked. I explained the situation, and the rude agent lead me to another. The second agent directed me to a different phone number, the internet department: 1-800-531-3585, which never works either. It did work one time for me, and that agent explained that the only way to resolve a dispute is to email copies of the credit card charges and airline tickets to: I did this three times, but Mexicana has not responded. It is plain to see the error: the first leg of the trip, on both the used and canceled tickets was the same. It is Mexicana's fault for charging me for the unused ticket. I need to resolve this issue and get back the money I have overpaid. $338.01 doesn't sound like a lot of money, but to me it is! And I am continuing to pay interest on this charge. I have traveled on their airlines several times, and always considered it to be a solid company. I do not feel that I have been treated fairly.


I purchased a one way airline ticket online with, then after a couple of days after, I realized I wouldn't be able to travel that day so when I tried to change the flight date and route, didn't take the change online and the webpage asked me to dial their customer service at 1800-531-7921. The customer service representative confirmed that the online ticket I purchased can only be applied to their "counter rate", of course, much higher than the online quote, even when I had an online reservation done, they couldn't apply that money I've already paid towards the new online reservation.

Their "counter" rate was, obviously, double their internet rate, I feel cheated and I consider what they are doing is stealing people's money with their bad business practices. They should be able to apply whatever money the customer had already paid to a new reservation done; no matter it was done online or by phone as they are the same company. $202.00 for the ticket + $150.00 change fee.


On May 9, 2009, at approximately 9:30am, I received a phone call from an unidentified female. My flight 861 through Mexicana leaving out of JFK at 8:35am was apparently canceled. I was informed that I was booked on flight 1671 on American Airlines. The representative did not provide me with any other information to confirm the flight. I called American Airlines who informed me that my name appeared on their system but they could not see any other information. I called Neat Support and spoke to a representative named Misty who gave me a confirmation for the flight with AA.

Upon going online to check confirmation, the status came up as canceled. I proceeded to call AA again, who informed me that the reservation was canceled due to non-payment. I then called Neat Support again and spoke to rep. Vicky, who told me there was a difference in flight fee and AA was not honoring Mexicana ticket, and that was why it had been canceled.

Upon my request, she then switched me over to a supervisor. After a much extended waiting period, the supervisor, Leila, informed me that I would have to pay a difference of $685 or cancel my vacation package, losing money as the hotel Le Meridien would not reimburse for 1 day. I then agree to pay for the difference of $685 for the flight as I did not want to lose my vacation and was again left on hold for an extended amount of time, only to be told by Leila that they contacted AA and were told that we would not be guaranteed a seat on the outgoing flight. We could either try to schedule through another carrier ourselves, but again it was not clear if we would be able to book a flight. Since I was made to believe there might be no way to get a flight, I decided to cancel my package. I was given bogus information by all three representatives throughout this whole process, which took approximately three hours. I felt as if I was being scammed.

My wife was crying uncontrollably as this was her 50th birthday gift. I decided to try to find some way to salvage my vacation. I called AA and was able to book a flight to Cancun for less than the $685 difference. I was to pay through Neat. I proceeded to make reservations and was able to leave the next day on the same flight. Neat had informed me that they could not guarantee me a seat on. This plane was almost empty. I had been told by Neat that the Mexicana flight had been canceled due to the number of cancellations due to swine flu.

At the airport, another passenger was speaking to AA flight attendants, questioning them about the cancellation of their flight through Mexicana. It was interesting to hear that she had been told by the rep. who called her that her tickets had been canceled as the flight was overbooked and whoever bought discount tickets through outside agents were knocked off. I was flabbergasted. I had bought my tickets almost seven months prior and was called with less than 24 hours left before the flight with the cancellation.

Upon canceling my package, I lost $128.45, which is the hotel penalty for canceling within only 24 hours, but it was not like I had a choice. I tried to get this money reimbursed through Neat but was told they could not work out a deal for reimbursement with the hotel. Personally, I feel that Neat and Mexicana were responsible for this fiasco not the hotel. It is unlikely I will use Orbitz/Neat again due to this experience. I was provided the customer relations address only because I specifically asked for it.


Mexicana Airlines lost my backpack on a flight to Guadalajara on January 17, 2009. I was without my backpack for 4 weeks. In order to get reimbursed for my belongings, the airline is asking me to send my original baggage claim tag (which I have) to Mexico City. I have sent them a copy of the tag, but they won't accept it. I am willing to send the tag to the LA corporate office or to the Sacramento office, but they insist on the original tag. I'm afraid that if I send it to Mexico City, the airlines will say they never received the tag and I won't get reimbursed. I have sent numerous e-mail messages to Mexicana Airlines in Sacramento and Mexico City. A certified letter to the LA corporate office was sent on May 13, 2009. To date, a response has not been received. Because Mexicana Airlines has not responded and I have spent so many hours trying to resolve this problem, the offer of $400.00 is off the table. I am requesting the original amount of $921.00 for the backpack and all my belongings that were in the backpack. Can you help?


I respectfully request a prompt return of the overage fees charged to us by [this] company in the amount of $5,754.42 Pesos MXN. The following is a description of the events that transpired:

On Saturday, January 10th at 4:55 pm of this year my husband and I had a scheduled flight from Mexico City to Los Angles (LAX). We arrived at the airport at 3:10 pm, almost 2 full hours before the flight was scheduled. Upon checking in at the front desk and after the lady weighed our luggage and checked our passports she asked for the assistance of another co-worker. This other person came and informed me that the fight was already closed and that due to a weight issue he could not accommodate us in that flight.

We asked how it was possible for the company's plane to be late by more than 2 hours when we first flew from Los Angles to Mexico in December offering us no explanations, yet we arrive only a few minutes short of 3 hours and our seats have been already sold to another customer! And on top of the hypocrisy we have to pay an additional $5,754.42 Pesos MXN?

The initial solution presented to us was a highly ludicrous one: to be place on a waiting list for another flight. I told them that this "solution" was completely unrealistic due to the high volume of passengers flying to Los Angeles. So then another solution was offered and this was to check with customer service across the hallway. We went to take a number and to my surprise we were not the only ones suffering this inconvenience! At least another 12 to 15 passengers had the same problem and we had to practically 'get in line' behind them.

Thus, the "solution" offered to us by "customer service" was to fly out instead on Monday at 7:45 am, and therefore had to wake up at 3:00 am in order to be on time at the airport. We consider ourselves experienced travelers and have done business with your company for over 25 years. We strongly feel Mexicana Airlines took advantage to charge us an extra fee. We consider that the real issue was that our flight was overbooked and rather than being treated like customers, we were instead treated like moneybags, visited with the utmost disrespect.

We demand a refund simply because we know this was a case of overbooking and we can demonstrate this base on our credit card voucher; when we pay the extra fee your plane was still on the ground. We will explore all alternatives available to us to get our money back, including traveler groups and associations, consumer internet sites, consumer affairs, and of course legal options as well. [Their] company's name and reputation should be base not only in good earnings and number of flights, but also in good customer service, that in my opinion should be your must valuable asset.


On August 3 My sisters and I were denied bording in the Culiacan airport in Mexico. ( I bought the tickes online in the US). We were denied bording because the oversold the tickets and they had no more space. There were no more flights that day or for the next day. We had to purchase other tickets thourgh a different airline at double the price. We had a Family event that day and we had to work the next day. They did not offer any solutions while we were there, they gave us the worst customer service possible, plus the gave us attitude.

We spend the whole day in a dangerous city like Culiacan plus we had no cash because our cards were blocked after the purchase I made with the other airline. After all the troubles we had to go home I called customer service the next day and I was assingned to a representative. It has been hell since that day I had to call a bunch of times in order to get ahold of him.

Finally after so long he sent us an offer letter for $125 for each one of us as compensation and a voucher for the tickets that were not used. I can't even get my money back on that. He said to respond back if I accepted wish I did. That was around Two months ago, today I called because I have not received the money and I found out that he money has not been sent because they need more paper work. Now for the tickets that were not used because of the oversold tickes I have to do more paper work.

Every time I call somebody new answers because Pedro is always busy and I have Explain my story again. It has been more than 4 months and I have not received anything yet. I have sent many emails, many faxes and have made many many phone calls. As a consumer I think I derve better customer service and a least be able to receive my money back.

Because we were denied boarding we missed a really big family event, that could never be replaced. We missed work, which is money that we counted on. We spent extra money that we did not need to spend. We felt like we were not important because their service was horrible. After the fact I have spent many entire lunches on the phone try to reach them. We have used a lot of our own personal time try to fax and email documents. The extra money that we have spent because that have not given us our money back is on credit accumulating interest. It has become really really expensive.

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