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There is a saying that you should always follow your first mind. There is also another saying, (mine) "You buy cheap, you buy twice". I checked into this disgusting place for a weekend. When I first got there, the place was not what I expected. It was dreary with a bunch of dirties hanging out in the parking lot. That's when I knew I was at the wrong place. Checked into the room only to find it was stink and filthy. The TV was blurry, the water pressure was low and the toilet was stopped up. I was miserable. The washcloths and towels felt like sandpaper. Filthy carpet, piss stained lampshade, The furniture was cheap and broken. I will never not one day stay here again. I wouldn't recommend this place to my worst enemy.

My husband and I work for Mayflower trucking Ind. We had to get a room and get out of truck because of hurricane Mathew. Only room to be found was at Knights Inn on Lane Ave. The manager here has been very rude and hateful. Constant harassment from him. You would think with a storm and no power here that he would have some compassion. So I would not recommend this hotel to anyone.

I personally cannot comprehend why Wyndham would want their company's name to be in utter ruin, by this disgusting hotel. My mother and I thought this would be a nice place to stay, in New Philadelphia Ohio, since it was close to Ohio's Amish country. Boy were we wrong. The carpet was absolutely filthy, the room had an odor of mist, it was a non-smoking room, but had cigarette burns on the comforters. Would not wish this place on my worst enemy.

Check into the Knights Inn in Colorado Springs, Colorado and their front desk manager Kasey treat guest like they are not human. I paid for a week from 6/27/16 to 7/4/16. On 7/1/16 Kasey took it upon herself to re-rent my room while we was in the room asleep - on 6/2/16 my family was lock out of the room and then again on the 7/3/16 charged my credit card again for $389.69 and yes you guessed it - my family is now sleeping in the car and then Kasey charged my credit card again and guess what we still have no room and my credit card is now 1,169.09 dollars in the hole and now my family is still sleeping in a car while Kasey pimp and some other whore is in the room that was ours.

Booked online. When I arrived... the appearance was that of being in a crack infested place. Canceled reservation immediately.

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I booked this hotel online through Hotwire and when I got there, the room was not ready, I was asked to wait for room to be ready. When I got in the room there was no chair, no desk, the sink was clogged, the rug was so dirty that I had to take a shower the second time. I will never recommend anybody to book this hotel.

Stayed with my sister in a Knights Inn. The price was right and I had positive experience at KI before (in KY). Should have moved out the first night, but it was weekend and prices went way up and no vacancies everywhere in area. As soon as we opened the door, we were hit with an indescribable stench. We opened window and left door open to air it out. First night saw roach in bathroom. The towels were filthy--when we got towels. My sister bought some Clorox spray and cleaned the bathroom, and vanity area. The beds were comfortable, but the pillows were terribly small--like something one would find on a couch.

Should have checked for bedbugs, but didn't want to know. Because of roach, we kept luggage in car, and what was in room, off of the floor. Sister still found one in bag in room. I returned home to PA and saw myself in mirror--covered on belly and back and legs and in-between with red marks, so I went to doctor. She said it was scabies. I believe it was from towels and filthy room. Doctor said this was most likely the cause. I have never had scabies in my life and now have to deal with this headache of washing everything and hopefully not contaminating my house. I will pay the extra dollars from now on and will never stay at a Knights Inn again.

Upon arrival at my reserved room I noticed the following: damaged bathroom door, damaged lamp that did not function, 2nd lamp also did not function, unlocked balcony door, chair damaged under cushion. The room was terribly decorated! The ceiling required painting and repairs.

Made online Reservation for a 2 week stay at the Knights Inn Sarasota. Presented the printout to the owner of the motel upon arrival. He continuously, and without any explanation, tried to change the $ amount to his advantage as it was on reservation, up to the last day. I was given a room with No hot water; Door stuck and unable to open and close, without requiring carpenter to fix it; a used chewed gum stuck on the couch from the previous visitor. I would not stay if I was not given another room when I complained loud enough. My first and last stay at that motel.

Booking this hotel was easy, canceling was the harder part. I went ahead and call the hotel number listed online where I was told to leave a message and someone would call me back. I called 3 times did not receive a call back. I then looked up the hotel online directly and called that number where it rang 3 times and hung up on me. I attempted to this call twice. Then I found affection said contact us. I sent an email to the company and was quickly responded to and the issue was rectified. The only complaint I have is either the phone line to cancel reservations needs to have more assistance or the hotel itself, when you call them directly needs to have a separate line for someone to answer even during the busy times or answer the phone and put the call on hold. I will be using this service again because of the swift assistance I received. I'm getting my reservation cancelled and not being charged any fees.

This complaint is concerning the Knights Inn (KI) in Virginia Beach, VA. For the past year, I've been traveling the USA as part of my bucket list of places and people I wanted to see before this dreaded disease takes its final toll upon me. As you can imagine I stayed at a number of hotels in this past year. The worst of the worst was Knights Inn. I booked a non-smoking room on the first floor (unless they had an elevator). I checked in and was told I would have ALL the premium cable channels, free wifi, non-smoking 1st floor room, and a noon check out time.

Once I got to the room the door was very hard to open (especially for someone whose muscles are deteriorating away), the room reeked of cigarettes, there were NO premium cable channels, and a variety of insects. The only thing that was working properly was the wifi. The motel was full, and at the late hours I was discovering these problems - it was too late for me to try and find some other motel (I have night blindness and would only endanger myself or others if I drove at night). The bugs all over the place kept me from being able to go to sleep and I had to have some time off my tail bone.

My wake up call was set for 11:30am. At or about 11am my room was being opened from the OUTSIDE by one of their staff - I was being told the checkout time was 11am. This guy just violated my privacy and really messed up my social anxiety and PTSD to overload! Unless you're a masochistic, I'd otherwise never use KI again!

First my son found four boxes of opened baking soda under the filthy sink. I bagged them up, threw them in garbage. Then as my son was playing jumping on bed (keep in mind son is three years old, has ADHD, very rambunctious) he was driving his cars along the mattress and box spring seam.... when he all of a sudden pulled out a silver spoon with black soot marks on bottom and white stuff in the spoon. As he just about placed it in his mouth I ran and grabbed it from him. I then as any mother would do... searched the hotel room, found a condom used stuck to cupboard under the sink as well where the baking soda was. I then looked under the bed, all clear, then lifted the mattress and WABAMM... Drug addicts hell haven. I was disgusted and appalled... spoons, empty pill capsules, alcohol, swabs, and pack of matches. I could not believe what I was seeing.

I called front desk, waited and waited for someone to come to my room. I was furious. I went to front desk and finally someone followed me back to my room, only to be insulted and accused of all that crap being mine. Ah NO I have only had the room for couple hours and I don't use any type of drug. I was concerned about diseases that may have been attached to the spoon my son touched and me as well. The guy said he was a manager yet blamed me for the stuff there. I asked for his name and owner's name, he wouldn't tell me.

I was forced to spend more money on another hotel for me and my son. The so called manager argued with me as I packed our things and left. Wasted $90 on the hotel and a fear of contracting a disease and an upcoming urgent doctors appt when I get home. I asked for an email address or phone number for the owner and again was denied even when I asked his name again.... He even ripped the paper I was going to write the info on out of my hand. Great customer service, hey.

So 11pm and out hunting for a new hotel room to pay for again. Do not, I repeat, do not stay here. Oh I haven't even touched on the cleanliness of the room... gross. Asked for a receipt for my room too and was denied. I took photos to share with media and management. No one should go through what me and my son have... ever.

When I came in the Knights Inn in Wahpeton, ND I was surprised. When I came inside the room the walls were peeled off in the sides. The air conditioner wasn't working, the lights were crooked, and the carpet wasn't even clean. There was gum on it. The draws were messy. It had something gooey. The whole entire place was old. The TV was old too. To flush the toilet you had to wait 5 minutes. If I were you I would go to a different hotel.

On evening of the 9th of August 2015 I was supposed to have a room at the Knights Inn in Newport Oregon. We booked online. I received one call about 15 minutes prior to my arrival at Knights Inn that said my room had been cancelled. The manager was rude to my wife when she tried to get this straightened out. The manager continued to be rude and vulgar after I arrived calling me a "dumb son of a **!" He was shaking mad and told me he would call 911 if I didn't leave! He refused to give me his name or the owner's name. I left! I will not stay at a Knights Inn ever! I talked to 2-3 motels in Newport and was told that they had heard that others were treated badly by managers at Knights Inn in Newport Oregon.

The first room we were in, the bath tub knobs came shooting off at me when I tried to turn on shower. Water was going everywhere. They said they couldn't do anything about it until I told them I was calling the police. They changed rooms, and the blankets had semen on them!! I told them and showed them the blanket and she smelled some of it and asked if I wanted a clean one!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! I mean it was all over!!!!! Gross. This is at the hotel in Arlington TX Across from Six Flags. Do not stay there.

What in the hell. This hotel is nasty as **. First room had a BROKEN pipe, water was everywhere! Then our rooms were steaming hot! There are bugs outside the room, and maybe inside. It's old and needs updated ASAP. DO NOT stay here!! GROSS!!!

The Knights Inn Holt Blvd Ontario - worst motel ever. The desk clerk's unorganized, housekeepers are rude when I ask for the manager. She barged in room use her own key. I wanted to show her the roaches that were in the room. The manager became angry. She went to it and told about prostitutes and the drug activity out there. She just refuse to hear at all and told me to leave I was disturbing her businesses. I was shock to see a manager to allowing this activity on the property. The rooms were not even clean, linen were used - someone had used them just before I arrive. Found syringe in drawer. No this is bad motel and the manager that allows this very bad.

They spent more money on the pond than they do renovating the rooms. Rooms are ugly and dirty and old. Toilet has chips where you sit down, sink also has chips, carpet is filthy, walls and doors have stains all over them. Place is trashed! Lost my reservation! Asked for more towels and was told NO by front desk! Asked a maid the next morning said after she washed them, they ran out! How do you run a business if you don't have enough towels for your guests?! Only gave us 2 towels for 3 people!

Only thing positive was they allowed dogs, except they wanted to charged me a fee for my service dog which is illegal!!! I had to argue with the guy for almost a hour that he can't charge me for my service dog. Showed him my service dog cards and he still didn't care! Can anyone say lawsuit? My advice, don't stay here unless you want to be treated like crap by the staff and use dirty towels and itch from the beds having bed bugs!!! Wyndham should be ashamed to say they own this place! Wouldn't allow me to load any pics but my confirmation # was **, account # **, room # **, arrived 7/25/2015 and am checking out tomorrow the 27th.

** & ** made our 5-night stay in West Memphis the best vacation we've had in years. They introduced us to another couple who had stayed at Knights Inn W Memphis (AR) in previous years so that they could give us tips on interesting things to do in West Memphis (TN). I have never had such a variety at a Continental Breakfast as I did at this motel. The money we saved getting free breakfast helped our budget so that we could do more and eat out more than we had planned.

** is an AMAZING chef!!! His omelets and waffles were superb, as was the fresh fruit, biscuits & gravy, sausage, toast, bagels, coffee (w/ flavored creamers), juice and milk. He even made home-made chocolate chip cookies and muffins for us to take on our daily excursions!!! The rooms were immaculate. The pool crystal clear (they even provided slippers and plush towels for the pool). I will definitely use Knights Inn West Memphis again (but I will probably book directly through **). Hard to find an American-owned establishment anymore - this was also a plus!!!

Knights Inn on Ocean Dr. Went to this hotel cause I was working in Corpus Christi and everything else was full due to the 4th of July. I paid for 9 nights then was told work being moved to San Antonio. When ask for a 7 day refund I was told only the owner can authorize the refund. At 1:30 the next day, the owner still had not showed up and was told he would be in that morning. The property needs major upkeep so do the rooms. When the owner arrived was told no that was corporate policy.

Looked this hotel up online and it looked like it would be a better hotel than some but I was stupid and didn't read the reviews as I know that some customers are picky. Motel 6 was half the price I shoulda went there. First off I called..... the guy seemed nice and informative offered me cheaper parking tickets for Seaworld. Got here this morning and guess what no such thing? The lady had no idea what I was talking about. No shampoo and conditioner and fire alarm was sitting on safe with no battery. Hope there's not a fire. Told the lady at the front if we could have shampoo and conditioner but they were all out except one conditioner. Weird first hotel I've ever stayed at that didn't have basics??? Especially for 80$/night. Pool looks green. Should've known, the place looks deserted and the cheap Motel 6 is packed. Feel ripped off. Stale cereal, no hot breakfast, cold coffee.

We checked late at night after driving 12 hours. Just dog tired. Wanted a clean room to rest. Saw advertisement in magazine. Sounded good. Went to Knights Inn hotel in Fayetteville, NC May 28th 2015. Mildew on bathroom walls, no door lock or metal piece on bathroom door, strainers on both sinks. Gross. Room dark and pillows were so small. Sheets had burn holes. Towels were the size of hand towels. Carpet was not clean. No clock. Corners of room had debris. Very dated except for the big wild shower curtain decorated from the 70's. No continental breakfast. Only coffee. It had an odd order. Never to return to a Knights Inn anywhere after going to this one. Wyndham resorts should be ashamed to admit they own this hotel.

We stayed at the Knights Inn in Oswego NY. We had stayed there 3 years ago and were disgusted. They promised, because they were now a part of Wyndham resorts that their rooms had been renovated. What a joke! Locked door as we walked into the "suite". My son leaned against it and the door fell in. Black mold on the walls of the "kitchenette" we were told was a part of our room... Gutted. Half eaten fudge under the bed...the dog found it. Peeling ceilings, need I continue? This was the worst hotel we have had the misfortune of staying at. And... Because it was graduation weekend at SUNY Oswego, we were charged $150 a night. That is taking full advantage! Let's not talk about the dead cat in the driveway.... No guts just head and skin.... I have pictures if you want them.

I stay at the Knights Inn, in Canton Ohio a lot because my home is getting remodeled. Stains all over the carpet, cobwebs everywhere, smells rotten, wallpaper just coming off the walls, soap isn't always put out, bedding rarely gets changed, trash under beds and in heater/air conditioner. Worst of all there's bedbugs!!!

The very sad part is they're right next to the health department! Come on now really?

Let me start out by saying that this place is trash. I was forced to stay here for a trip and if I had a choice I would have rather stayed on the streets. The people are rude and hateful. Someone called our room in the middle of the night screaming that we were being too loud when we were sleeping. I went down to the lobby to check about what was going on and the man was being so sketchy and standing there with a phone dangling from the cord. He said they called the wrong room? Ugh.

Next this place was so disgusting. BED BUGS BED BUGS. EVERYWHERE. I found about a handful under the mattress the next day when I woke up due to the bites all over my fingers. There were stains everywhere, dust on everything, it smelled like a prison camp and reeked of urine. The apple juice they gave us WAS WATER AND FOOD COLORING. CAN YOU SAY RATCHET. Someone broke into our room and we had to put a table up against the door to keep it shut. Never go here ever.

Knights Inn Hotel Elkton MD - Worst hotel I have ever stayed at. Very dirty and smells bad. Went to plug in my phone charger behind the nightstand and was so grossed out by what I seen. I have enclosed a picture. If you zoom in on top of the old piece of food that was on the floor it looks like either a roach or a bed bug in the crack of the wall and the molding. I wouldn't recommend this place to my worst enemy.

Obviously you get what you pay for so I will not write about the condition of the hotel (which is horrible), but I will say I have filed a suit against them for discrimination. I am an Army vet and have a service dog. I submitted my paperwork to the hotel when I booked my room. Two days into my stay a staff member came to my room and said "you must get out" even after I told him she was a service dog. I gave him a card that explained what a service animal does as well as my rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act. He told me the owner would be stopping by to discuss it.

Nine hours later the owner knocks on my door and tells me the same thing. I told him it was illegal to discriminate against me because I had a service animal and he told me it costs him money to clean rooms with pets in them. I again explained she wasn't a pet. He asked me if I was blind and I said no. He said "I don't think you are." Apparently being blind is the only reason to have a service animal according to this ignorant fool. He harassed me for 15 more minutes before telling me I had an hour to get out of the hotel. I am also pregnant and was on vacation with my family. Not only does this hotel have horrible customer service, but it is discriminatory on multiple levels and I plan to follow through with the suit and seek the maximum penalty allotted.

We had a reservation 3/7/2015 at Knights Inn, Selma AL for the 50th year celebration of the Pettus bridge crossing. When initial reservation was made it was Ramada Inn. When we arrived we learned it was Knights Inn. The room was appalling. The carpet was dirty and sticky. There was dust on TV and you could barely see anything because of poor reception and a loud humming sound. The pillows were flat and the blanket looked unclean because of the fuzz balls. We paid for a room they said had 2 queen beds but it was one bed with a pull out sofa. It was appalling. Plus we paid $114.99 and the regular rate is $56.99.

Horrible Hotel in seekonk, Mass Knights inn - My boyfriend and I went through Kayak and got the hotel for four nights I believe. We had so many issues. Firstly they locked up my debit card so we stayed for four nights with no money "because I put all the money on my card." The desk attendant had no clue what he was doing for reservations through Kayak. The hotel management kept arguing with me telling me I was wrong. I know the money was and still is on the card I called in front of them. Secondly it was snowing. There was no salt on the walk way to get to lobby for vending machine purposes. I called and complained "at night." In the morning the owner took pictures of it salted.

I will never stay there again. Had house keeping do the room once out of four nights and they didn't even clean the room right. I went to fix the bed I found so much trash under the mattress as well as a coffee that I exploded my fault but was not cleaned. I would not recommend this hotel to anyone. Every time I left the room there were pimps trying to get me to go make money in their hotel rooms. I told the man at the desk he laughed it off and said it happens even after I explained the room they wanted me to go to as well. I felt very unsafe. This was not worth a dollar at all. The worst experience I've had at a hotel. I couldn't even talk to the people without them yelling at me saying I was wrong. DON'T STAY!!!

Paid for my significant other that was working out of state and she would not tell me if the fax that I sent her with the information on it came through or not. A lot of comments about things she should not be saying as a manager. Now I don't know if he will have a place to stay tonight in the cold weather or not. I have booked his room twice because of the inaccuracy of the manager. I could care less if this is public. It is in Sterling Heights, MI and the managers name is ANN.

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