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Prior to a trip to the UK, I booked a rental car with Kemwel and paid $621.77 for a rental agreement with Eurocar. When I arrived to collect the vehicle, I was shocked to learn that there would be an additional amount of $816.54. I knew there would be additional charges for taxes, insurance, etc. When I voiced my complaint, I was told by the Eurocar agent that I would have gotten a better deal had I booked directly with them. I called Kemwel the next day and tried to cancel my agreement but was denied. I then went on the internet and obtained a quote by Eurocar for the same rental period and was quoted $845 all inclusive.

Upon my return from my trip, I lodged a complaint with Kemwel. I received a response telling me they would investigate my complaint. Their response was they do not control the additional fees of the rental car companies. After I had received the final bill from Eurocar, I had paid them $816.54 plus $621.77 to Kemwel total = $1,438.31 and I've been quoted $845 on the internet. My grievance is, what did Kemwel provide for me? Except to cause me additional expense. How can they operate as a "cheap car rental" service provider when I would have saved a considerable amount booking directly with Eurocar!


I received a check for $4577.93 and a letter stating that I had won $100,000 and that the check would cover the taxes. It says to call and then they tell you to deposit the check and then call them back. Instead I called the bank to verify funds and the money was not there. I called them back and ask about this and they hung up on me. I also looked Kemwel up on the internet and found that this is and Indian based company that deals with car rentals. When you call the man named Sean is Indian.

If I had done this not only would I have been out money I didn't have but I would also have been charged with fraud!!!!!

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