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I purchased this "vacation" package for a total of $799.00. I made monthly payments until it was paid in full. I called the company several times to book the vacation and each time was advised that these dates were "black out" dates. I then requested (by mail), a refund as every date I presented to them was not convenient for them. I received a response (by mail) indicating that my "vacation" package had expired and it was past the time limit to get my money.

Every time I called their offices, I got the runaround. Also, I would definitely consider this is a scam based on the fact they send you beautiful brochures showing the ship, entertainment, food, etc. and although I never got to use this cruise package, just from reading everybody's complaints I realize the actual ship and vacation is nothing like it is advertised. It has been a couple years since I pursued this, however, seeing how many complaints there are, you would think we could somehow "legally" get our money back. I wished I would have read up on this prior to purchasing. I guess it’s a lesson learned.

I'm writing to complain about the terrible experience my wife and I had while on one of your so-called vacation cruise packages. To start, we did not get the date we requested even after the dates were approved by your booking agent. The date was changed without notification, the change was disappointing because I would have liked to celebrate my birthday on board the ship, still we flew 7 hrs in good spirits in anticipation of a wonderful vacation experience, our first cruise.

My vacation package was to include:1) A 7-day car rental. The car offered was a subcompact, which was not big enough to accommodate our luggage. We had to pay $105.00 to upgrade to a midsize car, which we did; however, this was not okay.

2) The package included 3 days at Ramada Inn in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. We requested a king bed, with a smoking room. I even called the day before to verify the accommodations and was told everything was fine. When we went to check in we were told there were no smoking rooms, or king beds available, that was a problem. I complained to the welcome center agent and they moved us to the Sheraton. We drove to the Sheraton hotel and went to check in again no smoking rooms, but the desk clerk said we may smoke out on the balcony, we accepted this, again not okay. Although the Sheraton did accept our meal coupons, they did not cover the full cost of our meals we had to pay between $15-30 per meal, Not okay.

3) The Welcome Center did not have our cruise vouchers, and they informed us we must attend a timeshare presentation before ticket would be released, please note we had already signed up for a travel program and this was supposed to be a thank you for buying into that, (not okay). We had to drive 25 minutes to the presentation site, and sat though 4 hrs of a high pressure sales pitch, with a sales company who had a don't take no for an answer mind set before they finally released our tickets.

4) The next day we drove about 50 miles to the port and when we tried to check in our luggage we were informed that we are not on the ships manifest, a big "not okay". We arrived at the port at 1 o'clock, they sent us to a waiting area where we spent the next 4 hrs watching everyone on the ship having a great time while we had no food, no water, and finally about 5:30 pm we were allowed to board ship. We missed the first day's activities and received no safety briefing. To make matters worse, our assigned cabin is best described as closet with a bathroom: no place for our luggage, no TV, no radio and not enough room to turn around, a very, very big "not okay".

My wife and I slept on the top deck our first night. We could not bear to sleep in that miserable cabin. We had even paid an upgrade fee of $200 for an outside state room when we booked the cruise. When we landed on the Bahamas, for people who did not want to take an expensive land tour or just wanted to relax on the beach, the taxi ride to town cost $27 one-way, not round trip. While in town, we tried to walk to the beach and we were stopped by hotel security and were told that unless we were staying at the hotel we had to walk around the property to the beach. Once there, it would have cost $10 just to sit in a chair (not okay). There was nothing to do except gamble at the small casino or check out all the overpriced shops.

5) Back aboard ship we complain to any of the ship's officials who would listen about our quarters and were finally offered an upgrade at the cost of $97 since many people had disembarked to stay at the hotel. We refused the cost of the upgrade stating we should be entitled to a upgrade, all things considered that was 8 pm. At around 9 pm they did give us a upgrade at no cost to a room at least w/ TV. This is with less than 12 hrs to go on our "wonderful" cruise.

6) After leaving the ship, we drove over 100 miles to Kissimmee, FL. We checked into the Welcome Center where we received our hotel voucher and meal coupons. We were also supposed to receive passes to Universal Studio Theme Park, part of our package. We did not receive our passes; instead we were again informed that we must attend yet another timeshare seminar to receive theme park passes, plus a $68 per ticket co-pay. Oh, hell no! Not okay! Again, we complained to the agent at the Welcome Center, who argued with me until he finally checked something on his computer and when he returned he offered us free theme park tickets or $100. We accepted the money because by this time my wife was so upset by all the ordeals and all the hassle we've been put through all we wanted to do was go home. We spent the rest of our so-called vacation in our room. So yes or no? Do you think we have anything to complain about?

I purchased a cruise, which when I tried to book they told me is expired and I have to pay more money to reinstate it. My credit card statements show it was within the 18 months allotted period. Now doing my research I have found a significant amount of the same complaints against this company. I would love my money back but I want to make sure nobody else is ripped off by this scam. Consequence: $585 in initial debt and $143 in credit card interest-- a significant amount to a single mother who just got off welfare.

Thank you so much to all the people who took the time to write about Imperial Majesty Cruise Lines. I received a similar offer for a free cruise via e-mail and decided to check out this website to get feedback. Wow, was I blown away by the awful experiences others have had with these people. I was recently laid off and thought a short cruise might be relaxing, but I can't imagine what I would have done if I had to suffer through some of the emotional and financial hardships people have been describing. I've e-mailed all my friends to stay away from offers from Imperial Majesty Cruise Lines and to alert all their friends as well. Some good has come from your horrible experiences and I thank you.

We got this trip and paid half the money Aug 20, 2008. It was an extended until Aug. 2010. I ask for my money back in 2008 and they wouldn't refund out money. We just saw this on WYFF4 new and people are getting there money back and we won't our as well. I do have the confirmation number. I still have the package of everything on the trip. BBB gave them a real bad rate. They owe me 399.00 plus interest paid on credit card. Lost 399.00 and a lot of concern and worry for not getting the money back two years ago.

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My wife and I were were offered a cruise package for $790. It was supposed to be all inclusive package. The only thing that was not supposed to be covered in the $790.00 were port charges of $100.00 and the air flight to get there. We were given a window of 18 months to schedule the cruise, but were unable to take it due to work. After the package expired, the cruise company called me over and over again. I finally asked a manager over the phone as to why they keep calling me after the cruise package had expired. They stated that my wife and I only paid for half of the cruise package and that we have a past due balance of $898.00. I stated that we did not receive any services or goods from their company, and were not able to take the cruise.

The expired dept manager told me that I am responsible to pay the $898.00. They stated that because we paid them the $790.00, we entered into a verbal contract to pay the full charges whether or not we take the cruise. They stated that if I didn't pay, they would take action up to and including talking it from our Visa account without our permission. They said that because they are a billion dollar company, they have the connections with Visa and will take the money from us. I told them this is not valid or ethical or legal. The manager explained that one way or the other they will get our money.

Initialy agreed over the phone to pay $800.00 for a vacation package taken out as monthly payments. After paying in full things kept changing. Black out dates, different fees quoted for port fees, additional fees per person. Finally culminating in company wanting extension fee to use vacation because two months prior to expiration date there are no dates available. Economic loss of $800.00. Refuse to refund any of my money as the 30 day initial window is way past due.

Received invitation for a week in Florida @ a minimal cost. They described the package and stated it was a promotion and would be only $249.00 per person: a cruise to the Bahamas, rental car, meals and hotels included for the week.
I paid them $498.00 and then an additional $118. for port fees for two people, total amount $616.00. This amount was paid on 09/08 and I was given a year to use, then extended to 2010.
I called the customer service on 09/22/09 to request a refund, (no reservations have been made to travel) and was hung up on, kept on hold forever, and talked to no fewer than 4 people, all very rude! I was rudely told that the package was NOT refundable after the 3 day period.
I am unable to use and would like my $616.00 back.

I do not believe that this is entirely legal and surely a way to extort $.

I signed up for a free vacation draw in the summer of 2007. In December 2007, Imperial Majesty cruise lines called and said that I had won. I thought I won a free vacation, but that wasn't the case. They said that I had to pay a deposit for the vacation, a cruise and bonus Las Vegas trip. I just needed to find my way down to Florida, and they will take care of the rest.

It sounded very fishy at first, but these people were very aggressive. They said that they did not have a call back number and that if I hang up, I will no longer be eligible for the discount. I was very apprehensive, but I managed to get them to decrease the amount of deposit I needed to pay, about $150 USD and said that I have 2 years from that date to take the vacation.

After paying, I talked to friends and family and realized that some of their tactics were scam-like and decided to just bear the cost and ignore them. Two years after, they call me and tell me that my vacation is expired and that I owe them $800 USD. I asked how this can be, because I don't remember it. They threaten me by saying that they have all this on tape. So I ask them if they can review the audio, since I don't think I agreed to it. Then they said that the tape was destroyed 90 days after the initial conversation.

They kept on tacking on more and more freebies into my original package stating that I need to pay $800 now. I was not able to phone my credit card company or anyone else. They said that if I hang up the phone, they are going to send it for collection. This has been the worse experience I have ever encountered.

I paid over $1,500 for a travel package. The first trip was on June 12-14, 2009. We stayed at the Ramada Main Gate West. The first room they put us in was 2047. It was flooded from the front door to the kid's room. It had a mildew smell (very loud). The furniture was swollen like it had been in a flood. The ceiling had spots like of mildew like it was raining in. We cut the water on and sand was coming out of the pipes like the pipes were old. The place was nasty. They put us in another room, 3127, and everything was the same except it was not flooded!

My Wife and I took the 2-night Bahama cruise on the Regal Empress with Imperial Majesty. We paid $99.00 total (no fees or scams, as most of these other posters claim). We were offered to "upgrade" to a better room, but declined. The room itself was not very good (no air conditioning, hot water didn't work until the 2nd day, and a couple of bugs in the bathroom) but the food and entertainment were fine!

The day in the Bahama's was also nice (try a horse and buggy tour and eat at Seor Frogs!) If you want a luxurious cruise on a modern ship I suggest you try one of the big name lines (Carnival, Norwegian, and Royal Caribbean). If you just want to get away for a couple days the Regal Empress with Imperial Majesty is not that bad.

Responded to a believable sales voucher we received in the mail promising a $1,300 cruise for two. For $449 pp we would get approximately 10 additional trips with 2 years to use them. Sounded wonderful. Gave them our MC number. The amount was charged to our account the next day - $898. Never sent info as promised. Were told we had 7-10 days to cancel after reviewing the information including a DVD that they were sending us.

Tried to cancel. Was told they were backed up but promised we would receive a letter including an additional year to use vacation package and a letter in writing guaranteeing our money back if not completely satisfied with the cruise. Not feeling right about this, tried to cancel again a few days later and was told we could not get our money back it was already given out to vendors to secure these freebies. At this point, we had not even booked a time to travel.

I deliberated over the phone more than a half hour with several different persons to no avail. Then filed a dispute with my credit card cardholder services and now must wait. I currently am employed only 14 hours a week due to the economy and we need to recover this money.

On 10/11/08 we were offered a free cruise with Imperial magesty Cruise Lines with no strings attatched in which we accepted for $118.00 Port taxes etc. When we went on the cruise 03/04/09 we were told to go to Ramada Inn at Fortlouderdale FL. To pick up our boarding pass and when we got there we were told we had to pay $40.00 cash which would be refunded after the cruise when we attended a presentation of a time share sales pitch. We said we did not want anything to do with that and was told if we did not do this we would not be allowed on the cruise and would loose our $118.00.

So against our will we paid the $40.00 and proceeded to the ship the Regal Empress which was the worst ship we were ever on and almost every one on there was scamed the same way. We sufered through the cruise and after we got off the ship on 03/06/09 we were forced to drive 30 miles to Weston FL. for the presentation which we were told would be 1 hour . We told them (time share people) we did not want to be there and had to come to get our $40.00 back and they told us that if we did not stay we would not get our money back and that they were paying the cruise line $700.00 for us to come there. They Held us there for FOUR AND ONE HALF HOURS.

As for the economic value it cost us $300.00 . Also 4 and 1/2 hrs of our time we were held hostage.

DON'T TAKE THE 3 NIGHT CRUISE TO NASSAU! Being a Florida resident I've been a big fan of this little cruise/itinerary for years and have taken the Regal Empress to Nassau on several occasions with family & friends. I was delighted to see that they were featuring a Nassau 3 night option. I spoke with their booking agent who went over the itinerary. I made plans for 2 days in Nassau to celebrate my father's birthday and invited other family members who traveled at great expense/distance to share in the experience.

I was shocked and outraged to learn upon check in that we didn't have 2 days in Nassau, simply 1, the very same as the 2 night cruise, only we are spending an entire day traveling at sea rather than traveling the passage at night. Imagine my disappointment - I felt totally ripped off! At the time, their website didn't publish the 3 night itinerary at all. I wouldn't have booked the trip had I known we only had one day in Nassau, several excursions in Nassau were subsequently cancelled.

My entire family was looking forward to our itinerary and were very disappointed - we were completely mislead into booking this cruise. To top that off...I've made numerous attempts at contacting Imperial Majesty, no one has ever contacted me back - NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!

I purchased a cruise from Imperial Majesty, and tried to cancel the trip and they said I couldn't. I said I just got a new job after being laid off for three months and I couldn't get the time. I was told very rudely that I couldn't get my money back, that I would have to consider it a loss or sell to someone else. I told them I shouldn't have to take it as a loss, that was money I don't have. So, I thought I had no choice to take the trip. So, I asked if they could just cancel the hotel part of it, because I don't need that, I was just going to drive down, they told me I can't get a refund on anything. Just take it as a loss or just stay at the stupid hotel.

I couldn't believe how rude and nasty these people were, so I asked to speak with a supervisor after being on hold for 25minutes(yes I waited), A even ruder person got on the phone and said I am not getting a refund at all so take the trip or don't, stay at the hotel or don't my choice, but I am not getting NO MONEY BACK. I went around and around with him for 30min, and then he hung up on me.

I just thought I would just go ahead and take the trip, so I called back and asked to change the name of the person going on the cruise(which mind you, I was told that I had to 3-5-09 to change the name of the passenger with no charge), so I called on 3-5-09 to change the name and I was told there was a $35.00 charge, and I told the young lady that I don't have to pay because today was the the 5th and I had to today to make the changes, so she put me on hold for 20min. came back and told me her supervisor said it's $35.00, I asked to speak to her supervisor, again put on hold this time for 30 min. and she came back and told me it will be $35.00 and that was that. I said I need to speak to a supervisor and she hung up on me. I called back several times before someone would speak to me and the final outcome was that I couldn't change the name without being charged, I couldn't cancel(and really wanted to after how I was treated), and no one would help me. I just wanted my money back. And I just know that this has to be against the law. I want help.

After reading all the horror stories I will not take that trip, If I can get half of what I paid I would be happy. I'm going to be out $614.00 that I can't afford, and a trip I DON'T WANT.

After receiving a letter in the mail stating information about a diseny world vacation myself and husband inquired about the vacaction packet which included 3days/2 nights in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and 3days/2 nights in Orlando, FL. Many other bonuses were offered with the packet. After payment was made we tried to book a vacation in which we did get the telephone hang ups and when we finally did contact someone we were told that we owed and addtional $400.

At this time we asked to speak to a supervisor in which we were given another 800 number in which no one answered and the telephone just rang without and answer. We have continue to reach someone in order to get our money refunded but and continuely told that we will not get the money back and transfered to other numbers in which know one answers.

Economic and physical damages are that we wanted to take our 3 kids on a vacation in which now the money is gone. It has saddened me that we have worked so hard in the finanical crisis and we wanted to just enjoy a few days with our kids and now this company has our money and we can not get it back.

After receiving a letter in the mail stating information about a diseny world vacation myself and husband inquired about the vacaction packet which included 3days/2 nights in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and 3days/2 nights in Orlando, FL. Many other bonuses were offered with the packet.

After payment was made we tried to book a vacation in which we did get the telephone hang ups and when we finally did contact someone we were told that we owed and addtional $400. At this time we asked to speak to a supervisor in which we were given another 800 number in which no one answered and the telephone just rang without and answer. We have continue to reach someone in order to get our money refunded but and continuely told that we will not get the money back and transfered to other numbers in which know one answers.

Economic and physical damages are that we wanted to take our 3 kids on a vacation in which now the money is gone. It has saddened me that we have worked so hard in the finanical crisis and we wanted to just enjoy a few days with our kids and now this company has our money and we can not get it back.

My father and his wife who are in there 80's received a call indicating that they had won a trip to Ft. Lauderdale, a cruise and then to Orlando. For 4 people so my husband and my son decided that we should travel with them as of there age. It was the worst experince that I have ever had. At first they told us that one package would be enough as our son was 12 and that they could fit him in. The when we called to book they told us that we would need another package as 5 people could not travel on the package (each package costing approimately $1,000.00 when all was said and done so we thought)

We were to have a car incuded in each package which we were told we could up grade to fit the 5 of us, When he went to pick the vehicle at Alamo at the Ft Lauderdale/Hollywood Airport they had a PT cruiser booked when I had reserved a van. Then we had to call the welcome centre and get a new contract which cost us an additional $1300.00. It just worse from this point on we were told that no taxes and insurance were paid and that we would have to pay them as we went on. It is an approximately $3,000.00 additional costs for the 2 weeks that we booked.

The hotels that they had us in should have been condemed as they were just disgusting. The toilets were plugged and could not be unplugged, the birds lived in side the air conditioners and I can go on for ever. The packages that we purchased were through 2 different companies but thye were the same place the other was the Ramada Plaza Resorts. We had trouble with the bookings we had talked to a number of different people but never got what we realy wanted. For the amount of this holiday I could have gone on one that was nice and I wouldn't have to live in a dive. If we cnaceled out we would have lost all our money this is why we stayed.

I would like to see these 2 company looked into and something done as they are just a rip off and should not be allowed to do business anymore.

Aside from the business seeming exceptionally shady from the beginning, they lied about nearly every aspect of their package deal.

In addition, both my father and I were scammed into purchasing vacations for $998 each. I purposefully purchased this vacation on a card that had not been used in nearly a year. Next thing I know my father received a phone call to confirm a charge on his VISA card for airline tickets for a Brendan McCue from El Paso to Ft Lauderdale. Obviously, this charge was fraudulent. Upon hearing this information, he found 3 other charges that needed to be eliminated.

When I heard that this charge involved Ft. Lauderdale, I knew it was this company. I called my card company... I hadn't used the card other than this purchase, and not to my surprise, I had SEVERAL charges on my card in TX and FL.

feb 11 2009 sold a luxury vacation package deposit on gm visa 798.00 us for 1,116.90 alerted card company and followed up feb 22 2009 as well.

vacation package severly misrepresented..... I see consumer affairs is VERY well aware of many complaints.... I asked how old was the ship? I was told it is maintained every 2 days.... Again asked how old and I was told of renovations, THEN i was told the ship was 6 years IT IS OVER 50 years... I also have found documentation of substandered maintaince..reported by passagers.. no flushing toliets..sewer smell mildew odour... the list goes on...

this package was represented as the ramada main gate..... infact... it is ramada plaza resort witch the internet prices at 29.00 per night! the hasssels of car rental ect ect ect overwhelm the poor consumer reports.... I will be demanding a refund based on misreprestation.... we and our children have sailed both disney and roayl caribean .. they know what luxury is..... one star rating is not lluxery... disney is maintaing every 2 minuets not every 2 days. i am not waiting untill 30 fays for the credit card company to launch its fraud investigation... I am reporting it and pursing to refund my deposit.

Received this in the mail, Kinda knew it had to be a scam, checked it out, sure is. These business's should be stopped and put out of business...if they are a legitimate business. are they registered in Fla? Then what is Fla doing about this?

we cojntracted for a cruise with Imperial from 12/12-12/14 2nites. We were just contacted and advised that we need to pay an add'l $99.00 per cabin becuase they changed the cruise to 3 nites. We contracted for 2 nites and do not want 3 nites. WE paid $217.00 for each cabin and are requesting a full refund. They offered a credit for a 2 nite weekday cruise which would require our son missing school.

This is a very deceptive business practice a kind of bait and switch. WE did not want a 3 nite cruise nor a 2 nite cruise during the week. We are out 217.00 per cabin or $434.00. If we were to take a credit my son would lose school time. We also are not being given what we contracted for.

I like many others here on this sight got that fantastic call, You have been pick for a vacation for four to Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale,Vegas bla bla bla. I wanted to tell the person on the other end shut up, No but some how he had a way in reeling me in. I was promissed all these wonderful ammenedies to a great vacation and got [nothing good]. I told the man in the begining that I did not have the $500. he wanted me to pay so he said I could go on a PAYMENT PLAN to hold the package. I agreed and like an idiot cave him my CC# He took out the $500. the same day and my bank called.

I talked to the bank and found out I was being charged not only for that but for bank fees now too. I was angry. I got the information in the mail and opened to my suprise was nothing like I was told. The (free) rent a car fine print stayted that I would still have to pay $100. a day to rent. Well if I didn't want the car I could take the Universal Studio tickets. But I told the man I wanted Disney Tickets (Oh you can redeem them at front desk of your resort) That was a lie, I called and they don't do that. The (free) meal vouchers where for two adults only.(when I talked to the man he told me I the tickets don't have to be used only on adults) that was a lie.

In all I made calls to the resorts and the company at their 800 number and demanded a refund. I was denied. So I decided if they can record me I will record them, I called back I told them that I spoke with the Resort and the Alamo people and the Universal Studios and was told lies by sales personel. I also found in the Traveler's Document booklet a Customers Right To Cancel page including full refund of the price paid. Look for that Please if you ever get this far (hope you don't) and demand your money back. I got my money back.

I was told that a had won a free cruise to the bahammas for 2. After i had been told what the whole package detailed, they then threw a figure at me. I was asked to give them my checking card number, which i did, then they put me through to someone who would record the conversation so that it would be official. When we got to the point that they needed my permission to take funds from my account i had decided to decline, they then switched me back over to the woman that i had previously talked to. She asked what the problem was, and i told her, the amount you are trying to withdraw from my account is going to make my account overdraw. She then put on one of her supervisors and he assured me that if my bank would allow me to take out $400+ , then it wouldnt be an overdraw. He said they wouldnt allow it if i didnt have the available funds.

So i then was convinced to try, they put me back on the telephone with the women which i was being recorded with, i started giving her information and half way through hung up. I did not complete their process, so i figured that they could not proceed. I immediatly called my bank and was told that my checking account had been overdrawn. They had withdrawn around $450. I went to the bank and asked them what could be done. They were no help. However they did tell me that imperial majestry hand even tried to draw an additional 500 out of my account as well.

I called imperial majestry and talked to a CSR (customer cervice rep.), he told me that it wasnt really taken out of my account, they were just checking to see if i had the available funds, and that it would be back in 72hrs. That was earlier today, so we will see what happens. Although it appears that many people have problems such as this with the same company and continue to get the run around. SOMEONE NEEDS TO PUT AN END TO THIS!

my bank account was +260 Now has been turned around to -200+. I have many bills to pay, and i get paid on friday, i have a direct deposit into my bank account. My check will immediatly be taken from me. I will be without the money i need to live my life.

Just wanted to thank you for this web site. I got this mailing for the discounted vacation to the Bahamas, so your web site saved me money and heartache. Thanks for being.

I purchased 3 vacation cruise tickets $50 each. I then booked the cruise paying an additional $118 per ticket for port charges. The company then called me to tell me the cruise was cancelled and I needed to reschedule for the middle of winter. When I requested a refund I was put on hold and received the run around all 4 times I called. Ultimately, I was told I could not have a refund. The cruise was non refundable.

Imperial Majesty Cruise Line Vacations is a scam. Universal Orlando and Ramada Plaza Resorts chips in to put together a timeshare. This whole vacation is focused around a timeshare. The first thing you have to do to start off this amazing free trip is to participate in a conference about a timeshare. The pamphlet they send you looks so legitimate, and I guess it is, but there are so many hidden things that they do not tell you. The 1st page of this package starts off “Call toll free to claim your free cruise”?! SCAM! The 2nd page starts off “Pack your bags! You’ve been identified to receive a FREE two night Caribbean cruise for two adults! Please call toll free in the next 72 hours to claim your FREE fam trip cruise. No purchase necessary, no strings attached”!? SCAM!

The trip is for a 2 day, 2 night cruise to the Bahamas, 4 day, 3 night stay at ft. Lauderdale, Fl, 3 day, 2 night at magical Orlando, fl, and a free rental car (this is only if you are 25 years and older), which I am not and they did not tell me until they charged my card. SCAM! And then, supposedly, they would send you for a 3 day, 2 night stay in las vegas, Nevada and 4 day, 3 night stay at Puerto Vallarta, Mx, once again timeshare scam. One day out of each of those trips is spent at a conference talking about timeshares. SCAM! They make it seem like you are getting a good deal, by adding in a $1,300 travel voucher, $3,500 coupon book, $1,000 internet spree, up to $100 in gas reimbursement, and $50 matchplay at the casino on the cruise. What they leave out are all the fees that they will charge you later on.

They seem so nice. They asked me if this was my first cruise, and I said yes, and the district manager acted like I was getting a good deal, giving me window seats, and $500 towards meals on the cruise (which are supposed to be free anyway). SCAM! Do not participate in this! It is a complete scam. I called Ramada Plaza Resorts, and they say people take these type of trips all the time. But what they do not tell you is all the extra charges that go along with it, and the fact that you have to participate in the conference about timeshares.

So, I called twice everyday for like 3 days, and everyone reassured me that $800 is all that I would have to spend on this free trip. SCAM! They are liars. Some of the fees that I got out of one of the representatives before the whole trip were to start: $15 per hotel per night per person, Fuel charge of $25 per person per trip for the cruise, $99 per person per trip to the Bahamanian govt (port charge/govt tax as shown on the free cruise redemption receipt, pg. 3), If you rent the car, you have to pay $10 per parking space per day on the cruise, Tips and gratuities (in hotel, on cruise, etc. ), and do not forget the plane tickets to and from ft. Lauderdale. The $1,300 travel voucher does not cover that. That’s all I got out of the representative.

Once, your card is charged and you change your mind about the trip, DO NOT CONTACT THIS COMPANY TO CANCEL! They will do everything they can to keep the charge on there, and that includes contact the company that you use for the credit card you gave them. I called American Express about the charge. Once the charged had pended through, I disputed the whole charge, in its entireties, and they didn’t argue, they didn’t ask why, nothing. They didn’t give me a hassle about it.

We booked the most expensive room the Admirals Suite ($1200.00) but since it had issues with AC, the cruise staff moved us into a smaller room with even more issues. The (Purser's Desk) cruise staff promised we would get a refund of the difference. We reported all the issues to the purser's office on the ship. The cruise representative gave us a small slip of paper with the home office information and said that we would have to contact the cruise office once we got off of the cruise ship. We contacted the office several times via telephone, letter and fax. The cruise office told us they would investigate and give us a call back within 24-72 hours. We have yet to hear from them. We called them several times and they just put us on hold or tell us to put our complaint in writing.

Major Issues: Elevator had blue tarp walls. Elevator not functional all the time. Air was not cold in our room. Thermostat didn't work. We had to open the duct to get lukewarm air from the ac. It was like the vent had mildew on filter. It was so hot that the cruise line had to provide oscillating fans for our room. Cruise booking representative told us we were getting big picture windows over ocean. We did not receive this. The windows were covered with metal. Cruise representative told us to look on website to view cabin. Cabin was not like picture on website nor what she described before we boarded cruise ship. Our toilets didn't flush. 1 overflowed. Cruise Staff let us use disembarked passengers room. Sewer smell from bathroom. Water faucet leaked. Shower was lukewarm. We noticed Termites on cruise ships. We reported this and cruise staff described them as Bugs (?) and used bug spray to treat problem. The door knobs were loose with missing screws on the room cabins. We were told it was recently refurbished.

4 months later we received a letter from Customer Relations stating they had completed their investigations. The Customer Relations stated that we did not report any issues to the Purser's Desk therefore they cannot help us. This is a bald faced lie. We had 13 people in our party. They all witnessed the issues and three of us reported these issues to the Purser's Desk. How can they charge me $1200.00 for a cabin and I have to use a standard cabin of lesser value?

I just sat through my half hour, high pressure sales phone call with Robert ** (not his real name, I'm sure). When I had finally had enough I asked them not to call me anymore since I have been getting the phone call every few days for about a year now. This man has been repeatedly calling my house for an hour now, calling, getting my machine, hanging up, and calling again. Not very professional if you ask me. As a matter of fact, I would call that harassment. The phone numbers are 1-800-618-3003, 1-800-651-7444, and (951) 485-6031.

I recieved one of those free cruise deals in the mail. I called the number during their business hours and spoke with some chick. She rattled off about 20 minutes worth of information, meanwhile in the background I heard yelling and just an overall noise that put up a red flag. While she was talking, I took a few minutes to check out this website and read the reviews. The same thing that happened to the other happened to me, I declined the lady and the manager came on. He was MUCH more high sales, telling me he could set up payment plans and give me great offers including a trip to where i already live, discounts, etc.

Anyway, I kept telling him I was not able or willing to put down money today and he asked me why when they have this great payment plan. I told him, basically because it looks fishy to me, I recieved this letter with fake signatures and fake highlighting, he proceeded to question why I thought it was fake, I mean it has a confirmation number! what's more legit then that, right? I then told him I had read some things online and he asked if I wanted him to walk me through the website. yeah, no. I told him that I'd really like to view it on my own and call him back. he then told me they don't do call backs. I told him that that was another thing I found fishy. He then told me how they take so many calls a day, and if they allowed callbacks, that they would end up taking twice as many calls.

Anyway, after a brief pause, I told him simply that I was not interested in puting down any money and what do you know? he hung up on me. thank you so much to everyone who posted a review on here. I knew exactly what was going to happen, so I knew what to say.

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