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My girlfriend and I went to Hershey park to have great time. We been there before because my company where I work for has ticket for their employees every year. My company also reserve Catering at the Trailer park as well. We always had a great time except today 7/9/2017. We went to the Broad walk because it was less crowded when they first open. We did the Lazy River, which was the highlight of my day. :) We did couple rides and decided to go to the Ferris Wheel since it was right next to the water park.

No sign was posted that does not say "No Shirt - no Ride". So we went to Ferris Wheel and stand in line. At that time, the line was pretty long but we waited and it was hot. As we got closer, my girlfriend and I was excited to check out the view. We could not wait. Finally got to the front of the line. The Employee girls at Hershey park say "you can not ride because you have no shirt". I told her I did not see any sign or anything posted to say you can not ride without a shirt. She say it was Hershey Park policy.

My girlfriend and I waited in line for 45 minutes. The Employee Girls at the Hershey Park saw me without a shirt on. Why was I not told I could not ride the Ferris Wheels when they say me. They waited till i got to the front of the line to tell me " No Shirt- No Ride". I think it's full of **. No apologies. No nothing from the staff. I went into the customer Services to complain. The Staff took down my information and say we will look into it. Which means - they will do nothing. Disappointing, Frustrating, and Unfriendly customer services. I will talk to my company HR to see if we change to another park next year.

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Excellent. Very reasonable. Got tickets at Giant Foods. Excellent service and very clean and the water park was fantastic. The new chocolate world ride was almost the same. The new cows really did not enhance it.

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Way too expensive. I think you'll get more with less. We went to the park and left. We enjoyed the visit and haven't been back since. Would I suggest going there again? I don't think so. Parks like Hershey is too expensive especially if you have more than one child.

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My family had a great time. Plenty to do. Wonderful. My family and I loved everything about this park. The rides were great for all ages, and we had a large span of ages from 5 to 70. There was something to do for everyone. I also love the shops. I'm always happy shopping. I just wish it was closer to upstate NY so we could go more often.

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This park, located in Hershey, Pa. was originally opened in 1906 as a leisure space for Hershey employees. It now covers more than 120 acres with over 70 rides.

  • Preview Plan: Visitors who purchase a full day ticket can actually visit the park the day before their ticket is valid. Visitors can enter the park for the last two and a half hours the park is open on the day prior to the day that their ticket is for.
  • Hershey’s Chocolate World: Open year round, Hershey’s Chocolate World lets visitors make their own candy bar, with their choice of add-ins and a customer designed wrapper. Visitors can also take a tour to learn about the history of Hershey and how their chocolate is made.
  • Botanical Gardens: This award-winning 23-acre garden includes a large rose garden as well as a wide variety of other flowers and plants. The gardens also feature a lovely view of Hershey, Pennsylvania.
  • Boardwalk: Included in the Hersheypark ticket price is admission to the Boardwalk. This water park has thrill rides, water slides, a wave pool and more. Waverider is a special attraction where visitors can test their body surfing skills.
  • Entertainment: Every year Hersheypark hosts the Summer Concert Series with music from a variety of genres. All concerts are held on Saturdays and Sundays. The park is also home to several daily shows ranging from dance performances to country music concerts.
  • Best for Hersheypark’s theme makes it great for families, and some of its lower key attractions, like Hershey Gardens, make it ideal for solo travelers and retirees. It’s also a chocolate lover’s paradise.

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