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I booked this vacation package in early 2014. The Orlando facility was fantastic! And the booking process mostly trouble free. I more than got my money's worth out of what I was required to spend. So overall, I am pleased with what I got. For future travelers, here are the pitfalls I turned up along the way: NEVER book a car from them unless you have read ALL the fine print (I could have done better with Priceline or one of those opportunities). Daytona was pleasant, but wouldn't go there on purpose again. Also, I just tried to book the last 2 'freebies' I was promised last year, and found the ground rules have changed - qualifying factors have changed so the properties in California are no longer available to me (regardless of promises made by the original sales agent last year).

So, if you book with these folks, get EVERYTHING in writing upfront (don't trust those 'recorded' phone calls because some of them weren't really recorded I just found out) and be sure the places you want to visit is SPECIFICALLY noted on your letter of acceptance (I was promised San Diego, but it wasn't listed specifically - just as a 'free' location and the $$$ increased recently, so now I can't go). Oh well!! I still had a great vacation last summer - saved money, and made memories with my son who accompanied me.

We keep getting calls from this business to our business line. I wish they would stop!

I got a call on Sunday 3/23/2014 and didn't answer, just a few minutes later my man friend got the same call, and he answered. They disconnected the call when he answered. I have heard of this place and know better than to answer the phone they call. I will never answer when they call, have heard too much bad stuff about them.

After being hounded for weeks and endless phone calls, I finally gave in. They made it sound too good to be true, which it was. I know what a timeshare is & kept telling him I am not interested in any Time Shares. He kept telling me its not, this is just a great little getaway package to stimulate the economy & get people to Vegas. The lies continued from there. He very specifically said there are NO BLACKOUT dates or Other Fees. Well, I talked them down to $99 from $249 & decided to give it a chance. At this point it was not a matter of the money, but what I could get out of it.

After purchasing the package, sure enough The email states "You and your spouse/traveling companion's only requirement will be to participate in an informative and convenient 90-minute presentation that shows you how to save a tremendous amount of money off your future travel. You will be amazed". I knew I was right about it being a time share, so I figured okay, I will do the stupid presentation and try to get the most out of what I had. After 6 different attempts to book this package, I was either on hold for 20 minutes or more or denied, since they say they were all booked up (this was in August of 2013). I pretty much gave up and put it aside until the new year.

Lo & behold, this time they were able to get me the reservation, but since it was within 5 days of a holiday, they wanted to charge me some more. Basically after talking to 3 different people, that you could hear in their voice that they hated their job and did not care, I finally spoke to a supervisor that tried to tell me that I was wrong and was not lied to. I basically threatened them with fraudulent activity by them & my bank would take care of this along with the FCC. He soon after gave me his name, Extension # & confirmation #, so I could have my money back.

I received a call from Olin at Great Vacations. I pressed 0 to speak with a rep to request that I be removed from the call list and this young guy answered the phone and said, "Great Vacations. Did we call you?" I advised yes, several times and this is a business line. I was in the process of asking to be removed from the list and he hung up on me. They are calling my business line and I have requested several times to be removed from the list.

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I cannot get off this company's list even though I'm on the "do not call" list. Someone else mentioned that it borders on harassment; I think it's beyond that. They will call 2-3 times a day. I don't know how to stop their calls!

This company has called several times to inform me of a "free" vacation. Generally, I let the calls go to voicemail, but they have become more and more frequent, bordering on harassment. When I asked the employee to take my name off their list (my number is on "Do Not Call" as well), she pretended to get disconnected with the worst acting job I've ever heard, and hung up. Since then, I've tried repeatedly to have my number removed to no avail. This company is despicable.

Great Vacations Now travel package for $249 is nothing but a scam to sell condos and travel clubs. I paid $249. Then when I called for reservations, I had to pay another $100. I arrived in Orlando and had to go to their place and register, then had to drive back 5 miles to another check-in area which was so disorganized it took 2 hours and then they had the room wrong, one bed instead of two. And then I had to drive to the hotel and the room key did not work, so I had to go back to the check-in place to have it replaced. Then, I was told my credit card would be charged $80 for incidentals and also $10 per day for room service. I left a day early in disgust and was told I would be charged for the day. I told them I already paid for the day and I did attend their presentation. Now I do not want to go to Daytona but if I do not, they will charge me. What a rip off.

Olin called from this company, my husband did not answer the call. Olin left a message that he should press "0" then the line got disconnected. I checked the number calling and found that it was for a telemarketing company out West. Indications are this is a marketing scam to sell vacation packages for $598 to unsuspecting people. My husband and I do not fall for this even though we are considered senior citizens. Our home number and cell phones are likewise on the "do not call" list.

This company has repeatedly called about free vacation on both my cell phone and home phone. Both are on the "do not call" list.

Repeated phone calls - I have received multiple phone calls from Olin at Great Vacations. When I called back to talk to their manager Denise tonight about taking my name off their list, I'm on the no-call list, etc. I got told they are taking it off now, but I will still get another call in 2-3 weeks. I've filed 3 online complaints on the no call registry website, but still I get calls. As someone else wrote in an earlier post, this is no longer a nuisance but borders on harassment. Can't anyone stop these ** from calling?

They have called a dozen times over the past year and leave long messages about their supposed vacation plans. I am on the national do not call list. I finally called back and was hung up on when I told the woman who answered that their company had better check the do not call list. I did not give them my number and will not give it to them as they are supposed to, by law, use the do not call list. I'd enjoy seeing this disreputable shut down for good.

Both my cell phone and home phone are constantly spammed by this company and both phones are registered on the do not call list.

I have received multiple pre-recorded calls from this so called company Great Vacations. I have declined their calls. My number is on the do not call list and I have even spoken with representatives on several occasions and have in no uncertain terms told them to never call my number again. And yet, I still receive those calls at least 4-5 times daily. This is becoming less of a simple nuisance and turning into harassment.

I keep getting prerecorded messages from Olin even though this number is on the do-not-call list. It was very annoying to receive calls every hour.

I keep getting a voice recording from Olin regarding a free vacation. I am on the national do not call list and I keep getting these calls on my cell phone. It's very annoying.

I am on the do not call list. I have received several robo calls offering a free vacation. I returned one call and asked for the company address. I was rudely refused. I told the lady, I was on the do not call list. She then hung up.

It's a voice recording from a man calling himself Olin regarding a free vacation. I am on the national do not call list and I am still getting these calls on my cell phone. It costing me minutes on my cell plan.

I received a call from a company Great Vacations Marketing out of Wyoming and from what I could tell it was a good company, the person that contacted me was Wayne O., phone 702-. Once we completed the first transaction of $1,335.00 on the Capitol One credit card, I was contacted by an individual by the name Joseph M. cell: 702- with Great Vacations Associates and he told me that we would go into closing March 2nd and that they already had someone that put 20% down and I need to send him $2,499.00 for closing which I did to Timeshare Network Solutions at the above given address with a credit card check again through Capital One.

Shortly after I got a phone call from a person by the name Jackie and she told me that there was another fee to transfer title and deed of my Silverleaf Timeshare of $1,305.00 mailed to T.N.S.T at SE 18th Ave. Pompano Beach, FL 33060 gave me her FedEx account # 111069980. By that time, I am really concerned, well the 2nd came and went and no phone calls or check etc.

Tried calling all phone numbers I had, three were no longer working and the other two no response only voice mail, tried the fax 407- no longer working, therefore I filed a police report with local Police case #HC10-29308 contact person Officer G.J. H. Unit 4C48 phone: 281-, filed a complaint with Wyoming BBB, a complaint with Attorney General in Florida by mail and a complaint with the BBB in Southern Florida.

The total scam cost me $5,139.00. I contacted Capitol One and requested a new credit card and I just received notice that they can not find any fraud/scam not a surprise from this company since they don't want to cover any loss, contacted my Bank since I wrote a check for the last amount and alerted them of possible fraud and contacted Silverleaf in Dallas, Texas that there is no transfer of title or deed to take place that I was subject to a scam. I see that there is a report filed on 3/17/10 against Timeshare Network Solution in Boca Raton, FL. Right now, I am a very frustrated Senior Citizen and angry as a Hornets Nest. Please can you help? I may have lost the Timeshare that my husband and I own together along with some saving that my late husband has left me so my retirement years are a little easier. I work two jobs so that I don't have to depend on my children.

I won a free trip from this company. The sales representative told me I needed to pay $598.00 on a credit card to secure my trip. Never in the conversation did she indicate that I was purchasing a package. I was unable to use this trip and contacted the company to find out my options. The representative was very rude and advised me that providing my credit card information meant that I purchased a package and that I only had 30 days from the date of purchase to cancel the vacation for a refund. For a free trip, it cost me $598.00; however, it taught me a lesson not to fall for this gimmick again. When I complained to the company about their employee's rude behavior, they never responded. I hope that no one else gets suckered in by Great Vacation Destinations.

I lost out on $598.00 because I was not informed that I was purchasing a package.

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