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United Airlines contracted with Great Lakes Airlines for a flight from Denver, CO to North Platte, NE. When I arrived at the gate in Denver, I was told that I was lucky I arrived early because my scheduled flight was cancelled. When I boarded the flight, the pilot announced that he was supposed to have a 25-passenger plane, but was assigned an 8-passenger plane for the day. The flight was full. When I presented to the airport in North Platte for my scheduled return flight on Saturday, I was told that the flight was overbooked and I was bumped from the flight. The ticket agent said they could not accommodate me on another flight until Wednesday, even though there were 1-2 scheduled flights going to Denver each day.

Again, the airlines reported they were supposed to have a larger plane, but were provided with a 9-passenger plane for the day. This seems to be a pattern of providing a plane that will not accommodate the booked passengers. They left me stranded in a small town. The ticket agent suggested I take a Greyhound bus to Denver, but could not offer me a ride to the bus station. There were no taxis in this town to get me to another location and the car rental agencies would not allow me to take a car to Denver.

Horrible. HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE!!! Airlines! They have a method of SCAM going on to get your money that is despicable!!! BE WARNED FAR-AWAY FRIENDS: Know when your dates are and make them secure and concrete with your plans because if you even dare to want to make a change, you will get financially RAPED. It's ONE HUNDRED dollars to change a flight EACH and even if you have a "doctor's note" they still have a way to charge you a hundred (even) more dollars, even if it is 3 weeks in advance! I HATE THIS AIRLINE! So it is going to cost me the fare to fly one hour with these Great Lakes Airline creeps (round trip) when with that SAME fare that they are charging me now I could go back and forth from LAX to Denver ROUND TRIP, TWO TIMES. TWO TIMES!!! BE AWARE!

They are on the scam here to manipulate all the money they can get out of you!! They have it down people with NO, None, Zilch, Zero integrity whatsoever and if there is any other airline available to you, TAKE IT!!! This airline company is a money mongering company that SUCKS!!! Horrible! Horrible! Horrible customer service too with a "take it or leave it" attitude! BEWARE!!! They are merciless!!! Icky! Icky! Icky! TRY not to spend your money with them!!! Let their planes fly empty, then they may re-think how they treat people! HOR-RA-BULL!

How does any business attempt to build brand loyalty when they choose to not deliver after accepting payment for goods to be delivered? Yes, they decided there weren't enough reservations so they cancelled the flight! I've never experienced that before. Add to that they actually weren't going to refund the price of the ticket and wanted to give us a credit voucher for a future flight! Is that legal? Anyway I could go on but... They clearly suck as a company!

We purchased a flight on Great Lakes from Page, AZ to Phoenix, AZ as this was the only airline option we had. We had a non-refundable flight out of Phoenix with plenty of time to make the connection. Great Lakes then cancelled our flight and considered the fact that they booked us on another flight SEVEN hours later sufficient. The seven hour delay made it impossible to make our connection in Phoenix so we had to purchase brand new tickets to accommodate Great Lake's unexpected cancellation. Not only was their customer service team unresponsive (we have had to email and call MANY times to get any response), they have done absolutely nothing to make up for the $400 they cost us.

In their own words: "Purchase of a ticket does not guarantee transportation. Great Lakes Airlines shall in no event be liable for any indirect, special or consequential damages resulting from the performance, delay in performance, or failure to perform whether or not Great Lakes Airlines had knowledge that such damages have been, might have been, or will be incurred."

I booked a ticket, and then emailed and called within 24 hours asking to change a ticket. On the phone I was told I could get a refund, and that cancellations would be $100. Because my ticket only cost $130, I decided not to spend $100 on the refund. It was never made clear to me that I could refund my ticket for free within 24 hours and simply buy a second ticket for $130.

When I called 2 weeks later after realizing their 24-hour cancellation policy, I was told that it was too late despite that I had contacted them immediately explaining my situation. Given that the customer service representative knew that I was very sad that I would have to pay $230 to fly out the day before, I am quite upset that he didn't make clear to me that the refund wasn't the same as cancellation fee. When I called back the customer service was equally unhelpful, and even commented that my email to was never responded to because that can take up to 3 months!

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On 3 separate trips my flight from Denver CO to Scottsbluff NE have been cancelled the day prior to my departure. On this trip my 11:50 flight was cancelled and I had to take the 8am flight. I have to book my connecting flight around the limited Great Lakes schedule and because of this cancellation I sat in the airport for 9 hours waiting for my connecting flight. When you call customer service you get same response each time, "we are short staffed." This excuse has been used for the last year. If you are short staffed then don't post flights that you can't cover. It would be nice if they offered you some sort of compensation for the inconvenience even if it was 25.00 or 50.00. WORST AIRLINE EVER!!!

I flew out from LAX to Prescott, AZ on May 21st, 2015 to attend my granddaughter's graduation. I boarded the aircraft with the other passengers and we all found our seats. A young pilot spoke to us before take-off, explaining that we had to remain seated; and that he hoped we'd have a good flight. Plane taxied for a while before takeoff. Cold air was in the cabin but I and others assumed (yes, I know what that makes me) that warm air would circulate once the plane for airborne. THIS DID NOT HAPPEN. Freezing air continued to circulate the plane for the rest of the one hour fight. Many of us, me included, only had t-shirts on.

Upon arrival in Prescott I spoke to one of the pilots about the lack of heating and he told me that "oh, we knew that the heating was out but we hoped it wouldn't be too much of an inconvenience." I am disabled. Instead of spending time with my son and granddaughter I immediately went to the hotel and got into bed, and that's where I stayed apart from 1.5 hours at her graduation. I stayed in bed at the hotel until my son picked me up to return to LAX. On May 24th sent a letter of complaint to Great Lakes Aviation. It's now the afternoon of June 5th -- no response from them, either via phone or email. Do not fly with this airline. Disgusting treatment for passengers.

For the 2nd time GLA has CANCELED my flight out of LAX!! I'm done with this silliness of this so-called airline. GLA is the worst example of how to operate a business. If you have already bought your tickets, try and cancel and get your money back. But don't hold your breath. Yes, you can cancel, but it will cost you $100 per ticket and then the balance is given in vouchers. But who in their right mind would want vouchers to fly (within 6 months is required) this absolute joke of an airline? What they do borders on criminal. But their terrible customer service, despite their equally awful flight track record, is truly the final insult. They simply do not care, not one whit. Avoid GLA if it is the last thing you do.

Incredulous. Coordinated a flight from Show Low on 6/26 to coincide with a connecting flight to San Diego. Received an email that the flight is cancelled (which is apparently a theme with this airline). They took the liberty of rescheduling the flight to a much earlier time in the day without my consent. I called the number listed for the airline and I was given an email address to contact customer relations. Seriously? I can't talk to someone on the phone? Don't know how they are still in business. I'm furious.

Was excited to be able to fly out of my local (small) airport instead of driving 2 hours to a larger one. Was called the night before my flight to say we would be leaving 2 hours later than scheduled due to the flight coming in that night had mechanical troubles and wouldn't be in and the pilots would have too many flying hours. Had to call my connecting flight (United Airlines) and get booked on the next flight which took me 40 minutes to get accomplished. On my return trip home we were not notified until we got to the gate that our flight was not going all the way home due to the crew would again have too many flying hours.

Our options were to let them put us up in a hotel overnight and leave out the next day which would have been fine if we didn't have to work or fly to the first stop which is a 2 hour drive from home. No rental car options available so we have our daughter drive 2 hours to get us and then drive 2 hours to get home. Next time I will drive the 2 hours to a larger airport to avoid flying Great Lakes... Nothing Great about them.

I just received an email at 7 PM this evening that my flight was cancelled for my 8 AM flight tomorrow morning due to weather. Since I could not find any weather warnings this evening, or tomorrow AM between NE and CO. I certainly could not substantiate why this airline legitimately cancelled this flight. I would certainly NOT recommend using this airline!

Am in the Philippines. Booked two separate flights through UNITED AIRLINES for flights from SAN FRANCISCO to SHERIDAN WYOMING. Since booking and paying for the tickets, GREAT LAKES has cancelled all service to SHERIDAN, WY and neither UNITED nor GREAT LAKES has had the courtesy to tell me the flights have been cancelled or who and when my payments will be refunded. Both UNITED and GREAT LAKES have my e-mail address. Both UNITED and GREAT LAKES are the pits for airlines. 100% for money grubbing and 0% for responsible, professional customer service. GREAT LAKES CUSTOMER Service E-Mail has been disabled.

My flight to Los Angeles was excellent. The flight left right on time and arrived 10 minutes early! The gate staff was efficient and kind. The flight itself was smooth and comfortable. I am NOT a fan of flying because of the turbulence and sometimes "violent" feel of the landing. This flight was easy and the landing was the softest and smoothest of any flight I've ever been on. I even got to chat with the Captain afterwards (**) and thank him for such a great flight. I would recommend this airline to anyone. Excellent.

Booked several weeks in advance for a flight from Los Angeles to Prescott the night before Thanksgiving. After a four hour drive to the airport we found out that the flight was cancelled. They told us it was "technical difficulties." The person at the ticket counter said that there was nothing they could do except book another flight to Phoenix at our own expense. They said a refund would be in the mail in three weeks. The unprofessional attitude and worse-than-poor service is deplorable. I don't understand how they can be in business with this kind of service.

I booked a flight for the busiest fly day with a connection through Denver to Cheyenne, WY originating in NYC. I received an email saying my flight was changed to the day before my original flight. I could not fly on that day. I found out Great Lakes (partners with United) cancelled all of their flights for Nov. 26. Seriously it must be the busiest fly day of the year. I called GL and was given no explanation as to why they cancelled their flights (It is Nov. 23) and now I am on hold with United trying to get my original United flight back to Wednesday. Some of us do have to work and can change time a little, but a day! United should sever ties with this company.

Would give zero if possible. Pathetic customer service. Canceled flight due to mechanical from Watertown SD to Minn/SP. Bumped from a connecting flight with a $450 penalty from US AIRWAYS (sic). Zero reply from 5 emails sent over two week period to the customer service email on company website. Absolutely pathetic company with absolutely pathetic customer service. Made contact with a person (Sara) who was empathetic and mentioned a refund would be given for the flight. Gave me the same customer service email address. Black Hole. Buyer/Flyer - fly at own risk. If there were another option in the future, I will take it. My prediction is they will be out of business in the near future. Can't see how a business can operate like this.

Booked a flight with them back in July for an October flight - got an email first of October telling me flight was cancelled due to having no pilots to fly. Since I have booked a delta flight to correspond with this flight, I had to try to change that flight as well (for two). The change was $500 a piece and an additional overnight with a hotel (another $150). So this would have cost over $1000 in expenses with which they said "sorry". I asked for customer service and was told to email them. At this point now we cannot afford the extra and will have to rent a car to drive the 7 hours from one destination to the other. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE...will never fly them again and would not recommend...ever!!!

Time after time at least once a month I fly from Show Low Az to Phoenix to catch a connecting flight. More than half the time it is either cancelled or they tell me down for mechanical issues. Its very hard to plan a trip that way never knowing if there will be a plain there or not. I wish I knew of someone to complain to that would straighten this company out!!!!!!!!

Great Lakes Airlines ability to commitment does not seem to be a core value when scheduling a flight as they advertise on their schedule. The following events occurred with my flight on 16 May 2014:

Initial Flight Time:
Amended Flight Time:
Denver, CO (DEN) 6:10 PM to Scottsbluff, NE (BFF) 7:03 p.m.
Actual Flight Plan

CANCELED 60 minutes before takeoff!!!

After reading of the many reviews, this is reoccurring event that Great Lakes Airlines has not addressed and does not appear that are concerned with the feedback of having such problem. When the flight was cancelled due to no pilots available, the flight counter attendant did not offer any accommodations, gave me a flyer with the headquarter contact information with very little confidence that I would get any results, and did not offer an alternative flight schedule. I had to ask, "What is the containment plan/alternative that you may suggest?" Her response, "We can reschedule you for a flight tomorrow."

In short, I scheduled the flight with the intent of being at my destination on the evening of my flight schedule. I understand that there are times a flight is canceled due an unforeseen issue; however, pilot availability should never be a reason to cancel. Since they fail to address the pilot availability, I am no longer going to fly Great Lakes Airlines and will advertise as such to those that will be flying into Scottsbluff, Nebraska. I have contacted headquarters about my issue in hand and there has been no response or concern of my cancelled flight.

I purchased a connecting flight for my son in November to fly from Page Arizona to Scottsdale, and then connect via Southwest to San Diego. The ticket was a round trip purchase leaving Page on Friday April 11th and flying back on a Monday April 14. I booked through a travel agency as I was told that was the best option for booking with Great Lakes. The day before my son's flight, I received a confirmation email and phone call from the travel agent. It had been over a year since I had seen my son, and he was coming out to see my little sister get married. My father is quite ill, so we were going to pack in as much as possible for his short trip. A few hours later, just after noon time, I received a phone call from Amanda with Great Lakes Airline. She informed me that my son's flight has been cancelled.

Her reasoning was that the pilots had flown too many hours and they didn't have any planes at the airport. She also mentioned some kind of mechanical issue. She said there was another flight on Saturday, but she couldn't guarantee they would be able to fly my son that day. Seriously??? I booked this flight months in advance. How can they be so disorganized to not plan for this? Additionally, I would expect them to offer alternatives, but all she could offer was a lack of trust that even if we booked for a day later, there would be no guarantee anyone would be able to fly my son to Scottsdale. With this lack of trust in Great Lakes Airlines' ability to fly my son, we didn't want to chance that on Monday he wouldn't be able to make it home. We were forced to cancel both flights.

The lack of compassion from Amanda and the sheer carelessness of the airline has left me highly frustrated and very upset. I do not feel at all confident that I can book a flight through Great Lakes Airlines. While I understand things happen, the lack of customer service I received in this situation is highly unacceptable. Sadly Great Lakes Airlines has taken advantage of the monopoly they have in Page to offer flights and in turn it reflects on their sub par customer service.

I have flown with you in the past and was very happy about the convenience of not having to drive 1 hours to an airport. This past trip however was a nightmare. I was notified several days in advance that my flight down would be cancelled, so I was accommodated on a flight the day before. This was a great inconvenience, but I made it work. I was informed that when I arrived at Los Angeles I would be given a voucher for hotel costs. I inquired if it was a voucher worth cash that I could spend at my destination hotel to help defray costs and the reservations agents responded, "yes, yes, just ask at the desk when you arrive." So I added a night to my hotel where I was going to a meeting. I didn't expect the airline to pick up the entire tab necessarily, but at least a reasonable amount to help defray the cost and inconvenience of going a day early. When I arrived in Los Angeles, I was told there was only a hotel voucher for a specific no-name $69. Hotel near the airport. (I can't imagine what a frightening place a $69 hotel near the airport might be like). I let the person at the desk know that I had already arranged another night in my hotel so I could try to make up the lost time due to flying during the day, instead of flying before work the next day as my reservation was. I was told to contact customer service to straighten it out and was not given the hotel voucher.

I had a bad feeling that my return flight would be a problem as I was the only one with a reservation on Friday at 4:30. I was assured that the airline had already cancelled the flights that would be cancelled and not to worry. My trust wasn't very high at this point, but I went with it. On Friday morning, I called to make sure that the 4:30 flight would go, and was told yes, absolutely, it would have already been cancelled if it was going to be. I told the agent that if I had to I could leave my meeting early to make the 1:30 flight if there was any any chance of the 4:30 flight not going and was told not to change my plans, the flight was definitely on. If I wanted to change my flight to the earlier one there would be a charge. I let them know that I had a commitment that I absolutely could not miss at 7:30 p.m. I was hosting a large event at my place of work.

I arrived at the airport around 2 and checked in for my flight and asked again, "are you sure we are ok with this flight?" I have to be back in Merced no later than 6:30 to make my event. The agent looked right at me and assured me that the flight was going. I made my way to the gate, watched the plane come in and disembark. At 4:20, (my flight was at 4:30) I was paged and told to come back to the check-in counter at the front of the airport. You can imagine how upset I am at this point. I hurried all the way back to the desk, to be told the flight was cancelled. The agent was fairly sheepish and said they had just found out. He said he would put me on a flight to an airport an hour away from Merced (where my car was). I was told that I would be reimbursed for the rental car that I would need to get to take me to my car. Of course the soonest flight would not allow me to be on-time for my event and I had to literally run from the counter if I was to have a chance to make the flight. So I ran in business attire, high heels, silk blouse and all to try to make the flight on American."

I arrive at the check in counter, have to go through security again and run all the way to the gate, which then took me to a bus etc. to the gate. By this time I am not only angry, but add disheveled and sweaty. I am supposed to be hosting several hundred important people in a bit. The rest of the story doesn't get much better, I arrive at Fresno, rent a car just about the time I should be arriving at my event (an hour and a half away). I drive the car to the Merced airport and of course have to stop at a gas station to top it up. I arrive not late at my event, but after it is over. This happened a week ago and it has taken me a week to write this to you because I am still so angry that your airline put the customer absolutely last. At any point, we could have fixed this situation.

I understand that things happen in travel and was willing to be accommodated. Someone clearly knew that the airplane was not going to fly to Merced that day at 4:30. I could have made the earlier flight, or could have been placed on another airline earlier. I could have even driven home if I had known at 2:00 and made my event on time. I do not buy that the airline figured out hour before my flight that there was no pilot to fly it and then only let me know 10 minutes before departure. This is a serious failure. I was the only person scheduled on the flight!!

A starting point in resolving this situation would be: I expect my flight to be refunded, my added hotel cost to be paid for, my rental car paid for, and the gas I put in the rental car to be paid for. I will supply receipts. The damage to my career your airline caused by its capricious handling of this situation I can't calculate at this moment. My hope is that someone with a more deft sense of responsibility and character will respond to this email quickly so that we can resolve this issue in a timely manner.

Just had my third flight in a row cancelled by the airline. Normally when cancelling, the only option is to get a one way car rental which tends to be much more expensive. I am now going to schedule my flights to be able to use a van shuttle which is more time consuming but it is reliable. This airline should seriously consider cancelling several of their routes. It would take the guessing game as to which day or flight you are going to get. Horrible airline. Use extreme caution and definitely have back up travel plans.

Our experience with Great Lakes is as bad as could ever be documented in a classroom example of poor customer service. The best way to illustrate it is to include a copy of the correspondence to them which as of today (4 weeks later) gotten no response

January 20: This past weekend my wife and I were booked (through Frontier) and ticketed on one of your flights from Denver to Vernal. The origin of our trip was Seattle and we were trying to get to Vernal for the birth of our grandson. This flight was booked weeks ago. On Thursday, we were informed by Frontier Airlines that the Saturday Denver to Vernal leg was cancelled. We were rebooked on Sunday. On Saturday we were called (again by Frontier) that the Denver to Vernal leg was cancelled again and they were unable to find a flight on any subsequent days.

My wife called your customer service line and after waiting for nearly 30 minutes we were told sorry but there was nothing that they could do over the phone. Any help, if they could even offer any, would be available at the ticket counter in Denver. My wife then clarified that, yes we were expected to fly to Denver and take our chances with people at the ticket counter who may or may not be able to help us at all. Let me restate that we were attempting to get to Vernal for the birth of our Grandson, this was not just a casual flight. Also in the course of our conversation we were informed by a customer service supervisor that Great Lakes was discontinuing service between Denver and Vernal as of Jan 21, which was even better news since our return flight is on the 27th and, as far as Frontier knows, that flight is still on the books. Again we were told that if we flew to Denver, Great Lakes may or may not be able to help us with any resolution.

While this was going on, we had very compassionate customer service people at Frontier offer to get us as close to our destination as possible, which was Salt Lake City. Although still a 3-hour drive from our destination, This was still infinitely more than we had received after an hour with customer service from your airline. We tentatively but gratefully accepted their offer and booked a rental car from Salt Lake to Vernal, UT.

Upon arriving in Denver, we immediately went to Great Lakes customer service desk to see if there was, in fact, some help to be found for the situation that your airline put us in. Your customer service agent, although cordial and somewhat sympathetic was only able to offer us a tear off sheet with email information which I am now using, but no resolution at all. Fortunately our backup plan with Frontier and the rental car was available and we made it to our destination Sunday evening, after far more time and personal expense. And, if anyone cares, we did make it in time for the birth...barely.

Now, let me remind you that, although there is no "official" word yet, according to your customer service we have no return flight out of Vernal ... And without "official" confirmation of the flight cancellation being given to Frontier, they cannot even rebook us out of Salt Lake City for our return to Seattle. It would be helpful if you could do us the courtesy of informing them that the flight on the 27th has been cancelled so we can begin to figure out our return trip with Frontier.

I cannot even express how appalled that I am over a complete disregard, apathy, inability, or unwillingness to assist ticketed passengers on your airline. The difference between the response of your airline who was at fault and the response of Frontier, who was not responsible, was startling. It couldn't have possibly been further apart. While other customer service interactions offered their names to us up front and also at the conclusion of our discussions, both the phone agent and her supervisor were not nearly as forthcoming and were somewhat reluctant to offer that information.

Despite all of this, we would like to resolve it in the most cordial way possible. All that we are asking is that we can have the car rental expense that we were forced into from Salt Lake City reimbursed within 2 weeks of my submitting the receipts. Fortunately we had the resources to cover this unexpected expense but it came at a very inconvenient time and it needs to be resolved immediately. We would like to end this here and not have to drag it though all of our other options for resolution.

The only information that was really offered to us at the counter in Denver was that email was the most timely course of action... Which has, as of this writing gotten us nowhere.

I should have known better, because Great Lakes Airlines out of Cheyenne WY is well known for cancelled flights, delays, and missed connections, but since I didn't want to drive to Denver, I took a chance. Big mistake!! Because friends had warned me that they were canceling many flights out of Cheyenne, I called the day before we were scheduled for an 8:40 AM departure. After some run around, I finally got the agent to admit that my flight had been cancelled, and was rescheduled on a 7:17 AM flight, which was full. Great Lakes made no effort to notify me of the cancelled flight, and had I not been proactive, I would have missed all of my connecting flights later that day.

No reason is ever given for the cancellations or delays, it just seems to be standard operations for them. I have never received any refund from them, or heard of anyone else receive them, they sometimes just give what seems to be a worthless voucher. When I checked in for my return flight, I was informed by the ticket agent for United Airlines that Great Lakes had cancelled my return flight 2 days ago. Again there was no notification, nor was there any concern on their part for my arrangements. My husband had to unexpectedly drive to Denver to bring me home, so why bother on Great Lakes. Save yourself the money, exasperation, and frustration, by just making other arrangements and avoiding Great Lakes altogether.

In January my wife and I have a foreign exchange student flying into Nebraska from Australia. There are several regional airports within an hour's drive from our home serviced by Great Lakes Aviation. During a class discussion in early January (my wife is a teacher), one of wife's students mentioned that Great Lakes had canceled many of its flights into McCook, NE (the nearest airport to us). I followed up by checking Great Lakes flight schedules and sure enough they began cancelling some of their flight as of 01/03/2014. We contacted the organization that brings the foreign exchange students to the U.S. and contacted the girl's family in Australia. Great Lakes had not notified anyone of these changes. Everyone scrambled, as the girl was scheduled to fly in on 01/15/2014.

On her arrival date, I kept my computer opened to check flight status and all of her flights arrived on schedule finally into Denver International. I checked Great Lakes flight status all day and it showed everything was on time until 3 hours before she was to fly to Nebraska. I found the flight had been cancelled with no explanation as to why. When I tried telephoning Great Lakes customer service, I received an automated message saying I had a 1/2 hour wait before a representative would answer my call. In the meantime, I have a 15-year-old girl stuck in Denver after flying in from Sydney, Australia and I am scrambling to figure out how to get her safely to our home (it is a 5-hour drive to Denver for us).

I can't stay on the phone waiting for customer service in case the young lady calls and there are no ticket counter telephone numbers at Denver International (that they would give out anyway - I did call the customer service for the airport). I personally avoid flying myself because of ordeals like this, but to have this young lady stranded in Denver at night with no help from the airline because of their poor business model is very frustrating, actually frustrating is the G term for my R-rated mental verbiage. I will follow up with complaints to the BBB and FAA about this hack air service.

I emailed Great Lakes customer service when I discovered that the first flight had been cancelled without notice and received an automated message saying they would get back to me. Never happened. My next email and follow up to Great lakes will be neither cordial or pleasant.

I'll be back to write on GreatLakes Airlines. After several months and several emails I finally managed to get a refund of the damaged suitcase. I remember discussions with airport staff, even the airports, and now I have to slightly Correct my opinion. In fact, after meeting Mr. **, Manager - Customer Relations & Baggage Services, kind and professional, I think the biggest mistake committed by the airline has been entrusted to the wrong people managing relationships with passengers. And I mean a few episodes that occurred during my tour of airports in an attempt to get a response on the damage done to the suitcase. Or Mr. ** has surrendered to my insistence? We'll never know, but I got a refund, I am satisfied and therefore I have to revise my opinion on the airline.

If you ever want to make a connecting flight in Denver, CO, never use Great Lakes out of Cheyenne or you have a less than a 5% chance of making the connecting flight. They NEVER leave Cheyenne on time. Today, they got me to Denver as my flight was in the air. No more flights tonight for my destination. Will they pay for hotel for me, hell no. My problem. Make the drive and save a lot of grief and expense.

After over a month of waiting, I was finally contacted by the airline. I have to send proof of purchase of the suitcase. Unfortunately, I have not kept the receipt (which dates back to August 2012 ... who keeps receipts that long?). And I then asked for clarification about any other options for repayment. Am not yet fully satisfied (3 stars), but I want to have confidence in a resolution of the problem.

First of all I apologize for my English, certainly imperfect, but I would like to tell my bad experience with the Great Lakes.

September 17, 2013 arrival in Farmington with ZK flight 7232 from Denver and baggage claim I find my suitcase severely damaged. The damage, also recognized by the employee E.J. the Great Lakes, it was not repairable. I make the complaint immediately to request a refund or a new suitcase.The employee of Great Lakes I release the completed form but asked to leave my suitcase at the airport with them because it is examined by their expert. Unfortunately, my vacation would begin from Farmington towards Kingman covering 1000 miles in the car, without having a permanent place of residence for more than two days. It was therefore impossible to establish a place where to return me the suitcase. And so I could not even leave an address where eventually return the suitcase after visual examination of the expert.

The employee of the Great Lakes had in fact asked for an address where to send the suitcase. In the meantime I would have to buy a new suitcase at my expense. Otherwise it where I put my clothes? Therefore impossible to fulfill my request, the employee of the Great Lakes also tells me not to know what to do because it was the first time that such an incident occurred. He tells me to come back the following morning.

On September 18, I go back to the airport but a new employee only gave me a phone number to call, number of supervisor Mr. Rick **. Nothing else. I complain that it is not a correct behavior and the employee tells me to go Cortez airport and talk with Ms. **. On the same day arriving at the airport of Cortez where I find Ms. ** tells me the same thing: I have a suitcase for examination by the expert.

Even Mrs. ** asked us almost as angry as we come into possession of the application form for damaged baggage damage. ** also talking on the phone perhaps with Mr. ** says he does not understand what we say and we do not know to speak English ... which is partly true, but we knew we laughed and shame that all other employees we have understood. A behavior really rude and disinterested. We then asked our email address so that Mr. ** can write to the method of delivery of the suitcase once back in Italy. Of course, after ten days of waiting there is still no email arrived.

On 24 September, at the airport in Kingman and still wonder about my suitcase. Here, too, no news in addition. They send a fax at the airport in Los Angeles (where I was going) to inform them of my arrival and my problem. But say that I have little hope, have never had such a case and do not know how to behave. On September 24, arriving at Los Angeles airport. Seeking the baggage office of the Great Lakes, but I find that only opens two hours before the flight departure. It was 12:30 and the next flight of the Great Lakes was at 17:30. It was impossible to wait 5 hours and I'm gone.

It's been two weeks since my complaint and no response, and on my return to Italy I sent two e-mails asking for clarification. I have little faith in an answer, but I wait before sending the third email to customer service. Certainly a professional behavior on their part. Without a doubt!

I flew out of Riverton, Wyoming on Great Lakes Airlines, the other day. My dog was in the proper crate, had all of the medical information they asked for, etc. I assumed she was on the same flight as I was on, but later found out (hours later) that the planes were switched, and she wasn't put on my plane. I flew to Denver, had a two-hour lay-over, assuming all was well, because I wasn't paged at Denver Int. Airport, and arrived in Philadelphia, where I was supposed to pick up my pet (at Cargo City).

Well, the incompetent people at the desk had no idea where my dog was! It turned out, she was tracked down in Denver, never having been put on my plane, and then shipped out later that afternoon. I had to wait 7 hours for her arrival in Phila., worrying the whole time, and never knowing what happened to her. On top of that, she was never fed over the 14 hours she was in the crate! I will never trust Great Lakes Airlines or United Airlines with my dog again, and I hope this goes out to a lot of you, so you will be informed not to ship any pet with either airlines.

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