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A vacation package was purchased from Florida Travel Network, Inc. Several telephone calls were attempted to no avail. I decided to send the request by mail, however; the letter was returned not deliverable as addressed. The envelope which was used was one of their self addressed envelopes. I'm not certain if the company yet exists. If they do, what recourse can be taken if any?


We purchased a land and Cruise vacation from a solicitation in the mail about a terrific offer. We tried to schedule the vacation in October for February by mail with the material we got. Time passed and we had not heard anything from them. We repeatedly tried calling the 800 number given to us and were put on hold, disconnected and so forth.

Sometime in January my wife got in touch with Steve R. who told her that the vacation we had purchased was not what we expected because Florida Travel Network had been sold to this Ramada network and that it was up to them what they offered us. In order for our vacation to be worthwhile we would have to spend another $300. Still, he informed us that he would not be able to guarentee our dates until Jan 20th when he would personally call us to let us know. The 20th passed and no phone call.

Today Jan 24 we attempted all day to get in touch with the travel network and were told that our vacation plans were not guaranteed. We were then transferred many times and finally disconnected from the call shortly before the place closed.

We paid originally $598 to purchase the package which included a 3 day 2 night cruise and 4 days hotel. In making the reservations we had to pay an additional $318 in taxes and fees that we were unaware of at the time of the package purchase. Then we paid an additional $300 to make our vacation again resemble the one we had paid for. Each step along the way we told ourselves that we had paid so much up until now and did not want to lose our money. We paid all of this to now be told that our plans are not aranged. I am a physician and have to plan my vacation in advance and this ruins it, not to mention the time and calls spent to try to contact this company.

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