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Last updated: Aug. 21, 2017

65 eTourandTravel, Inc. Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 21, 2017

So I bought a $99 package and upgraded so I could take all 6 members of my family. We couldn't go within the allotted time so we let it expire, no harm no foul. 3 years later I get bombarded with calls to "reactivate" the trip for $249. Orlando etc. I tell the person, the only trip we are taking is a cruise. I was told yes we have cruises and you can get all the information about them AFTER you reactivate for $249, no actually $319 if you want a cruise. I ask "how do I look up all the dates online and cabins etc so I can show my wife?" "Oh, we send you all the information AFTER you pay". I say, "let me make this easy, I'm not paying anything until I can see what I am getting". Well Blah Blah, "No, YOU tell me where I can see it online or take me off your list". CLICK. I call the Caller ID and tell them I want to lodge a complaint, Same BLAH BLAH then I get "SIR I'M DISCONNECTING YOU NOW" and CLICK. Don't bother with this company, they are a joke.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: June 7, 2017

I made a reservations on June 3 for June 17. I was told I would be able cancel anytime. But it wasn't until I called June 7 to cancel that a lot of untold information that was being revealed for the first time. First there is a cancellation fee of $50 for each night of your reservation. Secondly, cancellation had to be made within 15 days (my reservations were made less than 15 days so even if I cancelled the same day I made the reservation, I would still have to pay the cancellation fee). The lady says to me, "We try to encourage our customers to make reservations 30 days in advance." The only problem with that is that no one tried to persuade me to do anything but purchase a reservation.

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Original review: May 25, 2017

Worst touring company I have ever tried to use. The hotels look nothing like online. Booked a vacation package to Vacation Villas in Orlando Florida and they looked like run down apartments that they tried to turn into a Vacation location. Had to spend over $1,000 to stay at my regular vacation spot, only got a deal on their onsite water park tickets of $15 which is normally $30 and had to pay full price for theme park tickets to multiple parks for 3, dining, and other entertainment which ended up being the best choice for comfort. And we totally enjoyed our stay and vacation regardless of the fees that were incurred which was unintended for relocating to the other hotel.

Did finally receive my refund back from eTour after the agent wanted to give me the runaround and call me back with a different location they wanted to select for me. I didn't like the first one you sold to me saying it was a nice hotel. I really doubt I would like any other thrown together resort eTourandTravel represent. Was told they would call me back in an hour after I had already drove 8 hours to Orlando. Forced the lady to stay on the phone, they were not trying to return my refund saying I didn't cancel 7 days prior. I had only booked the vacation last minute two days before I arrived so how would I have 7 days prior to cancel.

On top of that the reservation was not for the day I asked but a week later. Anyways, I did receive my full refund back after speaking to a manager and was glad she understood so I dropped the entire ordeal and move on to a better resort knowing I wouldn't be trusting them anymore about the quality of any of their packages. Now on today an entire month later I receive a call from eTour trying to give me a cruise or vacation stay in Myrtle Beach which was suppose to come free anyways when I booked the first time because they did not have the dates available I originally requested. After the entire situation I didnt want it anyway.

Now I get this call today on 5-25-2017 from this lady rep. I told her about the entire situation, and that I had to relocate to a different resort. From the beginning she said, "No I didn't" being sarcastic! I responded with, "Yes I did, because the place was not somewhere I would pay to stay." She went on to say, "Well take out a pen and write this down." I said, "Write what down?!" After she asked me questions of how much I paid at the other hotel I checked in and me telling her it was worth the cost because we were comfortable. When she mentioned the stay at Myrtle Beach I said oh that's what I was suppose to get before because my dates was changed which actually interfered with a traveler with use being able to do dialysis treatments. She said, "Well you canceled" in a smart mouth tone.

So I told her, "Take me off the list. I don't want what you're offering because I probably wouldn't like to stay in anything you all have to offer and to not call my phone again." This idiot knowingly or unknowingly was talking trash about me to her manager while the phone was still in an active call. She said, "She is mean and she probably only paid $99 to stay where she did cause she probably took a tour." Here's the thing I stayed for a week at the new resort after dealing with this unprofessional company and its employees, $99 didn't cover that. Although I wish it did since you all were still holding $300 of my money. Clearly she don't understand. It's not about what you spend but the quality of your travel. On top of that I don't waste my time with tours because I don't want another Timeshare. Been there and done that so I wasn't able to have a tour there anyways.

Fool me one time shame on you. Fool twice cant put the blame on you! She had no idea the inconvenience they cost us but had the nerve to open up her mouth and say stupid stuff because she probably can only afford to travel with $500 out of state herself and she sounded like she would spend $100 of that on smoking cigarettes all day! Now it's nothing wrong with the amount anyone travel with or can afford but don't just make assumptions when you're trying to sell a company's product or service that you don't even own and they are probably paying you $7 an hour to try and sell people low-quality vacation spots.

With that kind of ignorance being seen twice by this company and especially when I moved on from the first horrible experience I can guarantee you I will never deal with or recommend this company to anyone. It seems like they just hire anyone off the streets that need a job to play at. They do not train them to respect their customers regardless of the customers' opinion of their services. Because as we all know what doesn't work for one will work for another. But with the type of staff they have I really doubt they will understand the value of true customer service. It's ridiculous, and I'll laugh at the entire situation just like before. But that idiot agent caused this write up and the exposing of eTourandTravel bad products and services.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 29, 2017

We got our vacation through them. We were three and told us they would give two Disney park tickets for 3 for free if we reserve hotel through them and have to take the 90 min tour. We did get the hotel. They were supposed to call a week before to confirm the time and schedule the 90 min tour, they never did. The day of travel we called and was able to reach after repeated attempts. After we reach Orlando, we go to the welcome center to collect everything for the hotel. The front desk attendant who helped with the sign in was awful and not courteous at all. Looked like she didn't want to serve us. Anyhow handed us the hotel details and told the tour was for the next day at 2p. WE said nobody called us and they said it is in their system that somebody called, left a message and emailed but in reality nobody did. We asked if she could forward me the same email that was sent. She said, "Ok," but never did.

The next day we go for the tour. The tour took 5 hours instead of 90 mins. We even froze our Timeshare by paying a certain amount. When we go to check out and they are supposed to have over the Disney tickets, they give us only 2 tickets instead of 6, as they had initially said when we made the hotel reservation through them, which was in October or November of last year. WE told them what was promised but the lady at the counter said that is what it says in the system and they cannot do anything.

WE called eTourandTravel from there. Was extremely difficult to reach, but finally was able to. They told us that the manager will listen to the recorded message and call us back in an hour. They never did again. We called after an hour and spoke to somebody and he said he didn't know anything. Anyway after we explained, we said can we listen to the recorded message. He said it is against the company policy to let anybody listen to the recorded message.

This was completely rip off. WE had to purchase the Disney tickets again and the day of the tour we had purchased the ticket ourselves to go to a park. But because we had to take the tour, we left after two hours of being in the park and by the time we came back after taking the tour 5 hours, it was almost time for the park to close down. The worst experience we have had. The vacation home eTourandTravel partner with and the one we had attended are also fraud. eTourandTravel need to shut down. I checked the review later and they have 1 star rating and everybody has reported that they are a ripoff and scam.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 23, 2017

I was visiting with a friend and they indicated they wanted to go to Charleston for an event. The event looked interesting so after calling my wife we thought it would also be a good event to go to. This friend had been talking with me about timeshare she belonged to, but when looking for a place to stay in Charleston we came across “eTourandTravel” and I thought I would give it a try. She booked a spot with them thinking they might be worth giving a try, and I also booked a place with them.

Later that day I had still not received my confirmation email but had received a “temporary reservation” so I called them. The girl on the phone was very confused and told me I had not booked the room. I looked on my credit card statement and the charge was there. Then I was told that they were very backed up and all of the paperwork was sent into another room and it could take several days for the confirmation to come through. Then I was told that my reservation had been changed and I was booked in the same party as the other lady. Finally a supervisor named David came on and apologized for the problem, took all of my information again and re-did my reservation and booked me in a room with a double bed. I received a “Thank you for your purchase” email, and it said that “You will receive another email with your account number in the next 24 hours”.

The next day I received a cancellation notice stating my reservation had been in fact canceled. The charge was still on my card, so I called back and the lady I talked with was again terribly confused first telling me my charge had been refunded, then telling me I was still being charged and my wife and I were in a suite with this other woman. After much conversation, I asked to speak to a supervisor again. I was given a person named “Leo”. This was undoubtedly the most useless, rude, and unprofessional individual I have ever dealt with. He did nothing but talk over me every time I tried to explain the situation, and offered no help, only telling me I was no longer a customer of “eTourandTravel” since my reservation had been canceled and he could tell me nothing further.

The next day after seeing that my credit card was still charged for the purchase, I called back and asked for a supervisor again who told me that the reason my reservation was canceled was because I was traveling with another person. I told her I was not traveling with another person other than my wife. She then told me that it was their policy that when two people that knew each other made reservations on the same day that it is not allowed because “They might influence one another”. All of this has left a very bad feeling toward them and left me with having to find another place to stay before it is too late. I will never book anything with them again!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 6, 2017

I was planning a trip to Florida and looking for a hotel. Their website showed up and I tried to make a reservation. They called me tomorrow and I repeated for the lady that for timeshare I have to bring my husband and he is not coming to Florida with me. She said that is ok. Finally, I made a reservation with option of canceling it 30 days before the trip. I called them and checked to make sure that my husband does not need to be there. Yes. My husband has to be there otherwise there will be $350 fee. I asked for cancellation and they are trying to charge me cancellation fee that it was not discussed during making reservation and I do not see it in the confirmation email. Now I have to wait until they review the conversation tape and see if the lady did discuss it with me or not. End of the line, Do Not Trust Them.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 28, 2016

The first time I received a call from this company was when they offered me a cruise. They didn't tell me there was a timeshare orientation required before boarding and I'd have to find my own ride and pay a ridiculous price for an airline ticket to go. I called and demanded a refund before the 15 day deadline. Then the company called me back 7 months later offering me 3 nights in Orlando and Myrtle Beach for $99 at a 4-5 star hotel with an upgrade package to a suite. I decided it was only $99 and he's saying it will be 4-5 star so how could this go wrong? What's a timeshare presentation anyway? 2 hours of my time, I gave him my debit card info.

After investigating into the package and trying to book my dates, I noticed you don't get to pick where you stay and the majority of hotels they send you to are 2 star hotels and that everything they offer you is not guaranteed and you will not know until you reach that hotel or resort that they bribed you with only to send you to an extended inn by cab that YOU pay for which ends up costing you more than a night at the extended inn anyway. The upgrade he offered expired 30 days after the purchase date, and in order to book a trip you need to give ETourandTravel a 30 day notice, so that upgrade was null from the start. So yes, it's a huge scam.

A few employees of theirs from FL dropped them some good reviews, don't let them fool you, this deal is not for locals so how can they say they got their trip if they live in the same city as ETourandTravel? I called for a refund and the "supervisor" was very rude and even set the phone down while she laughed that I said I didn't want the package because they confirmed to me that I would possibly stay at a 2 star hotel, then she didn't tell me to hold as she called me rude for not wanting to be conned! So I had to call back a second time to get a refund, each call with a 15-30 min wait time. It was ridiculous! Ending this headache with a refund will make your next vacation a lot easier, don't deal with the stress this company puts you through.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 6, 2016

I got a phone call with a high-pressure salesman offering me the nice sounding vacation for some very low price as many of you here have. They even set up a payment plan since I am very low income where I paid $100 per month and gave me 15 days to review the materials they were going to mail me and cancel within that time if I needed. The main red flag was that they said they had to either made the sale on this one phone call or I would lose my chance to take the offer. So I decided was worth a try and I could always charge back on the credit card if things were not as I expected. I figured it was just a way to get me in front of their timeshare seminar to sell me more stuff.

I put my skepticism aside and took the offer. Later I did some online research and found this and many other sites with complaints and began to worry about it. So I decided I would at least review the materials they were mailing me closely before I went into panic mode about being ripped off or tricked into bait and switch. Unfortunately a week later I had and still involved in a family crisis making any future vacation in the next few years all but impossible. While still upset over my loss I somehow managed to get a clear head to remember about this package and that I should cancel it.

Now here comes the unexpected part. Given the reviews I read and how many consider this one big scam I was incredibly surprised at how customer service handled things. Things I was happy about was hold times were very short, nearly instant one time and only a couple minutes the next. The representative did not pressure me to continue the plan but did politely suggest alternatives and offered more months to pay. Once I explained my family loss they put me on hold and worked on the cancellation. Although I did not realize I was hold and after a while thought I was disconnected which prompted me to call back a second time. While on hold for the second phone attempt the representative actually called me back to complete the refund process.

Now I can't say anything about the reviews about vacations not as advertised or other issues. But I can and will say one thing. Although the sales team is run like a gang of con artists the customer service department is top notch and canceling with them was easier than cancelling my CenturyLink internet last summer. I can only hope the rest of the company have improved or are already on the same level as the customer service department. When I called to cancel I thought I was going to be in for a long fight but really it was exactly the opposite. I may actually give them another try some day if a promotion is made available to me and my personal and family circumstances are better.

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Original review: Nov. 21, 2016

Waiting to schedule family vacation. Have been told for months schedule for the resorts are not out yet. Anyone else been told this? Will affect air fare prices, trying to confirm times for work. Second time with this company and have to chase your vacation. Will NOT do this again. Can't get a manager to respond to me. Would like to have full refund and camp in my back yard for all the trouble we have been through. PROMISED this time would be so much easier and we would be 100% satisfied!!! Such a sucker I was. Will keep fighting for what I paid for will post results.

Original review: Sept. 27, 2016

I recently purchased a vacation package for myself and family to Myrtle beach for 99 dollars. And a bonus cruise with Carnival Cruise lines for only $120 more. Just came back from our family getaway from Myrtle beach. We stayed at Festiva Sandcastle oceanfront property. The resort was amazing and was surprised with a bonus of a $50 Visa gift card to use for fun after our walk-through. Wasn't even 2 hrs. And then also received our cruise cert. My children and wife had such a wonderful time. We can't wait to travel with them again. Our sales rep and management was Awesome, Friendly and helpful! We've already recommended this company to our friends and family and can't wait for our cruise on our anniversary! Great job eTourandTravel for the wonderful experience!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 18, 2016

I received a phone call from eTourandTravel and I'm not sure how they got my phone number. I told the person I was not interested and DON'T CALL AGAIN!!! Of course he hung up on me. I went on Google and looked up this business and read all the one star reviews. PLEASE don't be fooled by these gimmicks. If it sounds too good to be true... Well that should speak volumes to you. Go to your local travel agency. Sit down with someone and plan your vacation. NEVER do it over the phone with a company you have never heard about. Also, they called from a number with my area code... I guess to look authentic. Like I said BEWARE... IT'S A SCAM!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 11, 2016

Similar to other reviews, eTourandTravel should be SHUT DOWN! Promised us certain accommodations near Branson, MO and when we showed up they said the hotel we agreed to was sold out. In fact, all the good hotels we could have originally picked from were "sold out". When we looked at the email confirmation, it just so happens they don't put down the exact name of the hotel... what a coincidence. We also requested a king bed because of my pregnant wife and of course, we were given a queen at the 1st Inn Branson which is basically a 1.5 star hotel at best... we were promised at least a 3-star. Worst lodging experience ever and Festiva Travel, who gets business from eTourandTravel weren't much more helpful and should also be shut down!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 28, 2016

RIP OFF!!! RIP OFF!!! RIP OFF!!! Beware, this so called company is a RIP OFF and they had me looking like a fool in front of my family. When they initially called me, they offered me a package that included a nice resort that included a 2 bedroom villa, pools throughout the facility, lazy river, on-site restaurants, plenty of activities for our kids, and plenty of accommodations for the adults as well. Instead, they took my money (when I checked the hotel they put us in and compared prices, I paid MORE with eTourandTravel versus booking through the hotel myself!) No DEAL!! They told me that my family would be staying in one resort, but when I got there, they put us in a very RUN DOWN and BUSTED hotel instead. The name of the place was Festiva. It only had ONE pool, ONE hot tub that all the 'drinkers' used and pissed in all day, ONE ping-pong table, and ONE basketball court in which we had to go out and buy our own basketball.

They only gave us 5 towels for a family of 4 and told us that we would be charged in we needed to swap the towels out. I spent most of our RUINED vacation washing towels and wash clothes out of fear of being charged money if I asked for fresh ones. We never got a chance to use the hot tub, remember there was only one, because entire families were in it at all times, drinking, and pissing in it! When I complained to the front desk, they told me there was nothing that they could do because they are known to switch people's place of stay at the last minute. The 'hotel' Festiva also had RUST in the refrigerator and the floors were BLACK!

My family had a HORRIBLE time and I was cheated. I was like another person who made a review here. We came expecting one thing, and when we got here, they put us in a DUMP! SHAME OF THEM! There was NOTHING at all to do here! I felt like I had let my husband and kids down all because of the LIES eTourand Travel dished out to me.

I will NEVER accept any other offers, deals, packages, or anything from this so-called 'company'. The thing about it, BEWARE... because once they start getting enough complaints from people who they have ripped off, they will then change their name to something else to continue the RIP OFF scam they're doing to families. If I had to make a living by ripping off families, I would just go ahead and quit! These people and anyone that are affiliated with these people cannot and WILL NOT have any good luck ripping consumers off the way they're doing.

As for anyone that would give this 'company' a good review... I've come to only (3) reasons as to why on earth you would rate this company well... either you work for them, they paid you to write the BS or all of you are use to staying in trashy places and being lied to. I'm just saying, eTourandTravel is a bunch of BS ripping families of their hard earned money. They will NEVER get my money nor my family and friends money again!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 27, 2016

As I sit here in this old resort/apartment building, I feel less than satisfied. My husband booked a reservation for 4 in April 2016 for my son's basketball tournament. He paid the down payment and was told to make sure the balance is paid before the check-in date, which is 7/26. Well, Saturday, July 16, he called to pay the balance of the reservation. Needless to say, the reservation had been canceled with a status of only showing interest in vacationing through ETourandTravel. These people gave my husband THE HARDEST TIME. They did not want to accommodate or make up for what they had done, even after listening to the recording and admitting that my husband's story was THE TRUTH. The representative told my husband that the balance had to be paid before check-in, not then and the reservation process. Let's not mention that it took them 3 days to figure this out.

They still couldn't/wouldn't honor the original reservation at the original resort we had booked. The representative we spoke to on Thursday found a resort of lesser standard, but worth the try. When we spoke to the 4th rep, not the same one, that reservation of wrong and we ended up at Royal Garden Resort, which isn't bad, but is not what we're used to. Not only are 6 people squeezed into a 2 bedroom condo/apartment/resort for 6 days, but we had to pay almost DOUBLE what the original reservation was for at a better resort, the one we wanted. These people are less than accommodating and will keep you on hold FOREVER!!! DO NOT BOOK WITH ETourandTravel. They don't even deserve the capitalization of the company name. So now we are stuck at this old place, which is not bad. It's clean, a little. The owners could do a lot better with updating the rooms.

Our first room had old tropical furniture, with big butt TVs, a VCR and a double deck tape recorder. WHAT??? The staff tried to accommodate as much as possible. They allowed us to see 2 other condos that were empty. We ended up moving to another room with a more modern feel. It's still broke down though. The decorative pillows have some type of something on the back of them. I can't figure out what it is. The towel bars came down. They were already broken before we got there, just put back on the hook, not repaired. The couch is so used that the cushions are all messed up. There is no iron or ironing board in this room. I had to buy that stuff, how inconvenient. Usually, I unpack and try to make myself "at home". I put all of my toiletries in the bathroom or on the dresser for easy access during the week. Please know that I'm not doing that this week. I DON'T FEEL AT HOME!!!

The only good thing from this trip is that ETourandTravel gave us a free trip to Orlando, FL. I'll believe it when I see it. However, I would rather be happy now than to have a free trip. ACCOMMODATIONS are everything. COMFORT is everything. ASSURANCE is everything. TRUTH is everything. My family is suffering because of someone's mistake. They could've at least called or emailed to say that we had 24/48 hours to express our on-going interest in keeping the reservation and to make some type of payment before they would cancel. Even when they cancelled, a phone call would have been nice, just to say we had to cancel your reservation. We would have had more time to make reservations somewhere else. On top of all that, THEY DID NOT REFUND OUR ORIGINAL DOWN PAYMENT AND WE HAD TO PAY AN ADDITIONAL $125.00 WHEN WE CHECKED IN TODAY!!! Really people!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 10, 2016

We got con into signing up for a deal in Orlando via searching for the best rate hotel in Orlando. We made reservation with E-Tour and they had us stayed at the Radisson Inn. We came and our reservation was canceled. Lucky my wife asked me to check my email and I found out that they bait and switched us to an old furniture timeshare place four miles away. The cost of taxi going back and forth, shuttle to the park was $48 per day - all and all was more than booking at a 4-5 stars hotel with much better service.

Original review: Jan. 22, 2016

I purchased a deal from the sales department of eTourandTravel. They have given me one month notice to cancel the purchase and get the full refund. But I called them on 16th day, they said it's 15 days company policy and hence can't refund the money. They said that they listened to the recording and there was nobody who talked about 30 days for this particular case. When I asked to allow me to listen to the phone recording, they said they can't share the recording with anyone. They just don't want to refund my 250 dollars. They are total fraud.

Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 5, 2015

My husband and I called them to book with them at vacation villas. Mr. ** took our information, kept putting us on hold and checked the dates available ASSURING us they were available. He also stated that we would receive an email that day. We called two days later and there were no reservations. After checking many times and putting us on hold, they came back stating that they had record of us but someone should have called us to tell us that the dates were unavailable.

I asked to speak with a supervisor. He claimed to be Alex who said that there was no one other than him to complain to. He kept talking over me and even laughing at me. He told both me and MY husband that he was sorry that the dates didnt work out for us and that he would send us an email in five minutes regarding our refund. He didnt. We were on the phone with the discover card during all of this conversation. I also plan on reporting them to the FTC. This is a bogus corporation. THIS WAS A BAIT AND SWITCH. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 28, 2015

I qualified online with them for 2 free universal tickets. Received a phone call from their agent and was guaranteed the tickets even if I did not buy vacation. When I did it was in promotional. After the phone call, the agent gave me a promotion code, told me to go home, get on their website, and type in vacation code box. When I did the code was invalid. I called back and got yelled at by the next agent. How if I wasn't going to buy the vacation, what did I need the ticket for? He said they couldn't make any money that way. Then he said it was a live promotion and I had to type it in when she gave it to me but she told me call was recorded and to get a pen and paper. The male agent was screaming when I hung up on him. When I tried to call back the agency put me on an indefinite hold. DO NOT LISTEN TO THEIR CALLS.

Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 13, 2015

I was sold a vacation. I was charged 98 dollars down. I was told that I only had to pay the balance before I took vacation then they charge. Started charging my card every month for 150 dollars. When I disputed it they lied. They cannot be trusted, they are liars.

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 26, 2015

Around the 20th of August I decided I wanted to do a vacation for just the weekend. It didn't matter where so I put in Myrtle beach, a 6-hour drive from my house, then I put in the dates. Now remind you I selected 297.00 because it was my price range, so once I selected a 3 and half star hotel, bam a screen pops up congratulations you have selected our off-season peak 98.00. I was overjoyed, selected to see the room and location's nice, everything nice. As soon as I played that 98.00 my nightmare begin. Someone called to ask about my income, where I live, what type of work, on and on about 7 calls, do you have a major credit card. Presentation trying to get people to purchase timeshare.

OK, I made it through all the crap then I arrive at Myrtle beach that nasty hotel, had to pay 62.00 more dollars. It was so bad. We checked out Sunday, the hotel they gave us was Blue Water. They don't clean rooms and I didn't have an ocean front as promised over the phone, we were on the 14th floor. I was told we could just walk out to the beach. The presentation was long and boring, I told the rep. I'm not buying because of my bad experience with eTours and didn't wanna get jacked again. We could not get our money back for leaving early, oh not to mention I had to call twice for our hotel packages. It didn't talk about the hotel only the welcome center. In the near future I wouldn't use anything that's connected to eTours and travel/festival.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 25, 2015

I called eTours and spoke to them about switching dates on a reservation within the 15 days no penalty fee requirement per their terms and conditions. However, they want to charge me a 25.00 per day fee to change! I read the terms to them and they said there's nothing they can do. So I asked to speak to a supervisor which explained to me that their terms and conditions stated on my contract were untrue! So he said he wanted to charge me 150.00!!! I'm pretty sure that's why you have terms and policies so follow them! And it's written clearly in the policy NO PENALTY!!! And everyone I spoke to was very rude! I wasn't even cancelling just trying to change dates. This is their idea of customer service!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 7, 2015

Sent me to a presentation for a timeshare and they lied and ripped me off. They took advantage of me because he knew I could not understand everything.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 29, 2015

I travelled with eTourandTravel, it was the best experience my family. This was a great family vacation at a great discounted rate!!!

Original review: July 5, 2015

In about the 2nd week of May 2015 I went online to check out a place to stay in Myrtle Beach, SC and I found a place I really liked call Hotel Blue. I made reservations for a few days starting June 14th. All was great and I was somehow in contact with eTourand travel. I went from talking to someone named ** and then a gentleman who said he was a supervisor named **. I made the arrangements for payment and they said we had to go to 120 minute tour. That wasn't what I had planned but was okay for the apparent special we were to be paying. With this package we were suppose to get Midevil with dinner tickets.

I called the next day to see if we could add on 2 more days. They said to hold on and they checked and said all was fine. They then e-mailed me confirmation for what I wanted...Hotel Blue. 1st floor because I am handicap with 2 queen beds, indoor outdoor pool and a lazy river. Then when I got my confirmation email I call to find out what room we were in. I am told we were moved to Blue Motel (I think the name was) anyway a few blocks down. I wasn't too pleased that the lazy river was across the street but I still had the kitchen. Then I get that confirmation a few days later. They want me to contact them confirming everything.

So I called again and this time they asked about our income! Before I called again, I get another confirmation for Holiday Inn Beach something that only had an outdoor pool and NO kitchen. I called them and told them that wasn't what I had wanted and made reservations for and had to change it to something with an indoor pool. With my medicine I can not be out in the sun too long. I was transferred several times then I got hooked up with a very nice man name **. HE WAS REALLY UNDERSTANDING and found me closer to what I originally made reservations for. He got us to Econo Lodge with both an indoor and outdoor pool. STILL no kitchen but it did have the indoor pool and were going on vacation in less then 1.5 weeks.

Anyway...I call when we are leaving like we were suppose to especially if we were going to be after 5 or 6 pm. They scheduled us for the tour at 7:30 I believe, we get there and they asked how thing were so we told husband was understandably upset and he went outside to smoke. They called me to another room and said we didn't have to go on the tour because of how upset we were and had me fill out a piece of paper and afterward since we didn't take the tour we couldn't have the dinner tickets. HONESTLY Econo Lodge was a very nice place and everyone was great.

I am very very disappointed with the way I really didn't get what I had made reservations for in the beginning and worst yet that in a matter of a few weeks we were moved to a total of 4 different resorts/motels! Did not get the kitchen I had planned on getting and then because we were upset and told them so they take away our dinner with show tickets!!! I feel something should be done about the way eTourand travel handles their customers.

IF THEY CAN'T MANAGE TO GIVE YOU THE RESERVATIONS YOU WENT ONLINE TO BEGIN WITH...THEY SHOULDN'T BE HANDLING CUSTOMERS. Thank you for taking the time to read my half horrible experience. Econo Lodge was very nice and the people great. I just don't like the way we were treated before ** did the best he could and it was not right to have the dinner tickets taken away for being honest with the tour people.

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Original review: June 16, 2015

eTourandTravel is a horrible company and they treat their employees horrible as well. I was laid off with no prior notice and was left with bills to pay and a small child to support. Company is horrible and a rip off. I worked there for 4 months and saw the way customers were treated. If you want to cancel the package stick with the answer "NO." They are going to offer you incentives to keep the package but keep your firm "NO" and package will be cancelled.

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Original review: April 27, 2015

I traveled to a location in Mexico with my husband for our anniversary. We had a fabulous time. The resort was absolutely gorgeous. The staff was very courteous and helpful. I would definitely recommend their services. I can't wait to use our bonus vacation with them in October.

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Original review: April 7, 2015

In January I reserved a room for March in Charleston at the Aloft Hotel. I went online, put in my dates and found one of those (overpriced) time share (we sell you things) and booked my room with the promise that my husband and I would get 2 carriage rides for our stay and then we would sit through the set up of a time share and get tickets for a cruise. Should have known then it was too good to be true. So anyway, I get off the phone get an email that has an account number and thinking that we are good to go since January.

Ok fast forward to last Friday-my husband and I arrive in Charleston to the hotel and there is not reservation. I call the ETour and Travel and get put on hold for 20 minutes and then disconnected. So while still using the hotel's phone I call back and get someone else who was completely rude and telling me that I had to call back and confirm the dates. I asked, "How was I supposed to know that?" Of course no answer and just rude as can be. Eventually we did end up getting a room at the comfort suites on the other side of town-which was fine and it worked out and we had a great weekend.

So then today I call back just to see if there is anything that can be done or that I needed to do to ensure that this crazy miscommunication doesn't happen to anyone else. I get someone else on the phone and told that they tried to contact me 3 times in March to confirm my dates (really you tried to contact me?? Why didn't I hear this on Friday? Why was I basically yelled at and told that it was all my fault because I didn't call and confirm my dates) So when I asked how they tried to contact me they gave me some crazy number that sounded like my phone number but the number was wrong- how convenient! So now there isn't anything that they can do and they are sorry... I am so confused!

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Original review: March 20, 2015

Where do I begin? eTour Travel has not lived up to what they tell you over the phone. I am about ready to take my vacation using my package. So far I wasn't able to use the air bucks because that was a scam. Now I've heard negative stories about the car rental. I understand that you get the crappiest car. Picture 4 people traveling in your party, they going to give a car the size for two. I think they do this on purpose just to make more money.

Now the hotel they don't tell you once again you will get a standard room. They promised me I could have a suite. I explained to them that I needed a bigger room because I had 4 people traveling with me. So i find out you have to pay extra for the upgrade. So What IS The POINT IN ALL OF THIS? Why bother buying a package if everywhere you go you have to upgrade?

Taking a cruise would be more easier & less hassling & stressful than this. Isn't that the point of taking a vacation!!!! I WARN ANYONE WHO WANTS TO USE THIS.....DONT NOT IF YOU WANT STRESS & AGGRAVATION FOR YOURSELF. IT'S NOT WORTH IT!!!! Already paid for my airline tickets myself & I'm paying my own hotels because I don't trust them.

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Original review: March 19, 2015

Spoke with ** to book this disastrous vacation at Fantasy World Resort. ** assured me I was getting a beautiful villa by the water park. This villa was one of their "show" villas. I booked in conversation - he told me they could also get me a car with Enterprise and that with the "short" tour two one day passes. I called back to the reservations to book my car and was told that we didn't have a confirmation of any room but they would gladly qwerty us other dates. Had my flights. This was speaking with **. I told her, "Absolutely no. Find my reservations." She put me on hold for a half hour then told me she would call me back - had a bad connection. She never called. I called again and asked to speak with the manager. He got on and told me to stop yelling. His name was **. "Oops sorry ma'am. We found it. You are all set. I will now book your car." Paid for car up front.

Got to Disney. Car reservation messed up. Got to villas - the room was in a back lot with dumpsters and wild cats and a roof caving in was our view. This was at 2 in the morning - no front desk open, had to wait until the next day. Got to front desk. Her comment was, "How did I know what room you were in?" She said they have all kinds of problems with this agency. We were told they sell discounted tickets. Not true same as park. We went to "short" tour - 3 hours of a wasted day. They don't take no for an answer then told me we don't get the passes.I started yelling and they finally gave me my passes. I wasted two of my vacation days because of this low life travel agency. I hope they go out of business. They are a rip off and need to be shut down.

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Original review: March 11, 2015

Never again. The attendant took more than 20 minutes to confirm my cancel. He made the same questions on, and on, and tries changing the packages. He doesn't want to give up... After I was really angry he said would be 5 to 7 days to cancel... Hope so...

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