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Somehow, I got signed up for this company sometime in October 2011. I do not recall signing up for Elite Excursions or being told that I was signed up for this. I do not know of ever getting any newsletters or promotional materials from them. They were also taking money from my savings account. I never give my information for my savings account out to anyone, ever. When I found out about $24.99 being taken from my account this past March, this was the first time I had heard about Elite Excursions in my entire life. I told my bank they got me some of my money back, and I called Elite Excursions to cancel my account. I spoke to a woman named Vicky who took care of the account, however, she would not tell me how I came to be signed up in the first place.

About a month later, I looked at my savings account and what do I see? $24.99 charge from Elite Excursions on that account. I talked to my bank again and I closed the account. It has been a month since I closed my savings and today, for the first time, I received something in the mail from Elite Excursions; two things to be exact, one a bill telling me they can't pull money out of my account and a benefits guide. They have taken hundreds of dollars from me and given me nothing. I work a part time job at Home Depot since I got out of the Marines. I can't afford the vacations even with their useless discounts. To say that I am angry with them doesn't quite cover how I feel. I am beyond angry.

I apparently joined Elite Excursions through an offer sent to me by 1-800-flowers on 1/21/2010, although I do not remember doing so. Since then, Elite Excursions has been billing me $19.99 per month for the past three years with no further communication. When I called them today to find out what this charge on my credit card was for, they informed me that they 1) do not have an e-mail address for me on file (and therefore no electronic communication about their services or benefits); and 2) that they do not send any form of hard copy communication through the postal service (about their services or benefits).

I had mistaken this charge for the athletic club I belong to (which also bills $19.99 a month) because the identification on my credit card was a cryptic string of letters and numbers. I cancelled the athletic club membership last month, so I was surprised to see the $19.99 still on my credit card bill for February, hence the call to Elite Excursions. I have unknowingly paid over $700 over the past three years to this company with absolutely no communication from them. I would feel more responsible for this having happened if I at least received a monthly update of some kind or even an annual update that reminded me I was a member.

In my view, this is the worst kind of electronic fraud. They appear to be counting on their members to continue to pay while forgetting all about using their services. I would like to file a complaint on the basis that this company only communicates with its "members" through the mechanism of billing to a credit card while making no attempt whatsoever to communicate and ensure its "members" remember the company even exists and are aware of, or take advantage of its benefits and services!

I called the Elite Excursions number just to cancel my membership because l lost my job. However, one person connected me to different numbers and each one of them claimed that I was connected to the wrong extension. Then thinking that I was connected to the right number, I waited 28 minutes but no one answered my call. So will you please just cancel my membership? Thank you.

I kept having overdrafts on my account and could not figure out why. When I went to my bank, I asked them if I had an automatic withdrawal. They said yes. They told me how much and how to get a hold of Elite Excursions. I promptly called them and told them I wanted my money back. They said that they could refund two payments and if I wanted the rest, I had to file a complaint for the rest. I can't believe that a company can take money out of your account without you first giving your permission. If they are backed by US Bank, maybe the bank should rethink its policies on selling information.

US Bank has Elite Excursions as affiliates. They deceive you into signing up then take money out of your US Bank account each month without so much as a howdy do!

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I purchased a 2005 6.0 Ford Excursion Diesel VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) ** for $28,000 from Battlefield Ford. I have not even put 10,000 miles on the truck and it keeps breaking down due to the High pressure oil pump leak that is costing around $5,000 to fix. The Ford dealership states it is not responsible. Ford admits the Engine is plagued with serious and pervasive design and manufacturing defects that render the engines unmerchantable and unsuitable for..

Elite Excursion deposited $10 in my account which I had not authorized, then charged me $24.99 fee which I did not sign up for Elite Excursion. I then asked them to cancel my membership and they have not yet. So now my savings account with US Bank is overdrawn. I don't know how Elite Excursion took the money out of it because there was no money in the account.

I have no idea how I got signed up for this thing, but I don't want it. I don't know how to get it cancelled. I'm on a fixed income and these people are taking money out of my account.

They have placed a 19.99 charge on my VISA account stating that my deceased husband ordered their magazine. He could not have as he was dead at the time they started charging me. I will file complaints with everyone I can and send letters to everyone about this scheme to rip off consumers.

I received a letter in the mail offering me a free trial in "Elite Excursions Expanded." They offered me a free DVD player and a month enrollment into a "program", the details of which were more than vague. It was marked as if it was an affiliate with US Bank, where I have an account. This is what bothers me most, it looks official. After not being able to find any information on US Bank's website, it seemed like a scam, so I researched it on this website. Thanks to everyone who posted about these people, I apparently was saved a lot of grief.

Another of those dragged into their nefarious scheme. I received a postcard stating that I will owe them $119 if I don't call them before Nov. 10 (when I get automatically renewed which I was not a member to renew for!). I called their provided phone 1-800-667-1825 and Verizon told me via a recorded message that this number is not dialable from my area! Nice little scam they have going here! I will, because I seem to have no other alternative, email them my disapproval/cancellation with a comment about their business practices and contact my local postmaster (this is, after all, postal fraud/interstate fraud correct?). The thing that absolutely astounds me is that our Uncle Sam hasn't put these ** under the jail a long time ago. There are 431,000 hits on google and most of the first 3 pages are bad PR/complaints like mine! May we assume that all the next ones are like-minded?

Unauthorized credit card charges $19.99 x 2. I believe Bank of America is selling my information? Company hung up on me when I tried to get information about the charges. I notified discover who is disputing the charges.

I used to work for the TLG Trilegiant Travel Advantage and what happens is that they send out promo checks offering "free money" (some people think they are rebate checks) anywhere from $5 to $10. By cashing or depositing the check you will be enrolled into two different services with a monthly charge of $5.99 to $24.99. They also do data pass (get your info from a vendor) 800 Flowers, Jupiter Jack,Spirit Air, West Direct, informercial, car rental (Alamo, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise), hotels (Super 8, Wyndam Hotels, Cedeant Hotels, banks (Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America), etc. They give you this long talk about free gas vouchers, a mail offer for a free gift (GPS, iPod, DVD player), $40 cash back off a hotel stay and give you 5% cash back.

Example, if you rent a hotel room they will transfer you over to Travelers Advantage give you a long speech (legal reasons and it’s recorded). They will offer (example $40 in gas vouchers) to try the service for 30 days free and off an additional $20 gas vouchers as well. By accepting the $40 it will enroll you in Travelers Advantage, Elite Excursions, Deals And Destinations, Great Fun, Auto Advantage, and 30 other programs. By accepting the additional $20 that will enroll you into the second program. 30 days for $1. It takes 10 to 15 business day (no weekends) to receive your packet of info about the service but more than likely you will not receive your free gift (check your email or send in the second business reply card to receive gift inside the packet). Call them to check your trial end date.

If you cancel one program more than likely you still have another program service. We do cancel your service and get a confirmation number (t for travel, s for shoppers, g for great fun, etc.). Tell them you will contact your lawyer, BBB, class action lawsuit, or anything legal and they will refund your money. But what happens is that they will refund only two months and send out a proof of enrollment which can take thirty days to receive. Even if you cancel your credit card or debit card it does not cancel the automatic debits to those cards. So you will continue to be charged. There have been multiple successful lawsuits against there headquarters in CT not in Ohio, Tenn., Mexico, or Asia. They give a quote of 100 % low price on travel, which is false. If you call them directly they want you to use the website (travelersadvante.com or eliteexcursions.com) which you still will not get the lowest price.

This is a scam and I’m not sure how they still do business. But remember all calls are recorded and business reply cards scanned with your signature for proof of enrollment. There have been $12 million lawsuits against Trilegiant and Chase bank recently and numerous other successful class action lawsuits and recent multi state lawsuits (4/10) for the check enrollments. Sue them if you can because this is a scam. I worked for them and I know how they operate. I didn’t save enough of you people. They fired me for not saving 30 percent of customers but I didn’t know my goal was 30%. They told employees 23% retention is good enough. They scam employees and customers. For example, we make bonuses when we save 23% of customers our bonuses went from $300 to $1000's a month to $0.57 cent to $300 a month). It’s a scam. Watch out.

They sent my wife a refund check from 1800flowers.com but unknowingly it was for a "membership" to Elite Excursions. They nailed my credit card twice for $12.99. I called them and cancelled my membership. Tomorrow, I am headed to my bank to see what can be done about the charges. You absolutely have to be on your toes at all times and review your bank statement carefully.

Unauthorized charge and withdrawal on my banking account of $19.99. This stole this money.

I received what I thought was a refund check from 18ooflowers.com, but unknowingly it was for a "membership" to Live Well. After complaining about the 12.99 membership they charged my AmEx, I got a credit and an apology. But on the next statement, I got a 19.99 charge for a "membership" to Elite Excursions (same address as the Coll Extras company). I found many reports of this scam on the internet and these people should be charged or fined!

Elite Excursions, through 1-800-Flowers, sends people checks that looks like cash back offers. People cash the checks, thinking "Great, free money!" and without reading the fine print, which sign themselves up to a billable travel discount offering that can be canceled at anytime. If you call the number and complain, and threaten to contact the Better Business Bureau as they're practicing fraudulent business practices, they will refund your money.

For 6 months, I was charged $12.99 on my Visa, listed as TLG*TRVLAD. I failed to check this out, unfortunately. I phoned the number listed and told them I had never heard of them and it was an unauthorized charge and I wanted reimbursement. They agreed to cancel my "membership" (which I never subscribed to) and reimbursed me for 4 months by phone. To get the rest of my money back, they said it would have to be done by fax or mail. They were supposed to send me paperwork to do this. What an unscrupulous company. I am 73 years old. Can't something be done to protect people?

There is a monthly fee of $20.99 that is deducted from my account every month that has not been authorized by me. Whenever I call 1-800-283-9275, I cannot speak to a live person. This has gone on for several years. I have seen this on my account before but figured it was something I had set up as an automatic bill pay. But I have never been associated with this company in any way. This is theft! At this point, it is felony theft!

I have had ADT security service for 7 to 8 years, very happy with them, But Mr Garrett came to my door and said he was with ADT and i needed to update the Sys. so he did change everything then sept.1 2009 i got a double bill for ADT and Elite Security Serv. so then i call elite and could not get answer, i left 2 message, that was Sept 2009. they did not call back.

so then i call ADT company whom im with, and they said they did not give Elite permission to rewrite the contract, they said this is fraud, and so I call again and they said i have to come up with the old contract i have with ADT before they quit billing me, witch i dont have not longer, these men that came in had ID saying ADT Saleman.

So its taken 4 weeks to have ADT come back in and redo my sys. again, its not right. anyone can come up with a ID saying they are with someone and they are not. Please tell people to be beware of people like this. This has cause me physical upset dealing with Elite trying to get things back the way they where, not feeling safe

I have been billed on my BoA credit card for $20.99 for almost a year from this company. I've called and only received a generic automated message and put on hold fron 10-17 min. before hanging up. We went to Orlando, Fla. and received half price tickets to Disney World from a vendor and believe that my information was used for this unauthorized purchase.

My bank rep. cancelled any other payments. This amount could have gone to reduce my balance, instead it prolonged it including additions from finance charges because of the balance.

I found charges on my statement dating back to July. After probing all morning I found it was these guys and I proceeded to call them and found I sent something in for a free I-pod but it was never delivered so I cancelled within the 30 day limit. They said I had to prove that and refused to help me by hanging up on me. I had to get ahold of my back and put a stop payment which cost me another 30.00 dollars. Plus the 4 payments of 24.99 they got from me. STAY AWAY from these people!! If you see any thing from them it is a hook and you will be very sorry.

I have been charged $12.99 on my Visa card in July and August. I have never heard of them. I called and got a message that they are closed.

I received a charge of $139.99 on my credit card. I called the number, and it was for Elite Excursions. They said I had received a promotional offer from my AOL account for a travel membership. Apparently, if I did "nothing," it was an indication that I "accepted" the membership; and they automatically enrolled me in this travel discount program. First, I never had AOL; my ISP is my own cable company, and I don't use this credit card for anything but one thing. The representative kept repeating that he was going to send me an offer, so I could get one airline ticket at 50% off. Then he tried to sell me on more items, despite the fact that I was telling him I wanted nothing to do with this company.

I can honestly say that as of today, I did notice there was a charge on my account, and I have been being charged a fee of $15.99 monthly on my account starting March of 2009. I then, at that time, was able to get their number off of my account statement, and I was successful in reaching a representative. I then called back, and again was able to reach a rep.

So, their number is 1-866-640-5696, and they were more than happy to assist me. Now I can say, I didn't remember at first of authorizing the service. But when I really thought about it, I did authorize the service back when I rented a vehicle from Budget Car Rentals. It was a dollar for 2 months, and after that, it was going to go to regular price at $15.99. So, try that number and see if you can get the assistance that you need. Glad I can be of assistance to you.

Went to them for help and they asked for $1000 and not to make payments. After 3 months of not hearing anything and numerous calls not returned or emails not answered, we recieved foreclosure papers and still heard nothing from them. I called my mortgage company and they said that they had no contact with Elect Group. They asked for the same thing that Elect asked for and within 2 days they offered a modification plan. I went from 10% to 5%.

When I called Elect Group and finally got a hold of someone they claimed they had done their job adn helped me get a modification. They do not want to refund me my money. Luckily BOA helped but I am still out $1000

They are taking money out of my bank account! It's not much, $20.99 three times but I have no clue who they are. They robbed me!

I have recieved three charges of $20.99 from elite excursions on my B OF A statement.Phone number does not exist or I am told this call does not go through.

Loss of money I can ill afford I am retired (82)todays cost of living makes life difficult

Unlike most of these other people, I DID sign up for a 30-day free trial offer with these people to get a $40 Wal-Mart gift card. Well, it said on the form that the package would arrive in four-to-five weeks. It's been over six and I have rceived nothing! I have tried to call and cancel, but the toll-fee number I have will connect you to a representative, but while you are on hold, you get disconnected. I haven't been charged yet, but if I am,they will get a fight!

None yet, but I have called a local consumer help line. I tried to get my credit card company to stop payment if they try to collect, but they won't do it. They say I can temporarily freeze my account, but that seems like they're punishing me!

My mother is an 81 year old invalid. I take care of her finances and when paying her bills recently, I came across a postcard from elite excursions notifying her that she was about to be charged 119.00 for her semi-annual membership if the company didn't receive a phone call by Feb 9, 09. First, she doesn't recall ever having agreed to any membership.

Second, I have tried repeatedly to call the number on the postcard and either receive a busy signal, or get a message that the number is not a working number. I found the organization on the internet and tried to e-mail a response, but the message could not be sent. I would like to know how this charge can be stopped. Any advice? I may have paid for a membership before that had been charged to her creditcard, but if it was, I overlooked it.

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