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Don’t cancel your vacation

How have tourist deaths in the Dominican Republic affected summer travel plans?

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Written by Kathryn Parkman
Edited by Justin Martino
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A ConsumerAffairs survey confirms that people are concerned about the recent tourist deaths in the Dominican Republic.

  • 78% of respondents are troubled about the recent deaths in the Dominican Republic.
  • 9% surveyed changed their accommodations or travel destinations because of news in the Dominican Republic.
  • 59% of those concerned about tourist deaths are likely to purchase travel insurance with medical coverage in the future.

Out of 650 people surveyed, 78% said they are distressed about the deaths in the Dominican Republic, and about 9% of respondents said the deaths caused them to change or alter their travel plans. The majority of those worried — 59% — said they are likely to purchase travel insurance that offers medical coverage for future vacations, and 74% are either highly likely or somewhat likely to book a holiday with a credit card that provides travel protections and insurance for future trips.

Of those surveyed
42% DON'T
have enough money to
travel this summer

The majority of people in all age groups surveyed expressed unease about the tourist deaths in the Dominican Republic, but older U.S. residents appear more likely to be apprehensive of travel because of them. Around 86% of respondents 65 or older said they were concerned, compared to 63% of respondents between the ages of 25 and 39.

The most common reason for not traveling this summer is a financial constraint, not fear of death abroad. Around 42% of respondents who aren’t taking a summer vacation said it was because they don’t have enough money. Older Americans sometimes find travel difficult for other reasons — nearly 30% of respondents 65 or older said they would not be traveling because of physical constraints.

Overall, most respondents — 78% — are planning to travel this summer. Millennials are the most likely to travel, with 88% of those between 25 and 39 reporting summer vacation plans. Only 2% of respondents had plans to travel to the Dominican Republic, while 82% are traveling this summer in the U.S., Canada or Mexico.

So far in 2019, Dominican Republic tourism is trending down even after being up 8% last year — however, flights booked to nearby Jamaica, Bahamas and Aruba are on the rise.

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