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Cruising is an inexpensive way to visit multiple destinations around the world and go on excursions ashore.​ Many cruises are family-friendly, while others cater to an adults-only crowd. Because many cruises are all-inclusive and the price per night is usually less than hotel accommodations, it is hard to beat the value of a vacation at sea.

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    Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
    Read 1,033 Reviews

    Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines is a U.S. company, first founded in Norway, with ships that traverse the world. It has a wide selection of vacation options, including trips that only last a few days to those that last over a month.

    Carnival Cruise Lines
    Read 1,599 Reviews

    Carnival Cruise Lines has provided international cruise line services since 1972. The company provides both luxury and affordable cruise accommodations to destinations in North America, the Caribbean, Hawaii and Europe.

    Norwegian Cruise Lines
    Read 798 Reviews

    Despite its name, Norwegian Cruise Lines is an American company that visits destinations all over the world. The cruise line has seven ships that travel to diverse locations in Asia, Australia, Europe and other continents.

    Princess Cruises
    Read 353 Reviews

    Princess Cruises was founded in Santa Clara, California, in 1965. Today, the company maintains several fleets of cruise ships that travel all over the world, including to destinations in Asia, Europe and South America.

    MSC Cruise Lines
    Read 191 Reviews

    MSC Cruise Lines is a cruise line that has a fleet of 12 modern ships and has a reputation for sustainable environmental practices. MSC cruises sail the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and to other global ports seasonally.

    Holland America Cruises
    Read 249 Reviews

    Holland America Cruise Line has a history that goes back 140 years. Holland America’s fleet of 14 cruise ships offers travel to both popular and less-ports in Alaska, Mexico, Europe, South America, Australia and the Caribbean.

    Celebrity Cruises
    Read 199 Reviews

    Celebrity Cruises is a cruise line that currently manages three fleets. Its cruise ships travel to destinations all over the world, including those in Australia, New Zealand, the Galapagos Islands, Asia and Alaska.

    Disney Cruises
    Read 189 Reviews

    Disney Cruises is a cruise line that provides unique entertainment options for children and adults. The company currently has cruise liners that visit Alaska, Europe, the Bahamas, the Caribbean and the Pacific Coast.

    Oceania Cruises
    Read 53 Reviews

    Oceania Cruises sail to over 300 ports all over the world. Oceania is a luxury cruise line that offers guests gourmet food and a mature, intimate travel experience while relaxing in each ship's country-club style atmosphere.

    Costa Cruises
    Read 16 Reviews

    Costa Cruises is an Italian cruise line that uses ports all over the world, including in Africa, the Middle East, the Americas and Pacific Asia. The company was founded in 1854 and has about eight fleets of cruise ships.

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      Things to consider before booking a cruise

      Cruises have a reputation for being expensive, but this assessment is not always accurate. Consumers should compare the cost of a cruise package against the cost of other travel expenses, such as airfare or train travel when combined with hotel costs, to get an accurate price comparison.

      • Price point: Cruises are available at different price points, with options for budget-conscious travelers or travelers seeking a luxury experience.
      • A la carte pricing: Some cruise lines offer different price breakdowns that accommodate the needs of individual travelers.
      • All-inclusive pricing: Packages with all-inclusive pricing mean cruise guests do not have to pay separately for each item or excursion; look at the breakdown of costs to determine what is included with selected cruise packages before purchasing.

      Traveling partners

      Traveling partners, such as family members, significant others and close friends, can impact the type of cruise selected because activities one person enjoys might be unpleasant for others. Consumers should ensure the cruise selected has something to entertain all members of the traveling party.

      • Solo travel: The main consumer considerations when traveling solo include the type of room desired, activities offered and final destinations available.
      • Couples travel: Couples traveling together might want to book with a cruise line with a strong reputation for romance-filled excursions and activities or for offering adventure-packed excursions.
      • Family travel: Families traveling together can create challenges in coordinating activities, so consumers should look for cruise lines that offer cruise packages specially created for families.

      Luxury or casual

      The level of formality varies greatly among cruise lines. Consumers can determine cruise line formality by researching the requirements for on board activities, such as dinner dress codes and what activities are offered.

      • Luxurious: Some cruises ask guests to dress for dinner and appear at a scheduled time. This more formal atmosphere may interfere with some excursions or activities, so be sure to check schedules before deciding on a dinner time.
      • Casual: Casual dining is usually available throughout a cruise ship, with several restaurant options. The main dining room might need a designated time to help guests avoid long wait times, so check with staff about the need for reservations.
      • In-between: Most cruises offer both causal and formal settings, so guests can dress up or down, depending on their mood. Formal dinners might include eating with the Captain or a meal at a specific onboard restaurant. Standard meals are typically casual, so no need to spend hours getting ready.

      Age of traveling party members

      Most cruise lines offer packages for individuals, couples, families and groups. Some cruise lines, however, tend to be either more kid-friendly or specifically focused on catering to adult guests.

      • Young children: Some cruises are created to accommodate the needs of young families and children, with play-filled activities like state-of-the-art video games, Lego building and crafts, along with daycare services so kids have fun and parents do too.
      • Young adults: Some cruises have an adult theme, with rich nightlife experiences and active daytime itineraries.
      • Seniors cruises: Cruises designed with formal activities and a luxurious pace are sometimes considered ideal for seniors; seniors should ideally consider whether they want a slower pace or a high-action cruise experience before booking.

      Fitness level

      Cruises offer on board activities and excursions to exotic ports of call. Consumers should consider their level of physical fitness and comfort with partaking in activities before scheduling certain events.

      • High energy: High energy outings offered by cruise lines include physical activities during excursions and on board cruise ship activities like climbing, swimming, kayaking and jogging.
      • Medium activity levels: Look for medium activity level cruises with activities like classes and medium-active excursions such as hiking or strolling around shops in ports.
      • Relaxed pace: For a cruise with a relaxed pace, consumers should look at the more formal cruise lines; guests can also plan to relax on board during excursions.

      Onboard entertainment

      On a cruise, the majority of a guest's time will be spent on the ship. Consumers should review the activities offered before booking to ensure the trip will be enjoyable.

      • Quiet times: Quiet activities on a ship include relaxing on deck or reading, meditating in designated meditation rooms and taking spa treatments.
      • Interactive entertainment: Interactive entertainment on a cruise involves anything that gets guests moving or communicating with others, like dances, team games, parties, karaoke, culinary classes, fitness classes or arts and crafts.
      • Performances: Performances on cruise ships include movies, live theater performances and bands.

      What are different types of cruise lines?

      Luxury cruise lines

      Luxury cruise lines offer a high level of personalized service. These lines typically have dress codes, scheduled meals and enriching activities both on board and during port excursions.

      Specialty cruise lines

      Specialty cruise lines offer a unique sailing experience or adventure. They also tend to offer a relaxed environment and unusual destinations.

      Contemporary cruise lines

      Contemporary cruise lines tend to offer activity-packed itineraries. All accommodations and activities are typically included in the package price of contemporary cruises.

      Themed cruise lines

      Themed cruise lines operate around one main theme. Themed cruises let guests immerse themselves in a popular story or single topic that enriches the travel experience.

      Who would enjoy going on a cruise?


      This group of consumers might embark on a cruise for the adventure of experiencing on board life or visiting exotic ports. Couples also take cruises for the romantic adventure of spending time together on board.


      This group of consumers might take a cruise to experience new places and try new things. Families also take cruises for the unique level of togetherness provided by ship travel.

      Solo travelers

      This group of consumers take cruises for several reasons. The most common reasons for solo cruising are for the opportunity to meet someone special, for privacy, for the adventure of seeing new places and for the added safety of being in a group even though traveling alone.


      Groups take cruises for multiple reasons. Consumers traveling in groups may be members of wedding parties or members of clubs traveling together. They may also enjoy the extra savings opportunities sometimes offered to groups when booking travel.

      Cruise lines FAQ

      Are cruises worth it?
      Cruises can be worth it, depending on your vacation and relaxation preferences. Cruises feature a variety of onboard entertainment, such as musical performances, comedic routines, games and movies, and some provide all-inclusive food and drinks. With all these activities and inclusions, cruises are generally a good deal. Plus, many cruises combine hotel and airfare for your convenience.
      Are cruises fun for couples?
      Cruises can be a romantic getaway for couples, making them a popular choice for honeymoons, anniversaries and other special occasions. Many cruises feature events for couples, like joint massages, stargazing and shore excursions. Some companies also offer cruises for adults only.
      Are there any adults-only cruises?
      Yes, there are adult cruises, catering only to those who are 18-plus. These cruises often feature more adult-friendly entertainment, such as dance parties, onboard tattoo parlors and upscale dining experiences.
      What is the cheapest month to go on a cruise?
      It depends on the region of the cruise, but for the most part, cruises are cheapest in late winter or early fall. Consider speaking to a travel agent or visit travel sites for the best deals on cruises.
      What is the most romantic cruise?
      Most major cruise lines offer great romantic options for couples. If you prefer a vacation without children, an adults-only cruise is an excellent choice. Be sure to research the cruise’s onboard entertainment and accommodations to plan your romantic getaway.
      Where is the best room on a cruise ship?
      Overall, the suite is the best room on a cruise ship. It features more rooms, balconies, butler services and other exclusive perks.
      How do you avoid seasickness on a cruise?
      There are several things you can do to avoid seasickness on a cruise:
      • You can take antiemetic medicine to help decrease your nausea at sea.
      • If you get severe seasickness, ask your doctor about prescribing an anti-nausea patch or pill.
      • Stay hydrated, get a full night’s sleep and eat every few hours.
      • Stay in a lower room toward the center of the ship, where you’ll feel less swaying and rolling.

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        Expert reviews on cruise lines

        Princess Cruises

        Princess Cruises is a premier cruise line that began with a single ship sailing to Mexico. The cruise line now has a fleet of ships that transport over one million guests each year.

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        Disney Cruises

        While the Walt Disney Company has been around for almost a century, Disney Cruises first launched with a single ship in 1998, though the company was founded in 1995. Since then, the cruise line has expanded to four ships, all sailing out of Port Canaveral.

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        Carnival Cruise Lines

        Carnival Cruise Lines offers cruises with both family-friendly and adult activities.

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        Celebrity Cruises

        Celebrity Cruises combines modern luxury with a contemporary cruise experience. Founded in 1986, Celebrity Cruises merged with Royal Carribean in 1997 and has grown to a fleet of 11 ships providing trips to destinations throughout the Bahamas, Bermudas, Carribean, Europe, Alaska and more.

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        Holland America Cruises

        The Holland America Line has been transporting guests to exotic destinations for over 140 years and is known for its five-star service and excellent cuisine.

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        Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

        The Royal Caribbean Cruise Line was founded in 1968 and has since developed two unique destinations, Labadee and CocoCay; it also sails to numerous popular worldwide cruise destinations.

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        Norwegian Cruise Lines

        Norwegian Cruise Lines has been in business for over 48 years; it developed the concept of freestyle cruising, which means a relaxed dress code, that lets guests enjoy the cruise at unscheduled, individual paces.

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        Cunard's more than 150 years of experience with leisure sailing and destinations around the globe makes them experts in the white glove cruise experience. This cruise line provides a traditional, sophisticated cruise experience to all shipboard guests.

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        Costa Cruises

        Costa Cruise Line is an Italian cruise line that serves the European cruise market and sails to 14 worldwide destinations.

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        Seabourn Cruises

        The Seabourn Pride was the first Seabourn ship to sail, back in 1988. The company is based in Seattle and focuses on providing ultra-luxury experiences, and its ships have no more than 300 suites.

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        Compare Reviews for Top Cruise Lines

        Read 20 Reviews

        Cunard is a cruise line owned by Carnival Corporation, and it is based in the U.S. and England. Although it only operates three ships, Cunard visits destinations such as Africa, the Mediterranean, Australia and the Far East.

        Seabourn Cruises
        Read 13 Reviews

        As one of the few cruise lines with trips in New Zealand and Australia, Seabourn Cruises has unique packages available. The company is particularly known for its extended cruise options of more than 20 days.

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