We stayed at the Hotel Remington in New York City. We checked in on Nov 18th at about 1 or 2 p.m. and checked out before noon on Nov 23rd. On the Discover bill, they have charged us $820.35 for the Nov 18-23 stay and again for an additional one night in the amount of $164.07. When I called to ask why, they said we had two reservations for the same night (Nov 18), and they charged us as a 'no show' for the second reservation. All the while, we were there in another room (number 209).

I had and have no knowledge of a second reservation. I made one reservation and had one confirmation number and my spouse was not involved at all in making the reservations for the hotel. No one mentioned to us when we checked in that there was another reservation. Since our name is not a common one, I don't know why they didn't say something at the time of check in. If I had knowledge of a second reservation I would certainly have canceled it!! The hotel has not agreed to credit us for this mixup. It certainly was not of our doing. Why would we intentionally or deliberately cause ourselves such a problem? Diana should dispute the charge with her credit card company.