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DON'T TRAVEL WITH CELEBRITY CRUISES, WHICH I COULD CANCEL AND USE ANOTHER BOAT!!! Not a month after booking my trip, the price drops 10% after I was assured the price wouldn't drop. Agents simply not understanding, just interested in telling you how the system works whilst not looking after the customer. Now I have a bad feeling before I even start. So disappointed!!!

We have cruised with Princess 5 times and decided to look at Celebrity. I created an account and profile (no problem), and saved several itineraries which looked interesting. When I returned to begin the booking process, a notice popped up on my screen "Sorry, the ship has sailed...". I tried several more times, using different browsers and receive the same message. I have no confidence in a cruise line that cannot even handle the simplest of web commands. Back to Princess we went.

Recently I received a phone message from Celebrity stating that a cruise, a friend and I had booked, was past due for the final payment. I had a hard time understanding since the cruise I had booked for January had no payment due for over a month. After calling customer service I discovered that a cruise booked some time ago had not been cancelled and I was informed that if I did cancel at this time I would be forced to pay a penalty.

I had been on another cruise in October of last year and had booked a cruise for January of 2017 while on board. Since it was not possible to pay for two so close together my friend and I mentioned that we needed to cancel the October cruise. We both left with the impression that the matter was taken care of. 15 months later with no communication on the part of Celebrity we get the news that we owe the final payment for a cruise leaving in one week. We were floored! I complained bitterly to anyone I could, but even talking to the Gabby in customer relations we were told that it was OUR responsibility to make sure the matter had been resolved. I guess Celebrity is incapable of trust when they say they will do something.

I was livid and said we would consider canceling the January cruise if things were not worked out. With that I was told that if we canceled the next cruise it would incur a penalty of $450 even though we were over 90 days before the ship sailed. The company cannot be trusted and the poor customer pays the penalty. Even though I am an Elite member and have sailed with them many times I get no consideration. We will go through with the January cruise and make it our last. We will also take the opportunity to inform anyone we can talk to on board ship of the treatment and hope to convince them to drop Celebrity as well. For their actions they deserve all the bad publicity they deserve.

Adriatic Cruise - We had a fantastic cruise on the Celebrity Constellation. The ship was spotless, food was excellent, ports were very interesting, and crew was marvelous. Sure, there were minor glitches. The toilet would not flush but maintenance came to fix it within 2 hours. We took a shore excursion in Dubrovnik that was much more strenuous than advertised, and too much for my wife, but Customer Service refunded us a portion of the cost. I should note that we complained not looking for a refund but to suggest that they disclose the activity level of the tour more accurately. Unfortunately, a lot of poor reviews on here seem to deal with losing items, seeking refunds after the nonrefundable time kicks in, complaints about cabin location, etc., and not with the cruise itself. We have done 5 Celebrity cruises and all were excellent.

It was a rainy day, the tour guide introduce herself by soliciting since it was her birthday. The bus was scented with human feces, the toilet in the bus was close as broken, the waiting of 15 mins while unloading of prior passengers was done outdoors under a strong rain, the boat for river cruises was dirty. Once complaint inside the cruise to the shore excursions desk, the clerks were upset and defensive, insist this is the best they can do under the shortage of personnel. We requested at least one check the quality of the vessel and its equipment before boarding the passengers, after all they have plenty of time waiting outside the boarding area, prior to the passengers arrival. From that point on all questions for other tours were answer with sarcasm with words like "Isn't it obvious". I want this review to be constructive.

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Recently back from an Alaskan cruise, my 7th cruise, second time on Celebrity. My worst complaint is the 65 minute check in, in Seattle. Other cruise lines have it much after (15-20 minutes) for bigger ships. Customer Service: On the phone pre-cruise, and on the ship, were great. Remember, no trip is perfect. Things happen, just consider if they are REALLY things that the cruise line could have handled/handled better, or unfortunate things that happened on the cruise that should have been handled better. For those that complain about no email responses -- I'd suggest picking up the phone and calling. For those complaining about confinement due to sickness -- this is common, and to reduce spread of germs.

I've been trying to reach the Miami Team CS for the past three weeks and have yet to get anything resolved. I called Choice Air four times two weeks ago and spoke with CS and they keep telling me, they will send an email to the Miami team. I asked to speak to a supervisor and they seem to be always busy. Left a message for them to call me back with CS agents and each time never received a call back from either Christopher nor Marie or Maria that was on duty that day.

I've emailed Camille which is Miami team CS manager two times within 2 weeks and never received a response back. Well, as you all can see from many travels we all experience the same worst customer service all around. Management team, do you care???

I first booked a cruise on Celebrity Cruise to Alaska October 5, 2015 and put a down payment of $250. A couple weeks ago I was involved in an accident, so I contacted my travel agent Trinda **. She told me since I cannot travel to get a letter from my doctor and mail it to her while she was traveling in Europe. I received a statement from their bank for 2050.57. Trinda told me to pay $799. I also booked some excursions totaling $958 which was paid in full the cancellation for these can be refunded up to 24 hours before the excursion so I should get the $958 refund.

I received a letter from their credit card started I will get NO refund. How could this be? I paid in good faith the $250 last October and the full payment of $958 for the excursions plus another $799. Beware who you trust. Do not trust THEIR credit card. Use the one you have trusted for years. They kept $2050.57 of my money and someone else will buy this cruise so they are making double on one room. I traveled with Carnival two times and never had anything like this happen. BUYER BEWARE.

These have got to be the worst customer service dept I have had the misfortune to come across. For the past two months, emailed them on 6 occasions and not once has any of them been answered. This is the 1st and last time I use this company.

Mechanical engine kept us up all hours of the night! Email me. I will send you exactly what happened. They refused to credit us compensation.

Discriminated against. On 3/21/16 at dinner my wife & I was served last after a ** couple came in. Reported to As. Mat. D **, but nothing was done. My last time cruising with them. **, Res. no **. No wine or card anniversary.

Upon my arrival on the Constellation last week, I left my Oakley sunglasses in what I thought was a safe place in my cabin. As many are already aware, Oakley is an internationally recognized brand. The next morning, my sunglasses were nowhere to be found. These sunglasses were a Christmas gift from my daughter, and I am appalled that I would have fear for the safety of my belongings while trying to relax on vacation with my family. I have traveled on several other cruise lines in the past and have never dealt with this issue. What's more, when I had approached the crew about the issue, they did not take my claim at all seriously. They even went so far as to question the validity of my claims. A word of warning to all those who travel with Celebrity Cruise: they hire thieves!

Celebrity flight originating in Moncton, NB. First was an unscheduled fuel stop in Richmond, VA which was to take about 20 mins. and ended up being about 2.5 hours with a few excuses given but nothing to believe. Arrived in Florida about 4 hrs. late. On return flight another 2 hr. delay in Florida with no reason given, only a 2 word apology. Bottom line we will never fly on a NOLINOR charter again. Another upsetting and embarrassing experience occurred in the dining room. On the second night of the voyage our dinner was interrupted twice by the reservations manager only to be told we were at the wrong table. Table had been assigned to the 4 of us by guest services when we arrived on board. This was very unprofessional and with complete disregard for the customer, etc. etc.

On 2/2/16 I booked my offshore excursions online for my upcoming cruise. The website kept telling me transaction declined, cc declined, try another cc, all of which I did. The next day I had been charged by my cc 3 times for 3 different amount. My Celebrity account showed a different amount again. The approximate transaction is $3000. So now I still haven't heard a sane word from them. I have been charged approx $9000 for approx $3000 amount of services and no action. I have lodged complaint with the bank. However, Celebrity have not acknowledged the problem even though I have emailed them copies of my statements.

We are ages 71/66 and are booked for a Celebrity cruise out of Fort Lauderdale, Fl, to the southern Caribbean on 2/22/16. Due to the Zika virus situation, we have tried to cancel and receive a refund. Celebrity has denied our request and their customer service just blew us off. They just put us on hold for 20 minutes and then come back with a company line. I have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and the US maritime organization but haven't heard back from them. It seems that they are being stonewalled by Celebrity.

Beware the "bait and switch" tactic. February 3, 2016 we had an extensive conversation with Jason, a Celebrity certified travel planner. He offered us a package on a 14-day Southern Caribbean cruise leaving Miami April 3, 2016. The terms of that offer were a mid-ship veranda stateroom on deck 8, drink package and free gratuities for $4243. We paid by credit card while still on the phone. We immediately made flight and hotel arrangements to get to Miami from San Francisco for the cruise.

February 5, 2016 we were informed that we did not have a mid-ship cabin, but a lower cabin (aft on same deck). We called Celebrity reservations. To make a very long series of conversations short, we were ultimately told by "resolution agent" Julie that there was little Celebrity would do about this. We were offered our choice of cancelling our reservation, moving to a different room in the same category (not mid-ship) or paying extra to get a better cabin. We were essentially told that we were confused and they were actually doing us a special favor refunding 100% of our money. Cancelling is not really an option since flight reservations have been made and large change fees apply. Besides that, we really wanted to go on the cruise.

To clear up the "confusion" we requested that Celebrity listen to the phone call (which they should have recorded) from February 3 and please send us a transcript of same. We were denied. We realize sometimes things happen and/or mistakes are made. That is not a big deal. We were willing to work something out with Celebrity. It would not have taken much. But, Celebrity was intransigent. The final result is repugnant. Celebrity has all the money we mutually agreed to, but is giving us a lesser product/service than we agreed to. Their attitude is shocking to us. No attempt was made to make it right. So, beware in your dealings with Celebrity (and, presumably, its parent Royal Caribbean).

It's my 3rd attempt to talk with Celebrity Cruises, their customer services are the WORST I've ever seen. 1st time I waited for 35 mins just hearing the annoying recorded messages about how Celebrity is great and that boring music that never change. 2nd time 30 mins, 3rd time 45 mins and nobody never came to the line.

I got so tired, I hang up!!! Good luck for those who are trying to get some infos from Celebrity by phone. The website is also terrible, is out very frequently, asking you to try again in 20 mins... you do and the message is still the same!! Unbelievable!!

I am 68 years old, my wife is 67. We are retired and live on our pension incomes. To date we have gone on four cruises, three with Royal Caribbean, the fourth and most recent with their sister company Celebrity. Working our way down our bucket list of destinations. The first three cruises (Mexico, Alaska, Panama Canal) went off without a hitch. The only criticism was with the dining room food on one of the RC cruises (at one point everyone at our table sent back their dinner). We disclosed this on a survey questionnaire at the end of the cruise, but did not expect, nor did we ask for, any compensation. So we were surprised to later receive a $100 future cruise credit in the mail. Although we were unable to use it, we still thought it was a nice gesture.

Our last trip was a twelve-night Hawaii cruise on the Celebrity Solstice in 2014. We sailed from Vancouver on September 23 and returned by air on October 5. We spent five days at sea before reaching Honolulu-- the first of four islands on the itinerary-- on the afternoon of September 29. The ocean crossing was uneventful except for one day of sea sickness. On our first full day in Honolulu we took a shore excursion arranged through the ship. It involved a ranch and jungle tour and included a small lunch buffet. At 11:30 pm that evening I became very ill and was up the rest of the night with multiple episodes of vomiting and diarrhea. The next morning I went to the medical unit and was given some medication by injection to stop the vomiting. I was also given some anti-diarrhea pills to take. They thought it was the norovirus and told me to stay in my cabin until all symptoms stopped for at least 24 hours.

Although the vomiting stopped, the diarrhea did not. I informed the medical staff and was told to return for blood tests. Based on the results of the blood tests and my vital signs, the doctor told me that it was not the norovirus but most likely food poisoning. Since the only food or drink I had consumed since the trip began was on board ship or at the ranch the previous day, the doctor said it was probably due to something I ate at the ranch. Of course he did. To suggest it might have been something I ate or drank on the ship would make Celebrity culpable. Not that we could have done anything about it. If you want to sue them you have to file suit where their head office is, in Miami. We live outside of Vancouver, British Columbia, so fat chance of that happening. Not that we could afford a lawyer in any case.

Their legion of corporate lawyers have also ensured that Celebrity is not legally responsible for anything that happens to you on one of their shore excursions. So if some misfortune does happen and you end up seeking redress, you are pretty much at the mercy of their compensation department. After we returned home I learned from the BC Centre for Disease Control that symptoms from bacterial food poisoning can take anywhere from hours to days to occur, and the only way to determine the source of the food poisoning is through a stool sample, not a blood test. But I'm sure their doctor was well aware of this.

My wife ate the same food I did at the ranch (chicken, ribs, salad) and did not get sick. The night I fell ill I had sea bass for dinner, my wife did not. The fact is that it could just as easily have been something I consumed on the ship (sea bass?) that caused the food poisoning, not what I consumed at the ranch. But Celebrity has completely ignored this fact. Even if it was something I ate or drank at the ranch, it is not reasonable that Celebrity should disclaim all responsibility for what happened. Regardless of any self-serving legal argument, which should not apply in out of court compensation matters, they are very much involved with their shore excursions.

They promote the excursions by advertising them in their list of sightseeing tours; they arrange the tours and accept payment for them (charging more than locals would for similar tours, a profitable sideline); they guarantee you priority departure in port (first off the ship); charge you no cancellation penalty in case of a change in plans; and they are prepared to delay sailing until such time as you are returned to the ship. If you don't book with them and you're late, they sail without you. As their "Shore Excursions Order Form" puts it, "Why would you trust your experiences to anyone else?" Also, according to Cruise Critic online, "Cruise ships hold tour operators responsible for quality control as well as make sure that all necessities--liability insurance, registration, and other areas of compliance--are complete."

In other words, there is a clear connection between Celebrity and their tour excursions and they should not simply cut and run when something goes wrong. If they can share in the profits, they can share in the responsibility. And even more so when negligence is involved. Like when a passenger gets food poisoning due to the negligence (improperly stored or prepared food) of a tour operator. Such a passenger should be entitled not only to free medical attention (which our travel insurance would have covered), but also to compensation (which our travel insurance did not cover). The ship doctor gave me a five-day supply of two kinds of antibiotics and sent me back to my cabin. It seems that bacterial intestinal infections are also contagious. He also gave me more of the same anti-diarrhea pills even though I told him they didn't seem to be working.

It should be noted that if you refuse to be confined to your cabin they can make you leave the ship at the next port of call and also advise the port authorities of your contagious condition. This in turn could result in you being quarantined by the local authorities at your own expense. There is thus a compelling reason to cooperate. Once when I left the cabin to go to the medical unit, our steward saw me walking down the corridor and demanded to know where I was going. "Where you going!" he asked gruffly. You would have thought I had the plague. While confined to our cabin I was restricted to a special menu of very bland food from room service (e.g. white baguette bread, chicken broth). You could not order from the regular menu. And only our room steward did the deliveries and pick-ups. All part of the quarantine ritual.

I was told to reintroduce regular food slowly, which I did. But whenever I began to feel better and tried to eat something more substantial, the diarrhea would come back. This pattern of relapse continued for another two weeks after the trip ended, starting and stopping depending on what I ate or drank. One time just eating an apple set the episodes off. Alcohol was strictly taboo. I spent four days confined to our cabin, except for a total of 19 hours of "freedom" (8 hours of which were spent sleeping) in between bouts. All I saw of the rest of Hawaii was what I saw from the balcony. No luau or snorkeling trips, which had to be cancelled. We did not even get a chance to dip our feet into the ocean. Our bucket list Hawaii vacation was in ruins.

From the onset of symptoms at 11:30 pm on September 30 until disembarking on the morning of October 5, our vacation was effectively over. Even during the hours when I wasn't confined to our cabin, I still had to be constantly watchful of what I ate or drank for fear of igniting another flare-up. Going ashore during this time was out of the question. When we finally left the ship we had trouble finding our luggage in the terminal. Turns out they had stuffed our suitcases into unmarked plastic bags without telling us, as if they could not be touched by human hands. Frantic search, almost missed our bus. A final affront to our dignity, or so we thought, but we were wrong. The real kick in the teeth came five weeks later when we received our "compensation" package.

It was a "goodwill savings certificate" in the amount of--hold on to your hats--$147.00! It had no cash value. It was just a credit that we had to use on another Celebrity cruise within a year or lose it. To us it was completely worthless because it takes us roughly two years to save for another cruise. There was a form letter attached to the certificate, unsigned, from "Sincerely, Corporate Guest Relations", saying: "We genuinely apologize for any inconvenience experienced." It was a load of bogus, self-serving bunk. In the first place, how many people can afford to take back-to-back cruises? And don't think for a moment they don't know this. If you can't, they effectively give you nothing. If you can, they sucker you into taking another cruise with them within a year. A win-win situation--for them.

In the second place, what we experienced was more than an "inconvenience"! We suffered illness, cabin confinement, and the loss of the most important part of our vacation. The Hawaii part. The whole purpose of taking the cruise was to see the Hawaii islands by ship, not to cross an empty ocean for five days to get there. We would not have paid for the trip otherwise. Finally, the financial loss was not just an "inconvenience". We are not wealthy (far from it) and cannot afford to waste thousands of dollars on a trip that turns into a fiasco. When the cost of the fare, travel insurance, and related expenses are included, we paid over $5,000 for this trip. This means that the $147 credit amounts to a less than 3% discount off another cruise of equal value. What they were offering was ridiculous.

Can you imagine going on an all-inclusive vacation in Mexico and getting food poisoning--either at the resort or on one of their excursions--that ruined 40% (5 out of 12 days) of your trip and then being offered a 3% discount on your next vacation with them as compensation, provided you take it within a year? To say that we were fit to be tied is an understatement. We received an unsolicited $100 cruise credit from Royal Caribbean just for being disappointed with some of their dinners! And here is their corporate twin offering us an extra $47 to compensate us for three days of confinement, a once in a lifetime Hawaii vacation that was completely ruined through no fault of our own, and a case of food poisoning that dragged on for weeks. Absolutely absurd!

We returned the $147 certificate because it was an insult. We also attached a letter of complaint. Their response was to send us another $147 certificate. This one to my wife in recognition of the fact that her Hawaii vacation was also ruined. Her certificate was valid for one year as well, even though I noted in my letter that it takes us two years to save for another cruise. We returned my wife's certificate as well. Not just because it was worthless to us, but because we felt the "compensation" was still woefully inadequate (even if we could have used it), given what we went through. We attached another letter outlining our concerns on October 28.

Finally on December 10 a woman from their "executive offices" phoned to tell us that our request for additional compensation had been denied. She said my case was all based on the number of days I spent in confinement, nothing else. She said she was very sorry, said this a couple of times, but failed to address any of the points I raised in my letters. It was as if the food poisoning that caused the whole problem never existed. So we were left with nothing. Which made what we read online about other compensation packages offered to other passengers even harder to comprehend. Here are just two examples. According to an article in CruiseMates online (11Feb12) a couple on a Celebrity Horizon cruise in 2000 was awarded a credit of $750 per person largely for having to put up with the noise of "trolleys rolling across the floors at all hours" and "dishwashers running". Annoying yes, but hardly equivalent to what my wife and I experienced.

Just as an aside, my wife and I put up with the same irritating trolley noises on our Panama cruise with Royal Caribbean in 2012. We heard it each morning when we woke up. The first time I heard it I thought it was military jets buzzing the ship. But it was just kitchen crew rolling metal trolleys across a metal deck below us. We never thought of complaining, figuring it was just the luck of the draw in getting a cheaper inside cabin (no window, no balcony) on a lower deck (something we swore we would never do again).

We also read online in a Consumer Reports article (30Jan14) that passengers who caught the norovirus on a 10-day cruise on the Royal Caribbean Explorer

of the Seas, and as a result had their vacation cut short by two days, were given a compensation package that included a 50% refund off their cruise fare plus another 50% credit toward a future voyage. In addition, guests who had been confined to their cabins due to illness received an additional day future cruise credit for each day of confinement. Clearly if the media is involved the RC/Celebrity corporation can be generous with its multi-billion dollar profits. But if it does not have to put on a show for the media, and is not under the public spotlight for all potential customers to see, it can be quite petty. As in our case.

If this is the type of shoddy treatment that people can expect to receive from cruise lines like Celebrity, then perhaps the entire industry should be investigated by consumer protection agencies to ensure that its reimbursement practices are fair and consistent. Right now, if Celebrity is any indication, they are clearly arbitrary and unfair. And it is the public who suffers. Celebrity pays lip service to the welfare of its "guests" but their lack of any credible action speaks louder than their insincere words. Their focus is clearly on corporate profits rather than customer service. We will never take another cruise with Royal Caribbean or Celebrity. If anyone reading this plans to, just remember that when you cross that gangway you will be entering their ship at your own risk. Welcome aboard!

Our vacation ordeal may not be noteworthy in the overall scheme of things. I'm sure there are other passengers who have experienced worse from this cruise line and others. But an injustice is an injustice, no matter how small, and should not be ignored. This is our way of adding our voice to what I'm sure must be a rising chorus of complaints. Maybe one day, with enough of them, people in our position will receive more considerate treatment. All we wanted was fair and reasonable compensation for what happened to us. All we received (aside from a couple of paltry, unusable certificates) were some meaningless apologies, but apologies don't bring back lost vacations. In the overall scheme of things, they don't mean anything.

I booked a two week Celebrity Southern Caribbean Cruise thru Vacations To Go. I paid for a balcony stateroom. The contractor then told me that the balcony room that he gave me didn't have a view, it only looked out at the lifeboats, but for three hundred dollars more he could upgrade me to a better balcony. I paid the extra money, but didn't like it because it looked like a bait & switch gimmick. I complain about it, but it didn't do any good. After we boarded the ship and I looked at our room and the balcony view. I was very upset that I couldn't see below me because all of the lifeboats were just ten feet below me. I called the ship customer relations and complain about it, but they didn't do anything except to say "sorry you don't like it." They didn't offer to move us to a different room or anything. WILL NEVER USE VACATIONS TO GO or CELEBRITY CRUISE LINES AGAIN.

I signed up for international data service with AT&T before going on a Celebrity Cruises. I was offered plans for cellular at sea and declined them. On the last day of the cruise, I received a shore Wi-Fi signal passing the Bahamas and checked my email. At about 2 a.m. the cellular at sea service automatically connected my phone and ran up $260 in charges almost instantly. Both Celebrity and AT&T have refused to reverse the charges. It is a scam, and both companies profit from it.

UPDATED ON 02/07/2016: After countless arguments with AT&T and Celebrity, I filed for arbitration with AT&T. They reversed the charges in a heartbeat. A lackey from the president's office even got involved. They know that the cellular at sea is a fraud and a scam; they just want to see how much they can get the consumer to pay (or how many will simply give up).

Use the AT&T arbitration service. They pay for it all, and they will drop most of their ridiculous charges when you file. All it takes is a couple of forms and a stamp, well worth the $240 they originally wanted from me. Both AT&T and Celebrity Cruises have lost a customer over this, and I hope to convince another two dozen potential customers to avoid doing business with either of them. There are too many choices in the marketplace for both cruises and cellular service to tolerate attempted fraud. Vote with your wallet.

I undertook the Celebrity Equinox 12 night Mediterranean cruise with my partner in October 2015. After experiencing my first cruise 2 years earlier with another cruise company, I was looking forward to an equally wonderful holiday. Celebrity unfortunately did not even come close to my earlier cruise experience. This trip was tarnished by two significant incidents.

The first incident related to the time it took to board the ship at Barcelona. Whilst I understand that delays will be encountered with 3000 passengers embarking 2 hours and 15 minutes to do so is completely unacceptable. Lining up outside the terminal in the hot Barcelona sun with no shelter was enough of an ordeal for me. I just cannot imagine how traumatizing it must have been for the average cruise passengers that were around 20 years my senior.

The second incident related to my luggage at the end of the cruise. Upon unpacking my luggage at my Barcelona hotel found the entire contents of my suitcase saturated. It was raining in Barcelona that morning so I can appreciate that the outside of the case might get a little wet but for the entire contents to be drenched along with keepsake gifts and mementos to be saturated and ruined is just incomprehensible. I can only imagine that it had been dropped in the ocean or left to sit in a large puddle for an extended period of time. This on top of continual account errors was the final straw.

What increased my level of dissatisfaction however was Celebrity's lack of acknowledgement or response to these issues. As I did not have a phone in Barcelona posted details regarding my luggage on their Facebook site. I did so with the expectation that they would at least help launder my clothes as an interim minimum measure. (This was due to the fact that I had no dry clothes left to wear). My post was not even acknowledged despite Celebrity acknowledging subsequent posts from potential future customers.

It was only after a relative of mine commented about the disgraceful lack of customer care some 4 hours and 15 minutes later that Celebrity posted a phone number for me to call. That's right, me contact them despite them already having all my contact particulars!!! By this time I had already spent considerable time stress and effort in a foreign non-English speaking country in locating a dry cleaner that could assist so I could at least have something to wear.

I could go on about the damaged gifts keepsakes, my water-stained clothes and the fact that I have still not heard from Celebrity. But I think that from what I have written so far will give you an understanding of my experience. I only wish that there was an external agency that dealt with such issues as I believe that this would be the only way that change will be made. I will write a formal complaint to Celebrity however and update this post accordingly once received. Finally cruising can be a great way to travel. To any new comer I would strongly suggest reading forums such as this before booking with a particular cruise line.

I requested a sensitive facial and the technician choose to ignore my request and gave me a different facial with a "peel" and put facial pack on my eyes. I had to visit the doctor twice. Face red and burning, eye lid scabbed over. Unable to wear makeup or go out in the sun. Poorly trained technicians. RUN from the spa!! I was promised by my new BFF Alvero the marketing manager that they would get back to me soon, likely within the week and here we are weeks later and no contact.

I slipped on a wet deck on the 2nd day of our cruise. Just a slip and fall from puddles of water, but such a shame for me. AFTER I fell and hurt my back there were wet floor signs everywhere... Just too late for me. If I am correct (I did bonk my head), the hospital attendants were not trained (they were advised by nurses thank God), who loaded me on a stretcher for transport to the medical offices after I lay for 45 minutes. The girl at guest services sent a very small bouquet of flowers and called to check on me and was annoyed that I wasn't effusive in my thanks. Really? You wouldn't have had to send me flowers if you weren't remiss in your safety techniques.

We did the Eastbound Panama cruise in April 2015, and were generally very satisfied with our experience. This was spoiled by our on-board shopping experience in one of the jewelry shops. We purchased an emerald ring with a certificated value of USD12,120 which was subsequently valued in London at only GBP2,350 for insurance purposes, and had a retail value of only GBP1,000. I would recommend that anyone considering buying jewelry on-board any Celebrity ship should consider very carefully whether the item is actually worth the value shown on the certificate of authenticity, or anything like it. It is very easy to get conned into buying items whilst relaxed on holiday, only to find out the truth about their value on your return. I thought that buying on-board ship would be fairly safe - but sadly I was wrong.

We refer to a recent cruise with Celebrity aboard the Constellation. The cruise departed 22nd April 2015 from Rome and returned 4th May in Rome. Our room number **. The issue I have is with the account settlement. Although we settled our account promptly when we disembarked, Celebrity loaded significant extra charges on our traveller account (apparently to justify sufficient funds were available). Although these charges will be reimbursed, by loading "bogus" charges to my account left me on the streets of Italy with no funds to access my account. I was unable to access any funds and therefore had no means of settling my hotel account let alone enjoy the balance of my holiday.

Although the cruise was fantastic, Celebrity had no rights to congest my account with unjustifiable amounts. According to my Traveller account, most of these funds will be reimbursed but will take another 3 weeks, to 5th June, to be settled in full. This issue will make us re-think which cruise line we select next time we embark on such a holiday.

The people in the stateroom next to ours smoked for the entire cruise. We complained many times with no action taken. Celebrity did nothing to stop it until the last day. Never an apology from the Celebrity staff, even after we returned home and made them aware of this incident. This ruined our trip. The only thing that was said by Celebrity was, "Unfortunately if we don't catch them in the act, there's nothing we can do."

I booked a Celebrity Cruise via American Express Platinum Travel in October 2014 for a sailing on a 12/21/14 out of Ft. Lauderdale. I was advised two weeks prior that they needed to cancel one port of call, San Juan due to an engine problem which would force them to slow the ship down and subsequently miss the port. In taking this as high as I could to the Executive Assistant to the CEO of Celebrity, I found everyone involved with the cruise line landslide to be dismissive and not addressing the real problem... that they knew about this since July, yet continued to advertise the cruise and sell cabins already knowing they would officially announce the port cancellation after the ship had sold out.

The week we were scheduled to sail is traditionally one of the most expensive weeks of the year to cruise, so trust me, I never would have booked it had I known about the engine problem and the possibility of a port being cancelled. The only compensation they were giving to everyone was $100 on board credit per stateroom no matter what stateroom category. The fact that they were saving the port fees in San Juan and people would end up spending more money on board that extra day whether gambling, drinking, going to the spa or buying things they didn't really need in the retail stores meant the ship actually stood to make more money.

At the time I booked the cruise, nowhere on the cruise website or any other booking site was there any disclaimer about this. They were trying to hide behind the "contract" we verbally agree to when booking, saying they can cancel ports for any reason at any time, but what they did was blatant misrepresentation and false advertising.

I tried negotiating on behalf of all the passengers on my sailing to have them refund the difference between our sailing and the December 7th one which also had San Juan cancelled. Their cruise cost, though, was approximately $600 on average less per person than ours. Instead they offered to give only me another $100 and I would need to sign a non-disclosure document agreeing not to discuss the "settlement" with anyone. I refused. At one point they did say they would give cruise credit for another sailing in 2015 but would deduct fees, taxes and cancellation penalties. In other words, I would end up owing them more money to have the privilege of sailing at another time and without the rest of my family which was the whole point of this trip.

After all of the time I spent the two weeks prior to the cruise attempting to discuss the matter with Celebrity, they ended up cancelling my reservations less than 3 days before the sailing without my consent. The reason they gave AMEX was because of my negative reviews on social media. Trust me they were not belligerent but simply stated the facts and disappointment I felt with the way their customer service handled the situation. And I wasn't the only one online but apparently I was the one they chose to make an example of. They did give us a full refund, but they also subsequently banned my entire family from all Royal Caribbean owned ships.

Bottom line, I kept telling myself no one died, no one was physically hurt, but people work too hard all year and in many cases, their entire lives, to pay for something in advance and ultimately not get what they paid for because there was already an executive decision made not to fix the ship over the summer. My family put a lot of thought and consideration into what we would do for this vacation, our first in over 10 years and probably the last opportunity we'll have for several more years. I know they don't care about my personal reasons for planning this trip, but, again, I never would have chosen this particular cruise if they had just disclosed the engine issue.

I am hard pressed to believe it is my responsibility or any other consumers to research the internet to check as to whether a particular ship is fully functioning months out before booking. This has to be the responsibility of the company in fairness to those making the purchase. I understand the economic impact they have around the world and overall the great opportunities and experiences they provide, but it doesn't give them the right to take advantage of consumers.

This Post is regarding our recent experience with Celebrity Cruise Lines. Purchased cruise tickets through Celebrity Cruises for two people to sail to the Panama Canal in 2013 for a trip in December of 2013. The tickets were insured. Had to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances and dissolution of relationship. It took over a year to get any compensation or payment back and when it came it was only half of original price per person in the form of a voucher. This voucher didn't state any rules or regulations. Voucher was received at the end of December 2014 for $1198 (the two people originally set to sail each received a voucher for $1198) and had to be used within one year. Within two weeks of receiving voucher a cruise was purchased using the voucher for two people (one of whom was one of the original sailers) totaling $1500, including a drink package and a $200 deposit.

After 30 days, numerous phone calls, and an overnight package to ensure receipt of the voucher back to Celebrity Cruises and its upcoming use, a $30 refund was given for over payment and the cruise was payed in full. The cruise for 2 people, paid in full, was set to sail on Monday, March 16th. An email was received on March 3rd claiming that a balance of $599 was due and had to be paid that day in order to embark on the 16th. A phone call was made on March 4th early morning to find out what this balance was regarding because the balance had been $0 for weeks! After many phone calls, some heated, we were given a run around on why exactly there was a balance when there hadn't been for weeks.

Celebrity customer service first claimed that the $1198 voucher had been too much and it should have only been for $599 (which would have been Celebrity's mistake and they should have honored what had been originally sent). Celebrity then claimed that the voucher was only for the sole use of the person's name that was going on the original cruise (they had two months to let us know this and had already accepted payment in full). Celebrity didn't inform us that the voucher was only for the original person at any time, most notably when the voucher was received by us or returned to them for payment. We went ahead and paid the $599 balance because we were looking forward to the cruise and really wanted to go and also because two friends had decided to go on the very same cruise with us.

The next morning there was another balance of $184 and a phone call was placed to find out what this balance was regarding. We were informed that the voucher, which had almost $500 remaining on it because it wasn't used in full by the original cruiser, didn't cover taxes, gratuities, etc. At this point, after many hours on the phone trying to get everything hashed out over a fault of Celebrity's at many turns and levels, we decided to forego our cruise because the customer service was horrendous at every level and even if we had gone on the cruise we felt that it would have been a miserable experience because of the service we received by Celebrity before the cruise even began. So even though we shouldn't have had to pay any remaining balance because of the already set balance of $0 we did and we were once again let down.

Celebrity ruined what should have been a fun experience for two people who have never cruised before and forced us to let a pair of friends down who were expecting us to be on this cruise. Not once did Celebrity admit their mistakes from the very beginning, nor did they work with us to repair any of the aforementioned mistakes. Money was lost due to this whole ordeal and most importantly much stress and overwhelming disappointment was caused on behalf of Celebrity Cruise Lines. It is much vehemence that we recommend to anyone looking into cruising with Celebrity Cruise Lines to do so with caution. Shame on Celebrity Cruises for ruining what might have been an unforgettable experience because of fond memories and a splendid time and making it only unforgettable because of the sheer emotional, monetary, and physical stress it caused.

My passenger number is **. When on my cruise my hearing aids were stolen. As you will notice I was on my cruise almost a month ago. I have spent all this time trying to get help from your company. Four times I have been on hold until my battery on my iPhone wears out. This also happen today. I finally connected with a person call ** in KS. Would have a answer within a week and I would hear from your internal investigation. That's two weeks ago. Because to be able to get my tax benefits it is necessary to prepare a police report. I am extremely with your lack of communication. Before I left the ship I purchased a new cruise, it will be cancelled tomorrow. I do not expect a answer.

Celebrity Millennium sailing November 23 Singapore to Singapore: I had been wanting to go to Bali for a couple of years, and looked into individual travel, some sort of tour, or cruise. When I found the Celebrity cruise with two and a half days in Bali, I booked it. The other ports were bonuses, Asia being so far away from us. Looking forward for months to seeing Bali, we traveled thirty six hours to get to the ship, only to be informed that we would not be sailing to Bali this trip! We couldn't believe our ears, and said we had not been informed of such a drastic change, and were told it was a last minute decision, a government dispute. What a terrible way to begin our long anticipated voyage!

The substitutes of Saigon and Bangkok found us in an industrial port, with containers being loaded, and two hours from the cities, forcing us to decide which excursions to take. They were not at all what we wanted. We tried to make the best of it, but the gloom of disappointment hung around, and the ship and staff and lack of things to do didn't help matters. (Our cabin stewards were cheerful and helpful, Boni and Harry.) The cabin was smaller than similar categories on two other Celebrity cruises, the balcony railing was rusty, the pool area was overcrowded, there was only one movie shown, no card room, and the shops were all expensive watches and goods. The food was only so-so.The library was sorely lacking.

The passengers were given a $250.00 shipboard credit, which paid for a couple of their shore excursions, and a thirty percent discount on a Celebrity sailing within the next year. I would never consider sailing again with a cruise line that treated us so callously, and with such disdain, allowing us to travel half way around the world with such anticipation, and no prior notification of such a drastic change. And WHY?

We have been on seventeen cruise ships and have never made one complaint before. Isn't it surprising that the website for Celebrity cruises complaints has not been operating for at least this past week? The person who sat next to me on the flight home had just come off a Crystal Cruise, with a stop in Bali! I have been told Holland America was there that same week, what other ones I don't know. We are seventy six and seventy seven years old and wonder if we would be willing to travel so far again to visit Bali. We would like to receive a reply to this letter and strongly think the person or persons responsible for this decision should be made to walk the plank.

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Celebrity Cruises combines modern luxury with a contemporary cruise experience. Founded in 1986, Celebrity Cruises merged with Royal Carribean in 1997 and has grown to a fleet of 11 ships providing trips to destinations throughout the Bahamas, Bermudas, Carribean, Europe, Alaska and more.

  • Personalized service: Celebrity Cruises excursions are staffed with a ratio of one staff member for every two guests, which allows for a personal touch in guest service.
  • Cruisetour experiences: Cruisetour experiences are cultural immersion-style cruises that sail to numerous ports worldwide like Mt. Fuji in Japan, Bangkok in China, Mystery Island in Vanuatu and hundreds more.
  • Overnight excursions: Celebrity Cruises offers "Evening Around the World" that lets guests experience a night spent at some of the ship's ports of call instead of aboard the ship.
  • Spa treatment: An onboard spa is available on Celebrity Cruises, in addition to the relaxation and health-focused Take Care of YourSelfie experience.
  • Family fun: While sometimes considered an adult cruise line, Celebrity Cruises also features on board programs designed for children and youth; the programs are aimed at guests ranging from toddler age to the teenage years.
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