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I will preference this review by saying that we are seasoned cruisers, including Alaska and Hawaii. Carnival has NO SECURITY or means of order at the ports that we visited. At all three ports there were significant problems. Grand Cayman was the worst experience. We waited in line for over an hour to reach the checkpoint to board the tender boat. When we finally reached the gate, a group of about twenty individuals 'BULL RUSHED' the gate and cut in front of hundreds of people waiting to board. They pushed and shoved, shouted obscenities and pushed their way to the gate. FRIGHTENING. I literally FEARED FOR MY LIFE. THERE WERE PROBLEMS AT EVERY PORT.

The same behavior was prevalent on the cruise. People cutting in line at the buffet, etc. At lunch, one day a group attempted to intimidate me into giving them our table (the others were at buffet getting food). There was yelling, fighting, arguing, and FOUL LANGUAGE in our hallway at ALL HOURS OF THE NIGHT. We had a balcony cabin on the LIDO deck. While I understand that behaviors of individuals cannot always be controlled, CARNIVAL needs to get its act together and make people follow the rules. It creates an atmosphere of making 'rule following' individuals uncomfortable and thus ruining a vacation that was planned months in advance. Needless to say: NEVER AGAIN WILL WE SPEND OUR HARD EARNED DOLLARS on a CARNIVAL CRUISE. We planned and looked forward to this for too long for it to be such a DISAPPOINTMENT.

We booked an 8 day cruise to the Southern Caribbean 2 weeks prior to sailing. We were not informed that the Carnival Cruise Lines was catering to the L.G.B.T. community that week. Their nightly events were printed on their daily event schedule. There was a statute of 2 men with and without a penis and testicles placed outside one of the lounge where carnival hosted the party.

Needless to say, this was definitely an uncomfortable environment and at times unsafe because of angry heterosexual passengers. According to guest services, they were not aware until the day of embarkation that there were about 350-400 passengers booked for this event. Although I wasn't surprised, I just wished we were given the option prior booking. Complaints were made to guest relations and executives at the corporate office. Their response was "It's unethical to advise passengers of events of a particular orientation when booking your cruise."

In other words, it's a business and as long as you have the funds to purchase to the cabin and the required documents to sail, you may do so. So PEOPLE when you book your next cruise with Carnival don't be surprised if you see an Exotic Dancers Reunion and Church Leaders Group booked on the same cruise, all hosted by CCL. Shame on you Carnival!!!

On June 29, 2016, my family and I had the unfortunate pleasure of sailing on a 3-day cruise to the Bahamas via Carnival Victory. We were subjected to bed bugs, mold in shower stall & doorways, stained & dirty carpet, dusty appliances, pubic hair, fecal manner ingrained around the rim of toilet, broken appliances and an outdated Zenith television set that looked like it was from 1980s. Our cabin smelled like cigarettes the ventilation was so poor that two of my family members increased inhaler use. We were also denied access to decent water, the available water source smelled and tasted like RUST. In order to gain access to H2O you had to pay for bottled water. In addition, we were locked out of our cabin 4 times and was not able to attend planned events due to having to walk 5 floors from our cabin to shower, void & perform ADL's.

This experience has left my family and I with physical, emotionally & mental scars that has resulted in PTSD! As a consumer, I’ve reached out to Carnival Director & Complaints Department with the hopes of a healthy resolution. However, their passive-aggressive tone indicates that they are only interested in capitalizing & oppressing consumers with unsanitary conditions. Please Note: They pay their stewardess & food service worker on the ship less than $3.00 an hour, which is ridiculous and unethical and a form of Slave Labor... In closing, Carnival Cruise got one thing correct; they are indeed a "Carnival of Misconception, Deception and Inhumane practices..." I challenge and recommend that and investigation be conducted on Carnival Cruises, ASAP (Pictures are available upon request)...

First off, let me say that my husband and I were very excited about this vacation. We planned, saved and sacrificed for the entire year so we could go. All gift giving moments were denied including my 50th birthday! We anticipated a much needed rest from our busy work schedules. We made all of the proper arrangements and readied ourselves for this wonderful experience. Then hurricane Matthew hit.

My husband monitored closely as the hurricane started its destruction, and we became even more uneasy as we watched the news unfold. We contacted the cruise line only to find out that we had to wait. And wait. And wait. So we did. Each day, at least twice a day my husband faithfully contacted the cruise line for updates, only to be told that they were continuing to monitor. We started noticing other ships being cancelled, but ours was not. We became more uneasy. We are not world travelers. We are "save for vacation" people. So we waited.

Now it is Saturday, the day we were scheduled to leave. We made the decision based on the fact that our flight was cancelled by the airline, and our ship was stuck out of port because the port was closed that we were not comfortable moving forward. And we were then told that we would receive a whopping $158.00 of our $1800.00 spent for this trip. This is AFTER we did make sure to get insurance, which basically does NOTHING. Needless to say, we are a bit devastated.

Please understand, we do not negate the thousands of people who have catastrophically affected by the hurricane. Comparatively our vacation means nothing. But it does mean something to us that this cruise line will not honor the fact that as much as we wanted to go, we simply cannot get there. We have been told a dozen different ways by a dozen different people from Carnival that there's nothing they can do. But there is. They can simply refund our money, and let us try again another time. That's all we want. Our money back. Not someone else's money, or an extra amount of money. Just ours.

So we can try to vacation sometime, somewhere. Our less than $2,000.00 is not going to break the corporation of Carnival. It won't even been noticed as lost. Seriously, what's the problem and when did we become so insensitive to hard working folks who just need a break? So that's my review. On a scale of Not impressed to yippy skippy Carnival would rank at a less than Not Impressed with us at this point. And that makes me sad.

So I haven't even went on my cruise and I'm already upset with my experience. So I purchased $25 on board purchases via the website using a gift card I got for my birthday. Since it was one of the prepaid gift cards as soon as I got the email it went through I threw the gift card away as it was used up. The next day I get another email saying "I'm sorry your purchase didn't go through." I call the customer service number seconds after receiving it and was told they couldn't find it. After 15 min they said it didn't go through and ask for another card. I told them it was a gift card and I threw it away. She said, "So do you want me to delete it then?" RUDE. I'm so sorry nothing. RUDE RUDE RUDE... I work in the travel industry so don't you worry Carnival I will tell everyone about this experience of poor customer service. I pray my cruise isn't as bad as this phone call.

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I just got off my 7th cruise with Carnival. Yes things have changed. Gold members do not get invited to the Captain's party anymore. There's "too many of us." For the plat and diamond members who complained so hard and got gold members booted from the party. For that very reason I ask--what is going to happen when the too many gold members reach platinum and diamond levels? Then you're stuck with us. In fact as of my next cruise you are definitely stuck with me and mine! Bwahahaha! And guess what, now we're angry as hell that you got us kicked out of the party to start with. Think we overcrowded your elitist little party before? There's literally tens of thousands of gold members about to turn Platinum. Now what?

No there are no more chocolates on the pillows. Get over it. Go buy some thin mints if it is that important to you. It's candy. It's not like you're missing anything. Sweets abound on the ship. Yes the cabin attendants only do room service once a day now. Are you such a hog you have to have someone pick up after you twice a day? Yes? Then bring a maid. Pouting because there's too little room in the pools? Get your head out of your butt. The pools are only part of the entertainment. If you really want to be in them stake out a place early in the morning before the largest crowds and get your fix in. Not enough chairs? That IS a huge issue. We do a balcony because of that but we have also been known to simply move stuff that has been sitting for a while or that we see people put on chairs to 'save'. There's no saving chairs in cruising. Check the rules.

I have some bad things to say about Carnival, sure. I hate the lines in check-in so before I (JUST) hit priority status I sprang for the Faster to the Fun pass to skip the longest lines during check in. The food quality isn't up to 5 stars standards. Who goes to what is essentially a floating buffet and expects that? Too many it looks like. I think carnival could do a little better with food quality, sure. Are they going to? Nope. So I eat what I like and leave the rest. Also, get a steakhouse reservation. No way are you getting meals like that on land for a measly $35 a person. The buffet lines suck so I don't do the buffet. Also the food in the buffet line isn't great. SO I SKIP THE BUFFET. There's too much smoke in the casino. So I avoid it, sometimes that isn't possible. Suck it up and move faster is all I can do so that is what I do.

All in all it is what you make it. If the sink clogs and you let that spoil a whole cruise, then you are a sad human being. You really are. If you are too stupid to read a full contract and then get your knickers in a knot and complain you're an idiot. READ the contract. Or don't, because otherwise you would have nothing to complain about. I have had several ports canceled or changed. It is what you make of it. Does it suck? Sure enough, but I won't let it ruin an entire cruise. Also, wasting my time and energy whining to Carnival about something that I would have been aware of HAD I READ THE CONTRACT isn't something I am willing to do.

If you are and you honestly think your clogged drain, change in port, or the fact that you smelled something on a floating buffet that is also a floating toilet (Where else is all the buffet food people keep eating going to go?) is going to get you a refund by all means--wreck whatever happiness you might have had in the memories by wasting your time trying to get some money back. Me? I'll pass. Carnival is decent for the price, offers something for everyone, and is likely the closest thing to a 'luxury' vacation most of you, and me will ever get. So let's focus here folks. Is it worth ruining your trip to bitch about a buffet? because it IS a buffet and it's free. It's in the cost of your ticket. Like for real, get over it.

Cabin Stewards on this cruise lines only service your room once per day. Room initially had no ice bucket, room service menu, glasses, etc. Had to call and ask individually for each one. Bought a bottle of wine for room but when I asked for a cork remover none was forthcoming. I had to buy one. We selected evening cleaning not realizing that that was the only time he would enter our room, so we went from no ice all day, dirty towels, no garbage removed or room service trays removed for 24 hours, unless we specifically asked.

No security provided on ship as the hallways were used for people using them as a running track or a boxing ring to fight while drunk at 3:00 a.m. Went to sit down dinner one night and at the next table the waiter seated party of six one of which one man was so drunk he could hardly stand up. He also had on no shoes. The staff proceeded to take additional orders for drinks from him knowing he was causing a scene at the table. At one point his wife threw her napkin at him and stalked off, then he began telling everyone in lurid detail of his sex life with her. Many staff knew the situation but not one called security or intervened on behalf of the other guests. My husband end up having to approach the man and request that he not tell us about his sex life and quiet down.

Young woman and boyfriend were fighting outside of our room yelling and screaming but not one Steward called for assistance. Finally so many other guests came out of their room they acted like it was a joke and took it inside their room. I understand that Carnival makes their money by selling alcohol but at some point they need to take responsibility for the conduct of these guests when they continually serve them knowing they are drunk. Anyone with children or family oriented please stay away from Carnival, they only want your business if you are laying out more cash for their pockets. They won't even enforce their own rules with these drunken individuals.

Also, if you are paying $10.00 per day per person for tipping of staff and you can't even get them to pick up a towel without begging find another cruise lines. We have taken many cruises on Carnival and continued to support them as they went down hill. They have finally driven us away. We will not be returning customers and would advise you to steer clear of them also.

We took a Carnival cruise 8 years prior and had an okay experience but this time it was awful! 5 night cruise to Cozumel & Progresso MX. We paid to upgrade to a corner room with a wrap around balcony. This was a mistake... Our room was in poor condition! The bed was made and clean towels in the bathroom but other than that it had not been cleaned. The carpet was filthy and didn't get vacuumed the entire stay, the balcony glass was so dirty you could barely see through. The balcony chairs had bird droppings all over so we could not sit on them. The walls were stained with mold and had holes. Our door was all scratched up (pretty strange). Baseboards missing etc. I will attach pics.

From the moment we got on the ship we realized we were being herded like cattle, this really takes the fun out of the vacation! They go out of their way to make all the staff memorize names so you'll feel all warm and cozy like you're getting personal assistance, but that's the extent of it. The activities were over crowded, usually you have to stand in the back because seats are all taken. Carnival does offer a less expensive cruise but I'd so much rather pay a little more to be on a cruise line with some class and standards. We will never cruise Carnival again... The name says it all!

The $2,600 dollars that I spent on this trip was a total waste. For starters Carnival representatives are very misleading. The cruise was nothing like they described. The employees at the terminal were extremely rude, the food was HORRIBLE, they had us in the wrong rooms, the water in the shower smelled like sewage, the king size bed we were suppose to have were two twin beds pushed together and it still wasn't the correct size, there was no seafood on this ship, if you wanted a lobster you had to pay an additional 20.00 dollars for each one! The hallway had a bad smell also. Everything was too expensive on the boat. They don't offer any package deals on the pictures, we paid $60.00 dollars for 3 pictures, a 12 oz soda is near $3.00 dollars. Real after 3 days there's nothing to do. I can go on and on, I don't recommend anyone to cruise with them. I will never cruise with Carnival again! Worst 5 days of my life!

These people are vultures! The "sign and sail guest card" allows guests to purchase & leave gratuities (from their own personal account) for everything on board the cruise. The only thing the bartenders want is to get your sail & sign card! They attempt to squeeze every cent from you! I was disappointed in the knowledge of staff. Many of them didn't know much about anything including basic hours of operation, etc. This was my second cruise on Carnival. I won't cruise Carnival again!

We just got back from a 6-night cruise on the Carnival Conquest. First stop their private island in the Bahamas. Well they line people up like cattle and you wait in line for an hour to get a department NUMBER and then you wait in line for another 1/2 hour to get off the ship. The person I was with had leg problems and couldn't stand for that long, so we came back twice to see if the line had gone down. Long story short, it took us almost 3 hours to get off the boat. Absolutely ridiculous! They need to come up with a better system than the one they have. Once we got to the Island they had NOTHING there... No floats or any kind of paddle boat you could use. Not to mention that the food Carnival prepares for the Island is HORRIBLE! Dried out burgers and hot dogs that were cold. Seriously, it wouldn't take much effort to prepare food that people would enjoy.

The food was really gross and I choose not to even eat. Our next two ports were Dominican Republic and Turks & Caicos and we had a much better experience there. The food on the ship was very good... Way better than I expected. Before getting off the ship to go to Turks & Caicos I attempted to use the ATM machine. Well it took $206 ($6.00 service fee) out of my checking account, but it turned out the machine had no more money so no cash came out. Maybe they could have put a sign on the machine that it was out of order?

Instead I had to go to the desk and they had to call Chase Bank and confirm my money didn't come out and Chase ended up refunding me the $206 two days later. I bought 2 bottles of Kahlua on the ship and on their way to bring them to my cabin the bottom of the box broke and both bottles broke all over the hallway. Of course they had no more Kahlua on the ship and substituted something else. I don't think sailing with Carnival again is in my future.

I keep seeing terrible reviews for Carnival, and I'd like to share my experience with them, for it was wonderful! I just returned from a 7 day cruise on the Carnival Freedom and it was fantastic to say the least! We got to every port on time and the entire staff worked like a well oiled machine. We went to Cozumel first, and our planned excursion to Dolphinaris went off without a hitch! Our transportation there and back to port was perfect. We got back to the ship early and there was hardly a line to get back on the ship. Our second port was Belize, and since it's so shallow near Belize, we couldn't dock there, so they had several boats taking us to shore & back. We took a city tour, which was fun and informative, did a little shopping, ate lunch, and took a boat back to the ship. The boat rides were even fun because of one of the Belizean locals working on it made sure to greet and talk to everyone riding!

Last port was Honduras, which was my favorite! It was such a beautiful country! We had a planned excursion for jet skis and snorkeling. We rode in a bus with seven people. It took us about 40 minutes to get to our destination. The forty minute ride was so worth it because of the incredible views on the way! When we arrived, I was so pleasantly surprised! We had arrived at a gorgeous, clean beach area in the mountains of Honduras. We were given a thorough safety briefing about the jet skis, given life vests and helmets, and got on the jet skis. Our guides Cesar and Kenny were awesome! We rode for about 15 minutes and stopped at a floating dock, where we put on our flippers, masks, and snorkels and snorkeled in the 2nd largest coral reef in the world. It was breathtaking. I'd recommend this excursion to EVERYONE. It did not disappoint.

As far as my experience on the ship itself? I have no complaints. We dined in the Posh Restaurant. Our dining time was 8:15 and we had the same booth and same servers every evening for seven days. Eric, Christopher, and Coqui were our amazing wait staff and they knew what we wanted before we even sat down. They knew to bring me lemon for my unsweetened tea. They knew to bring us a dessert menu because we ALWAYS had dessert! If we didn't like what we ordered, they brought us something else. One night I asked about the Mahi Mahi, and Eric told me it was dry, so I ordered something else. He brought me both!

The staff who cleaned our room were incredible as well! They came twice a day and always gave what we requested.

The ship was kept so clean. I was impressed with the entire operation. The food on the lido deck was awesome. The lemonade was TO DIE FOR. Guy's Burger Grill was delicious, as the Blue Iguana Burrito Bar. I am so saddened to see so many negative things said about Carnival. As I kept reading complaint after complaint, I had to butt in and praise them for the outstanding work they all did to make our cruise so special and wonderful! I would cruise with them again in a heartbeat, and tell my friends and family to do so too! Thank you, Carnival!!

I have sailed with Carnival since I first sailed on their second ship, the Carnivale. The past two cruises, the customer service and care for the loyal customers has been horrible. The cruise we took 2 years ago, itinerary was changed after the lifeboat instruction. We too had flown to take a different trip than the areas we had travel to in which we could drive to the ship which cost us much more since we had the price of the flight.

My thing was why didn't we get informed of the change before the lifeboat drill since they had to know before we did this. I figured they didn't so people would not choose to board. We worked a job and only had a certain amount of time to vacation and did not want to go where we had been many times before. We should have been given the choice as to whether to go or not before the ship sailed. We figured they didn't want you to not board. Our time was valuable also and although I understand itineraries can change, guest vacation time should be considered also.

When we complained that we were not given a choice not to go there, we too were given a $30.00 credit on our NEXT cruise. This was only after even though we made an official complaint. After 1 call to us and was told someone would call us regarding the situation, we never received the other call. When after many months we called again and was told about the $30.00. WHAT, $30.00, as I said I have sailed since their early ships and on 3 occasions we have booked 2 and 3 cabins at a time.

Also, upon boarding the ship I was given the wrong color card which indicated your status on sailing and when I said something as we checked in I was told I'd have to go to customer service upon getting onboard. Really, I've just stood in line for checking in and you want me to stand in line again after the boat sets sail. I've had two hip replacements, why couldn't they have fixed it there or made a note of it and have the correct card brought to my cabin, after all that was their mistake not mine.

Then this year we decided to take the grandkids on a cruise and booked two cabins thinking we'd give Carnival another chance since until the last cruise we had been happy with them. After getting a casino special offer and then a email with a discounted rate we called and booked. Well the rate was for per person based on double occupancy. Well, we booked as priced per person. We booked two cabins and put an extra person in each. The fee still stood per person. Well my son who was going could not get off work after all (he is a fire inspector for the city of Knoxville). When we called within the period of which there was to be no penalty we was told this was correct.

However when we looked at our booking later to confirm this they had taken off only $129.00 when our was supposed to be $249,00 per person and when I called they were rude and acted like I was stupid for not being able to understand when one person cancelled the rates go up for the other too to pay for the cabin. What, we paid per person and we still had two in that room. What a rip off and the rudeness of their people that talked to me and my husband was horrible. We will take this cruise but this will be our LAST cruise with Carnival. We deserved to be treated better as loyal customers but we were treated as if it didn't matter. They didn't care. I would never let a rep act as if a customer as I quote "I don't know ma'am how to explain it any better that you can understand" when talking about the rate. Then I was told well we booked after the rate.

No we didn't and if that was the case how come the rate for the other cabin was correct. They just wanted to charge us more for the cabin in which one person cancelled even though we STILL had 2 people in the cabin. Crazy and disrespect was all I could say. I dread this cruise and just want it over. Bad way to take a vacation, right!

Six of us booked a Cruise with Carnival starting August 28 through September 4 of this year. We were sailing out of New Orleans. Normally we sail out of Galveston Texas but we decided to try a different port. We were cruising to Florida then the Bahamas for seven days. Weeks before we were to set sail, New Orleans was hit with heavy rains and flooding. We were concerned the trip would be cancelled because there's only one way into New Orleans.

I called my Cruise Manager and ask if there was a possibility that the trip would be cancelled due to the flooding. I had checked my email and saw nothing from Carnival. I was advised that ANYTIME there's an issue with a Cruise, Carnival would inform it's guest. In the meantime, I was tracking Hermine which was headed toward Florida. I constantly checked my email to see if Carnival was posting any information. Nothing was EVER posted. I rechecked the day we were to board and nothing was posted.

While standing in line to check in, we noticed people we upset and complaining. When we checked in, we noticed a flyer on the counter. It stated that due to the weather, Carnival would not be sailing Eastern instead it would be sailing Western to Mexico. People were upset because there was no announcement nor email warning us. There were people who just left Mexico and had to return for a 2nd trip. That was just the start. When I called Carnival to complain, I was told that I should have read the contract because it stated that, I hung up the phone. I didn't want hear what I should have read. None of that mattered when they were emailing me informing me when my next payment was due.

Our first day in the room, you could smell sewer in the bathroom. Didn't know if it was coming through the shower or toilet. We decided to take a shower, it wouldn't drain. They had to come and unclog it. Then the sink stopped up. Later we met up with the rest of the group and decided to go and get a bite to eat. Normally I lose about ten pounds before I cruise because I know I will be eating a lot. The food was horrible the entire trip. The desserts were worse. I've been on eight or nine Cruises, this was my first time getting sick. Even one of the people in our group got sick. I talk to several people on the ship who said they got sick as well. They also complained about the sewer smell in their room.

Once I started talking to other guest, I learned they were sharing the same complaints. I can go on and on about the Carnival Dream but I think I've said enough. I probably won't be sailing with Carnival in the near future. To add insult to injury, they offered to reimburse us our taxes and port fees for our troubles, $30. Wow, you pay thousands for a Cruise and they offered to give you $30 back as compensation. In the future, we'll be sailing with a different Cruise Line. Thanks Carnival for the fond memories. By the way, for the first time I lost weight on a Cruise.

It seems to me that all that Carnival is concerned with is making money. I very recently had a nightmarish experience on the Carnival Sunshine. The boat is old and the whole ship is dirty. I received a minor injury when a broken dresser drawer in my room fell on my foot resulting in a cut and bruising. There is no proper ventilation on the ship, so cigarette smoke is wafting around in the air all around the casino and the surrounding areas such as the stairwells and even the elevators.

The AC return must be pulling air from a kitchen exhaust fan because we could smell fried food, onions, etc. coming through the vent in the ceiling in our room. There was also a strong odor of marijuana coming through this vent one evening. When I put two and two together I realized that it must have been employee smoking it with the kitchen exhaust fans on.

My husband and several other people became ill after eating food on the ship. I could go on and on in great detail about all of the issues with this boat but the real problem is Carnival's "guest care" department. It seems that they are the only people you can talk to once you're done sailing with them. I've tried finding corporate information for Carnival so as to make a formal complaint with them. To date I have not found any information to contact the corporate offices directly.

If you call Carnival you will hear a prompt to tell them about your experience on your trip. Well, don't even bother because they do not care despite the name of their department! Their response in a nutshell was pretty much "too bad." Once you are on a ship you are at the staff's mercy. Any complaints made are simply shrugged off. Carnival does not care if its cruisers had a horrible time - once they've got your money their job is done in their eyes! I will never sail with Carnival again.

I will keep this short and to the point. My wife and I made the MISTAKE of booking our 10th year wedding celebration on the Carnival Legend that was sailing to Alaska from Seattle. We set sail for 7 days coming back on June 8th, 2016. To say it was disappointing would be a gross understatement. The ship itself ironically named the LEGEND, looks as if ZERO money has been spent by Carnival for any kind of updating whatsoever. I think Carnival is so greedy that they do not want to pull the Legend out of circulation so as not to lose any money. Carnival does not care in any way about their guest that are spending thousands of dollars to have a beautiful time, as I did.

I sent an e-mail when I arrived back home and never received a response. I waited about a month then called myself. I was told, "Thank you for the feedback", and did nothing further. My wife had a medical issue with several other guest smoking on the balcony. When this was brought to Carnival's attention I was told, "Sorry about that you should not have booked a balcony room". We were going to Alaska and that is what was said to me.

There were SEVERAL other issues but as I stated in the first paragraph, short and sweet... Carnival staff on board the ship were very friendly and helpful. The people booking my trip were very nice as well, they were making commission so that was kind of expected. EVERYTHING else as horrible. The food was gross at Truffles (Main Dining Room) the pizza at the buffet was great. No lobster night, desserts were subpar at best. PLEASE, IF YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT BOOKING THROUGH CARNIVAL, DO NOT DO SO!!! Go through any other cruise line, just not Carnival!

I wish me and my wife would have had a review like this to look at before we booked ours and wasted several thousands of dollars. I do not expect things to be perfect, ever. But I did expect Carnival to respond in a much more caring manner when I brought all of these issues up to them after we got home. Obviously I am only one little customer and they could care less if I book with Carnival again. I was told this by one of the "leads" from the customer care Dept. Very professional of her.

If I can get one or two couples to book through any other company besides Carnival (there are many others) I will feel as though I helped. Carnival showed no care or concern for me as a customer. I know for a fact you will be treated in the same manner! I hope this helps any of you on the fence if you are thinking about booking through Carnival... There are many reviews that are very negative towards Carnival, all of them can't be someone looking for a free cruise. I am not one of those either. I wanted to do something nice for my wife and that's how Carnival took care of us!!!

My husband and I booked a Carnival Cruise departing from Baltimore, MD on Aug 28, 2016 until Sept 4, 2016. The Carnival Pride was scheduled to disembark the Port of Baltimore at 4:30pm. We completed the mandatory online check-in process and arrived at our scheduled time. However, due to 'weather' the ship was late returning from its earlier trip that day. Needless to say, we waited over two hours in line and ended up leaving Baltimore at approximately 7:30pm. This is only the beginning of a terrible on-board experience with Carnival that was intended to be a pleasurable and badly needed anniversary vacation.

After completing safety training, the captain made an announcement that they were "tracking tropical storm depressions", but that they would not affect our itinerary and that "in accordance with Maritime Laws, will keep the passengers updated and aware of any changing weather conditions that could affect us". After settling in, our refrigerator was broken. We called for maintenance and was told that it would take a while to get cold. It never did. We arrived at our first port in Florida with no major complaints. Back on the ship, there was only 2 kiosks to check our accounts, one of which was broken. So we could not tell what we were being charged for or check our balances. 2 kiosks for 2,000 people (1 because the other was broken) is ridiculous to say the least. The Lido deck which is where the food buffets are had loose floor tiles that were causing myself and others to slip, fall, and trip.

After Nassau, the captain made an announcement that we were skipping Freeport to return to Baltimore and were to arrive on Saturday at 1am due to Hermine. But guess what? Hermine was nowhere near Freeport and was moving up the coast. Instead, we went back ahead of schedule to specifically hit the storm. The Lido outdoor deck was flooded and the drains were clogged and not draining. The first 3 floors of the ship was flooded as well. Our ship was turned at a 70 degree angle at least three times as we went into the center of the storm at 6am. People had their life vests on and were lined up. And there was no communication whatsoever throughout the entire ordeal. We thought we were going to die and staff, crew, nor the captain made no attempt to comfort us or keep us informed.

The day after, though, they posted a hidden sign of the projected storm that was backdated. The ship was completely shut down starting Friday night. The comedy shows and all other events were cancelled from Friday until Sunday. The decks were closed. The only thing we could do was sit in a room with all of our items that had been tossed across the room. The t.v. did not work. Glasses from the bar smashed due to the enormous tilt. People had water coming in through their cabin doors. And to add insult, they automatically charged our accounts $85 at 3am in the morning with no way to check our statements because there were no kiosks. The only thing they have provided us was $11 for missing an entire island. We left 2 hours late and came back a day early and traumatized. These are not all of the complaints, just a few. Do not sail with Carnival. This company should be fined and shut down.

There was problem after problem after problem, not only with us, but with our 28 guests. There was actually one MEDICAL EMERGENCY ON OUR WEDDING NIGHT involving a blood clot that was completely IGNORED because the medical center closes at 9 pm (it was 9:10 when we had arrived to medical center). To have a nurse come up to the room to look at it is $250.00 fee. Any pain meds or anything else, you have to deal on your own because they cannot distribute them. No assistance was offered.

When we got home, I emailed them, called them and sent through postal mail a list of my complaints. It was roughly 4 pages and 23 paragraphs. The only thing they did was offer a 15% discount and a $600 refund after we just brought them $50,000 worth of business. From the beginning, the only request was for them to take care of our room cost for us. They couldn't stand by their 110% satisfaction guarantee, so it's the least they could do. To this day, they state "the case is closed" and refuse to take any other action.

I booked my cruise in February 2016. Requested an ocean view with two bunk beds and a kings size bed. On the day of my cruise I received a king bed, one bunk bed and a mattress on the floor. I spoke with customer service who stated that they're unable to make any accommodations as that's what they have available and I should have read the fine prints. I am never travelling Carnival again to go on a cruise, spend all that time and money to sleep on the floor. The bathroom was unclean. The water from the bathroom was dirty. Horrible vacation.

We went in the Carnival Dream 8/7/2016, the room was dirty and had not been cleaned. The bathroom was not cleaned. There was hair all over the bedding. We called the customer service desk and was told everyone was busy getting muster station drills ready so we would have to call back. They finally sent someone to change bedding. On the fifth day we smelled a chemical smell and called, they sent someone to verify the smell, they verified it was strong and they would check it out. They brought a fan to air out the room while we were at dinner.

During the last couple of days we had bites on our legs and shoulders, by the last day we had a lot of bites. It didn't occur that it could be bedbugs until we came home and went to the doctor, it was bedbug bites. I think there was a problem with bedbugs which explains the chemical smell we were smelling. I think they knew it and didn't tell us. I did complain and they said they would check into the situation. There is definitely a problem with bedbugs and I am sure others that cruise on the Dream will have bites.

I have a cruise that is booked for January 21, 2017 going to the Grand Caymans and Ocho Rios. I made a deposit of $150.00 and I also had a credit of $150.00 from a previous cruise. I received an email dated August 16, 2016 in regards to the Zika virus. Grand Caymans had now been put on the list with the infected mosquitoes. I have very sensitive skin and with just a regular bite the site swells up and becomes very red. This virus is very dangerous and I do not want to put myself and my fiance in a place where we would feel uncomfortable and fear of getting bit.

I called to cancel and they informed me that I had a non-refundable deposit...and I would be charged $50 per person=$100 and the remaining $50 would be put as a credit!!! This didn't set well with me. I understand their policy...but when it comes to the health and well-being of the guests I feel I should be refunded. I have been on cruises before and enjoyed them and if it wasn't for this VERY DANGEROUS EPIDEMIC I would want to go on this one. I DON'T WANT TO RISK MY LIFE OR MY FIANCE'S! Carnival should be more concerned about the guests' well-being than the almighty dollar. If I had received a refund I would have surely traveled again with them...but not now and will let everyone I know that is interested in cruising not to book with Carnival.

Carnival Cruise Ship (Pride) repeatedly mistreated the entertainers/band that they recently hired to be the entertainment for the entire ship. They were an Atlanta band that was hired by the Carnival Cruise Lines. The band's contract with the ship was only 14 days. Carnival Cruise breached their contract with the band after only 10 days. Then WRONGFULLY terminates their contract with the entertainers/band alleging "misconduct", but refuses to release the so-called video tapes of these outrageous accusations.

In addition, they intentionally humiliated the entertainers by having armed guards pound on their cabin doors at 5am, say they have 1 hour to pack their things, and kicked them off the ship! All while walking them through the guests areas with armed guards following behind them to add more open shame to the already outrageous treatment. This all started over pizza that the entertainers were not served on "deck 9 of the Carnival Cruise Ship Pride". This took place on Tuesday 8/2/2016 and again on Monday 8/8/2016. The cooks refused to serve the entertainers the pizza they attempted to order, yelled at them in front of guests, and wrongfully called security on them claiming they were not wearing the ID badges assigned to them.

This was a false claim, of course. The entertainers were given "dual privileges" throughout the ship. Meaning, they were allowed to travel anywhere they wanted on the ship including "crew areas", because they were also considered crew. Unfortunately, the poorly trained staff, that didn't speak English very well, WAS informed of this rule and STILL denied the entertainers the food/service they requested. The cooks were reported to the appropriate authorities, but no reprimand was handed out to them by the staff for their rude and unprofessional behavior. Not to mention, the entertainers were served food on dirty plates and food with hair in it. There is video and pictures to support these claims.

Moreover, several bandmates became ill due to these deplorable conditions on the ship. One band member became seriously ill because she was served a raw hamburger that was completely uncooked on the inside. This took place in Half Moon Cay, Bahamas - one of 3 places the cruise travels. It is believed that this was the reason the entertainment was let go, because they complained to the administration about poor customer service and dirty food on dirty plates served to them. Lastly, the entertainers/band was given a monetary gift by a guest family and note that praised them for the hard work and talent on ship. However, the entertainers/band NEVER received the monetary gift left at guest services for them in an envelope. Carnival Cruise Ship Pride needs immediate further investigation for their horrific treatment of these entertainers/band. This all took place between 7/31-8/10 2016.

My husband and I decided to take a cruise out of the Baltimore port for our anniversary and after our experience we will definitely think twice about booking with Carnival. The first problem we encountered was lost luggage. My husband was without his luggage for 2 days. The crew wouldn't tell us anything and half of them didn't even know what was going on. We missed first formal night and grew more and more suspicious of someone on the boat taking our luggage. When it was found... it was in fact in someone else's room. They only wanted to compensate us $100 for the inconvenience of not having our clothes!!! After some negotiations it was increased to double and a free dinner. I believe that in good service they should have credited my husband's full cruise and because of this will not have our business again.

If the lost luggage was not enough, my husband also developed food poisoning the 4th day of the cruise!! He was the only one sick and it lasted 24 hrs. He has taken food safety courses and recognizes the signs, but of course the ship denies it. They gave him pills to help but was quarantined to his room. The last day of the cruise a letter of "we are sorry for your sickness" was dropped off and a nominal credit towards a future cruise offered. We didn't get to do any excursions or enjoy our anniversary cruise at all. It was the worst experience we've had in a long time. Shame on Carnival for not taking care of its customers. They should have offered a full refund or at the very least a free future cruise. Very dissatisfied and we will use a different cruise line next booking!

This was my first time on Carnival and can't believe how disappointing this cruise was. What worked well: Faster to the fun delivered. We boarded and disembarked first. My luggage was on my floor quickly. It wasn't delivered to my room because on our way to catch the elevator, we saw it and ended up taking to our rooms ourselves. The staff is so friendly. They remember your name and do their best to right their wrongs.

What didn't go well: If you are given cabin 6363 - change it! That room is right above the casino and each night there is a live band playing music which you can clearly hear and feel in that cabin. They stop playing at 12:30 am! The shower overflowed so water was to your ankles while you were showering. When we showered, water was coming up from the drain outside the shower with dirt. We called and complained and they fixed it. However, it happened again on the third day and by then, we just dealt with it. We were offered an opportunity to move to another room, however, we declined because we were already unpacked.

On the last night, the toilet stopped flushing and we needed to call that in too. We attended an orientation in which we were told we can get transportation to the beach at Freeport $10 roundtrip. The carnival person speaking at the orientation also stated there were going to be raffles at the beach and it appeared we were all going to be together. We walk to the area where the transportation was and we see a big bus, that looked really nice. However, when we got there, the bus left and small vans (some without AC) started driving in to take us to the beach. Talk about bait and switch! When we got to the beach, it was actually $14 per person not including the fee to enter the beach. There was also no raffles. The pools out on the Lido deck are so small, people are packed in there. There are rows and rows of chairs and if you are on the top, you have to come all the way down to get in the water. Layout is ridiculous! I will never cruise with Carnival again!

I went to the Carnival Fantasy casino to relax and play. I used my wife's card since my card was not working. I went to a slot machine first and put in $100.00 cash and started playing. I lost money and won some money. After winning $75.00, I decided to take the money out to go to another machine. Well, the money goes into the card. I went to the cashier and gave them the card. Here is where they get suspicious and complicated. You can use a card to play but when it comes time to collect my money plus the winnings, they want to see the card holder. I told them that the card was my wife's and they can see that we were in the same room. I argued that when I put the $100.00 cash into the machine there was no disclaimer and they were quick taking the money no questions asked.

I complaint that I wanted to see the manager. A lady manager came and was worse than the cashier. I was told that it would take 6 months before I would get a check in the mail with my money plus the winnings. If they are quick taking the money, they should be quick paying you your money and the winnings. If they are going to restrict paying the money they should also restrict when it comes to a player putting money into the machines. Imagine this happening in Las Vegas. It can only happens in a cruise ship because you are trapped. It sucks!!!

My name is Robin **I had paid for a cruise for 5 people on July 23rd on the Magic, leaving from Port Canaveral. I was with Kim **, Aedina **, Ivanna Larsh **, Ann ** and myself Robin **. We go to check-in and they would not let Ann ** on the boat because her driver's license read Ann ** and her birth certificate read Ann **. We have been on Carnival many times with her same ID but this time they said the names were different so being she was 93 years old, I was the only one that could drive a shift car and would have to stay back and take her home and take care of her.

Her daughter Kim ** went on with her 2 children. I DID not get the insurance for our tickets because I had no reason for this to happen being we have traveled on carnival at least 12 times in the past 6 years. I feel that I should get a refund or a cruise to take care of my loss of not being able to travel on the Magic as planned, so can you please help me get a cruise or refund? My cabin number was 7411 and my booking number was ** and that was for the Magic July 23rd 2016. You can call me at ** on this matter or email me at **. Thank you.

Went on a Carnival Cruise to Caribbean. When we first arrived on the ship we noticed it was dirty and the room was filthy. After eating the fish I was sick as a dog for 2 days, locked in my room, vomiting bathroom, diarrhea chills, sick as a dog. Notified the ship and they did nothing to help. I do not recommend anyone go on Carnival. A Royal Caribbean is a better cruise line. Carnival gave nothing back, took my money and ruined my vacation. Their ships are filthy dirty and the people who work there are rude and just wanting your money. DO NOT CRUISE CARNIVAL. YOU WILL BE SORRY.

My husband, Curtis **, and I booked a cruise for my 70th Birthday. We were so looking forward to it as this was our first cruise. As we were coming back on board the ship from a tour in the Yucatan, I tripped on the door of the ship either from the rocking of the ship or being bumped. Security tried to say that I fell because of the heat or being dehydrated. I knew full well I did not pass out. Had just drank a cola and had water in our backpack. I definitely felt the side of my foot hit something and the first thing I asked my husband was "What the heck. Did I trip over?" Medical staff did one X-ray, gave me ** and said I was just bruised up.

Well I was in very severe pain and could not walk (even with help) for the duration of the cruise. I told my husband that there was definitely something bad, wrong with me. We got off the ship and I had to travel by automobile for 600 miles to get home before seeing a doctor, severe pain and all. I went to medical 3 times after the accident to try to get relief from the pain. Meantime my foot swelled and turned blue. Asked them if I maybe needed it x-rayed. Was told if I could wiggle my toes it would be ok. Just so you know, The doctors and their staff not once checked on me or asked if I needed anything. They did not even offer me a wheelchair knowing full well no way could I walk. We had to ask a porter to get one for us.

Also went to guest services to try to get help getting me and our luggage off the ship. They were very rude and inconsiderate. I went to the Emergency room at Baptist Health as soon as we got home. Was there 5 hrs getting x-rays and ct scan. I have a fractured foot, several fractures in my pelvis, and a fracture in my hip. I have had to go to an Orthopedist. I have been home for a week and still cannot walk for the pain. The doc says it will be at least 6 to 8 weeks before I can walk again. Have not decided what to do about this yet but I feel like I should be compensated for my pain, loss of work, my prescription sunglasses, and their nonchalant attitude to my suffering. The only upside to this cruise was we met some very nice people. The guest were very considerate and offered to help any way they could. So would I recommend this cruise line?? Yes at your own risk because the staff has no empathy towards you as a human being.

Do NOT travel with Carnival! Paid for an entire cruise and just so happened to log into my cruise account to find out my cruise was cancelled and I was charged a $350 fee. With no notice or email about it! Reached out to review committee a month before the sail date on 5/14/2016, just now heard back from them 7/6/16 to find out I will not be getting a refund! Cruise as 6/24/16. VERY shady business practices! Do NOT sail with them!

Carnival Insurance is a RIPOFF!! We book a room with 3 people and purchased the insurance, each person paid $529.00 per person $49 of it for insurance. One person canceled and the refund was $81.75. They explained when you book a reservation for 3 they only really charge the 3rd person $109.00 so 75% of that is $81.75. I don't know how they get that when the 3rd person paid $529.00!

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Carnival Cruise Lines offers cruises with both family-friendly and adult activities.

  • America's most trusted cruise line: Reader's Digest voted Carnival America's Most Trusted Cruise Line, as of October 2015.
  • Cruise-a-Nality quiz: Before booking, guests can take Carnival's Cruise-a-Nality quiz online to find the perfect cruise.
  • Shore excursions price guarantee: Carnival guarantees the best possible price on shore excursions and refunds 110 percent of the price paid if a lower price is found.
  • Themed cruises: Carnival offers themed cruises based around popular TV shows, bands and activities such as dance.
  • Great Vacation Guarantee: Carnival guarantees guests will love their vacations or get their money back. Any guest that decides the cruise is not what they expected and wants to leave within the first 24-hours is eligible for a full refund plus an additional 10 percent for the inconvenience.
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