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Last updated: March 13, 2018

1193 Carnival Cruise Lines Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Cecilia of Montevideo, Other Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 13, 2018

We chose Carnival as our previous Carnival cruise was very good. With great efforts, we saved the money and paid months in advance, and travelled from South America to take this cruise. First of all, when we got to the port the staff receiving us at the entrance checking our reservations and the security personnel were not friendly at all. Secondly, when we got onboard, it was a smaller ship than the previous one, really old and the decoration is really outdated. Regarding the cabins, we had booked ocean view staterooms but the windows were completely covered in hard water marks, so there was not much of a view. The bathroom flooded every time we took a shower and the kids' beds (hanging beds) had clean sheets but the bed bases were extremely dirty.

Thus, when you have a hanging bed and another floor bed below that one (a room for 4 people), it is absolutely impossible to go from the farthest side of the bed to the bathroom in the middle of the night. There is absolutely no walking space in between the beds. My husband uses a CPAP sleeping machine so he used the side of the bed next to the night table and I had to kind of creep and crawl on top of him to access the bathroom (and obviously waking him up in the process), in addition to bumping against the luggage. Furthermore, being an old ship, it only has one plug in the whole room plus another plug at the bathroom. The one in the bathroom was not working ok, so It was hard to get all the family´s phones or computers charged with only one working 110 v plug.

My husband uses the CPAP sleeping machine which requires to be plugged, hence, when he was napping or sleeping there was no available plug. The quality of the food was bad in comparison with the previous cruise. Limited variety at the chef´s buffet. I wanted to eat healthy and the salad bar had very few options. There is nothing to eat with your coffee at 5 pm other than pizza, burgers or burritos or a sandwich from the deli bar, until the buffet opens back at 6 pm. We chose the late dining at 8.15 pm and we were kind of forced to eat in a hurry. As soon as you got to the restaurant they stalked you with the menu so you can choose your appetizer and main course (which is pre-made and just heated, as I believe, as it took no longer than 10 mins to arrive). Even when other family members were still finishing their dish, they stalked you with the dessert menu, so basically in 30 minutes you had an appetizer, a main course and a dessert.

When I am on vacation on a cruise I want to take my time to eat and enjoy my food while we have a nice conversation with the family. Regarding the trip, it was far from pleasant. There were some kind of bad tide or ocean currents conditions which caused the ship to heavily sway and move the entire trip (with the exception of a few hours the last night).This also caused the cabin wardrobe doors to bump all night, thus the movement caused something to hit the ship´s carcass, so it was very difficult to get some sleep with all that noise the entire night. Thus a couple of days after the cruise had finished, I was still dizzy after standing 5 days of continuous ship movement.

In addition, due to the ocean conditions, they changed the itinerary and we could not get down at Half Moon Cay because it was not safe to get people on the small boats to get down to the beach. They promised they would make it up with extra activities and more fun on board to compensate for the cancelled itinerary, which never happened. They added a couple of extra things but they lasted for half an hour each so there was not much of a difference or additional fun. The severe ocean conditions and winds were well known to the company well ahead, that is no rocket science. However, passengers were never informed us about this at any time and they still decided to sail off.

Lastly, on the day prior to arrival, they alternatively closed many areas of the ship as they were cleaning all day. Turns out the ship arrived next day at 8 am and was scheduled to sail back at 2 pm on that same day to Cozumel and other ports I don't recall now. We paid to enjoy the cruise for the whole duration of the trip and not for being bothered or not being able to access a certain area during a whole day. The loyalty and marketing strategies used by Carnival are far from professional as we just discovered. When selling the cruise, they promise you professionalism, fun, and a thousand wonders. But they really do not deliver that.

Instead they take advantage of the small letters in the contract and they are just interested in your money. They do not care for their customers at all and they will not give you any money back for any reason as they will always stay well covered, legally speaking. Apologies are fine, but they do not compensate for a bad vacation which you planned for a year and which took a great effort to pay for. They will not do anything else for you, making you wanting not to sail with them ever again, and of course, not recommending the line to a friend or anybody else.

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jane of Sacramento, CA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 21, 2018

I have been Cruising with Carnival for years. I have noticed that they are merely a GREEDY money hungry company and don't give a crap about their guests. Although they act like they do they really don't. Let's start out with their VIP bs because that is what it is. You can spend thousands of dollars on their ships and you are never close to ever being VIP. Maybe they will give you a free cruise that you have to use within 90 days but is it a free cruise? Carnival has no loyalty. The money spent on the ship in the shops or casino clearly paid for that so called "FREE CRUISE". Then they give you a drink card so you can have free watered down drinks for the cruise as long as you're gambling but you can't get more than 15 watered down drinks a day... If you put a deposit on a cruise and can't go instead of them moving it for a future cruise you lose it. Then they re-rent the cabin to someone else so isn't that double dipping???

I get it if it was last minute but if they were able to re-rent the cabin you should be able to move your deposit to another cruise. DOUBLE DIPPING week after week. They sing that same BS song. They will miss you... Sure they will... Their employees are from another country and may or may not speak English so they don't even know what they are singing. Let's talk about the numerous of credit card holds they put on your card, my bank flagged my account for fraud because there were so many.

When it comes to Carnival they are all about the almighty dollar and really can care less about their guests, when you see security kicking and punching guests we have a problem. They are not cops and don't have the authority to put their hands on guests. I would imagine there will be plenty of lawsuits. Get your wallet out Carnival it is time for you to pay! When a company doesn't truly care about the well being of their guests that is when I have a problem, I put my life on the line when I float on their boat. How can I know they will protect me after all the BS they do. Don't feel safe anymore.

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Brandie of Baltimore, MD Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 19, 2018

We just returned from a 7 day cruise aboard the Carnival's Pride. Be known to us the first night we went to our stateroom to find it was very warm. We tried to turn on the air with no success. We called guest services who sent the manager and then a technician. The technician said, "Okay it’s good". However upon him leaving it was still very warm, I explained that my husband sleeps with a CPAP machine and if he sweats the machine doesn’t work correctly and he will not be able to sleep well. That didn’t seem to be heard as this issue we expressed over the next 4 days all with no resolution so we are now on day 5 of my husband being miserable because he’s really had no sleep therefore leaving our cruise experience a disaster.

Finally after multiple complaints and nothing changing we were able to get a very small fan that did absolutely nothing and needless to say the room begun to smell from us sweating we would have to leave the balcony door open to get a little bit of air. This experience will be something that I can say will be the last experience I will have with Carnival given I don't ever plan on going again. Oh the resolution was a 300$ onboard credit. Really. We’ve spent over a few thousand for this experience. I will truly let all going to cruise don’t cruise with Carnival as they are not accommodating at all nor do they look out for their guests. Very disappointed as this cruise was my kids' very first cruise and we spent it basically without my husband because he was truly exhausted. I saved each acknowledgment that we were told. Basically they couldn’t do anything for us. Never again will I cruise with the company.

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Kylee of New Alexandria, PA Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 30, 2018

I traveled with a group of 62 people on January 20th 2018 onto the Carnival Sunshine. The overall satisfaction for all of us is very unsatisfactory. This was my 3rd time cruising, and will also be my last. The ship was very outdated compared to the other carnival lines. To start our vacation off the stateroom we stayed in wasn’t clean. The bathroom shelves had at least 3 layers of dust on them, which throughout the trip they were never cleaned. Every time we showered my entire bathroom flooded. I made guest services and the stateroom employees aware of the situation. They told me “Yes it’s happening to everyone”. How ridiculous does that sound to you? It was disgusting that my bathroom floor was covered in filth. How does that make it a comfortable 8 day stay for someone?

Nothing was ever done about it to make matters worse. I had friends staying on the 8th floor and the ceiling was leaking from their room which made their bed wet every single day. Once again NOTHING was done about it. No one even apologized for the inconvenience!!! Excellent customer service Carnival, really I applaud you. We picked “Your time dining”. Worst decision ever, would never recommend it to anyone. We waited at least 40-60 minutes every single day to eat. Once we got in the dining, the menu was awful and the service was horrid. We never had the same waiter, throughout our dinner they would change from 2-3 people. No one provided the outstanding hospitality Carnival is known for. It was hard enough to even get them to bring bread or refill our drink. I was never asked if I enjoyed my meal, If I would like another item on the menu, how my cruise experience was going, didn’t ask my name.

The menu was highly disappointing compared to my other cruises, including the Lido buffet. The same things were offered almost daily, which everyone was sick of eating. Not just sick of eating but physically sick after eating the food, including vomiting and diarrhea. I’m paying over $1,500.00 for an 8 day cruise and then you want to charge me $200 in gratuity on top of that for that kind of service. Are you absolutely out of your mind? The staff was not hospitable at all, also most of them had a hard time speaking English and understanding what I was asking them. I would get in an elevator with a cruise employee multiple times throughout the day and they wouldn’t even acknowledge my existence by speaking hello, how are you, how is your cruise? If this is what you call good hospitality I truly am pitiful for the others boarding the next cruise you sail.

I am an assistant manager at a Fortune 100 company and if I EVER treated my customers how you treated us I would NOT have a job. I paid to go to Grand Turk, that was one of the places most people wanted to go to. There was at least 3,000 people on the cruise and you accommodate for 2 people. Sure I understand there were illnesses, but there were 2,998 people on that boat and we didn’t get a say in what was going on. We had to port at Amber Cove. Somewhere I had no interest in going. Meanwhile we get off at the port and Carnival owns the island we ported at and they wanted to charge me $60 one way to go to the beach. As If you didn’t racket enough money from me the entire cruise.

Every single thing you wanted to do was an extra charge here and extra charge there. You opened the gates “earlier” at 6am. When the sun hasn’t even risen yet, who wants to get off the ship at 6am when it’s pitch black in a country that’s A. Dangerous and B. No one even planned on going to in the first place. The evening activities were not as I expected either, there was nothing going on after 12am, and for someone my groups' age that was disappointing.

I come on vacation to relax and enjoy myself and I found myself more stressed and worried than I would of been at home. I am honestly so disappointed and sickened by the amount of money and time I spent planning this vacation. I will NEVER cruise again and I will NEVER recommend it to anyone. This was by the far the WORST vacation I have ever been on. The overall value of the cruise is a complete JOKE. I will NEVER waste my time, energy and money on a cruise again. For the amount of money spent I truly expected more. Very pitiful and unsatisfactory. Shame on you Carnival.

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Catt of Liberty, SC Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 3, 2018

Before telling you of OUR experience on the Carnival ship Ecstasy, let me say this: 1. All the people complaining about not getting refunds for various situations. When you book a cruise months in advance, you are basically assuming nothing will go wrong that will necessitate a refund, which you won't get anyway. Carnival does NOT care what your situation is. They do NOT have a heart. They will NOT refund your money. Read your contract. They WILL lie to you. And no matter who you talk to, they won't honor what someone else told you. You have to go into it knowing that if anything goes wrong, you WILL lose your money, even if it's not your fault. It's the risk you take when booking a cruise.

2. Why would anyone book a cruise during hurricane season? Seriously, you have to know that there's a few months where anything can happen due to hurricanes. Your cruise can be cancelled, the trip can be re-scheduled at an extra cost to you, and they can change the itinerary without prior notice. They won't refund your money.

Our cruise began December 26, 2017 on Carnival's Ecstasy. I spent 12 years telling my husband about the fantastic cruises I've been on in the late 80's and early 90's, both Carnival cruises were on the Carnivale. So, we decided that our first vacation together would be a cruise. We were to leave out of Charleston, which is a 4 hour drive from us, and go on a 5-day cruise to Nassau, Bahamas. Imagine going to a huge Super Walmart store, complete with all the types of folks you typically see there. Shrink the aisles. Lock the doors. Imagine lots of children in every size and age, including infants. Now send that store out into the Atlantic Ocean for 5 days to the Bahamas. THAT is what our cruise was like.

It was NOTHING like the cruises I've been on in the past. Nothing. It's as if they figured that since Walmart people were going to take those cruises, they were going to cut back on all the luxury and special things. It was all a big floating cafeteria. And it even FELT like a Walmart... The staff do not understand what you are asking, no one has the answer, not everything is available, everything is a cheap / watered down version of what you expected, etc. Our room itself was fantastic...really spacious and a huge bathroom with a great shower. They had a TV, which wasn't on cruise ships in the past, and they had 3 versions of CNN. No thanks. We want to get AWAY from fake news, brainwashing, and all the hate. We had no other news source except for local news from Florida. Well played, liberal agenda, well played.

And cruise ships are known for their bars. Good Lord... All those people couldn't wait to belly up to the bar, even in the mornings, and drink constantly. Happy Hour begins at sunrise, apparently. My husband and I don't drink, and we stayed away from all that. Also, imagine this 'floating Walmart' with a poorly-run daycare, and no one is in charge. Those families allowed their children to run all over the place, including screaming at the top of their lungs, and they didn't care... They could tune it all out. The rest of us could not. It was nothing but jumping, stomping, screaming, chasing each other, and running into people. The children also took over the hot tub even before leaving Charleston. The adults couldn't enjoy the hot tub during the entire trip.

The 'easy access foods' were like eating in a cafeteria. It was horrible. Cruise ships were KNOWN for their superb foods. Not anymore... At least not the Carnival Cruise Ships. No more famous Midnight Buffet, either. I have pictures of the legendary feast from long ago. We did eat a formal dinner one night...and it was wonderful. My steak was cooked to perfection. But the rest of the foods that were available all day and night sucked...for the most part. A few things were tolerable. Guy Burgers are outstanding. I highly recommend them. The pizza was more like a burnt flour tortilla with a spoonful of tomato soup and less cheese than you'd put in a mouse-trap. And I swear you could see right thru the pepperoni.

From the first hour we boarded the ship we were praying for it all to end. We wanted to go home. Also, the ship rocked the entire time. The waters were incredibly choppy. It didn't bother my husband and I. We didn't get sea-sick at all. But others did. They were green in the gills, let me tell you. We felt bad for the drinkers, though. But seriously, those waters were rough. The ONLY time we weren't rocking was when we were at the docks in Charleston before leaving and in Nassau, Bahamas when we docked. That's it. All the other times we were really rocking. If you easily get seasick, please be aware that this can happen.

We decided not to leave the ship when we were in Nassau. We just wanted to get away from the loud kids and rude people. It was our only peaceful time, except for the parents who also didn't leave the ship...and they let their children run wild. So, as my husband and I sat out on the deck of the ship and took pictures and videos, I have to hear those loud-mouth kids screaming on EVERY VIDEO every time they are viewed...forever. Thanks, over-indulgent, negligent parents. YOUR right to bring your kids ruined OUR right to enjoy the cruise we paid for. And I wasn't the only one to feel this way.

Have you ever actually watched paint dry? This will be your experience if you need to use the internet cafe for any reason. It took 34 minutes for a 2-sentence email to load. This ship should have been called 'Cruises With Cell Phones'. No kidding... My husband and I were the only two people WITHOUT a cell phone. Everyone else did nothing but tinker on their cell phone. Everyone spent their time looking down at their phones, even the children. Apparently you could get phone service for a fee and everyone signed up for it.

"Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink!" Yep, all the booze in the world, along with bland lemonade and flavorless iced tea, but bottled water was not only hard to find, but incredibly expensive. You mostly found them in the bar area. Cokes were even harder to find. I had two during the entire trip. While on your floating 'Walmart Hell Ship', pick out a skinny white guy with the worst voice EVER. Make sure it's whiny, nasally, and annoyingly high pitched. Now, let HIM do all the talking in a very loud microphone for all the Bingo games, trivia games...and all other games that were scheduled. My husband and I made it a point to be as far away from him as on the other end of the ship.

The Cruise Director. Brittany. OMG, she's worse than the Bingo caller. She's hyper, super excited, chipper, perky, and the most positive, optimistic person on the ship and she wants everyone to know it. She also possesses a voice that is a full 6 decibels higher than a teenager at a Beatles concert in the 60's. It was DEAFENING. She, too, did all her talking and sonic-screeching thru a VERY loud microphone. We wanted to put forks in our temples. Needless to say, we stayed far, far away from her.

And the food. As I told you, it was bad, unless you were in the formal dining room at your scheduled time. You could also order room service. We didn't bother. We were coming down the hallway one evening and not only did the occupants of the room across from ours set their food tray out in the hall, but they literally puked on the floor right next to it. It was there for a few hours.

Overall, the ship wasn't clean. It's very old and shows its age. The mattresses sagged like hammocks. Seriously. The pillows and sheets and blanket were okay. But those mattresses were horrific. I can remember on the Carnivale all those years ago, every night the cabin steward would not only turn down your bed, but also place a mint on your pillow and turn on your night light. It was so nice. They really used to spoil the passengers. On the Ecstasy we only saw our cabin steward about 3 times, in passing. He was a nice guy, but aging and we really didn't want to bother him. He looked like he could use a nap. The other workers...they would smile, they were nice, but their eyes had that 'thousand yard stare'... The lights were on, but no one was home. They looked dog-tired.

Also, our room was next to a 'crew area only' room. It was like sleeping next to the coal furnaces of the Titanic. If you've seen that movie, you know what I mean. It was as loud as a jet engine, constantly. No let-up. And the ship was rocking so much in the choppy waters that we could hear glass bottles banging into one another in that 'crew room'. It was awful. Woke us from a dead sleep. Also, the crew went into that room off and on all night clanging carts and whatever else they needed. They gave no regard to anyone sleeping. One night it sounded like someone was banging a metal pipe against another metal pipe. It picked up speed and pretty soon it sounded like the cowbell in the song Don't Fear The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult. It was actually almost cool... But again, it woke us from our sleep. There were times the crew were so loud in that room I began to think they were all riding electric floor buffers for sport.

Night entertainment. Think of the worst singer you've heard. Give him a guitar and a job on a cruise ship. Now, put that bad voice and guitar playing thru a loud microphone. And let him sing Michael Jackson and Prince songs...a LOT. Here's the cannot kill him OR yourself. Everything is geared towards drinkers, gamblers, and kids. If you don't fall into those categories there's not much else to do. The ship I've sailed on before, the Carnivale, at least had movie theaters and other activities for those of us who didn't want to see 'hairy chest' contests, or hear bad voices thru microphones...LOUD.

All those years I've told my husband about how great these Carnival Cruises were...and this one was horrible. It's the people. It's today's rude society. It's all the changes on the ships. The cruises are scaled down and now it's like a big 'come as you are' party. There's nothing special about it least not on the Carnival Cruise line. People no longer talk and meet others and make lifelong friends who meet and take cruises every year... They are all on their cell phones. Yes, we tried talking to others. It didn't take. People just wanted to get back to their cell phones.

Also, the closer you get to the end of your cruise, the more the photographers set up MANY backdrops, lights, and cameras all over the place to lure you in for lots of pictures. They really, really push for people to get their pictures taken. We opted out and didn't let anyone take our pictures. I bought postcards on the ship... They only had postcards for the Grand Turks. They were only 10¢ each. Lanyards for holding your 'sign and sail' cards are $9.00 each. So, yeah, typical over-priced items, except for the postcards. Not a lot of things to choose from in the gift shop.

We were SO GLAD to get back home. We actually had to go to Walmart for a few things that I can only buy there. It felt as though we should nod and say 'hi' to everyone, as if we just saw them on the ship the day before. And to all of you families who want to bring your kids on the ship, even the ones that are way too young to ever remember it, try to think of how OTHER passengers feel. It's not all about YOUR KIDS and YOUR RIGHTS to bring them.

Not everyone thinks your kids are amazing and cute. Not everyone wants to be interrupted with your children screaming, running, and taking over the hot tubs, which prevents OTHER paying passengers from enjoying them. We paid for our tickets, too...and it wasn't so we could deal with other people's kids. Lots of parents are busy drinking and doing their own thing while their kids are bothering other people. It's not what we paid for or signed up for. But, it IS a lot like being in Walmart... THOSE parents allow their children to be obnoxious, too.

And yes, we cruised on the day after Christmas... The kids were off from school. But good Lord, if you HAVE to bring them, stop allowing them to annoy and ruin other people's cruising experience. Just try to think outside of yourself and put yourself in the shoes of the other passengers. Try to imagine someone's romantic moment or a proposal being interrupted by YOUR kids. Try to imagine all the videos being made that had YOUR kid's big mouth screaming on them. People didn't pay good money to go on a cruise and deal with YOUR kids. My husband and I will never take a cruise with Carnival again. At least I still have my memories and photos of when this USED to be a fantastic cruise line.

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Ananda of Woodlawn, IL Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 30, 2017

My friend, my son and I took a cruise in April on the Carnival Fantasy cruise ship. We were supposed to go to Cozumel but the ship had a problem. We were promised 1/2 off the cruise and 1/2 off our next cruise if we stayed onboard. We booked a cruise for March 2018, still being promised the 1/2 off. Yesterday, I was going to pay the remaining portion of the cruise and was told we don’t get 1/2 off. Customer service was awful. I spoke with 3 different people who seemed unknowledgeable and didn’t care that Carnival had completely lied to us. We had to pay $150 to cancel the cruise. They wouldn’t even waive the fee. As for the ship itself it was horribly outdated, the pool was too small and the food not very good. We will never go on another Carnival cruise!!!

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Qiannan of Davis, CA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 25, 2017

I am Qiannan ** and I booked the Carnival Cruise with booking number **. I was able to make it but the customer helpline staff in Carnival make it impossible. My flight is 10:18 am but it soon delayed to 12:00. And the crew told me that the plane can fly at that time. However, when it is 12, they told me that they needed more time to do the repair. Finally, at 1 pm they told me that they need everyone to get out of this plane. My check in time for cruise in Long Beach is 4:30 pm. So I checked all the ticket desk only to find one ticket that is departs at 2:50 and arrive Long Beach at 4:10. The Long Beach airport to Long Beach port is 17 minutes ride. So I asked the customer helpline staff if I can have some extension about my boarding time. The staff told me that he cannot guarantee anything. So I asked if I can speak with someone like people in the cruise who knows about the boarding.

The helpline staff said impossible and he said he could write an email to the cruise, but he is not sure if they will reply me. So I waited in the terminal and watched the tickets. No one called me when I can purchase the ticket to get there. However, when I got home. A call form Long Beach ask me if I can get onboard before 530pm. I am really angry about this communication because if I can contact the staff earlier or the staff can contact me earlier, I can get on that cruise and enjoy my holiday. I called 6 times to Carnival, Delta, and Expedia and spent all day trying to catch the cruise but it didn’t work out solely because I cannot contact the staff on board.

My mom was angry too and because of the language barrier, she cannot do a thing except using Chinese to say she is angry about me. I didn’t expect a refund for this cruise because I didn’t purchase the insurance. I just want to turn the refund of 1300 dollars to credit for another Carnival Cruise so I can invite my mom next time to cruise with me. I saved 2 month of my pocket money to purchase this cruise I just feel so sad that it’s gone. Thanks and Merry Christmas.

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Tammy of Odenville, AL Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 14, 2017

I got sick due to their food and had to get off the boat, Liberty Cruise, before I could get off guest service had already given my room away. Didn't ask did I need medical attention or any kind of help, Staff is very rude, food tastes awful, drinking cups is old, eating area dirty, bathroom smell like urine. Do not waste your money or time. Carnival hate to give refunds and get very rude when you ask for a refund. We all need to do a class action lawsuit.

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mary of Detroit, MI Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 12, 2017

We were book on the Conquest for 12/09/2017. However there was a problem with the flight. My sister in law called Carnival to report we were going to be a little late, Doris is the lady she spoke with and Doris said she would call back to get update, once we arrived we were about 20 in late, the boat was still roped sitting there. No one would come out until the boat started to move, I feel with all the calling and communication you would of given us those few moments. My family was already on the ship waiting for us to have fun for our 60th birthdays. I have been sailing with you guys for years! Things do happen that can’t be helped.

We even called to see if we could sail on another ship since all this was paid for!!! Talking about hurt was be a understatement and feel the boat could of waited on the 20 people that was on flight with us to just be turned away! Then again you make millions and maybe our funds was just a drop in the bucket. I would always talk about the wonderful times I had sailing with you guys. I have been on others but really like how you all made us feel, but maybe I was wrong!!

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Amanda of Beebe, AR Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 9, 2017

We were suppose to arrive 12/4/2017 @ 12:30pm. Was delayed for technical reasons. Got there @4:30 pm. Stood in line until almost 8pm. Then was boarded and sent to deck 5 for a 5 min safety meeting which was over a hour. Was tired of standing. Sat on the floor and then was put in what felt like a timeout chair in front of everyone. Finally got to our room and it was nasty. Motel 6 is better. Blood on the bed and crap all over the walls. I told our steward I hated it here and was having a horrible experience. I wanted to go home. I was crying. He said he would clean the room and I should go to customer service tomorrow. (He did clean my room the next day but left the bloody stained blanket)

I was suppose to have Kosher meals. No one knew about this. By the next day I was starving. Finally went to customer service the next day where I was in tears. Told them everything and how I wanted to go home. They tried to get me to stop crying but I just couldn't. I was never given the option to go home but instead I felt like I had to deal with it. They had the chef come and meet me who apologized and promised me food in 45 minutes. 1.5 hours later I got food which was a t.v. dinner which smelled heavily of chemicals. I couldn't bring myself to eat it.

Finally I decided I would eat non-Kosher but stay away from pork and seafood. All day and early morning we heard saws and pounding from our room. Last day was awful where we were in a storm and I was awfully sick from it. We paid for a 5 day trip and got 4 days. I called customer service the moment I got off board and was told the 110 percent guarantee is not a guarantee unless you say something within 24 hours which I did. All in tears both times and was never offered to get off the boat or arrangements to be made for me to go home. I was pretty much told to suck it up nicely. The only time we had fun was on excursions which had nothing to do with carnival. Their guarantee was not upheld and I am so unhappy about the whole ordeal. Awful.

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Kathy of Ontario, CA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 8, 2017

I have done cruising with Carnival many times. And for the most part, it has been a positive experience. On the 8 day cruise to the Eastern Caribbean. I picked a suite this time, and though the room was great, I had a king, and one mattress was about an inch higher than the other mattress. On the Lido deck, they didn't wash the tables down, lucky with a quick swipe somewhere on the table. In Grand Turk, the flies were very happy with this deck. The worst part, was that I pre-purchased my transportation from the port to the airport (Miami). I paid $30 for this luxury. I never received a ticket, and on the last full-day on the ship I went to the Excursion desk. They pretty much blew me off. Told me that if I didn't get a ticket, don't worry about it, just tell them when I get on the shuttle.

During Disembarking, I again asked one of the employees where do I go, because I have never used this before. Told me to go outside to the left. That was it! So, I go outside, turned left, asked one of the people out there, and told her that I prepaid my trip. To be fair it was chaotic outside. I finally get the shuttle. When I get to the airport, I was prepared to give a $20 tip. I was then told no, it was $25 for the trip plus tip. I called Carnival, for an hour and a half. I was passed around from one person to another. One told me that instead of a refund, that I will get an onboard credit for future cruising. So much for the 110% refund for finding an excursion cheaper than they offer. Carnival, you let me down this time!

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Shirlee of Columbiana, OH Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 8, 2017

Haven't even taken my cruise yet. It's not until Dec 17th. And pissed at Carnival already. I went to buy my beverage package and just because my fiance wants the booze package they said I have to buy it too. I don't even drink!!! So now I have to pay an extra 170 for nothing which is **. Went on Royal Caribbean last year and I could just buy the pop package for myself. I will not go on Carnival again.

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Deborah of Spring Hope, NC Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 30, 2017

Carnival Conquest - My husband and I are both in our late 50's and decided to take a cruise for our honeymoon, since this had been a lifetime dream we had never been able to fulfill. This was the honeymoon from Hades. The port that we had most looked forward to was cancelled and we spent an extra day at sea, instead of routing us to another destination.

The food was absolutely horrible! We are both from the south and can eat about anything, but we lived off of french fries, fruit, eggs and bacon. The dining room was nice; however, for the best food, we would have had to pay an extra $20/person/night for steak and/or lobster. Sure, we could get as many steaks as we wanted, but they were flat steaks and tasted like leather. The buffets were not very appealing and most food had no taste whatsoever. If you could find something to eat, we were required to search in other parts of the ship to eat because most of the tables were dirty and no one seemed to take an interest in cleaning them. I am a big "sweets" person, and did not find anything during the 6 days that was satisfactory. Most desserts were made with some type of jello additive and had no taste whatsoever.

Our Nassau port was wonderful; however, we were able to sit on the free beach beside of Atlantis and almost reach out and touch the ones who paid approx. $150 to sit beside of us for an excursion. Upon arriving on the Conquest, we unpacked and went straight to the casino. Neither of us are gamblers, so this was a new experience for us. I immediately won $96.00 and decided to cash out. There was a lady behind me writing down the machine information and stated it should be reset as I won too easy. Throughout the cruise, we occasionally tried our luck again, but was not successful. We spent our $96 on sodas, as the free tea and lemonade were undrinkable.

Half Moon Cay was the most enjoyable day of the cruise. Absolutely beautiful beaches. Just not enough time. Dom Republic was a joke. We were herded off of the ship and an announcement was made to be advised that the crime level was on the rise, so take extra precautions. We were fenced in an area with a shopping center, where over half of the stores were closed/empty. So, we headed back to the ship. As a new cruiser, we took out the insurance, thinking we would be covered for any emergencies that might arise. The fourth night of our cruise, I became very sick and visited the medical dept only to be told they did not accept the insurance provided by Carnival and I would have to pay $125 just to see the doctor. This would not include prescriptions. Fortunately, Dom Republic sold antibiotics and painkillers over the counter.

We are both dancers, so we decided to go out for the night. The music was from the 50's and 60's, which is not what we expected. We also visited several of the shows and were very disappointed in the entertainment. Needless to say, our honeymoon was extremely disappointing. I don't think we'll ever try another cruise, especially with Carnival.

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Stan of Tallahassee, FL Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 27, 2017

Complete chaos upon disembarkation. Families with crying babies in handmade stand in stairwells for hours. All elevators are shut off, employees threatening with security guards. Over an hour of absolutely no announcements as to what is happening, people shoving themselves back and forth like rats trying to flee a sinking ship. This is our 5th cruise and by FAR the most disappointing. Day one steam room not working, day two the sauna room joins the fun. The only positive surprise was a Mexican eatery, however they found how to screw it up as well as it would close at 3pm everyday and never reopen. No food other than burnt pizza between 3-6pm. When asked to make a certain type of pizza on their menu, the cook proceeded to go in the back, scrape all ingredients off an already cooked pizza and applied new ingredients, unbelievable.

One of the only two public hot tubs had hot water, about 15 children were in it at all times. We requested early dining as we have a young child, still given late dining at 8:15 and told that they overbooked the early dining by 400 people already. Rooms E100-200~ have a galley right over it, all night they were rolling carts full of dishes back and forth, no sleep as it felt like they were rolling them right inside our room due to lack of insulation. Shows were horrible, our local diner has a guitarist who has a better voice than all them combined. Comedy show was the same material both days it was open. Room attendant kept knocking in the afternoon when we took a nap! Could not take 5 steps without the 1,500 photographers employed by the ship asking to take a picture.

We paid for the window room, great, it had a window... however it was dirty to a point of losing the reason to have a window. The wifi that we paid $50 for 4 days was like going back to the old 90s dialup age. Facebook app took several minutes to just load, forget about actually browsing. Overall, it’s time to retire this ship and carnival in general, they lost touch with reality and a requirement of customer service.

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J of Washington Dc, DC Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 15, 2017

We took a 5-day cruise from New Orleans that stopped in Cozumel and Progresso. It was one of the worst experiences I've had for so many reasons. The food is disgusting - not bad, not so-so. Disgusting. (I lost weight on the cruise). "Room service" is a joke b/c when you call no one ever answers. The dining rooms are ridiculous - you have to sit with a large table of strangers for the WHOLE cruise if you want to eat in the dining room instead of the buffet. It's awkward, and if you want to have a romantic dinner b/c it's, say, your birthday, you are out of luck. Even if they have open tables for 2, you can't have one. The food in the "restaurant" is the same as the buffet, anyway, so there's no difference, really. They charge for absolutely everything.

If you don't want the disgusting instant coffee or whatever they are serving 24/7 in their coffee urns, you have to buy coffee at the Vienna Cafe on the ship. You have to buy water, anything to drink aside from lemonade or iced tea. The casino is a joke and a smoky nuisance every time you have to walk through it to get a good coffee for $5 at the cafe. The rooms are FREEZING cold and we had to complain so many times to get them to turn down the a/c. We both got the flu from the ship -- friends of ours when on a cruise in the exact same ship that left the day we got back and all 5 of them got the flu, too. So, the ships are carrying lots of germs. If you need to buy medicine they gouge you.

The stops in the Caribbean are a joke -- there's absolutely nothing to do or see - other than really crappy tourist shops - in the ports of call. You have to buy the extremely overpriced "excursions" to see anything. We did purchase 1 excursion in Progresso to see Chichen Itza, but we're 5 minutes late getting to the bus (b/c we had the flu) and it had left without us. Even though they knew we had tickets b/c we had prepurchased them. It was so awful I needed a vacation from my vacation. NEVER AGAIN. I want my money back, unfortunately, I'm sure that will never happen.

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Shannon of Milton, KY Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 15, 2017

We are just getting back from a 10 day cruise on the Carnival Ecstasy that when we scheduled and paid was originally supposed to go to St. Thomas, St. Maarten, San Juan PR, Amber Cove Dominican Republic and Tortola British Islands. This was supposed to be our trip of a lifetime celebrating our 30th Anniversary and my parents’ 50th Anniversary. Before we even left, Carnival changed the ports to Aruba, Princess Cays, which they own, Bonaire, a terrible port, and Grand Turk. They wanted 1500 per person additional to change our cruise date after the itinerary change which we had already paid 1300 a person for 6 people. While on the cruise they decided not to go to Grand Turk but would leave Casino open. Keep in mind we could see other ships docked there. So now we are down to 3 ports instead of the 5 we paid for and only 1 compatible port to what we paid for when we booked.

The only credit we received was 38 dollars for 2 ports. The food was terrible. The menu was basically the same all 10 days. This was also very disappointing. The food was not good either. Lots of leftovers, dry and overcooked! Below our window was some type of noise... we couldn't sleep. It was much worse at night. I think they were discharging sewage into the ocean. If this was not bad enough the majority of the crew was rude and unhelpful!! The casino had about a 3 percent payback and the quarter game was rigged to where you could not get bonus for 100 dollars because the s was missing! So bored with 7 days on the boat! No activities that didn't cost or they were trying to get money from you. Couldn't even get a complimentary deck of cards!

Then my husband fell down a half flight of stairs coming from deck 11 to 10 early in morning due to stairs being wet. His back was bruised all up. We went to guest services to file an accident report. We were told in order to file a report. We had to pay 125 dollars to see their doctor. Otherwise no incident report could be made out. I also witnessed a family with a small child whose hand got stuck in elevator doors the same thing except it was added that the ship's doctor was in a meeting and could not be disturbed for several hours as the child cried in pain. So very disappointed in Carnival Cruise line and their policies!!! Also in the area of the boat we were in the first 4 to 5 days only 1 of 4 elevators worked and my brother's room the television didn't work for first 4 days and no one would fix it! None of my family will ever travel with them again. We do not feel safe! Worst vacation ever!

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Erica of Los Angeles, CA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 8, 2017

I went on this cruise for the first time. It was my birthday. It started off bad soon as I boarded. I notice they didn't cancel my massage. I called and spoke with customer service. He told me everything was fine. He would email his manager to let her know as well. The massage was cancel. They charge me $183 to my card. I took my card off file and my friend put her card on file so she could buy some motion pills. They charged her card the $183. So at the point both of our cards was both charge at this point. I went to the manager and ask her to cancel this. I already spoke to customer service days before I boarded this cruise. She was trying to make me doing anything not to give me my money back. She ask me to get a facial. My teeth whitening. All I wanted was my $183. Something I cancel before I boarded. What kind of company just keeps someone money like this.

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Jeneen of Chicago, IL Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 7, 2017

The cruise was canceled. I have paid full price of 1,700. The amount was told it will not refund or it will not change to another cruise. I was issued a 89.00 refund not 1,700 in Aug from a credit from the bank that 1,500 is accredit from the hotel. Now it is Nov. No 1,700 from you carnival cruise, you will refund the 1,700 or you will change to another crusie. You will have to notify the Chase Bank as to where I have paid you in July the 1,700 for the imagination that I will not pay you 1,500 for a claim denial. You have kept the money, if the call is not to rectify the account of the 1,500 to the Chase Bank overdrawing the account. I will now call police. My account will not overdraw in Sept.

A manager refunded 89.00 in Oct, nothing further Carnival please call Chase. Mr. Renzo **. Consumer banking, when she checked her account for customer credit for the canceled cruise, your refund of 1,500 or 1,700 not there in Sept, in now Nov. She may not owe you 1,500 for any imagination or new cruise. The error is overdrawing her account you refunded in Oct 89.00 not 1,500. Her balance will prove that my number is to rectify your error is 1-800 935-9935 the customer miss Jeneen **. Booking number ** her email ** mine at Chase. **. Nov 2017.

There obviously is a problem with the cruise and my money not your the 1,500 is monitored. You would not refund it so contact them now in Nov from a problem and I will get my refund if 1,500 or choose another cruise. I would not like to cruise so hopefully the customer credit. Your company sit from a Carnival representative Shawn. Jeneen ** imagination Sept 17 now Nov 10 2017. Please contact Chase with the correction.

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Mitchell of Va Beach, VA Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 30, 2017

Where to start, took a 5 day cruise. Left Charleston SC Tue 24 and 2 port calls (Freeport/Princess Cays). Freeport was so dirty and nothing at all there and the locals were cheating and ripping everyone off, telling us their kids were starving, they have not ate in days etc. Pull you in their store very aggressive. NO FUN being hounded at every turn, I would of never ever paid to go somewhere so bad. The taxis, Oh my god jamming 13 - 14 people in a 1960 van falling apart rust buckets. One lady cut her toe on rusted out floor boards. Tags and stickers expired. No one checking to make sure tourist are being treated fairly. The so called beach pulled up and nothing but mud holes... None of the crew could speak or understand English. Even tried to complain to supervisors they can't speak or understand English.

Princess Cays Carnival's own private island. Me and my wife took 800.00 debit cards/credit cards, but guess what - you can only use your sail card, ok that would have been nice to know ahead of time. Because I could not even buy a bottle of cold water because the Carnival Acct decided to remove all our money from our account for tips, sodas, etc. The same time we were on the island... even though our account was cash to be paid at the end of cruise, they remove money from your account without even notifying you. So the bartender said I had to go all the way back to the boat to get straight. Tried to talk to supervisor NO HELP. Damage done.

Both our port days were ruined by untrained non speaking English help, they double charged almost everything we bought. It was complete mess... Waste of money. They are so big NO MORE customer service at all, told my room porter, told guest services NOTHING. Worst vacation I ever had and it was my first cruise. I can only speak on Carnival, if you have money to throw away, no problem but I am have a manual labor job worked hard all year and took me a year to save up for this cruise. Was so excited, was so disappointed. Could not wait to get off that ship R44 Deck Riveria. Also no one told us we could eat in restaurants free (we were told you had to pay at first by one of the crew), but come to find out they are assigned. That would of been nice to know. We did not find out it was included until the last day and went and had steak lobster. One time...

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Tesla of Birmingham, AL Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 28, 2017

So I went on this trip. It started out ok but ended crazy. Plugs in room wasn't working. Bed had makeup on it before we even laid down. Food ice cold. Nothing but the omelette was hot. Coffee was cool. Must I can go on so ready to go home. Some parts was ok but these were the ones that touch me. Bad bathroom was half clean then we are tipping cash and they get a auto gratuity then I get a bill saying I owe. Yes they removed it but I shouldn't have to do that and guest services you would think they where computers or a robot. They cut you off while trying to explain what's going on. The answer is a automatically No. Then it sounded like we hit something then. In the middle of night we heard noise that sound like a washing machine.

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Damaris of San Antonio, TX Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 24, 2017

As a concerned parent I decided to write this review. I recently went on a 5 day cruise and was horrified at the poor care and service the day care has on these ships. I took my 3 yr old and enrolled her at the daycare. I received a cell phone which I was told would be used if my child was upset and they needed to contact me. I took off and not 5 minutes went by when my child was out alone roaming the boat! My son, who was outside playing ping-pong, saw her through the glass doors as he had heard her crying. I immediately ran inside looking for her but I couldn’t see her, I could hear her crying but couldn’t locate her. I ran into the daycare and asked for her, hoping one of the attendants had her, but no, they had no clue my daughter was not there!

I ran back out and I found her holding hands with a complete stranger that was walking my daughter back to the daycare. My heart just stopped when I held my baby! I could not believe she had gotten out! How?! I kept asking the crew, how did she get out if there is only 1 entry and same exit, how?! No one answered. There were 3 ladies caring for these kids and no one saw my child leave. What upset me the most was that no one apologized once! There was no concern at all that my child was out alone while under their care. They were speechless!

I returned the phone they had provided and said I would not be using their services. The lady just replied, "OK, I will sign you out & return the phone." I could not believe it! No empathy no concern, nothing! I am still in shock! How could they be so careless! Just days before it was in the news and all over social media that an 8 yr old child had fallen off the rails and sadly lost her life and it is still unknown what happened, how did she fall, who was caring for her, etc. This needs to be heard and investigated! As a concerned parent I seek for answers.

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Marie of State Road, NC Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 20, 2017

I was disappointed that there was not a separated smoking section. I had to walk through a lot of smoke. The candy store was right off of where everyone was smoking. Really? Who wants to take their kids through smoke into a candy store? A lot of the trivia games were right there in the smoking areas which I did not appreciate. Carnival, why don't you have an area for smokers only? This really turned me off. Also, I was at a bar one night and a young couple was so drunk they could barely function. Camp Carnival released their son. I was really worried for the child. The positive is the beds were comfy, staff courteous, kind and hard working. Overall I did enjoy the trip, but too many areas with smoking, I probably would not travel on Carnival Ecstasy again for that reason.

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Delores of Poway, CA Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 20, 2017

Carnival Conquest Ship - This was my first cruise and this trip was an awful experience... First their comedian made jokes about our president and began embarrassing me when I said fake news out loud. I go on vacation to escape idiots like him, there's no place for political jokes onboard... Also they put charges on my credit card that I DID not approve. The best part were the people that work there, front desk and servers... Bartenders were rude.

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Luz of Palm Bay, FL Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 18, 2017

We had to cancel our cruise that is supposed to leave December 8, 2017 because we lost our house as a result of Hurricane Maria, and we need that Carnival Cruise refund our deposit. We need to build the house again. We hope somebody help us with this situation. Right now we need the money.

32 people found this review helpful
Catherine of Hastings, MN Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 17, 2017

I have a VIP number through carnival. I tried booking twice with the rate offered. They put me on hold for approximately 58 minutes. I was told a supervisor would be getting back to me within 24-48 hours. 5 days later they still have yet to return my call. I called again. And was told it's not offered to us. I explained that it was offered twice within 6 minutes that I have pictures. They still refuse to honor it. If you want to try to get this deal contact **.

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Laura of Salineville, OH Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 17, 2017

Cruise scheduled a year ago was cancelled, do Carnival could make more money renting their ship to FEMA. When rebooked for two weeks later when ship was back in operation Carnival raised their prices. They would not honor the price we had originally booked for. Although they caused us to lose money on plane tickets etc. They wanted more for the same cruise and would not work with us. We were told if we want to cruise we will have to pay the new rate. This is no way to treat customers.

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Kendra of Findlay, OH Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 16, 2017

My fiance and I were to get married on Carnival in Cozumel, Mexico. The cruise was to continue to Cuba. We found out my fiance was unable to get a passport. I contacted Carnival and they stated that was ok. Well, after spending well over $7,000, we got to the cruise ship to find out we couldn't get on the cruise and we were sent back to the airport. We had to rent a car to go home (which we lost all the airfare we had already booked). We rented a car and came straight home. The rental car was damaged by a semi losing a tire in front of us. I just can't believe Carnival wouldn't give back one dime! They made the mistake and explained it was my fault for not asking the right questions. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? How would I know that the wedding division wouldn't look at my entire cruise and realize there was a problem? I can't believe they couldn't even apologize. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!

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Susan of Kallangur, Other Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 12, 2017

Carnival Cruise line have really let me down. We flew from Australia to do a family vacation for my Mother's 70th Birthday and my Sister's 40th Birthday. Flights from LA to Miami were not flying due to Hurricane Irma. We were told our cruise would go out on the Tuesday rather than the Saturday, which did not matter as we could not get there as no Airlines were flying in. We had two cabins booked. We were advised they would provide a full credit for the cruise to be used within 18 months.

I just want to re-book the cruise but just for my Mum and myself as my sister cannot come next time. It's an expensive flight from Australia and she isn't in the position to go again. I was told they would only allow my Mum's credit and my credit to be used and would not let us use the portion of the credit that belonged to my Sister as she wasn't coming. So we are out of pocket close to $800US which is about $1000 Australian due to their credit policy which has changed since the initial conversation. Just really disappointed that they care so little about their clients.

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Laura of Drexel, MO Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 11, 2017

Western Caribbean Cruise - Sailed October 2 on Carnival Valor. Rough seas, so that was a bummer but hardly their fault. Food was good. Room was clean. Services were overall very good. Questions were promptly answered. Disputes were resolved quickly. The layout of this ship was a bit confusing compared to previous ship. Don't like the new app system. Entertainment was ok. But that's not why I cruise anyways. No problem finding peaceful places on deck to sit and watch the sea.

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Dwayne of Lawrenceville, GA Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 10, 2017

We had a good time regardless of how bad Carnival Cruise Lines treated us. I understand they changed our original itinerary because Irma destroyed the ports. They did not offer us any refund or credit. The line to get on the boat was ridiculous and took close to two hours to board. I am not a new cruiser so I am familiar with how long this should take.

They had no Bud Light on the first day while leaving port. Then we travel to Princess Cay which is a cruise ship island. A far trip from Saint Marteen. They only had three ferries trying to get 3500 people to shore. It went so bad they gave us a free beer at dinner. Now we move to day three. The food was not good. The steak was good and one guy who worked on the ship named Jason were the only people from Carnival that were a bright spot.

The rest of the services were not good. One young lady serving at the main pool second floor acted like I committed a crime for asking for a beer. The visit to Jamaica and the Cayman Islands were good. They had to cancel taking us to Cozumel because of the weather. I understand that but I paid for a cruise in 4 ports and 3 days at sea. They refunded us 10 dollars for the port fees that are usually higher when they are charging them. I got 3 port and 4 days at sea. They ran out of all beer but Heineken on the last sea day. They did not even discount the Heineken. Carnival is ok if the trip runs smooth but if something does not well forget you.

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