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Carnival Cruise Lines
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      Rated with 5 stars
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Feb. 3, 2020

      Cruise Review - Carnival Panorama - Feb 2020. The brand new 4000 passenger Carnival Panorama cruises the Mexican Riviera 52 weeks/year from Long Beach, CA with stops in Cabo, Mazatlan & Puerto Vallarta. It leaves and returns on Saturdays. We took the January 25, 2020 cruise. In short - it was a great value for money. The ship, the crew, the food and the entertainment were all first rate. The entire staff is dedicated to helping you have fun, which is Carnival’s big focus - fun all the time. Here are some tips that I hope will help you get ready for your cruise.

      1. There are 2000 cabins on this ship and only 70 suites. We signed up a year in advance to grab one of those suites, 7319, and there were only a few left that far in advance. With 3.5 days at sea, we spent a fair amount of time in the suite watching the view from our large balcony and watching the included movies on the in house television or streaming Netflix on our iPad. A suite has a large area for watching tv, which was very comfortable. The tv channels were very limited, no ESPN, no CNN or FOX. A bunch of kids shows and a few other junk channels. Carnival needs to change the channel lineup.

      We had a walk-in closet, a very large bathroom with 2 sinks and a shower/jacuzzi. If you ever are going to splurge for a suite, this would be a good cruise to do it on. The room had plenty of dresser drawers and 120 volt power outlets. Lighting in the room was very good for reading. Staff only serviced the room once per day. We chose to have the room cleaned after 6 pm when we were at dinner. The room stewards clean the rooms in the morning or evening. You should get a choice, ask the steward about this choice if he doesn’t offer it.

      2. Embarkation: all 4000 passengers arrive within a 4 hour window and there is congestion in the passenger drop off area. Once you reach the drop-off queue, it takes about 15 minutes to creep your way to the drop off area. A quicker way would be to have your driver get in the far left lane and turn left towards the parking structure, before you are very far into the queue, then you can be dropped off at the far end of the drop off zone. Then you’ll walk your bags about 300 feet to the entry of the big white cruise terminal. You could leave your bags with a porter at the curb and tip them $5, which is what we did.

      You won’t see your bags for a few hours this way. Inside the cruise terminal you proceed to the check in desk and show them your paperwork and they move you right thru. If you have dragged your own bags this far, they will have to be x-rayed. You can have the crew take your bags to the room at this point. You are not allowed to pack alcohol or wine bottles or plastic bottles in your checked or carry-on luggage You can bring a case of canned sodas, in fact you can buy canned sodas right in the cruise terminal as sodas are expensive on the ship. You cannot bring a case of canned beers, however. I think you can wait for the x-ray process to be completed and take your own bags onto the ship. It’s a long uphill walk on indoor ramps!

      3. Tip: Carnival gives you a 30 minute check in window in an attempt to spread out the crush of boarding passengers. We had a 1:00pm to 1:30pm check in window. The rooms are ready at the end of this window. The room keys are in the paperwork holder next to your stateroom door. At 1:30 we went straight to our room, found the keys in an envelope next to the door and dropped off our carry-on bags. The room key is a plastic card. To unlock the door, hold either side of the room key close to the black square reader on the door, a little green light will come on and you’ll hear a little click, then just turn the door handle to open the door. Once the lock clicks, you have about 5 seconds to turn the handle, so no rush. Most people arrived early, so they were stuck dragging their bags around the decks while they are waiting for their room ready time. No need to be there early. It takes about 10 minutes to get through the check in process and to get up the ramp, so if your window is 1:00 to 1:30, plan on arriving about 1:20 or later.

      4. Elevators: There are 16 elevators for passengers in 3 banks of elevators. The forward bank of elevators has 8 elevators, the middle back and the aft elevator banks have 4 elevators each. Each bank of elevators has small iPad looking devices on the walls where you enter the floor number where you are going. The pad tells you which elevator you are assigned to. You should enter the floor number for each person in your party. The computer will stop assigning people to a particular elevator once it sees that the number of people assigned to that elevator reaches a certain number. Most people don’t enter the floor number for each person in their group and then elevator overcrowding can happen. The system works really well, once you figure it out. Once you get on your assigned elevator, it will only stop once or twice before reaching your floor. Inside the elevator there are no floor buttons for people to push. This prevents kids from pushing all the elevator buttons inside the elevator.

      5. Once you drop off your carry-on bags, if you are hungry, you can proceed to the buffet in the Lido Marketplace on the 10th floor in mid ship for some lunch. It can be crowded in here because many people arrive before their room is ready and they are dragging all their bags into the dining room, creating a major traffic jam. Food was good, but seats were hard to find.

      6. Study the deck plans on the Panorama website before you arrive, it’s a huge ship and you’ll need to study it ahead of time. You can download the deck plans onto your smart phone into the documents or books app, so you can pull it out when you need help. There are deck plans at all 3 elevator banks. You can walk from one end of the ship to the other using the corridors on one side of the ship or the other, not the middle area, except floor 3, due to the gigantic galley in the middle of that floor. That is a little confusing. When you look at the 3rd floor plan, it will make sense.

      7. Restaurants: The food is very good. There are many places to eat and they are all good. The specialty restaurants all charge an extra fee for dinner. The main dining rooms are not open for lunch, but there are so many great places for lunch, try as many as you can. On sea days, the Vista Dining room serves a “Sea Day Brunch” from 8:30 to 1:00. You can order steak & eggs with filet mignon here, no extra charge. It’s a small piece, but really good. There was a long line to get into the Sea Day Brunch at 8:30 on Friday, we went to the Lido Marketplace instead that morning. The omelette station in the Marketplace is quick and makes great special breakfast orders.

      8. There are 2 main dining rooms: 1) Vista Dining Room, Decks 3 or 4 aft (take the aft elevators or stairways). This 2 story dinning room is for the “anytime dining” option. 2) Horizon Dining Room, Deck 3 mid or forward elevators or stairways. There are 2 entrances. This one story restaurant is for fixed time dining, either 5:45 or 8:15pm. If you are a couple, you generally are assigned a table with other people, which can be fun. After the first night, many people ask to switch tables for one reason or another. We took the early seating, which allowed us more flexibility in seeing the big night time shows, more on that later. The wait staff in the dining rooms are excellent. If you arrived for dinner at 5:45pm, you were usually finished eating by 7:00pm.

      9. Dress up nights are Sunday and Thursday. No jeans and t-shirts, guys. There are 3 special meals in the main dining rooms: Sunday is lobster night, Thursday is filet mignon night and Friday is prime rib night. On the other 4 nights those items are available for an extra $20 per person. All those items were outstanding. Every night is a different menu which you can review on the Carnival hub app.

      10. Wine with dinner: the wines average about $46/bottle including the 18% gratuity. You can also buy a 5 bottle package of wines before you board called “Cruising the Vineyard”, the wines will cost you about $27 or $40 per bottle. You have to purchase this before you board by calling Carnival, I didn’t see this option anywhere on Carnival’s website. I had my travel agent call Carnival and set that up. There are 2 levels of wine: the Premium was $198 for 5 bottles, the lesser quality wines were $135 for 5 bottles. If you buy one of these packages, you will receive 5 little coupons in your stateroom along with a list of wines included in your package. You can use these coupons to order wine in your stateroom, any dining room or at any bar.

      11. Bars: there are many bars all over the ship, all serving great drinks. They all add 18% gratuity to the posted drink price. There are 2 draft beers on board, brewed on board, which are very good. There is also a self service beer tap in the Lido Marketplace (Deck 10) where you can enter your room number and pour your own 16 oz beer. This will save you about $2 for the same excellent draft beers that bars serve.

      12. WiFi - we purchased the Premium WiFi plan for $15/day per person. It was worth it for as we were streaming Australian Open tennis and Netflix movies frequently. It was pretty good WiFi for the most part. There are no instructions on to log on that I could find so I had to ask someone. It was pretty easy. Each passenger has a different “folio number” on their Seapass room card, each person has their own account for charging things on board. You’ll need this number to log on. Open up your browser on your device and type in: in the URL line. Click on that and your devise will ask you for your folio number and birthdate and then you can log into the ship’s good WiFi.

      To switch to another device, use the log in procedure on the other device and it will ask you if you want to “switch devices”. I was always switching between my iPad and my iPhone, since I could only have 1 device connected at any other one time. A couple could share one WiFi package together and take turns being on line with their device if you both don’t need to be online at the same time.

      13. Time Zones: as you approach Mazatlán on Tuesday at 2am, you will advance your clocks one hour to the Mountain Time Zone and leave it there until Friday morning at 2am, when you go back to Pacific time. You’ll need to take your phones off “set automatically” in time settings so you can set the time zone that the ship is on. Ship time doesn’t always agree with the time zone that your phone thinks it is. On my iPhone, with Verizon service, I had to turn off the “screen time” function in settings in order to be able to set the time zone manually. Many people couldn’t get the time right resulting in being an hour off for dinner. You always need to follow ”ship time”, not the time your phone thinks it is. Time makes a difference if you are meeting people, or trying to get a good seat at a night show!

      14. Laundry: Suite customers got free laundry. There were self serve laundry machines and ironing equipment on all the floors. We never used them, so I don’t know if they required money, best to call Carnival if you plan on using them to reduce the amount of clothes you need to bring.

      15. Fitness gear: the spa (12 forward) has an amazing fitness room, never crowded and lots of first rate cardio and resistance equipment. There was also an outdoor walking track and outdoor workout equipment on deck 12.

      16. Pools and jacuzzis: the main pool is on deck 10 mid. This is where all the outdoor dance parties take place after 10 pm. Another pool and 2 very crowded jacuzzis are found on deck 10 aft. Deck 5 aft has an exclusive area called the Havana Experience with a nice infinity heated pool, 2 not so crowded jacuzzis along with loungers and cabanas and the Havana bar. You need a wrist band and must be over 12 years old to access this area. Passengers who stay in suites, as we did, or in the Havana rooms are eligible for the wrist bands. You cannot purchase them. It is nice and quiet in this area except for the Cuban music playing over their speaker system.

      17. Production Shows - the Panorama features 5 awesome and different 45 minute shows with high energy singing and dancing and music from a cast of 14 wonderful performers. The backdrop is an amazing video wall. These are mesmerizing productions!! Showtimes are 7:30 and 9:30, with doors open at 7:00pm and 9:00pm. Seats fill up within 10 minutes of the door opening, so be there when the doors open. It’s worth it to get a good seat as the cast uses the stage and most of the lower floor of the Liquid Lounge, decks 4&5 forward for the show. The balcony of the Liquid Lounge on Deck 5, has seating, but many seats have sight line restrictions due to support columns, but they still fill up. Drinks are served before and during the show. The other 2 nights, the main shows are some audience participation games, we passed on those.

      18. Comedy shows: the ship carries 2 stand up comedians, each doing a PG show and an adult show most nights. The comedians were both very good.

      19. Fellow passengers: lots of kids and all ages of adults. The ship had plenty of activities for kids, in a highly popular Kid Zone, so they weren’t underfoot frequently. There were many people using wheelchairs, walkers and canes. The ship is designed to handle chairs.

      20. Door decorations: many rooms had doors that were decorated with stuff to make their door standout. People brought little magnets to secure their decorations to their doors. Some used tape, but you are not supposed to use tape on the doors. They were fun to read, and made it easy to find your room in those very, very long hallways!

      21. Bed spreads: beds come standard with heavy duty white quilts like so many hotels are using these days, which can be too warm for some people. After 1 night, we asked our room steward to replace the quilt with a sheet and blanket which was much more comfortable. Don’t be afraid to ask or maybe you can request that ahead of time.

      22. Shore excursions: just Cabo had tenders, Mazatlán & PV had easy dock access. We bought Carnival shore excursions in all 3 ports as the prices were reasonable and there were plenty of offerings. There were plenty of independent shore activities available to you once you left the ship. We went whale watching in Cabo and PV and we saw plenty of whales, up close, on both trips.

      In Mazatlán, we did the Harbor boat ride and city tour, which was a very nice trip. The tour guide dropped us off and gave us 90 minutes for lunch and shopping. He recommended a restaurant called Margaritas because of their fantastic local shrimp. We went there and this 10 piece boat load of very large shrimp for 2 people, all cooked in different ways along with some fish tacos. The food was really good. The meal was $36 US for the 2 of us, cash only, no credit cards. The shopping in all 3 ports was disappointing, just low quality tourist junk.

      23. Last 2 days at sea: very windy due to 22 mph boat speed. The seas were relatively calm, at least on this trip. It was too cold & windy to sit on the deck in many areas, but you could find areas sheltered from the wind that were comfortable. The weather was in the mid 60’s and sunny.

      24. Activities at sea: there are plenty of activities for passengers, many of them are audience participation activities. There were no movie theaters on board, as every one has access to a large list of movies in their room at no charge. The sky ride, a bicycle ride suspended over the water looked like fun, but usually had a 60 minute wait. There is a ropes course, miniature golf, basketball and a trampoline area ($), so plenty to do. There were no enrichment lectures. No History of Mexico talks.

      25. Cruise Director Emma was a bundle of energy and kept all activities going day and night. She must work 18 hours a day. Her activities team were very good.

      26. Photographers: yes they were there taking your pictures frequently. You could see your pictures on your room tv or on tablets around the ship. You could download a picture to your phone for $20 each or have them make prints. You can’t just takes picture of their picture, as the picture you see is full of watermarks to discourage that.

      27. Disembarking: you could walk off the ship with your own bags or put them out the night before and collect them near the immigration area. Suite customers could exit the ship with their own bags at 7:30am, which we did. It was pretty easy to roll the bags off, as the walk-ramps were all down hill or level grades. The rest of the ship started exiting the ship on a floor by floor basis starting at 8:00am. Passengers exited the ship on Deck 4 forward. There were no Customs forms to fill out (unless you wanted to declare something). You just went through Immigration and answered a quick few questions from an Immigration officer. Then you exited the cruise terminal building and opened up your ride hailing app and ordered your car. It took 7 minutes for the driver to arrive. There were cabs waiting at the curb, which makes sense if you have a short ride. If you had an early flight out of the area, you could depart early like we did. Exiting passengers had to be out of their room by 8:30 am to allow preparation time for the next group of passengers.

      All in all it was a wonderful cruise and I would recommend it as a way to get away for a week and get a change of scenery on the west coast of Mexico.

      The lobby bar Deck 3
      Suite 7319

      In port at Cabo

      Ken M

      Irvine, CA

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      Rated with 5 stars
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Aug. 10, 2019

      In the past years I’ve been fortunate enough to cruise six times with Carnival Cruise Lines. I can honestly say I had no bad experiences with the staff or any of the personnel. They were all very professional, courteous, happy to help In any way they could to make my experience as fulfilling as they possibly could. The entertainment was always spot on In my opinion. The bands were top-notch, and played really good dance music. The food was always excellent, prepared as if you were dining in a five-star hotel, or if you would rather kick back with a more laid-back dining experience you could hang out at the bar or around the pool and eat fresh barbecue off of the grill, or have a pizza made to order.

      Now I am only one person, and mine is one opinion, and experience, But I can assure you I’m not the only one that feels this way about Carnival. I made some really good friends that I’ve kept in contact with through the years that live across the country from me, and I can assure you they are of the same opinion as l. Trust me when I say, you can’t go wrong cruising with Carnival Cruise Lines!

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      5 people found this review helpful

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        Rated with 5 stars
        profile pic of the author
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: Aug. 4, 2019

        This was my first time on any cruise. I chose Carnival because my boyfriend has went on them once with his family. From start to finish the customer service was incredible. Whatever you need the staff will do for you. Always friendly and polite and so helpful. If you’re a fan of the casino there are some wonderful staff members who made our experience great (even when we started losing lol). Koketso is one of the casino bosses. He is a stand up man. He’s very friendly and funny. We received a few seat certifications from him for hands we got in the game. Some of the dealers we loved were Fernando and Kopano! They were nice guys! Fernando is a cowboys fan, but we let that one slide!

        So many bartenders. All fast and friendly service. One who stuck out named Joel **, we saw him earlier in the day once and then late at night in the casino and he remembered our drinks before we even said anything to him! We dined at 8:15 pm and our team was SPECTACULAR. Their names were Jino, Bhiku, Sedana and Inoyman. I’ve never had waiters ever before anywhere as amazing as these guys were. I was having an issue with my teeth and chewing and Bhiku brought me mashed potatoes as a side even though they weren’t on the dining menu. I really appreciated that. They were super funny with their jokes. Anything you could possibly need they would do for you. Checked on food. Brought two different entrées out for my boyfriend to eat. Dessert was delicious. They all danced and sang for the shows and they did great!

        Due to a slight injury I didn’t partake in activities such as bingo and dancing like I wish I could have but the girl who announced everything No-No (not sure on spelling) she was so fun and lively and entertaining! Last but certainly not least the housekeeping team! Gerry was in charge of the cleaning for our room/floor. The bartenders would swipe your cards and give them back and use your name. Gerry knew our names every time he saw us though! He was so friendly. The room was always spotless clean with fresh towels and towels made into animals. I don’t know how many people Gerry is in charge of but he’s doing an amazing job with all of them. We appreciated their work.

        One negative part of my trip is that I had to use the medic, but the staff down there was wonderful. Dr. Natalia is a very nice woman. The other person I remember was the nurse named Pink, she’s very bubbly and happy and cheerful. Although my experience with the medic team did not help/solve my medical issue at all, the staff was still fantastic and helped me as much as they could. Overall wonderful and I will be booking another one again soon!

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        Rated with 5 stars
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: July 25, 2019

        My wife and I have cruised 11 times with Carnival, with 2 more coming up this year (2019) and next year. Then, we'll be ready to be Platinum guests. We had 1 problem, on one of the earlier cruises, concerning the casino, which was sorted out and actually proved to be our fault in not knowing how to use our Sign and Sail cards. All in all, we have nothing but good to say about the service, food, cleanliness and friendliness of the ship and its crew members, and I am talking about at least 8 of the ships that we have been on. My wife is allergic to garlic, and the restaurant staff bends over backwards to serve her meals prepared just for her with no garlic. Sometimes, you will meet with a crew member who is short with you, but they are only human and have their off days too, just like us. We will continue to sail with Carnival because we know that we will get the best value for the money spent on any cruise with them.

        6 people found this review helpful
        Rated with 5 stars
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: July 7, 2019

        This was our second Carnival cruise on June 29th, 2019 from Charleston, SC. on board the Carnival Sunshine for 5 nights. It was just as much fun as our first a couple years ago on the Carnival Liberty out of Port Carnival. We had balcony rooms both times. No issues with air conditioning or cabin problems. The food was great every night in the dining areas. Different menus every night and we ate in the dining room every night. I like they don't give you too big of proportions so you have room for desert.

        I did the 20 dollar upcharge for surf and turf two nights. Had no need to got to the three upcharge restaurants. They were never sold out since they announced opening every night over the PA system. They were small too so don't think they will last. Guy’s Burger were great. Also had a barbecue in one of the pubs we just ran into. The serenity end of the ship is great with no kids allowed. Me and the wife are empty nesters now but do miss not having the kids around. The comedians were great but need to get to the shows early to get a seat. We did Disney last year and yes the shows and food are better but not for almost double the price of a Carnival cruise.

        We got free water in our cabin for being second time cruises, I brought a 6 pack of Coke in cans and a bottle of wine I never even opened. You can get milk and chocolate milk at the buffet and put it in you refrig in your room if you have a balcony room. They have plenty of lemonade and ice tea dispensers around if you’re thirsty. Free ice cream machines too. Drinks are about 22 dollars for two. We had Piña coladas most of the time. We also did behind the scenes tour which we loved. Expensive but enjoyed it. Hope that helps.

        Tony and Bonnie from New Jersey

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        6 people found this review helpful
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        Rated with 1 star
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: April 3, 2020

        This has been a very depressing horrible experience dealing with Carnival Cruise Line, I paid in full on my trip for October 26 through a great friend(s) of my family through their travel agency. I must say her and her husband have done everything possible and stick by my side trying to get this matter resolved, but is Carnival that’s getting everyone the run around as far as refunds goes. My travel agent reached out to the cruise line on March 11th for my cancellation in which carnival decided to wait till the 16th of March to process it which was their first mistake, mind you before this mayhem started and everyone wanting cancellations I was near the front if not the very front.

        So they told my travel agent whom is tagged to this post I’m creating that it would be 7-10 business day to receive a total refund and reason being because they had high volume of cancellations. So that time frame passed and she called back to report that her company still haven’t received the refund, so they ask her to give a couple more days. And we did so still nothing, so I called to check myself through the booking number I have and they told me that it has been processed and canceled and waiting to go through another department (Which if it’s been canceled and process what other department does it has to go through???‍♂️ All you have to do is send a refund.) and after that department gets it it will take an additional 7-10 business days.

        Now I’m getting upset and frustrated because every time we call someone is adding new stuff and lying to us! So it was late and the department I needed to talk to was closed, so the lady asked me to give a call back tomorrow, which is today‼️ so myself and the travel agent called them on 3-way and was in the phone with Carnival for at least 3hrs or more including being on hold 1hr 15mins and transferred to 3 different people... so the first person we talked to she was so rude and disrespectful with a nonchalant attitude like idc what happens. So she goes to tell us that yea it’s canceled but we got to wait 90 days to get a refund, mind you I’m already frustrated. So we told her to transfer us to a manager in group booking. We waited over 30 mins for someone to come to the phone and when they did only to find out she sent us to the wrong representative on purpose.

        So after talking with him he transferred us to the right person but had to hold over 30mins again. So after talking with this manager he comes to tell us he don’t know when we would receive the refund because the main branch closed due to covid-19 and don’t know when it will open so I have to wait till then which is not professional business at all and a sad way to treat your customers. So I told him that I will be reporting this matter to every social media, news, and website they have because this is highway robbery and unacceptable, so my travel agent explained to them my situation and they didn’t care about any of that and was rudely trying to get us off the phone.

        Everytime we talked to someone it was a different lie and I’m at the point where I’m about to take legal actions and get more than what my refund is and I made that clear to the supervisor. I’ve never in my life been treated in such a matter and it’s sad. I understand what’s going on in the world but WE people needs our funds back to take care our own needs. But I promise you I will never book through carnival again in my life and I encourage you all as well not to because they don’t care about their customers only the money they can get from you ‼️.

        Then my travel agent asked, “Well for the inconvenience what can you do to make this right,” his reply was wait on the money to come but if I wouldn’t have canceled they could give a on board credit and I was like wow that’s sad, you trying to make me wait 90 plus days on my refund and the best you can do is on board credit.... send my money now or give me a refund and a free trip voucher. IDC because this is pathetic for a business‼️.

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        Rated with 1 star
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: March 31, 2020

        Would give zero stars if I could. We received an email that we could cancel or reschedule our cruise for May 18th due to the Corona virus, but when we went to the site it is only allowing the cancellation or change of date for cruises that have been canceled which is through May 11th. HAVE BEEN ON HOLD FOR OVER AN HOUR. Ridiculous. If we were told we could cancel or move the date should have the option to online and over an hour to speak to someone is ridiculous.

        2 people found this review helpful
        Rated with 1 star
        profile pic of the author
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: March 25, 2020

        SHAME ON CARNIVAL!!! While it isn't their fault that the Covid 19 has shut much of our nation and the world down as a whole, it isn't our fault either. I had a cruise booked for April that is not an option due to the travel restrictions, in addition to being on my own medical lock down due to being positive for the flu. While it wasn't for the virus, apparently they are about the same and I was asked to quarantine. I say asked but basically it wasn't an option.

        Carnival is telling me of the $800-900 I paid for my cruise, I can only get back approx $500 and the remaining $300 something must be used within 12 mo toward a future cruise. They are refusing ALL other forms of compensation and not even giving any incentive for forcing you to basically lose your money. I have spent hours on the phone with them today. Management tries to avoid you at all costs, they will not provide other options, and in reading their own business and ethics codes, they are violating every single thing they swear to stand by.

        I will never use this line again and will share this experience anytime I am able. This is not okay. People use your services when they feel respected, supported, and appreciated. You don't do that by keeping people's monies for services you cannot provide, even if it isn't your fault because it isn't ours either and we trusted you!!! NEVER AGAIN.

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        2 people found this review helpful
        Rated with 1 star
        profile pic of the author
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: March 15, 2020

        I've been trying to reschedule my cruise. For 3 days was on hold for 3 hours and when I finally got to talk with someone and told them I wanted reschedule they hung up on me. This has happen every time I try to call for 3 days straight. Would recommend not to sail on their ships. Would highly recommend Royal Carrabean though.

        3 people found this review helpful
        Rated with 1 star
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: March 15, 2020

        Friends and I had a cruise booked for April with Carnival. We called and canceled and rebooked for later in the year. Beware. When you rebook, your cruise will cost more, you will not get a discount or a free upgrade. I lost my free upgrade and discount because “that cruise (same exact one) doesn’t offer any of those.” Yes, I’m a member of the VIFP club, gold heading into the next level. So be prepared to pay more than the original price for your rebooking. Plus, we lost our travel insurance and had to pay for it again because we were paid in full at the time of cancellation, and we will have to rebook our shore excursions (have no idea if there will be a cost increase with those). So, as of right now, I’m going to be paying over $200 more for the same cruise.

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          • America's most trusted cruise line: Reader's Digest voted Carnival America's Most Trusted Cruise Line, as of October 2015.

          • Cruise-a-Nality quiz: Before booking, guests can take Carnival's Cruise-a-Nality quiz online to find the perfect cruise.

          • Shore excursions price guarantee: Carnival guarantees the best possible price on shore excursions and refunds 110 percent of the price paid if a lower price is found.

          • Themed cruises: Carnival offers themed cruises based around popular TV shows, bands and activities such as dance.

          • Great Vacation Guarantee: Carnival guarantees guests will love their vacations or get their money back. Any guest that decides the cruise is not what they expected and wants to leave within the first 24-hours is eligible for a full refund plus an additional 10 percent for the inconvenience.

          • Best for: The Carnival Cruise liner is best for budget-aware cruisers and families.

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