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My husband, Curtis **, and I booked a cruise for my 70th Birthday. We were so looking forward to it as this was our first cruise. As we were coming back on board the ship from a tour in the Yucatan, I tripped on the door of the ship either from the rocking of the ship or being bumped. Security tried to say that I fell because of the heat or being dehydrated. I knew full well I did not pass out. Had just drank a cola and had water in our backpack. I definitely felt the side of my foot hit something and the first thing I asked my husband was "What the heck. Did I trip over?" Medical staff did one X-ray, gave me ** and said I was just bruised up.

Well I was in very severe pain and could not walk (even with help) for the duration of the cruise. I told my husband that there was definitely something bad, wrong with me. We got off the ship and I had to travel by automobile for 600 miles to get home before seeing a doctor, severe pain and all. I went to medical 3 times after the accident to try to get relief from the pain. Meantime my foot swelled and turned blue. Asked them if I maybe needed it x-rayed. Was told if I could wiggle my toes it would be ok. Just so you know, The doctors and their staff not once checked on me or asked if I needed anything. They did not even offer me a wheelchair knowing full well no way could I walk. We had to ask a porter to get one for us.

Also went to guest services to try to get help getting me and our luggage off the ship. They were very rude and inconsiderate. I went to the Emergency room at Baptist Health as soon as we got home. Was there 5 hrs getting x-rays and ct scan. I have a fractured foot, several fractures in my pelvis, and a fracture in my hip. I have had to go to an Orthopedist. I have been home for a week and still cannot walk for the pain. The doc says it will be at least 6 to 8 weeks before I can walk again. Have not decided what to do about this yet but I feel like I should be compensated for my pain, loss of work, my prescription sunglasses, and their nonchalant attitude to my suffering. The only upside to this cruise was we met some very nice people. The guest were very considerate and offered to help any way they could. So would I recommend this cruise line?? Yes at your own risk because the staff has no empathy towards you as a human being.

Do NOT travel with Carnival! Paid for an entire cruise and just so happened to log into my cruise account to find out my cruise was cancelled and I was charged a $350 fee. With no notice or email about it! Reached out to review committee a month before the sail date on 5/14/2016, just now heard back from them 7/6/16 to find out I will not be getting a refund! Cruise as 6/24/16. VERY shady business practices! Do NOT sail with them!

Carnival Insurance is a RIPOFF!! We book a room with 3 people and purchased the insurance, each person paid $529.00 per person $49 of it for insurance. One person canceled and the refund was $81.75. They explained when you book a reservation for 3 they only really charge the 3rd person $109.00 so 75% of that is $81.75. I don't know how they get that when the 3rd person paid $529.00!

They sell Faster to the Fun ($59.00 extra fee), which gets your luggage to your room first and gets you off the ship first... Plus I was in a Grand Stateroom (only 10 on-board and cost me a lot extra and provides priority embarkment and disembarkment). Well my luggage arrived 5 hours after I did and I watched as all kinds of people get their luggage right away. When I got off ship, NO LUGGAGE was there. Had to wait 1 1/2 hours after I left the ship. Plus they kept us upstairs for that entire time with a guard and would not let us go, until they got our luggage ready. Worst experience and most humiliating of my life and it cost me $4000 to be treated that way. I personally will never board another Carnival Ship again.

Over the last year my wife has purchased Carnival Gift Cards totaling $1,400.00. All Carnival Gift Cards were put in our safe at the house, when she received them. Last week she booked a cruise with Carnival Cruise Lines in Hawaii, 11 days. When she booked the cruise, she was told that 3 of the Carnival Gift Cards had already been used. Each card was worth $100.00.

When I talked to the Carnival Gift Card people last week, I was told that the Carnival Cruise Line Corporation would be calling my wife (Cathy **) within 24 to 48 hours. This never happened! When I called back this morning again, the gift card people sent an email to Carnival Cruise Line Corporation and she would be hearing from them today? When I asked for the corporation email address, I was told that she could not give me the email address to the corporation. When I asked her if she had ever heard of the open records act, she replied that she could not give me the email address. How is it possible for $1,400.00 gift cards be locked up in our safe and 3 of them be used?

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What should have been a lovely vacation turned into a disaster because a Carnival Cruise sales rep made an error in booking. After he called me and inquired why my sister and I had not booked for the week of 7/4/2016, I explained we could not book that week because of my job but that we could book the following week being pleasantly surprised that he quoted a lower price due to it being a non-holiday date. I provided my sister with this agent's extension number and she booked our cruise on 5/30.

My bad and my sister's was to trust this man's word and we never checked the actual booking as it turns out the agent booked the cruise for the week of 7/4/2016, the week we specifically voiced we could not make!!! We would not have been the wiser but he called again 12 days before to sell us another ticket and that's when he mentioned the date. We cannot make the date and carnival refused to admit their error putting everything on us. They conveniently claimed they listened to the recording of our phone conversation but when I asked to listen they refused. My sister and I are out of over 1k dollars. This would have been my 5th cruise and my family of 20 booked with this line a few years back. Needless to say we'll never cruise with carnival ever again. This is a dishonest way to make a profit Carnival. Shame on you!!!

I feel cheated and lied to in my experience and will never cruise with Carnival again. In summary, Carnival does not live up to the high ethical standards it claims to have, doesn’t honor their own word, and doesn’t treat their customers with dignity and respect. Here’s my experience: I was assaulted on the cruise by another patron who threw a glass at my head when I wasn't paying attention and gave me a gash and concussion. I was brought to medical area where they asked if I'd like to see a doctor and that I’d have to pay about $200. I made it very clear multiple times that I didn't want to see a doctor and won't pay to see one. They called the doctor anyways and still charged me for both a doctor’s visit fee in addition to a nurse’s visit fee. Since I had a head injury they said I shouldn't drink and that they'd refund my Cheers program fees (which are pre-paid drinks) and they said they were sorry this happened to me.

The next day Carnival forced me to sign for the doctor’s charges saying I couldn't leave until I did. I told them the charges aren't valid but they said that I should sign and dispute through my credit card and that I would be refunded that way. So, that's what I did since I wanted to leave. I went to dispute my credit card charges and Carnival disputed back so ultimately I had to pay. I kindly contacted Carnival several times to try to make things right and get my money back (about $400 after doctor’s fee, nurse’s fee, and prepaid drink refunds) but they refused.

This was my 3rd trip with Carnival. I have been on the Fantasy, Magic, and now the Sensation. The cruise was wonderful, entertainment terrific, food very good, and the staff was amazing. I went with several family members and from what they have said they had a great time as well. From the first day on the ship until we got off I felt like I was treated extremely well. The staff was always friendly and professional. Thank you!

The only issue we had was that one of us got sick on the ship and over the past few days it has passed on to several of us in my family including myself. I don't blame carnival for this as I am smart enough to know that any time I go somewhere that there will be lots of people that share a limited amount of space. There is a possibility of catching something and being sick.

This cruise was the worst cruise ever! Carnival Cruise Line has gone down tremendously! The food was awful. We received food every day that was left from the day before. The food selections were awful. We ate at the formal dinner two nights, and it was a nightmare. I asked for ranch dressing on my salad, and received a cup of mayonnaise. My niece's pizza was completely black on the bottom. The only beverage choice I received was water. (They expect you to pay for everything else.) No tea or lemonade was offered at all at dinner.

My nephew's bed was a lounge chair that is used at the pool (with a mattress on top of it). The bed was so low to the floor, he had to get on his knees every night and crawl into bed. My niece was cut on her leg by some sharp object that was in the hot tub. We took her to get medical help at 1:00 and we were told, "No medical help was available until 3." It was a pretty big cut. The onboard shows were awful. All you heard in the shows was cursing and swearing! Service overall was nowhere near as good as it used to be with this cruise line. All they are concerned about is making a dollar, and getting you off the ship to get the next group on. You certainly DO NOT get what you pay for on Carnival Cruise Lines anymore!!!

If you like Carnival you shouldn't read this review. First we paid good money for a junior w/ balcony. We walk on the "so called balcony" and it's 3 ft deep and 2 chairs wide. Then, the sink wouldn't empty, the toilet wouldn't flush, the floor had a strip of metal that popped up and my shoe kept getting caught on it, the A/C wouldn't go off. Someone "fixed" it and then it wouldn't go on. The bed was so hard that we couldn't sleep more than an hour at a time without a backache. The food was terrible. I couldn't believe they served it. I paid $20.00 one night for a Filet Mignon and it was so tough that I couldn't eat it. If I weren't with dear friends my cruise would have been 100% horrible and a total disaster. As it was they saved the day by being great friends and standing by me. As for my travel agent, she was wonderful, did everything I ask, and more... I gave up on this cruise and just enjoyed myself with my friends.

I just booked a cruise online. Then I went to the Carnival site to book a premium beverage package for myself. The site wouldn't let me so I called customer service and I asked to buy one drink package because I'm not going to pay an extra $229 for my fiancée to drink water and lemonade. I explained that my fiancée just had gastric sleeve surgery and she doesn't drink alcohol and can't drink alcohol. He says it's their policy that any adult in my cabin needs to be charged for a drink package if I get one. This is completely ridiculous and Carnival needs to know that trying to rob people is not ethical. Do they really need an extra 229 bucks that bad? All I want to do is pay for what I'm going to use and that's one premium drink package.

I took my sisters and mother on mothers day on a 4 day cruise from Orlando to Bahamas and ship wasn't ready to go out - pools were close, slide was close until the very last day the music started early and ended early. We bought the cheers package and most of the times we were in guest service because it wasn't working lines - never again.

I booked a European cruise for my family months ago including flights. It's now a month before our cruise and I decide to pull up all our reservation information to organize out trip. When I do there is an unread email in my junk mail that comes up. I read it and it says we have to cancel to make payment within 48 hours or our trip will be canceled. I thought they would just rerun the credit card. I would have been happy to pay the full amount at booking, if I knew there could be issues.

I called immediately and found out that they did indeed cancel the reservation. I was extremely frustrated and said "Why would you cancel this whole trip without even making a call?" I was told for the first, of many times to come, "We don't make phone calls anymore." Yeah I get that. It would be too polite! So, I try to rebook and go through an hour on the phone before they explain to me that they are charging me $1,600 to cancel my trip. I complain and it goes nowhere. I explain, they have totally destroyed our long-planned family vacation. They could care less. I tell them I can't do business with a company that has this low of ethics. I get nowhere.

I call back a few days later, because everyone I tell this story to says I'm not complaining enough. So, I complain more. I finally get to someone who is going to help. They will give me my $1,600 credit and trip back. There is a catch though. It has to be the same booking on the same date and the kid's room is no longer adjoining. It's on a different deck. I explain I can't have my children left on a different deck. They say, that's all they can do. I'm back to nowhere. I left with complaints on every internet site I can find. I'm going to the newspaper next. End of the story now is, my family gets no vacation, because of narrow dates we had and now we are missing $1,600 we saved for vacation. Thanks Carnival!

Over the past fifteen years me and my wife have taken all our vacations with Carnival and we were very satisfied with all of our cruises. We have not been able to vacation the last three years due to taking care of our parents, being in and out of the hospital. With everyone being well we finally got to take a vacation and got to bring the whole family - all thirteen people. We suggested a Carnival Cruise. This is where everything went wrong. It started with the ship being loaded late then leaving late. Every port we got to we were late then on our return we were over twelve hours late.

The ship was a rusty. The whole ship from front to back was out of date and worn out. We had found out that the ship was going to dry dock in the next few weeks so the crew on the ship really did not care. The entertainment on the ship was the worst I have ever seen. This was a very bad experience for our entire group. The really bad thing was we had bragged to our whole family how great of a time they were going to have and all them were disappointed as were we. I will no longer advertise how great a Carnival Cruise is and will spend my money with other Cruise Lines. VERY DISAPPOINTED CUSTOMER.

This was my first cruise ever and I chose Carnival due to friends' recommendations... bad choice. The cruise was on the Miracle and to get confident help from Guest Services and Security was nearly impossible. While on an excursion booked by Carnival in Cabo San Lucas my wallet, ID, medical cards, debit, credit cards, $1,000 in cash, along with other items in my wallet were stolen from my backpack while I was snorkeling, from narrowing things down. After the snorkeling trip I went to the Cabo Wabo Bar for a drink and the backpack never left my possession or sight. Security tape was reviewed and showed that no one had gone into my backpack while there. I did not notice the theft until I tried to return to the ship. I was allowed to board.

I reported the incident directly to Guest Services who told me there was nothing they could do to help me. I tried contacting the credit and debit card companies all night... good luck at sea. In the morning, after arriving in Mazatlan, I went back to Guest Services and they took my information telling me Security would contact me about a "lost" report. I told them it wasn't lost, it was stolen, and I wanted an "incident" report. I stayed on the ship the whole day waiting for Security and missed seeing the port of call. At approximately 5 P.M. GS called and said for me to come down and meet Security. I went down and met with Security and told them what had happened.

Security told me this was the first they had heard of the incident. We went back to my stateroom to do a "lost" report. Let's just say the report was taken and written by me after they told me what to write. Security kept refusing to let me put the incident in my own words let alone make it a "stolen" or "incident" report. Security contacted me until approximately 10 P.M. I asked Security about the event I had booked tomorrow and they said all I had to do was make a copy of my passport and that Guest Services should have told me that, and also helped me contact my banks. Needless to say I was livid knowing I stood on the ship the whole day missing the port and having to deal with banks. I was treated like a suspect instead of a victim.

Once in Puerto Vallarta and returning to the ship my ship ID card rang and I was pulled aside by Security, same one that I did the report for, and told me they needed to talk to me again. Now totally embarrassed standing there Security asked me once again what happened in Cabo San Lucas ("Does this ever end?" I thought) and wanted to know exactly how much was charged on each of the cards that I reported the banks had told me. I couldn't give them answer because I hadn't received the statement, only what the banks told me that had been charged before I could get the cards closed.

They let me board, embarrassed and humiliated, feeling like a suspect. I went to Guest Services and asked for a copy of the report and it ONLY took me three times to ask them before I could get a copy. By the way it was a "lost" report not a theft, stolen or incident report. Due the lack of professionalism by both Guest Services and Security I missed a port of call and was never so embarrassed and humiliated when trying to report an "incident."

I realize that this incident did not happen on the ship, but on shore, but then again all I wanted was a "incident" report for the banks. And no, the Cabo Police Dept. was not contacted due to certain reasons. I should mention that I'm a retired police officer and have never seen anything like this in my career. Carnival Cruise lost another customer due to lack of professionalism and courtesy..

Frustrated and Upset!! This was my 3rd sail on Carnival and the very first complaint I have ever had to file. My two sisters and I set sail April 1-4, 2016. My sisters ages are 59 and 61 years of age. One is a cancer survival patient and the other one survived a stroke. First, I paid additional fee so that our cabin would be in the middle of the ship. We arrived in our cabin only to find two twin beds and a trundle. I complained to customer service. Each of us was too old to sleep on a trundle that was really low to the floor. I was told that I should have stated a bunk beds which I was not aware of nor was asked at the time of arrangements was made. I explained that to customer service host.

I asked to see a manager. The manager stated the ship was full to capacity and that once we set sail she would contact me if there was any cabins available. She called and advised there was none. Room service came to our cabin and I complain to the staff about the situation. I was told that they would bring a roll away bed in to give it height. I chose the roll away bed since I was younger of the group. The bed mattress was old and sank in the middle. The worst was that there was BEDBUGS that I was not aware of until day two when I started itching. I did not think nothing of it until I noticed bite mark on my back, buttocks and legs.

I tried home remedies without going to the doctor and nothing is working. My travel was in April and its May 12, 2016 and have bite marks very visible and itching still. I will be sending a certified letter of complaint to Carnival Cruises! Future cruisers, please ask questions and check your beds thoroughly. I lost $1015.24. (I have photos of bedbug bites if requested). PS: Food was okay, limited in choices like our prior cruises.

This is going to be our second cruise with Carnival. When I booked our voyage I was very hesitant because I knew there was a very high possibility that I would need to reschedule that date. I called their Customer Service team on Dec. 30, 2015 and then again on Jan. 6th to confirm that I would have no problems if I needed to change our departure date if needed. I was assured by both representatives that it would be a $50 per person processing fee but other than that there would be no charges. Unfortunately, I need to change our cruise date which originally was for Jan. 2017 to another date in 2017 (anytime but summer works for us).

The first representative told me there is not one cabin like the one we have booked in all of 2017 available for us to switch to and had me on the phone for over 45 mins confirming that was true when I asked you don't have one Oceanview available in ALL of 2017! After I hung up with her and had time to get on in site I found four cruises that had ten Oceanview rooms available, (two of them had our exact room available still). I called back and the next representative who was very short and rude told me "yes we will do that for an additional $700 fee"!!!

Sorry to say, after over two hours of the worst customer service you could imagine (one lady actually tried to tell me that she was the highest in the whole company and refused to transfer me till I told her "fine we will sit here all night if needed till you help me rebook this cruise"). I finally got someone who has offered to try to find me another date we can change our cruise to in 2017. Never again will I book with this company! The customer service was better at when we booked with them last year.

Cruise left for Mexico on April 21st; Bed bugs in the room, poor customer, bad food. While on the ship several times the bartender and kitchen staff would completely ignore us standing in line and help the people waiting in line behind us. In the dining room the food was old, left in the warmer too long, & overcooked. Large bed bugs in the room. I checked and other people had bugs as well. I wouldn't recommend Carnival. My next cruise will definitely be with another cruise line.

We sailed on Carnival from Tampa to Grand Cayman and it was a nightmare. The halls were full of water! The food was terrible! I tried to contact them with no help! I just want to cancel the next cruise!

I have been a passenger for carnival for more than 10 years. This is my first time that I have experience the worst hygiene and bed bugs infestation ever. Here's what we found on the cruise ship: dirty forks and glasses in the dining room areas, bed bugs (I was bitten all over my body by bed bugs), roaches (my friend found a roach crawling on her). We reported these violations to the guest services. They were cordial and they made an investigation. According to them, no signs of bed bugs or roaches were found in our room. FYI, I was not the only person with bed bug bites on the ship. Other people had the same experience. I rate this cruise 0. I recommend people not to travel on the Carnival Fascination.

We just got off of the Inspiration last week and it was bad. If you have a large party don't do anytime dining because you will have a two-hour wait! My door lock system broke and I sat in the room for an hour and a half while they fixed it. My mother went to get a cookie at 11:50am and was told by the cookie police she can't have a cookie until 12 (imagine someone pointing to their watching and saying no, it was awful). They threw out my 7 bottles of water and didn't apologize!

There's so much more but the one thing I have to gripe majorly about is something that happened on the ship and I am so upset about it. On one of the days I noticed that they had an activity for kids and it said "Build a bear. Donations go to St. Jude's." Now I won't normally spend money on build a bear unless it's a special occasion, but I figured if proceeds go to St. Jude's then I'm okay with that. So we went there and my daughter picked out a bear and an outfit for $35.

When we were done I asked how much of the proceeds go to St. Jude's and was told none, I asked why and they said that's a special bear and you have to ask for it. So I asked why the daily itinerary says "build a bear for St Jude" and they did not have an answer!!! I am beyond ticked off about the false advertising they did! I hope no one else falls for this stupid scam! Shame on Carnival for promoting St. Jude's and not doing anything about it! I will never ever ever go on Carnival again!

This is my second cruise with Carnival and to be honest my first exposure wasn't that bad. I have had a nightmare experience booking my second cruise. There was a deal to buy shore excursions at 20% and I have spent over six hours talking with customer service trying to get them to honor this deal. I talked to a customer service manager in hopes that they would console me about my issues and she basically told me that technology is complex, she can't help me out, and that she doesn't care if I never use Carnival ever again. Great customer service Carnival! You just lost a customer and gained a bad review.

We were so excited about our trip on the Carnival Victory. This was not our first cruise, but a needed getaway. Checking in was so easy and pleasant. Then it went bad from there. We got into our stateroom 2368 and we had a bad odor of smoke. Had the cabin steward spray. Left room and went to search out ship, eat dinner and then go to the casino. The smoke in the casino was so overwhelming, even in the area where smoking was not allowed people still smoked and no one cared. I was never so happy to get off a cruise ship. I called Carnival upon returning and it was like, "Oh ok, you know we don't offer any non-smoking ships." We also tried to go to Guest Services while onboard but the line was very long. My suggestion, if you do not smoke, do not go. I have been sick from the smoke since we got home.

Don't believe all they say, just book time closer will be better price. Since we had great time for 1st time with Carnival almost everything include Low price match before 2 days leave, so we decided to take whole family again 10 people. We book so early 1/23/16 for 6/12/16 try to get done and think Low price guarantee! 1/23/16 we deposit $75.00pp with price $689pp ocean view for 5 days and get 25pp on board credit.

4/3/16 -- price drop to 559pp. Inside we talk to people. They did match price but you lost 25pp credit. Saved a little bit. 4/14/16 -- price drop to 509 pp inside. We try to talk again. They told us our price locked to 559 "super saving" plan but definitely not - next week price is 509. We don't even know they change our price guarantee plan to super saving (559 vs 509). So Ridiculous!!! So when the price change we lock to high price called "super Saving". We are not happy with them, every time you called in will at least 1 hour to 2 hours to try argue with them, to change thing. It is not worth it at all. That is our family Bad experience!!! Just don't believe what they say, you really need pay more attention. If you get lower price you might lose more on another. We stuck this time, we will not go with Carnival again. they just Cheat on us.

Could smell cigarette smoke throughout most of the ship. Nothing was available in enough numbers. Shore excursions and higher end dining services not available and always sold out. What was left was not very good. Internet did not work well - even top speed available (admitted by own staff). Was never told where dining was available except buffets until after 3 of 5 days. I was supposed to be a cruise expert when I came on board. The buffet food was horrible. Not always cooked thru. Constantly very loud music in dining areas. They should have had quieter areas available. Restrooms not very large or clean. Some of this may be typical cruise issues. But service was not very welcoming either. I would not waste my money again.

Never received a good night sleep or normal quiet in our stateroom. This stateroom, 8210 I'm sure this has had complaints before. We are on our 3rd cruise. The first 2 were great, this one was a terrible experience in our room. Our door to the balcony would come open just enough to hear the air escape, very noisy! All the times the door openings would vary but I would say once every 45 min. or so depending on wind direction and speed. I informed the steward 3 times altogether. He would have maintenance look at it but when he looked at it was closed or latched so the seals work as normal.

I'm even buffaloed as to how this happens. When you shut the door you would have to use some force so that the latch would engage thus seals would seal. I would then push against the door to see if it would open. It would never open when I tried this. I'm thinking when the door did open at all various hours, it would be caused by "flex" which you could not do by yourself. Every night I would shim the inside sliding lock so that when it did open it would not open as far thus not an alarming sound waking you in your sleep, but still waking you up anyway. We are not complainers. If this would have happened once or twice, we could live with it - this door opened daily 12+ times throughout the day and night... very loud.

I wanted to offer a different opinion to some of the reviews here. My husband and I cruised Carnival Fantasy in March 2016 for a four day getaway to Cozumel departing from Miami. We had a great time, the cruise staff was fantastic. I got sick with a fever on day two of the cruise. A sickness I caught before we left Miami. Carnival was great. I explained I was too sick to take a long excursion to Tulum and they refunded our shore excursion in full. I did take the insurance. I don't know if that made a difference but Carnival on board staff was very nice and hospitality was fantastic. I don't expect a 5 star dining experience on a budget cruise. Let's be realistic. We will definitely go on another cruise with Carnival.

As I contemplate booking with RCCL I am recalling my experience with Carnival about a year ago. My wife and I are three time cruisers with Carnival. We had a cruise booked when my wife experienced some neurological disorders. I canceled the booking. The booking listed a certain amount per person that was non-refundable; However I purchased insurance that supposedly covered us if we canceled for medical reasons. We sent the 'insurer" a letter from her doctor outlining her ailment and the reason for the cancellation.

My wife had been in the ER a half dozen times, and actually hospitalized twice. The insurance company asked for a detailed report from Each Doctor for each event! An impossible task to comply with. SO, Not only did I pay for insurance that was of no benefit, Carnival was 'nice' enough keep my $400! Lesson learned: when you think you've got all bases covered, watch out when dealing with Carnival Cruise Lines! They've got absolutely no sympathy; and if they treat a repeat customer like that what are they likely to do to you?

I disagree with Carnival goes to Cuba & no Cuban American are permitted to go! Could you want to explain to me fair! If we spend a lot of $$ on & Miami Heat belongs to them!! Thanks.

Recently returned from a 5-day cruise which left from the Galveston, TX port. During the last night of our cruise CS phoned our room telling one of our grandsons that my husband needed to come to CS which we did. Leon with CS checked his computer not finding a reason why we had been called so we left only to get back to our room approximately 10 minutes later to get another call from CS being told that Carnival needed my husband's driver's license and birth certificate.

At CS the 2nd time we question why is this info needed when we couldn't have got on the boat to begin with without these documents so both documents already had to be in Carnival's system. No, we are told the documents were needed to update their system and Carnival didn't keep this info and that the info was purged from Carnival's system when each cruise was completed. I then asked how was our sail and sign cards updated if this same info didn't carry over from cruise to cruise, again I'm told Carnival was updating their system and they just needed to make copies. Really? On the last night of the cruise his info needed to be updated to then be purged from the system in 12 hours.

The next morning at 7 am we get another call from CS, we needed to come to CS, which yet again we go to be told to get our luggage, that we were being taken off the ship to customs. Back to our room we go collect our luggage and back to CS where we meet up with yet another Carnival employee that tells us that all occupants in our room would be taken to customs. I called my daughter (our son in law and 2 granddaughters were in the room next to ours and we had our 16 and 13-yr old grandsons in the room with my husband and I) telling her to send the boys on down since we were being walked off the ship.

Upon arrival at customs the four of us were asked to provide our documentation and we did with the Carnival employee standing near. The guy in customs asked her what this was about. She shows him a paper she had with her, he says "Oh, OK." We are then asked if we had bought any jewelry or watches while on this trip. Well, I can say I didn't nor would I buy jewelry on a cruise ship so my answer was "No, we bought a 20.00 hat." We are asked the same question again I suppose so we could change our answer but again the truth was told "no, nothing but a 20.00 hat." Keep in mind we still haven't got an answer as to why all this hoopla.

Customs finally tells us that my husband is down as being a big spender. This cruise was the worse cruise I have taken with Carnival, from the 1st day of the cruise when we had to wait 2 hours outside the port before we could even get in the first very long line and we only got there early because we called Carnival's helpline and was told that we could start the embarkation process when we arrived, that Carnival wouldn't do us like that and not let us get in line but Carnival did. While waiting to be able to get in line the helpline was called again by my daughter and this employee said "well, I'm in Florida. I don't have any idea how Galveston handles embarkation."

My husband says he will not cruise again with Carnival. I feel as if we were harassed because we dared question why his documentation was needed the last night of the cruise. This was not our first cruise by far and this has been the only cruise line we have ever used and has up to this cruise been enjoyable and relaxing. But I will not pay to be harassed and demeaned. Carnival if you failed to copy my husband's documentation during the embarkation process why not just say that? Don't make your customers feel like criminals because of your mistake.

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Carnival Cruise Lines offers cruises with both family-friendly and adult activities.

  • America's most trusted cruise line: Reader's Digest voted Carnival America's Most Trusted Cruise Line, as of October 2015.
  • Cruise-a-Nality quiz: Before booking, guests can take Carnival's Cruise-a-Nality quiz online to find the perfect cruise.
  • Shore excursions price guarantee: Carnival guarantees the best possible price on shore excursions and refunds 110 percent of the price paid if a lower price is found.
  • Themed cruises: Carnival offers themed cruises based around popular TV shows, bands and activities such as dance.
  • Great Vacation Guarantee: Carnival guarantees guests will love their vacations or get their money back. Any guest that decides the cruise is not what they expected and wants to leave within the first 24-hours is eligible for a full refund plus an additional 10 percent for the inconvenience.
  • Best for The Carnival Cruise liner is best for budget-aware cruisers and families.

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