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Last updated: July 17, 2017

24 Budget Inn Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 17, 2017

I've stayed at this hotel quite a few times, never a problem. My son & I (he has developmental disabilities & asthma) stayed a few nights last week & complained to the front desk about a 'gentleman' next door to us smoking a cigar while leaning against his non-smoking room. Walking by him was the only way to the parking lot. We had a few words, & he said he had every right to be there, as did I. I complained to the front desk, she asked him to move into the pool area to smoke (a whole 5 feet away). As you know, a cigar takes a long time to smoke, hence my son & I had to walk by him a few times with the nasty stench stirring in the air… even after I told him my son has asthma. I have to say, cigarettes are nasty, CIGARS are DISGUSTING and should never be allowed in the inner areas of a hotel, ESPECIALLY by the non-smoking rooms, where guests have no other option to get to the pool or parking lot.

We were leaving that day, so I checked out & chilled out. Last week, we checked in again, the lady at the front desk joked about the cigar man, & I joked I hope he wasn't still staying there. Sure enough, not only is he here, but right next to me again. We went through the same thing yesterday & this morning, along with him being drunk, noisy & obnoxious after midnight on a Sunday night, once again smoking right outside his door, nice & comfy in his own chair he brought to do so.

Most establishments have rules that smokers ONLY smoke outside BY LAW, many having to stay over 50 feet from the door. Most hotels I've stayed at will not allow smoking in the pool area at all & have them go outside the property area to smoke. NON-SMOKERS HAVE RIGHTS & THE LAW ON THEIR SIDE, & OBVIOUSLY ESTABLISHMENTS KNOW THIS, which is why the smokers have to deal with the rules & usually have to stay in the outside rooms. Secondhand smoke is just as bad, especially from a disgusting cigar that lingers in the air after taking an hour to smoke.

Do hotels even ALLOW cigar smoking in their rooms? I very much doubt it, as it's nasty & leaves a stench long after the guest is gone. But it's okay for a nasty cigar smoker to be within 10 feet of you, with no other option to get around, to the pool or your car??? Or your LEGAL RIGHTS as a non-smoker? I tried to find a # for Budget Inn management, but couldn't, so came here. I'm headed to the front office again now to inquire, but am sure it will go no better. As I'd planned on staying a few more days, what option do I have but to check-out if they won't do anything? Ask 10 people if they mind cigar smoke... I guarantee at least 8 of them will say yes. ESPECIALLY WHEN THERE ARE NO OPTIONS BUT PUT UP WITH IT OR CHECK OUT.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 2, 2017

The owners husband is a very rude **. The dryer took too long to dry my clothes and if you complain about anything they will kick you out. The beds are very uncomfortable and the frig is way too small. The price is way too much. It should be more like $25.00 a night.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 10, 2016

I booked a room at this "hotel" in Hotels.com for 2 nights, after my brother in law died, & my kids & I needed somewhere to stay so we could be close to their family in town for the funeral. Price listed was cheap, cheapest in town, but we'd stayed here years ago & it was a decent place. So after driving nearly 3 hrs., we checked in. Instead of hotels.com charging me upon arrival, I found out I'd been charged by Budget at 12p. Ok. So the guy at the desk, that I waited 9 minutes for to check us in, gave me our 2 cards & told me the room number. Our room was 122, bottom floor. Got to the room & it had the double beds as I'd reserved. But no refrigerator, no room phone, towels looked as though they'd been used & just put back in their places. 3 dead roaches in the bathroom. I hate that I couldn't afford to just leave, but I couldn't.

I went right back to the front desk & informed the guy that I was supposed to have a fridge, a room phone & that I needed to stay in a room that didn't look like a prostitute's room. He gave me room 209, upstairs. Ok, fine. Got to the new room & it had a phone & a fridge that the other didn't have. Wasn't super clean & my kids & I stayed fully dressed during our stay. But around 1am, as my daughters were sleeping, my 17 year old screamed! Bugs in the bed! Baby roaches to be exact. I turned all the lights on & went through all of the bedding. Both beds had crawling baby roaches. Baby roaches in the drawers in the room. 2 larger roaches in the bathroom, also crawling.

After meticulously looking at every inch of the bedding of both beds & clearing any sign of pests, we girls decided it'd be best of we stuck together & shared one bed. So we tried getting some sleep with all lights on. Between the 3 of us, we probably slept 8 hrs.. and had many things to do away from the hotel. My 17 year old & I discussed just heading back home & forgetting the 2nd night I'd paid for. But their family was having another dinner & her dad wasn't ready for our girls to leave yet. So we stayed another night. Again I went through the bedding of both beds. They seemed to be bug free that 2nd night. So we stayed, with all lights on, using both beds on night 2. Woke up early the next morning & I'd started my period. Some blood was on the fitted sheet where I was sleeping & I quickly took care of that issue. Within an hour, we left the hotel to say our goodbyes to the girls' family & then headed home. That was 12/4/16.

We made it home. After I got home from work 12/6/16, I completed my survey on hotels.com about our stay at Budget Inn. 4 hours after completing the survey, my card was charged over $53. That was 2 days after we checked out. So I called the hotel. The lady told me I was charged for "bloody sheets". Umm, ok? 4 hours after leaving a bad review and 2 days after checking out, I'm charged about what one night cost me to stay with roaches? So I asked, "If the sheets were bloody, why was I charged over $53." And the phone call ended. Maybe the call dropped. Maybe she hung up. But I called back immediately & there was no answer. Only a message to leave a voicemail.

I'd love to get my $53 back. I'm a very kind, compassionate & understanding person. But I work hard for my money. I work hard to take care of my kids. I received no calls from the hotel. I only received a charge & no way to understand any of it. I'm going to call again today to see if anyone can explain anything. There's no email to contact the business, no manager info anywhere & no website for the hotel. I will never stay there again & the place truly needs a fire inspector & health inspector to come & do their job. It's a hazardous & unsafe place that rips people off.

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Original review: July 3, 2016

Found bedbugs in bed, checked out and told the owner, he said "Oh.... Guess I'll have to look into this," very casually, like it has happened before from other guest, and he didn't care!! And if you want/need internet 24/7, don't stay here!!! I wake up at 4/4:30 am, and 4-5 days a week, the router would be down till the owner got outta bed and reset it. By then I had to leave for work, so had no internet, and the days I didn't work, would get kicked off 4-5 times everyday!!! I will never stay here again!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 2, 2016

We made reservations several days in advance for our family reunion. There were two open beers still in the refrigerator. When I went to the restroom I looked at the shower curtain (I've had bad experiences) and it is covered in mold. When I asked the person at the desk if he had gloves and a rag to clean it with he said he would give us our money back. I said I had nowhere else to stay and that I would just clean it. He said he didn't have gloves but gave me a rag. I bought cleaner and cleaned the curtain but as I slept throughout the night the light by the bathroom kept going on and off all night so I couldn't sleep well. So when we got up we went to find another place to stay.

When we found one we went back to get our money back for that night and leave. He said he would not get our money back. I am sure part of the reason was because of the swastika sign in the office. I am sure that I am far more forgiving about a hotel than most people but between the broken charger, the lights going on and off all night, and the having to clean the bathroom curtain and of course the swastika on the wall I am not spending another night there. And when I called customer complaints they told me that there was nothing they can do and there was no number to give me. I finally found this site on the Internet. I have pictures.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 13, 2016

On the night of December 15th, 2015, I checked into Budget Inn on Main street in Williamsville. The hotel representative had assured me of the unlikeliness of finding any bedbugs. Upon careful inspection of the mattress, I noticed evidence of the bugs - their feces were all over the seams.

Original review: Jan. 10, 2016

I worked for 1 month at the Budget Inn, 800 34th street in St. Petersburg. The owner would only allow African Americas to rent rooms in the back of the building. The place is a dive. The sign states that they have HBO, but they don't. There are several rooms that have issues with the door, however they continue to rent them. Upon my arrival to work there was a man knocking on his window because he was locked in his room and couldn't get out. I couldn't help but wonder what would happen if the hotel was on fire and he couldn't get out. The owner is aware of the door problems but yet she still rents the rooms.

They have surveillance cameras that are positioned directly on you while you collect money from the patrons and she will call you 5 times on your 11-7 shift with silly demands. The owner is unfriendly and just plain ole miserable. She treats the guests horrible as well as her staff. She is overbearing and rude. But, that's not why I'm writing. I am deeply concerned about the treatment and the safety of the guests. Hiding African Americans in the back of the building is disgusting to me, and something should be done about this.. ASAP.

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Original review: Aug. 8, 2015

I paid $364.00 for a week then behind my back the clerk that check us in charged my credit card another sixty dollars without telling me. I got refund from the manager. Maids that doesn't know how to clean a room. She takes twenty minutes just to clean a sink and can't sweep the floor leaving cheese. When, we file a complaint with front deck. They threaten us either let the maids clean the room or vacant the property and last accusing us that we owe the $17.00 cause the computer show only one person check in which is a damn lie. I WENT TO BOOK.COM AND MADE THE RESERVATIONS FOR TWO people. I suggest to those thinking about staying there, think twice.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 28, 2015

In June 6, 2015 we rented room 101 at Budget Inn on Loop 12 in Irving, Tx. The room did not smell fresh. I turned the top cover back. It had hair on the top sheet. The bottom sheet also had hair and dirty marks. Like sex marks. The pillows were not fresh nor had been fluffed. My husband's pillow had actual what appeared to be muddy boot marks on the pillow case. The towels in the restroom looked like they had been used and refolded. Very small amount of tissue was on the roll in the restroom. This is the worse I've ever seen from a motel. I wouldn't recommend this Budget Inn to anyone or will I rent a room there again.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 6, 2015

I reserved a room with 2 double beds on February 28th. When we arrived to check in, we were told that there was only 1 king bed room available. Not what I originally booked. When stated this to man behind counter, we were told that there was nothing we could do about it as this was the last remaining room at the inn. That is fine, although not what I agreed to while booking room.

Then while we were talking about this, another customer came in and stood in line behind us. After he came in, a woman came in carrying a phone from her room. She put it on the counter and started yelling that she was sleeping and a strange man entered her room. She screamed and tried to use the phone to call for help but she discovered that the phone was not working. The man that was behind us in line stated that he was the one who entered the room as he was using the key and room number that he was given when he checked in.

When asked to speak with a manager, the man behind the counter stated that he was the manager. His name is **. He was unwilling to come up with a solution to fix the situation. We had three different parties with only 2 rooms available. The manager just shrugged his shoulders and said he couldn't help us, and proceeded to call the police. As potential customers, no one was unruly. We agreed that apparently the police were the only option as he did nothing to rectify this customer service situation. At no time was any compensation or apology given for the situation. The police came.

I have case number if needed. We gave up our room so the man that walked into the wrong room could get a room. The woman was waiting for her husband (who was still downtown) to get there before decided to stay or not. We had to call a cab for a ride home (luckily we live in next town) as we were in Punta Gorda for a pub crawl and were being responsible by getting a hotel in close proximity so we wouldn't risk driving. The poor mismanagement of this establishment is a problem. The Inn overbooked. And the business card that we received has a website for the Inn that is invalid.

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Original review: July 19, 2013

I went to the Budget Inn on 1460 E. Main St Bartow, FL and rented a room for the week. I was charged $318.60 including a $5.00 key deposit. The manager at the office told me that he was going to put a refrigerator and a microwave into my room within 1-2 hours. We went to the room and it was very hot. I turned the A/C on and we were there for about 45 mins to an hour and the room wasn't getting any cooler so I checked to make sure that I had the dial set right and it was. I saw an employee of the hotel in the room right next to ours and I told him that the A/C didn't work. He told me to wait 30 min. and then it should start to cool the room. I waited more than another 30 min. and the A/C still wasn't working and nobody brought the refrigerator or the microwave to the room.

I then went to the office looking to see the manager. I told him about the A/C not working and the man said to me that the employee that I talked to said that I was leaving anyway. I told him, "I never told your employee that I was going anywhere. I simply asked him about the A/C." The manager called his employee for him to come to the office. When the employee got to the office the manager asked him if I had said that I was leaving and he said, "NO, it was her mother that said that." Well, I am the mother and I have 3 daughters but I never said I was leaving and none of my daughters said we were leaving. The manager continued to argue with me and he kept telling me that this is Florida and it takes awhile to cool a room anywhere; even if you go to Best Western it will take a while to cool off.

I told him that was wrong because I had been staying at a Best Western in the Orlando area and we walked into the room and turned the A/C unit on and it started blowing cold air immediately and the room cooled off very quickly and again the manager continued to argue with me about it. So I told him that I wanted my money back and I would go somewhere else. The manager was very pissed off when I asked for a refund. He went to the back room to get my money back and he said he was going to charge me for 1 day on the room. I asked him why and he told me to read the sign at the desk that says "No refunds after 5 minutes." We were in the room more than the 5 min., but we had no working A/C, no refrigerator and no microwave and also there was no HBO, Showtime or Cinemax like the sign said under Budget Inn; it had just local TV stations. I had also asked the manager about WiFi and he gave me the code to use for it. When I tried to go onto the internet, it said "Out of range" but my daughter was able to use it outside in our vehicle while over by the office.

The bottom line here is this. The manager gave me back $251.40 of the $318.60. We have been ripped off by Budget Inn of Bartow. The reason that I stopped at Budget Inn was because I saw the sign and I thought that Budget Inn was a reliable place to stay. I have stayed at Budget Inns before and I never had a problem like this ever.

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Original review: July 29, 2012

We made reservations to stay at the Budget Inn in Jefferson, TX Highway 59 from July 9-12, 2012. When making the reservation, it stated the rooms were all new. When we got there, we checked in, paid for the room, got our room key, opened the door, turned on the light, and then there was only one overhead light bulb - no cover on the light. The room was not remodeled or newly done. The walls looked like something had been smeared all over them. We had four people staying. The bathroom had only one roll of toilet paper, two bath towels, and two wash clothes. The toilet ran all the time, until you juggled the handle. There was not any bar soap. When taking a shower, it took around 30 minutes for all the water to drain out of the tub. The bed cover had holes in them. The carpet was only vacuumed a little - on each side of the beds, it had not been touched. On one side of the bed, we found an opened condom wrapper, and a bottle of deodorant on the side of the other bed. On the wall, on the side of one bed, there appeared to be ** that was sprayed on the wall.

We went to the office to request more towels, the bath clothes they gave us had oil and grease stains on them. We showed these to the cleaning lady, and she said these should not have been given to us. The only place you could get wifi service was right outside the office, you could not get it inside the rooms. The only thing that worked well was the air conditioner. This was our first and last time we will ever stay at a Budget Inn. We should have stayed with our first choice and stayed at the Best Western in Marshall, TX. As for overall rate - I give it a 0.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 17, 2012

Update to previous post - Budget Suites still refuses to compensate me for what has gone on at their location. Today I was in the office and within the receipts in the box someone had taken to correct their accounting and put in pink carbon slips where they had forged my signature. I've never seen the credits they put in to correct the billing irregularities. Apparently, they took previous receipts (originals or carbons they kept for the auditors) and traced my signature onto new receipts then put the carbons in with the others to make it appear I signed for things I did not ever see. They forge signatures via previous copies. Continued corruption, rudeness and even last week when I talked to Paula she screamed at me on the phone.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 14, 2012

Multiple issues and management refused to make restitution, provide any customer satisfaction by refund or by giving free rent to compensate for problems. I've stayed multiple months. Property is located at 700 Walnut Ridge, Irving, TX 75038; phone 972-871-9500.

Accounting is inadequate. One time, they charge you one thing and give you a quote on a room. Then, they come back and back charge you for extras in your suite such as for a microwave that is in the room you rented for one price. Then, they bill you another rate, then go back then try to back bill you again.

Shortly after moving in, I had problems with the refrigerator working improperly and cutting out. I ended up with food poisoning after being told I had too much food in the refrigerator and that was causing the problem. I had to throw out a trash bag and a half of spoiled food. Then after replacing the spoiled food, and not filling it but barely still the refrigerator didn't work properly; more food thrown out. Finally after two weeks, they replaced the refrigerator. No refund, no compensation for lost food, or for the food poisoning. I dealt with Juan.

Hispanic lawn people carried around 5" - 6" bowie knives in their hand (against the law) when on property every Friday morning. I called the office and spoke to Juan. He said they always use the bowie knives on property to clear the sprinkler heads and get weeks. I told him there are items in the hardware store for those chores. He laughed and said they use the bowie knives. I reported it to the police. The following week, the men were using implements appropriate for the chore at the hand.

Another person renting a suite the following week pulled out a bowie knife when we both crossed paths when walking our dogs. He pulled out his bowie knife and threatened my dog. If I allowed my dog too close to him, he would kill my dog with his knife. I have a mild mannered basset hound.

I was repeatedly harassed by young African Americans living below me (three apartments). I am white. Rocks and pine cones have been thrown at my window. I have elevated the problem repeatedly and Paula told me she was fed up with hearing about my complaining of being harassed. A group of the African American youth, when I was walking my dog on this past Tuesday, harassed me and talked loudly about how they were going to get a gun and shoot me. Another young African American youth came up from behind me and pulled out a toy gun and pointed it at me and pulled the trigger. He had his pants pulled down to show his underwear.

I have had items missing from my suite of rooms including my daytimer. When I filed a police report, it magically reappeared the next day. One of the young employees went into other people's suites when they are at work with his young wife dressed very sexily. Even after reporting it to management, he still continued to do so.

One of the night security guards, former military, was chatting one evening and revealed to me he had made a lot of mistakes in his life and had outstanding warrants against him which he needed a $1,000 to pay some fines. I did not have the money to give to him. I found out the property (in a nice business part of Las Colinas in Irving) is owned by a millionaire in Las Vegas.

I had a meeting on Wednesday, July 11th, with Paul and the regional manager Rick about the issues. Rick, in essence, blew everything off, then said they would get the long standing maintenance issues fixed, for which I even missed 4th of July festivities for due to a note put on my door the night before which I found the morning of the 4th that someone from pest control would be in. The previous day, Paula and I had talked about them possibly doing a full refund to me or other compensation.

Finally, someone came up to check why the internet wasn't working. When I first moved in and attempted to connect, I was hit with a virus. Jay worked on it. I had to totally scrub my laptop. On Thursday, I hooked up to the internet and all seemed to work fine and even used my USB port while online. On Friday the 13th, I logged back in and attempted to use my USB and it was corrupted and none of the items could be used. Totally ruined. I called and reported to Erica in the office and asked her to let Paula know.

Discussion with Paula on the 12th was a request for two weeks free rent due to all the issues versus a full refund. She said she would check with Rick, the regional manager. Today the 13th rent is due. I received a message from Juan when would I be in to pay rent. I called back and left a message for Juan that Paula was looking into the free rent due to all the issues. I received another call from Juan after 5 pm requesting rent. I told him I was waiting for Paula about the request for free rent as compensation. Juan stated no free rent unless all rents are paid and by Sunday at 4pm. If not paid, he would lock me out. I asked him to contact Rick and Paula; he said no. I asked him to wait until Paula and Rick are back in on Monday; he said no. I stated I had been put in danger on property. He in essence laughed and said no I hadn't and again, he would lock me out and he would not wait. I informed him I would report him to the authorities.

Please note as a single white woman, even some of the few Middle Eastern men on property have pointed at me and made photographs of me when I was out on the veranda.

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Original review: April 29, 2012

I am staying at your Budget Inn 1601 George Jenkins Blvd, Lakeland, FL 33815. It is the most filthy, nasty, horrid place I have ever seen. I paid $260.00 for a week's stay and I am shocked. I cannot believe the condition of this place. I cannot even sleep in here or get my money back. The first one I was shown, the fridge in it was unreal. I was afraid to open and when someone else did, "black". I wish I had a picture of that room. I have taken pictures and will contact proper channels to receive a refund and a guarantee that you will clean up your named hotels so other folks who see familiar name and trust it won't have to go through what I have.

I would like a refund and an apology. I was charged $20.00 more because I wanted to switch rooms which was worst than this room looks at the pictures. Health department, code enforcement, plus I will let folks know not to trust this name. I expect a response ASAP. I am stuck out $260.00 and cannot even cook, eat, shower or sleep. $220.00 room which is ridiculous. If I could have seen it before I paid, you folks would not have my money plus charged $40.00 pet deposit for my 9lbs chihuahua who I do not want in this room picking the food and debris off the floor. I am disgusted, this is unreal. The sign on the front says "clean, quiet, cable, pool". Guess what? None of the above is true. The pool is drained and green and black. Well I'm going to sit here all night. I don't dare turn back the sheets on the bed too. I'm afraid of what that will look like.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 4, 2012

I was staying at the Budget Motel located on Main Street. I found two ticks on the bed, roaches crawling from under the bed on the rug. The next morning, my boyfriend called his cousin so he could come over and we could go out for lunch and find a different motel to stay at. But when I went to get my deposit, I was told that since I had an extra person staying in the room, I couldn't. They immediately pointed to my boyfriend’s cousin, who had actually walked into the room at least 45 minutes prior to check out time. According to my boyfriend’s cousin, the man was standing outside the office, so my boyfriend’s cousin approached him and stated that he was going to visit his cousin in room 228.

Original review: March 30, 2011

I was on a business trip and had to return from Laredo, Tx to San Antonio, Tx on March 17th and was not able to find a hotel room until we called this hotel. When we arrived, the rate offered to us was $120.00 + tax compared to their regular rate of $35.99 + tax. The manager said it was because of spring break and because there were no hotel rooms available for that night in any other hotel (it was 3:30 am). We stayed for the night but besides considering it was an abuse to overcharge so much, the bed sheets were dirty (very) as well as the towels (which by the way were the size of a hand towel), and the bathroom light did not work.

At 9:00 am, we were woken up by a fight that was taking place between the manager and other people staying at the hotel because he wanted them to pay this ridiculous new rate to him or to leave the room at that moment. Of course, they left not without telling him before they were calling the police.

I have visited the USA on business and pleasure trips all of my life and consider this the worst experience. I guess an increase in demand might justify a slight increase in price but not this type of abuse. It was an experience that totally changed my image of your country and your people. It is a shame that authorities do not control this type of business and people.

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Original review: July 16, 2010

The receptionist at Chatsworth Budget Inn is unusually rude. Every time I called, she gave me a different price (depending on how rich I sound?) When I pointed to it the last time, she hung up on me! They just lost a consumer for 6 nights.

Original review: May 17, 2009
Original review: Aug. 10, 2007

I had reservations from 8-04 thru 8-06. I made them i month in advance. When I called for check in I was told I don't have a reservation. They were not helpful at all. I asked for another room and they wouldnot accomidate me. They even told me they had 2 available rooms but I can't have them. So my husband and I were left with no place to stay. All the other hotel were already booked because of the baseball dreams park games. To top it all of they had the nerve to bill my credit card for one night(so far). If they had no reservations for me how did they get my credit card info.

Original review: July 8, 2007

My wife and I and our 1 year old were exhausted from driving back from a week vacation in Canada so we pulled off 81 and found the Budget Inn. We were so tired and saw the room was beat up a bit but went right to sleep. In AM we found the bathroom totally disgusting. Lots of mold and mildew(I have pictures). Broken bathroom door, rusted heater, many pieces of someone elses hair, peiling paint....etc. My wife was so disgusted she refused to use the shower. I brought management to the room they said if they had known it was like that they would not have rented it to me. However rust and mold that thick and black does not happen overnight. Room# 46

Original review: March 15, 2004

the hot water was only there at the early morning hours around 530 am then it was for only 5 minutes the oven was discusting the rack was all broken and covered with foil no hot water in the kitchen or pressure the ac unit was filthy never cleaned when management was told they argued with me they also charged 11% sales tax on the room when broward county florida is 6% myself and my girlfriend stayed there 2 yrs. ago and it was fine thats why we went back the stay was ruined we had no chioce but to stay there until we could find another room in our price range most of all the other places were filled beds were changed every 2 days windows were nailed shut my girlfriend has a back problem and she needs to have to take hot showers at least 2 times a day she could not there was alot of people that were very upset one of them had loud words with the owner he just checked out. we used a phone card to call other places and to home they tried to charge us 50cents a call there was nothing in the room stating that or did they say anything he was very nasty htye even charged us 87.00 would not even give us a refund or discount for no hot water

Original review: Dec. 2, 2003
Well the room that me and my fiancee got for the evening was very dirty, and the ceiling was covered in green mold.

No ice availiable, among other things.

Original review: Sept. 8, 2003

I found the Budget Inn information on the enternet. The information posted on the enternet stated a single room was listed for $34.00 to $42.00. Informed the gentleman that answered the phone I needed reservations for the 12-14th of Sept. for a single, after giving my credit card # I was then told the room would cost $49 plus tax. I informed him the information on the web site stated it would be $34 for a single per nite. The gentleman stated he doesn't know anything about a web site and where did I get the telephone number to call him, told him I got it off the web site that I am calling from Oklahoma, was told by this gentleman that the room will be $49 plus tax if I still needed the rooms.

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