In early May, we took a river cruise on Avalon Waterways from Lyon to Arles in France. On the last few days of this cruise, I would estimate the approximately 50% to 60% of the people (and crew) on this river cruise became sick from Norovirus... With intense diarrhea and vomiting. The largest % of people became sick on the last night of the trip and we had a 3-hour bus ride scheduled to Nice at 9 AM. I was one of the people who was up all night - filling the toilet & sink many times. Other members of our group reported projectile vomiting & pooping all over their rooms in the middle of the night. One friend vomited in her suitcase.

In complete candor, I felt that Avalon Waterways was very poorly prepared for an event of this type. In my opinion, it seemed that Avalon's top priority was to get us off the ship and shuffle all of us "sickos" off to the Carlton Hotel in Cannes. Out of sight; out of mind. I am 67 years old & in good health... And I was miserable. There were many people in their mid-80's who clearly required some kind of medical attention. People could have died. Avalon Waterways has not trained their staff properly / and had no established protocols for a massive norovirus outbreak of this type. No offer to call physicians from Arles for the people who could not get out of bed / no recommendations about hydration / no Imodium on board. It was shabby treatment of good customers at best. Avalon Waterways was responsible for getting us all sick and did not care about us. Just ship us off to Cannes - someone else's problem.