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Unprofessional, arrogant, rude, disrespectful, liars, no morals/ethics. Years of frustration, aggravation, irritation, runarounds. If you value your money do not do any business whatsoever with this company!!!!

Satisfaction Rating

In March 2011, I purchased and received written confirmation on a Bahama Cruise package with upgrades to allow additional rooms and an extra night on the island and enough cruise tickets for myself, my husband and our 4 children to leave Christmas Day. We arrived in Ft. Lauderdale after traveling over 1,400 miles in the car to find out on Christmas Eve that the cruise line had closed it's doors on September 6 of this year. Nobody from ASI Travel had notified us.

Three days later when the office opened after the holiday, I was told we would receive a refund of what we had paid them for the package. The refund could not be sent until after New Year's however because anyone authorized to write a check was on vacation. I have yet to receive the refund and have submitted a written request for ASI Travel Direct to consider additional reimbursement for our travel expenses and spoiled holiday vacation.


I couldn't use the first package, so they called us to redo another. Because we had been there several times, liked resort, etc., I was promised the oceanfront, the owner's building, for 4 days and 3 nights. We booked a trip all right, but they open-faced lied. We can't get the rooms promised. However, we were expected to take a tour. We will take tour or they will want more money. No way in hell will we buy or ever suggest anyone going there again.

This will be our last trip to this resort. If you can't or won't back up your promise, you're not gonna get my business. The place is only as good as its people, and they are not honest, just want your money. Thumbs down 100%. I'm very disappointed.


An agent contacted our home with an unsolicited offer for a vacation package to Florida and the Bahamas. My husband and I said that we were not interested in that package but would dearly love to take our family to Hilton Head. The agent told us that they would provide us with a week at Hilton-Head too. With this offer we agreed to purchase, intending to use only the Hilton-Head portion.

What came was the Florida/Bahamas and a 3 day, 2 night stay at Hilton-head for which we had to pay an additional fee. This was not what we had been told. I then called the agent and said that I wanted to cancel. The agent informed me that it was nonrefundable and that he would get me that week. Needless to say, I did not believe him about this being straightened out. In addition, I was reluctant to trust that any vacation would work out through them. The agent promised that we would be able to take all six of us to this destination even though the documentation says for four individuals. I think that they would probably charge us extra if the trip ever happened. We are now disputing the charges through our credit card company.


I had the same problem with ASI Travel and I'm looking for any one to help me stop these people from taking advantage of other people. I wanted my money back but I was told they can't do any thing anymore. That's not what you told me when you were trying to sell me off something, you all sounded wonderfully nice and I'm very sorry that I was stupid enough to even trust and believe you. Please help.

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There were two charges from a travel agency (Aqua Sun ASI Travel Direct) that each total $299. After purchasing the package, I submitted two sets of intended travel dates along with a $50 non-refundable fee. Two weeks later, I was told the dates were not available. So, I again submitted two sets of different travel dates only to be denied again. This was as of two months ago. Now the travel agency has called and informed me that the entire package has expired. Within the last two weeks, on two separate occasions, they have offered opportunities to extend the package. The first call was asking for $600 to extend the same package for 18 months. The second call was asking to for $199 for an upgrade in accommodations at limited locations from the package.

Aside from not being able to book the destinations they gave me, I have been treated poorly by multiple customer service representatives at ASI Travel Direct (phone: 386-523-0036, 3 Sunshine Blvd., Ormund Beach, FL 32174, I wrote an email offering ASI to resolve the issue before I began to contact the Better Business Bureau. After stating we would work to resolve the issue, they have since ceased returning my calls. Their response was very negative and they claimed they only had records for an initial purchase of $299, and had no record of reservation attempts. They later revealed that they had found records for my reservation attempts and, after I provided documentation from American Express that I was charged twice for $299, acknowledged they had made a mistake.

I have been in contact with Bob ** at ASI about seeking refund or extension and there have been no successful negotiations. I have email and phone records to verify this. The worst part for me as a consumer, I was going to take these trips with my family and had given part of the package to my mother as an anniversary gift. Thus, we planned together and continually grew frustrated with the situation together. Now my gift is no longer good. I have been lied to, insulted, berated, and abused as customer and I will not stand for money being all but stolen from me.

I do not need to stress the importance of every penny in these times of economic hardship in this country. I am now asking your help to resolve the issue. I am unsure of the legitimacy of this business and feel as though I have purchased a package that was never intended to be fulfilled. I am looking for a full refund in the amount of $598, or two charges of $299. Again, I have given ASI plenty of opportunity to resolve and after several phone conversations and emails, they have ceased returning my calls. I had hoped we could work together to resolve this issue as it should be, but it is clear to me that is not their intention.


In early June 2002, I responded to a travel package featured on-line. Very friendly woman ('Abby') told me of a package offering trips to Orlando, Daytona, and a 3 day cruise to Bahamas all for $598 USD (package included rental car and numerous dinner and entertainment vouchers). As a bonus, I was lucky enough to recieve an additional quick trip package 'free-of-charge' for a 3-day 2-night stay in Las Vegas. I booked the package after being assured by the customer service rep I spoke to second, that I could cancel anytime in the next 30-days. When I told my boyfriend that night about it, he felt strobgly that it was'too good to be true' and urged me to cancel. So the next day I calle dto cancel and they said 'okay' and that it might take 2-weeks for the credit to go through on my VISA - well it has been nearly 7 weeks and 2 VISA bills later, no credit. The debit came off June 10 for $934.76 CAD ($598 US @ 1.56). I have never recieved any paper work from the company, I assumed because i cancelled.

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