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Last updated: Dec. 10, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 10, 2017

I have taken the Coastal Starlight from Los Angeles to the Northwest four times round trip. Overall I am more than satisfied with the operation. It is unfortunate that this company is hobbled by so much budgetary neglect. If more support, they could attract more ridership. Still, a little inexpensive attention to detail by Amtrak would help. Training is a big element that pays off in customer satisfaction. As well, safety. I witnessed a fellow patron fall on the train platform and was astonished that the crew stood by and looked as I rendered bleeding control. Calling 911 for a simple laceration would mean this customer would miss his departure. I recommend Amtrak.

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Original review: Dec. 8, 2017

Went from Chicago, IL to Lancaster Pa and return. All trains were on time and all Amtrak personnel that I encountered were friendly and helpful. I don't doubt that there are surly Amtrak employees that people encounter, but for my part I have never encountered any of them. Pittsburgh Amtrak personnel are always helpful and there to help you on and off with heavy bags for train transfer. The deluxe sleeper rooms that I had on the Capitol Limited were adequate but could use a refresh. Most people I encountered on the train said they don't like to fly, so that's why they take Amtrak. All in all it was a good round trip.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 2, 2017

My husband and I traveled on the Hiawatha, going from Milwaukee WI to Chicago IL Union Station and back. We were wary after seeing many negative reviews on here as well as Facebook and Twitter. Also, my husband is disabled, on oxygen 24/7, so that adds a little hardship to traveling. We decided it would be fun to do a day trip, taking the train from Milwaukee to Chicago Union Station, hanging out for awhile, then heading back to Milwaukee later in the afternoon. After checking out the website and talking to railfans on Facebook, I called Amtrak to get tickets. If you are on oxygen, you do need to call Amtrak to make the reservation. They will note that you are on oxygen so they are aware and can make accommodations. It does state this on their website too.

The lady I talked to was very nice and professional. She made sure to let me know we would get points on my Amtrak Guest Rewards. In addition, disabled customers get a 15% discount, as well as their traveling companion. So we both received 15% off our fares. She answered all my questions. I received our tickets via email a few minutes later and printed them out, very convenient.

The Amtrak Intermodal Station in Milwaukee is very nice. We ate at a nice cafe before boarding the train. We made the conductor aware my husband is disabled, and we received priority boarding. He took us right to disabled seating. It's important to make them aware you're disabled to get this, as there is no reserved seating on these short distance trains. Now it was obvious my husband is disabled as he was pulling a large oxygen tank, but Amtrak won't necessarily guess one is disabled by osmosis. Speak up before boarding. They may ask you for a copy of your disabled placard that you put on your vehicle as proof. I made a copy just in case, but didn't have to wind up using it.

The disabled seating on Amtrak is very nice. We had plenty of room for my husband's large oxygen tank. The conductor even carried it on to the area for him, which I thought was very nice. The ride was awesome, very smooth and on time to Chicago. I'm not sure if this train had wifi, but I was able to use my Virgin Mobile signal and had no problems surfing the internet with my smartphone. When we got to Chicago, the conductor again took the oxygen tank off the train for us. He also called a cart to take us in to the station, as it's quite a distance to go for someone who is disabled. This was a godsend, and we were very pleased at the high level of customer service and professionalism displayed.

We had fun at Union Station, did a little shopping and had some lunch. We even sat in a bar and watched a little of the Cubbies game. On the train back, we let the ticket agent know we needed priority boarding and disabled seating. He frantically tried to find a cart for us, but it was afternoon rush hour and wasn't successful. Be careful if you are traveling during afternoon rush hour in Chicago. You are pretty much on your own.

We did have to walk a significant distance to get to the train. The conductor again helped us with the oxygen tank. The disabled seating was taken by two gentlemen, who upon seeing my husband's oxygen tank, immediately vacated the seats for us. I was really glad, as the train had many people standing, and all the seats were filled. I could have stood, but my husband most certainly couldn't have stood.

Even though the train left about 20 minutes late, we arrived back at Milwaukee on time. All in all a very nice trip with excellent customer service and professionalism. If you are disabled, it's best to make your reservation over the phone so they know you're coming. And as I mentioned before, if you are on oxygen, you must make your reservation over the phone anyway. Let them know every step of the way. Again, if it's not obvious you are disabled, speak up. They are not psychic. I'm very sorry to see all the bad reviews. I'm grateful my husband and I had such a wonderful experience.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 29, 2017

At Penn Station today, I accidentally kicked my cell phone underneath the train, as I was walking by on the platform and they, surprisingly, were able to retrieve it for me. Great job guys! You really put a smile on my face!???

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 19, 2017

This train is a damn shame!! It's always late as ever!! They never take in consideration of the smokers that pay too money to ride!! It's only a few stops to smoke. This train is the worst in the world. I will never ride on Amtrak no more. Kids running all thru the train!! You cant sleep or enjoy the ride!! They never tell the parents to keep their kids in their seats!! Kids play on the train!! Don't spend your money drive or fly!! They are always late!! I have been 6 hours late 2times in a row. And they don't even care at all. So don't ride on Amtrak!!! Boycott in order!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 10, 2017

Oh Amtrak. So I would have giving Amtrak 4 stars, because I loved taken the train. I took coach from Austin to Chicago then Chicago to Washington DC. I was in Maryland for business for over a week and then took the train back to Austin. I did the roommate on part of the way back and I highly recommend. It was a 2 day trip and my only complaint is that it was really, really cold on the train and the bathrooms are tiny-tiny. I loved the experience and was thinking that this is it, until Amtrak lost my suitcase.

This was not my first lost luggage experience so I didn't get upset. It happens. On the return trip from DC to Chicago to Austin, my suitcase made it to Chicago but the baggage handler in DC didn't do put in the paperwork to make sure my suitcase was transferred in Chicago to the train going to Austin. I get to Austin and tell Paul, the baggage handler in Austin that my suitcase is not here. He was very nice. He tracked my bag down immediately. It was still in Chicago. He said Amtrak would FedEx my suitcase to me. He gave me a warning, it was late Thursday, they would send it out on Friday so I wouldn't get it until Monday.

Not ideal because this was a business trip and my work clothes/shoes are in the suitcase. Things like this happen and getting it on Monday is not that big of a deal. Just to be sure, I called the Amtrak customer service line on Friday morning to make sure my suitcase was on its way. I was told it was. I'm on the road a few months of the year for work to give fellow employees vacation time so all my work clothes were in the suitcase. In Amtrak's defense, I did not tell them that. In my defense, why would I? I was getting my suitcase on Friday. Anyhoo...

Side note about the Amtrak customer service line- there isn't one. Amtrak has one phone number for all of their services including reservations and upgrades. You will get a phone tree voice, there isn't a phone tree option for customer service or lost bags. You have to request to talk to an agent which puts you on hold for reservation agents and then the reservation agent will transfer you to lost baggage. You will be on hold for about 8-10 minutes to get a reservation agent and then additional 8-10 minutes for lost baggage.

I asked 3 times is there a direct line to customer service or lost baggage and all three times I was told nope. You call the main line and get transferred in. That means if you call Amtrak with a customer service issue, be prepared for at least a 30 minute call and 20-25 minutes of that you will be on hold. Even after you get to customer service, they will put you on hold numerous times. Hey Amtrak- if you ever bother to read this, why don't you offer the option for lost baggage on your phone tree?

So, Monday around 8 pm with no delivered suitcase from FedEx, I call Amtrak again. This time I am told by Amtrak they have no clue what I'm talking about. They can see I called in on Friday about my lost suitcase. At this point I'm told the Amtrak policy- customer service will open a file for the lost baggage department to call me and there wasn't one. Customer service dropped the ball. I would have to call in on Tuesday when lost baggage opens at 8 am because they're gone for the day. At this point I'm totally confused because I was told by two separate Amtrak employees I was getting my suitcase FedEx. They didn't know anything about that.

Tuesday I call into lost baggage and they were apologetic. They would hop on it and said lost and found in Chicago would be calling me to make arrangements. That was confusing. Why am I making arrangements to get my bag back? What does the lost baggage department do? Lost and found Chicago calls me and they were awful. She began the conversation by asking me why didn't I call her directly on Friday. Why would I do that? Paul the baggage handler and customer service told me it was taken care of. How would I know to do that? I just presumed if you call customer service and you talk to an employee of the company and both say it's taken care of, well, it's taken care of.

The Lost and found agent proceeds to school me on Amtrak policy that Paul in Austin and the Amtrak customer service department did not have permission to promise me that the bag would be sent FedEx because the charges comes out of her budget. The bag will be put on the next train going to Austin and I would need to pick it up at the station. I admit, this annoyed me. I told her that wasn't an option for me. I'm on a work trip, I don't have a car and it would have to take an ride share and cost me about $60 round trip and hour of my time and I'm not the one that lost the suitcase. "Can't you just FedEx it to me where I'm staying in Austin like I was told would happen four days ago." She told me she would need permission and asked- "can you get that permission" and she hung up on me.

I would like to add, I've worked with clients/customers my entire career. I know people it can be a stressful job. Because of this, I never raised my voice, never cursed, I was polite (admittedly I was upset because it had been four days of handwashing clothes in my bathroom sink) so I was floored when I was hung up on. I called lost baggage again (second time I'm put on hold for over 20 minutes and not even 10 am). Again, they are apologetic and said they would call Chicago lost & found and call me back. Chicago lost & found calls me back (same person that hung up on me) and asks what do I want to do about this lost suitcase. Again, I was confused. I told her "I called Amtrak lost baggage and they would handle it and they didn't call you?" Nope, they did not.

At this point, I super frustrated. My co-workers on this business trip think I did a 'walk of shame' wearing the same outfit two days in a row, it's been four days and my bag is still in Chicago. She tells me that the Austin station should have reimbursed me for my clothes. Amtrak does that, up to $100 if they lose your luggage for more the 24 hours. I've already made three calls to customer service explaining my situation and this is the first time I've heard of this. To get this $100 reimbursement I will have to take my clothes receipts to the Amtrak station. Yet again, if I take a rideshare to the Amtrak station on the other side of downtown Austin would have cost $60 not including my time. It's just not worth it. She told me most people do it when they are leaving on the Amtrak but after all of the customer service confusion I'm not sure I'll ever take an Amtrak again.

Lost baggage calls me back and says they're putting my suitcase on a train and I'll get it Wednesday night and they'll have a taxi deliver my suitcase to me. At this point I have zero faith in Amtrak and lo and behold it was well founded! I didn't get my bag on Wednesday. What a shock. Thursday I call the Amtrak line, again, wait on hold for ten minutes, get transferred, wait on hold for another ten minutes to ask where was my suitcase. Now I'm mad. It's literally been a week. I feel like Amtrak could have strapped my suitcase on the back of Forrest Gump and he could have jogged it from Chicago to Austin in less time then it would take an Amtrak. Apparently my bag made it into Austin, but no one bothered to call a cab and send it to me.

So I take the morning off from work to be there when they send a cab with my suitcase. I asked to speak to a manager because, yes, I wanted some form of compensation. I didn't think I was being unreasonable that after having to buy clothes, spending hours on hold and then taking a morning off work (I had to work till 9 pm to make up the time), yes, I wanted compensation. I was offered $100 travel voucher. At this point after what "customer service" put me through, I wouldn't get on an Amtrak if it was the last train out of hell. Only because if Amtrak told me it was the last train out of hell, I wouldn't believe it.

"Customer service" told me he can put in a request for a manager to call but it's up to the manager's discretion to do that. I took that as I will not be hearing from a manager. I was shocked because a manager did call. She apologized and said it was a massive miscommunication on all levels and all of this shouldn't have happened. She was going to call me back with some form of compensation and what another shock, I never heard from her on Amtrak.

So- go ahead and take an Amtrak. Like I wrote above, I loved it. Before you get on the train, blow out your birthday candles, wish on a shooting star or just hope nothing goes wrong because if it does- you are on your own. Amtrak does not have any form of customer service. Oh wait they do have customer service, it's just the worse. I'm taking a plane or renting a car.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 9, 2017

The train ran fairly well on schedule. If you have a lot of time, and want to enjoy a ride across the country, well Amtrak is okay. The service on the train is very good, and you can even select coaches with beds if you like. The meals are pretty appetizing. The downside of Amtrak for me, is that the scheduling is sometimes difficult. You may have to catch a train 40 or 50 miles away at 4:00 a.m. The train also runs to different areas on scheduled days.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 28, 2017

I'm not able to make reservations using Amtrak's automated system or website as I need to request the discounted disabled fare rate + assistance getting as minimal luggage as possible, myself, + my walker w/ seat on board. Amtrak would initially blow off my reported + allegedly documented ADA assistance requests, but they became more responsive as I rode the train part way to + from my out of area medical/specialists appointments. The last Amtrak return bus back to a connecting train to the city of my residence was approx. 4 hrs away. This last Amtrak bus was scheduled to depart at 2:30 pm before I could be seen by my doctor or specialist. So I would have to pay at least 2 nights for motels for 1 day of med appointments/outpatient surgery for a total of 3 days away from home. It was cost prohibitive as a multiple medically/physically disabled + mobility impaired person w/o the ability to earn an income anymore.

As my medical conditions continued to deteriorate, I was no longer able to take Amtrak when my balance/fall issues, + risks of dying from any fall, made taking the wobbly train or Amtrak bus, including losing my ability to get safely to + from the restroom, along w/ the financial limitation of having to connect w/ + use local bus service, became too dangerous.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 26, 2017

Just returned from our train trip starting at Cincinnati, OH to Chicago, IL to Denver, CO ending in San Francisco. Train delayed right off the bat in Cincinnati, OH which delayed all the way through. Six hour delay from Denver, CO to San Francisco, CA, where we sat in the middle of nowhere with no power. No compensation was offered only frustrated and rude representatives!!! My husband is handicapped and we were on our own, no assistance offered or given. Need to get that word out to any handicapped seniors that are thinking about a train trip.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 24, 2017

TRAIN 97 WAS EXCELLENT. I have used Amtrak 2 times now to go up North now. One time for vacation and another time for business and both times were pretty fascinating. I stopped going by air to NY after 911 and this is a safe alternative. The bathrooms are not the cleanest, but the seats have much more leg room than on a stuffy airplane and they do tilt back enough to get some sleep. They also sell comfort kits that include a blanket, eye covers, earplugs, and an inflatable headrest. I also bring a cover for the seat just for sanitary reasons and me being a clean freak. I also brought Clorox wipes and wiped everything down around me before I sat in the chair.

Most of the staff are nice, on this route there is a gentleman by the name of Joseph who even brought ice cups for the passengers, told everyone to let him know if the bathrooms needed cleaning and was non-stop all day asking if he could do something for us or provide us with anything to make our trip more comfortable. I really do hope that trains become more popular because I absolutely loved it. I do think they need healthier food options, and a better sit down menu as well. The prices are high, but if they offered better food more people would use the sleeper trains in my opinion. I find their seats even in coach, way more comfortable than an airplane. I DO not like airplanes... Amtrak does need a cleaning crew to come during the trips and sanitize and clean up, but I think the agents on the trains do this.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 23, 2017

I was traveling Boston - NYC with my baby, 10 month old, with stroller and luggage, the Amtrak staff put my stroller, me and my baby in Wheelchair access, and they told me if a person with disability come I have to leave. Ok, no problem, so I stayed in my seat, put my baby to sleep. When the other staff come to check the tickets, he start speak loudly telling me I have to leave the seat because it may be used. So I left my seat and sit in the regular seat, with my daughter who he's wake up, yell at me. He's embarrassed me and stress me for nothing, and then a couple with no disabilities sit there and he said nothing!!! Now I'm with my baby in my arms tired, in a 5 hours trip, feeling such a **. The staff name is Jhonny.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 16, 2017

We were on set to Jacksonville, Fl to Winter Park, FL on Saturday, October 14th. First the train leaving was an hour late. The Jacksonville station gave us water and coffee and that made up for that. It was leaving Winter Park, FL that was the horrific experience. There was a derailment in Jacksonville that we knew nothing about until an hour later. Our train (train 92 northbound) was suppose to be there at 759 pm so yeah an hour later was bad. We were told 45mins because it had not left Orlando station. 45mins passed then we were told 10mins away. 10mins passed and then told about 45mins since it still had not left. That was a lie off the back. Then we heard rumor of a derailment. When asked who had told these passengers, they said the guy at the desk. After being confronted he then made the announcement. Then we were told a buses would be coming in 45mins but he had to wait 45mins for corporate to let him know.

45Mins passed and still no word. We no way of getting food, we had elders who had no meds and were becoming ill. We waited on the buses no buses. Then we were told corporate was sending one bus but it would be 45 more mins or until corporate made an decision. This time people were becoming frustrated but still patient. He then told us the bus was coming and no bus showed up. After the place was cleaned, we were being hinted to leave because they were locking up. This is wrong to do to us. People were using the bathroom and he rushed us out the building. We were told a train was coming so everyone was told to go to the other side of the tracks. Finally the train showed up. This type of treatment and dishonesty is unacceptable and uncalled for. Honesty is the best way to make sure we are not blindsided. Also the Jacksonville derailment should have been told to us by your representative at the desk not other passengers.

Also to be told from passengers that your rep was going to call the police on us was unacceptable. Your rep hid behind the office doors instead of being the professional. He was hired to be and do what he was suppose to do. Retraining is needed. Lies and deceit should never be a method in solving a problem in a stressful situation. Also a better contingency plan and emergency plan needs to be in placed. You are a transportation company. People rely on you for their transportation needs and safety there and back whether they are onboard or in the lobbies. They deserve to be treated with respect and as human beings. Just like you have families so do we. Think about how our families felt when their relatives told them how they were treated. If the shoe was on the other foot, not cool. Someone needs to come from behind those desks, dress like a regular passenger, and see how the treatments are.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 13, 2017

I am horrified at the filth on the California Zephyr. I booked a train ride from Denver to Glenwood Springs for my 3 year old to enjoy her first train ride. I'm sadden at the lack of customer service, how unfriendly the conductor and other staff was, the filth on the train was unbearable. They seriously need a cleaning staff to maintain. There was trash everywhere, pee everywhere in all bathrooms, and the windows to look out on had grease marks and smudges from others resting heads on window etc. On top of that I got to experience the many and often delays that occur on a train ride, not fun for the expense it cost. My train ride was delayed 2x. It took over 6 hours to get to Glenwood, I arrived just before 10 pm.

As I know supposedly these are not controlled situations, but you often wonder, how the train is still in operations. The only good thing that came out of this was the gentleman via Amtrak customer service 800 number, gave me a reimbursement for half my trip. I had to rent a car to drive home as I was not looking forward to boarding that train. The gentleman also credit me the other half for a free future train ride. He was quick to compensate me with no hassle, which nowadays, most companies think an apology is enough. So, Amtrak has that going for them. I would suggest to them getting a cleaning crew for the trains.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 11, 2017

Pros- train was on time, staff was very friendly and helpful, food was edible. Cons- seriously lacking security checks i.e.: baggage checks? No ID checked upon boarding. In today's world, I expect to see a ton of security on public transportation. This, while at times inconvenient, makes me feel safe. I did not feel safe on Amtrak. Add in the fact that at every stop more people get on and off made it extremely unnerving that security was so lax. No Wi-Fi - they made it sound like they have Wi-Fi on board the train - they don't. It runs off local Wi-Fi which is not consistent. Unable to watch movies or anything other than web browsing. This was very unfortunate since we were traveling with a small child who really wanted to use her new iPad during the trip and was unable to do so with the poor quality Wi-Fi on board.

The bathrooms were disgusting. (Not cleaned enough, smelled awful.) It didn't help that we were sitting close to the bathrooms and the smell emanated our car. Expensive to purchase food - expected. Constant horn blowing and too lit at night made it impossible to sleep. We were lucky enough to sit In front of a woman who appeared to have severe mental health issues. (I am mental health professional and do not condone this woman for her issues.) This woman was caught smoking in the bathroom was allowed to stay on the train. In addition, she made multiple phone calls in which she cursed loudly and was making threats. While I do not believe her behavior is Amtrak’s fault, I do believe that this woman should have been removed from the train for her behavior. Anywhere else, she would have been.

When booking the agent told me that the chairs "recline". Perhaps a better description would be that they "tilt" back. They do not recline and are really not sufficient to sleep in as was described to me. While I respect our railway system and the people who enjoy it I was not one of them. I did not sleep and I was miserable the entire time. So much so in fact that upon arriving to our destination I arranged for a car rental to drive home and canceled my return train ticket!!! I wish my experience had been better because I hate flying but I will not be riding the train over long distances again.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 10, 2017

My aunt is a senior and disable and has a small lapdog that is her assistant dog. She has been trying to visit in Southern California to see her daughters. As I checked website for Amtrak it says ANIMALS allowed. As I call to place reservation, operator tells me NO DOGS ALLOWED. I repeat what website says and she says, "YOU MISUNDERSTOOD, IT'S DEPENDS ON THE ROUTE."

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 17, 2017

I would like to start by stating that I have always been supportive of our rail system which is highly underutilized. It took some doing to convince my husband to try this mode of transportation. One of the positive points was your pet friendly blurb on your website. When I went to book our reservation I found that my service dog did not qualify as a pet friendly guest on our trip. I have high anxiety and OCD which she helps to control. This information with a doctor's recommendation fell on deaf ears. I was told to try and bring her but I would risk being told at some time during the journey I would need to remove her and ship her home or just board her at that location. Neither was a choice I wanted to take a chance with. Since it was necessary to make this trip I made arrangements and relied on FaceTime to control the issues I have.

Now, let's talk about seating. I understand when you buy a ticket with no assigned seating and there are two of us we will have a seat together. Part of what makes train travel a choice is the cost. Having a sleeping car is a little cost prohibitive for us. Since there were multiple empty seats available we chose to sleep in separate seats so we could both have a better night's sleep. When more passengers were boarded I was asked to return to my seat. Totally understandable. What was hard to understand is that whenever this happened, anyone in a single seat was not disturbed even when it was a single needing a seat. What this tells me is next time I will book us as two single instead of together so we will be assured of having our own seat. I saw this throughout the train cars I walked through. I am sure you have your methods, but it is not just me who had this issue.

Now, the food. The cost was acceptable for what I anticipated. The quality was not. Anything we bought microwaved could have had just a little more time to actually cook it throughout. In the dining room, French toast is not rocket science. You are not feeding so many people at one time that you cannot make it right. It was obviously cooked ahead of time and then warmed up. If you are just heating up precooked food then advertise as such. Do not make it sound like a freshly prepared meal.

I know you are not making any money on food service but that might change if the food improved. I would like to suggest less exotic selections and go with what can be prepared fresh. Maybe a smaller menu would give you that opportunity. I realize sleeper cars have the meals included in the cost. This would not entice me to get a sleeper car either. I would just feel like I had to eat a meal I found unsatisfying. I will continue to support the rail system with some adjustments on my part. Hopefully with enough recommendations from the public, we will see positive changes in the future. Thank you for listening.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 13, 2017

I like traveling by train, but sleeping is always a huge challenge. Currently, the fare is hardly less than airfare, so the time difference and discomfort aren't worth it. I wish Amtrak had a budget sleeper compartment category that did not include meals and was somewhat more affordable. Also, bathroom cleanliness was definitely an issue during our trip last summer. We traveled from Denver, CO through Chicago, and on to Albany, NY.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 12, 2017

We been taking Amtrak back and forth from New York to Boston and from Boston to New York for fours now. My family enjoys the ride for the most part. The only negative thing about Amtrak service is that they have too many delays. I also feel that they are expensive.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 11, 2017

Staff were always polite and helpful. Appreciate that they stayed on schedule. If you were five minutes late back to the train, you were too late! Seats were roomy and comfortable. I was able to sleep comfortably on my three day trip. Only complaint, they need to upgrade their food card. Highly recommend to pack your own snacks or eat at places along the route!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 10, 2017

We traveled to Colorado from Iowa on Amtrak and back! The only thing that could've made this better if Amtrak could provide a sleeping car to all. It's affordable and you really get to experience the country in a cool way!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 9, 2017

My first ride on Amtrak train was a great experience for me. I kinda felt uncomfortable at first but after leaving the station I quickly came unround and had no regrets after the first few miles. Was very comfortable and friendly hosted. All together I've ridden the train 5 times and is planning on taking my grandkids for a ride on one.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 8, 2017

Booking the trip to the fair and adding a vehicle rental to the purchase was convenient, but when I got to the fair, I did not realize it was actually inside the grounds, which force me to pay an admission fee. So I am lugging my suitcase and baggage across the entire fair to get outside. Since I was informed that Enterprise would come bring me to their rental office, I called them. Enterprise told me they will not come to the fair to pick me and bring me to their rental office. So I decided to Uber myself to the hotel to drop off my luggage first and deal with the car rental situation later.

When I got to the hotel, I called Amtrak and explain that is inconvenient for me drag luggage through the fair again and having to pay for admission when I return to NYC and asked if I could change my boarding from the fair grounds to the actual Syracuse station (which is only five minutes away and closer to NYC). The operator who answers the phone wanted to charge me an extra $40 for this service.

As for the conductor and the train ride, upstate was pleasant and the staff was very friendly. Unfortunately, the ride back to NYC was not the same, my 6-year old and the family across from me with 2 young children were subjected to someone smoking ** on the train and there was no staff member or police office to address it. Because of this, it raises a concern for everyone's safety if a passenger becomes aggressive to do more than just smoke ** on the train.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 7, 2017

Amtrak does not concern itself with expanding service to parts of the country which do not now have good service. They rely too heavily on those parts of the country supported by members of Congress who are responsible for funding.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 6, 2017

I often use Amtrak services for work; I have had some good experiences, however the one negative experience continues to color my dealings with Amtrak.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 5, 2017

I had an accident while visiting New York City and broke a bone in my knee. I had traveled to NYC by Amtrak. Needless to say I now was handicapped and needed to return to Richmond. Amtrak staff were extremely accommodating in assisting me. This includes the staff in NYC and in Richmond, Virginia.

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Original review: Sept. 4, 2017

I bought a ticket for disabled Rider. Pay the extra fare. There was Luggage in the area that said "Assign no Luggage in this area". Told the conductor and he said "Handle it. You don't look disabled to me." What is disable look like? How to sit like that with my feet between luggage from Washington DC to New York? Came back from New York. How to get shots in my back to feel better? Still sore from the conductor. Was unprofessional and very nasty and made fun of me.

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Original review: Sept. 4, 2017

This is my favorite mode of transportation. I've used it on short distance as well as long distance. Long distance travel take a book or backgammon set for a quick game. Go to the dining car and share a table for a good meal. I love Amtrak.

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Original review: Sept. 3, 2017

On Aug. 31, 2017, I checked my 2 suitcases in Seattle. I was aboard Amtrak #11 when someone called me, "You've got to pick up your luggage!! It came on the bus." I told her I was still on #11 and hadn't yet arrived in Los Angeles. When our train arrived in L.A., we were 1 hr, 40 min late. My transfer train #2 was held back for us. I told the porter about my checked luggage. He made a phone call and found that the suitcases were "downstairs." The porter said, "Get on aboard. We'll get your luggage to you."

Today, I received an email from Los Angeles. They said I could pick up my two suitcases in El Paso, which is 101.9 miles from my home town. So tomorrow, I have to take a round trip train ride (on my nickel) to El Paso to retrieve my luggage. I would describe this series as "idiocy" on the part of Amtrak baggage services. (1) They put my luggage, without my knowledge, on a bus instead of on my train where I expected it to be. (2) They won't return my luggage to my home town, which has a train line running right through it.

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Original review: Sept. 3, 2017

Last Aug. 10th, 2017. My husband bought a ticket for bedroom. Because we took our 2 grandsons for a trip thru Amtrak train experience from Emeryville, CA. to Portland. We took a night trip. On the way we were stuck in Davis, CA. for 4 hours without announcing to the passengers why we are stucked in Davis. So in the morning we realized that we will arrive Portland, Oregon 4 hours late. Anyway, we just conditioned ourselves that it will be late. When we arrived almost in Union Station in Portland, Oregon. We again stucked for 5 hours and again without informing all passengers what is going on. Our 2 grandson are getting irritable & grumpy. So what I did is, I called 911 non emergency & told them that this Amtrak train is stucked for 4 hours again. And I am getting nervous on top of being annoyed & stressed out.

After I called 911, we saw our cabin attendant & asked what's going on. And he said that the bridge is broken. And we are really getting pissed out. So we asked if they can let us leave since we are close to our rented cottage in Portland. And he said they can't let passengers out for liability. So we just waited for a while & finally the train conductor announced that we will re route & has to cross Vancouver, Washington & go back to Portland.

This whole experience with Amtrak is so horrifying. Our previous experience with this Amtrak is already worst & it got to be more worst. The staff are rude & not helpful. It's just a waste of money using this Amtrak train. We're thinking why & why can't they provide a good service. Passengers pay whatever their ticket price.

It is sad that we don't have good train service. Our country is so beautiful & worth sight seeing while on a train trip. We're hoping this Amtrak train will improve. Do a regular in service training to all their staff how to treat the passengers with respect & be more assistive & informative.

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Original review: Aug. 31, 2017

I have personally taken a liking to, riding on the Amtrak. I like that I can travel anywhere in the U.S. and take my personal means of transportation. There is also snack, restroom, nice sightseeing during the day, and areas where I can charge and use my laptop.

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