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I am a disabled woman. I walk with a cane and am only able to stand for about 90 seconds. I took with me, on this Amtrak trip, my 83-year-old mother who also uses a cane. Although I had reviewed the Amtrak website and seen the opportunity to indicate that we were handicapped (and senior citizen), when I actually booked the reservation, from Toledo OH to Albuquerque NM, I did not see this opportunity. It's possible that I simply missed it. I was worried about it so I called Amtrak and spoke to a live person who said, "Oh, don't worry about it. There's lots of help for handicapped folks. You can always ask for a Red Cap." I had also read great things about Red Cap and how they were "all over the place" and willing to help at all times. I DO ACKNOWLEDGE THE LEARNING CURVE. If you have never traveled by train, there are some things you do not know. The same for flying, or driving across the desert.

On the first leg of our journey (3+ hours), train 49 was a mess. Toledo is a small station with no red caps. Although it was not far, schlepping our carry-ons to the train was not easy for us. The restroom door was very difficult to close, the "occupied" light only worked part of the time, the windows were quite dirty, neither of our footrests would extend, we could not hear any of the announcements being made (faulty PA system?), and the staff (with a slight exception of the conductor) were not helpful. Midway through the journey we were approached by the conductor and told we were on the train on the wrong day: We should be on tomorrow. We were charged an additional $250 on the spot because "seats were at a premium" that day (crowded). All this, even though I had a paper copy of an email from Amtrak showing our itinerary --- leaving on THAT day.

I'm still trying to work out that little snafu. We arrived at Union Station in Chicago where we would have a 5 hour layover. No one offered to help us or call a red cap for us. Not knowing any better, we started out with our canes and our carry-ons toward the gate. We huffed and puffed ourselves along (I had to stop 3 times) before we were even 1/3 of the way to the terminal. A red cap came flying along and asked us if we needed a ride. Kudos to him! By this time we were experiencing the delightful aroma of the train toilets being drained. Back to the train car we went to pick up other senior citizens who knew to just sit still until the red cap arrived. Now we knew! The red cap delivered us to the restrooms after which we limped around trying to find breakfast and then limped around more trying to determine what gate we would be leaving from. We waited for a red cap to take us to the train this time.

On this leg of the trip (24+ hours) we had an excellent car attendant who saw to it that we were fed and had ice and drinks. We were accompanied by the nicest bunch of Boy Scouts; a tribute to their leaders and their efforts. We arrived in Albuquerque where the temp was 108 degrees, there were NO red caps. There was NO seating on the platform and NO shade. After standing (leaning) in the sun for 20 minutes, a luggage cart driver felt sorry for us and gave us a ride up to the terminal where we carted our own luggage. We took turns staying with the bags and going after more. We flagged down a cab and made it to our hotel, completely exhausted and definitely in pain. On our journey back, the AC went out in our car. I spent the better part of the night rubbing my face, neck and arms with a wet cloth and by morning I was so sick I vomited. I had asked our car attendant about the air twice.

Once she acted like she was going to do something about it, the second time she said "unfortunately, I can't change it without affecting those on the upper level". This time at Union Station we were told there were only 2 red caps working the entire station. I just think that the great bragging about the red cap program needs to back off a lot. The train was packed on our return. There were some difficulties with passengers as well. However, I do not find this an excuse to ignore customers nor to leave disabled passengers without food or water for 18 hours. In summary, I believe that Amtrak is in the same condition as many, many other businesses and institutions in the USA: There is no money being spent on infrastructure or upgrades. Only the most basic maintenance is being done. They are running at all times on a skeleton crew so they don't have to pay more people.

If you are young, healthy, and energetic, by all means take the train. I do not recommend it for anyone who is even slightly disabled, handicapped, over 70 or significantly arthritic (the rhythm of the train kind of beats you to death). And as for that old phrase "see America by train" don't believe it. What you see is the seedy back street of every town in America. Yes, there are some lovely views, but those special moments add up to about 7 minutes of our 36-hour ride.

I hope this review finds you all well. My name is Dallas **. I traveled on train 79, July 5th 2016, going from Washington to Charlotte between 10:53AM and a planned arrival time of 8:12PM. I'd say for the majority of the train ride I had an overall decent experience. I believe it was at the Rocky Mount Station it was announced that the cafe would be closed until we arrived in Raleigh, which was no problem. However, it became a major problem for myself and I'm sure other passengers on train 79 when the cart we were seated in lost its ventilation and we were without cool air. It would have been bearable had it not consisted on our trip going from Rocky Mount, NC to Selma, NC. We were left without cool air and refreshments which would make any passenger irritable and upset.

There was a conductor that came to check to see what was the problem in our section, but after he left, no one returned for about 20 minutes. It's as though we the passengers were left to accept what was while people complained and moved due to discomfort. The conductor finally returned and gave a few passengers an alternative to the lack of cool ventilation, which was to move to another cart with only eight available seats. This becomes an issue, when passengers who aren't able to get those available seats are left in the cart where there isn't any air.

I was on the train for an extra hour and a half (Arriving in Charlotte at 10:32PM) which makes a big difference when I had my mother waiting for me at the Charlotte train station. There were many abrupt stops during the train ride that was not at any particular station, leaving myself and others passengers to sit and wait at one point for 20 minutes before we were able to move.

I've ridden the Amtrak many times, train 79 in particular, which is always extremely late going in the direction of Charlotte. It's never a 20 or 30 minute delay, it's always an hour or more which has always frustrated myself and many others I'm sure of. This is over the course of two years, so I'm wondering what is the Amtrak headquarters doing to advocate and make the passenger experience more than a reasonable priced ride and more of a smooth enjoyable experience for all passengers boarding and departing? Without hassle.

I love Amtrak. I am 15 years old. I take the train a lot and encourage others to ride Amtrak instead of using cars or airplanes because of the many benefits, and I have taken 2 major Amtrak rides that have lasted overnight (once from the West Coast to the East Coast) but Amtrak has a couple problems that I really think should be dealt with. I have read numerous complaints about rude employees and travel issues that were hard to endure.

Last year in July of 2015, I took the California Zephyr from Davis to Chicago with my family. I enjoyed the trip. When we were booking it, the sleeping car price for a family of 4 is extraordinarily expensive like $5000! Do you really think that is fair. Seriously, a motel costs about $1000 for 4 people to stay in for 3 nights. I slept just fine in Coach being small, but my parents were up all night and got no sleep at all. How is Amtrak more comfortable if you can't sleep the correct way and it's outrageously expensive to have a good night's sleep.

The plan was to take the train to Chicago, arriving there scheduled 2:50 pm and transfer to the Capitol Limited three hours and 50 minutes later. However, the train was stuck in the Rockies because of a passing freight train. In the mountains there are a lot of one-track zones where you can't pass another train, so we had to sit a long time in a two-track zone waiting for a freight train to pass us which made our train arrive Chicago at 4:50 pm, two hours late. Luckily, we didn't miss the Capitol Limited, but I was upset because I wanted to use those 3 and a half hours to go to the top of the Sears Tower Skydeck, which we could not do because our train was late and we only had 90 minutes in Chicago, we still however got to see the city, just not the top of the tower.

The other thing, is that since that was my first time taking a very long Amtrak ride, my parents and I didn't know the drill for that, and we were unable to get dinner in the Dining Car for two nights in a row (Third night we had dinner in Chicago as planned). We still got breakfast and lunch in the dining car, but no dinner because you need reservations. The first day, my parents got reservations but we were never called to the dining car (we had a late reservation anyway). The second day, we were promised to get in earlier, but the dining car staff did not come to our coach to get dinner reservations. For two nights in a row we had to use the snack bar for dinner, that stuff is not as good as the dining car food which are real entrees that are fresh and served on china. The snack bar has bagged foods and is microwaved, not baked.

On the second day of the trip, when we had dinner from the snack bar, I had a cup of noodles. The noodle cup however, read an expiration date (Apr 2015) where apparently the noodles expired 3 months before the trip happened, and because of that, I threw up on the train. How does Amtrak lure more passengers to their train if they do not take the correct sanitary precautions!!?? Because no one wants to be ill on their trip. I did not end up getting sick or going to the doctor, but it was a waste of money.

The other thing is that when my family and I were on the Capitol Limited, we were going to Pittsburgh, PA, where it was scheduled to arrive at 5:05 am and we were planning to get on the Pennsylvanian to Philadelphia, scheduled to leave Pittsburgh at 7:30 am. However the eastbound Capitol Limited was 2 hours behind schedule (another long delay). This was slightly helpful because we didn't have to worry about getting breakfast in Pittsburgh, but they were not going to hold the Pennsylvanian for us and the Capitol Limited arrived into Pittsburgh 6 minutes before the Pennsylvanian's departure! Luckily, it was right across the platform so we did not have to worry about going into the station, but we checked 4 bags onto the Capitol Limited and my dad had to struggle very hard in those 5 minutes to get our baggage on the train. He almost missed it, but he made it.

I just do not understand why Amtrak would only give us 6 minutes to transfer when we have luggage. Overall, the rest of the trip though, was satisfying. Just recently though, I took the Coast Starlight from Davis to San Jose in Business Class, and let me tell you, it ain't worth it. The Business Class seats are just the same as Coach seats except there are water bottles in the seat pockets and you get Wi-Fi access and the conductor writes you a food coupon for the dining or lounge car. However, the Wi-Fi was no good at all. On all the Amtrak trains that say they have Wi-Fi, it's a total rip-off, the connection is terrible. Also, it was published that Coast Starlight Business Class passengers have access to the Parlour Car, and I asked the conductor about that and he said that's not true. Well, lesson learned.

Amtrak has a quiet car... Well a child and parents boarded 4 stops ago, loud talking, playing etc. Of course no one wants to say anything so I leave. A conductor walks through, ummm 5 or 6 times and says absolutely nothing!!! What's the point of having a quiet car if it's not enforced? Train 99 from BWI to Newport News. Horrible. I rode a train previously where the conductor made the woman leave the car.

On June 20, I had an appointment with my allergist in a Philadelphia suburb. I left home (near Washington DC) at 5:45 AM and took various modes of transportation, including SEPTA, to get there. When making my Amtrak return reservation, with 2-week advance purchase, I had to anticipate how long my appointment would take, plus allow time for transfers and possible delays.

My appointment ended sooner than expected, and I arrived at Philadelphia 30th St station at about 4:45 PM. My return reservation on NE Regional was for 6:15 PM. An earlier NE Regional was scheduled to depart Phil. at 5:30 PM. After being up since 5:45 AM, I was tired and eager to get home. I attempted to change my ticket, but the agent informed me that there was an upcharge from my 2-week advance purchase price. I requested a supervisor. After waiting for 5-10 minutes, I asked another agent to call the supervisor. (I believe the first agent never called her.) The supervisor informed me for the second time that there was an upcharge.

I then went to so-called Customer Service and asked for the manager. The receptionist addressed me as "Love". I replied, "I'm not Love." She abruptly left, without even saying excuse me, and kept me waiting for 5 minutes. She ignored my repeated requests for a manager and insisted on helping me herself. She looked up my reservation and informed me for the third time of the upcharge to change my ticket.

I then went to the Information Desk and asked for a manager. The so-called manager was not wearing a name badge and did not introduce herself; I had to ask twice for her name. (She reprimanded me for rudely asking her name!) When I explained my desire to change my ticket, she informed me for the fourth time of the upcharge. I expressed annoyance at hearing this mindless refrain four times. She purported to help, then kept reneging because of my alleged rudeness. She took it upon herself to lecture and harangue me at length. She was very manipulative, as if she were punishing a naughty child. As it turned out, her notion of help was to quote me the price of the upcharge, which she said was only $6. However, she refused to waive this upcharge. By this time, thanks to several delays and debates by Amtrak personnel, the 5:30 train was departing. I was obliged to wait for the 6:15 train.

I believe this manager has a misguided notion of help. I was informed **four times** about an upcharge; I did not require her so-called help to learn the cost! She also has a misguided notion of customer service. She was focused on **being** treated with respect, rather than on extending that courtesy to your customers. She does not listen and thus utterly failed to resolve my concerns. In short, every Amtrak employee I dealt with in Philadelphia was condescending and unprofessional. I also had an unpleasant encounter with an Amtrak usher in Washington DC that morning, that almost caused me to miss the train, even though I was at the head of the line (as a senior citizen). So it was a stressful day, thanks to Amtrak personnel in both stations. (I had no problem whatsoever with Amtrak personnel on the trains.)

To add insult to injury, Amtrak's so-called Customer Relations Specialist claimed to have followed up with station managers regarding my complaint. However, she merely read the notes on my reservation. Thus, her apology is utterly meaningless. She never responded to my email asking her to explain the apparent contradiction in her first and second emails to me. With her deception and mishandling of my complaint, she exacerbated this situation.

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I had the absolute worst experience at this train station!! I thought it sounded like a fun adventure to take the train from AZ to CA. I have a service animal and made sure to inquire with Amtrak before I booked my ticket that this was okay. After spending $260 round trip for a sleeper car, I was told he was not allowed on the train. The people there could not have cared less to my situation or to do anything to help. I was turned away with my service dog in hand. The legal issues didn't matter, all I was told was "to go ahead and try and sue my company." In disbelief.

The Amtrak station was filthy, I could barely breathe through the tunnel as I walked from the south end to the north end. I was attempting to travel on a Sunday, so the station was locked and no employees available to tell me my train would be 20 minutes late. This was not life-ending, except that it made my return trip impossible. I was training a service dog and had made a quick round trip just for him, with 15 minutes between trains. I chose to not board, as Amtrak would have charged me for another ticket and made me wait for hours in an unsafe area for the return train. Amtrak customer service refused to refund or credit my ticket, instead claiming that the late train was not late enough and not even apologizing for it. I'm out a trip and the cost of a roundtrip ticket with Amtrak fully at fault. Unbelievable.

We rode in and out of Union Station. Employees there were horrible. The left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing. Asked 3 or 4 people directions where we needed to go and all of them gave us different directions. Will never ride into Union Station again. Very rude employees at Union Station in Chicago Ill. Very bad experience at Union Station.

My client and I traveled from NYC to Boston, Massachusetts on 5/28/2016 and the service was horrible. My client has a developmental disability. There were no seats for us to sit down. The conductor was very dismissive, rude and disrespectful. My client can barely walk, nor can she stand up for a long period of time. No one would give her a seat. The conductor said he "didn't care, he doesn't have time for the BS, he's about to retire anyway." He walked off with an attitude. My client and I had stand up for 45 minutes. Before she was able to get a seat. I am very livid with the services on the Amtrak train.

My name is Tenzin **. Today I had really bad experience with one of the manager of Amtrak at 30th Street Station. Her name is **. So me and my boyfriend were in line waiting for train and my boyfriend had bike with him and manager **, she came straight at us and ask us to move our bike to the end of the line and I said "We're gonna ride on the train," and she said "Did you buy ticket for the bike?" The way she said it and her tone was unacceptable and I said no and she said we can't take bike on train and mind you I been taking Amtrak for ages and I saw a lot of people bringing bike on train so I wasn't sure why ** told us we can't bring bike on train.

So my boyfriend went to ask other Amtrak employee but that manager showed up and said we can't take bike on train and my boyfriend said to her sorry, he wasn't talking to her and he was talking to that other employee. The manager said "they all work under me," and who the hell care if they all work under her. My boyfriend especially went to ask other employee because the manager was rude and she was discriminating us. We didn't wanted to talk to that manager. So lastly we went to other counter and ask for full refund since we can't ride on Amtrak without bike and the lady was so nice and she helped us get full refund.

I ask her "can we take bike on train" because we didn't trust anything that manager said. That lady said of course we can take bike on train so after that I knew that manager name ** was discriminating us. FYI manager should be helping their customer, not to discriminated them. So whoever is reading, you guys should definitely take action on that woman name **. She is fat and have red hair. She doesn't deserve to be manager. Other employees are far more helpful than her. I hope you guys do something about **. I been taking Amtrak for longest time now and I don't appreciate what miss ** had did.

Described as one of the most scenic routes in the system, this trip was not as glorious as many I have experienced. I have ridden Amtrak across the country several times and the scenery has been resplendent. This was pretty good. Actually New York to Hudson is probably the best part and I did not do that this time. Going to Canada was a nightmare. This was not Amtrak's fault. There was a large group (163 to be exact). We were at the border for 2 1/2 hours. I wish they told us there was no alcohol after the border before that experience. I would have stocked up.

Returning from Canada was a pleasure. Kudos to US Customs and Border Inspection. Forty minutes to do the same job as the initial trip. They were friendly and professional. Train crew on both trips was exceptional. The conductor on the train to Canada was very gregarious and helpful. The cafe car staff members on both legs were great. I am not sure how they did it with such a large group. I realize that the US does not invest in train travel in the way that Europe and Japan does. We may never get to that level of service, but my biggest complaint is that for a nine- 12 hour journey, cannot there be staff to clean the bathrooms? By the end of the journey, they were a health hazard. I feel sorry for those boarding the train at Albany or Hudson.

They are a greedy company with horrible customer service and communication. After screwing up my reservation and causing me extensive delays, money and stress, I spent a long time on the phone trying to get a refund for at least part of my trip. They said they would refund me a certain portion and we hung up. Yesterday, a month later, they called and left a voicemail telling me to call the Customer Relations department again because they needed more information to process my return. I called, was transferred to the wrong department twice and after holding for 30 minutes, was connected to a representative. She told me she had no record of the refund I was supposed to get and would have to put me on hold again. 10 minutes in and my call is mysteriously dropped. My phone has never dropped a call. No callback yet and they have not responded to my online inquiries.

Shame on you, Amtrak. You have buried an American institution. You also ruined our honeymoon, making it a nightmarish experience. We had looked forward to our trip, on the California Zephyr, as it had been a lifetime dream of mine, to travel by train, up the coast. We ended up on an already late train, stuck, for hours, six stops total, in the 100-plus degree heat of the Nevada desert badlands. We have heard no apologies, seen no repentance, and less honor, not in over six months. We were hungry, thirsty, and when breakfast was available, I watched a 300-lb kitchen staffer physically bully an eighty-year-old man, in the dining car.

We lost days of our vacation, and, despite Amtrak's promises, we ended up missing our hotel reservations, and having to pay for the only room we could find available, at a $500.00 per night hotel, downtown, within only a few miles of the train station.

I have more to tell of our experience, and little of it is positive. I will not stop telling the world of this mess, unless I see a 100% refund of our money, period. This was shameful, and belongs on every evening news, in every town in our America. It needs to be shown to the entire world. Because it is far too common, the shame of this once American institution. Again, this was our honeymoon, and we chose Amtrak because we were lifetime fans. I was, anyway. Shame on you. You have buried that for all of us. The world is watching.

This is a comment (at least on the Surfliner Amtrak series on the West Coast, So. Cal.). The tabletop that attaches to the back of the seat for (obviously) the guy in the seat in back of you. Not a very good design. If you should snooze along the way, you may be kind of jerked and the noise alone when pulling that table out of its rack and they are heavy too. Then to return it to its holding place is as much noise and nudge to the back of one's seat. Oh, and let's do it as many times as necessary to get up from the seat and return back (and repeat the chorus). I'm just saying there must be better designs. And yes, they're heavy duty.

First time traveling with the whole family. Never again this train -- too slow and breakdown every 5 min. Eww... -0*. Spent 1600 dollars. Is it worth it? Nooo. Not even close to NJ Transit.

I've been a loyal Amtrak Guest Rewards member since 2012 and am very dissatisfied/angry. I called Amtrak Guest Rewards to cancel a trip that I booked with points and was notified that 10% would be deducted from my balance. When I expressed concern that there was no notification of this policy change anywhere on the ticket, confirmation email or checkout process, I was very rudely told that this was the policy and there was nothing I could do about it. I asked where it was on the website as it has been down for quite some time (, she said there was nothing I could do.

I asked to speak to a supervisor (Sheila **), she got on the phone and was very rude. She said there was nothing I could do and I just had to deal with the new policy. I proceeded to tell her the website has been down and that nowhere else was there notification of this policy change and she told me it's my problem. I am extremely disturbed by this interaction and behavior from Amtrak Guest Rewards. Call center representative: Indrani from the PA office (she refused to give me her last name) Supervisor: Sheila **.

Yesterday I went to the Amtrak rewards site to redeem my 20,000 point for upcoming auto train travel. The agent told me to call another telephone number to purchase an additional 2000 points and then we would only owe for 1 auto. The purchasing of the 2000 points cost $75 and took less than 5 minutes. I returned the call to the rewards/reservation agent and was told #1 that the rate just went up and that it would cost me more. #2 after she calculated everything she told me it would cost $314. Ok, and then she stated that I had 2000 points left over. WHAT? First the trip would now cost more money, and secondly the $75 I just spent on 2000 points were not even needed so I wasted $75. I was on the telephone with these people for about 1 hour to complete all of this. We use Amtrak twice a year and I was very disappointed in this shady transaction. My grandfather was a train engineer for 45 years - he must have been rolling over in his grave.

AmTrak Culpeper VA to Tuscaloosa AL - Our experience was so bad I would never travel Amtrak again. There was not one good thing to say about our 18 hour trip. Horrible experience. So many things went wrong. They are too numerous to mention here. Never, never again!

1 when we got off the train from Boston to Penn Station the gap was so wide between the train and the platform that my son who is autistic and legally blind actually fell in the gap. He was holding on to my arm and I screamed for my husband - he did lift him up. We went into the lounge and my son keep raising his leg. I rolled up his pant leg and his leg was bleeding. They did call the Amtrak Police and we had a very nice officer who cleaned the wound and applied antiseptic and 6 tiny band aids (all they had). She gave me the Incident #. I'm still waiting for a copy. This happened on 2/21. Today is 3/7. On the way back we were to leave Orlando at 1:35pm on March 1. We had a sleeper. When we got there they said the train was delayed 1 hr.

To make a long story short we never got on the train until 11:30 and there were no sleepers. Because of this late departure we missed our connection for Boston. We had to wait in Penn Station until 2:40am March 4th. Told them on the train to New York that we would need a ramp. My son being autistic was very upset. No ramp after a few phone calls and 20 mins. later they finally had a ramp. Very rude people on train 98 from Orlando to Penn Station. Did almost a timeline on Facebook. My friends are aware I would never travel on Amtrak and would never recommend it.

After commuting by train for more than 3 years and earning a boatload of rewards points, I am SO ANNOYED to discover that Amtrak has an expiration policy. The snotty girl on the phone told me it was my responsibility to know their policies. What a crock. #neverRIDINGagain

Hello. I come from Chicago to South Station. Journey hours 25 hours. When I book ticket Boston (South Station) at 8 pm when I ask to conductor he told accident. I have baby 16 month. She is crying 4 hours because my baby hungry. Finally we reach at 12.30 South Station even I ask to food stall in train there no anything food for baby. Thank you. Nice customer service.

Hi, I traveled with my parents and brother from Buffalo-Depew to Chicago Union station on Friday Feb 12. We were supposed to attend a birthday party in Chicago on Saturday Feb 13 around 11:30 am to 3 pm. Our train arrived at buffalo on 11:59 pm, then Amtrak made us stand in cold weather for 20 mins because all the doors were frozen and they couldn't open. The train service was very bad. No heating in our compartment. It stopped for 3 hours somewhere and made excuse that engine got frozen and they have to order again.

Also, washrooms got froze as well so only we were allowed to use washroom at Toledo, Ohio and Southdown Indiana station. At Toledo, train was supposed to stop only for 20 min but it stopped for 1.5 hour and again on Southdown. We couldn't reach to birthday party. Train arrived at Chicago around 3 pm. It supposed to reach there by 9.45 am.

Then in return trip back to Buffalo on Feb 14 night, train arrived to Chicago 1 hr late and delayed to Buffalo by 2 hours. Heating was very high this time, we all were having difficulty breathing. There was no vegetarian food for us. We had to request for salad then they made it for us. At Buffalo station, someone broke down, no parking sign and it damage our car. We called to Amtrak but they are not willing to help: - poor customer service. It was my first and last time to travel with Amtrak.

Travel Business class with wife to Boston 1/16/16 and train broke down 30 minutes into trip. Had to wait 2 hours for next scheduled train (in cold for 1/2 hour). When boarded new train all seats were taken and had to stand on train with my wife for 2+ hours. Unfortunately missed the gathering with friends (reason for taking train) due to the delay. Called Amtrak to express my displeasure and they told me the most they would do is give me a $55 credit toward future trip, not even a refund for 1/2 the round trip cost. Needless to say very disappointed in my experience with Amtrak and can't imagine anyone would want to support company with customer service like that.

On Nov. 15th 2015, I took the train to New York. On the trip back, I fell straight backwards, got hurt. The conductor that was there saw what happened and asked me if I was ok. I did felt something in my back happen when I fell, in part because there are NO HANDLES to hold on to. Of course being embarrassed I said I thought I'd be ok. There was stiffness that I figured would go away, it did not. I sent a survey to Amtrak, stating that I had gotten hurt. I received a phone call saying that paperwork would be sent in about 2 weeks. Christmas went by, New Years went by, no paperwork. I finally sent an email again, about a week later, paperwork arrived at my home. Called Nikita to ask a question, she was to get back to me, has not 2 weeks later. Clearly Amtrak has no intention of dealing with this. This would not have happened if there had been handles to hang on to.

Nov Empire Builder to Chicago, Capital Limited to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Phili, Silver Meteor to Miami. Sleeper car, attendant, food, timeliness great! A glitch coming back made us miss a connection, and Silver Meteor has some cleanliness issues, but overall I would do it again! Wonderful way to travel if you are not in a hell-bent hurry. YEAH AMTRAK!

On Dec 21st 2015 My mom, daughter, and I went from DC to Ft. Lauderdale on the 91 Silver Star. The Red cap service put my suitcase on the train with no problems at all. The bathrooms had a stench that was unbelievable. We tried not to drink on a 26 hour train ride because they stank THAT bad. As we get to Ft. Lauderdale, and I remove my suitcase off the train, the lady exclaims, "How did that get on the train?! That should have never been on the train! You'll have to check that when you leave!" She was livid. Mind you, Amtrak put it on in DC. On January 1, my daughter and I left on the 92 back to DC. When I gave them my e-ticket, I was told my reservation was cancelled. So they reinstated the ticket and gave me a paper ticket. They were VERY insistent that I check my suitcase which I found odd but since the train was almost there I figured that was why.

That was the last time I saw me and my daughter's belongings. When we arrived at Union Station in DC, we were the ONLY ones that did not receive our suitcase. The Red Cap service asked for my claim ticket and when I gave it to him he literally rolled his eyes. "Ma'am the train already left and all suitcases have been claimed." Needless to say I was breathless and angry instantly. He told me to fill out a lost luggage claim and to expect a phone call when they "found" it. That was 17 days ago and they have yet to call. I've called and spoke to numerous agents with no resolve. All I get is a scripted apology and that "We're doing everything in our power to find out what happened to your suitcase." Meanwhile 75% of our clothes (along with her baby things that cannot be replaced) is in the matrix and Amtrak hasn't cut a check yet to replace what they stole from me.

I seriously believe my suitcase never made it on the train in Ft. Lauderdale. The baggage claim guy kept picking it up like it was overweight but still gave me a claim ticket. Everyone knows Florida is a state to shop and that's what we did. We shopped and had a good time. And everything I bought was in that suitcase. It never made it on the train.

Coming back to CO from IA, the woman was very rude. Had attitude with my family that was asking a simple question. Made me sit in the bathroom with my children since it was "quiet time" so I sat in a bathroom all night with two toddlers that were tired. Then told me I stink and asked if I could go wash. She also made a couple with a baby go downstairs because of the noise but the baby wasn't being loud at all. They wouldn't upgrade me when called and complained. I didn't really get to use the seats I paid for because of it. No money back either. I've never had a traveling experience this bad and I travel a lot!! Amtrak is no good.

Started out late 2 hours due to equipment failure, over heating wheels. Two hours to change a car. On the trip they serve food in a cafe car that served near 500 people. 1 server with a 5-10 minutes per customer while 5 conductors sitting and talking. A placard over the tables in the cafe car states you cannot eat food if not purchased from Amtrak. They ran out of water and food. You can't flush the toilets without water. Seats are not comfortable for such a long trip. They just don't want you to travel by rail in the US.

Syracuse to Albany, Train 284, 12/31/15. Passengers made to run all over the place as conductors gave misleading information. Very rude towards customers. Train smelled horrible. Amtrak seems lost at even the simplest of things.

Mother traveled Christmas eve returning three days later. She parked in the local structure in which the sign posted indicated no parking between 2:00 and 5:00 am "Except with Amtrak Permit issued by Conductor's Office in Train Station", F.M.C. 8.44.080. Upon requesting a permit she was refused by the counter agent who indicated that a permit was not required. When she returned to her vehicle three days later she was cited for violating the city ordinance. Subsequent calls to Amtrak were frustrating as we were advised that Amtrak's policies are discordant with city ordinance. In essence, despite the presence of posted signs permitting overnight parking, Amtrak refuses to provide a permit allowing parking within the city's parking structure, instead, directing passengers to an alternate parking structure across Harbor Blvd.