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Airtreks markets themselves as "around the world and international airfare experts" on their website in large bolded red letters, however this is not the case. As I was relying on this marketing I trusted that the price they quoted me was the lowest in the industry, I did not expect it to be lower than everyone else, I just did not expect it to be 20% higher than When I sent them the evidence (pdf print outs from the Expedia website showing that they were 20% cheaper) I was given a nonsense excuse which basically accused and other websites of not honoring their advertised prices "Then, sites like Expedia or Orbitz pull from those global booking systems to put the flights online, so by the time it gets there its 4 steps removed from the actual airline information. In order to figure out if the fares you are seeing are accurate, you can follow the links through to actually try to book the flights at the lower pricing." I wrote back that I had tried to follow the transaction through and was successful and furthermore had purchased from and never had a problem.

There were other service issues that relate to this company, with regards to changing the flights, where they could only do it by close of business being being 7pm, whereas has a 24 hour help line, however they have in writing disparaged the service claiming "You should further be aware that sites like Expedia and Orbitz do not provide the service that Airtreks does or the expertise that our personal travel consultants like Basel can provide."

Obviously I am very unhappy with the service and price, I am now up for extra baggage charges because when I woke up in South Africa, Airtreks was closed in San Fransisco and they couldn't change my airline in time (which they wanted to charge me an extra $150 to do even though they were already charging me 20% more than + 20% overcharged for the flights.

A very unhappy experience!

The sales rep was Basel, although I have also dealt with Angelica on this problem. Booking date 3 November 2009. First contacted to resolve on 6 November 2009. Paid USD$5990, American Express credit card.

With the exception of the initial booking, all correspondence has been by email. I have the pdf's printed from to back up my claims of over charging. Company Profile

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