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Had an HORRIBLE experience - luggage was torn open and a few items stolen. Response from customer relations - after several follow ups... NO INTEREST and NOT liable. I am astonished that the customer relations or lack thereof would take a stand like this without even investigating. Simple denial and refusal. HORRIBLE customer relations.

Air Jamaica notified my party on March 7 that they were changing our flights from April 4-10 to April 5-11 with no explanation and just by email. Not a formal letter or even a follow up phone call. Everyone had already scheduled vacation from work and had hotel accommodations. The only response when we finally got a hold of a representative was "We can issue a refund but it will take 21 days." I will never fly Air Jamaica again. I have never experienced anything like this!

I came on an early morning flight. We arrived at JFK at about 4 am or earlier. After going through Immigrations with my 14-month old infant son, I went in search of my bags. I found everything very fast. I had three bags. Then, I notice one bag was missing. Finally, I saw a trash bag tied up with a pink bra hanging out. I realized it was my item. At that point, I am alone with my baby, who was screaming to come off the stroller. I am very upset at that point because all my things were tied up and my bag was ruined and things were dirty and missing.

I saw a JFK employee and I showed her what happened. She told me to ask a customer service rep when I go outside. She doesn't know. Mind you, I have to push three bags and a stroller at 4 am in the morning with no food for this infant after I went past final check. I ask the lady that worked there. I showed her my luggage and asked her if I can fill out a damage report or something. She told me to go to a customer service desk. At this point, my son was screaming. I did something I would never do: I asked her to look at him while I run to the desk. But no one was there—only the cleaning people. I then went back to her and she said they might not come till about 5 am or so. She said she cannot leave her spot, so I can wait or file a complaint with the airline. I had to leave to be back in New Jersey by 7am for work at 8 am. So there was no way I was going wait, especially with a child and no juice or food. Like I said, I have pictures that I can email or mail or fax—whatever you want.

The only claim I have is the stroller I check on paper. Normally, they don't give you a receipt for checking your bags. They just weight them and take them. If my bag was tied up in a trash bag, they would not have accepted it.

I give them a three-piece set and I could see if my bag was busted, but it didn’t. You can see what it looked like; it was caught in something and got messed up. It’s dirty and smells like motor oil. I don't know. Like I said, I do have two baggage claim papers that I received which I can provide. There is still no response over 60 days as they claim.

Please respond as soon as you need any other details.

I have contacted Air Jamaica, to no avail. My emails have gone unanswered by the company. There is no customer service line that is ever answered.

On June 8, 2011, my husband and I were scheduled for Jamaica Airlines flight 44. Originally, the flight was scheduled to depart 6 a.m. We were called and notified two days ahead that our flight would be delayed until 11 a.m. We arrived at the airport promptly at 9 a.m. However, another delay occurred due to flight attendant problems and we did not board until 12:30 p.m.

While in flight, we were notified that we were to be rerouted to Kingston, without any further explanation. While landed in Kingston, security personnel boarded the plane and checked through our overhead cabins. Still we were ignored as to why this incident was occurring and were further ignored when we asked questions about our departure to Montego Bay.

Staff was very rude and condescending. Passengers were boarded onto the plane from Kingston. Arguments ensued because these passengers shared the same seat numbers as ours. People were told unfairly to sit wherever. We have flown with Jamaica Air in the past and were satisfied. However, this incident goes down in history as the worst flight we have ever flown.

Eventually, we departed. To top it off, before takeoff, it began to rain and there was a leak from the window at the emergency seat where my husband sat. We attempted to have the flight attendant come over but our call bell was ignored and reset. We missed out on a full day of activity because of Air Jamaica. We had reservations to excursions for activities in the afternoon that had to be cancelled. We are extremely disappointed with the quality, service, timeliness, and the condition of the plane.

They have rude staff, poor customer service, and cheaply made plane. I was told there was a block on my passport when I have been traveling for ten years already. The rude male baggage checker left me at the booth with no explanation and started attending to other passengers at another booth. I went to him and said we are waiting, he was very nasty with his tone of voice and said if I was finished I would be down! Let's not forget I had an autistic 3 year old with me! I will avoid this airline! It turned my beautiful trip into a very bad ending!

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I went to Jamaica as a celebration for my birthday, which was January 13, 2011. I was scheduled to fly from New York-JFK with my fiancé on Friday, January 14th and return on Monday, January 17th. We had booked a stay at the Couples Swept Away resort in beautiful Negril and were looking forward to 3 relaxing days in the sun and on the beach.

Our reservations were to fly to Montego Bay and then take a quick AirLink flight to Negril. We were booked on Air Jamaica Flight #16, departing NY-JFK at 6:55AM and arriving in Kingston, Jamaica at 10:45am, then connecting with Air Jamaica Flight #35 which was supposed to depart Kingston at 12:10pm and arrive into Montego Bay at 12:50pm. We had no bags to check, so straight from Customs we were going to board an AirLink flight to Negril. We would arrive no later than 1:30pm, leaving us the afternoon to have lunch on the beach, a massage at the spa at 6:30pm (I had already called and booked a couple's massage the day before) and then a lovely birthday dinner.

Absolutely nothing happened as planned. Thanks to Air Jamaica's delays, what should have been a trip of 4.5 hours instead took fifteen hours, door-to-door.

I checked our flight's departing time the night before and that morning; the flight was still scheduled to depart on time, 6:55AM. We left our home at 4:30AM, arrived at JFK at 5:00AM and checked in for our flight. At that time, the board still said Flight #16 was departing at 6:55am, which is when our day began to go awry. First, the Air Jamaica employee who checked us in seemed confused and poorly trained. He took forever to get us our boarding passes, leaving the desk not once, but twice to ask his co-workers some questions. He was also unable to type; he very slowly pecked out our names and information with one finger, having to go back and re-enter information when he made a mistake. We did not even have bags to check and yet we were with this employee for 15 minutes.

It was only after we left his desk, proceeded through security and were at our gate that we saw our Boarding Passes said 8:55AM and not 6:55AM. You can imagine my dismay and panic. My immediate thought was this must be a mistake; the rep had put us on the wrong flight and we would miss our connection from Kingston to Montego Bay. We hurried to another reservation desk and found out that there was no mistake, our flight was indeed delayed for 2 hours and we would be put on Flight #45, another connecting flight from Kingston to Montego Bay. When does that flight leave? I asked and the rep told us 4:55pm. We were stunned. I asked if it was possible to get on Flight #10 which flew directly from JFK to Montego Bay. I did not care what the ticket cost, even if was Business or First Class. The rep told me there was no chance, that flight was full.

Missing our earlier connection meant that we would also miss the AirLink shuttle flight from Montego Bay to Negril (their last flight is 5:30PM). That also meant we would have to take the Couples hotel shuttle to Negril, guaranteeing that we would miss our first day at the beach, our spa appointments and dinner reservations.

We were concerned about being rebooked onto the later flight and were told if we wanted to check and guarantee it we would have to leave the gate and go back to the check-in desk (which would require another trip through security upon our return). A large group of people decided to go back to the check-in desk just to be certain. When we got there, none of the Air Jamaica employees were on duty. They were gathered in a large crowd on the floor, having a meeting of some sort. We formed the usual queue where we are designated to wait, but that was not allowed. Someone, a manager I guess, came over and said loudly that she was briefing her employees so would have to wait further away from them. She actually made us get out of the line and move further away from the Air Jamaica counters.

I have traveled extensively throughout this world. I have been to every continent, even Antarctica, and I have never encountered employees who simply stopped work to have a meeting right on the floor while customers are waiting. When they finally decided to end their briefing and address us, there was a long line of other people waiting to check-in for their flights and they were equally as incredulous at the dismissive way we were being treated.

We actually did not depart from NYC-JFK until well after 9:30AM and did not arrive into Kingston until almost 1:00PM. Flight #35, the flight we were supposed to be on, had left late as well (12:40PM instead of 12:10PM) and we still missed it. We sat in the Kingston lounge for over 3 hours, utterly dejected. We were not the only ones; everyone on our flight had made plans for a long 3-day weekend and those plans were similarly dashed. The complaints I heard all around me were loud and bitter. One couple groused we should be on the beach right now! And another group of friends traveling together said forcefully, Air Jamaica is making me hate this country.

Our new connection, Flight #45, was also late departing from Kingston to Montego Bay. When we finally arrived and made it to the Couples lounge, it was after 6:00pm. Our drive to the Couples Swept Away resort in Negril was a solid 90 minutes in heavy traffic; we left the airport at 6:30PM and did not arrive at the resort until 8:00PM. In short, Air Jamaica ruined our holiday. We arrived at JFK at 5:00AM that morning and did not reach our final destination until 8:00PM, thus spending fifteen hours of our vacation day just traveling. That is simply unconscionable; if I had wanted to spend all day traveling, for a mere four hours more we could have arrived in Fiji!

We were utterly cheated out of our first day at the resort; staying at the Couples Swept Away is close to $600 per night (and that was with their winter-sale discount) and Air Jamaica's delays immediately resulted in reducing our 3-day holiday to only two days. Our return to NYC did not go any smoother. We left the resort at 6:00am for the drive to Montego Bay. We arrived at 7:00AM only to find that no one was at work at the Air Jamaica desk. One woman was very slowly arranging the poles/lines where we would queue up for service and she shouted at anyone who approached the desk that they were not open yet. She did not begin to work until 7:30AM.

I have to take this moment to reiterate that Air Jamaica's staff is unprofessional, uncaring, dismissive and flat-out rude. We experienced this with everyone from the check-in staff, flight crew and security as well. Security pawed through our belongings with no care whatsoever; they even opened my wallet and went through it, which I have never experienced in all my years of travel. The woman at security created such upheaval and had removed so much of my clothing that I literally had to repack my bag, and then we were yelled at because we were taking too long to leave the area.

Air Jamaica Flight #10 was supposed to depart Montego Bay at 10:25 AM, arriving into Kingston at 11:00AM. From there we had a pretty tight connection because Flight #9 from Kingston to NY-JFK was scheduled to depart at 12:15PM. Once again, Air Jamaica departed late and we did not arrive at Kingston until 11:35AM, which was actually the boarding time printed on our passes for our next flight. I am sure you are aware of the layout at Kingston's airport; we had to run upstairs, go through another security check, go to the waiting area and then run back downstairs for our gate. Thankfully, the plane waiting for us was not an Air Jamaican flight, but a chartered flight by North American Airlines. I cannot adequately express what an immense relief this was.

I had never even heard of North American Airlines, but they were an absolute bright spot in an otherwise completely dismal travel experience. Everything changed once we were in their hands; their crew was professional and friendly, and we were well-taken care of. We enjoyed a movie on their flight, and after everyone was served lunch they even gave out the extras to those of us that wanted it (my fiancé and I had 4 beef patties to share!) We left Kingston a bit late, but more than made up the time in the air.

Air Jamaica wreaked all my travel/holiday plans. I found out subsequently that canceled/delayed flights are the norm with Air Jamaica, which is simply unacceptable.

I cannot get my luggage since December 16, 2010, 5 days now . I don't have any clothes. I have made numerous calls but to no agent remark that is because I went down on standby and all the standby bags were still in New York. They are the cause why I was place on standby. Two days is bad enough but 5 days. I am going to let the media or someone in high places know how my favorite airline is treating it's passengers.

My daughter lived in Grenada for 2 years going to medical school there. I went down to help her pack up 2 years of baggage and come back to the states. She took Air Jamaica flight in Dec. 2008 to come home. She had a huge bag with all of her clothes "lost". We contacted them relentlessly and we were hung up on, and then they wouldn't pick up the phones So we filed a form of the fact that they never retrieved her luggage and she had over $1100 worth of clothes and items in the baggage. They keep sending us copies of the same stupid form claiming that they only give us $75.00 compensation for them loosing $1100.00 worth of clothes from living somewhere for 2 years!

This is outrageous. We contacted all sorts of departments which told us the luggage was in Canada. The luggage was in a holding place at Kennedy and we'd have to come down and retrieve it. We live in upstate NY near Woodstock and we asked them if it is assured when we get down there that the baggage would be there. They said no. This goes on with this company quite often . They were rude on the phones, they hung up on us and they just wouldn't lift a finger, then to add insult to injury, they keep sending us this $75.00 compensation. We refuse to sign.

My son checked in for flight from JFK to Montego Bay, JA. Hand luggage was claimed to be too big. The contents were few and certainly not bulky. (One 15in flat screen monitor, about 6 shirts including Tees and a plastic bag of fruit loops cereal.) The length of the bag was less than three feet. We asked to take out a plastic shopping bag from the suitcase to put the items in. The checking in woman denied us. She became violent and abusive and seem to be looking for confrontation. She kept yelling repeatedly, "Don't touch me." The TSA personnel said we could take the plastic bag out of the case and she ran from her desk over to where we were and started to rip the tags from the cases and as if she was dealing with some criminals. Her tone and demeanor was unbecoming of a customer service representative.

I tried calling again today to cancel my reservations and was on hold for 18 minutes without speaking to a live representative. This is an email I sent to Air Jamaica:

I have made numerous calls and no one is answering the telephones, so I am sending this email. Due to the current violence, shooting and unrest in Kingston and the travel alert issued by the US Department of State on May 21st warning US citizens against travelling to Jamaica, I would like to postpone our scheduled trip below to Jamaica. The emergency alert issued by the Jamaican government and the fear of being shot is not a way for anyone to spend their vacation. I would like the change of fee charge waived because this was out of my control and because Jamaica is not a safe place to vacation at this time. If you do not handle this type of request, can you please tell me who I can reach out to via email because by telephone is not working?

This is her response:

Thank you for choosing the services of Air Jamaica.

Do accept our apologies for the long wait time you experienced when you called our Reservations Department. The traveling public has, by their calls shown that Air Jamaica is their preferred carrier and as such with their ever-increasing calls, have kept our Reservations Department very busy. We have noted the content of your mail.

Air Jamaica is concerned about the safety of our passengers and for that reason we had implemented a program to protect the fare for passengers who were scheduled to travel to from Kingston between May 22, 2010 to May 31, 2010, the period of the turmoil. At this time it is true to say that the civil unrest has been quelled and Business and Social activities have returned to normal. We do appreciate that there are still persons who will choose not to travel at this time and similarly to other airlines that serve the Kingston route; we will rebook such passengers or place their tickets on hold for travel at a future date. Regrettably, however, such persons will be required to pay the relevant fees and charges. You may communicate your response by email or for faster service contact our office at the appropriate number listed below. We thank you for supporting our Airline and we do look forward to having you on board with us.

My employer sent me on April 13th to Kingston, Jamaica to have me train employees at a partner company for one of our campaigns. I was scheduled to fly back to the states on April 23rd and when I was about to board the plane, I was pulled aside by a woman in Security. Even though I went through the part of the airport where my bags were thoroughly checked this woman checked my bags again and then ordered me to step aside where she frisked me. I wondered why she picked me out of the crowd and the only conclusion I came up with was perhaps it was because I was the only White American waiting in line. I did what she told me to do, and while she frisked me, she touched my private parts! To add insult to injury, the woman who assisted her laughed when this happened! I was humiliated and outraged.

When I got home, I immediately tried to call Air Jamaica's customer service number next day which was a Saturday and of course no one was available. I then called the next Monday, reached a Customer Service representative, asked her to have a supervisor contact me and of course no supervisor ever contacted me. I tried this several times and a supervisor never got back to me. I sent several emails, received no response and a few of the emails failed. Today exasperated, I made a final call, got a customer service representative, I told her I needed to speak with a supervisor and I spoke with a Pat ** who said she was the supervisor on duty. She asked me to resend an email to her address which I did and while I was talking to her she hung up on me. I would like to know how to take legal action against Air Jamaica. Any advice would be great.

I purchased my tickets to Montego Bay, Jamaica from BWI on 1/20/10. On March 25th, I went to print out my itinerary and noticed that both of my outbound and return flight times had changed (departing from 7am to 3pm) and return from 4:50pm to 9:45am). Since this was only going to be a 4-day trip, the change in times basically took 2 days off of our trip. I called Air Jamaica and asked them why I was not contacted of this change and they said that they would have eventually let me know. I told them that the new times would not work for us and that we'd need to cancel and get a full refund. After a few back and forth, they agreed but said that it would take 3-4 weeks for the refund to show up on my credit card. It has now been over 7 weeks and I still have no refund. I called them last week and they said that it would take another 7-10 business days and that they didn't know why. She said that I would need to email the refunds department to get an explanation of what was going on, so I did that last Wednesday and as of yet, I've received no reply at all. I paid $881.96 for two round trip airfares on Air Jamaica and have not yet received the refund that was promised me over 7 weeks ago.

On April, my girlfriend and I were scheduled to depart BWI at 3pm. We arrived at the airport on time. Upon arriving at the gate we were instructed that the flight was delayed by 1 hour. We were late told the truth after waiting approx 5hrs that the flight was not coming into the airport. We were not offered in accommodation that were suitable. The manager stated that she could not give us a refund. We had to pay additional expense, Hotel. I contacted customer service and they stated that a refund would be granted. We have been waiting and getting the running around between managers and this point I have been discriminated against. We should have been provided the same accommodation as other guest.

Air Jamaica is supposed to be the best airlines when flying to the Caribbean and I find that they are very unreliable, unmannerly and very disrespectful. My departure date was 4/16/09 on Flight # JM0090 leaving from JFK going to BGI at 12:50am but was delayed until 2am. Upon check in, I was told I was overweight with one bag which was 58 lbs. I transferred my belongings from one bag to the next. I returned to the representative and the same bag that I overweight that I took stuff out of went from 58 lbs to 61 lbs. I went back for the second time and transferred more things out of the overweight suitcase but this time, I went to another representative which was just as rude as the first one. She asked me to put the bag on the scale and give her my passport, which I did. I found something was strange. When I gave her my passport, she had to call to verify if I was on the flight or not but the first representative didn't do that. At this time, I'm getting very upset. The service is poor and the representatives were nasty. After putting the tags on the bags, I then had to take then to the bag area where they scan them. I left the bags there and left (everyone was doing that).

The plane landed in Barbados at 7:07am. I went through all the procedures I had to before going to get my bags. I stood there waiting and looking for my bags but only saw one. At this time, there is only one bag on the belt and it is not mine. I saw a representative at the airport and I told her what happened. She went downstairs to the luggage dept. to see if it was there and there were no more bags from Air Jamaica. I waited for about an hour to fill out the lost luggage claim and they say they would call me if they hear anything. As of right now, nothing. I called Air Jamaica in New York (JFK) but no answer. I even have my family calling and still nothing. I'm calling here in Barbados and they haven't heard from Air Jamaica in NYC. My clothes, personal hygienic things, shoes, undergarment, medication, jewelry, beloved grandma antiques, cell phone and camera charger are in that suitcase and still no word from Air Jamaica.

I even went to Air Jamaica track baggage delay to see if I can locate my bag. They asked for the tag number. When I did enter it, it said, "Sorry, there were no baggage records found for this tag number. Please check the baggage tag number on your ticket stub," and that was for the missing bag. I also entered the tag number for the bag that I received and I received the same message. I don't know what to do. My vacation is ruined. I'm confined to the house. It's stressful and I'm depressed. It seems as though Air Jamaica representatives don't care and something has to be done. Reading and researching, I came across a lot of complaints from passengers about the service on Air Jamaica but there's nothing happening. They should be investigated. I'm planning to sue them for a number of reasons if my luggage is not found.

Air Jamaica Consumer Services My husband and I Carefully planned a Christmas vacation in Jamaica, this was supposed to be a particularly special Christmas for me because since I left my homeland 29 years ago, this would have been my first time returning for Christmas. First our journey started out at the MIA with an overweight luggage, we had to pay US$75.00 for that, Air Jamaica did not take into consideration that the Christmas tree was under 30 pounds in weight. We arrived on Monday, December 22nd an hour later than we should have just to spend another hour wondering where our bags were. We received one bag which contained some of my clothes. My husband did not get his bag (which he paid US$75.00 for overweight) We did not get our bag which contained our food, and of course the Christmas tree was also AWOL.

We were told by the Air Jamaica agent that our bags would arrive the following day. I explained to the agent that we did not have a way to return to the airport to pick up the bags and if they could be delivered to us, she said they could be delivered but we would receive a call before delivery. With this confirmation we left.

However, the following day when we called we were told to call again later that day. This went on all day just to find out that our bags were still in Miami. The 23rd was my birthday and do I have to tell you that it was ruined because my husband did not have any clothes therefore we could not go anywhere we did not have any toothpaste and we were just like sitting ducks waiting for a call from the airport which never came. We called the airport again and again just to be told to call back at a later time. On Wednesday the 24th we could not take the uncertainty anymore so we went out and bought some clothes, toothbrushes and toiletries, an expense we did not anticipate. We later found out that day that the bags were at the baggage claims office.

I asked if our things would be delivered and the agent said yes but it was not certain what time, she said it could be up to 10:00 pm for delivery but it still was not a guarantee. We had been without our belongings for three days and we could not take any chances so we had to pay transportation costs to take us to the airport. It was a little late for the Christmas trees but we were glad to get my husbands clothes. However all and our frozen pastries were all ruined since they were out of the freezer for three days.

I am very disappointed in Air Jamaica and this trip on a whole, I do understand that there can be delays but three days right before Christmas for me who have not spent Christmas here in 29 years and especially for my husband who is from Barbados, was a bit much to understand. I dont know when I will feel comfortable bringing my husband here again, but everything happens for a purpose. I would like Air Jamaica to reimburse us for all our inconvenience including the money for an overweight bag which we did not receive for three days. I am quite sure that if we would have taken out three days worth of clothes from the bag, it would not have been overweight at all. We appreciate your consideration to these matters.

I had booked a trip to visit my family in Jamaica through Air Jamaica. I own my own business, so sometimes I need to cancel trips at the last minute if something comes up, so I made it a point to ask if my ticket was refundable if need be (I had purchased an executive class ticket), I was assured that a refund would not be a problem.

Due to some business obligations which came up, plus the fact that Air Jamaica changed the date of my flight without notifying me, I had to cancel my trip. I called Air Jamaica and gave them ample time to process my refund request, I was fully aware that their refund process takes nearly 2 months. After nearly 2 months had passed, I still had not recieved my refund, so for almost another entire 2 months, I've been calling their refunds depratment several times a week, and much to my frusteration I keep hearing that my refund has been processed, but it takes a few days to show up as credited back to my card.

Nearly every attendant whom I have spoken to on the phone was extremely rude, and un-knowladgeable, with the exception of a young lady by the name of Michelle, but even she was unable to give me a straight answer as to the satus of my refund. So months after officially cancelling my flight, I still have recieved no refund. I will definately NEVER book a flight through Air Jamaica again.

My boyfriend and I planned a trip to Montego Bay in August 2007. Hurricane Dean cancelled was the reason our flight was cancelled and we cancelled our trip. I understood an act of god would not refund our money but the airline was supposed to send us the vouchers. They received my numerous webform contact and emails and said they would investigate the situation within 60 days.

Months went by and I called the airline almost everyday which was aggravating as they put you on hold and say they will call you back, which doesn't happen. The refunds department than said the vouchers were in transit. I waited two weeks and still hadn't received anything. She than told me that she sent the vouchers to orbitz, and when I had orbitz on the line (3 way conversation) orbitz informed air jamaica refunds that there was no such department to handle incoming vouchers that they should have sent it to the customer.

Air jamaica refunds department than sent me an email saying to fill something out indicating that if someone were to find the voucher, not to use it. I did not sign anything and was told they were handling the situation. To this day, I am still fighting for my money back, because I do not want a voucher or to ever use Air Jamaica.

On July 28 my five year old daughter and I travel from JFK airport to Grenada airport with Air Jamaica. That day I receive three of my four bags. I receive the fourth bag on August 1st. On my return to New York JFK on August 17 I receive one of my four bags. The number that was give to me is always busy. I call the 1800 number for Air Jamaica. No on could help me. I call Jamaica because thats the number they have for baggage. They could not help me. Today is August 26. Air Jamaica rep. ahve not get in touch with me. I can not get any answer for Air Jamaica. Could you please help me get an answer.

I took my son to check in Air Jamaica Flight 10 from JFK to Montego Bay Jamaica last Sunday morning and have decided never to use Air Jamaica again. After arriving at the Air Port (JFK) 5.30am there was already a long line. My woes started when I got to the ticket counter. My son had his new passport stapled inside his old one which contained his unexpired Visa. the ticket agent proceeded to separate the passports. I attempted to inform him why both passports were together. To my harrow the young man was rather rude and actually accused me of telling him how to do his job.

The luggage was overweight by 2 kilos. I was informed that I should now pay $75 for the excess. My son had a number of large text books in the side of the bag which he immediately removed while the luggage were still on the scale. The agent saw this and insisted that we get to the back of the line in spite that the bag was now below the required weight. In spite of this, we were then instructed to join the back of the line. I complained to the supervisor who ignored what I had to say but insisted that we get behind the sixty or more people already on line. The flight was delayed for about an hour otherwise we would have missed the flight.

Air Jamaica charged $200 to get on another flight. It was with much difficulty that I eventually got the name of Mr Hawkins the agent who was so very rude to us.. His behaviour was so rude that he was removed from the counter. I have been trying to file a complaint to Air Jamaica since then. There is no available email address for complaints. I spoke to an agent who said I should send a letter to Air Jamaica.

This resulted in a steep increase in my blood pressure

Bought tickets for my daughter and her new husband for there honeymoon. They were to leave Chicago O'Hara Airport at 9 am on Friday and arrive at 12:00 pm in Jamaica. Flight was canceled. Had to go Northwest airlines on Friday. Plane left at 6:00 am Friday and had two stops. They finally got to the resort at 9:30 p.m.

On the day they were to leave on Air Jamaica they left the resort and road for 2 hours on a bus to Sangster International Airport Montego Bay. The flight was canceled after they sat there for hours. They were sent to a resort for the night. The next day the flight on Air Jamaica was to leave at 4:55 p.m. but didn't leave until 9:45 p.m. It arrived at O'Hara at 1:35 a.m. but it should have been there at 4:55 p.m.

Her husband missed 2 days of work. On the day they did get back they got home at 4:30 a.m. and could not go to work due to lack of sleep. They also had to spend much more money for food at airports waiting. Don't fly Air Jamaica.

We had booked our flight to leave on January 19th to depart @ 8:35AM from BWI to Montego Bay to attend our son's wedding. We were told the flight was going to be an hour late. NO PROBLEM! We finally boarded the the plane and sat on tarmac for 3 hours. Then they told us to get off the plane and wait for futher instructions.

After a while we were told that we could not fly out till the next day in the wee early morning hours. We missed our reservations at Sandals and our son's rehearsal party. When we asked if Air Jamaica would at least arrange for Sandals to extend our stay for one more night we were told tough luck. They intended to do nothing.

The service and food sucked on both flights. I don't think I would ever fly Air Jamaica again and now with no response from my letter after four months I have no other choice to seek legal help.

We had four rooms at Sandals reserved at almost $500 each. Were lost first nights stay and also missed our son's rehearsal dinner and was dead tired for the wedding. We had been up all night waiting for our flight.

I purchased three tickets in September 2007 for a family spring break trip to Jamaica in April 2008. I just found out, 7 weeks before the trip, the flight is no longer being offered. The flight I paid for several months ago has been discontinued. I was to arrive in Jamaica at 9:30 a.m. Now we are scheduled to arrive at 3:50 p.m.! Almost 6 1/2 hours later. I was told I could be diverted from FL to SC then back to Montego Bay for an 11:30 a.m. arrival. When I spoke to Donna, the supervisor, she told me there is no way they are going to incur the expense of issuing 3 new tickets, and I can just get a refund if I don't like my arrival time! She told me if I can find a cheaper airline, use them. I asked her how can I do that this late and at the peak of Spring Break just a few weeks away? She said, "Exactly, it is the peak of spring break so ours is the best alternative! And if you don't like it, cancel."

I paid a great deal of money for an all-inclusive resort. Now, with this late arrival, I will not get any benefits of the resort except any late evening activities as I likely won't even arrive to the resort until 7:00 p.m. and still would have to check in and get settled! That's essentially $600+ wasted in travel time changes by Air Jamaica. While I'm paying for three people to eat and be entertained by the resort, I will be feeding us all and paying again prior to the departure and no entertainment as the day will be wasted. So I paid $600 a place to sleep that night! The careless attitude by the employees is enough to make anyone never want to fly this airline again!

I got Jamaica Air tickets for travel booked months in advance (last April) for travel out of Newark Airport on December 5, 2007 direct to Montego Bay, Jamaica. At 8.00 pm on December 4 I received a phone call that the flight out of Newark was canceled and passengers would be shuttled to Kennedy Airport, New York. Upon arrival at Kennedy Airport the agent told us that the flight previously scheduled to leave Newark was now leaving at 2:00 pm and would be landing in Kingston, then on to Montego Bay. This was not told to us the previous night. To make a long story short, we arrived at Newark Airport at 9:30 am and did not arrive in Montego Bay until almost 9 p:m; our previous flight was scheduled to arrive at 4:30 or 5:00 p:m. This is unconscionable. Airlines should not be able to get away with such subterfuge. Air Jamaica had to know well in Advance that they were going to inconvenience the Newark passengers. There should be some type of penalty attached when this kind of practice occurs with no explanation or apology given. Passengers should have some rights in this type of situation. It was my first flight with this airline and most likely it will be my last. It is my intent to put this in a written letter of complaint to the airline.

This takes a physical toll on an individual. A trip that originally was supposed to last three hours with probably a two hour airport wait took about twelve hours. We missed an entire day of a five-day vacation since we were too exhausted to do anything that late at night. I think that Air Jamaica should be liable to the passengers in some monetary fashion.

My flight from Kin, jamaica to JFK, New York was cancelled on 03/30/05. I had a 4:17 pm flight and I called at 1:00 pm on the day of the flight to see if it was on time. I used the automated response system and was told the fligh was delayed until 5 o'clock. I got to the airport at 3:00 pm and waited on line for about 1 hour when I was told the flight is cancelled until 5.00 am the following day. Since Iwas already at the airport with my 19months old son, they said that I could catch a flight to Montego Bay at 5:00 pm and connect to a flight to Newark at 9:00 pm. and they would transport me to JFK .

The flight to Montego Bay did not leave until 6:00pm and the flight to Newark left at 10:00 pm. At Neward my name was not on the list of people needing transportation to JFK. Iwas finally offered a cab to my home and I arrive home at 3:45 am on 03/31/05.

The fact that no information was given to me when I first entered the airport was critical to me because my party had already left for home. My 19 months old son did not have enough milk or diapers for a 12 hour trip. I paid US$200.00 more for this flight because I did not want to stop or have a layover. I could not go to work the following day as I had planned. The airline should be forced to compensated costumers when a flight is cancelled within 24 hours of the flight time.

My fiance and I booked our honeymoon to St Lucia in Feb 2001 for Decmebr 2001 via Air Jamaica. We cancelled after the 2nd plane crashed in NY (11/12/2001)- we were too scared to go overseas. Now, I am pregnant and do not want to fly at all this year. I do not want vouchers that will expire this year in November worth less than the almost $2000 we paid! We want the credit back on our credit card. The hotel gave us back everything- why can't Air Jamaica? It is ridiculous in this time of tragedy. This will cause us NEVER to use Air Jamaica again!

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