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Ski trip relocated at last minute the night before 2/11. We were supposed to go to Woodlands in Pa. instead we ended up at Holiday Inn, Conn. With no activities, food, ice. I sent a letter to the Adventure Unlimited. I also spoke to a representative. It's been a year and no one has reached out to me yet. My people were entitled to everything on the flyer. Deserve at least partial refund.

I am writing to inform you of the ski trip that I booked for the weekend of February 18-20 2011. This was the worst trip I had ever been on in my life. I booked the trip for the resort at the Woodlands Inn & Resort in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Two days before the trip, Adventure Unlimited contacted me to tell me that they did not have enough people to book at the woodlands and we would be staying at the Holiday Inn in Allentown, Pa. Allentown was supposed to offered Friday Get Acquainted Party" with a Slammin' Host.

Party with Top DJ Entertainment and Open Bar. Male and Female Exotic Dancers. The dancer never showed up and the DJ showed up late. Midnight Hot 'n Cozy Pajama Party! Top DJ Entertainment 'til 3 AM (Open Bar 'til 2 AM). Saturday Karaoke Club Party" - Food and Open Splash Party - Poolside! They also did not have a pool party. Join your Slammin' Host for lots of wet fun! Games, contests, and prizes! "It's Party Time" featuring Comedy Jam, Top DJ Entertainment, your Slammin' Host, and Open Bar! "Friends & Lovers" After Party 'til 4 AM! Open Bar 'til 2 AM.SUNDAY Old School Wrap up Party" - with food and Open Bar featuring your Slammin' Host.

The menu was supposed to be as follow: Saturday Buffet Breakfast: Sliced Fruit and Assorted Juices, Assorted Cold Cereals, Grits, Fresh Scrambled Eggs, French Toast or Pancakes, 2 Meat Products (One none pork), Breakfast Potatoes, Muffins, Toast, Butter and Assorted Jams, & Beverages. Their where NO cold cereals and the food was cold. Sunday Morning Brunch: Sliced Fruit and Assorted Juices, Assorted Cold Cereals, Grits, Fresh Scrambled Eggs, French Toast or Pancakes, 2 Meat Products (One none pork), Breakfast Potatoes, Muffins, Toast, Butter and Assorted Jams, they still didn't have any sold cereals and the pancakes were frozen.

As far as the dinner, the Saturday Smorgasbord Buffet Dinner: Salad Bar consisting of: Garden Fresh Relishes, Lettuce, Wedge Cut Tomatoes, Cucumber Salad, Onions, Fruit Salad, Macaroni Salad, Assorted Gelatin Molds, Cottage Cheese, Marinated Green Beans, Croutons, and 3 types of dressings, Seafood Dish (Chef's Choice), Sliced Turkey with gravy, cranberry sauce and stuffing, Chef Carved Top Round of Beef, Candied Sweet Potatoes, Rice Pilaf, Collard Greens, Assorted Breads and Rolls, Assorted Pies and Cakes, Make Your Own Sundae Bar (Vanilla, Chocolate & Strawberry).

Than Sunday International Smorgasbord Dinner was supposed to be Salad Bar consisting of: Garden Fresh Relishes, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Croutons and 3 types of Dressing, Baked Ham, Honey Dipped Fried Chicken, Macaroni and Cheese, Baked Eggplant, Potatoes or Rice, Vegetable Du Jour, Italian Bread, Garlic Bread, Rolls and Butter, Assorted Pies and Cakes, & Beverages Ice Cream with a variety of toppings).

Well, the dinner was not as they said it would be and on Sunday. They just reheated what was left over from Saturday. I am so upset about this trip. We would like a refund. Also we had an old beat up bus. The televisions didn't work. It was just a mess. Something needs to be done about this and we would like a refund. Please contact me as soon as possible. Also, I notice that they didn't check Ids and they were some underage drinking going on. I am just so disappointed with this entire trip. On behalf of all twelve members of our group, we would like a full refund. I will not agree to a credit because I am no longer booking with your company!

I received a flyer advertising a ski weekend with SWV & MC Lyte as the entertainment. First of all we arrived at the Hilton hotel in Scranton where we were told we would be staying. The hotel had no idea we were coming! They had no reservations for our group! Finally at 1:00am we checked into a hotel around the corner. The food that we were promised on arrival was gone, the activities for that evening were over, the meet & greet & the pajama party too. So we went to bed mad & hungry!

The following morning we had to walk over to the Hilton for breakfast, which was horrible! Then to top it off the concert guests were changed to Juelz Santana & Changing Faces! That is not who we came to see. My whole purpose of choosing to go on this ski trip was to see MC Lyte & SWV, so I feel like I got robbed! $340 stolen right out of my pocket! I would have never gone if I knew that MC Lyte & SWV were not going to be there! I will never attend any function through this organization ever again! I think we deserved some kind of compensation, but that probably won't happen!

a bus trip for a Presidential Inaguaration gathering was planned by two literary reading book clubs through the Adventures Unlimited travel agent.

The trip was supposed to be inclusive of a round trip bus trip and hotel room accommodations a dinner dance banquet and other amnenities

the bus was suppose to leave Newark Penn Station Newark New Jersey another bus to leave patterson New Jersey and another location from Jamesburg New Jersey from these different locations various buses were to travel to the Raddison Baltimore Maryland on Monday January 19 2009 with an over night at the Baltimore Maryland Raddison and on Tuesday morning the buses were to leave Maryland go to Washington DC for the public presidential inaguration and then buses were to return to New Jersey on Tuesday Jan 20 2009

the deposit was sent to Adventure Unlimited to reserve the block of necessary rooms and the balance was also forwarded to them for the event

on Thursday Jan 15 2009 various contacts from the varying literary book clubs who had coordinated the event began to receive information that the hotel that they had made arrangements with Adventure Unlimited for in Baltimore were not going to be honored and that Adventure was booking the group into a hotel in Landcaster Pennsylvania. Adventure Unlimited did not even notify agents who had made the arrangements and it was by word of mouth that some of the agents began to find out. One of the representatives from Adveture actually told one of the clients not to tell the people that there was a change in the hotel arrangements until the people were on the bus monday morning and then the PC planning coorditor would tell them to keep down the confusion before the buses pulled off.

In any event the information was communicated to some of the agents of the book clubs as well as to various participants. When Adventure Unlimited was contacted to find out how they changed the hotel without clearance or approval they gave various reasons none of which seemed valid. They claimed they loss their access booking yet the Raddison revealed that Adventure Unlimited still had a access booking with the Hotel but that they had it registered for a different group not for the book club also it was revealed that Adventure Unlimited had never contacted nor made arrangement for the book club although the Adventure Unlimited had taken the money of deposit and balance with the agreement that it was for accommodations at the Baltimore Raddison

in another conversation Adventure Unlimited told one of the agents that it was because they had to reroute the bus route that they changed the hotel

and in another instance they tried to state it was because they had not received payment in time that they lost the booking yet they did receive the money of deposit on time and also the balance,

As a matter of factt they received the check for the balance and actually returned the check stating that they could not receive payment at that time they then made arrangements to receive a wire transfer. they sent the check back and the postmark was a day after the deadline which shows that they had the check in their possession in a time worhthiness to complete the deal in any event

they then changed their story again when they were questioned as to why they had not sent the money of deposit which they had received on time to the hotel for the deposti security and then their story changed once again,

they claimed that the hotel had overbooked and returned the money to Adventure Unlimited yet when the hotel was contacted by many of the participants we were told that even as of Jan 16 there were still rooms available and they were not sold out or over booked.

We were also told that Adventure Unlimited still had room block access available but that they were booking other indiviuduals not our group into the access booking

When we questioned Adventure Unlimited about this we received yet another conflicting story

I am sending this as a concernend indiviual who has received massive phone calls from various individuals who purchased the travel package who were told when they requested their money back that they could not get a refund.

A search of the web revealed that this company has a pattern of this type of practice,

over twenty five thousand dollars was paid to this travel agency.

The young ladies who organized this as a community grass roots event to allow people to participate in the civic action of a presidential inaguration are now facing possible legal action for 104 people who want their money back I am interested in your feed back

We left Baltimore, Maryland on February 22, 2008 for a ski trip to Adventure Unlimited in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Upon our arrival there was no heat and no hot water at the hotel. On February 23, 2008, we had a meeting, and we decided to leave. There were 15 buses in total. They said that we were going to receive a refund. We could not possibly stay the whole entire weekend without heat or hot water. From my understanding, there was no heat or hot water since Wednesday, February 20, 2008.

Our ski trip was ruined for the whole entire weekend and out of pocket for a total of $475.00. I was very dissatisfied with the whole ordeal.

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On February 3rd. thru the 5th. 2006, our Corporation APAC of Washington, D.C. sponsored a Ski trip through Adventure Unlimited. APAC, our members and our guests are hard-working professionals who are accustomed to saving towards a nice experience.

I am speaking for the entire group and our guests, it was the worse experience of our lives. It was a Super Bowl weekend and our entire group was dissapointed in the entire trip.

Our group was a victim of Adventure Unlimited's false advertising and practices as a travel agent. What was offered on the Adventure Unlimited ski trip and their documentation (flyer) and what was promised to us was never delivered. At the very last minute of our ski trip, the ski trip was diverted to another location. We then had so many challenges to face:

1) Room accommodations and amenities were not equivalent to that of the Woodlands Inn as stated and promised on the ski trip flyer.

2) Comparison of the Woodlands Inn, Wilkes-Barre, PA( being a AAA three star hotel) and the Ramada Inn, Wilkes-Barre, PA did not measure up and were not sanitary.

3) Foods/meals were VERY disappointing. We had to venture outside of the hotel for every meal, therefore costing the group overall more money. The food for the Happy Hour were appauling! Also, we were offended to see Pork Skins as an appetizer! The display was very demeaning to some of our guests and inappropriate. Regular chips/dips would have been fine.

4) Ski Lodge (Blue Knob) was not comparable to the mountain(s) being offered had we stayed at the Woodlands Inn (Montage, Elk Mountain and Jack Frost).

5) The Adv. Ltd. staff were not at all proactive towards our group.

6) There was severe lack of organization on behalf of Adventure Unlimited. Although, there were activities involved and scheduled, quite a few were cancelled (due to lack of participation from our guests).

APAC members and our guests ventured out of the motel and took other means of transportation to entertain themselves.

7) The Super Bowl game was suppose to be viewed on a big screen TV or a projector screen. So, you can imagine our dismay when all of that was provided were a few small 20 TV's to watch the Super Bowl!

8) It was very noticable that the Ramada Inn was not prepared to accomodate the vast amount of people besides our group at such short notice.

Despite our horrible experience on the entire ski trip, APAC and our guests tried to keep a positive attitude. We just prayed for a safe jouney back to Washington, D.C.

The entire Adventure Unlimited staff were made fully aware of our disappointment and of our complaints. A petition and written complaints from each of the APAC members and our guests from the ski trip were written and delivered to both Adventure Unlimited and the Better Business Bureau of New Jersey, twice and nothing was done. Adventure Unlimited denied both complaints!

Also, the Health Department of Pennsylvania were informed about the horrible conditions at the Ramada Inn in Wilkes Barre, PA.

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