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My wife and I visited Abby Travel to purchase two airline tickets to the Ivory Coast. We spoke with the owner (Habissatou **) about the best possible deal. After a few minutes, she offered an appealing price of $1,500 per person. Unfortunately, my wife and I did not have the total amount required. Mrs. ** then suggested that the said money be deposited on her account with Bank of America prior to confirming our flight.

On 27 Sept 11, the money is wired into the agent's account. From that day on, Mrs. ** has been reluctant in picking up our calls. After days of continuous calls, she eventually sent an itinerary to my email, but in reality, no money is disbursed to the airline company. And once again, the agent is ignoring calls, SMS, etc. Unless there is something terribly wrong, nothing realistically justify these poor business practices.

In the meantime, our travel day is getting closer with no tickets or money. Well, after checking on this agency, I am shocked to discover that other unfortunate customers have been victimized too. This is absolutely a scam and I will do all that is legally possible to bring this agency to its closure. In this bruised up economy, no one should have the right to play with our hard-earned dollar.


Please stay away from Abby Travel its a facade for the activities of the dominant shareholder Abby Bah who is in fact, the corporate alter ego and a thief. Here is our story:

We purchased seven tickets from Abby travel for a trip to the Ivory Coast; unfortunately we missed the flight and were charged $300 a piece to reschedule. We finally left on July 11 and were due back on August 16 2010. On August 16, we went to the airport to be told that we had no seat on the plane; I thought it was a joke but the agent was serious and repeated that there was no trace of us in the database and we should go back and talk to our travel agent.

All confused and frustrated, we went back home and called our agent Abby Bah (Abby) to be told that she didn't understand why we were sent back and was going to solve the issue in the next three days. We didn't hear from our agent Abby Bah anymore and had to find ways to purchase seven (7) new one way tickets in order to be able to return to the USA. Even though we were ready to purchase new tickets, there was no seat on any flight because of the beginning of the school year therefore; we had to unwillingly remain in the Ivory Coast till September 3rd, 2010 before being able to come back.

Abby Bah is a scammer, who has been ripping people off for a long time and needs to be stopped and punished. She received our money for seven tickets and never paid the Airline (Royal Air Maroc). I'm in the process of filing a law suit against her and Abby Travel which I wish can become a class law suit. From the complaints online, I know there are many more victims of Abby Travel out there, shy to come forward because they believe it wont make any difference. I urge all of you to call me or send me e-mails; we must weed out this very bad element of our community.


I bought 3 plane tickets for my 2 boys and myself to the Ivory Coast (Abidjan) round trip. The cost of those 3 tickets = 4500$ on Royal Morroco airline. On my way to the airport on July 16, I receive a call from Mr **, business partner Mrs **, telling me that my flight was canceled, therefore they put me on Brussels airline which is more expensive than Royal Morroco airline. I was suppose to make the same round trip New York -- Abidjan the 21th of July 2010 (one week after the day of my choice) and Abidjan--New York the 25th of August 2010. I left New York the 21th of July. I could not come back on the 25th of August, because Royal Morocco airline had no trace of my coming back to New York. Despite my calls from Abidjan to Mrs. **, he could not bring me back to New york. At the end he refused to pick up my calls. I sent my sister to their agency, amazingly, it was closed.

Since I had to start school on the 26th of August, go back to work on the 30th of August and the boys also have to go back to school, I collected some money from friends back home to purchase 3 other plane tickets in order to meet my children schedule and my own. I spent $5500 for those 3 tickets because it is the high season and all the flights were booked. I need to pay back my friends because I already paid for my round trip at $4,500.

It seems like I am not this agency's first victim. Most of their customers are uneducated, therefore none of their previous clients complained about them. Mrs. ** also keeps moving and changing her office location. Mrs. ** lives in New Jersey and I heard that he works at home for more other victims. I am a single mother with 2 boys and I saved my money for 8 years for this trip. Now that these people scammed me, I am really in trouble because my friends are waiting for their money.


My wife and children traveled to The Ivory Coast this past June. We purchased our airline tickets through Abby Travel at 1170 Broadway New York, NY. My wife and children did not use the tickets for one leg of the journey. When they returned, we contacted Delta Airlines to find out about a refund. Delta agreed we were due a refund and in late July, Delta sent a check to Abby Travel. I began contacting Abby Travel in mid-October and have been given story after story as to why we have not received our refund as of yet. They sent it but it must have been lost, told this twice; their checking account has fraud on it, etc. I do not know where else to turn and I need some help.

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