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This is an AARP fraud, cheating seniors on August 15, 2010. I booked four hotel rooms, Motel 6, in Lodi, California, on July 21, 2010 through the AARP Travel Center. It charged my credit card for a total of $295. Each room costs $68 plus tax $5.75 for a total of $73.75 per night. Strange enough, the AARP never sent to me via email a booking confirmation nor any sale slip or receipt. I downloaded from the web site a cost summary. When our 8 travelers arrived at Motel 6 in Lodi, we found that the regular rate for rooms we booked is $49.05 or $45 plus tax of $4.05. The manager of the motel said that he doesn't know why the AARP charged us $73.75. The Motel 6 has no business relations with the AARP, he added.

I called the AARP. It admitted that it has no relationship with Motel 6 but it booked through ****. Then I called ****. It said there is no any record or information about this transaction. Our 8 travelers, who are all seniors over 70s, feel that the AARP heated us. We are deeply disappointed and angry. We called the AARP many times asking it to refund us the difference of $98.80 it overcharged. But the AARP personnel, with bad attitude, refused to refund us. We strongly demand for the AARP to give us refund and apologize. We also advise all prospective travelers not to use AARP Travel Center's service. In writing this complaint, we have all supporting documents.

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