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In 2010, I booked a room in Orlando with this company in the amount of $837.10. After finding out about their bankruptcy, I proceeded with filing a claim. I have waited for 5 years for some kind of settlement from their suit. Today I received a check for $36.45. You can imagine my shock! I was told via email from the trustee that I, along with 4300 others received an amount pro rata. Do not do business with this company under any circumstances! They have restructured, but it's hard to forget!


I made reservations through this service last May for a trip during the Thanksgiving holidays to Las Vegas. When I arrived in Vegas, my reservation had been cancelled by this company and it was prepaid. Not only did I lose $300 that I had already paid, but I then had to pay over $400 for a four-night stay. I intend to use the Internet and badmouth this company every chance I get! I am furious and some way or the other, I am going to get my money back. Don't use this service! Deal directly with the hotels or use another service such as Travelocity or Expedia! I am one mad Italian man!


I made a reservation with 1800 hotels. It was taken out of my checking on March 9. The hotel has now billed me for the room. Where did the money go when I paid the 1800 hotels? I want my money restored from one of the two. I now will have bounced checks and deficient money.


We booked and paid for reservations, in the amount of $258.82, at the Hotel Santa Costanza in Rome, Italy. Upon arrival, we learned that there was no reservation. Each member in our party of 6 had the same experience. The hotel researched, as thoroughly as possible, through the UK contacts. Their message was to collect from the customer. I called the 800 number, and got the message that 1800 hotels had filed bankruptcy. Apologies were provided, as well as instructions to go online to file a complaint.

Since my payment cleared on my bank account (and I have the document), I will now resort to informing my card holder, to determine if there is an additional route to take. We were fortunate that all 6 of us, had the same excuse, so the hotel appeared willing to help. We were also fortunate that we arrived on a Thursday, so luckily there were only a few rooms available to accommodate us going into the weekend, otherwise we would have been in a foreign country with no immediate resources for assistance. It was emotionally trying, but it could have been worse.


On 4/16 I booked a reservation with 1800hotels to stay at the Extended Stay in Lake Buena Vista in Orlando, FL from 10/25 - 10/28. They sent me a confirmation through my email and they deducted my credit card for this reservation. On 8/30, I went online to see if I could make an additional reservation with them for another date and I found out they had filed bankruptcy. I immediately called them to find out about my existing reservations for October and they told me about the bankruptcy and that my reservations were canceled.

I asked them why nobody notified me and they told me they didn't have my email. How can they say that when they sent me a confirmation the day I booked with them? I am very upset right now because I need to find another hotel and make new bookings since I will be on vacation in October.

I request that my monies get credited to my account since it was not my fault they canceled my booking even worse without even advising me of this. Imagine I would have shown up to the hotel and I wouldn't have had a room. How would you like it if this had been done to you?

The charge was for $147 and I expect to get this money back. I live on a day-to day basis and I cannot afford to loose this money which I now need to make new reservations. Please take care of this and get back with me with a reply. Like I said above, this is no way to do business and nobody contacted me to tell me what's going on so i expect something to be done soon.

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On March 10, 2010, I got a room through 1800hotels.com for a November trip to Disney for thanksgiving. I received an e-mail on 8/20/2010 saying they went bankrupt in June of this year and all bookings are canceled. It also said to fill out a claim form and send it to the court system, and that they were sorry. Why was my room not paid for when I gave them the money? And now, they're back in business? What am I missing?

On January 5th, 2010, I searched 1800hotels and found a pleasant-sounding hotel in St. Petersburg for the dates I needed. It is called Sky Hotel and is in the historic center. I observed a giant Better Business Bureau logo and seal of approval on the splash page and thus felt comfortable with the enterprise.

Check-in was slated for July 11th and check-out the 17th. I provided my AmEx charge card details and was quickly charged $389.52. A so-called accommodation voucher was emailed to me, and I saved it. A few weeks later I paid the credit card company in full.

Several months passed with no contacts from 1800hotels, any of their subcontractors, or Sky Hotel. I arrived in St. Petersburg on July 11th in the midst of their heat wave and took a taxi to the hotel, with voucher in hand. The clerk at the desk had no record of me and told me to walk, with my luggage, to another hotel, Nevsky Aster, on the same street. She said it was owned by the same company, Gruppa Nevskie, and that it had space. Sky Hotel, she said, did not. The clerk at Nevsky Aster was confused about the voucher, but checked me in. She said she was going to research the matter.

A day later, she informed me that the voucher was worthless and that I will have to pay a higher nightly rate (RU 2600) to the hotel. I will, in effect, have to pay twice. She suggested that I contact 1800Hotels and straighten out the matter. The costs for any phone calls I would have to make to the British and Irish customer service numbers at 1800hotels, she told me, must be shouldered by me. She provided me with a faxed document from Tourico Holidays. It was an awkwardly worded, confusing memo dated July 10th (i.e. one day before my scheduled arrival in St. Petersburg and more than five months after the issuance of my putative voucher).

Tourico is apparently a firm that was supposed to act as a go-between, channeling data and funds between 1800hotels and Sky Hotels owner, the Nevsky Group. Tourico and 1800hotels, I was learning, were embroiled in a conflict, and I would suffer for it. The memo states It is with regret that Tourico Holidays, Inc. is writing to inform you that one of its clients, 1800hotels.com (aka 1800hotels4u, Freephone 1800hotels, and Happy Duck) (collectively, the Company), has failed to make payments when due to Tourico. In order to best protect both our interests and more importantly, the interest of our supplier partners when it comes to payment, we are forced to cancel all future reservations for this client.

For two days I attempted several phone calls to the customer service numbers at 1800hotels, but I was always dropped or routed by the system to full voicemail boxes. I foolishly re-arranged my schedule so that I could attempt the calls at different hours. I also sent out a series of polite emails to the customer service email addresses for 1800hotels and received automated email acknowledgements, but no substantive responses.

The clerk at Nevsky Aster let me wait a few days to settle my bill. I had explained to them that I was working on the problem. But the check-in desk staff pressed me for payment on day four of my stay, and I charged it to my Bank of America Visa. I paid 15,600 rubles, and it appeared as $512.22 on my credit card bill. A separate $5.12 foreign transaction fee was assessed against me by Bank of America.

On day five of my stay, I logged on to the hotels PC station and went to the 1800hotels website. I saw a nearly blank screen with a short text announcement indicating that the company was seeking bankruptcy protection because its reservation contractors (read Tourico) had chosen to rescind bookings and were not helping 1800hotels resolve a financial dispute. 1800hotels was implying that the closure was not their fault, even though they were apparently not paying for the hotel rooms they billed people for. I winced. The site had looked normal up until that point.

When I arrived home in New York, I again attempted to reach 1800hotels by phone, but could not get through to a live person. I sent another email and received yet another automated acknowledgement. I also called American Express within hours of my arrival home on July 18th. . The customer service agent said he would initiate an inquiry and would contact he merchant, 1800hotels.com. He directed me to fax copies of all relevant receipts, credit card statements, and the travel voucher to their officers. I complied the next day. The AmEx website reports that the matter is still under investigation.

I then went to the American Express website and checked the status of my so-called inquiry. AmEex indicated that they expect the matter to be resolved around September 27, but perhaps later. (That complicates my ability to make an informed decision about whether to proceed with a claim in the Florida Bankruptcy Court. The courts deadline is September 27. ) When I called and spoke with a customer service agent at AmEx, i was told that AmEx was investigating my January transaction for $389.52, but the extra $127.82 I incurred because of Nevsky Aster's price switch was outside the scope of their inquiry and that I would have to take it up with 1800hotels.

On August 21 I tracked down the website for Tourico and their customer service telephone number. I asked an agent if she could check to see if 1800hotels paid for my reservation. Given the fact that it was made in January and tensions between the two firms did not come to a head until July, it seemed to me likely that my hotel room was paid for, even if other reservations, perhaps those initiated in the late winter or spring, were not. The agent was polite but repeated the same line about the reservation having been canceled. My question was not directly answered. She urged me to contact 1800hotels.

I did call 1800hotels on August 21st and was surprised when a human took my call. I calmly and politely summed up the situation and told the agent that I was frustrated and angry. I was surprised that he didn't express any feigned empathy, since I had recently read a newspaper article about that strategy. He asked me for my email address and said that he would send me instructions about how to proceed. The agent said that 1800hotels would not refund any money.


I booked a hotel through them. Then I get a bill on my credit card for full payment. That was several months before the hotel stay. Stupid me, I should have known something was wrong. It seemed odd, but I paid it. Well, next thing I got was a warning they were in bankruptcy. A couple weeks ago, the email came saying I should "expect the reservation to be canceled" and I could "seek a refund" in bankruptcy court in Florida. Yeah, good luck with that. I am out of over $300 for the hotel I booked. I got to re-book the hotel.

Remember, this was supposed to be a fun vacation. In their email, 1800Hotels said they have "resumed operations" and "entered into an agreement with a new supplier" and will now be able to "streamline its business model" and "resume customer service". Please, please, please, my advice is to look at what happened to me before doing business with this company. This hurt me.


Booked 2 rooms for 2 nights at two different hotels in New Zealand for upcoming stays [2011]. Credit card was billed for $450 and $379.40. In August, I was notified by 1800hotels that they had filed for bankruptcy on July 14, 2010 and all reservations made before that date had been cancelled. Called both hotels and confirmed the reservations had been cancelled. On July 28th 1800hotels was back in business but my attempts to reach them resulted in a telephone message directing me to their claims department where I could file a claim with the US Bankruptcy Court. How can this company be back in business after 2 weeks and have no legal obligation to customers they have made reservations for and have taken money from? What a scam.


I called the Trump Plaza Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey and spoke to the front desk about my concerns with booking with 1-800-hotels and was advised there has never been any problems or complaints with 1-800 hotels. So I booked a reservation through 1-800 hotels on Saturday May 8, 2010 and was given a confirmation number per email that was sent by Juliana, who is a reservation customer service representative for the 1-800-hotels for my stay on August 3 to 7, Tuesday until Saturday, with my family of 4 female adults to stay at the Trump Plaza Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey for a top floor, non-smoking, ocean view and it had to have enough space for us stay in the same room, we were here to celebrate the death of our mother/grandmother.

I received another email for a new confirmation on Sunday June 8, 2010 and I was all set with my reservation for the full payment of $677.13 for 1-800 hotels. I was all set until Friday July 23 and Saturday July 24 & Sunday July 25, after I made so many phone calls to 1-800 hotels, I got no answer or the same message every hour. I sent an email on Sunday, July 25 and still no answer. I went into the Better Business Bureau website and typed in 1-800 hotels and this is what I saw, "According to information in BBB files, 1800hotels.com stopped operations on or around July 13, 2010 and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy."

So now I am upset so I called the Trump Plaza and spoke to Bill on July 26, who is the reservation manager and was told that I was all set and was given confirmation for my arrival time for Tuesday to Saturday August 3 to August 7. Now I wanted to add on Monday arrival time for August 2 so I called back the Trump Plaza and was given a new confirmation number for my stay on Monday August 2. I was told by Maxine that I had to check in on Monday Aug 2 under my reservation for the Trump Plaza and check out on Tuesday Aug 3 and check-back in for my Tuesday Aug 3 stay to Sat Aug 7 stay for 1-800 hotel, but after I spoke to another customer service representative at the Trump Plaza, it was stated to me she was not going to have me and my family move from room to room. I was so very happy.

I arrived after driving 7 long hours from Boston to New Jersey to discover our reservation was canceled on Aug 2 through 1-800 hotels. So I am asking to be reimbursed for my total of $677.13 plus I had to pay another $354.02 to stay at the Trump Plaza after my reservation was canceled and I would also like a refund for my extended stay for when I added on Monday Aug 2 for $137.50 and my rent for the car for $300.00 plus $100.00 in gas and pain and suffering and embarrassment in which this could have been all avoided only if I got a better response from the people at the front desk at the Trump Plaza.

I would also like to be awarded pain and suffering and emotional damages. My mother has lupus and this trip in which was supposed to be a pleasant one to celebrate the death of her mother and the loss of my grandmother can never take place for the lost she suffered. I tried to download a complaint form from 1-800 hotel to file a class action suit, but the information could not be download so now how can I get my full refund?


They take your money and do not pay the hotels so you will end with no money and no reservation. I already lost more than US$10,000.00. They ruined my vacation, but I will ruin there lives by taking them to court.


I paid for two nights in Boston. When I called Double Tree there was no record of reservation. 1800hotsls.com sent me reservation and confirmation numbers. This is total rip-off. They have now filed for bankruptcy.


On June 12, 2010 I booked a hotel in Seattle (Ramada) downtown. I paid 1800hotels.com $266.39 for two nights. When we arrived at the Ramada, we found that 1800hotels.com had cancelled our reservation and did not pay for our room. We were told that they were going through bankruptcy and had not paid any money for the rooms they had reserved. We were never notified and never received the money back. We did not have this budgeted in and had to pay the hotel once again.

We had to pay twice for the hotel and luckily were able to get the last room. Many had to be moved to a hotel about 60 miles outside of the city. I have left messages and have not received a call.


We used this site to book a hotel in Dublin, Ireland in March 2010, for a vacation planned for August 16, 2010. On August 3, I received an email stating they had gone bankrupt and to check our reservation, which I did, and discovered that they had cancelled it (not sure when). The email re the bankruptcy stated they were back in business however and any bookings made by then after July 28 would be OK. I find it totally unfair that having paid them around $600 U.S. back in March, that they could declare bankruptcy, then be back in business again.


In January, we paid for a week's stay at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas for Thanksgiving week. On July 14, the company went into bankruptcy, keeping our money and canceling our reservations. On July 28, the company started back up and running taking new reservations and running business as usual leaving me and more than 3,500 other travelers (according to the company's news release) out of money with no place to go. They did send me a form to fill out to get in line through the bankruptcy court to see if I could get any of my money back.


I booked a hotel in Tel Aviv through 1800hotels in July 2010. When I arrived at the hotel, I was told that the hotel reservation was cancelled and I had to pay again. I received a late email from 1800hotels saying that my reservation had been changed. Given that I had paid 1800hotels without receiving any service, I asked for the money back. However, they failed to respond to my request. When I tried to contact the person in charge of that issue, again the email bounced back. I lost the money which I paid to 1800hotels for the hotel reservation (around $80).


I booked a room at Planet Hollywood with 1800Hotels and was told they had gone bankrupt and that their reservation was no good. I had to rebook a second time at an increase rate and was charged an additional 'Foreign Transaction' fee for services that 1800Hotels never rendered. Please warn all consumers not to do business with this entity. They are a total scam. I wish I could track them down myself. I'm currently disputing all charges with my credit card company.


On May 31, 2010 I booked 8 nights at the Regal Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong and paid online 1-800-Hotels.com $482.54. I promptly received a confirmation travel voucher by e-mail as promised and off I went to Hong Kong arriving July 14th as planned. I checked in to a gorgeous room and started my 8 days of business meetings and trade expo. On Friday, July 16th I found a letter under my hotel room door stating that Hotel Connect, which makes payments for 1-800-Hotels.com, had cancelled my remaining reservation of 6 nights and only paid the Regal Oriental for two of my 8 nights. I told them that I was not checking out at the hotel and that I would contact Hotel Connect that evening.

I e-mailed them and did not receive a response until July 19th stating that 1-800-hotels had gone into bankruptcy proceedings and that since 1800-hotels.com did not transfer funds to Hotel Connect, they had to cancel my online 8-night package. The consequences of this is that since the package deal was not completed by 1-800hotels.com, the Regal Hotel could only give me a 10% discount for the next 6 nights of my stay @ $140. That will be $840 per night instead of the package deal paid online at @60 per night! In the end, my 8-night stay was $1322.85, $840 more than I expected. I see that 1-800-Hotels.com is still active online and nowhere on the site does it say they are in bankruptcy. Either 1-800-hotels.com ripped me off or Hotel Connect did. Beware folks!


We reserved a hotel room in Cleveland, Ohio for July 26, 2010 for one night. Upon our arrival at the hotel, we were told by the clerk at the front desk that our reservation had been cancelled. After some investigative work on the part of the hotel manager, we were told that there were two companies involved 1800hotels and Tourico. Tourico told the manager that 1800hotels had gone bankrupt and they weren't paying for customer's reservations therefore they were being cancelled. However, the customer was never informed of this and my credit card was already charged! Needless to say, we had tickets for a baseball game and the hotel we had reservations at was sold out. I contacted my credit card company to dispute the charge as I did not cancel the reservation and we did not have a room to stay in.


I booked in advance a month ago for 3 nights in Las Vegas July 23-26, 2010 at Circus Circus Hotel and when we arrived at the hotel, they didn't have the reservation. It shows on their computer it has been cancelled even though we are showing the confirmation that we had so the desk clerk spoke to her supervisor that our bookings had been cancelled and 1800hotels.com took our money. They did not pay Circus Circus Hotel, that's why the hotel didn't accommodate us and they offered us a higher price.

\We've been trying to contact the toll free numbers of 1800hotels and it's just the answering machine; we leave our name and phone number to call us back but until now there's been no response! These guys are fraud because to cancel bookings of your customer without notifying is ridiculous! I am planning to file a lawsuit in this case. I was been irritated, exhausted and really distressed with the hot weather of 110 degrees(!), then no room for us! So I will never ever use 1800hotels to book a reservation again! It's really upsetting.


I called the Peninsula Hotel, and was told that my reservation had been canceled by the travel agency which I assume is your company. I had to make other arrangements for accommodation in Beijing. Front Desk says the cancellation number was **. Please credit my credit card with the amount of $235.90 immediately.


Upon arriving at the hotel, we were told that the reservation had been canceled by 1800hotels, for an unknown reason. Fortunately, they had a room for us. We paid for the room. When leaving, I was told to check my credit card to make sure that it had not been charged. My statement came, and it was charged for the room. I have tried multiple times to contact them and have left messages, as well as emails. No one has returned my calls or emails. I would like help in finding out how I can be refunded for this room. Thank you.


On or about July 1st, 2010 I booked 3 rooms for 3 families at the Doubletree LAX through this company for the dates of July 14th to July 18th, 2010. We booked 3 double bedrooms. I called and did it through the phone. Someone answered the phone immediately and was quick to help. It was a pleasant experience and we received the confirmation via email. The money in the amount of $964 was withdrawn from my account on the next day.

We drove straight through from Colorado to arrive on the 14th and find out our rooms had been canceled the week before! No one ever contacted me. I had 6 adults and 7 children who had been in the car for 16+ hours arrive at a completely booked hotel. No one ever answered the phone for your company. I left a message for someone to call me back and I am still waiting almost 2 weeks later to hear from you. I found out you buy rooms from someone else and called them and they claimed they were never paid for our rooms by you, and had cancel for lack of payment.

I am disputing through my credit card to get my money back for a service you were quick to charge for but never provided. The biggest comfort issue for us during our vacation in Los Angeles was our hotel. We were families with children! We had to scramble tired and hungry for the next 2 hours to find another hotel and ended up settling for some horrible motel we could pay for since you already had charged such a large chunk of our vacation money!

I am shocked at the lack of professionalism. No one at this company has even cared to contact me or make things right. A vacation is very important to families, especially when they save for it and may be the only one they get to go for in years. Nothing will change our experience and the bitter taste it left on our first day in LA. I hope your company doesn't want to fight me on getting my money back either because then you will hear from my attorney. Have the decency to do what's right.


I made a reservation with 1-800-Hotels on 05/16/10 for a hotel in New York City for 07/19/10 to 07/22/10. When me and my wife arrived, the hotel clerk said our reservation had been cancel by 1-800-Hotels or it's wholesale dealer. My credit card had already been charged for the three days. We later learned from the hotel clerk that they had received a memo stating that Fox 4 News in Dallas had reported 1-800-Hotels had gone into bankruptcy and all reservations had been cancel. I did not receive any information from the time of my booking or prior to our arrival at the hotel regarding any cancellation.

All rooms at this hotel had been sold and I had to call other hotels in the area to see if they had any vacancies. I was able to find one but I had to pay almost double for a real tiny room with only a full size bed. The room rate was going to increase to $60 the following night. After talking to my credit card company, they said they would dispute the charge. I'm sure at some point in time, 1-800-Hotels will try to resurface, using their present name or another name. I believe this company knew at my booking they were going into bankruptcy but continued business as usual. Their web page still appears on the internet and when you try to reach them by phone you only get a voice message.


On Feb. 14 at 10:41PM, I made a reservation with 1800Hotels. They sent me an email from Juliana ** with a 1800Hotel Voucher. It has a 1800Hotel ref. number, a 1800Hotel invoice number and the price I paid for this reservation. When we arrived for the first night's stay on July 22, the hotel said that 1800Hotels sent them an email on the 18th of this month and canceled my reservation because they were bankrupt. Now, we had to pay again for this stay. I was glad they had an open room. I called the number on the bottom of my voucher and it was a non-working number.

1800Hotels is not working as a phone number. I looked online for another number and I got 1-800-276-7415. They said they were 1800Hotels and I never had a reservation in their system. I gave them all my numbers, reference and invoice, but they said they don't have me in the system. I gave them the phone number in Tampa and they said that is another company named 1-800 Hotels 4 U and they are not connected to them. I said there was no 4 U on any of my emails or voucher. They can't help me, nice scam someone is pulling.


I used 1800hotels.com to make two hotel reservations in Italy for our family trip there in July 2010, in Rome and Florence. When we arrived at our Rome hotel, they couldn't find our reservation despite our paperwork shown (printed after the payment confirmation on 1800hotels.com website). And they told us they never worked with 1800hotels.com. After hours of investigation, they found a canceled reservation under our name with an agency that they do work with called GTA Travelport! Lucky for us, they had a room that we ended up getting, though we had to pay much higher rate with Euro cash to secure that. Later, we were told by the hotel they had to turn away 3 other parties with 1800hotels.com reservations the same way as we got the last available room.

Since we got our Florence hotel also through 1800hotels.com, I tried to call and email them many times that day. I left voice and email messages and urged them to call me as soon as possible. That was 2 weeks ago and the only responses I got so far were two automated emails with subject line: "Need to cancel? Now you can, online!" I responded and told them I don't want to cancel and asked them to confirm the reservations. I never got any response to that either! It was such a terrible experience to arrive at a foreign country, with young kids in tow, and found out the places you paid for aren't expecting you there. And the travel agency you booked everything with will not respond to your inquires by email or phone call!


I had reservations from the Royal Palm in Miami Fl on July 22-25th and somehow, someone from 1800hotels, cancels without contacting me. I did not receive service so I'm writing because I need my refund of $386.48.


1800 took my money. I made a reservation and I was given a confirmation but they did not honor the reservation at the hotel I requested. I just found out about it before showing up at the hotel. Moreover, they took $139.82 from my checking account for this charge.


Our reservation at Red Roof in Woburn, MA was graciously honored by Red Roof 7/16-18/10. They told us 1800Hotels was 'belly-up' 7/15/10. We have another at LAX Travelodge, 1/27/11. Travelodge has not received a reservation form from 1800Hotels as of 7/24/10. Confirmation of the reservation showing monies paid to them was 6/24/10. Potential loss of monies paid. I'd like a refund, please.


I booked with 1800HOTELS for two nights to check in on 7/11/2010 and to check out on 7/13/2010 at the Residence Inn at Medical Center/Reliant Park in Houston, TX on 6/16/2010. 1800HOTELS deducted $243.17 from my bank account on 6/11/2010. We arrived in Houston on 7/11/2010 to check in and the clerk told us that our reservation had been cancelled by 1800HOTELS. I showed the clerk the voucher papers we had printed with the confirmation number and explained that we had not cancelled the reservation. The clerk said that the manager would look into the matter and gave us a room.

The next morning, the manager explained that 1800HOTELS had cancelled the reservation because we did not pay the bill. I told the manager that I would provide proof that 1800HOTELS did already charge me nearly a month ago. After spending all day at Texas Medical Center with my daughter in the Memorial Herman Hospital, I returned to the motel to sleep. The next morning, I printed the portion of my bank statement with the payment to 1800HOTELS and the manager said that I would still be charged $184.86 for the two nights from Residence Inn. I would have to retrieve the charges of $243.17 from 1800HOTELS. So, I basically got billed twice for the motel stay. Any attempt to contact 1800HOTELS by phone was unsuccessful. I even left a message on voice mail with my contact number and, (surprise) was never contacted.

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