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I just purchased a 1999 Kragen Zooma 33cc gas scooter off a nice man from Craigslist. I have seen some absolutely terrible reviews on this site so naturally it frightened me a bit but the more and more I road that tiny little thing the more I fell in love with it. I mean how much more till it craps out? It has to be soon since it's coming up on its 16th birthday! It just kept going and going! So after about 2 months of riding I decided to go through the entire scooter from head to toe, I rebuilt everything. I started with the front and worked back to the deck rebuilding bearings, deck, brakes, motor so it was just like the day it was bought! I'm almost done breaking the new engine in and it's running like a scolded cat. It is now my new intercity transportation that gets 150 miles to the gallon. I do give Kragen props for building this one right. I know it ain't no GoPed but I didn't have 1 grand to blow.

I think the reason why so many have broke is one key issue... KIDS! Not to pick but kids tend to beat the crap outta this things. I mean hell just go to YouTube and type in 33cc zooma and you might understand where I'm coming from! I casually ride mine and it never goes full throttle constantly. Also it never leaves the street! But guys that's just my 2 cents... I have to head to my local BMV on my Zooma as we speak to take my CDL permit! Peace and love.

Satisfaction Rating

I was riding my stand up scooter in the street and all of a sudden, without warning, the frame snapped in half which sent me tumbling down with the handle bars and a quarter of the frame that was still attached to them. I suffered some cuts and bruises and twisted my ankle. Luckily I wasn't riding that fast which also surprises me how could the frame snap so easily? Well I dragged the scooter home in two pieces. When I layed it down on the floor I noticed that there was already a spot under the frame they didn't weld all the way because there was rust between the metal.

While using their 43cc Zooma gas engine scooter, I applied the brakes to yield to traffic and while doing so the bolt holding the handle bars in place broke. This collapsed the handle bars and sent me flying face first into the pavement.

As a result of the poor build quality I suffered the following injuries: scraped lip/face bloody nose broken tooth severely scraped hands/arms large bruise on right hip I will never do business with this company because of their excessive corner cutting which endangers the safety of their customers. These scooters should be recalled immediately.

We bought two Zooma gas scooters for my boys and they have been nothing but trouble. Trying to get parts or a fair settlement is like pulling teeth. We spent $500 on these and they should last more than seven months.

My boy's back tire locked up coming down the hill and he fell off and got all scraped up. Luckily there was no car coming at the time.

My daughter bought a Zooma Chopper for her boyfriend. He got a flat on the rear tire and had to fix it. That tire was so hard to take off and put back on that I break the bead on the tire. It has a solid rim that is 13" wide and a devil to put the tire on. This chopper was definitely not designed right and should not have been put on the market.

I'm going to have buy a new tire and try to put it on.

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My sons purchased a Zooma gas powered scooter. Virtually every bolt on it has come loose and had to be tightened or replaced. The weld holding the gas tank on broke immediately as did the gear to the pull starter. Recently the handlebar broke causing my son to fall in the street and suffer fairly severe skin abrasions.
Oh yea, the muffler also burned out. My sons are not happy but the scooter is going in the trash as it is extremely dangerous. Our scooter was purchased at Kragen and they offered no assistance in repairing or replacing the scooter.

Somebody will eventually get killed on one of these scooters.


I bought a Zooma scooter for my son about 2 months ago. About a week ago he was riding and suddenly the engine started making a cracking sound. 10 seconds later the engine stopped and never run again. I opened the engine, saw the piston ring was broken. I called the company -- they told me, we are not responsible if you open the engine.

My sons bought a Zooma Scooter in Jan 04. The handle broke off at the base after approximately 5 rides - not rough either.I t took 6 weeks to receive a replacement part which had to be jerry-rigged to work. Then approximately two months later the motor broke off from the footplate that the rider stands on. The company did resend a new scooter after several weeks.
Winter kept them off the scooter and now they have only riden it approximately a dozen times and the handlebar broke again. They only have a 90-day warranty, so I don't think we can do anything this time. Besides, who wants another zooma that keeps breaking! These need to be recalled. WE have been very lucky without injuries, but it is entirely possible for an injury to occur.

The scooter cost $250 which my sons saved to buy for themselves after Christmas of 03. Now they have a bad sense of our consumer protection knowing that things are made this poorly!


When I first got my Zooma electric scooter the chain was messed up and when we took off the back tire all of the bearings and a messed-up washer fell out of the tire so we got another one and this time the brakes wouldn't even work!

I purchased a Zooma electric scoeter. My son had the scooter about ten days and the throttle cable broke. The warranty states not to return to scooter to the store but to register via mail or e-mail with American Power Products, which I did in April. I also phoned and was advised that a replacement part would be mailed to me within a few days.
The month of May passed and I still did not receive the part. I called again and was assured by supervisor Jennifer that the part would be mailed. Today is 6/16 and I have not received the part or any correspondence.

I have since purchased my son another scooter. I want a full refund from American Power Products of $179 plus tax.

My son received a Zooma gas-powered scooter for Christmas and he has nothing but trouble with it! First of all the handle bars have broken; my husband had them welded twice. The chain breaks everytime he rides it and the rim on the back wheel has broken. I saw where Kathleen and her nephew are having the similar problems. I agree with her -- they do need to be recalled because these scooters are very expensive to fix, not to mention the cost to buy them.

We have repaired the handlebars twice and also throttle cables and the rim needs to be replaced right now. The brakes don't work right, it really is not safe to ride. It is broken down more than it is in use.

Bought my son a Zooma gas scooter for Christmas 2003. The day he opened it the handlebars broke and made the scooter was no longer able to be ridden. When I took it back to the store I had so much hassle. Schuck's said the weren't responsible and to contact the makers. I was well within my return time limit but they would not honor it. After asking for management, ranting and raving, and letting them know I was going to sue them and my husband was a lawyer, then I got an exchange and lousy service.

Now, the chain is broken one and a half months since I purchased it and I can't find out where to get it. I will never shop Schuck's or Zooma Brand ever.

Bought a Zooma gas-powered scotter from Checker Auto. The chain fell off three times and finally broke in the first three days my son used it. Checker will not take a return and the company hasn't responded as to how I get my money back. $249 + $18.53 tax.

My son fell off when the chain broke and it locked the back wheel. Scraped his hand.

In Oct. 2003 my nephew and I purchased a zooma scooter from Kragen's in Carson City, NV. We returned this scooter 4 times. We were then told we had to deal with Applighting for problems with the scooter, because Kragen's could no longer return the scooter. When I finally got ahold of someone at Applighting I had to fill out a warranty. Then I was able to get a chain for the scooter. All this after the first scooter's chain braking off, the 2nd one the bolt that holds the scooter together broke, and the other two times it dealt with the chain.
Now I have an even more serious problem! The handle bars broke this afternoon, my nephew fell off the scooter went head forwards to the pavement. No he did not get hurt, but the scooter can't be fixed unless it is welded. These death traps SERIOUSLY need to be recalled! They are not safe!
None this time. What about the next? Should consumers wait till a child dies from one of this scooters?

Kathleen should report this incident to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

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