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I purchased a gift for a friend's baby shower on Sunday morning right after midnight. We realized that the order was sent to the billing address and not to my friend's house. After realizing the mistake Sunday morning at 11:00 AM we reached out to Toys R Us thinking since the item has not been shipped they will be able to change the shipping information. To my surprise, apparently once an order is placed they cannot change the shipping information or any information whatsoever which is quite inconvenient for the consumer.

They then gave me the option to create a cancellation to the order. Once I told them to process the cancellation the sales associate told me he cannot guarantee the cancellation and they will send me an email with the results. This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced and honestly a waste of my time. Hopefully Amazon will carry more products than Toys R Us and becomes more child friendly with its searches. This way I can stop giving Toys R Us my business.

Well my experience with customer service was horrible. Like a month I chat with one of their customer service rep about a tablet that I bought a few month ago for my 5 year daughter. They told me that they was going to send me a new tablet. Been waiting. Finally today I chat again on their website. This customer rep said that was unable to do anything since I bought the tablet on 02/23/16 and their policy is within 15 days of buying it I can return it (15 days). After a month and a half the tablet stop working, was not turning on. But that's their policy. Only 15 days to return an item.

The dictionary defines customer service as the following: CUSTOMER SERVICE, noun, the assistance and advice provided by a company to those people who buy or use its products or services. When I placed my order with Toys “R” Us I put in the wrong address by 1 number, the items I ordered for a gift got shipped to what is a "plot of land with no structure on it". When I contacted Toy “R” US to find the package their response was it was delivered. When I said it did not get delivered to the right place Andrea ** on "LiveChat" said there was nothing they could do, that I needed to call the shipper who is FedEx. Now I got a gentleman on the line from FedEx who said that Toys “R” Us needs to contact them to make the change in the address on my behalf. I explained that Toys “R” Us had already washed their hands of my issue and I could not get a refund or help. He said unless they call he could not ship the items to the right address.

Why won't you Toys “R” Us help me get my gift to the correct address. Why has your company ignored my request yet you took my money. They (FedEx) too said they could not help me. So I ask how is this customer services? I was not only NOT assisted but I was pretty much told to go away due to my error. Now I am out $36.00, no gift for my grandson, no help from Toys “R” Us or FedEx and me writing on a complaint board about the bad "first time"(possibly last time) experience I had with Toys “R” Us and their online website. The complaints about this company are terrible. The online chat customer service reps are heartless people who don't actually care that people make mistakes or the brand they represent. There was no effort to help me only to brush me off and make me go away so they could disappoint the next poor soul who contacts them. I just want to get a birthday gift to my grandson, shipped to the right address.

I want to be treated with respect and to know that although the mistake was mine that something "anything" would be done to help me. I work in retail and every day I make sure that our customers are taken care of. Even if I can’t do it I find someone that can. Negative reviews, word of mouth experiences that spread across the internet like a virus hurt companies.

Your company has failed me as a customer and made me feel that my hard earn money and my time was worthless to you. A resolution to this problem is to allow me to reship the times you took money for to the correct address or give me my money back so I can go to a different toy company that cares. I use to love your company but after this experience I am shaking my head and wondering when did you stop caring about the people you need to keep your business open and running?? I am saddened by the experience and attitude of your online staff. They lack the experience to be compassionate or caring.

They are truly a money suckers and knows when to hike price. I saw a bicycle for 69 on Sunday and same bike was now 99.99 on Wednesday. Many other bicycle was price hiked. Summer is on so people will try buying cycle so the price hike was on, worst strategy and they will lose customers bcoz of this.

When I became pregnant a good friend of mine referred me to Toys R Us due to their 10% back policy and their overall product. She does business with a Babies R Us in Southern NH while I chose the Toys R Us which is also Babies R us in Concord NH. I only signed up with the registry due to the 10% back given on every purchased item on your registry. However, we had a lot of problems early on. Items I had bought myself were not showing as bought. I was reassured after calling that it must be a glitch on my side of things because it showed on their end what has been purchased.

Well, guess what? I was right. We received our shift card. 16.47 was the amount. How could this be? My girlfriend purchased our crib off our registry at 399.00. We bought our stroller and car seat which was 249.99 both items on our registry! That alone is close to 650.00 dollars. The fact that it's not uncommon is more frustrating. Where there are so many other places to go for both quality and savings I will not recommend this registry option to my friends. I still am waiting for a phone call back.

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It's been 3 weeks since I complained that my online gift card shows 0 balance. It's a 100$ gift card received 2 years ago. Looks like the online gift cards from Toys R Us are risky to keep unused for a long time. If you own a gift card, make sure that you check the balance in it every few months.

I ordered the Candylicious Edible Bubbles Machine Refill Pack assuming it was the machine and refill pack. It was priced on Amazon (sold by Toys R Us through Amazon) for $21.12 and it was advertised on their own website and in their store for $12.99 for the machine and $6.99 for the refill pack. What I got was just the refill pack. My daughter opened it while I assumed they were sending the machine. When the machine didn't arrive, I called and they said it was $21.12 for the refill pack - 3X the regular cost. They said I could return it at my expense if it was unopened. No refund - I'm out $21.12 for a $6.99 item. VERY unsatisfied.

I want to keep this brief because I've been writing and talking about it a lot already. I was at Toys R Us with my two kids and their dad in Lex, KY on my son's birthday to pick up a train before we took the kids to celebrate. I put my purse in the cart with my two-year-old and his dad and during the visit I took my 5-yr-old across the store to the bathroom and kept my purse in the cart. On the way back across the store I grabbed the large train set we were there to buy and was lugging it down the aisle when I ran into my kids' dad and asked where the cart was. He was like "oh no I left it over by the bikes" but when we went over there it was nowhere to be found. I alerted an employee and got the manager involved and searched everywhere including outside but found nothing. I called the police and was leaving my contact information and at this point the store was closed and we could no longer go out for my 2-year-old b-day because of the time.

Before I finished writing my contact info they said it was found. Where? In the back store room by the trash shoot under a bunch of trash bags still in the cart. The manager brought it up front and asked me to look through it to see if anything was missing. Sure enough, the 200$ I had in my wallet was gone. I was told to call the next day to contact the GM but it took me almost a week to actually reach her. She told me she took statements and viewed the footage but she did not know what to do from this point on because the employees said they didn't do it. I was totally shocked. My purse was put there by an employee and she knows someone working there stole from me and won't take it any further than just asking and getting statements.

The camera system is so bad there that she couldn't even find me or the other three people with me until the end when we were by the registers. I contacted customer service and am waiting to hear from the DM. It is crazy how such a large retailer is handling such a serious matter. I am looking forward to a resolution to this, and hope they will be held accountable for their negligence.

This related to the store in Chenal Pkwy in Little Rock. Very frustrated with their employee, the cashier and the manager both unprofessional. The manager even turned her back and walked away while I was talking to her!!! Never seen something like this. They had a 20% discount on item and after my son liked it and carried it to the checkout they said it was a wrong sign. Few months ago, my kids were excited about new toys and the store wouldn't check out because they had NO INTERNET!!! THINK 10 TIMES BEFORE YOU GO THERE.

I wanted to take advantage of a sale that was "Shipping Only". I understand that their promotion is "Free Shipping" on everything when you spend $49.00" So I did more shopping and with all the combined items in my cart the total was now $54.00 but my shipping cost was now a total of $32.00 when I expected to receive free shipping. Listed underneath the $32.00 shipping was a discount of $20.00 that was applied to my shipping. Now I had to pay $12.00 for shipping even after qualifying for free shipping. The items I had in my cart were 2 packs of baby hangers, a vehicle headrest mirror and a onesie. Nothing like a bike or anything big.

I called Toys R Us and asked if they could help me. I explained that I live 2 1/2 hours away from the closest store therefore I couldn't pick it up in stores even if that option was available. Typically "Shipping" is nice when you live far from the store. I was able to speak to a floor manager and he said he couldn't help me waive the shipping. I also explained to him that I would be saving $10 on the sale item that I wanted to purchase and if he couldn't waive the shipping fee it would mean that technically I'm not saving $10 since shipping is $11. I told him I wouldn't be purchasing the items and he went on to tell me that he still couldn't help me.

My due date is in September, both my fiance and I's families lives 38 hours away. So given what I just went through I'm assuming they would have to pay outrageous shipping fees on Toys R Us. Typically if you have a baby registry, especially with Toys R Us, it should be easy for family and friends to help out. I strongly believe Toys R Us needs to start looking at different shipping options. They have lost my business, as well as my friends and family. I have made a new baby registry elsewhere. I'm very disappointed and I would not recommend them to expecting mothers.

My mother purchased a kidzoom watch from Babies R Us (online) for my daughter in December 2015. When the item was delivered it was supposed to be pink. However, they shipped purple. I called customer service to get a replacement in time for Xmas, but they did not have any it in stock. So we wrapped the gift (even though it wasn't the one she wanted) and gave it as her gift. I called again in January and received the same response that they were out of stock. I called in February with same response and was told to keep trying back, but they had no idea when they would have a pink one in stock.

I called again this week and told that I was past the 90-day window and nothing could be done about this. I was astonished! I understand policies are put in place to ensure proper business procedures are followed, but when the company makes a mistake and sends out the wrong item, it's good business practice to correct the problem without any inconvenience to the customer. In fact it shouldn't matter about a 90-day window. The bottom line is they made the mistake and should fix it! Great customer service guys... Job well done on keeping customers happy!

I ordered an item online to pick up in-store and I was told to wait an hour for ready to be picked up email. I waited 3 hours and nothing happened. I called customer service and asked why this happened. I was told to wait another hour or two because my order was under review. I asked if I can talk to a supervisor and the customer service agent put me on hold for over 20 minutes and hung up. I called back again and asked them to cancel the order. Again I was put on hold for another 20 minutes and I hung up this time. I am speechless to explain how poor this company operates. False Advertising.

I bought a double stroller for my daughter-in-law's shower in December. The shower was January, the boys were due March 16th. They took the stroller out to use it on March 25. The wheel broke. I called customer disservice and explained and they sent me a return label and said he shipped out a replacement. It would take nine business days. April 15 I called back, said I never received it. They sent another return label and also said he was shipping it that day. He said it was unavailable when the last guy went to ship it which wasn't true because it was available online.

So April 18 I called for tracking and they said it had to be returned in 90 days and I bought it in December. I said registry items are refundable for a year. He said only if they are brand-new in the box. Damages are 90 days. So according to him all of the items from the registry are not returnable if they are broke because the time limit is up, even though we can't open them and use them yet 'cause the babies are too little. So they sent me two labels to return this item that wasn't returnable. Guess that would have been a disaster trying to get a refund when all I wanted was an exchange. They have no idea what they are talking about. Then he said try to bring it back to the store. It was a manager's decision. So if its policy not to take a broken item back after 90 days, how could a manager do it? They lie and lie. Told me twice it shipped, sent me two labels and don't do what it says on their website return registry items for a year. False advertising!

My son is in the military so I do not live in the same state as my grandchildren. I ordered two Easter Baskets online for delivery that said both were in stock but not available for in store pick up or I would have chose that option and they could have picked them up at the store in North Carolina. So I ordered for delivery and one basket came and I received an email that the other basket had been cancelled and was unavailable. So one of my grandchildren got a basket and the other one didn't. So disappointed and customer service was rude and unapologetic. Just says "it happens"!

The online website for Babies "R" Us advertised Halo sleep blankets at $13.98 each. When I went to the store and found Halo sleep blankets, the store wanted to charge me over $20 for each one. I showed them the advertisement from their own company, and I was told by the manager that the ad only applied to that particular model number sleep blanket and no others. He also stated that that sleep blanket was discontinued and not in stock. So, another sleep blanket by Halo is so different it is a "discontinued" model? Seems like false advertising to me...

Bought 3 tablets from this store and incredibly all 3 tablets have stopped working at exactly 90 days... Trying to call to seek a solution and told that they would have to have been returned within 15 days.

I ordered an item online and returned this item to a Toys R Us store. Toys R Us failed to refund my tax associated with this item. I don't know if this was done intentionally or by mistake. I'm almost certain this violates some type of regulation and I will also be reporting this to my credit card company. Toys R Us puts an extreme burden on its customers to have issues like this rectified. They require that you either return to the store you returned the product, which in my case is a store far from where I live (I was only in the area of this particular Toys R Us, since I was in town visiting my family). Or they require you to send in the return receipt. I have not seen my tax refund processed.

This review regards the Toys R US store in Woodbridge, VA. While I have been a regular customer to this store so as to purchase some toys for my daughters, I just encountered this annoying and disrespect behavior by one of the store clerks. Basically, this male clerk was first acting like a good customer service by offering me a 15% discount on my purchase. I asked him what I should do to get this discount and he said I just needed to enter my social security and he would take care of the rest. I thought there was an ongoing promotion. It turned out he scammed me into applying a Toys R Us credit card for getting a 15% discount on a $30 purchase. It was a waste of my time and the way he lured me into this credit card application was a total disrespect to a customer. I did not make it a big deal there but from this incident, I would never go back to this store. Oh no, not the way they treat a customer like this.

What kind of company/store is this. This past Tuesday morning 2/23/2016, I ordered a play tunnel for her birthday on Sunday 2/28/2016. I kept checking the status and as of Thursday morning it still had not been shipped. It was a $29.99 tunnel. I called Toys Are Not Us, spoke to a very broken English representative. He said the reason it had not been shipped was because it was a 'small' order. What the heck! Isn't an order an order regardless of the size? I cancelled the order but he could not guarantee the cancellation. Since I wanted the gift to get to her for her party on Sunday, I ordered through Amazon. They guarantee she will be getting the tunnel on Saturday!

Another not so happy moment I had with Toys Are Not Us was in December with a layaway order for over $300. The week before Christmas I found a flyer that had one item for $40.00 cheaper. Since all my gifts were wrapped I just took the receipt back to Toys Are Not Us. The manager said I had to bring I the actual item. So I told her I would just repurchase the item at the store and then return it with this receipt. She said I would be charged a $25 restocking fee for the return of the item. I was so mad, angry, upset, frustrated, and decided I would never again deal with this company again. Then I guess I had a lapse of memory, I thought would give Toys Are Not Us another chance. AGAIN I was disappointed. Never again.

I would spend your money elsewhere. They have the most incompetent people available running this company and working under them. I wasted two hours on the phone today JUST TO PAY THEM for an E-gift card. No one could tell me when they kept cancelling my order. I was transferred multiple times, spoke to numerous people, had numerous calls disconnected and wasn't called back even one time. They do not care about their customers one bit and have zero customer service ability. This is the last time I will use them because I won't have my time wasted any longer. I would suggest you use Target or someone else because they are a horrible company and should be out of business for their incompetence.

I ordered my son a video game for Christmas. They sent the wrong platform, called customer service and they AGAIN sent me the wrong game. This is probably because their customer service reps speak broken English and do not understand what is being said. So it is February and my son does still not have his game and I am still out my money. I have called FOUR different occasions and I will NEVER order from Toys R US again. I will also tell every parent and grandparent that I know not to either. WORST customer service ever!

I gave the cashier a gift card to pay for the customer purchase that was checking out. I didn't know the customer. Just a act of kindness. The cashier took the gift card and walked to the trash and said, "I have to throw this out. I can't do that." I didn't ask why not. I said, "Okay. Well, you can give it back to me." The customer in line said, "No. Please, I want it." I told the cashier to give it to me. I then handed it to the customer and he thanked me. It was a $20 gift card. I then left the store. I didn't understand why she refused me to pay for someone purchase. I see all kinds of artists and secret shopper do good deeds all the time. I will never purchase anything from Toys R Us again. Wal-mart would never turn away any act of kindness.

I purchased a $400 item for my son for Christmas from Toys R Us and used the credit card to get double rewards. I paid the card off within the month or so I thought. The item was purchase on 11/12/2015 and the card was paid off by 12/10/2015. I got an interest charge the day after I paid the card off and never realized it occurred. Didn't get a statement (it was only $3 I would have paid it), the next month they tacked on $2 more dollars for being late. I paid it as soon as I got an actual statement. But now I was late. I always pay my card off in full and never carry a balance. I contacted customer service and instead of resolving this situation for a woman that spends 1000s a year and plans on having more kids they tell me if I close my account I cannot reopen it and to email them back if I would like to close. This is insulting and I cannot believe they have credit card customers. Toys R Us you should be ashamed of yourselves!

I will never again order from this company. Not only do you get the run around (if you can get a person on the phone), but they blame FedEx for their own mistake. Thanks for lying to me about my shipment, taking my money and offering a refund that arrived 7 days after Christmas!

I purchased (7) 30 dollar gift cards for the children in my family, Godkids, and friend's kids. The gentleman in the store put 210 on 1 card and 0 on the other 6. Instead of cycling the cards and refunding me, they've given me the runaround, (2) unsuccessful trips to the store (very nice employees but not empowered by their own company) and 2 phone calls with a total of an hour and 30 mins on the phone. They couldn't send me e-gift cards to replace the others and they can't refund me in the store due to ridiculous red tape. I'm done with them for good. They don't get it and the small children in my family are the ones with nothing as their xmas gift, as a result. Thanks for making me look like an ** to my family and holding onto my 210 bucks.

I am so angry. I have been waiting since December 18th for a lava lamp. No one will pick up a phone, email service is no longer available, I filed complaint with BBB but to no avail. I paid 45 for two day shipping to Alaska... The item was on sale 11 dollars. No one will help, not even the store an hour and half from here, no one. This was an item my seven year old circled for Santa list in look book. FedEx is a joke also, no help there either. But they all got paid. It's Jan. 7, where's my lamp people. NEVER AGAIN EVER. I WILL TELL EVERYONE TOYS R US STEAL FROM THEIR CUSTOMERS.

I open the layaway on November 6th, 2015. I made my last two payments online at I received a confirmation stating that the payments were successful and that I would be receiving an email when the items will be ship. I have contacted over four times within the last two weeks. I also talked to the store manager who told me that since I didn't receive the items on the 28th of December that I would have to do a refund. I came up to the store in Clinton, Maryland to get the refund and the store manager that I talked to was not there so the store manager that was there had to call the manager on the phone and was told that she never spoke with anyone so I'm out of 2 bikes and $174. How can I break you off like that and you get nothing in return.

I will give them 0. I order something online, and still waiting for the item. Call customer service, they put me on hold for 1 hour, then the supervisor said I have to call FedEx... I will never order something with them. I do not recommend this store. So disappointed. :(

I placed an order for my grandchildren who live out of state. At the time the order was placed they charged my card. No problem. Well 5 days later they charged my card again for the order that they had already charged me for. Thankfully I have transaction alerts so I was informed immediately and contacted my bank right away and it was resolved. I attempted to contact Toys R Us about the situation. Well of course you cant get a hold of them. Guess I will not be dealing with them again.

I have to get something off my chest that has been really bothering me since yesterday. Ever since my oldest daughter whom will be 20 at midnight tonight was born I have been shopping at Toys “R” Us. Well I went into Toys “R” Us a little while back before Christmas by my house and I felt like I was being treated bad when I left out but brushed it off and kept it moving with my youngest son whom is 3. Anyways I went back into this same Toys “R” Us which isn't the Toys “R” Us I usually go to but found it to be close to my house. I had been needing to go since Christmas but hadn't for some odd reason never had the energy. Well yesterday I finally got in there to exchange a toy my son got for Christmas. When I walked in I stood in line for over 15/20 minutes.

Only one family was in front of me. There were plenty of workers walking past me two even just sat and looked at me while I looked at the kids clothes while I waited to be helped. After standing in line for so long I finally got asked for help. The person's name was Alex. He was a pale real stiff uptight "white" guy. I told him I was just bringing the toy in to exchange it for something else to suit my son. He asked me did I have the receipt. I told him I didn't have it because it was a gift. He asked me if I had the credit card number it was bought with or could I call and get it. I told him no. He told me he couldn't do anything about it. I usually keep all my receipts even gift receipts but this time I had lost a few so I asked him if he could look it up. He told me no.

I asked him if I could have a bag so I wouldn't have to push the cart back to my car he told me no it is only for paying customers and walked over to help someone else that was already being helped. I waved my hand in the air and told the "boy" hello I am still standing here. He told me "there is nothing I can do for you." I told him I don't want money back I just want to exchange it for something else. He then tells me "you can exchange it for the exact same thing that's the only way you can get a bag." I told him ok that's fine since that's the only way I can get a bag that's what I want to do then. He then leaves me there again so I go look at the little what not sure for a second and he never tried to help me again. I said hello I'm still here. He tells me "there are no more of those in our store and none of the Toys “R” Us in the area has them either."

I told him where is the manager because I don't like the way you are treating me. He tells me he is the manager. I asked when another will be in. He told me that there won't be he is out for 5 days and then started trying to help someone else. I started to read their return policy and it said that you can return or exchange with an ID and I mentioned that to him he said no. I said ok I'll just go see for myself if you guys have it. I find the toy in there and take it back to the front and he got real funky with me and still wouldn't exchange it or give me a bag. I then asked this other girl what the return policy was about she told me. So I went back to him and asked for the corporate number. He wrote down 1800toysRUs and walked off.

I told him I don't know if you are treating me like you are because of the color of my skin but I have never been treated like this in my life. You have really poor customer service, you lied about the product being on the shelf and then didn't want to help me. What is the other managers name? He looked at me like ** and walked off. I even asked him if everybody that comes in there missing their receipt gets treated that way. He told me "no because everybody that comes in here has their receipt." Yeah right ALEX! When I tell you I was so upset I was breathing hard. I just left and went to my car.

I posted this to say one thing. For all you prejudice people out there black people can afford nice things too. The same way you treat one person you have siblings, relatives and all as well. Everyone isn't going to take that kind of treatment so kindly. I came home and tore my house up looking for all my gift receipts and found it as well. As for you Alex "stiff neck" I don't know where you are from but I can tell by your conduct you don't care much for black people at all. You will reap what you sow. Thank God I left my kids at the house or I would have flipped on your prejudice ass. The customer service lady on the phone said she could even tell I was upset. She apologized a million times. Toys “R” Us on Stacey Road you guys need to do some cleaning because you've got some prejudice people in there.