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Last updated: Jan. 21, 2018

28 Safety 1st Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 21, 2018

To date we've bought the Safety 1st's booster seat with high chair attachment, digital thermometer, outlet covers, corner and edge foam bumpers, door handle covers, and cabinet latches for our daughter. The booster seat we bought only had three booster feet included and the safety strap was put on backwards by the manufacturer; the thermometer doesn't go above 95.7 degrees; my daughter was able to pull the foam bumpers off my table and, as toddlers will, instantly started trying to eat the adhesive strips; the door handle covers don't even fit on my door knobs; and the cabinet latches broke when I took them out of the package.

The only thing I bought that works are the outlet covers, and with how their other products have failed I'm ready to buy more from another company just to be safe. I sincerely hope whoever owns this company is ashamed to be called safety first because the products I have received are subpar, don't work and/or are dangerous for children. I'm personally never buying another product from them.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 11, 2017

I believe it was the Safety 1st smooth travel system in the color "waterfall" that we bought. I also got the infant car seat to match. It is very easy to set up. The ride is smooth. It folds easily for storage, however it is still somewhat bulky after being folded up. Other than that, it is a very cute, stylish and completely functional travel system. The colors are great. It is also comfortable and has washable fabrics. It is a good quality stroller. The only thing I would change is how bulky the stroller still is after being folded for storage. Other than that, I'm very satisfied.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 7, 2017

The stroller is easy to set up and it folds really easily. I like that it has a basket underneath for storage and a cup holder and compartment up top for storage as well a cup holder on the tray for my daughter. I also like the double push button feature to fold it because makes it harder for daughter mess with it. Just wish the stroller was a little less bulky because it takes up a lot of space and it was heavy. It would be easier to transport in and out of the apartment if it was lighter.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 27, 2017

I really like the stroller's cushion for the baby's neck. It shows comfort is a priority as well as well being for the baby. My baby boy loves the stroller and seems comfortable with it. He can often fall asleep in stroller but if I try to squeeze through a thin walkway and accidentally hit a rack or a bump he wakes up immediately. I also like the storage area on the bottom for my purse and diaper bag. It's easy to get to it. Also, the stroller has a cup/bottle holder. I really did not like the fact that the stroller itself is very bulky and is not lightweight. It is pretty heavy and does not fit in tight areas. Maybe I should look into a smaller stroller.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 26, 2017

The stroller is easy to put together. It has plenty of room underneath the seat for diaper bag and many extra items we need. Has great brakes and quick foot lock. Very smooth ride for the baby. While using the car seat the canopy sticks up quite a bit while pulled back and is in the way while trying to keep an eye on the baby but other than that it’s perfect. It's very easy to use except it took me a little while to find the pull to collapse the stroller but once I found it it was easy to use. It's lightweight which is perfect since you can’t lift very much when you get out of the hospital.

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Original review: Sept. 14, 2014

I purchase the safety air booster in May of 2013 after my graco seat was broken in a car accident. Manufacture date - 3/21013. We love the seat but after only a year, the back no longer stays up, the small plastic piece has broken off. I have pictures and was hoping for a replacement since the seat has been in zero accidents and love the seat but can't afford to replace it every year due to simple breakage cuz of the way the seat is made. I have stopped using it due to safety concern and have started using my son's hand me down seat.

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Original review: Nov. 13, 2012

I received this Safety 1st walker as a gift. I took it out of the box and followed the very simple instructions on how to assemble it. But when I tried to raise the walker up higher, like your are supposed to be able to do, it would not budge. It would only adjust to the lowest position possible. I thought maybe I had done something wrong so I had a male friend check it out about a month later. He said that it was a manufacturer defect. It was assembled wrong and the bars that go up and down to make it high or low were bent. Of course by this time, I had already thrown the box away and did not have a receipt. My friend said she purchased it at Wal-Mart in Cambridge, Ohio but without a box or receipt, I cannot return it. My daughter's friend just received the same walker as a gift at her baby shower and after assembling hers, it had the same defect. Who do I get a hold of to at least replace it?

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Original review: May 23, 2012

I just found out that the majority of products that Safety 1st sells aren't theirs. Safety 1st does licensing agreements with all these companies and stamps their own name on the box. Safety 1st, also known as Dorel Juvenile, is nothing but a large reseller of other people’s products. They don't know how to design or manufacture anything solid or built to last.

The employees at Safety 1st think they are the very best because they have a large catalog, but their quality is the worst on the market. They own nothing. They just rent other people’s products and say it's their own. Nothing but thieves and con artists. Stay far away from this company. They are a fraud and do not care about children whatsoever. It's just profit, profit, profit. It’s sad that they fool so many parents.

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Original review: Sept. 12, 2011

I have tried calling and emailing the above named group and actually received email confirmation that replacement parts were being sent due to a recall. I have recently purchased a Safety 1st Yellow Race Car Corvette at a rummage sale. I thought it was a good deal and it seemed to be working all right, but the battery needed to be charged. Upon bringing it home and trying to charge the battery, it seemed as though the battery wasn't holding a charge. So I went online and this is when I found out the vehicle had been recalled. Upon further investigation and after contacting the above group, I discovered the vehicle I purchased was included in the recall. It has been approximately 2 months and I am still waiting on the replacement parts. Also, after investigating a little further, I have noticed that the wires connected to the circuit board are melted and now the vehicle won't work.

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Original review: July 25, 2011

I placed an order online with safety When I got to the payment screen, it said that my card was declined. I knew I had money in the account so I tried again. It was declined a second time. I called my bank and the total amount of the order was charged to my account twice from the company.

The website did not give me a confirmation number and never admitted that my card was charged. I have been calling, leaving voicemail and emails for two days straight and I have yet to receive a response. They keep telling me that the "only person in this department is on vacation."

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Original review: Jan. 4, 2010

We got a Safety First Walker this last year. My son is 9 months old and he was walking on it like usual when suddenly the back latch broke on it and he went straight down to the floor. He got some bruises from hitting the floor. It scared the heck out of me. I would think it would have been able to handle his weight. I am not satisfied at all with this product and feel like it needs better reinforcement. Thank you.

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Original review: Oct. 4, 2009 The walker I bought for my son is still too big for him. He is now 8 months old 27 in tall and is still too short for the walker I bought. I bought the Disney walker by safety 1st. I bought it so far in advance I couldn't take it back because I didn't have the reciept. We end up using the old one that was his fathers. It goes so low he was able to use it at 3 months old. If I was to wait til he was tall enough to use it he'd be walking by then. So now it is band new and is just collecting dust!!!! Im very upset that this happend. Wondering what can be done about this.
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Original review: March 5, 2009 3 years ago I bought safety 1st yellow corvette for my son. After the first ride it stop working. Until last week I was not aware of recall about this corvette. I've filled out form and got the repairing kit. But it still not working. I called the necessary places and they told me to buy new battery which costs $85.00 So I ordered from the web site cheaper than safety 1st.
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Original review: Feb. 26, 2009 I purchased a Safety 1st swing back in Sept (it was on sale for $49.97 from reg. price of $99.97)..Model 53190C..for our grandchild (shower gift so it wasn't used until 2 wks ago-baby arrived in Jan) -3rd time it was used it wdn't work..My daughter changed batteries but still wdn't work..Called Walmart & they said this model is outdated & cdn't replace & wdn't refund money...only $20..Can u pls help us with a replacement? They really like the swing & just want it address to contact for replacement parts given on website other than USA..
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Original review: Feb. 18, 2009 Purchased the Safety 1st Easy Care booster seat for my 7 month old son. I had issues with it from the beginning. The straps used to hold the booster seat to the chair do not stay in place causing the booster seat to move whenever my son does. The backrest pops off when he leans on it. A complete waste of money and a serious hazard for infants.
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Original review: Feb. 2, 2009 Shortly after my son was born, I baby-proofed the house. I bought Safety 1st products because of the name. I have been thoroughly disappointed with the quality of their products...Are they made in China? My son, at less than 1 year old, was able to remove their plug outlets. Their cupboard door latches break and their door stopper can cut little fingers. I also bought their booster seat (the one that folds). Cheap, cheap, cheap. Our kids deserve better, safer products than what Safety 1st is manufacturing. I now avoid Safety 1st products like the plague. And Dorel makes this stuff??? Shame on them.
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Original review: Dec. 23, 2008 I had purchased a Grip n go latch to put on my cupboard that hold all my cleaning supplies and my 14 month old son pulled it and it snapped it right in half and he has all the chemicals everywhere i did speak with the doctor and he did insist that i watch him very close for the next 24 hours for any stange behaviors or for him to become extremely ill. I am a Cna and do know all the symptoms to watch for. I am not sure if this was a faulty latch but i am very upset i do understand accidents happened but this could have killed my little boy if he was to ingest any or enough of these. If we dont hear back from this company asap my lawyer will contact them asap to resolve this in a timely manner thank you for your time. I may be reached at 1-208-851-2687 or 1-208-241-2452 you may leave a message.
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Original review: June 10, 2008

I picked the deluxe grooming kit because it looked like the best and most safe grooming kit in the store come to my surprise far from it. the syringe doesn't suck up any liquid, the nose sucker doesn't suck, the thermometer doesn't give an accurate reading. the nail clippers aren't even sharp.

I needed all these products to work, and they didn't. i needed to syringe feed my infant, take a temp, and suck the liquid from his nose. And today i went to use the nail clippers caused my baby's nails to be all scratchy looking.

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Original review: June 4, 2008

My son was about 2 week's old, i was in the bedroom with him, he was in the safety first baby bouncer, the design if i remember correctly was Mickey Mouse, i picked up the bouncer and i go to walk out of the room it started to fall apart, as it was falling apart i was going down to the floor my baby went forward and hit his forehead on the wooden floor, my husband came in the room because he heard the thump, i was screaming oh my god it fell apart, we did take the baby to be checked, dr. said i think he's okay, we did take picture's of his face all swollen and black eye's, we did at the time it happened tell the store or comp. what happened and they must take it off the shelf, they agreed

this was in 1996, but you know what my son thru the years has struggled in so many ways that i keep going back to that day and wonder is he having a hard time because of the fall, in my heart i feel it is, he walked late he talked late 5 years is late, and still his speech is not that great, he was a quiet baby, did not even cry that much, used sign language to explain himself, he had tutors, went to early start program, my husband has spent so much time in his homework, but it's not clicking,he's failing 6th grade, will be going to summer school, i said to my husband he should have an mri, maybe something is wrong, if so let that company pay for special schooling, i am working on everything now, picture's paper trail, dr's, and that is my story, which still haunt's me to this day.

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Original review: Sept. 24, 2007

My wife received a pacifier thermometer, Safety First, Dorel company brand as a gift during her baby shower. It was purchased at Baby's R Us by a friend. Later when my baby daughter was sick my wife used it to check her temperature. The pacifier thermometer looks just like every other pacifier we have and by accident my wife placed it into our microwave sterilizer with all the other pacifiers, bottles and other items.

It blew up in the microwave and started a fire.

In the literature provided with the pacifier there was no warning of this potential fire hazard. It destroyed my microwave sterilizer and the entire products inside and my house smelt like burnt plastic for 2 weeks, and my microwave smelt like plastic for months. Total cost of replacing everything was 95 dollars. I did not replace the microwave because I rent. If it was mine I would have replaced it.

I sent the company a letter and called them numerous times, at first they just blew me off. I insisted on speaking to someone in their legal department and then I received a claim form in the mail and a request for the return of the damaged product. I submitted the claim, returned the burnt pacifier and they denied it saying that it was my wife's fault for not knowing that items with batteries do not go in the microwave, and that it clearly says in two different places in the instructions that the product is a sensitive electronic device. My contention is that my wife did know this but that the pacifier is so similar to other pacifiers it is easily mistaken for a regular one and it is a danger.

Now if my wife had just put it in the microwave and the pacifier stopped working then fine no big deal it cost 3.50, but when it explodes and catches fire its a scary thing. Also a warning that says sensitive electronic device? certainly doesn't mean the same thing as Fire Hazard in Microwave in my book. I have often wondered what would have happened if we had put it in the microwave and went to bed, and I had not been awake to smell the fire and stop it from spreading.

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Original review: Aug. 7, 2007

bought a safety 1st corvette that shorted out the battery, later found out that it has a recall on it concerning the electrical connector to the battery. contacted the manufacturer and they REFUSE to do anything to address the situation. my son has never use this ride on. this battle with safety 1st has been going on for almost a year, finally they told me that the battery is not covered anyway and that i should buy a new battery. i just think that when you buy a $300 dollar toy, the consumer should be able to use it at least once.

i have to buy a new battery that safety 1st refuses to replace. even though there is a recall to this item, that caused the damage.

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Original review: June 21, 2007

I bought their outlet safety plugs for my outlets so my kids won't get hurt hurt sticking an item into the outlet but my daughter found one of the plugs, put it in her mouth and nearly suffocated. These items are just barely larger than the Small Part Test cylinder but because they are so small they can lodged into the throat, twist cut off air and then the throat tightens itself around the device more and more as the body is fighting for air lodging the safety plug deeper and deeper into the soft tissue of the throat.

It's not just safety 1st but Leviton, GE and most every other safety plug maker. How can they make a product designed to make a home safer when in reality it makes the home even more hazardous.

I have over 25 hospitals in 25 States who agree with me! My daughter suffocated.

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Original review: May 30, 2007

I have a Safety 1St Jogging Stroller that switches from forward facing to rear facing. i was walking with my 19 month old daughter in it 2 weeks ago when her leg became stuck in between the wheel and the frame. The result of this was a fractured tibia bone and a cast for at least 3 weeks. Please use caution when using this product. This happened in the rear facing position.

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Original review: April 11, 2007

A child was sitting in a safety first booster with the tray attached. She leaned against the tray and it just flew off. She was not that heavy and she should have in no way been able to move it but the part where the tray is supposed to have pieces that stop the tray from moving are spring loaded and one of them came off and away the tray went. The momentum of the sudden movement caused the chair to rock. If I did not have the seat attached to such a chair with a sturdy base it would have sent the whole chair flying, not just the booster.

the child was scared and I refused to ever use that type of system until it got fixed. From what I see on the new ones they are in better form and there is actually a piece of plastic molded onto the tray to prevent this from happening.

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Original review: Nov. 14, 2004

I have a Safety 1st - Lever Handle Lock on the door leading to a flight of stairs to the basement. I have a two year old and a one year old. My three year old nephew was visiting and wanted to go down to basement. I told him no and felt confident the Lever Handle Lock would prevent him from opening the door.

Unfortunately, I was wrong. My three year old nephew was able to open the door easily and my one year old son tumbled down the stairs. Luckily, God was with my son and nothing happened to him. There were about 10 steps in all. He could have broken is neck...his leg...he could have die because the Safety 1st - Lever Handle Lock did not work.

Luckily, my one year old was not hurt but it is very easy to see how a child life could be lost because of this defect product. If a twenty five pound one year old like my son hangs on the lever he can easily open any of the Lever Handle Locks.

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Original review: July 31, 2003

On Tuesday the the 29th of July my son who is only 11 months old had managed to open our kitchen cabinet which contains the safety 1st cabinet and drawer latches product #11658. When he had opened the door he managed to get his front top left tooth caught on it and pulled it out of his mouth root and all.

I had put the latches in all of the kitchen cabinets. My daughter, who is two, is unable to open the doors but my son ended up finding out how to. When I talked to Safety 1st all they asked is if he was all right and forwarded me to the technical department. Let me tell you not a lot of help.

I am very discouraged over all that happened. If the product was designed a different way the lip and the point would not have caught my son's tooth and yanked it out.

My son now has to go see a specialist in Phoenix to make sure that everything is good and have a spacer put in. If he doesn't have a false tooth put in he will also suffer from eating problems being that is it one of the biting teeth. I still am unable to deal with all that took place with him.

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Original review: May 31, 2002

The Safety First 3 in 1 Bouncer is NOT safe at all.

When my son was only 3 1/2 months he almost flipped himself backwards in it; despite the green safety pegs.

Several time he almost flipped forward as well, when leaning forward. Luckily I caught him in time!

The plastic belt buckles detach very easily too, which can cause a choking hazard. Infants do mouth things. Thankfully, I caught it before he began that stage. When he was sitting in the chair and leaned forward, they fell off, and I saw him grab the side of the chair, pulling himself over the side. I caught him in time. This instance happened all at the same time.

The soft bar is not safe as well. My son got hit in the head several times trying to play with the hanging toys; which, by the way, snapped off really easily. The velcro was aweful! When he started crawling he tried to rest his hands on the front of the chair to support himself and dove headfirst into the seat, bruising himself.

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Original review: March 2, 2002

I was placing my daughter in the Fold-up Grow with me Gentle Vibrations Bouncer # 42035 when the bottom part of the bouncer collapsed. Thank God that I was quick and was able to catch her before she hit the floor. Both plastic pieces that hold up the bottom part of the bouncer had broken off. I am extremely disappointed in their product.

My 4 month old daughter almost fell on the floor.

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