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I bought, size 5 nappies (jumbo pack) in September 2016. My complaint is that the adhesive strip that is meant to hold the nappy in place when fastened, has peeled off and as a result the nappy is not holding adequately and we change the nappy often. This is clearly a defective batch (Barcode: 4015400736622 S100006449.97319581) which has resulted in me buying extra nappies which was not budgeted. Could you please take a look into this matter as money is a factor. I look forward to your reply but understand that I shall escalate this matter accordingly if not communicated. Thank you.

Pampers sensitive wipes - Caused horrible redness and diaper rash within hours after using these wipes in my 4-month old son and my sister's 1 month old baby. Did not happen with any other brand we used.

We had just switched to Pampers diaper from Luvs but we are now going back to Luvs because we had just changed my daughter diaper 10 minutes before going into Walmart and as soon as we get in the store we see a puddle of urine leaking from daughter legs to the floor. It was very embarrassing knowing the diaper didn't last 20 minutes and they suppose to last 12 hours. Not just that the urine have came through the diapers several times on my living room sofa set to where I have to go purchase another set because I cannot get urine smell out a.s.a.p. I'm very disappointed to these diapers are no good. I will be contacting them about the problems.

I started using Pampers premium care two months ago when my little girl was born, but now when she passes urine I can immediately smell it. I have to change her nappy every 30 mins because I can smell it. Not sure what the problem is but I am truly disappointed in this product. These nappies are not cheap.

I have bought Pampers since the day my son was born. He now has been having problems with leaking at night when the box says up to 12 hours my son only sleeps for 8 and wakes up soaked in pee clothes and all.

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When I became a mom, one of the things I had to regularly shop for was, of course, diapers. Among the several brands available, I chose one that was reputable although something affordable was ideal. I started with the newborn size and stayed loyal all throughout up to my daughter's toddler years as they were a good fit for her and never gave her rashes. I'd recommend it to other moms but only if they are willing to spend for it. Otherwise, I think other brands would suffice. :-)

Pampers has always been a trusted brand in our household. I have two beautiful children and all I want is for them to have the best of everything. I wish for them to be healthy to be able to make the most and the best of everything. A good night's rest plus a supervised productive play are ingredients to that. With Pampers (especially the Baby Dry and the newest Premium Care), my kiddos enjoy longer hours of sleep and play without being disturbed by a problematic nappy. These diapers provide up to 12 hours of dryness, though, of course, we have to change nappies from time to time. Also, they don't leak, they're light weight and the stretchy tape on each side are great. Since it's clothlike, a Pampers nappy does not produce annoying sounds... :) Awesome!

Pampers is one of the most expensive brands there is in the market, however, it is a tried and tested brand. I have tried different brands (Huggies, Drypers, MamyPoKo, etc), but Pampers is still what my kid's skins prefer. My first daughter has an overly sensitive skin and gets rashes from God-knows-where, and she was okay with Pampers. I don't know with my second child, but I didn't try other brands with her - used Pampers without thinking twice. With these I can say, we really get what we pay for. As their jingle says, "Welcome to a world of Love, Sleep and Play..." it really does ensure longer hours of sleep and play for infants, making them feel more loved... I guess. Pampers is still one of the best brands. Highly recommended by moms I know, and I highly recommend it, too.

I am a first time mom and was told that Pampers Premium is the best diaper for babies. However, I don't believe that as I had purchased the size 1 Pampers Premium only to find that it is not so absorbent as the other brands. I was told that Pampers Premium is the best, I don't think so. I purchased 3 packs of 94 and it was purchased via I had to invest in more diapers cause I couldn't trust Pampers Premium. I am not sure if they were old stock or what but my experience was dreadful.

I am very excited on being the mother and want to give the best to my baby. I have heard Pampers for being the best diaper in the market. I am using Pampers for my 1st baby. My hospital nurse also recommended to use Pampers as this is best brand for baby diaper. Regardless of most expensive diaper, I am using Pampers diaper for my baby. It was working fine when I was buying small packets of Pampers Swaddlers. We required more diapers for baby so we bought big box of Pampers.

I wondered that every hour my baby clothes are getting wet. Even when she is wearing Pampers diaper, I need to change her all layers of cloth every time and she started shivering due to cold. She is not able to sleep in the day and night. Also she use to cry every hour. When we checked, we found her clothes are wet and she is shivering due to wet clothes which made her cry. I am wrapping diaper very tightly, also my baby is getting marks due to tight wrap, but still facing the same issue. I am completely depressed with the quality of Pampers diaper. We bought another boxes of diaper, expecting that it might be due to some wrong thing in the previous box batch lot. Again the same problem I found in using those Pampers diaper from another box which I bought.

Also I tried to inspect the cause of this. I just make my baby wear the diaper and waiting for her 1st pee. As soon as she did pee, diaper along with all her dress become wet. And the line in the diaper was still all yellow, except very little blue. My baby and I suffered a lot due to this diaper. I was not able to catch my sleep which was causing a lot of disbalance in my family life. I realize that then it make no sense of using costly diaper like Pampers.

I am scared with the best brand of diaper so I tried another brand of diaper on my little honey. I am really happy it is working fine. Now in the night I am changing my baby diaper only once and that too no dress wet at all. I don't know if someone else are also facing the same problem, but I had very bad experience with the Pampers diaper and I do not want to recommend anyone for this diaper.

My baby got rashes after using Pampers dry pants for the first time.

I have be working in childcare with young children for over 25 years. That has been a lot of diapers. I've seen many brands and qualities of diapers and have always favored Pampers... Until now! The new line they have called EASY UPS are horrible. My parents in the program who bought them had no idea what they were actually buying and were very disappointed afterwards. Please be aware that these do not have any fasteners on the sides which means they are fine if your child is at the point of no accidents. Then they are just a disposable underwear. But it means that if your child does soil it, the removal of it and the putting on of the next one means you must remove all their lower clothing to get them on/off.

My children are trained to remove their own diaper with tabs. They are so proud when they do this. But with easy ups the child has pulled the sides to remove it and it snaps them. And this just delays their process of toilet training so much more because every time they need a new diaper, they have to take everything off. Take it from a professional diaper changer... AVOID EASY UPS!!!

I’ve been using Pampers Baby-Dry diapers for my son ever since he was born last July. It worked great for him but was quite pricey so I tried less expensive nappies. I’m glad I only bought a few pieces of the other diapers because they were not as reliable as Pampers. They either caused rashes on my baby’s bottom or leaked after a few pees making my son cry so hard his voice became raspy the next morning. With Pampers, my baby had smooth skin and slept better at night so I returned to it. As expected, the rashes disappeared and he stayed dry for long hours. The endless crying stopped and my baby's voice went back to normal. Plus, goodbye sleepless nights. :)

I've always used Pampers on all of my children. Last night I went to Walmart to pick up a box and all they had were the Hypoallergenic kind so I thought I would give them a try. Today, my 6 month old was sitting on my lap and my lap felt like it was on fire. I picked him up to see if maybe I had put the diaper on a bit crooked and he had pee'd on me. My lap was dry but when I felt the diaper it was incredibly hot. It's normal for diapers to be a bit warm when a baby goes but this was RIDICULOUSLY hot. I then noticed a weird smell, I assumed he had pooped. I took off his diaper and everything looked okay, no poop and had thought maybe it was my imagination. I put a new one on him and while he was laying on the couch next to me about 20 minutes later, I smelled that same odor (smelled like burning chemicals) and my son was beginning to cry.

By the time I grabbed a new one to change him he was screaming like he was in pain and the diaper was extremely hot again! I opened the diaper and he was obviously irritated. Red throughout and screaming. I've NEVER experienced anything like this after 3 kids and using strictly Pampers brand. My son doesn't sit in soiled diapers for long periods of time and has never even had the slightest rash. I'm not sure what is causing the smell and the diaper to get that hot, but I am NOT a happy camper about it. I will not put him in another Pampers Hypoallergenic diaper again. A diaper that claims to be safe for sensitive skin has been the only one to put him in severe pain. Has anyone else had this issue?

I am a great believer in Pampers diapers, my baby is now 14 months and I have been using Pampers from birth, but I have now started using the Nr6 pack, already used 4 of these jumbo packs. I am experiencing problems with the product that when the nappy is not even full to its capacity I find that the nappy's gel inside falling out between the legs, I thought ok it might have just been that ONE nappy made in error, but the more nappies I tried all of them did the same. The pack that I am having trouble with at this moment was bought from Pick n Pay in Richards Bay. Please see bar code 4015400244875. Could this matter be investigated and provide feedback as I really don't want to change my brand but if this continues I will unfortunately have to stop supporting Pampers. Thank you and will be waiting for correspondence.

I use size 6 Pampers Nappies for my grandchild, and have recently found that the tabs have been shortened, and find that with the shorter tab the little one is wetting through. This was not the case with the longer tab, and it really is not satisfactory.

I went to Pampers' online site to get updated information as well as coupons for my children to get Pampers for all of my grandchildren. (I have 4 grandchildren currently in diapers). I had to register (which takes a couple of minutes), then tried to log in and then the Pampers site said I was not in their system. I input my information six (6) times. The problem is that their website does not have a send or submit button. Their site is a complete JOKE! I am going to report it to Google and The BBB!

I went online and pulled up Pampers, and found a site that I could register to and get updates on new products and coupons etc. I tried to register a total of (6) six times! Problem with this site is there is no place at all on the entire site to send or input all of the entire data that you have just spent time and effort on thinking that you were going to accomplish something in the end. This is a JOKE! I tried to log in after I had input all of my information all 6 (six) times and for some reason they did not even have ANY of that information either! I am going to report this to Google. You need to fix this problem or take it down!

I received Pampers wipes for my baby shower this year. I got wipe refills and also travel wipes. I went to wipe LO yesterday and just happened to feel something odd before I used the wipe. Thank god! There was a white piece of very sharp plastic embedded in the wipe. Now if I wouldn't have happened to feel this beforehand I hate to imagine what it would have done if I would have wiped her sensitive bits.

Hi. I have a 2-year old baby girl and has been using Pampers from birth for her until now that I am using the size 6 and the micro pearl nappies are giving her a rash and it is bad. I think you should just keep the size 6 in jumbo without the micro pearls. If you say you're the best do something about it. They're no use, we pay so much and don't get the value of the product. I would like to get a feedback on this.

I bought a huge box of Pampers BabyDry size 2 for my baby and haven't stopped regretting it. I thought they were better than Huggies, but so far every time my baby soils herself it leaks through the top and ruins her clothes. I cannot believe I have to throw out about 20 onesies and pjs. And my baby is around 15 pounds so they should fit her. Complete crap!!!! I cannot get the stains out and i'm out $40 bucks and have to buy other diapers, because I can't continue ruining my babies clothes with this Pampers garbage. Honestly the worst product everrrrr.

I purchased two boxes of Pampers Swaddlers size 3 from Sam's Club in South Jordan, Utah for my grandson that is now 2. I gave one box to my daughter and kept one for myself for when I tend him several times a week. When I tried to put a diaper on him the tab came off in my hand without even tugging. It was frustrating going through a stack of diapers to find one that will work. The same thing happened to the box of diapers that I gave my daughter. I then purchased two more boxes and both were defective. This time the tabs would not stick. We have been using Pampers since he was born and never had any problems.

Hate Pampers..Wasted so much money on them..Almost on daily basis I started finding this issue with Pampers size 3 pack..The elastic on the sides is breaking and making baby completely wet..ruining the clothes she is wearing and her skin. I will never buy it from now. So much money got drained because of it. Will not recommend it to anyone ever. Highly unsatisfied!!

I ordered Pamper 12 hour protection diapers for my 10 month old baby from store. I paid $39.64 to the company in hope to get best stuff for my baby. And what I get was whole box of the diaper was defective. Each and every day diaper get leaked and have to clean up everything. I took photos too as a proof. Every diaper get leaked from the same place everyday. So my concern is why they sold such a defective lot to the customer. If they want to charge highest price from the customer then they have to do and maintain quality check too. It happen everyday and I am really tired of it. I am not rich person who throw it and buy new one. Because it affects my life too. I hope consumer care will support this mother for the right things. Thank you.

I have always used Pampers for all my kids. Recently I had my grandson for a weekend and bought an economy box of Size 5 Pampers for him so I could always have Pampers for when he came to my house. My grandson got a rash out of nowhere. I didn't think nothing of it. I told my daughter in law to call the doctors. They prescribed a cream, he came over again and once again I used the Pampers and his rash got so bad we had to take him to the doctors. It looked as if it took the first layer of skin off.

I am out the 32 dollars I paid for them because whatever is in them caused a bad reaction and he cannot use them and we have only used about 7 of them. I am so surprised that they did that and will never trust the product again and after reading about the chemical burns they cause to all these babies Pampers should be ashamed. I bought him a cheaper product and gave no problems. So much for the trusted name. I didn't save the receipt or I would take them back to CVS to get my money back.

Pampers premium care caused my newborn's skin to blister and peel off. It is very severe and painful for her. I want serious action taken against Pampers .How could they create a product to cause pain and suffering to a baby? There can be no excuse for their actions.

I have 4 kids in total. My last 2 are twins and have had nothing but broken nappies in morning and gel peeling out on the sides. I have had this for months now. Upset because Pampers is R89+ more expensive than Huggies here.. So last month I tried Huggies and no broken nappies in morning although it doesn't have same absorption as Pampers. But I'm angry at paying top prices x2 for 19 months now for a ** product...

I have been using Pampers Baby Dry Extra Protection diapers at night on my 2 year old daughter for about a year now. I purchased a box recently and for 3 nights straight, my daughter had a severe allergic reaction, where now she has open wounds on her bum. I discontinued using the diapers and the raised bumps/rash went away and now the open wounds are drying up into scabs. They must have added a chemical that does not agree with my child, but it's worrisome nonetheless.

We have had 4 children over the years and to say I'm not impressed with Pampers nappies is an understatement. We have used many brands and from our experience Pampers are overpriced rubbish. They swell so much they fall off, the sticky band breaks and it becomes so thin that it marks our child's upper thigh. We have found that the Aldi brand far more superior in every way. Huggies give our child a rash no matter how long the nappie has been on. This review is from my experience of using nappies from different brands on our children.

I love your Pampers products especially the pampers Swaddlers, and pampers Baby Dry. I am really satisfied in your products, thank you. I tried lots off different brands of diapers, my baby had a reaction on her bottom or it would leak out, or give her a rash.

I bought 2 large bag of 5 plus Pampers from Sainsbury's store. Almost all the pampers are defective, sticking breaks while using it. I was the loyal old customer of Pampers but after this, I will never use it. Sending you pictures just to see. Broken seal of left side in image below.

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