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I just wanted to express my opinion as it always amazes me that settlements go to CPSC instead of the millions of mothers who bought these toys from Mattel. How are we compensated? Nice.


There are NO BLACK and ETHNIC MALE DOLLS FOR BARBIE, displayed and available for retail, in any of the Southern MD area stores (not Target or Toys R Us). To make matters even worse, the female Black dolls available for purchase are in bikinis and provocative clothing. None of the professional dolls (Teacher, Ballet instructor, Gymnastics instructor, Pet Vet, Safari set, Presidential, Astronaut, and/or other specialty sets) are not displayed and unavailable for sale (yes, I checked at each store) in Barbie dolls of color (especially Black Barbie dolls). One thing is certain; there is an array of white Barbie dolls available and displayed for sale. All the sets displayed, at all the stores (I checked day after day and confirmed with the management at all of these stores) are white Barbie dolls, with blues eyes and blonde hair.

How is this fair to any other ethnic group? Children of all kinds should be able to go to any toy store and purchase a doll that identifies with their ethnicity. It sends a disturbing message to anyone not white, regarding the only options available for purchase. Even for white people that don't have blue eyes and blonde hair, this display is disturbing because every white little girl does not have blue eyes and blonde hair. All children should be considered since they all are possible (or in my daughter's case) avid consumers of Mattel's Barbie brand.

This sends a disturbing message, that can be viewed (and based on managers of color in these stores) as racist. In specific, a manager in the Waldorf Target and Clinton Toys R Us told me, "it has always been like this (Waldorf, MD)" and "You know how things are, we can never find anything that represents us (Clinton, MD)". It is as if Black men don't exist in the Mattel Barbie world and professional black women don't exist in the Mattel Barbie world. This is absurd and highly offensive!!


This toy is junky. The parts do not fit together, and when you do manage to get it put together, it falls apart. The instructions were terrible to read... and it keeps falling apart as soon as you touch it. What a waste of $50...


My daughter was no line with the and was subjected to racial degradations by the other users. A complaint to Mattel was made to no avail! My daughter is traumatized, and as a collector of more than three hundred Barbie dolls and collectibles, she now wish to have nothing to do with anything named Barbie, let alone anything pink! Therapy will be needed.


I went to Mattel website to get recall information. Site does not provide forms or data in regards to refunds. It said it does but forms not available, call their 1800#. Their 1800# sends you through a maze, then disconnects. Over 1000 dollars in products I bought (HAVE RECEIPTS), my kids' safety and risk of exposure to "LEAD" from DORA, POLLY POCKET, ETC. Also note - the products when exposed to sunlight get real oily.

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I spent money buying their products for a Batman mail in. I never received my items and I have gotten no help from their customer service. My 4-year-old son has been waiting over 2 months for these. He is so disappointed. I am ready to put a package together at my own expense to make him happy.


This weekend we bought a Polly Pocket bubble lamp, made by Mattel, from ToysRUs. It is a lamp with water that (I thought) plugged in temporarily so that it would be charged, THEN UNPLUGGED, to show the figures swimming in the lamp. Although there are warnings in the instructions, this lamp seems to me to be quite dangerous in that children always expect to be able to play with the toys they get. My daughter encouraged me to pay for this toy (made by Mattel) but upon getting it home, I discovered that it was not UL listed, and also the power adapter plugs right into the unit right where the on/off switch is. It was quite a job convincing my granddaughter that she could not "press the buttons". I would appreciate it, please, if you would let ToysRUs and Mattel know my concerns. I think this particular toy is potentially dangerous and is not UL listed. It is made in China.


We recently purchased the Hot Wheels 500 electric racing set which included both Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and Michael Waltrip cars. We had been looking for Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and Sr. cars to race on an electric track that we already have. As we were unable to find these cars, we came across the Hot Wheels 500 track. Although we did not need another race track, we purchased the Hot Wheels 500 track just because of the Dale Earnhardt, Jr. car.

On Christmas Day, we set up the track and were very disappointed with the performance of the track. The cars do not stay on the track. The cars get stuck and stop at many different points on the track. The cars get stuck at the lap counters. We did the items noted in the troubleshooting guide and still had the same problems. Still this is unacceptable. When you purchase an item, it should be manufactured and up to the appropriate standards to take it out of the box, assemble it and use it. You should not have to spend hours trying to get it to work.

We have not had this problem with other electric racing tracks that we have. We are sure Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Michael Waltrip, DEI, Inc., do not want their names associated with such a poorly manufactured product. Imagine the excitement of getting an item you really wanted for Christmas and the tremendous letdown due to the poor quality and performance of this Hot Wheels product. Maybe you could explain it to our seven-year-old. We are completely unhappy and dissatisfied with this Hot Wheels product and will be sure to pass the word on to other parents who may be considering the purchase of this Hot Wheels 500 electric racing track.


About 14 months ago, I bought a Tornado Twister (Hot Wheels playset) for my son. He was 7 at the time and wanted this playset for Xmas. After Xmas, we set up the playset. This wasn't easy. But, after working for about an hour, it was complete. My son happily turned the obnoxiously loud toy on, popped in a car, and vrrooom... The car shoots out of these spinning wheels at a blinding speed, hits the track and flies straight up in the air, hits the ceiling in my living room, and bounces about 10 feet away. Now, I don't have cathedral ceilings, but still, this is a little scary.

I quickly turn the set off, back my son away, get the instructions back out and retrace all the steps of putting in together. It's correct. It looks like it does on the box, I followed the instructions perfectly, so maybe my son put the car in wrong. This time, I will do it. Toy goes on, noise comes out, in goes car, out comes missile. Against the ceiling, son is now looking for car. Of course, I have lost the receipt so I can't take the toy back, though I should have tried, but I call Mattel and write a letter. I never heard anything back. This year, we will give them another try, maybe it was that one toy, and after all, my son loves Hot Wheels.

This past Xmas, I buy the Hot Wheels car factory. He is very excited about this one. He can build his own Hot Wheel cars. I open the box, put it together following the directions, not hard on this one, in fact, easy. We put in the mold stick, we plug it in, we do everything right, he pulls down the handle to get the mold in place, SNAP, handle breaks. I try to tape the handle, no big deal. Now it won't heat up because the mold is not sticking into place. Now he is mad, I am mad. I call Mattel and this is what they tell me; "This toy was made by 'Rose Art' not by Mattel, if there is a problem call them, and here is their phone number."

The toy is called Hot Wheels Car Factory, not Rose Art car factory. It has the Hot Wheels emblem. I paid $30.00 because it was a Hot Wheels Car factory. I wouldn't have bought a Rose Art car factory, no less for $30.00. In fact, I am familiar with Rose Art. They make kid's craft items that are very inexpensive, not $30.00. So obviously the Hot Wheels name on the box meant something, about $20.00 additional profit I guess. But will they stand behind their product, NO. Please call Rose Art. I asked to speak to a different person in customer service with Mattel. I got the same thing. "Please call Rose Art. Here is their number."

I will tell everyone I know about this. I also will not bother Rose Art with this, except to tell them their name is not being helped by Mattel, but hurt. My son no longer likes Hot Wheels, which is too bad, as they were once a staple of growing boys. Maybe they realized in this world the additional $20.00 profit is far more important than quality safe products. Too Bad.


This company has filed for bankruptcy. Meanwhile, I have a Hot Wheels computer that does not work. You can't be on the internet without it freezing up. I called them and complained but they told me that my warranty was up. There was nothing they could do. Meanwhile, I spoke to my son's dad who told me that he just bought extra warranty a few months ago. When they called him, so when I found out about that I tried to call them back. That is when I could not find them anywhere...


I bought a Barbie computer package for my 6-year-old niece, paid and check cashed in October 2000. Never received the computer package & the company went bankrupt in December 2000.


I think that Mattel is holding back on production of the Barbie Airplane in order to boost "hype" and prices. I cannot find it anywhere. The only place I have been able to locate it is on eBay, which I will have to pay over $100 for this item. This is the same hype that toy companies generated for the Tickle Me Elmo craze. All the retailers have told me that they do not expect any shipments before Christmas and that it is unavailable.

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