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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Maclaren Strollers?
    • 4,482,017 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Reviewed Jan. 20, 2010

    Maclaren USA has recalled umbrella strollers. I tried the link from the Consumer Affairs website, consumer safety website, and the Maclaren USA website for recall. None of these links worked. Maclaren USA should be responsible for providing information about the recall to the public. How am I to get information about the recall and if my stroller is part of the recall if their website and recall tab is not working? Please force Maclaren USA to fix this problem.

    Reviewed Nov. 11, 2009

    These comments are pretty amazing .. I have two Maclarens - a twin turbo and my original is a ryder with no problems with either. They get a heavy workload ferrying kids twice a day to childcare. My only wish is that the carriage/storage baskets under the twin were bigger.
    In Australia, our Consumer Affairs Department issues worksheets about strollers advising never to hang objects off the handles as they will overbalance .. maybe a thought for the camera person is a backpack that you can wear and not compromise your child safety. We are also advised never to leave unsupervised, and to use a safety strap attached to your wrist to avoid pram/stroller moving into harms way. ( a couple of children died when stroller rolled down an embankment and into a river when the guardian was distracted with a phone call on a cell phone). Hope this helps.

    Reviewed Nov. 10, 2009

    three years ago, our daughter, then 3 years old got her right index finger caught in the join of a maclaren stroller. My husband had to forceably remove/pull her hand out of the stroller to take her to the ER. THey had to xray her finger (broken), remove the nail, and give multiple stitches to the raw exposed nail bed. THey splinted the finger. She had to have multiple follow up visits to the doctor for observation on the healing including removal of stitches.

    Reviewed Nov. 9, 2009

    I have been trying to contact Maclaren concerning the hinge recal at there tool free number 877-688-2326 and their website. I cannot get through on either. How are we supposed to get the kit for the stroller?

    Reviewed Nov. 9, 2009

    I have a chocolate/pink Maclaren stroller.And I have just about had it with it tipping over backwards with my 2 yr old in it.I have had people in stores and other businesses witness it on numerous occasions.I am confused and freaked out.

    Reviewed Nov. 9, 2009

    Stroller back wheels became like hard flat bricks after one year of regular use toting my son his first year. Called the soho store and the company was informed my stroller must be a counterfeitas a real maclaren would not be so inferior! I said it was a shower gift from babys r us, they said it musthave been a 2005 model due to the pattern (my son was born in 2006) and that in 2005 babys r us wasnot an authorized dealer. They were acting as if bAbys r us, us, and our stroller were inferior.

    Reviewed Oct. 30, 2009

    walking down the street with my two year old in his quest and wheel snapped off! We fell down could not believe it nobody badly hurt but shocked carried toddler home with shopping had to leave stroller on sidewalk !

    Reviewed March 7, 2008

    I bought a XT Techno Storm Maclaren, at babyrus, not knowing the wheels have problems. I thought after all the money that i paid for was a good stroller. It was important that have the 4 positions for my son to lay down when he falls sleep. It been already twice that the front wheel snapped off while crossing around with my son. First time it happened while in Spain, I had to send it to Barcelona from Valencia bcs it was the closer authorized repair center, elbebeaventurero, after $35 wheel repair and 3 months without the stroller, that was painful,no having a stroller when I thought I had one. Then, two weeks ago the other front wheel snapped off, this is ridiculous without doing anything the wheel just fall off.

    I just see myself looking for another stroller, second hand to just replace the Maclaren while I figure out where I they can fix it. It seems in Phoenix there is no place to fix it. Maclaren should have pulled all these models or make a recall. Since they didn't do it now they should repair and ships free of cost. They are selling under false expectations of value and safety.

    Reviewed Oct. 20, 2007

    I've purchased a MacLaren (Quest 2006 Citrus Lime) stroller this year (July 2007) from During my first trip to the park I've realized that I cant put anything in the universal organizer heavier then a travel pack of wipes and one diaper. I like to take pictures of my son and I hanged a camera (digital) on the handle of the stroller in it's case, well, the stroller along with my baby tripped backwards as soon as I let my hands off the handle. Thanks to a soft camera case my toddler was not hurt but he was crying scared.

    5 month later I use the stroller very rare - 2 times a week to go to the park, which is 5 minutes away from my home. We have nice asphalt and nothing that I could think of that would damage the stroller. (To think original purpose of a stroller is to ride a baby safely from point A to point B and pick up a few grocerie bags on the way) I have a car and never ever go out to the store in a hot weather, which we have here in Florida all year round.

    I started to hear squeaky sounds about a month ago and thought of using a WD-40. At a close look right I realized that the wheel is loose comparing to the other one. I called MacLaren customer service immediately and they told me to take it to a local authorized repair specialist. (9334 SW 56th Street in Miami, FL) I called him on Monday and asked him when I can come by to have the wheel replaced. He took model of stroller and serial number and said to come by anytime this week.

    I drove 1 1/2 hours with my son just to get there. The place looked nasty and I have to mention that it appeared to me that his main source of income came from repairing shoes and used vacuum cleaners. He looked at the stroller and said to me that that something has melted on the base of the wheel and also that all the other wheels look completely worn out and I will have to replace them as well (!!! 5 month I had this stroller!)

    Of course I called Maclaren on the spot trying to figure out what to do next. They told me that the warranty is not going to cover wheels, that it covers them only for 1 month after purchase and if I dont notice anything by then I will have to pay out of my own pocket.

    How can over $200 stroller have such bad wheels??? If I knew that I would have to pay $35 x4 for each set of wheels every 6-month I would of never bought that stroller. I have enough things to take care of in my life to have a headache about wheels on the stroller.

    So as I agreed to pay for the wheels authorized repair agent told me that he doesnt have wheels for this model (even though he took serial number, color and a year/model and told me to come by anytime!!!)

    Once again I was on the phone with Maclaren and a nice lady told me that she will attend to this matter personally, asked me to email her my proof of purchase and include a short letter about the problem. Im still waiting for her response.

    Reviewed April 19, 2007

    I bought a 2004 Maclaren Sport stroller. It gets use the most is maybe one day per week for a couple hours. However, after very little use, the back wheels, especially the rear left wheel, became very worn. This is such a shame after spending so much for the stroller in the first place. The sales person at Buy Buy Baby told me that Maclaren strollers are supposed to last at least 5 years. It seems more like 5 months.

    My friends who bought Maclaren strollers also have the rear left wheel worn down. I started to look closely at other Maclaren strollers and noticed that some of them tend to have the same problem. The Maclaren strollers look off balance and all lean a little. They also tend to tip over too easily.

    My child has fallen over in the Maclaren stroller too many times. One time he was already in the stroller and just simply leaned back and the stroller fell over. Regarding the worn down wheel, I have to take the stroller to an authorized service agent and the wheel replacement will cost at least $35.

    Reviewed April 6, 2007

    This stroller has a terrible center of gravity. All the weight is on the back because the front is too light weight. I constantly had to remind myself not to put anything with even the slightest weight on the back for fear of tipping back - a situation I prevented several times by jumping the foot between the stroller and myself to stop the tipping. As my daughter got closer to two years old, it actually became safer b/c she was heavier so it allowed for more ballast in the front - except when she fell asleep and stretched! Well, her head went way back as I tried to jump the foot between me and the stroller without success. My poor daughter went back as the stroller tipped back to the floor!

    Luckily I had a soft sided package of wipes in the back which just happened to cushion her head as she hit the floor! Very Scary.

    Reviewed Oct. 9, 2006

    what about the good experiences w maclaren i have a 2002 techno xt. with the exception of the flimsy hood- a real piece of crap since day one- the stroller has been wonderful. i live in piladelphia and have gotten every peny out of this stroller. we travel a great deal and couldn't imagine an easier stroller to use ot get on and off an airplane, into and out of stores, stow it in the trunk of the car, etc.

    on one trip a fe w years ago, usair broke one of hte handles off of the stroller. i didn't have the time to send it for repair so we continue to use it. this maclaren techno xt navigate better with one handle than any other stroller with two. i FINALLY bought a new one yesterday but it was only because i felt like a real schlep strolling my one year old around in a 4 year old stroller that needs oil and only has one handle.

    yes, the sun hood is HORRIBL but otherwise, you couldn't get a better stroller if you are a busy parent on the move.

    Reviewed July 31, 2006

    Purchased a MacLaren double stroller two years ago. Used infrequently, but valued greatly (worked great initially). The plastic connector cracked where the handles meet the frame, so the stroller droops on one side and cannot be pushed. Emailed MacLaren, they said to send it in. Received phone call that the stroller was damaged beyond repair and they can destroy it or ship it back damaged and I can purchase a new one at 15% off, which incidentally is more expensive than retailers on the web.

    The representative cited two other locations where the metal was bent on the stroller (never noticed, never had a problem) and so it was not possible to just fix the cracked piece of plastic that provides support to the stroller. So, in total, these three issues (two bent areas and cracked plastic) yield a stroller that is unrepairable. For a $200+ stroller, I expect a bit more. Feels like a strategy to get folks to pay more cash for more product.

    Reviewed July 5, 2006

    I purchased 2 Maclaren Daytripper strollers about 8 months ago as I have 2 little ones under 3 years. The one pram the part where the child sits has lifted up from underneath (looks like the metal inside the material has lifted). Cannot use as child cannot sit.

    Reviewed June 29, 2006

    Bought a Maclaren Triumph stroller last August. During the winter, the rear wheels started to wear out. In less than 8 months. I called them, spoke to Ms. Glaser, who argued that I was using it too much. In 8 months? In the end she agreed to send a new set of wheels. That was a month ago. They never arrived. Later, I looked at other Maclaren's in the playground and saw that 90% had the same sort of premature wear, indicative of defective design or materials or both.

    This is a very pricey stroller and the company's attempt to put the blame on the customer is at the least annoying. Worse yet, the worn wheels affect manueverability, which, in traffic or crossing the street, could present a grave safety issue.

    A new set of wheels cost $35. The stroller cost $120. Without the wheels the stroller is useless. Again, worn wheels potentially put the baby in the stroller and the parents at risk in an emergency situation. I believe there are grounds for a class-action suit on behalf of the thousands of owners of defective Maclarens.

    Reviewed Aug. 1, 2005

    We purchased a Mac 3 stroller last April. Since that time, we have had to replace the tires twice, and are now waiting for a third set of tires. With normal usage (ie.walks on pavement 3-4 times/week)the tires only last 4-6 months. We called Maclaren July 5th,2005 to order replacement tires and were told that the tires were on backorder for 2-3 weeks. My stroller now sits in the garage because one of the tires now has a hole in it.

    I phoned again on July 25th to check on the status of our order, still 2-3 week backorder. I asked to speak to a supervisor (Dottie Dohm). She called my back the next day and said she would check on the status of the tires and call me back on a day or two. It is now Aug. 1st and I still haven't heard from Dottie and I still don't have tires for my stroller. It is very disappointing when you spend $300+++ for a stroller that we now cannot use.

    Many companies make car, bicycle and motorcycle tires that withstand greater wear-n-tear than a stroller and they last longer than 4-6 months. It is hard for me to believe that Maclaren can't find a tire of better quality for their stroller.

    Reviewed April 1, 2005

    We returned our Global Stroller bought in Aug 2003 because the rear wheels fell off while I was walking my 18 month old daughter in Febraury. It also had some other damage to the locking/ folding mechanism. When I called outraged about the $300+ carriage being a piece of junk they said the wheel problem was normal wear and tear and that wheels need to be replaced from time to time. They assured me they would recondition the whole carriage including all the bent bars/folding mechanism, locking mechanism as well as replace all four wheels for $30 and $15 shipping.

    Dumbfounded but with only one carriage, I sent it to them as I really had little choice. I also had to incur the cost of shipping it to them. I instructed them via phone specifically to NOT send it back while we were on vacation. When we returned we found the carriage in a snow drift on our porch. When opened, the replaced bars had scratches and bend marks apparently from tools they used to install them. The FRONT wheels are put on so tight that they no longer swivel properly so its impossible to steer it. I am forced to lock them in the straightforward position which as you know makes it very difficult to push in many situations.

    Reviewed March 1, 2005

    I purchased the Maclaren Techno Classic stroller less than one year ago - the 2004 model. I have treated it well, but still the front wheel just snapped off when crossing a busy New York street. I took to Planet Kids, an authorized dealer who are repairing it. However, I am not satisfied. How do I know it will not happen again?

    There is obviously a fault with the materials used. I did much research when puchasing this product and believed that Maclaren was a trustworhy company. The experience has caused great inconvneience.

    The economic damage is that I spent $289 plus tax on this stroller and it is not reliable. A product of this so say calibre should last at least ONE year!

    Reviewed Jan. 28, 2005

    I have already made a report with consumer affairs regarding the wheel falling off my daughter's stroller twice before. After having it fixed two separate times at an authorized Maclaren dealer, two front wheels have again fallen off with my daughter in the stroller and myself being 32 weeks pregnant pushing it.

    Reviewed Nov. 6, 2004

    I purchased a Maclaren "Baby Buggy" in April of 2004. I have had nothing but trouble with this stroller. I thought like i am sure everyone else did, Maclaren is the best. Wrong! This stroller has no coverage for children, it is not sturdy at all. I had a problem with the hood. It had gotten warped. I called Maclaren and told them my problem. They had the nerve to tell me to send it back, at my expense, after spending 300.00 for it. I refused and after several complaint phone calls they sent for it. I told them that this is my only carriage and how long will it take, since it was August and unable to take a baby out without the hood, due to the sun exposure. they told me 2 days. Well 1 month went by and nothing. Finally I received my hood back.

    I was just very upset after spending so much money on the carriage, only having it for 3 months and having to send it for repair.Then only to find out that after several upseting phone calls, it would be on its way back to me.

    I would never recommend these useless carriages to anyone. Stick to Graco's. Price is good and so is the feedback.

    Reviewed April 12, 2004

    Dear Consumer Advocate--
    Thank you for what you are doing to hold Maclaren accountable for the faulty 2003 Techno XT Strollers. I own a red XT and also had the horrible experience of the front wheel falling off while walking home from church with my infant son. I would appreciate being kept informed of developments in this area and am interested in lending my voice and experience to the cause. Again, thank you.

    --Protecting Our Children,

    Reviewed March 10, 2004

    We bought a Maclaren Techno XT stroller on 12/31/2003. Everybody raved about how wonderful Maclaren strollers are for Manhattan streets, but yesterday as I was strolling my 20 months old daughter down the streets, the left front wheel snapped and fell off as I was walking, horrified and humiliated (people watching me), I tried to manage with 3 wheels to a safer place to get a cab home, the right back wheel then sanpped also! This was a horrifying experience, and I was very upset how such expensive and supposedly top of the line stroller can have such problem?!!!!! I tried to call Maclaren only to get answering machine because all of their reps are busy. We found their authorized dealer, El Bambi and described the problem, they said they could fix it.

    When we got there, they said that the Marclaren is aware of the problem and that we are not the first one to have gone to them for such problem. I was appalled. That was 3/9/04. Today, 3/10/04, I got a call from Bill at Maclaren returning my message left in the answering machine yesterday. I told him El Bambi will take a week to fix the stroller and in the mean time I am stranded at home or I'll have to pay big bucks for cabs or struggle holding my 30lb daughter if she falls asleep en route to where I want to go, bill told me to take my stroller to another place for reapir. I was like are you crazy, it was already a bear to get the broken stroller to El Bambi, and now he wants me to take it somewhere else?? What really upsetted me was that he also told me that they are aware of the problem and he identified without me telling him that my stroller was made in a batch back in 2003.

    My concern is if they knew about the problem, why didn't they pull these strollers off the shelf and recall the strollers???? If my daughter had fallen on the street because of the incident (thank God she was not hurt), then it would have been due to the manufacturer's irresponsibility for preventing this problem, which they already know about! This is simply unacceptable!! Bill called this afternoon to let me know they sped up the repair from 1 week to today, but when I asked him if the plastic pieces are going to hold and that the same problem will not happen again, he said,"anything can happend, and if it happens again, they will fix it under manufacture's warranty.", which is only 9 months from today. How can a manufacturer for baby products be so irresponsible???? Please look into this and I really feel Maclaren needs clean up its acts and provide "safe" products and "responsible" marketing to the consumers!

    Must we wait till some babies die because of this faulty stroller to make them clean up their acts?????? I plead that you would please do something.


    Helen Lai Chernne

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