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Purchased a Winnie the Pooh Hauck Travel Play Yard with Bassinet July of 1999. The bottom bars no longer lock like they should. Have tried to contact them through 888 number but it says that I cannot call from my calling area. Also tried searching internet and found a Hauck company overseas but have not responded to email. Is there anything else that I could do to resolve this?

Hauck is a German company. Its Web site is www.hauck.de/en/.

I bought a Hauck Winnie the Pooh traveller play yard and bassinet with my first daughter and I hardly used it at all. I only used it twice because it was so hard to put up and at times the sides wouldn't lock. I tried to take it back to the store where I had purchased it but they told me to get in touch with the maker but I can't find them. I tried to use it again recently and it would not lock no matter what I did.

Ths "play pen" was very expensive and it did not do the job that I bought it to do. I was afraid to put my baby in it because it might not be locked good and it could fall on her and hurt her.

I purchased a play yard for my 2 daughters. The locks don't work and there is a big bulge on the bottom of the play yard. As far as I'm concerned Hauck needs to replace or fix this problem. It is dangerous for children. As the other lady wrote there is a number in the instruction manual but a operator says it can't be reached.

We have the same problem with ours. We received it in about July of 98 and from the begining it really has not latched right. It is very hard to lock and unlock. When it is in its locked position it is very easy to pop the bottom up still when it should be locked down. I do not know how to take action on this matter. This was close to $200 and I would like something done. Mine was a Winnie the Pooh.

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