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My daughter a week ago was using an exerciser (swing) and during the time she was in it she got a femur fracture (fracture of the upper leg) , that caused us to go thru hell. We stayed in the hospital 2 days and that was the worst days of my life, we were feeling like under microscope, checking us as a parents throu CPS , it was just a nightmare.


I received an Evenflo 2-in-1 smart fold swing about 3 weeks before my son was born in august. He just turned 6 months old and he loves his swing seeing how he has had a double ear infection and was the only place he would sleep without his ears hurting him, but the motor is shot. The other day i put him in it and turned it on and the swing will not move.

Now I have to go and buy a new swing and they are around $100.00, and with a 6 month old and a 6 year old, extra money is not something that i have laying around


Evenflo Baby Swing model 4089526A began to slow after the first set of batteries. By the second set the swing failes to move anymore. We called Evenflo and they asked for parts from the swing and replaced it. The same failure occured but before the second set of batteries were installed. Evenflo replaced it again. The third swing started out much faster then the others. But now too the adjustment for speed has no affect and the swing has slowed. Evenflo when called states they make no other models and can only offer less expensive other baby items as a replacement.

My three- month-old daughter was swinging in the new Smart Response swing and the back of the swing unlatched and she flipped head-first to the floor leaving her dangling from the swing. Luckily she was strapped in or she would have smashed her head open but, she was terrified and screamed for hours.

She could have died or been injured severely and she was terrified.

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