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Model number 5481566 car seat handle breaks where the screws are. I have no car seat as a result.

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Wow...I just got off the phone with Evenflo, and I am speechless.

We had a back pack baby carrier that completely crumbled in the waist strap part, and my baby nearly fell out. The plastic part broke and I had to grab hold to make sure she did not topple off my back. I could not believe the design as I took it apart. I had blindly trusted it was sturdy. It was old stock to begin with and should never been sold to me. Teaches me for paying 160 bucks and thinking that was expensive for a carrier.

We only bought it a year ago and was used indoors to keep a fussy baby happy and nearby. It worked and was carefully used. Well, it turns out Evenflo stopped making them about 2 years ago as they are no longer safe (no kidding), and the store that sold it to me should not have.

Evenflo said they no longer make that carrier and can send me a product or a refund if I return the back pack. I verified this, as was pleased they stood behind their goods. I spent $45 with Canada Post to do so, along with the required reciept. That was silly of me, as now I have no defective back pack or reciept to prove things.

They left a message saying the recipet is not valid (huh?) and can offer me a product of equal value. Seriously? They have my reciept and the carrier, and they call the shots now. I guess they don't stand behind their products afterall. Oh, and no refund for the shipping either. I was to have cut the straps off (yes, really) and send only those in. Not the whole carrier she tells me. Right...then I would be blamed for making it defective. Either way it is lose-lose for us. we are out over $200 bucks and no carrier for baby...or proof.

I explained I did not want anymore Evenflo products, just a return for the $160 I shelled out for the pack and shipping of $45. She flat out said they can't, and if I need to call BBB than I should. What?! I don't have any proof now, so what good does that do. Nice customer service! I said then I want the back pack shipped back to me, as it belongs to me. Nope, they already destroyed it as it is unsafe. Yup, they said it. UNSAFE. So I am out over 200 bucks, and they won't do a darn thing about it. I don't need any new products from Evenflo and I feel royally ripped off.

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