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Evenflo Breast Pumps

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Evenflo Breast Pumps
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Rated with 4 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 5, 2017

I find the pump uncomfortable. It's a manual. I can't afford a electric one at this time. I have to say it gets the job done, but I feel it takes too long compared to the electric one.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 19, 2016

I purchased the Dual Electric Pump in October 2015, based on name recognition and previous experience with their manual pumps. I am very disappointed with the electric model and how they have dealt with the issue. The pump worked well the first maybe three times I used. Once a day every other day. So I called the company to get replacements as it was still under their warranty. The first replacement motors they sent did NOT work either!

When I called today and explained the issue the lady had me do the same thing the first person did, but to all four pumps. Saying that the replacements are brand new not refurbished and should work. She then had the nerve to argue with me about the difference between low suction and no suction! Somehow she did not understand that they had low suction to begin with and one set now has no suction while the other has very little from time to time! Not that hard to understand. Her only option was to send out a second replacement set that can't even be done until FedEx picks up the first set! Consequently I have been forced to introduce formula for the time being and we are having great difficulties getting the little one to keep it down. This product sucks and they should give refunds to everyone who bought their crappy product! I will never purchase another Evenflo product of any kind!

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21 people found this review helpful
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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Dec. 29, 2015

My daughter refuses to feed at the breast so I have been pumping. The tubing adapter broke and the only place that sells them is the manufacturer in Ohio. I would get it in time it would take two weeks! Waste of money! Wish I would have just got the more expensive one and have parts available at local stores!

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 2, 2015

I purchased the Dual Electric Breast a Pump as a gift. I chose Evenflo due to name recognition. The pump worked one time. She was not able to get any suction after that. It was fully charged and powered, there is simply no suction. That I wasted so much money in this makes me sick to my stomach and I want to cry. No one should buy this and Evenflo should send refunds to everyone that has. From now on I will purchase store brand, no-name before I spend another penny on any Evenflo product.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 29, 2015

I got the breast pump from my insurance company. When it arrived I was excited to get it since I had to go back to work. So anyways I opened the box and right away I want to try it out. It took forever. I would say an hour just to get not even an ounce of milk in the bottle. I wanted to return this product but once you open the box and break the seal it cannot be returned. So now I don't have a reliable breast pump for me to go back to work and school and I don't agree with formula. How do they want us to go to work if the stupid breast pump doesn't work and it takes a drop at a time? I'm really angry at this product. I don't recommend it at all. Evenflo needs to try their products before they sell it on the market and lying about how great their product is. I'm very very angry I got the Evenflo electric pump that is not what they advertise on the box. I don't like it one bit... Evenflo take your product back.

35 people found this review helpful
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Rated with 4 stars
Original review: Aug. 2, 2015

I am pleased with Evenflo electric breast pump. I had my daughter July 4 2014 & my daughter's aunt bought me my Evenflo breast pump 2 months after I had her. At first I was embarrassed. It was my first child, & I never used one before. Even though I had a stepdaughter. Afterwards I was fine with it. I pumped multiple times each day. I pumped all the time from day one until March 13 2015. I breastfed til my daughter was 8 1/2 months old. I am pleased with my experience. I apologize to everyone else's experiences.

9 people found this review helpful
Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 12, 2015

Ok so I purchased the Evenflo electric dual breast pump for $57 in September of 2014. It was very loud, & very tough on the nipples. Well it worked for about 5 months for one pump & 7 months for the other before they both lost suction power. After reading all the other reviews (which I wished I would have read before purchasing) I felt compelled to do the same because everyone else didn't work but for a week or a couple of months. I am a stay at home parent & I only pumped when engorged or in the evening so my husband can feed our baby. It did clogged from time to time (not releasing the milk into the bottle & backing up into the suction part of the machine). It also didn't release all the milk.

After about 20 minutes on each breast I would have to rest the machine & my achy nipples then start over again. I don't know how long a breast pump is suppose to last but I expected this one to at least last until I weaned my child off breast milk. I haven't had such a bad experience with the machine other than spending money on something that doesn't work all that well.

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7 people found this review helpful
Rated with 1 star
Original review: Feb. 4, 2015

I purchased the evenflo a couple weeks ago, tried using it about 4 times now. It worked horrible from the beginning! But it's even getting worse which I didn't think was possible. Not only is it loud (which I could deal with if it worked) it has barely any suction! If I was to make a bottle with this thing it would take hours! Not even exaggerating. I DO NOT RECOMMENDED!!! WASTE OF MONEY!

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Rated with 1 star
profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 6, 2015

I purchased an evenflo single electric breast pump, used it THREE (3) times and it worked fine. However, upon my fourth try I got no suction AT ALL. From what I've read other users paid $50-$60, in the Bahamas they are $95 so I'm definitely not purchasing a second one! The motor is crazy loud. At first I thought the power cord had some sort shortage issues that caused the lost of suction power but's the pump itself.

I am highly upset. Words can't explain how frustrated I am right now. It cannot be returned because it's used. I really wish I had thought to check for reviews before purchasing. Waste of $95...Total waste. It's 10 pm and I have work in the morning. How is my baby going to make it!!!!!! I'm ANGRY!!!!!! DO NOT PURCHASE THIS BRAND OF BREAST PUMPS...please save yourself.

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38 people found this review helpful
Rated with 1 star
Original review: Dec. 17, 2014

The only reason I have this breast pump is because my insurance paid for it. The first time I use it, it worked fine but after several uses the suction wasn't great. I contacted the company and they sent out replacement parts, but the replacement parts don’t work either. I have to buy another pump. It will definitely be another brand. Don't buy this pump it is a waste of money!!!

13 people found this review helpful
Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 29, 2014

My mother bought me the Evenflo Dual Electric breast pump so I could build up my milk supply as my son isn't gaining weight as he should and he doesn't always like breast feeding. I've used the pump about four times and the suction is terrible and the motor is so loud and obnoxious. The last time I pumped, it took 20 minutes to get less than an ounce, whereas the hospital grade Medela expressed 5-6 oz in 15. I am deeply disappointed with this product and will let Evenflo know how much so on Monday when their customer service line is open. I have breast feeding friends who are looking to buy a pump and I will NOT recommend any Evenflo product as they are of poor quality!

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Rated with 2 stars
profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 21, 2014

I purchased the Evenflo Double Electric Breast Pump but not before reading online reviews. I did read some positive ones and few negative ones. It wasn't the cheapest pump on the market but it was more affordable ($130) than the more expensive brands, which are upwards of $400+. I tried it a few times and am disappointed with this product. I have used a hospital grade pump and knew what I was doing. However, this is an inferior pump. I would pump for approx 45 mins and would barely get any milk. The product only allows you to control the pace of the suction (slow-fast) and the length of the suction (short-long). A consumer should be able to control the strength of the suction too. In my opinion, this product has a weak suction.

I called the company as I was instructed to do on the live chat. Instead of giving me a refund which I was requesting, the agent went through troubleshooting. In the end, Evenflo is sending me a new motor base and two seals. I am not confident that the new base is going to make a difference. To top it off, they want me to send the product back to them (Said they would reimburse me once they receive it) that could 6-8 weeks. I DO NOT recommend this product at all or any other Evenflo product on the principle that Evenflo does not care about customer satisfaction. I will make sure that I do not purchase any other Evenflo products from this company because their products are inferior!

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25 people found this review helpful
Rated with 1 star
Original review: Jan. 18, 2014

This is the very worst breast pump ever. How can this company legally sale junk like this!!!!!!!

9 people found this review helpful
Rated with 2 stars
profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 25, 2012

My daughter-in-law was given an Evenflo dual electric breast pump as a gift. The pump never got enough suction to even attach to her breast. So, we took the pump to a lactation specialist and had it tested to make sure that she was operating it properly. The pump was tested and found not to have enough suction. We were told that nothing was defective on the pump; it just was not a good pump. I tried returning the pump to the store and was told that I had to go through Evenflo. When I called Evenflo, I was told that because the pump had been opened I could not return it (how would a person know it didn't work if they didn't open it) but they would be glad to cover any replacement parts. The fact that the pump was of inferior quality was not their concern. I will not purchase any other Evenflo products because of the way this was handled and strongly recommend others not to purchase this pump.

19 people found this review helpful
Rated with 1 star
Original review: Feb. 8, 2012

My wife received and Evenflo breast pump set for her baby shower. The electric one worked fine for about three weeks, and then stopped having a good suction. While I messed around with it trying to find out what may have happened, she used the hand held pump for about a week. Then, go figure--that one quit working well! The blue seal didn't give enough friction to allow suction. The electric one, however, well--I still don't know what happened! I even took it all apart! Do not buy Evenflo pumps!

14 people found this review helpful
Original review: June 11, 2011

I bought an Evenflo breast pump and it lasted for only one week. If you are looking for a breast pump, do not buy the Evenflo brand. I wished I had looked at the customer reviews before purchasing. I cannot return the item now that it is used.

9 people found this review helpful
Original review: Feb. 18, 2011

This pump was purchased at this location and it was owned for only about a week and 3 days, and was used only three times. This pump failed in releasing all my milk production from my breast and led me to engorgement twice! I presented my doctor & lactation consultant with the pump and was notified that the pump was the problem, not me nor my body. I then attempted to use the pump again (the 3rd time) to give it another try and then was diagnosed with mastitis, an infection of the breast. My husband purchased a secondary pump, which I have not experienced any problems with! When we went to exchange it, they would not take it back.

3 people found this review helpful
Original review: Oct. 20, 2010

I was given an Evenflo Comfort Select dual pump for my baby shower. When it came time to use it, it worked fine for the first few weeks then all of a sudden it quit working. There was no suction. I thought that it might be the power cord and tried it with batteries. It sounded like my pumps were dying, like the batteries were dying. The batteries were brand new and I tried different batteries as well and the pumps still didn't work.

I called Evenflo and they went through troubleshooting with me (which I had already done) and they sent me new motors. The new motors did the same exact thing. This has been so upsetting! Totally disrupting my daily routine and lowering my stock pile. We have been in agreement on us wanting to breastfeed for at least one year and I have to go back to work in a couple of weeks. Also we can't really afford formula at the moment, plus who wants to buy formula with all of the recalls. Anyway, I am very, very disappointed in Evenflo pumps and will not recommend them to anyone.

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6 people found this review helpful
Original review: July 24, 2010

I bought an Evenflo Comfort Select Manual Breast Pump on the May 8, 2010. I would say I used it regularly before but two days ago, I went back out to work and I had caused to be using it everyday. On July 22, I realized that milk was leaking out of the horn insert and I was losing suction. Then one day after, the iron piece that controls the handle just broke off. I am deeply upset as Evenflo was a brand I trusted. Now, I have to buy another pump. I would like to know what can be done to compensate me as my 90 days warranty is not up as yet again, I am very disappointed.

4 people found this review helpful
Original review: May 21, 2010

I purchased an EvenFlo comfort select breast pump dual action. In turn, my newborn just happens to be tongue tied so I really needed to use a pump to be able to bottle feed him breast milk. After using the pumps for 1 month the suction on the pumps was gone. I contacted the manufacture and they instructed me ways to try to get it to work again, which was ineffective. Nothing worked. I ended up going out and spending more money to get a brand new pump totally different manufacture, which is working great, but still $50.00 plus tax is a lot of money just to be thrown away!

3 people found this review helpful
Original review: Sept. 18, 2009

When I had my son, I bought a $60 Evenflo electric breast pump. It worked alright for a while, but then it just stopped pumping well. The suction, well, sucked. So I decided to buy two Evenflo MANUAL breastpumps, totalling $40 and they worked great, but again, only for a while. The handle cracked and broke off, so I bought another set of two ($40). One of the cracked and broke, AGAIN, so I decided instead of wasting MORE money, to just use super glue, and it was fine. But one of them, the metal piece that acts like a spring broke, so I had to purchase yet ANOTHER one ($20). And just today, my other broke! Basically, I am furious of having to spend a total of $160 on breast pumps that keep breaking down.

2 people found this review helpful
Original review: Aug. 19, 2009

I have a six month old and I’m still breast feeding. The first Evenflo pump I bought was great, no problems, I loved it, but the rubber part ripped so I recently bought another one. Since I can’t purchase the part that I needed, I paid $60 for the fist and $60 for the second one. I have used it 4 times and it lost suction. I’m so mad. I don’t have the money to keep buying pumps every single time my stupid pump breaks. I want my money back! I cannot afford to keep buying new damn pumps. I work full time and don’t have a lot of money extra because I pay rent and I can’t keep buying $60 pumps. This has caused a big dent in my wallet for something to break too easily after 4 uses.

2 people found this review helpful
Original review: Aug. 23, 2008

i bought evenflo pump 2 months ago because my relative encouraged me to do so as she used it before and found it very good. i bought the pump that works with electricity and battaries as well.

2 days ago the pump started to go crazy; it works for a minuite and stops and then when i move the wire it works but if i moved myself a little bit it stopped. i figured out that there is something wrobg with the wire and since it is not egyptian made i didnt know what to do... i endured it until Now just Now it stopped completely.

i'm writing this at 5 am as i'm used to put the baby in bed and use the pump to store milk for the next day to feed the baby when she is up but the pump is DEAD and i'm really mad you know because it is dead and because it is dead NOW. i thought of buying batteries but all shops are closed and people are sleeping now and i really really don't know what to do... plus i dont know what to do to the wire? how wud i fix it? i didnt mistreat the pump on the contrary i'm known for being very careful with my stuff plus the wire is very good i mean not torn or cut or anything just as i bought it...

Now tell me what to do and my daily routin is ruined who is gonna make this up for me. wht am i going to do tomorrow when the girl is up? will i continue using battaries? do you have any idea how it cost me to buy the pump? 500 egyptian pounds and i refused to buy cheap ones so as not to be faced with this ordeal now i bought the expensive one and am in deep trouble... so after what i paied i dont think my husband will like the idea of buying batteries every 2 days... my baby is 3 and a half months old so do u know how much will it cost to buy battaries till its weaning?

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2 people found this review helpful
Original review: May 12, 2008

i bought an evanflo elect. breast pump at walmart for about $50.00, and have experienced most of the same problems the wemon here have complained about as well, nonly was the pump extreemly painfull because of the sucktion, but the milk wouldent evan fall into the collection tube, it just spilled out around the suction cup, for the life of me i still dont know why because i was doing everything the manual told me too.

This product should be tken off the market, DISGUSTED WITH EVANFLO i cant afford a 250 modela however i will be getting in contact with my wic office because they will supply a modela dual breast pump to any mother wo cant afford one who has to go back to work or school.

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3 people found this review helpful
Original review: March 1, 2008

I bought the pump when my daughter was 1 month old so that my husband could help out with the feeding, and all was well for the first few times I used it. Then all of a sudden it started acting funny and the suction was really messed up.

2 people found this review helpful
Original review: Jan. 19, 2008

I had my 7th baby on October 11, 2007. I purchased an Evenflo breast pump in 2004 for my 5th child and used it very occasionally with no problems while breastfeeding my 5th and 6th babies. I could not find all of the parts (very tiny rubber parts) so I had my husband buy me another Evenflo. My baby is only 3 months old and already the pump has stopped working properly. I have plenty of milk - my daughter often chokes at the beginning of feeds because the milk is flowing so quickly, but I cannot get my milk to do more than drip from my nipples while using the Evenflo pump. I am done having children but I have 6 daughters and lots of friends and relatives and I will NEVER recommend an Evenflo product to any of them - especially after reading all of the other comments on this site. At least now I feel validated that it was not my fault but the fault of Evenflo for making such a crappy product!

3 people found this review helpful
Original review: Nov. 25, 2007

I have purchased the same Evenflo single breastpump twice now. The first time I had no problems with it with my first child. This time it's the complete opposite! I've been pumping only on occasion for about a month now....and all of a sudden it started having HORRIBLE leaking problems! In the pumping manual it comes with it talks about staying relaxed as possible but how can you stay relaxed when you feel disgusting from being covered in breastmilk? Not only that, it's also losing suction. I'm more upset about all the breastmilk getting wasted (it's like losing GOLD) and leaking all over the place (it literally sprays out the pump!). Anyways, I will never buy anything Evenflo from this experience. I really can't afford another pump either, this is money down the drain.

3 people found this review helpful
Original review: May 31, 2007

I have an Avent manual breast pump but wanted to own an electric one in order for me to pump more milk for my daughter. A friend of mine gave me an Evenflo Comfort Select electric breast pump as a present. Though there was a warning regarding the return policy, I excitedly opened the package and at the back of my mind I was thinking that if the product is not good then manufacturing it should have been stopped.

To my disappointment, the pump doesn't work as I expected. After 1hr of pumping, I only get 1.5 oz of milk. I tried using it for 3 days and the same thing happens. The manual pump that I have works even better. It is really a waste of money. That was the only time that I researched about their product fr om the Internet and found out numerous complaints.

I called up their customer service to demand for a return. They promised me that they will be returning back the money that I spent only after I ship the item.

I am not sure if they will really be refunding the amount I spent (before tax). Aside from the inconvenience of owning the said pump (which I expected to work well), I need to spend for the shipping fee. One more thing, I need to wait for 5-6 weeks just in order to get my money back. It's really a waste of money and time. Aside from the bad quality of their product,they do not have good customer service.

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2 people found this review helpful
Original review: May 23, 2007

I have the same complaints as everyone else . I purchased the pump and have returned to work part time. The pump only works part of the time and has left me engorged at work and at times having to feed my child formula when at the time I was not prepared to do this. I read that Evenflo is aware of the problem so I plan on contacting them. I didnt not purchase the warrany that I was offered at KMart figuring a name like EvenFlo I wouldnt have to. Now I regret - you get what you pay for!

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Original review: May 4, 2007

I bought a Evenflo breast pump when my daughtr was 3months. It worked great the first mnth but after a month it would not pump at all. The first time I used it in 2 hours I could pump 3 9oz bottles, now i cant even pump one four oz bottle in three. I work ten hours a day and, can't even pump one bottle for my child. If I need to pump milk for my daughter I would have to start 3 hours an advance.

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Evenflo expert review by Sandra Gordon

Evenflo has been a leader in the breast pump and infant equipment industry for almost 100 years. Evenflo began as a bottle manufacturer in Ohio in 1920, inventing the first bottle nipple that could be secured in place with a cap. True to its roots, today Evenflo continues to offer a range of feeding products and accessories, including a wide range of breast pumps as well as many other baby and toddler products.

  • High-quality pumps: Evenflo is a large breast pump company known for offering high-quality breast pumps that stay clean and sanitary and are very low-maintenance.

  • Variety: The company offers a number of different pumps depending on how often customers will be using them. You can choose between manual, single electric, double electric, deluxe advanced or deluxe plus advanced double electric pumps, all at various affordable price points.

  • Accessories: Evenflo provides a number of replacement parts and accessories to help extend product life and make pumping more convenient, including nursing pads, breast milk storage bags, milk collection bottles, XL and XXL sized flanges, cooler bag, parts replacement kit, replacement valves and membranes and more.

  • Sold at convenient retailers: In addition to buying online at, you can purchase most Evenflo pumps, parts and accessories at major retailers across the United States, including Babies R Us, Walmart, Target, buy buy Baby, Kohl’s, Walgreens and more.

  • Award-winning: The company’s Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump was awarded with the National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval in 2014.

  • Best for: frequent and occasional pumpers and users who have trouble feeding.

Profile picture of Sandra Gordon
Sandra Gordon Parenting Products Contributing Editor

Specializing in health and medicine, Sandra Gordon has written extensively about cord blood banking for national and regional parenting magazines. She also has written about baby products, including breast pumps, for national and regional parenting magazines, blogs and books. Her work has appeared in hundreds of publications, including Parents, Prevention, Woman’s Day and Self. Gordon also appears on TV as a baby safety and money-saving expert. She is also the author of 10 books and the founder of, a site dedicated to helping new parents gear up safely and within their budget.

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