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Stroller flipped my 3 month old baby on a minor curve and it also flipped me. I'm the Dad and weight about 200 pounds and I'm pretty good keeping my balance, I'm used to working on big ladders and skating. This stroller could had easily killed my baby and me too. Must be out the market before someone else gets hurt or worse.

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I was given a travel system for my baby shower and 3 months into using it it started not holding the car seat in the stroller and car seat wouldn't click properly to its mount for the car. I called the company and requested a replacement. They replaced my travel system with another travel system that was $100 less than the value of what I had originally purchased. It was a cheap piece of crap. I called them again and they offered to give me a refund for my original $250 purchase, I sent them the stroller back with their promise that they would send me a check and a month later I'm being told I still have to wait and that their machine doesn't work and there's nothing they can do. My question is if you knew they couldn't send me a check why would you have me send the product back so that now I'm out stroller and car seat on top of my money? Their customer service is absolutely ** and I would never recommend their products or company to anyone!

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I was given this stroller from my baby shower registry at Babies R Us. The system worked pretty well. The baby's head and back sweats intensely even though it's not really warm out. Also, now that my daughter is 1 yr old, the seat belt will not stay on. The seat belt comes out from stroller below hip level so when she shifts around, no matter how tight we put seat belt on, she is able to slide down seat belt and take one leg out at a time. We caught her a few times because we recorded her and submitted video and pics to Evenflo. I had written to them via email if they had additional harness or seat belt I could use. The person who I spoke with via email several times could only tell me that maybe I was not putting on the seat belt correctly and that I should buy her a new stroller with a harness next time, even though her stroller still in great condition.

When I took it to Babies R us I spoke with someone who had had a similar problem with the same stroller except that their baby was not able to wiggle all the way out so seat belt would be at mid leg level and baby would hang off the side of stroller. We spoke with Babies R Us and told them of the issue and they gave exchanged it for a Babies R Us travel system Pioneer, that was half the cost but works great.

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We purchased this stroller/travel system at Walmart in 2012. The stroller has a bolt under the thin mesh cover that sticks out on the sides right at my baby son's head level. When he is sitting upright and reclines backwards at a slight angle, the back of his head hits this bolt. There is no padding either on the bolt area or any of the whole metal side structure of the stroller. With my son at an age, just turned 1, where he is moving around on his own now, this is totally unacceptable. He cried so hard when he hit his head on it the other day! How can there be no protection from that??

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My concern is the arm on the stroller that connect the tray to the stroller. It has a gap in it and when you attach the key to the tray, there is another gap that no force can get to snap together. This stroller isn't safe and can cause harm to an infant. The car seat itself seems safe but once placed on the tray, it sways forward. This alone is need for a recall. The warranty is 90 days that I understand. This is not a general concern for a vanity issue but a safety issue. When I contact the company, the replacement parts are no longer available.

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I purchased an Evenflo Discovery Travel System for my daughter for ease of use taking her from the car and placing it on the stroller. The wheels are constantly falling off whether I am putting the stroller away, or taking it out. The wheels also fall off if I am lifting the stoller up to put on the curb. Then, earlier this year I find that the Infant Seat has a recall for the restraint system.

Evenflo sent me the most ludicrous restraint strap that requires me to buckle my car seat on both sides when I want to place my child in and take out of the car. No way would I have purchased any carseat that required the need for two snaps and a lever to install and remove from my vehicle. I am very dissapointed in Evenflo, and their lack of customer service.

The wheels of my stroller have fallen off at the curb while in traffic creating a panic in me, and a safety hazard. The car seat is pretty useless now, I would consider giving it away, but I don't think anyone would even use the straps as they are such a hinderance.


I have an Evenflo stroller that we bought when my baby was born. He is now 18 months. Months ago the tray came of on the wrong side, leaving exposed a broken plastic part and a wire which would be very harmful for any child. This is not misuse, this is a manufacturing defect. We call Evenflo and they wanted us to replace a stroller at a discounted price of 50%. When I kept complaining they took it down to just shipping and handling. I kept complaining and all they kept saying is that it is out of warranty. Like anything is going to happen within the first 3 months when the baby is not even 15 lbs. The stroller is supposed to hold 40 lbs. My baby is 20 lbs. and he does not have the strength to break a tray. Specially not from the inside.

This is an absolute danger. I've seen other strollers around with the same problem. I am looking for more information to take legal action against them. I am tired of trusting this companies with our children and all they sell us are defective productos that endangered the life of our children. So much for this fake security on the health of our children.


We purchased an Evenflo stroller in July 2006 from babies'r'us in Coquitlam, B.C. for our son and now 5 months later the material has mold growing on it. I am very concerned how long this mold has been growing on the stroller and if it was on the material when it was purchased. I took the stroller back to babiesrus and they said it was over 45 days so they refused to replace it. I then called Evenflo and was not pleased with their response either.

I spoke with a number of service or call centre representatives and they were of no help. I was told that the corporate attorney from evanflo would call me back when he returns back to work from the holidays. I do not feel that any material such as this that grows mold should be around children. I have never seen mold on a stroller before and think that someone should look into this product and see if anyone else has ever had a problem with mold on their strollers.

I believe this is very dangerous for children. Mold is something that can affect breathing in later life to both adults and children. Should the company not make sure that these coverings on strollers are mould resistant. I believe the company should replace the stoller.


I was on my way to school and the tire snaped off and my baby is 3 months old. I just got the stoller not to long ago and I think I should get a new one because Im 17 and don't have the money to keep going out and buying strollers.

The damage is that my daughter and I can't get to school and we can't get a new one.


I bought the Evenflo Journey Travel System in May 2003 from Babies R Us in Orlando, Florida. About a month after I purchased it the wheels started falling off of it and I tried to return it to the store. They said it was a manufacturers defect and since it had a 90 day warrenty I could get it fixed by Evenflo. I called them right away but they would not fix it for free.

They wanted nearly $40 to send new wheels, that would have obviuosly done the very same thing. They claim that there isn't anything wrong with the travel system. I called again 01/19/2005 after having the defective product for 18 months or so and they were very rude and said that they didn't believe I had ever called and that I should have dealt with it then. I did, but they wouldn't take care of it. We spend over $200 on their crappy product and it has to be held together with rubber bands.

The stroller part of the travel system indangers children and their families since the wheels come off at any time. I have been crossing a street and have them fly off in two directions. Someone will probably die if these strollers aren't recalled.

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Evenflo has been around since 1920, when they specialized in baby feeding products. Today, the company specializes in larger infant and child gear, including car seats, booster seats, cribs and strollers.

  • Strollers for active families: Evenflo’s strollers are designed with busy, active families in mind. They include jogging strollers and easy-fold strollers that can quickly fold up or down.
  • USA made products: Most of Evenflo’s products are made in their Ohio-based factory. Look for the Made in the USA markings on their products.
  • Safety information: Find safety information, including recall alerts, easily on Evenflo’s website. When applicable, order a free remedy kit for the product being recalled from Evenflo’s website.
  • Easy to find: Evenflo strollers and other products are sold by major retailers across the country and around the world. See a full list of their partner retailers on Evenflo’s website.
  • Replacement parts: It’s easy to order replacement parts for your Evenflo stroller and other Evenflo products on their website. This can be a much less expensive option when a part gets worn than replacing the entire stroller.
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