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Dorel was less than helpful in trying to help me repair the damage caused to my car due to the car seat rubbing against the leather. The process took many hours and days of my time, costing me over $2,000 in lost revenue due to the time spent trying to resolve the issue and jumping through all the hoops to submit the claim. They then took a long time to notify me that my claim was rejected. Their Safety 1st customer service is horrible and their products are cheaply made. I am very dissatisfied with Safety 1st and Dorel Juvenile Group and plan to contact an attorney to try to resolve the issue.

Head Rest adjuster lever snapped in back and will not move up and down. I am unable to adjust the head rest to fit my son's height! I am not able to use the car seat at all! I have contacted Dorel Juvenile group 3 different times in the past week with no response! Please help resolve this issue. Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite/Luxe Model # CC061 AXM.

We purchased a white bunk bed from Kmart and not even 3 months after having it, the bunk bed has split and cracked on the rails holding the head and footboard. Together, the bed is not sturdy. We have a 33 pound 3 year old and a 37 pound 5 year old.

After calling Dorel Rep and telling them the bed is cracking and splitting, she was quiet and asked me what I want them to do. I asked if the bed had been recalled and she said no. I then checked online and saw the report of Dorel recalling over 45,000 bunk beds due to cracking and splitting for models from 2004 to 2009. Well it seems my bunk bed is one of those except Dorel slapped a new sticker on with the date 11/10. We are hoping to return it to Kmart tomorrow.

I called to ask if there was a recall on my Aerolite Sport Travel System, model TR082/TR191, because, while I was walking with the baby in the stroller, the rear wheel fell off the cinch pin and the hub cap broke. I was kept on hold for an half-hour and was referred to the part department but my question of a recall will only be answered if I purchased the additional coverage at Babies R Us. I did not, but the warranty of one year is still in effect.

I purchased two cribs from Kmart a while ago, one for myself and another for a friend, model DA0504KMC-1N ($230 each) 3 months ago. My son had an accident in this crib where the front rail dropped and fell onto his ankle only to leave bad bruises. In January, I found out that the bed had a recall. I called Dorel, explained what happened. The agent told me that I had to first go through the recall process and call back to request a comparable model be sent because even with the replaced parts, I didn't feel safe using the now disassembled crib for any reason.

They sent a recall packet. I returned it, waited a month, called them back to find out the status. An agent by the name of Audrey stated that the replacement pieces should be delivered today. I then informed her of what the previous rep stated. She then went on to tell me that the crib could be replaced with a 2-in-1 crib model WM2614ND ($89) which is in no way comparable to the one that I previously had assembled for my son. She stated that crib is all she was able to offer.

I then spoke with Natalie and Marino who told me that it was the decision of the government and their company (Kmart) that they are only to replace the rails although my child had an accident. They didn't have to offer the 2-in-1 crib to me. While I appreciate the thought of my son having another crib to sleep in, the crib is in no way comparable to my 3-in-1 crib. It's not comparable by look, ability, color, or size.

How can you justify not replacing my bed with one comparable after telling me it would be? They do have other models available that are similar that it can be replaced with that are being sold on the market today. I asked, "If I sent my current bed back at my expense, could I have a refund to purchase something comparable to what I have for my son, something that I can change as he grows so I wouldn't have to purchase beds every 2 years?" His reply was summed up to be no.

I would never purchase another item made by this company. They conduct business as if the consumer does not matter to them. I feel that they are doing the bare minimum by the government's standards for a consumer which is totally unacceptable.

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We have a Dorel crib (Vintage Estate 3-1 Crib - Cherry Model # DASE5009) that was part of a massive recall. When we followed the procedures outlined by Dorel, we received a response from them that this particular model has been discontinued due to overwhelming number of problems they had with it. This was shared with me by Audrey during my first contact by phone with them on 9/21/2010. They also informed me that the replacement model that would be sent for my recalled 3-in-1 crib would be a 2 -in-1 and that it is not offered in the color of my original crib.

This in no way seems fair or legal. Can someone please help us with this? Dorel sold us a substandard product. We paid full price for that product with the intention of being able to use it many times over. Your company has an unreasonable expectation that we should just be willing to accept less than what we paid for. Their solution leaves us with the choice of either using a recalled piece of furniture that would potentially leave our child at risk of fatality or injury, or take something in exchange that is of lesser value, less functional, and is a complete mismatch with what we purchased to begin with.

I contacted their supervisor Mr. ** with the following email: "I'm sure if you were in my situation, you would have the same concern that I do. First of all, I originally paid for a 3-in-1 and am being relegated to a 2-in-1. As Audrey explained, this will be overcome by me holding my existing headboard in storage somewhere until it is time for me to use it as a toddler bed. One of the points of getting a 3-in-1 is to not have to worry about finding a place to store that. That, in my humble opinion, is asking a little much for the consumer to deal with due to the fact that this is a recall due to the original product's inefficiencies.

And as was explained to me by Audrey, this model was so problematic that your company discontinued it altogether. I don't believe it is right to expect that putting an extra burden on your customer is the route to go here. Secondly, I was informed that the model your company has deemed as the replacement does not come in Cherry. This is an even bigger issue in that we have several hundreds of dollars invested in matching furniture to go with the Cherry crib. I trust that we can come up with a better solution than this one, which seems to cause more problems than it fixes. A few suggestions that might work would be to either find a substitute model that more closely matches our original purchase in being a 3-in-1 as opposed to a 2-in-1, and also comes in the correct color. Dorel may also supply us with a matching changing station for the 2 in 1 crib that was offered as a replacement".

His response was more of the same: "I apologize for the inconvenience the recall has had on you and your family. The information that Audrey provided you is correct. The model you have is not available and thus we can only offer a replacement 2 IN 1 crib in walnut color. I understand your concerns and do sympathize however we can only offer the crib Audrey informed you about. However as mentioned, you may use the headboard and footboard to your old crib as a full size bed. I understand that by accepting the walnut crib, your set will not match however this is only temporary. Once your child is old enough to transition into a full size bed you may use the headboard and footboard from your old crib and continue to match the set for years to come. This is the only possible solution available, we cannot provide anything further other than the 2 IN 1 crib".

I have a pink Winnie the Pooh Walker and needed a replacement seat pad, I ordered a pink seat and a green seat for the model I have. When they arrived, they were both green, after about 30 minutes on the phone, I was informed they did not have a pink seat, even though when I ordered it. I was assured it was pink. I have been billed and they do not have a return policy either. Had I known this, I would not have discarded my stained seat and tried to get it professionally cleaned.

Now I have 2 green seats and a Pink walker, these clash and I am out the cost of the wrong color seats. Very nice and helpful when I placed the order, but no help at all when I called with the problem. They basically stole my money knowing they did not have the product I ordered and then telling me they had a no return policy. This is fraud! If they sell a product, they need to keep the parts for it, it was purchased in 2009.

I am out $20, by trying to save some money. Now I have to buy another new walker for a girl. I could have used that $20 and put another $20 with it and had a new one from the start. Now I will be out $60 and $20 gone to the Dorel Juvenile Group is gone up in smoke!

We were informed after we sent all the information for replacement parts that those parts were not available until May 2010. Therefore we are without a safe place for our daughter to sleep for 6+ months. Dorel or Sears (where we purchased the crib) need to provide a replacement now for their defective cribs.

Dorel Asia SRL of Barbados announced a voluntary recall to replace drop side and non-drop side cribs that pose suffocation and strangulation hazards to infants and toddlers. We had a model that was recalled (model DA1614B3, drop side, 3-1 Lexington Crib Cherry). Upon contacting the company for instructions, we were told to stop using the crib immediately. Similarly, their recall information states, "Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled cribs until replacement kits are obtained and installed." We were also told that it would take about ten days to get the replacement parts, and this is after they receive the warning sticker or photograph of said sticker, which we are to mail to them as proof of having this crib; surely this will take at least a few more days.

We are offered no compensation for obtaining a temporary sleeping solution for our baby (e.g., a used Pack 'n Play), and are ultimately financially responsible for this company's faulty product. Upon asking to speak with a manager, we were told that someone higher would contact us within 24-48 hours to discuss our complaint, but this still leaves, at a minimum, a couple nights with no "safe" place to sleep for our baby. We believe it is the company that should be financially responsible for obtaining a temporary solution to their faulty product until they can provide a permanent solution. Thanks.

Model 14-716 Ant1W 044681371875 3362-4552. I bought this chair at Wal-Mart of Taylors, SC on May 14 or sometime that week. On the morning of May 21, it cracked and I fell down. After the fall, I hurt my hip, and it stung for a half hour or so but thank goodness no medical operations. I returned the chair to Wal-Mart on May 21 and exchanged it for a more expensive model. I am young of age; the fall from the chair did not cause any serious medical issues. However, I believe Dorel has a defect in the chair, and perhaps one day someone will get hurt and will sue. Wal-Mart told me that they would return the chair to Dorel.

It may be wise to recall those chairs, just in case someone else does get hurt. I believe with Dorel's chair, there are others out there with this defect. Someone at the Taylor's Wal-Mart told me that they get lots of chair returns, so it's possible that others who have had this experience have not bothered to contact Dorel and just have exchanged the chair for a new model.

I was contacted by Dorel by phone after I filed an online complaint and the agent I spoke with "Anita **" said she would contact the Taylors Wal-Mart about the chair, but someone dropped the ball at both Dorel and Wal-Mart, and they are poo-pooing this whole thing, and avoiding any investigation as I was not injured and the chair was only worth $10. However, a chair breaking on someone may result in a death or injury of someone one day, if there is a defect in the chair. I have photos of the welding of the chair and all the details that I took after my fall. My hip hurt for a half hour. Dorel needs to take this matter seriously.

Recline & Grow 5-Stage Feeding Seat The center supported 3 point harness is dangerous and does not restrain an active infant. The harness is only secured in the center and with the straps on, my son falls out of the feeding seat. He is also able to hold onto the back of the seat, causing the chair to tip.

He hit is head on the table.

I purchased a juvenile playpen at Walmart for a 4mo old. She is now 8mos. and not yet walking. The side of the Cosco Funsport Play Yard #05028 collapsed and is a danger to her. It is encased in a sewed fabric and we cannot see what happened without ruining it. It has never been moved from its original spot in the family room. In other words the side failed to remain clasped.

We would like a replacement or at the very least have this item located on the warning list.

Purchase a ride on battery powered fire trunk almost a year ago. The warranty on the items is one year. The fire trunk has not work properly since day one. Took the item to the service center and have yet been able to repair item. The service center has had the items for two months with no time line for repair.

I recently purchased a Cosco infant carrier Model # 22-011-wal. This infant carrier does not work properly. The slots were the seat belt is supposed to loop through and secure the seat does not work. The seat belt continued to completely come out of the slots. Because of this danger I had to purchase another infant carrier. I believe that there should be a recall on this model because of the malfunction of the slots that hold the seat belt.

I purchased a eddie bauer high chair about 5 months ago, at the time I thought that the restraint straps were inadaquit. The chair was a little too large for my baby at the time, but for the last few months she was able to use the chair. Well yeaterday she stood upn and fell out of the chair. I call the company and it was a hassle. They offered me a refund of 65.00 well and good bu I paid over 100.00 The money is not important. I think that this chair should be recalled, in my opinion it is unsafe Product#03038

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