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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Cosco Car Seats?
    • 4,479,812 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Reviewed May 26, 2020

    This is the brand we used for both of our girls and we loved them. Very convenient, usable for all things we needed. Product was reliable and durable. We got the first one with our first child and it was still in such good condition after she outgrew everything we passed it on to a friend who was expecting.


    Reviewed June 11, 2019

    I bought my stroller combo about 2 months before I gave birth and in the 3rd month after my child’s birth the back wheels fell off. I tried putting it back on and off it went again after about a week. This is no good ,it’s not just embarrassing for it to happen but I was very hurt because I have terrible hip pain after giving birth and it was not easy to walk in the mall with my baby in car seat and drag the stroller at the same time, it was painfully dreadful. It’s not worth buying cheap and losing. But sometimes financial set backs make you go cheap. It was worth it at all....

    Punctuality & SpeedEase of Use

    Reviewed May 11, 2017

    The ease of use of the Cosco Umbrella Stroller is great and the ability to fold it to fit in the car is perfect for my needs. I am able to quickly set it up, place my baby in, and begin strolling along to our plans. The stroller handles really well and is a nice stroller to use. The cute patterns that it comes in is an added plus! But I would improve the fold down mechanism because it is a bit awkward to fold down. Instead of being able to pop it up to fold, the user must fold it down to the ground.

    Installation & SetupCoverage

    Reviewed May 10, 2017

    The Costco stroller is easy to push, comfortable, and easy to move and fold. Just push your foot on the bottom, it folds up then you lock it. The set up was also easy. It was already together, just open it up. It handles nicely, no bumps. It is a double stroller and I have two. My babies are safe in them. I can take them on vacation and out for walks and to shopping. Grandparents also use this stroller for the twins when they take them on outings. But I do wish it came in character design instead of color as I have two, a boy and girl, and it is just green in color. I would have liked Winnie the Pooh as this is our theme for the twins. Other thing is I wish it had better sun coverage for the babies.

    PriceStaffEase of Use

    Reviewed May 7, 2017

    I got a Costco stroller at Kmart. It was rather pricey but it's easy to use. I had no problem folding it and it was rather easy to handle. My grandson had lots of room in it and seem to enjoy sitting on it. My daughter used it on rough terrain and had no problem pushing it. It was very light to push. She didn't have to use much force. It had the car seat that came with it. I also liked the style and the storage space it had. The stroller was made to last. My daughter really enjoyed it and liked it a lot. The theme matched her theme jungle. However, my daughter had difficulty getting the car seat off and back on. To improve it you could make the car seat easier to come off and put back on. It would make things a lot easier. Also the base that came with it was difficult to place the car seat on.

    Reviewed May 6, 2017

    This Beads Cosco Umbrella Stroller is great!! You have to attach 2 wheels to the frame when it arrives but that was simple. It is super lightweight. I'm able to pick it up with one hand, put it in the car or take it out. We also did some fun adventure riding with this stroller and it held up perfectly. We had lots of fun turning tight corners and scooting around.

    However, this stroller is made with a cheap metal. The wheels are not not always the best, at times going in different directions or locking up. They are about 4 inches in diameter and are made up of cheap plastic which makes it very difficult to push on a soft and/or uneven ground. The handles are not comfortable and fabric is very thin causing concern of its ability to safely hold the infant. It does lack any storage (a big deal in many situations) or cup holder, and lacks a sun shade. So, its only practical for limited situations.

    Reviewed May 5, 2017

    I got a Cosco stroller from Amazon and I love how light it is, and also that it matches his car seat. I like the lock also... still it's easy and quick to fold up and put away. Also it has a hood, the kind of cover and keep the sun out of his eyes. It's easy to fold, take it out to use, and to lock. But sometimes the front wheels get stuck and they won't go straight so it's like trying to push an elephant. Also, the plastic where he puts his feet is a bit flimsy and kind of looks rolled. I don't really like that. Sometimes the hood seems to be a bit small and also it comes loose because all it does is lie down into a plastic piece that really doesn't seem to hold it.

    Installation & Setup

    Reviewed April 28, 2017

    We got a Cosco stroller in a fairly deluxe model. The under basket was big enough to stash packages, diaper bag, etc. The fabric design was what drew us to purchase it. We really enjoyed the cup holder and compartments built into handle. However, sometimes when no one else was available it could be a tad bit difficult to single handily break down stroller and get into car while still dealing with the baby. We had some issues with child being able to wiggle out of seat restraint it put on when she was wiggling around. It was light enough to pick up but was big enough to cause an issue placing in a car. It also took a while to figure the setup out.

    Ease of Use

    Reviewed April 27, 2017

    I really like how my Cosco stroller has a safari theme on it. It has a good size and can fit the car seat on top of it. It also folds very easily so we can store it nicely when we aren't using it. It's easy to use, you push and slide on the handle bar and lift it a little bit then you can fold it down. However, the stroller itself is difficult to push. The wheels are good ever since I bought it but they're not great wheels. When I take my son for a walk I'm always getting stuck and needing to push really hard on it. A bar also broke after while folding it.

    Reviewed April 26, 2017

    I like the Cosco dual striker quite a bit for what it is which is a decent Wiley. I like that it is easy to transport and that it folds up to easily fit in the car but it is also sturdy. But one thing I find is that it can be difficult to open it up sometimes and I am a bit convinced about catching my fingers in the clasp when I do so. Sometimes it can get hanged and then its quite difficult to open.

    Punctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Nov. 29, 2016

    I bought my daughter the Minnie Mouse combo stroller and car seat. We used the stroller and it was horrible trying to fold it up. You had to lean way down and pull these levers and then it might not even work. It also when I was trying to collapse it. Came down real fast and pinched my arm. I have this huge bruise on my arm. Doesn't sound like a very safe product to me.

    Verified purchase
    Punctuality & Speed

    Reviewed Oct. 8, 2015

    Worst experience ever. This is the second stroller I have from Cosco. The first time I bought it had to exchange it 3 months later because the wheel was coming off and it was squeaking loud. Now this one that I received from the exchange the car seat handle is wiggling, tires squeaking again and the straps from just sitting my child in the stroller just burn his leg. The cord goes to the side if he moves. I want my money back. Please. My child is 6 months - he needs a car seat and stroller.

    Reviewed Oct. 7, 2015

    I bought a Cosco umbrella stroller at Walmart, and on first time using it one of the wheels wiggled right off! I took it back to Walmart to exchange it, and the second one is not much better. I get stuck everywhere even on very smooth surfaces such as the mall and it is extremely frustrating. I don't even want to go back and get a 3rd one. I'll cut my losses and go with a better brand.

    Reviewed July 12, 2013

    My mom purchased a Costco stroller from Walmart for my baby. On more than one occasion, this stroller has pinched my baby's arm. It left a rather large mark on her that bled and took about a week to heal. The other marks weren't as bad, but this stroller is supposed to be safe for a baby. I am quite angry actually that my baby was hurt by this stroller. I have now cut a pool noodle and placed it over the sides of the stroller so that it can't pinch her anymore. I should not have had to do this.

    This product was designed for babies and should be safe for them. I should never have to hear the screams and cries out of her just for taking her for a walk. I will not recommend this stroller to anyone. I even stopped someone I saw at McDonald’s with the same stroller and asked her how she liked it. She said that her baby's arm got caught in it a few times. She only has the stroller because she can't afford another one at the time. I suggested the pool noodle to her as well. I sure hope she tried it.

    Reviewed Feb. 5, 2012

    I bought this set and the straps keep coming loose on the car seat. I have to check it every time I go out and a lot of times put the straps back in the contraption. I just bought it in Oct. 2011.

    Reviewed Nov. 11, 2011

    I purchased the Cosco Sprint Travel System in Dec.2010 and my son is now 10 months old. I have never had a single problem with this product. Yeah, the stroller itself needs to be pushed with both hands because if you try with one the stroller decides to go wherever it wants but besides that I loved it. It's so small and compact it fits in the trunk of my C240 with my boyfriend's subwoofer, which practically takes up the entire trunk, no kidding.

    Reviewed Aug. 4, 2011

    On Monday August 1st 2011 me and my 10 month old daughter were walking around down by our price chopper and i was pushing her in my cosco stroller that i have, out of nowhere the stroller broke as if i was to fold it up, when this happened my daughter was sitting in it and her hand got caught in it, her hand got cut and it was twice its size so i took pictures of it and brought her to the doctors luckly its not broken and no serious damage but would like something to be done about this.

    Reviewed Oct. 20, 2010

    Four months ago ,I received a Cosco travel system. I used it for the first time when my son came home in June and the axles are off. When I put him in the car seat and attach it to the stroller, I can barely push it. Even when I use just the stroller itself, the stroller does whatever it wants to. I have no other stroller and I can't use a stroller with wheels all messed up. I push it down the street and the wheels hit the curb, grass, you name it, when the stroller itself is straight. I walk everywhere and I can't not have a stroller. My son has hit his head on the side of it and got bruises and scratches. He has almost fallen out when in the car seat attached to it. The bar has snapped off.

    Reviewed Oct. 5, 2010

    I received a Cosco Emily Collection Baby Travel System as a gift at my baby shower and I have used it a few times and I was pushing it with the car seat attached as you can do and it tipped with my child in it. Thank god she was not hurt but it did scare her! I myself feel this stroller is very unsafe and should be taken off the market.

    Reviewed Sept. 5, 2010

    My mother went to pull our Cosco umbrella stroller out of the trunk and went to pop it open. It must have had her thumb in the hinges because it pinched her so bad that she required 15 stitches in two different locations!

    Reviewed Sept. 2, 2010

    My child was in the stroller and the front right wheel broke off. Luckily my child was not harmed. This stroller was fairly new. I will not buy another Cosco or Geoby product again. That was $50.00 wasted!

    Reviewed June 27, 2010

    I was getting ready to go to a parade. I took out my stroller, put my daughter in, and locked the wheels. I had parked it on the curb which was basically flat. When I turned to put a bag in my car the stroller had rolled just enough forward to fall off the curb and tip over with my daughter still inside. It was on its side and I had a hard time picking it back up. My daughter received a bruise to her face because the bar to the canopy popped out of place and hit her by her eye, she also received a scrape on her arm, and the handmade blanket she was given when she was born tore because it got caught in the wheel.

    Reviewed June 4, 2010

    I received a Cosco Travel System Baby Stroller as a gift October 2009. The stroller has not been used a lot because the wheel is unsafe. The wheels wobble and one of the wheels in particular is a hazard and has collapsed with my baby in the stroller. My son is now 6 months. My stroller collapsed with my son in it.

    Reviewed May 16, 2010

    I received a Costco stroller for my baby shower about seven months ago and have just recently been using it. This stroller has nothing but problems. First of all, it does not steer correctly at all. Secondly, I was walking with my daughter using this stroller and it collapsed while we were walking! I had the stroller locked perfectly and did everything correctly. It pinched my daughter's leg and practically folded her in half! I was very upset and scared for my daughter's safety. Products such as these should never have problems of this sort and I am very disgusted with Costco for not maintaining a safe product especially when it concerns infants and children. Not only is the steering problem unsafe and aggravating, the entire product is to say the least unsatisfactory.

    Reviewed April 28, 2010

    I have a Cosco stroller, the "Emily" edition. I recently have experienced the stroller unlocking and collapsing while I 'm pushing my 8 week old daughter. She was in her car seat strapped in and when it collapsed. I had to take her out and the whole stroller collapsed. She hasn't received any injuries and I will not wait until she does. I'm going to purchase a new stroller, one with a better reputation.

    Reviewed Jan. 24, 2010

    We purchased a Cosco stroller for our child a year ago at Kmart. Because of the Graco stroller recall related to amputation of children's fingers, we recalled the baby crying a few times when we put down the sun shade. When we looked at the hinge and tested it using a piece of carrot, it chopped the tip right off the carrot. We have removed the sun shade to prevent injury to the baby.

    Reviewed July 16, 2008

    I bought a baby stroller 29.99 in which don't roll very well at all and now the so called saftey strap pinched my girls leg bad enough to give a blood blister. I think for 30.00 dollars it shoudln't hurt your child. Saftey is very important but hurting them doing it could be prevented. I have three baby's money is tight and have my kids cry because of some cheap snap giving her a blood blister isn't right sorry I'm so angry but get it right I know theres better snaps out there than that.

    blood blister and jolting around because of small whells

    Reviewed June 25, 2008

    stroller collapses and I've only just bought it. the first couple times I thought that I didn't lock it, now I realize that it just doesn't stay locked open. It collapses while I am pushing my son around and is dangerous.

    none yet, I won't give it a chance.

    Reviewed March 16, 2008

    We received a Cosco Umbrella stroller as a gift a year ago and began using it about 3 months ago. Today on a walk from the park the stroller collapsed on my 1 year old son and sliced his thumb. As we were a quarter mile from home it was a terrible, bloody, screaming mess. I would not use this product again.

    As far as I can tell my son's skin has been sliced off of his thumb completely.

    Reviewed March 13, 2008

    I have a Cosco stroller by Geoby and it collapsed today with my six-month old daughter in it causing her to hit head first into the dirt. I have seen a complaint similar to this and wonder why you are still manufacturing these strollers if they are causing such a problem. Baby gear is supposed to be safe for the infants to ride in and everything else. Can you tell me how this is safe?

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